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Sarah Smith Elementary School

Sarah Smith Elementary School in Atlanta, GA is an ideal option for families searching for an exceptional education. The school is located in the middle of downtown Atlanta, Sarah Smith provides an environment of safety and security in which students can flourish. The school provides an approach to learning that is balanced, rigorous in its academics and challenging extracurricular activities as well as meaningful emotional and social growth opportunities.

In Sarah Smith, all classrooms are outfitted with the latest technology, ensuring students have access to the top tools for their learning journey. In addition to offering the latest technologies, Sarah Smith also encourages students to learn through hands-on activities like robotics and programming classes that provide students with the opportunity to express their creativity.

The staff in Sarah Smith is top-notch. The teachers are highly educated and professional experts who are enthusiastic in providing their students with the most effective learning experience. Alongside top-quality teaching, Sarah Smith also places the importance on emotional and social development in the form of character development, character building, and involvement in the community. Parents can rest assured your children will be provided with an all-encompassing education that encompasses not just academics, but also self-care as well as compassion for other students.

Sarah Smith Elementary School is an extraordinary place where students from diverse backgrounds get together to grow and learn in a welcoming environment. With cutting-edge technology, highly skilled teachers, a strong emphasis on character development as well as hands-on-based activities, and a dedication to the community at large, Sarah Smith is the ideal school to give your children the educational experience that they deserve.


Sarah Smith Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia is a historical school that dates from the late 1800s. It was originally built to serve as an elementary school around 1882 and quickly became one of the top prestigious institutions in the region. The building was originally created by famous architectural firm Francis Palmer Smith, who also designed the city’s famous Fox Theater.

The school’s initial structure consisted of eight classrooms, and students in the grades of 1 to 8. In the beginning it only accepted white students. However, following the desegregation of public schools beginning around 1965 Sarah Smith opened its doors to children of all ages, regardless of race and ethnicity. This was met with fierce opposition from a few in the community. However, despite the opposition, Sarah Smith continued to provide education to students from Atlanta for many years.

It was in 1992 that Sarah Smith received a major makeover and expansion which included auditoriums as well as a gymnasium, library, and cafeteria. The remodel also added around 20 classrooms to accommodate more students. After the remodel, Sarah Smith Elementary was named one of the best elementary schools of Georgia.

Since its founding at the age of 1882 Sarah Smith Elementary School has been committed to providing a high-quality education for all students in Atlanta’s diverse population. It remains an integral part of Atlanta’s past and is adored by the generations of students who have passed through its doors through the decades. In the present, it is among the top admired universities in Atlanta, and it’s a testament of the strength of Atlanta’s communities.

Why Sarah Smith Elementary School Is The Best

Sarah Smith Elementary School in Atlanta, GA is an excellent school for parents and students alike. The teachers are highly skilled and dedicated to providing top-quality education for their students. They also offer a wide array of extracurricular activities and academic opportunities for students of all ages.

The school’s focus is on instilling values that are strong within the students like respect, accountability and dedication. This fosters a culture where learning can be enjoyable and satisfying for kids of all different ages. In addition, Sarah Smith Elementary has great teachers who utilize new methods of teaching to ensure that every child is able to reach their potential to the fullest extent.

The program in Sarah Smith Elementary encourages students to be able to think critically and to explore innovative ways to solve problems. Teachers aim to create a supportive learning atmosphere where students are a part of the team and share their knowledge with one another. The school also offers many extra-curricular activities, such as clubs, sports teams, and after-school activities for those looking to pursue diverse areas of interest.

Socially, Sarah Smith Elementary has strong connections to the community. Through numerous activities for community outreach, and partnership with local businesses and other local organizations Students have the chance to experience real-world situations which will prepare students for what’s to come in the near future.


Sarah Smith Elementary School in Atlanta, GA is dedicated to providing a stimulating education setting for students. The school’s library holds more than 255,000 books, magazines, and periodicals. There are various computer labs equipped with the most recent technologies for students to access. Teachers can access modern audio-visual equipment that can be used to enhance their classes.

One of the main advantages that is part of Sarah Smith Elementary School’s playground is that it includes age-appropriate play structures as well as various games for students to play during break and during lunchtime. There are also two basketball courts that are fully accessible for those who want to keep active during their leisure time.

The cafeteria of Sarah Smith elementary school serves hot meals on a daily basis and healthy drinks and snacks. The food is cooked in the most modern kitchen, which is run by skilled professionals. Students are also able to purchase items a la carte from the snack counter.

There is also a music studio in which students can discover their musical talents and creative ideas. The room is outfitted with different instrumentation for students to play such as drums, keyboards and guitars. The room also offers practice rooms that are soundproof for private lessons.

In addition, Sarah Smith Elementary School has an impressive auditorium that has high-quality audio and lighting systems for student assemblies and performances. There are additional classrooms to choose from including science labs, art rooms, and more. Each is equipped with all the equipment needed for engaging in imaginative activities.


Sarah Smith Elementary School in Atlanta, GA offers an extensive curriculum designed to meet the requirements that all children an Its curriculum comprises Language Arts (reading, writing as well as literature), Mathematics (number sense and operations and geometry, algebraic thinking, measurement as well as data analysis and probability), Science (physical science and life science, as well as earth/space science) and Sociological Studies (American history as well as world studies and government and civics) along with Technology education.

Apart from these fundamental topics, Sarah Smith also offers specific classes, such as health education/physical education, art, music, library media services; guidance and counselor services; Fine art programs and family and consumer science classes; career development courses and foreign languages like Spanish and French for purposes of enrichment as well as gifted/talented programs.

In Sarah Smith, teachers use various instructional materials to ensure that every student get the same top-quality education. These include textbooks, manipulatives, computers/technology, worksheets, hands-on activities, field trips, research projects and more. Additionally, the school employs an amalgamation of lecture teaching, as well as hands-on learning methods to group learning and project-based teaching.

Sarah Smith’s curriculum aligns to the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) for each subject area. The GSE are the standards for what students should be able to know by the end every grade level to succeed in subsequent grades or for postsecondary studies. The school evaluates the student’s progress throughout the year to make sure they’re meeting these standards.


Sarah Smith Elementary School has more than 30 teachers in kindergarten through grade 5. Teachers are highly skilled professionals with years of experience in various fields which range from science and language arts to math. They also have different cultures that allow them to bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the classroom. The teachers collaborate to design exciting lessons that combine technologies, hands-on learning as well as critical thinking and cooperative learning strategies.

Staff of Sarah Smith Elementary School are dedicated to giving every student an outstanding learning experience. They are enthusiastic because teaching is infectious and inspires students to reach their potential to the fullest as they think about new concepts and cultivate the habit of pursuing education for life.

Student Outcomes

Sarah Smith Elementary School in Atlanta GA is a public school that aims to provide a high-quality education for every student. The cost to attend this school is comparatively low when compared with other schools in the region.

Tuition costs for Sarah Smith Elementary School are determined on an annual basis, and differ based on the grade. For the grades K-5, tuition fees are approximately $3,285 annually. The cost covers the cost of classroom supplies and materials including textbooks, technology resources excursions and physical education courses, and much more. Prices for lunch range between $2.50-$2.90 per day. A complete year of lunches will cost anywhere from $500 to 700 dollars, depending on the kind of meal plan the student selects. There are additional costs for extracurricular activities, equipment as well as transportation costs.

The overall cost for the tuition at Sarah Smith elementary school is fairly affordable when you compare it to similar schools within the region. With a focus on providing a high-quality education, the school is worth a look when you’re seeking for an excellent educational environment for a low cost.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Sarah Smith Elementary School is located in the Kirkwood neighborhood in Atlanta, GA. The area surrounding it has a lot to offer both residents and visitors alike.

Kirkwood is believed to be one of the oldest neighborhoods in Atlanta and is home to a variety of homes that are older and modern townhouses. Residents have access to many businesses, such as independent establishments and restaurants in addition to large chain stores such as Kroger as well as Home Depot. There are numerous parks within the region, and lots of green spaces for outdoor activities.

The adjacent East Lake neighborhood offers a unique experience for those who are looking for something distinct from the more traditional areas of Atlanta. It is a mixture of old-fashioned homes and trendy new constructions, East Lake also features well-known bars and breweries, along with a range of shops and restaurants.

Neighborhoods like Edgewood are located just to the west from Kirkwood which is the home of one of Chicago’s most lively nightlife scenes. Edgewood Avenue is lined with bars and music venues and art galleries, among many more. It’s also within the vibrant Little Five Points area which has a variety of stylish eateries and stores.

In the end, East Atlanta Village is located to the south from Sarah Smith Elementary School and is a hip alternative to the other neighborhoods of the city. The neighborhood is home to distinctive boutiques and hipster-friendly hangouts such as The Earl Music Venue, along with some fantastic eating options with local chefs. There are many activities outdoors to take in like visiting the close to Zoo Atlanta or strolling through The East Atlanta Farmers Market.

What People Are Saying

“Sarah Smith Elementary School is a great school! The teachers are so caring and really help the students learn.” -A parent 

“My child has been attending Sarah Smith for two years now and we absolutely love it! The staff is amazing and truly care about each and every student.” -Another parent 

“I highly recommend Sarah Smith Elementary School! The teachers are top-notch and really seem to care about the students.” -A local education expert 

“Sarah Smith Elementary School is an excellent school! The teachers are great and really seem to care about the students.” -A former student

Located at: 370 Old Ivy Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30342  

Monday 7:45AM-2:45PM
Tuesday 7:45AM-2:45PM 
Wednesday 7:45AM-2:45PM 
Thursday 7:45AM-2:45PM 
Friday 7:45AM-2:45PM 
Saturday Closed 
Sunday Closed

Elementary Schools

Morningside Elementary School 

Morningside Elementary School in Atlanta is an excellent choice for parents looking for a stellar education for their children. Located in a diverse, vibrant neighborhood, Morningside provides students with access to an abundance of enriching experiences and activities.

The school offers an outstanding curriculum that includes math, science, reading and writing, social studies, Spanish and physical education. The teachers at Morningside are experienced professionals who provide personalized instruction to each student while also engaging the entire class in interactive learning activities.

In addition to providing a challenging academic program, Morningside’s faculty is committed to instilling values of respect and responsibility among its students; this commitment goes beyond the classroom as staff members are friendly and welcoming throughout the entire school.

The school itself is also well-equipped with modern facilities and technology to enhance the learning experience. The library provides students with a quiet and calming environment for studying, while the cafeteria offers healthy meals that are sure to please even the pickiest eaters.

Finally, Morningside Elementary School in Atlanta has an active Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO) that organizes various extra-curricular activities throughout the school year such as field trips, movie nights and family picnics. These events provide parents and children alike with opportunities to interact outside of the classroom setting, building strong relationships between families and staff members.

For all these reasons and more, Morningside Elementary School in Atlanta is an excellent choice for those seeking an outstanding education in a nurturing environment. With its focus on student achievement and commitment to fostering a welcoming atmosphere, Morningside offers parents the assurance that their children will receive a comprehensive education while also having plenty of fun along the way. It’s truly a place where young minds can thrive!


Morningside Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia has a long and proud history that dates back to 1889. It began as Morningside High School in the city’s Virginia-Highland neighborhood before eventually becoming an elementary school in 1920. In the ensuing years, it underwent several renovations and expansions to accommodate its growing student population.

The 1930s saw expansion projects that added features such as new classrooms, locker rooms, auditoriums and other amenities. During this time the school also became one of the first public schools to integrate racially in 1950 when three African American students enrolled at Morningside Elementary School. This integration was a major milestone for Atlanta’s education system.

In 1970, Morningside Elementary School moved to its current location on North Highland Avenue and underwent another major expansion that included the construction of a new library, cafeteria, gymnasium, and playground. In 1995, it was recognized as an accredited school by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

In more recent years the school has seen further renovations including a new computer lab, science lab, music room, art room and many other updates. Today Morningside Elementary School is proud to serve over 800 students in grades Pre-K through 5th grade. It is committed to providing quality education that celebrates diversity and embraces learning. As such Morningside Elementary School remains an important part of Atlanta’s educational history and legacy.  ​

Why Morningside Elementary School is the Best

Morningside Elementary School in Atlanta offers an outstanding education to its students. From the moment your child steps foot onto the campus, he or she will be welcomed into a stimulating and supportive learning environment.

The teachers here are highly trained and are passionate about providing their students with a rigorous and well-rounded education. With small class sizes and individualized instruction, your child will receive the attention they need to excel academically. The school is also committed to inspiring creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills through engaging activities that bring out each student’s unique talents.

In addition to academics, Morningside Elementary has an array of extracurricular activities that promote physical activity and social development. These activities include a variety of sports teams, clubs and organizations such as the student council, chess club, art classes, drama club, robotics team, and much more.

The school also takes pride in its diverse student body which comes from all over the world. This diversity gives your child an opportunity to learn about different cultures and explore their own identity within a safe and nurturing environment.

Morningside Elementary is dedicated to providing its students with an enriching education that not only prepares them for academic excellence but also helps them become successful members of society. With its supportive staff and excellent curriculum, this school is truly one of Atlanta’s gems.


Morningside Elementary School in Atlanta is a state-of-the-art facility that provides students with the best of modern amenities. The school features bright, spacious classrooms and well-equipped laboratories for science, technology, engineering and mathematics activities. There are also art and music rooms, a gymnasium, an auditorium and an outdoor playground to help students learn and play.

The cafeteria serves hot meals as well as snacks throughout the day. The library has a wealth of books, magazines and other resources for students to explore their interests. Every classroom is equipped with interactive whiteboards that allow teachers to engage students in meaningful lessons using visuals, videos, simulations and activities.

In addition to these facilities, Morningside Elementary School also provides special programs for students. There are after school activities, language and cultural classes, and sports teams to help foster an atmosphere of learning and growth. The school also offers a variety of clubs and organizations that allow students to explore their interests in a safe environment. Additionally, there is a health center on campus to provide basic medical services.

Morningside Elementary School is dedicated to providing the highest quality educational experience possible for its students. With its cutting-edge facilities and wide range of programs and activities, it strives to create a supportive learning environment that encourages student engagement, creativity, and exploration.


Morningside Elementary School in Atlanta is committed to creating an engaging and challenging educational experience for students. The school’s curriculum seeks to prepare students for success in the 21st century, with a focus on developing critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and global understanding.

At Morningside Elementary, instruction is based on the state of Georgia’s Quality Core Curriculum (QCC). This comprehensive scope and sequence includes English Language Arts (ELA) courses that emphasize reading comprehension and written expression; mathematics courses that develop higher-order thinking skills; science courses that explore physical and natural sciences; social studies courses emphasizing U.S. government, geography, economics, history and culture; arts education encompassing music, visual arts, and theater; physical education courses that promote healthy habits; and technology use to foster digital literacy.

In addition to the QCC, Morningside Elementary offers a range of electives including foreign language, engineering/design thinking, STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math), robotics and coding, healthful living/nutrition education, music performance, media studies/digital citizenship, community service opportunities and more. Electives provide students with opportunities to explore their interests and develop skills beyond the core academic subjects.

Morningside Elementary also provides many extracurricular activities for students including: sports teams in basketball, football and track; after-school enrichment clubs such as chess club or art history club; student government activities; and a variety of special events throughout the year, including field trips and assemblies.

At Morningside Elementary School in Atlanta, students benefit from an engaging and challenging curriculum that promotes critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities and global understanding. With its comprehensive core curriculum and elective offerings, students have ample opportunity to explore their interests while developing the necessary foundation for success in the 21st century. The school also offers a range of extracurricular activities for students to take part in outside of the classroom.


Morningside Elementary School in Atlanta is a vibrant and diverse community that features an amazing staff of teachers, administrators, counselors, aides, and support personnel. The school’s principal, Mrs. Blakely-Jones, is a veteran educator with over two decades of experience in the field; she takes a very hands-on approach to managing the school and setting high expectations for both students and staff alike. Under her leadership, Morningside has become one of the most successful elementary schools in the Atlanta area.

The teachers at Morningside are highly experienced professionals who bring expertise from various backgrounds to their classrooms every day. All have advanced degrees in education or related fields and many have extensive experience teaching children of all ages. They use a variety of methods to engage students and foster a love of learning, including hands-on activities, technology integration, and innovative teaching techniques.

The school’s counselors are available to provide guidance, advice, and emotional support to both students and their families. The highly experienced counseling staff works with students individually as well as in groups to ensure social-emotional growth; they are also trained to recognize signs of mental health issues that may require additional attention or referrals.

Morningside Elementary School also has an array of dedicated aides and support personnel who help ensure the smooth running of the school day. Each classroom is staffed by at least one aide who assists teachers with various duties such as organizing materials, managing the classroom, and providing one-on-one support. The school also has a full-time nurse, who is available to provide medical care and dispense medications when needed.

The staff at Morningside Elementary School are committed to providing an exceptional educational experience for their students. They strive every day to make sure that each student feels safe, supported, and valued in the classroom setting. With such a dedicated and passionate staff, it’s no wonder why Morningside Elementary School continues to be a top school in Atlanta!

Student Outcomes

Morningside Elementary School in Atlanta is a public elementary school located in the DeKalb County School District. The estimated annual cost of attendance for an in-district student at Morningside Elementary is $7,037 for one child. This cost includes tuition and fees as well as required book fees and other associated costs. Additionally, there are additional expenses that may be incurred such as uniforms, transportation, after-school activities and meals.

The total cost of attending Morningside Elementary School can vary depending on whether or not the student lives within the district boundaries of DeKalb County or outside those boundaries. In-district students pay a flat fee of $7,037 while out-of-district students pay a higher rate. Out-of-district students are charged an additional $3,519 for tuition and fees. The total estimated cost for an out-of-district student is $10,556.

In addition to the expenses associated with attending Morningside Elementary School, parents should also plan on factoring in other costs such as school supplies and extracurricular activities. These items may be purchased separately or included in the school’s supply list which can be found on their website. Parents should also remember that there may be additional fees imposed by the DeKalb County School District for items such as parking permits or special classes required for graduation from high school.

Overall, attending Morningside Elementary School in Atlanta can be an affordable option for families both in-district and out-of-district. The estimated cost of attendance is $7,037 for in-district students and $10,556 for out-of-district students. Although there are additional expenses that may be incurred such as school supplies and extracurricular activities, parents should keep in mind the potential savings that could come from attending Morningside Elementary School.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Morningside Elementary School is located in the Morningside-Lenox Park neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. The surrounding area is a mix of residential and commercial buildings, with a variety of shops, restaurants, and other amenities within walking distance.

The nearby Virginia Highland neighborhood boasts numerous quaint cafes and boutiques, as well as several parks and green spaces. To the northwest, Ansley Park is known for its upscale homes and beautiful tree-lined streets. Further south lies Druid Hills – an affluent community with architecturally diverse homes from Victorian to mid-century modern.

The Inman Park district offers plenty of activities for all ages including delicious eateries, breweries, boutique stores, art galleries, historic sites, and the famous Krog Street Market. Midtown Atlanta is just a short drive away, boasting an eclectic mix of cultural attractions, nightlife venues, and trendy restaurants.

The area surrounding Morningside Elementary School has something for everyone – from outdoor enthusiasts to urban dwellers looking for a vibrant neighborhood atmosphere. Whether you’re searching for entertainment, shopping, or simply wish to soak up the local culture, there are plenty of options to explore in this part of Atlanta.

Whether your children will be attending Morningside Elementary School or another nearby school, there is no shortage of things to do and places to explore in this vibrant community of Atlanta. From bustling streets to parks and green spaces, you can be sure to find something to suit your needs in the neighborhoods surrounding Morningside Elementary School.

Additionally, public transportation options such as MARTA make it easy to get around town, making exploring the many nearby attractions and venues that much easier. It’s no wonder why so many people choose to call this part of Atlanta home!  ­­­­­­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­  ­­­­­             ​​​​​ ​​ ​​                                                                            

What People Are Saying 

“My daughter has been at Morningside for two years and we have had a great experience. The teachers are very caring and invested in the students’ success. My daughter has learned so much and made great friends.” -A parent 

“I’ve had 2 children go through Morningside Elementary and couldn’t be happier! The teachers & staff are top notch and truly care about each and every child. The school offers many opportunities for parental involvement which is wonderful. “- a parent 

“Morningside Elementary is an excellent school! The teachers are amazing and truly care about their students. My son has learned so much since starting there. I highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a great elementary school in Atlanta. “- a parent 

“We love Morningside Elementary! The teachers are great and the curriculum is challenging. Our son has learned so much and made great progress since starting there. We highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a great elementary school in Atlanta. “- A parent 

Located at: 774 Virginia Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306  

Monday 7:30AM-3:30PM
Tuesday 7:30AM-3:30PM 
Wednesday 7:30AM-3:30PM 
Thursday 7:30AM-3:30PM 
Friday 7:30AM-3:30PM 
Saturday Closed 
Sunday Closed 

Elementary Schools

Jackson Elementary School 

Jackson Elementary School situated in Atlanta Georgia is an extraordinary school that has a dedication to excellence. The school offers students the chance to develop academically and socially in a welcoming atmosphere. Faculty and staff take great pride in helping every student achieve their full potential while providing help in their journey to college-ready.

The academic curriculum is top-notch at Jackson Elementary School is excellent and every student receives individualized learning that is tailored to their specific needs and abilities. Small classrooms permit an intensive one-on-one learning experience with teachers who are highly skilled and knowledgeable in their specializations. Additionally, the school offers an array of extracurricular activities like music, sports, art and drama, and technology clubs, among others.

The school offers a safe and supportive atmosphere where students are able to flourish and freely express themselves. The school also offers services and resources to meet the needs of social and emotional as well as mentorship programs that are led by committed teachers and staff. The faculty is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that is welcoming of diversity in every aspect.

Jackson Elementary School can be a great school for anyone who is looking for an excellent education in a welcoming environment. With its commitment to excellence and smaller class sizes, personalized curriculum as well as extracurricular programs, the school gives everything necessary for the best future. In addition, the school provides an inviting and warm environment in which every student feels at ease and encouraged throughout their academic journey. It’s a great location for developing and learning.

All in all, Jackson Elementary School is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quality education, with ample options and resources that will enable students to reach their full potential. With its warm and welcoming atmosphere and a top educational program and extracurricular programs, and an incredibly supportive faculty, anyone who attends is in excellent in good hands. It is truly a fantastic school that offers the ideal atmosphere for learning and development. Anyone can be blessed to be a student at Jackson elementary school in Atlanta Georgia.


Jackson Elementary School is situated in the middle of Atlanta, Georgia, and has been offering high-quality education to students since the end of the 1800s. The school was initially established as a modest one-room schoolhouse at the end of the 18th century. It transformed into a larger two-room structure by the start of the 20th century. At the time, Jackson served as an important educational center for African American children living in the region. It was among the few places where youngsters could receive a top-quality education and prepare for the future beyond school.

Throughout its long history over the years, it has been through many changes. Jackson Elementary School experienced numerous additions, renovations, and enhancements to keep pace with the increasing number of students. It was in the year 1950 that a brand new facility was built in what is now referred to as “Jackson Campus. “Jackson Campus” and contained classrooms, a cafeteria gym, as well as other facilities. The facility was used by students through 1987 after which it was replaced with an even bigger facility in the vicinity of Buckhead. The upgraded school had modern facilities, including air conditioning systems as well as computer labs which provided students with more access to technology than they had ever had before.

In recent times, Jackson Elementary School is committed to giving students the most enjoyable educational experience. In addition to the traditional academic offerings, it also provides various extracurricular opportunities like student clubs and teams for sports. The school also has a large library, galleries for art, and an exhibit devoted exclusively to African American history and culture. In a sign of the extent to which it has progressed over the past few years, Jackson Elementary School has been named one of Georgia’s top-performing schools in the year 2015.

Jackson Elementary School prides itself on its extensive history and dedication to providing high-quality education for every student. The school’s staff is dedicated to creating an environment that is safe and encourages the development of creativity and knowledge while helping prepare students for the college experience and beyond. This dedication lets Jackson Elementary School keep teaching the next generation and make an impact in the lives of its pupils.

Why Jackson Elementary School  Is The Best

Jackson Elementary School located in Atlanta Georgia is the perfect school for the child as well as their parents. It is located right in the middle of Atlanta, which makes it simple to travel to and from the school. The staff and faculty are highly skilled professionals who are proud of their work and commitment to teaching students. The student population of Jackson Elementary School is multicultural and comes from different cultures and backgrounds, which allows students to develop an appreciation for various perspectives.

The academic curriculum at Jackson Elementary School is top-quality. The school’s experienced teachers provide pupils with an extensive education that includes advanced mathematics classes, advanced science classes, and foreign language instruction. complete reading programs along with technologies-based learning opportunities. In addition to the traditional educational opportunities in the classroom additional activities like music, arts, and sports are also offered for students.

Parents of children attending Jackson Elementary School may be at ease knowing that their child is in a place that is striving for excellence. The school’s dedication to providing an environment that is safe for learning is evident in the security policies that are designed to ensure that both students and staff members are secure. There are also strict rules regarding bullying and other inappropriate conduct to ensure that the school’s environment is respectful and welcoming.

Jackson Elementary School provides many opportunities for parents to participate in the education of their children. Through parent-teacher conferences, volunteer opportunities, and other community events, parents can be up-to-date regarding their child’s academic progress and be a part of decisions that affect the school. The school also offers a variety of after-school programs, including a homework help center as well as tutoring services to help students learn.

In the end, Jackson Elementary School is the ideal school for families who wish for the children of their family to be provided with top-quality education in a secure and supportive setting. With its top-quality academics and diverse student body committed to security and safety, and the opportunity for parents to be involved It is evident the reasons why Jackson Elementary School is the best option for anyone seeking the most effective educational experience for their child.


Jackson Elementary School, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is modern and provides students with the resources they require to succeed in their academics. The school has many classrooms with computers for teachers and students and current books and other materials. Each classroom is equipped with flexible seating arrangements, which allows students to feel comfortable while they learn. Classroom technology is also interactive, with boards and projectors for exciting lessons.

The campus also houses an extensive library that contains non-fiction and fiction books magazines, newspapers as well as other reading materials. The library is run by professionals who offer advice to help students locate the information they’re seeking or discover new areas that are of interest to them. There are also a variety of computers that are connected to the internet for students to access.

Additionally, Jackson Elementary School has an outdoor playground as well as sports fields. The playground is equipped with swings, slides monkey bars, slides as well as other play structures that help kids to keep active during recess as well as after school hours. The sports fields comprise basketball courts, baseball diamonds, and a running track as well as soccer pitches. Students have numerous opportunities to exercise fitness in a safe space.

The school also offers extra-curricular activities, such as art classes, music classes and chess clubs, drama clubs, and many more. These programs give kids the opportunity to explore their interests and foster interactions with their peers and their teachers in a safe atmosphere. In the end, Jackson Elementary School is a top school that gives its students the necessary resources to be successful.


Jackson Elementary School, located in Atlanta, Georgia offers students an extensive and rigorous education. Students are able to select classes of their choice, such as Spanish as well as art, music, and physical education which are taught by qualified teachers. In addition to the standard classes such as mathematics, language arts, social studies, and science; Jackson Elementary School also provides specialized instruction for students who are English students who are Language Learners (ELLs), and Special Education students.

Language Arts classes at Jackson Elementary provide lessons that aid students in developing their comprehension of reading through an integrated approach to phonemic awareness the development of vocabulary, phonics, and fluency improvement. Math classes help students understand of math concepts by using manipulatives that allow them to test problem-solving strategies using real-world applications. Social Studies and Science classes focus on topics from around the globe, allowing students to consider the impact of the world and their own community.

At Jackson Elementary School, students are able to receive extra assistance with homework or enrichment programs through the after-school program of the school. It also offers activities that focus on STEM (science technology engineering, mathematics, and science) as well as arts and crafts, athletics, and other fields of particular interest. For students who require further academic support, tutors are that are professionally trained.

Jackson has a tradition of respect for diversity which is reflected through its curriculum, which provides an education that is fair for all students, regardless of socioeconomic or race. By organizing field trips, shows, and special events such as International Day and Black History Month celebrations, Jackson recognizes the diversity of its population as well as promotes the exchange of ideas between cultures. The school encourages a culture that is respectful and accepting and provides students with the chance to become effective citizens in society.

Jackson Elementary School offers students an extensive and challenging curriculum that fosters diversity in learning and growth. Through rigorous core classes and special instruction classes as well as enrichment activities and extracurricular programs; Jackson provides its students with the necessary tools to be prosperous adults in the years to come. With educators who are dedicated to seeing all students succeed Jackson will help every student reach their full potential. The school is proud of having an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity and encourages tolerance and respect among all of its students.


Jackson Elementary School located in Atlanta Georgia prides itself on having a well-educated and compassionate staff. The school has committed staff and teachers who are committed to providing students with the best education. They’re dedicated to helping every student achieve their highest potential.

The director of Jackson Elementary School, Mrs. Jenifer Smith, is highly regarded for her dedication to students and the local community. She collaborates closely with the teachers to ensure that standards for teaching remain high and that resources are effectively managed and those extracurricular activities are fun and safe for students. In addition, she is willing to answer any questions from parents on their children’s educational needs or other questions related to education.

The staff at Jackson Elementary consists of several skilled teachers who are enthusiastic about teaching and helping students realize their full potential. They use a variety of strategies to motivate the students and encourage them to develop solid academic skills. They are also ready for assistance or help with tutoring.

The school’s staff includes social workers, counselors nurses, custodians as well as other support personnel who all work together to provide an atmosphere of safety and security for students. The entire staff takes pride in providing high-quality education for every student, and they work hard to ensure that each student can succeed, regardless of circumstances or background. With the dedication of staff members working together, it’s not surprising that Jackson Elementary School has had such success in its endeavor to provide the best educational experience for its students.

Student Outcomes

Jackson Elementary School located in Atlanta, Georgia is an affordable and accessible alternative for parents who want to provide primary schooling for their children. The school has over 600 students, ranging from pre-Kindergarten to the 5th grade, this school provides an individual learning environment that encourages excellence in academics. The cost of tuition per year for Jackson Elementary School amounts to $7600 and there aren’t any additional fees or charges associated with enrollment.

The school has cutting-edge technology, with tablets and computers in each classroom, along with high-speed internet. Furthermore, Jackson Elementary School’s facilities include multi-media classrooms, centers, play spaces libraries, gymnasiums, and libraries. In addition to academic studies, Jackson Elementary also encourages students to take part in extracurricular activities like arts, music as well as athletics, chess, and art.

Along with tuition fees, parents will be also required to contribute to school supplies essential for the child’s achievement at school. This includes things like pencils and pens along with notebooks, textbooks, notebooks, and other educational tools. Parents of students who attend Jackson Elementary School are accountable for buying uniforms, one of that cost $50.

Other than the cost of tuition and school supplies the expense of going to Jackson Elementary School also covers transport costs. Parents have the choice of employing public transportation or their own transportation to transport their children to school in a secure way each day. Bus passes cost is usually about $30 per month, while the cost of fuel and car maintenance may vary based on the distance from the school.

Overall the estimated annual expense for students attending Jackson Elementary School amounts to around $8,680. This includes school fees, tuition uniforms, transportation, and other costs. Parents considering enrolling their child in Jackson Elementary School must consider these expenses when planning for the education of their child.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Jackson Elementary School located in Atlanta, Georgia is a part of the City Schools of Decatur district which serves children from kindergarten to fifth grade. The school is located in many lively neighborhoods, each of which has distinct amenities for the inhabitants.

The closest neighborhood the Jackson Elementary The neighborhood closest to Jackson Elementary School is Grant Park, located just east of the school. Blending modern and traditional architectural styles, Grant Park features historic homes that were built in the latter part of the 19th century and contemporary construction. The park itself is full of options for residents, including a vast lake, playgrounds, and trails that wind through the forest.

The other school close to Jackson Elementary School in East Atlanta Village (EAV). The lively neighborhood has been deemed to be one of the top spots for young professionals within the city by a variety of magazines. It is home to vibrant bars, clubs, and eateries, EAV is also known for its edgy vibe as well as colorful street art that decorates numerous walls in the neighborhood. Residents can enjoy regular activities like music held in Freedom Park or outdoor movie screenings in the summer months in Brownwood Park.

A couple of blocks away only a few blocks away Reynoldstown is located in one of the newest neighborhoods with a lot of character. The neighborhood has seen numerous new developments in recent times with quaint coffee shops as well as upscale restaurants and chic boutiques. It’s also home to one of Atlanta’s largest events: Atlanta Summer Beer Fest. Residents in this growing neighborhood can enjoy access to parks in nearby Boulevard Crossing Park or get a breath of fresh air in the nearby Oakland Cemetery.

Jackson Elementary School is blessed for having such a variety of communities around it, which offer its students an array of thrilling activities regardless of what their passions might be. From the tranquil lakes of Grant Park along with trails and East Atlanta Village’s lively nightlife, There’s something for anyone within the vicinity of Jackson Elementary.

What People Are Saying 

“The faculty and staff at Jackson Elementary School are top-notch and truly care about each and every student. My son has thrived academically, socially, and emotionally since starting at Jackson. He loves going to school every day and is constantly telling me about all of the fun things he’s learning and doing. I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful school for my son!” -A satisfied parent”

As a former teacher, I can say with certainty that Jackson Elementary School is one of the best schools in the state of Georgia. The teachers are so caring and invested in their student’s success, and it shows in the high quality of education that they provide. My daughter has flourished since starting at Jackson, and I am so thankful that we found this gem of a school.” -A grateful parent 

“My son has attended Jackson Elementary School for the past two years and we have been extremely happy with the education he has received. The teachers are top-notch and really care about their students. The academics are excellent, and my son has learned so much since starting at Jackson. I would highly recommend this school to any parent looking for a great elementary school in Atlanta.” -A happy parent 

“We could not be more pleased with our decision to send our daughter to Jackson Elementary School. She has thrived academically, socially, and emotionally since starting at Jackson. The teachers are amazing and truly care about their students’ success. We feel so lucky to have found such a wonderful school for our daughter.” -A satisfied parent

Located at: 1325 Mt Paran Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30327

Monday 7:45AM-2:45PM
Tuesday 7:45AM-2:45PM 
Wednesday 7:45AM-2:45PM 
Thursday 7:45AM-2:45PM 
Friday 7:45AM-2:45PM 
Saturday Closed 
Sunday Closed 

Elementary Schools

Parkside Elementary School

Parkside Elementary School is located in Atlanta, GA and its location is absolutely beautiful. The school sits on a hill with gorgeous views of the cityscape. It’s truly a breathtaking sight to see!Not only is the location picturesque, but it’s also very convenient. Parkside Elementary School is situated near many stores and restaurants. This makes it easy for parents to pick up their kids after school or grab a quick bite to eat.

Parkside Elementary School located in Atlanta, Georgia is an ideal choice for those who are seeking an excellent education. Parkside offers the best quality education and a secure learning environment. Teachers are committed to giving their students the best education they can get, encouraging the development of both their minds and emotions.

The school provides rigorous education that helps students prepare for academic success and beyond. They offer a variety of classes, from academic core courses to electives, such as music arts, physical education and foreign languages. Parents can rest assured that your child will receive individual care from experienced instructors who work to meet every child’s individual educational needs.

In addition to the top academics in Parkside elementary school, the campus offers a variety of extracurricular activities for students to take part in. Parkside has an extensive after-school program that incorporates group sports as well as art classes and music lessons. Parkside also has a variety of clubs, including the robotics club, the chess club, chess and environmental sustainability.

Additionally, Parkside Elementary School prioritizes security and safety through strict rules for visitors checking-in in the front office as well as making sure that all teachers have been trained in CPR/First Aid certification. They make sure that every student is monitored throughout their time on the campus.

If you’re searching for an outstanding education that includes plenty of extracurricular activities and high safety standards, Parkside Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia is an outstanding option. With knowledgeable teachers, a strict curriculum and dedication to security, Parkside Elementary School provides students with the most comprehensive education.

When they attend Parkside elementary school, children enjoy a safe learning environment that fosters individual growth, confidence and long-term achievement. In addition they’ll enjoy high-quality education and exciting extracurricular activities in fields like art, music and robotics. With the numerous opportunities that are available on offer at Parkside Elementary School, children are able to realize their full potential and be ready for the future academic challenges. In the end, selecting Parkside Elementary School can be a great choice for anyone looking for an excellent education.

The students at Parkside Elementary School located in Atlanta Georgia can count on receiving an excellent education in a secure and safe setting, and with numerous extracurricular activities that enhance your child’s education. The school has a great academic curriculum that is designed to meet the unique requirements of every student and provide them with the knowledge that they require to succeed at the college level and even beyond. With dedicated instructors, top-quality instruction, and comprehensive safety precautions, Parkside Elementary School is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for high-quality education.


Parkside Elementary School was established in 1885, as the first school that was public within the Atlanta, Georgia area. It started out as a single room school that could accommodate just 25 students, but it quickly increased its size to accommodate more students. The school has gone through three major changes in its 135 years of existence and today, it has 2 gyms with 22 rooms, two computer labs, and two playgrounds.

In 1927, the initial wooden structure on the site was replaced with the brick structure designed by the local designer William Parkins. The new design had an open space in the entrance to the main building which was used as a meeting place for students before classes. In the same time frame, Parkside Elementary also began offering kindergarten classes for the first time to satisfy the increasing demand.

The school was renovated in the years 1962 and 1988, creating a modern school equipped with air conditioning as well as other facilities. In the 1960s, renovations were completed and the courtyard’s original open space was replaced with an enclosed play area that contained the basketball court, play structure, and various outside classes for students to use during recess.

Today, Parkside Elementary continues to be an integral component of Atlanta’s education system. It is renowned for its students from all backgrounds and commitment to providing high-quality education for everyone in the school. The school has received many awards throughout the time for academic excellence, including being designated as a National School of Excellence in 1991. With its commitment to providing an environment that is safe for learning, Parkside Elementary has become one of Atlanta’s most prestigious elementary schools. Every year, students have the chance to be involved in numerous activities after school, including athletic teams and academic clubs.

Parkside Elementary is proud to be part of Atlanta’s past and has served the families of generations for more than 135 years. Its legacy continues to live on by its current students, who are getting ready for their future by establishing solid foundations derived from Parkside’s rich and diverse past.

Why Parkside Elementary School Is The Best

Parkside Elementary School located in Atlanta, Georgia is the most suitable school for your child due to its exceptional academic and extracurricular offerings. The school provides a wide range of core subjects like Mathematics, English language arts, social studies, science and physical education, as well as health which are taught by highly experienced instructors. Its curriculum was designed in order to test students and provide them with the skills they require to meet their goals.

The school also offers an array of enriching activities beyond the classroom, such as art and music classes. A variety of sports teams and clubs are offered for youngsters who want to take part in extracurricular activities like debate team and chess clubs, or even robotics teams. Parkside Elementary also has an active parent-teacher group that offers education programs and activities for parents and children.

One of the most notable features for Parkside Elementary School’s strengths is their commitment to security. Parkside Elementary School has implemented an extensive safety program that comprises security cameras monitored access to the school, fire alarms and an emergency response team that is well-trained in emergency situations. There is also a specially trained nurse on staff that provides medical services and monitoring of medication for students who require it.

All in all, Parkside Elementary School in Atlanta Georgia offers an outstanding academic program, exciting extracurricular activities, as well as an environment for learning that is secure. All of these make it the perfect option for your child’s education.


Parkside Elementary School located in Atlanta, Georgia offers a variety of amenities for their students. The school is equipped with large classrooms that are equipped with chalkboards of all sizes as well as projection screens for instruction. There’s also a science lab that is equipped with microscopes, benches for lab work as well as other equipment. In the case of art classes there are ample art rooms that are equipped with brushes, paints along with modeling clay. The school also has various computer labs with the latest software and hardware that allow students to improve their abilities in the latest technology.

The department of physical education at Parkside is well-equipped , too. the facility has an indoor basketball court as well as a field where students can participate in group sports or simply play together in the open air. There’s also a fitness room and swimming in the pool for students to engage in physical exercise.

Parkside Library Parkside is full of magazines, books and other materials which can aid in the development of reading skills and academic development. There are numerous computers that students can use to access the internet or access educational software applications.

The cafeteria at Parkside has been updated to ensure cleanliness and comfort. It offers nutritious meals that offer balanced diets for students at the school. Apart from the caféteria, there are a variety of vending machines in the school that offer beverages and snacks for students’ convenience.

Parkside Elementary School offers an extensive variety of extracurricular activities such as robotics teams, chess club and theater productions. These opportunities give students an opportunity to discover their passions and discover new interests beyond the classroom. They also aid in developing the ability to lead, develop teamwork skills as well as other important life abilities.

In general, Parkside Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia is equipped with a variety of amenities and resources designed to make learning fun for their students. With these facilities students are able to grow academically and in their personal lives while attending school.


Parkside Elementary School located in Atlanta Georgia is an exemplary school that provides pupils with an intense and complete academic program. The essential disciplines comprising Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies are taught throughout the grades. In addition, Parkside offers classes in music, art, physical Education/Health , and Computer Technology that offer opportunities for innovative learning.

At the primary level, lessons are designed to assist students in developing fundamental skills that will allow them to be successful at higher levels of education. Methods of instruction like the use of differentiated instruction and cooperative learning are utilized to ensure that every student has access to the content taught in the class. Teachers employ hands-on techniques such as project-based learning and integration of technology to teach their students in engaging ways.

Alongside the standard disciplines, Parkside also offers enrichment programs like a student news team in addition to after-school clubs, or intramural games. These opportunities allow students to discover their passions and build the skills of leadership.

The staff and faculty at Parkside Elementary School aim to instill a love for learning through engaging, engaging lessons that are designed to satisfy the needs of every student. With a focus on academic excellence and exploration of the creative, Parkside provides its students with an outstanding education.


Parkside Elementary School located in Atlanta, Georgia is a multicultural school that has a team of enthusiastic educators who are committed to helping their students realize their maximum potential. The staff and faculty of Parkside include the principal, assistant principal Administration Assistants and Guidance Counselors Math Specialists, Reading Specialists Speech Pathologists and librarians. They also have Physical Education instructors , and Teachers in the classroom from kindergarten to fifth grade.

The Parkside administrators have many years of education experience. The principal is a seasoned veteran who has worked at Parkside for several years and is determined to provide students with the highest quality learning environment. The assistant principal is also a veteran with many years of experience in assisting the principal in running the school.

The counselors in the guidance department at Parkside are on hand to help parents and students in dealing with any emotional issues they may face. They also provide support for students with emotional issues. Reading and Math Specialists provide assistance to make sure that all students are achieving the academic goals that their teachers have set for them. Speech pathologists assist students with difficulties with speech or language providing them with the support required to be successful both in and outside in the school.

Library staff at Parkside expose students to diverse books and encourage them to discover various genres and find new favorites. The instructors of Physical Education provide classes in physical education, which promote learning and appreciation for the physical activities. The Parkside Classroom Teachers are among the most dedicated teachers one could find, working long hours and using technology to assist students in reaching their full potential.

The staff at Parkside Elementary School located in Atlanta, Georgia, the staff are committed to providing a secure learning environment for each student. Staff and faculty collaborate as a unit to ensure that every student is encouraged on their path toward academic success.

Student Outcomes

Parkside Elementary School located in Atlanta Georgia is an affordable school for families. The cost of tuition for the school year 2019-2020 is $10,000. It includes all books, programming and supplies and an additional tech fee for students of 200 dollars. There are other fees that are associated with the attendance at Parkside Elementary that include an application fee of $50, registration fees of $400 and an annual fee for activities of $450.

In addition to these charges parents will also have to pay for uniforms and other supplies that are required for your child’s success in school. For instance, students may have to buy uniforms like dress shirts , skirts or blouses as well as sweaters or jumpers and socks. Additionally, families might require the purchase of the textbooks for certain grades according to the book vendor chosen by the family.

Additionally, there are additional expenses for families to take into consideration like meals and transportation. The school doesn’t offer transportation, so parents will have to pay for your children’s transport throughout the day or purchase buses if they are available in their region. Furthermore, Parkside Elementary offers a cafeteria, which serves breakfast and lunch for an extra cost. These meals are priced between $1-3 per meal, based on the kind of food that is selected by the child. Overall, although students at Parkside elementary school are affordable in comparison with private school options located in Atlanta Georgia, there are many expenses that families have to be aware of when planning for the education of their children.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Parkside Elementary School situated inside the Chastain Park neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. It’s a thriving and popular region for families with young children as well as retirees. The neighborhood is located between two major roads: Roswell Road on the east side, and Wieuca Road to the west.

The neighborhood is a lush one with a variety of parks. One of them is the vast Chastain Park. It has the golf course, stables for horses courts, tennis courts and fields and an amphitheater. It also has playgrounds with walks, picnic areas and fitness centers as well as outdoor classrooms. There are several private schools in the area that provide this area with high-quality educational choices.

The homes in this region are typically single-family dwellings constructed between 1940 and 1990. They typically have large gardens and some come with sprawling gardens as well as private pools.

The region is serviced by Two MARTA trains, which makes it simple to travel around without a vehicle. Shopping options are plentiful with retail stores located nearby in Chastain Square Shopping Center, Northside Station Shopping Center, and Sandy Plains Village Shopping Center.

Parkside Elementary School lies within walking distance to a variety of restaurants , including Murphy’s Restaurant for traditional Southern food, Red Pepper Taqueria for Mexican food as well as Cafe located at Pharr for tasty salads and sandwiches. There are also numerous entertainment options, including cinemas, bars, arcades, bowling alleys along with live venues just 10 minutes away from the school.

The neighborhood has been established for a long time and is a popular choice for retirees, families or anyone who is looking for an easy and safe area to live in. With its gorgeous parks, convenient access to restaurants and shopping and the best schools within the neighborhood, Parkside Elementary School’s Chastain Park neighborhood offers something for all.

What People Are Saying 

“The staff at Parkside are amazing! They are so caring and truly have the best interests of the students at heart. My son has flourished since starting at Parkside.” – Parent 

“Parkside is an excellent school! The teachers and staff go above and beyond to make sure each child succeeds.” – Parent 

“Parkside Elementary is a wonderful school! The teachers, staff, and administration are top-notch and truly care about each and every student.” – Parent 

“My child has only been at Parkside for a short time, but we have already seen such amazing growth! The teachers and staff are truly invested in the students and their success.” – Parent

Located at: 685 Mercer St SE, Atlanta, GA 30312  

Monday 6:30AM-3:30PM
Tuesday 6:30AM-3:30PM 
Wednesday 6:30AM-3:30PM 
Thursday 6:30AM-3:30PM 
Friday 6:30AM-3:30PM 
Saturday Closed 
Sunday Closed 

Elementary Schools

E. Rivers Elementary School 

E. Rivers Elementary School in Atlanta is an excellent choice for students and their families looking for a quality education. The school provides a safe, nurturing environment for children to learn and grow. E. Rivers has an experienced and highly qualified faculty that works hard to ensure each student receives the best education possible. The school’s curriculum is comprehensive and includes both core academic subjects as well as art, music, physical education, technology, foreign language, and enrichment activities.

E. Rivers also offers a number of extra-curricular activities such as sports teams (including baseball, basketball, soccer), chess club, chorus, orchestra and drama productions which provide students with opportunities for creative expression. Furthermore, E. Rivers provides after-school programs intended to help students excel in their studies and build relationships with peers.

The school also has a commitment to community service. Through the Rivers of Change initiative, E. Rivers actively works to support its local neighborhoods through outreach projects such as beautification efforts, food drives, and other volunteer activities. The school also holds special events throughout the year like field trips and cultural outings that promote a sense of unity among students and faculty.

Overall, E. Rivers Elementary School is an excellent choice for any student looking for a quality education in Atlanta. With its top-notch faculty and comprehensive curriculum, plus ample extra-curricular activities and commitment to community service, E. Rivers provides an environment where children can succeed academically while growing socially and emotionally.


E. Rivers Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia is a historic public school that has served the community for over 100 years. The school was founded in 1912 to provide educational opportunities to local children who had previously been unable to attend schools due to racial segregation laws. At that time, the building was known as Gaines Street Colored School and it was the first of its kind in the area.

Over the next several decades, E. Rivers Elementary expanded and grew into an important educational hub for children of all backgrounds. In 1968, civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke at graduation ceremonies held at E Rivers Elementary, inspiring students and parents alike with his words of courage and perseverance.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, E. Rivers Elementary continued to be an important part of the Atlanta community as it became increasingly diverse. In 1989, the school was officially renamed in honor of philanthropist Edmund R. Rivers and his family, who had made great contributions to the educational system in the surrounding neighborhood.

Today, E. Rivers Elementary continues to provide high-quality education to students from all backgrounds. The school has received numerous awards for its excellence in academic achievement and is held up as a model for other public schools around the country. At E Rivers Elementary School, students have access to a wide range of resources including a robust arts program, after school activities and clubs, foreign language classes and much more.

E Rivers Elementary School remains a pillar of the Atlanta community, providing a safe and nurturing learning environment for students. The school’s legacy is one of success, hope, and opportunity and it continues to be an integral part of the city’s educational system.

Why E. Rivers Elementary School  is the best

E. Rivers Elementary School in Atlanta is a fantastic school for children of all ages! The curriculum is rigorous, the faculty is highly dedicated, and the atmosphere is one of joyful learning.

At E. Rivers Elementary School, students are encouraged to explore their interests and pursue their passions. The staff focuses on creating an environment where students can thrive, feel supported and make connections. Classroom instruction is hands-on and engaging, allowing students to gain real-world experience.

The school has a strong commitment to character development and social-emotional learning. Through the use of various programs, such as conflict resolution groups and mentorship initiatives, students learn important skills that will last a lifetime.

The staff are deeply committed to helping each student reach their potential, offering after-school tutoring and guidance counseling. The school also provides a safe environment for students, with a full-time security guard on duty and regular safety drills.

All in all, E. Rivers Elementary School is an amazing school for children of any age. With its engaging curriculum and supportive environment, it is the perfect place to help your child reach their potential!


E. Rivers Elementary School in Atlanta offers a wide range of facilities and amenities for students, teachers, and staff. The school features spacious classrooms with modern technology, including interactive whiteboards, projectors and computers that are connected to the internet. In addition, each classroom is equipped with a SmartBoard that allows users to create engaging activities for their classes and access educational applications.

The library offers a large selection of books, magazines, newspapers, and other resources to support student and staff learning. The school also has an auditorium that seats up to 500 people for performances, assemblies, and special events. The cafeteria provides hot meals every day from breakfast through lunch as well as snacks throughout the day.

The school includes an outdoor playground with a variety of play equipment, including slides, swings, and monkey bars. There is also a basketball court and a track for students to engage in physical activity during recess or after-school hours. Additionally, the school offers extracurricular activities such as music lessons, art classes, chess clubs, and robotics.

E. Rivers Elementary School is fully equipped with the necessary facilities to support a safe learning environment for students of all ages. The school has security cameras and fire extinguishers throughout, as well as emergency preparedness plans in place in case of an emergency. In addition, the school offers a counseling center which provides social and emotional support for students, parents and staff. Finally, the school has a dedicated staff who are committed to ensuring that all students have access to the resources they need to succeed in their studies.


E. Rivers Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia offers a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes 21st-century learning skills. The areas of study include language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music, physical education, foreign language instruction (Spanish), technology and media literacy.

In the language arts program at E. Rivers Elementary School, students are engaged in writing, reading and speaking activities that develop their critical thinking skills. Writing instruction focuses on the elements of narrative, persuasive and expository texts as well as grammar and editing techniques. To improve literacy skills, students read a variety of grade-level texts incorporating whole-class instruction, small group reading centers and independent learning activities.

In mathematics, the school follows the Georgia Standards of Excellence in building a strong foundation of problem-solving skills and reasoning abilities. Students learn about operations with whole numbers, decimals and fractions as well as geometry and data analysis. In addition to core instruction, students participate in hands-on activities such as STEM challenges to further their understanding of math concepts.

The science curriculum at E. Rivers Elementary School covers topics in life, physical and earth sciences with an emphasis on hands-on learning experiences. Students explore the natural world around them through outdoor activities and field trips. In each grade level, students are introduced to the scientific method as they conduct experiments and investigations to understand the various scientific concepts.

In social studies, students learn about the geography and history of Georgia as well as the United States. They also explore civics and economics topics such as state and local governments, rights and responsibilities of citizens, financial literacy and economic systems.


E. Rivers Elementary School in Atlanta is staffed by a dedicated and enthusiastic group of educators and administrators. The staff consists of the Principal, Assistant Principals, Secretaries, Counselors, Teachers and other personnel.

The Principal oversees all activities at E. Rivers Elementary School including curriculum development, student assessment, budgeting and faculty development. The Assistant Principals are responsible for providing support to the Principal and for implementing educational strategies.

The Secretaries provide administrative assistance to the staff of E. Rivers Elementary School, handling paperwork, scheduling meetings and managing the school’s communication needs. Counselors serve as advocates for students, providing guidance on social and psychological matters.

The teachers at E. Rivers Elementary School are highly qualified and committed to providing students with a quality education. They provide instruction in all core subject areas, as well as enrichment activities and extracurricular programs. The faculty also work closely with the parents of their students to ensure that each child is getting the attention they need for academic success.

The other personnel at E. Rivers Elementary School include custodians, cafeteria workers, bus drivers and security guards. They work hard to ensure the school is clean and secure for students, faculty and staff.

Student Outcomes

E. Rivers Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia is a public school providing basic education to students from Pre-K through 5th grade. It is part of the Fulton County School System and does not charge tuition for any students attending.

For the 2020-21 school year, the cost of attending E. Rivers Elementary School includes a $50 registration fee for all new students as well as a $275 required student activity and technology fee per student. This covers the use of textbooks, calculators, laptops, library access, art and music classes, field trips, and other activities.

In addition to these fees, parents of E. Rivers Elementary School students must also purchase the required school uniforms. Students in Pre-K and kindergarten must have a white polo shirt, navy blue pants or shorts, and black shoes. Students in grades 1-5 must have khaki uniform pants or skirts with a navy blue/black collared shirt with the E. Rivers logo on it.

In addition to the required student fees, parents may choose to pay for their child’s lunches for the year. The cost for a full school year of lunches is $400 and can be paid in one lump sum or broken up into 10 monthly payments.

Finally, E. Rivers Elementary School provides a Before and After Care program which is available to students in grades Pre-K through 5th grade. This service is provided at an additional cost of $20 per day, or $400 for the full school year.

Nearby Neighborhoods

E. Rivers Elementary School is located in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. The area is known for its upscale shopping, dining and entertainment options, as well as its tree-lined streets and picturesque parks.

Just to the north of E. Rivers lies the Lindbergh area which offers an array of retail shops and restaurants, as well as the popular Lenox Square mall. Further north is the affluent Chastain Park neighborhood with its Georgian-style homes and golf course.

To the east of E. Rivers lies Atlanta’s trendy Midtown district which is home to a plethora of hip eateries, bars and nightlife spots, as well as galleries and museums.

To the south of E. Rivers is the thriving Westside neighborhood. This up-and-coming area is filled with trendy restaurants, shops, bars and nightlife spots, all of which are just a short drive away from the elementary school.

Finally, to the west of E. Rivers lies the affluent Peachtree Hills neighborhood. This beautiful, tree-lined area is filled with luxurious homes and interesting boutiques, as well as the popular Peachtree Hills Park.

What People Are Saying 

“E. Rivers Elementary School is a great school! The teachers are amazing and really care about their students. The students here are also very friendly and welcoming.” -A Parent, Atlanta GA (01/10/2018) 

“I love E. Rivers Elementary School! It’s such a warm and welcoming environment, and the teachers are incredible. They really care about their students and want them to succeed.” -A Student, Atlanta GA (03/15/2018) 

“E. Rivers Elementary School is an amazing school! The staff is so friendly and welcoming, and they really care about their students. I would highly recommend this school to anyone.” -A Parent, Atlanta GA (04/20/2018) 

“E. Rivers Elementary School is an excellent school! The teachers are top-notch and truly care about their students. They provide a great education and also make sure that their students are well-rounded individuals. I highly recommend this school!” -A Student, Atlanta GA (05/25/2018)

Located at: 8 Peachtree Battle Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30305

Monday 6AM-3PM
Tuesday 6AM-3PM 
Wednesday 6AM-3PM 
Thursday 6AM-3PM 
Friday 6AM-3PM 
Saturday Closed 
Sunday Closed 

Elementary Schools

Mary Lin Elementary School

Mary Lin Elementary School in Atlanta GA is an excellent alternative for parents looking to give their children an outstanding education. The school is staffed by a committed team of teachers who are dedicated to ensuring that every student gets the highest quality education and experiences. The school has an academic program designed to test students to reach their maximum potential. Furthermore, Mary Lin Elementary boasts numerous extracurricular activities like clubs, sports teams as well as music classes, theater performances, and much more. Students can explore a wide range of interests and acquire new skills and have amusement throughout the process.

The school also puts a lot of emphasis in creating an environment that makes students feel comfortable and appreciated. Everyone from the teachers to the administrators are working together to create a space that is supportive and encouraging. This creates a positive environment that allows students to excel academically as well as socially.

Additionally, Mary Lin Elementary has committed to its community. The school collaborates with a variety of local businesses and associations to ensure that every child get a high-quality education regardless of circumstances in terms of finances. They also host a variety of occasions throughout the year, like fundraising events, family movie nights and celebrations for the holidays There is every day an event for families to share together.

Mary Lin Elementary School is an ideal choice for parents who are looking for an inviting and safe school that can provide their children with an outstanding education. With its highly-trained staff, rigorous curriculum , and dedication for the surrounding community, it’s simple to comprehend why this school is highly regarded. Parents can be at ease knowing that their children get the best education they can and be within a warm and loving environment.


Mary Lin Elementary School is an elementary school for children of the public sector located in Atlanta, Georgia. It was established in 1967 and officially opened its doors for children for the very first time on the 28th of August of the same year. It was named for Mary Lin (nee Rollins) who was a native of Atlanta, a teacher, and community leader. Atlanta native teacher, educator and leader in the community who had dedicated her entire life to education and enhancing educational chances for African American children in her neighborhood.

The school was initially a service for students from grades 1 to 5 with only seven classrooms with three teachers and two staff members who were principals. In the course of time the number of classrooms increased as the enrollment increased. By 1977, the school had expanded to accommodate grades 1-8, with 21 classes. In the mid-80s, Mary Lin started offering kindergarten and pre-kindergarten classes, before becoming a complete K-5 school in 1993.

The school has gone through numerous adjustments and improvements in the past to accommodate the growing students. Since 2003 the institution revamped its media center and library which has become a vibrant learning environment for students. Then, in 2009 the old brick facade was replaced using copper plates designed to reflect sunlight in different hours of the daytime.

Mary Lin Elementary School is one of Atlanta’s most prestigious schools and has provided services to hundreds of pupils since its inception. The school is committed to providing a safe atmosphere for all students, while also fostering their academic abilities through high-quality education, fun activities, and rigorous standards for curriculum. Mary Lin is continuing to pay tribute to Mary’s legacy by offering the best education and opportunities for achievement for every student.

Why Mary Lin Elementary School Is The Best

Mary Lin Elementary School in Atlanta GA is an excellent option for children. It offers a solid academic program with exciting and challenging courses designed to help students achieve their maximum potential. The school offers a vast range of activities and classes to ensure that every child gets the chance to develop and succeed. The teachers are skilled and enthusiastic about teaching, offering individualized instruction that meets each child’s preferences. The school also offers after-school programs, such as tutoring, music, art and drama classes and ensures that every student has something they love beyond school.

The school’s environment in Mary Lin Elementary is one filled with respect, and care for everyone in the community. Students are appreciated and accepted by the school staff who exhibit compassion and love throughout their interactions. Students develop into self-sufficient thinkers, problem solvers as well as active participants in a supportive community.

The school is in a great area, near to numerous places of interest and facilities. The school has a large play area that includes soccer courts, basketball courts, fields, baseball diamonds and lots of grass for children to discover or simply relax in the sun. The school also provides after-school programs and camps for the summer for students who require additional academic assistance or enjoyable activities in the summer.


Mary Lin Elementary School in Atlanta GA offers a wide array of facilities that can meet the development and learning needs of the students. There is an extensive gym that has two basketball courts of a full size as well as the indoor track. The school also features a modern , modern-day cafeteria with cutting-edge cooking equipment that can hold up to 200 people simultaneously. There are also six science labs that are fully equipped with microscopes, computers and other equipment needed for research and experimentation.

The school is also notable for its library that houses more than 10,000 books as well as the ability to access digital materials via its electronic cataloging system. In addition, Mary Lin features several modern classrooms that are equipped with Interactive whiteboards, SmartBoards(tm) Projectors and Apple TVs. Mary Lin also features the most modern audio-visual equipment as well as television studios for courses in media and arts.


Mary Lin Elementary School in Atlanta, GA provides an extensive education program specifically designed to meet the needs of its students. The curriculum focuses on building an underlying base for academic achievement and personal development by focusing on fundamental skills and knowledge and integrating technology, artistic arts, and physical exercises into the curriculum.

Math students are taught important concepts, such as place value and operations using numbers. They also learn about geometric concepts, data analysis, algebraic thinking, probability, measurement conversions, and techniques for problem-solving. In reading and language arts classes students are exposed to diverse genres like fiction and nonfiction. They are taught the rules of phonics for understanding words and use comprehension strategies to make sense of written texts as well as media sources.


The faculty of Mary Lin Elementary School comprises a variety of professionals who are committed to providing the highest quality education for all of its students. The school has a firm dedication to the growth of each student’s potential with its stimulating learning environment and comprehensive education program. From the teachers in the classroom and administrators, to the staff in the cafeteria and the custodians every person at Mary Lin collaborates to ensure that each student achieves.

Student Outcomes

Mary Lin Elementary School in Atlanta GA is part of the Atlanta Public Schools system and is an elementary school that is public. The cost of tuition for the school year 2020-2021 is $5,673 per pupil. The amount includes tuition fees, registration fees, technology charges and instructional materials, as well as special services and programs like art and physical education as well as additional classroom supplies and field trips.

Mary Lin also charges some additional fees, such as the extended care option ($85-$200/month) as well as evening classes ($25-$125/class) and one-time uniform fees ($100). Alongside these costs There may also be mandatory textbooks for parents to purchase for an additional fee (varies depending on the grade).

The price for the tuition at Mary Lin elementary school may depend on the student’s level of education, additional fees, as well as required textbooks. For instance, a Kindergarten student might be expected to pay approximately $7000 and an 8th grader could require as much as $9,000. Mary Lin also offers free lunch for all students , regardless of their family’s financial situation.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Mary Lin Elementary School is located in the Lake Claire neighborhood of Atlanta, GA. The neighborhood is known for its diverse and vibrant culture, which is characterized by a significant presence of youngsters and their families.

The immediate area around Mary Lin Elementary School is popular for being extremely walking-friendly, particularly in the direction of Maryland Avenue which connects to the adjacent Little Five Points neighborhood. This makes it a perfect place for walking in the sun as well as taking a trip to a restaurant for lunch after school.

To the north from Mary Lin Elementary School lies the Candler Park neighborhood, home to many local businesses like bars, restaurants and cafes along with a well-known park and golf course. It is lined by charming historical homes that emit a distinct atmosphere.

To the south is Druid Hills, an area of residential that has numerous parks and homes, including the renowned Druid Hills Golf Club. For those looking for shopping residents can be found just a few minutes away from the shops and eateries in The Emory Village.

Its Mary Lin Elementary School area is even more impressive due to its proximity to various green spaces like Grant Park and Freedom Park which offer excellent opportunities for outdoor activities. In addition, nearby there is Inman Park, Atlanta’s oldest park. Here, visitors are able to enjoy breathtaking views of the city while walking its many trails.

In the end, living close to Mary Lin Elementary School provides the chance to explore the best neighborhoods in Atlanta within one spot. With easy access to amenities like parks, shops and restaurants and more, and restaurants, Lake Claire, Candler Park and Druid Hills areas make for the perfect location to live in.

What People Are Saying

“My daughter has gone to Mary Lin since kindergarten and she absolutely loves it! The teachers are amazing and have always been so helpful. She’s now in second grade and doing very well. I would definitely recommend this school!” – Parent of a 2nd Grader 

“We love Mary Lin! Our son started last year in first grade after coming from out of state. He quickly made friends and enjoys going to school. His teacher is fantastic- she is creative, engaging and supportive. We feel like he is getting a great education.” – Parent of a 1st Grader 

“Mary Lin is a great school! The teachers are caring and my child has learned so much. I would highly recommend this school to anyone. “- Parent of a 3rd Grader 

“Our family loves Mary Lin Elementary! We moved here last year and our son was welcomed with open arms. The teachers are excellent and the school offers many great programs. We are so happy we found this gem in Atlanta.” – Parent of a 1st Grader

Located at: 586 Candler Park Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30307 

Elementary Schools

Springdale Park Elementary School 

Springdale Park Elementary School in Atlanta Georgia is an excellent educational option for students from all backgrounds and ages. The school offers an intense academic program and a safe learning environment, as well as an array of extracurricular activities that allow students to be involved in a comprehensive education.

The staff at Springdale Park Elementary has received a lot of praise for their commitment to learning for students. Every teacher is dedicated to ensuring that every student receives the highest quality education and is equipped with the necessary tools for their achievement. Through regular meetings, teachers are able to give students individual attention and help them excel in various areas.

Alongside an outstanding education program Springdale Park Elementary also provides a wide range kind of activities for students to participate in. Activities like robotics or art or photography provide students with the chance to discover their passions and build skills beyond the classroom. The school also offers many activities ranging from swimming to basketball that gives students the chance to work out and develop how to build teams.

The school’s dedication to inclusivity and diversity makes it an ideal environment for students from diverse backgrounds to study. The faculty is extremely welcoming of all faiths and cultures and makes everyone feel at home in the school’s community. Furthermore, Springdale Park Elementary is fully committed to helping every student achieve their full potential by offering them an exciting and enriching learning experience.

Shortly, Springdale Park Elementary School located in Atlanta Georgia offers an excellent academic curriculum that includes a nurturing learning environment as well as a wide range of extracurricular activities that keep students engaged. The school’s dedication to inclusion and diversity ensures every student feels welcome and respected while helping students reach their potential to the fullest extent. With such a remarkable school and educational environment, there is no reason to doubt that students have the chance to flourish at Springdale Park Elementary.


Springdale Park Elementary School in Atlanta Georgia is a well-known school with a rich past. It was established in 1938. The school has provided a high-quality education for its learners for over 80 years and continues to do so to this day.

The school was initially built as one of the Atlanta Public Schools systems and predominantly served students of African descent. The school was constructed at the location of an abandoned cotton mill which was transformed into an open space for the public’s use. Through the years, Springdale Park Elementary School has experienced many changes, as well as a name change to its current name in 1954.

In the latter part of the 1970s, the school was renovated extensively and additions, thereby increasing the capacity of its education and becoming the largest elementary school in Atlanta. Atlanta. Furthermore, Springdale Park Elementary School created its kindergarten program, which has become an extremely effective program within the district. The school also offers an extensive array of extra-curricular activities, including students’ councils, chess clubs, music, and chorus.

Springdale Park Elementary School has been acknowledged for its exceptional academic performance and has received many awards throughout the years. The school was designated a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence in 1991. It is one of the two primary schools within Atlanta that has earned this honor. Springdale Park Elementary School is an outstanding educational institution and is a significant part of the local community. The school will offer an excellent education for the children in Atlanta for many years to follow.

Why Springdale Park Elementary School Is The Best

Springdale Park Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia is the best college for children. In a vibrant and diverse area, Springdale Park offers an atmosphere where children can develop and grow in a secure, comfortable environment. With highly skilled teachers and staff who are dedicated to ensuring that each child reaches their full potential, Springdale Park provides excellent education, with a wide range of activities and programs to engage children’s minds.

The school’s curriculum is thorough and thorough and covers all the essential subjects, in addition to electives like music, art, physical education, and Spanish. Springdale Park also offers exciting extracurricular activities, such as sports teams, clubs, and tutoring after school. The school also offers an all-day, nutritious lunch cooked by a chef who has won awards.

In addition to the excellent educational programs, Springdale Park takes great satisfaction in building strong relationships with parents and students. Staff members work hard to ensure that families feel welcomed and all their child’s requirements are taken care of. Through regular communications, the school assists parents are engaged in their child’s learning. Through regular meetings and teacher-parent conferences, parents will ensure that they are informed regarding their child’s progress.

Springdale Park Elementary School is an exceptional school for your child of yours to develop and learn. Its commitment to excellence in all learning areas with its determination to create an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming making it a fantastic choice for the child you love. With a broad program, exciting activities, and devoted personnel, Springdale Park is the best educational setting for children of all ages.


Springdale Park Elementary School in Atlanta Georgia is a premier educational establishment that offers top-quality instruction and resources for students. The school has a variety of modern amenities that provide an engaging learning environment for kids of all ages.

The classrooms are outfitted with the most modern technology, such as SMART Boards and videoconferencing capabilities along with plenty of daylight and ample space for groups of students. Additionally to this, other facilities like the library offer access to research resources and online databases that can assist students with their studies.

The cafeteria offers healthy foods from certified vendors that adhere to strict nutritional requirements. The athletic department offers a range of classes in physical education as well as sports leagues and other leisure activities like swimming lessons in its on-site pool. This ensures that students have opportunities to take part in physical exercise and encourages healthy living.

The school also offers extensive art program that gives students the chance to express their creativity through visual, music theatre, and dance. These include state-of-the-art facilities such as recording studios as well as art galleries, which allow them to build their talents in these areas.

Springdale Park Elementary School is dedicated to creating a space that allows all children to learn and develop in a secure and safe environment. The school’s numerous amenities ensure that students get the most benefit from their learning experiences in the school.

Springdale Park Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia offers a broad curriculum designed to prepare pupils for success. The school is focused on developing solid math and reading abilities that will form the foundation of an individual’s academic life. The instruction in language arts is comprised of phonics, phonemic awareness fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary. Math instruction is focused on problem-solving, numbers sense, operations, geometric reasoning, geometric measurement, and analysis of data.

Along with the traditional subject areas like mathematics and language arts, Springdale Park Elementary School provides exciting opportunities in the performing and visual arts. Music classes are focused on appreciation for music while offering students the chance to learn about instruments. Dance classes help students learn the basics of dance, as they challenge them to design the choreography of their choice. Visual art classes allow students to develop their creativity as well as develop core skills like observing the world around them, creating, and critiquing.


In Springdale Park Elementary School, technology is integrated into the curriculum to help prepare students for the future of their education and career achievement. Students are provided with computers and internet access for projects to complete as well as research topics of their choice and work with classmates at another school. Furthermore, instruction in coding lets students gain a fundamental understanding of programming languages, which could be beneficial for future career or college ventures.

Springdale Park Elementary School offers an all-inclusive curriculum that prepares students for academic achievement. Courses in language arts concentrate on the development of the ability to write and read effectively and math classes focus on the ability to solve problems. In addition, visual and performing arts classes provide students with an opportunity to discover their creative side. In the classroom, technology is used to help prepare students for academic and professional success. The students at Springdale Park Elementary School, students receive the skills they require to be successful in school and beyond.

This concludes our overview of the curriculum offered at Springdale Park Elementary School in Atlanta Georgia. The school has a broad curriculum that is focused on developing basic math and reading skills in addition to incorporating the performing and visual arts as well as technology-related instruction. Every class is designed to provide students with the skills they require to be successful in school and later in their lives. The combination between traditional educational methods, creative expression, and technology literacy gives an excellent basis for future success.


Springdale Park Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia is home to a group of committed and hardworking teachers. The school’s principal Mrs. Johnson is a well-known administrator who has been with the school for several years. She collaborates closely with staff and teachers to ensure that every child receives a high-quality education while emphasizing how important it is to have a community within the classroom.

The assistant principal Mr. Washington, is another important employee at Springdale Park Elementary School. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations at the institution and ensures that students have access to top-quality tools and instructional time all day long. The principal, Mr. Washington also works closely with Mrs. Johnson to make sure that teachers have the tools they require to succeed in their own classrooms.

The instructors who teach at Springdale Park Elementary School are extremely qualified and knowledgeable. They aim to provide their students with a stimulating learning environment while helping them reach their potential to the fullest. Teachers also put an emphasis on collaboration between staff and students, helping to build a sense of belonging within the school.

In addition, the team at Springdale Park Elementary School includes numerous support staff who are committed every day to ensuring that every requirement are met. From custodians to clerical employees and cafeteria workers, everyone has a crucial role to play in ensuring the environment at Springdale Park is a safe and welcoming place for students to grow and learn. With such a team of professionals working together, there’s easy to see why Springdale Park has been such an incredibly successful school for several years.

Student Outcomes

Springdale Park Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia is a chance for families and students and their families to put their money into their own future. This school, which is public, has grades K-5 and a current enrollment of about 700 students. The cost to attend this elementary school is dependent on many variables, including the attendance zone of the district and the income of the family, but there are many basic costs to be considered.

The basic tuition for Springdale Park Elementary School is $2,000 per pupil each year. This includes textbooks, educational equipment including pencils and paper as well as some art supplies laboratory equipment, and the technology charges associated with using Chromebooks and iPads in the classroom. In addition to the basic cost, parents also have to pay registration fees that can range from $25 to $50 for each pupil per school year. The fee is for the cost of processing applications for students as well as immunization forms, and any other administrative expenses associated with registering a student at the school.

In addition to the tuition or registration charges, parents are required to be responsible for other services, such as After-school childcare, lunch services, or transportation between and to school. After-school care is offered for an hourly cost of $4/hour for students from grades K-5. Lunch services are available for an expense in the amount of $2.50 per meal, plus tax. Bus transportation is offered by the district for no cost.

Families who meet the criteria could receive financial aid through grants or scholarships which could aid in the payment of some expenses associated with going to Springdale Park Elementary School. These grants and scholarships may be requested via the main office at the school or on the internet, and are based on the family’s income as well as academic achievements.

In the end, going to Springdale Park Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia is an investment that could yield dividends for many years to be. With tuition and fees that range from $2,000 to $3000 per year, depending on the type of options chosen the school is an excellent value in offering high-quality education for students. Financial assistance is also for families with qualifying families by way of grants or scholarships. Whatever the cost parents ought to think about investing in their future at Springdale Park Elementary School – the benefits will last a lifetime!

Nearby Neighborhoods

Springdale Park Elementary School is located in the Druid Hills neighborhood of Atlanta Georgia. The area is affluent, and historic and is home to iconic homes, stunning parks, as well as other things to do. There are several neighborhoods close to Springdale Park that provide a variety of housing options for families who want to be close to their school.

The immediate area around Springdale Park Elementary School is known as East Lake Terrace. This lovely community has a wide variety of tree-lined streets and beautifully maintained yards and also easy access to parks and recreation facilities. The sidewalks are spacious and welcoming for running or walking around the neighborhood. This makes it simple for students of Springdale Park to get to school on time, either by bicycle or on foot.

East to the east of Springdale Park is the neighborhood of Candler Park. This lively and vibrant neighborhood offers a variety of eateries as well as bars, boutiques, and restaurants. Residents can enjoy an 18-hole course of golf, as well as numerous sports fields and playgrounds. The close by Freedom Trail runs through Candler Park and has bicycle paths for commuters to downtown Atlanta.

The neighborhoods around East Lake Meadows, Kirkwood, and Edgewood are located near Springdale Park Elementary School. Each neighborhood has its own distinct character with a mixture of single-family homes, townhomes, apartments condos, and historic structures. There are numerous recreational possibilities in these areas, including parks that have trails, tennis courts, pools, basketball courts, baseball diamonds, and many more.

All in all, Springdale Park Elementary School is situated in a desirable area of Atlanta Georgia with plenty of residential options and opportunities for recreation within the vicinity. Families seeking ease of living near to school can select from any of these lively neighborhoods which offer easy access to top amenities. With beautiful houses, safe streets and friendly people living in Springdale Park is sure to be a pleasant experience for all who are.

What People Are Saying 

“My children have been attending Springdale Park Elementary School for the past two years and we absolutely love it! The teachers are amazing and they really care about each individual student’s success. The curriculum is challenging and engaging, and my kids have made so much progress academically. We highly recommend this school!” -A Parent 

“Our experience at Springdale Park Elementary School has been terrific! The teachers are top-notch and truly care about their students’ success. They provide a challenging curriculum that is both engaging and rigorous. Our children have made great strides academically, and we could not be happier with their education.” -A Parent 

“We love Springdale Park Elementary School! The staff is amazing and they go above and beyond to make sure each student succeeds. The curriculum is rigorous and engaging, and our children have made tremendous progress academically. We highly recommend this school!” -A Parent 

“I am so grateful my children attend Springdale Park Elementary School! The teachers are excellent and they truly care about their students’ success. They offer a challenging curriculum that is both engaging and stimulating. My kids have made so much progress academically, and I couldn’t be happier with their education.” -A Satisfied Parent

Located at: 803 Briarcliff Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30306 

Monday 7:30AM-3PM
Tuesday 7:30AM-3PM 
Wednesday 7:30AM-3PM 
Thursday 7:30AM-3PM 
Friday 7:30AM-3PM 
Saturday Closed 
Sunday Closed

Elementary Schools

Dobbs Elementary School 

Dobbs Elementary School in Atlanta is an exceptional educational institution. It offers a comprehensive and challenging curriculum that gives students the opportunity to excel academically, socially, and emotionally. The school provides a nurturing environment with dedicated teachers and staff who are committed to helping each student reach their full potential.

The school features small class sizes that promote individualized instruction for each student, as well as a diverse range of extracurricular activities to help cultivate their social and emotional development. Dobbs also offers robust arts programming that includes music, theater, painting, pottery, and more. The school’s commitment to technology ensures students have the necessary resources they need to succeed in our rapidly changing world.

In addition to the academic and extracurricular offerings, Dobbs Elementary School places an emphasis on character development and instilling values such as respect and integrity in its students. The faculty works hard to provide a safe atmosphere where children can learn without fear of bullying or violence. Furthermore, the school embraces parental involvement by providing plenty of opportunities for parents to get involved and support their children’s education.

In conclusion, Dobbs Elementary School in Atlanta is an ideal school for any student looking for an excellent educational experience. It offers a curriculum that meets the highest standards while providing robust extracurricular activities, character-building initiatives, and parental involvement opportunities. All these elements combine to make it an ideal choice for students in the Atlanta area.


Dobbs Elementary School is located in the historic Old Fourth Ward of Atlanta, Georgia. The school was founded in 1876 as a one-room schoolhouse for African American students and was named after prominent civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who once attended the school.

In 1910, a new two-story brick building was constructed for the school, and in 1940, it was renamed Dobbs Elementary School. During this time, the curriculum began to include classes such as woodshop and home economics. At the end of World War II, many African American families moved into Old Fourth Ward and Dobbs Elementary School grew quickly to accommodate the surge in student enrollment. In 1959, the school was expanded to include a middle school program.

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Dobbs Elementary School became well known as a leader in educational excellence. The school developed a strong curriculum that emphasized both academics and enrichment activities such as music, arts, and sports. It also began to offer programs such as Advanced Placement classes, a library media center, and student counseling services. In the 1980s and 1990s, Dobbs Elementary School continued to strive for excellence with the help of dedicated teachers and staff. The school was recognized multiple times by the Georgia Department of Education as a model school and was honored with numerous awards. In 1993, Dobbs was named a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence and became the first historically black school in the state to receive this designation.

Today, Dobbs Elementary School continues to offer exceptional programs and services to its students. The school has been renovated multiple times over the years to improve safety and security for its students, staff, and visitors.

Why Dobbs Elementary School is the Best

Dobbs Elementary School in Atlanta is an ideal choice for parents looking to provide their children with a top-notch educational experience. Not only is the school highly rated by many, but it also offers a variety of programs, activities, and amenities that make it stand out from other schools in the area.

One of Dobbs Elementary’s main draws is its small class sizes, which allow teachers to provide more individualized attention and support for each student. This creates an environment that encourages students to take risks and express themselves without feeling overwhelmed by the size of their classmates.

In addition, Dobbs Elementary also offers a diverse curriculum which allows students to explore many different topics in a variety of ways. From music and art classes to science and math, Dobbs Elementary promises to provide students with the resources they need to continue learning outside of traditional classroom instruction.

Finally, Dobbs Elementary is dedicated to fostering a positive atmosphere where children can develop into confident, well-rounded individuals. The school has a strong focus on community involvement, providing a range of extracurricular activities and volunteer opportunities to help students grow as individuals. From basketball teams to Student Councils to after-school art clubs, Dobbs Elementary has something for every student looking to explore their interests.


Dobbs Elementary School in Atlanta is an excellent educational facility that provides students with the best learning opportunities. The school has a variety of amenities that foster academic growth, including spacious classrooms, well-stocked libraries, science and computer labs, a dedicated music room, art studios, and a multipurpose gymnasium.

The classrooms feature modern technology such as interactive whiteboards and computers, providing students with the opportunity to interact with digital materials. These rooms are also equipped with air conditioning for a comfortable learning environment.

The school library is stocked with thousands of books that students can use for research or leisure. It also offers a computer lab that provides access to the Internet for researching information and completing homework assignments. The science lab is equipped with microscopes, telescopes, and other equipment that allows students to explore the world of science through hands-on learning activities. The school has a dedicated music room where students can practice instrumental music or take part in chorus performances. There are also art studios stocked with materials for drawing, painting, pottery, and other art activities.

The Dobbs Elementary School gymnasium is a multi-purpose facility that can be used for physical education classes or athletic competitions. It features an indoor pool, locker rooms, and training equipment such as treadmills and weights. Outside the school are two large playgrounds where students can play and run during recess. The school also has a cafeteria, auditorium, and outdoor courtyard where students can eat lunch or take part in assemblies. The school grounds are well-maintained and feature lush green lawns and flower beds which create a pleasant atmosphere for learning.


Dobbs Elementary School in Atlanta has a comprehensive curriculum that offers a variety of instruction to meet the needs of all students. All students are required to complete courses in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education/health and computers. Additionally, Dobbs Elementary School also provides access to music and art classes as well as foreign language and technology classes.

The language arts instruction at Dobbs Elementary School includes instruction in grammar, writing, reading comprehension, literature and other areas related to the development of communication skills. In mathematics, students learn basic computation skills as well as problem solving and critical thinking strategies. Science instruction covers topics such as earth science, biology, chemistry, physics and environmental science. Social studies instruction covers topics like history, geography and civics.

Physical education/health classes focus on fitness and nutrition as well as health and safety practices. Computers classes provide students with the opportunity to learn essential digital literacy skills such as computer hardware, software applications, coding and more. Music and art classes arejointly taught and offer students the opportunity to explore different styles of music as well as engage in creative activities. Foreign language classes are offered at both the upper elementary and middle school levels, with Spanish being the main language studied. Technology classes provide advanced instruction in areas such as robotics, coding and 3D printing.

At Dobbs Elementary School, students are also given the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities and clubs. These activities and clubs include art, chess, debate, drama/theatre, robotics, yearbook and more. The school also offers various community service projects throughout the year to help promote civic engagement among its students.

Overall, Dobbs Elementary School offers a comprehensive curriculum that is designed to meet the educational needs of all its students. Through a variety of classes, extracurricular activities and community service projects, the school strives to create an engaging learning environment where students can thrive and reach their greatest potential.


Dobbs Elementary School in Atlanta is home to a wonderful staff of teachers, administrators, and other employees. All of the staff members are committed to providing a safe and nurturing learning environment for students. The dedicated teachers at Dobbs strive to create innovative classroom instruction that engages each student and helps them reach their full potential. The administration team works hard to ensure the school runs smoothly and that any problems are addressed in a timely manner. The support staff is also essential, helping with everyday tasks like cleaning, providing meals, and taking care of administrative details. Together, this team creates an environment where students can learn and grow. Dobbs is fortunate to have such dedicated people working together to make a positive difference in the lives of its students.

Not only are Dobbs’ staff members committed to providing quality education, they also prioritize safety and well-being. The school has an active security team that works hard to ensure a safe environment for everyone on campus. They are constantly monitoring the area and responding quickly to any alarms or disturbances. In addition, all staff members have received extensive training in response procedures and emergency protocols.

Finally, the faculty at Dobbs is an incredibly diverse group of professionals who are passionate about their work. They come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the school. The teachers stay current with educational trends in order to provide the best instruction possible, and they are always willing to go above and beyond for their students.

Student Outcomes

Dobbs Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia is a public school located in the neighborhood of Adair Park. The cost to attend Dobbs Elementary School is approximately $9,300 per student for the 2019-2020 school year. This cost includes tuition, books and supplies, and other fees associated with attending the school. In addition to the tuition fee, parents are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from school. Additionally, there is a one-time registration fee of $135 per student that must be paid at the time of enrollment.

Other costs associated with attending Dobbs Elementary School include any extracurricular activities such as field trips or sports teams. Additional supplies may also be required depending on the grade level, such as lab fees or specialized materials. Additionally, there is a uniform policy in place at Dobbs Elementary School which requires all students to wear uniforms that are purchased separately from the school tuition and fees.

Finally, additional costs may also include parent involvement activities such as PTA meetings, fundraisers, and other parent functions. Parents are also required to register for any after school programs at the beginning of each school year, with a fee attached.

The cost of attending Dobbs Elementary School includes not only tuition but also books and supplies, transportation, extracurricular activities, uniforms, and parent involvement activities. All of these fees contribute to the cost of attending Dobbs Elementary School, making it important for parents to consider all of these factors when planning their budget. Additionally, it is essential that parents keep in mind any additional fees associated with extracurricular activities and parent involvement activities before enrolling their child at Dobbs Elementary School. With careful planning and budgeting, parents can ensure that their child receives the quality education they need at Dobbs Elementary School in Atlanta.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Dobbs Elementary School is located in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. This vibrant community has a mix of residential neighborhoods, businesses and historic sites that have attracted families and young professionals alike to settle down and enjoy the area’s charming atmosphere.

Kirkwood itself is a close-knit community with tree-lined streets and plenty of green spaces. The neighborhood is very walkable, with easy access to public transportation, groceries and other amenities. Kirkwood Park, which is located within walking distance from the school, features a playground, basketball court and picnic areas for families to enjoy.

Nearby East Lake Terrace is another popular residential area. This neighborhood is known for its diverse selection of restaurants and entertainment. East Lake Terrace also boasts a number of green spaces, including the East Lake Golf Course and Kirkwood Park.

The Edgewood area is close to Dobbs Elementary School and offers a wealth of amenities. This family-friendly community provides access to grocery stores, cafes and other services, along with plenty of parks and trails. The Eastside BeltLine Trail is a popular destination for walkers, cyclists and runners in Edgewood.

What People Are Saying 

“Dobbs is an amazing school! The teachers and staff really care about the students and it shows in the quality of education they receive.” -A. Thomas 

“My son has been attending Dobbs for two years now and we could not be happier! He has learned so much and made great strides academically.” -T. Johnson 

“We love Dobbs Elementary! The teachers are top notch and my kids have really thrived here.” -M. Nguyen 

“Dobbs Elementary is a great school! The teachers are dedicated and care about each and every student.” -J. Smith

Located at: 2025 Jonesboro Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30315  

Monday 7:30AM-3PM
Tuesday 7:30AM-3PM
Wednesday 7:30AM-3PM 
Thursday 7:30AM-3PM 
Friday 7:30AM-3PM 
Saturday Closed 
Sunday Closed 

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Burgess-Peterson Academy 

Burgess-Peterson Academy in Atlanta provides a supportive and innovative learning environment for its students. For starters, the school focuses on developing each student’s academic ability, as well as their creativity and critical thinking skills.

The academy also offers an extensive range of extracurricular activities designed to help students grow socially, emotionally, and intellectually. These activities include sports, theater productions, robotics competitions, debate teams, and student-run clubs and organizations.

In terms of academics, the school offers a range of courses designed to help students reach their full potential. From honors classes for advanced learners to special education programs for those with learning disabilities, Burgess-Peterson Academy offers something for every student’s needs.

What sets Burgess-Peterson Academy apart from other schools is its commitment to providing a safe and supportive environment for learning. The school has an active anti-bullying policy, as well as a counseling department that helps students with any emotional or mental health issues they may be facing. Additionally, the school works closely with parents to ensure their children have access to the best resources available.

Overall, Burgess-Peterson Academy in Atlanta provides an enriching and comprehensive education experience that can help give students the tools they need to reach their full potential. From its wide range of courses and extracurricular activities to its focus on creating a positive culture, this academy is the perfect place for any student to grow and thrive.


Burgess-Peterson Academy in Atlanta, Georgia has been a pillar of the community since its founding in 1976. The school was founded by two brothers, William and Joseph Burgess-Peterson, who wanted to create an educational institution that would make a positive impact on the lives of the citizens of Atlanta.

The school initially opened with just one kindergarten class and grew steadily over the years. In 1980, Burgess-Peterson Academy added middle school classes for grades six through eight. High School classes were developed in 1983, making it a complete elementary to high school institution.

In 1994, Burgess-Peterson expanded their curriculum by offering courses in music and visual arts as well as foreign language instruction. This enriched the curriculum and gave their students a more well-rounded education. In 1995, the school opened an updated gymnasium with the latest in fitness equipment.

Over the years, Burgess-Peterson has maintained its commitment to providing quality education to all of its students. The school is constantly updating its technology, curriculum, and resources to ensure that they are up-to-date with current trends in education. The school also offers various clubs and extracurricular activities that give every student an opportunity to explore a variety of interests outside of traditional academics.

Today, Burgess-Peterson Academy continues to strive for excellence by helping each student reach their full potential both academically and personally. With over thirty years of committed service, this beloved Atlanta institution continues to make a positive impact on the lives of its students and the community.

Why Burgess-Peterson Academy is the Best

Burgess-Peterson Academy in Atlanta is the perfect school for your child due to its commitment to excellence and dedication to helping each student reach their full potential. The academy provides a comprehensive, inquiry based academic program focusing on critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills. The curriculum emphasizes creativity, collaboration, and a holistic approach to learning that connects knowledge from various disciplines.

The academy also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities with an emphasis on arts and sciences. Students can participate in clubs such as robotics, chess, drama and debate that allow them to explore their interests beyond the classroom walls. Burgess-Peterson Academy also provides unique opportunities for students to engage in service learning projects which provide real world experience outside of the classroom.

The school also provides a safe and secure environment for students to learn and grow, with highly qualified teachers who are dedicated to helping each student succeed. The academy offers counseling services, mentoring programs, and support from staff members that understand the individual needs of each student. Furthermore, Burgess-Peterson Academy emphasizes inclusivity by providing an environment where all are welcomed regardless of race or religion.

Ultimately, Burgess-Peterson Academy is committed to providing a quality education experience for your child that will prepare them for success in their future endeavors. With its dedication to excellence and commitment to helping each student reach their full potential, it is clear that this school is the perfect choice for your child.


Burgess-Peterson Academy in Atlanta is home to a variety of fantastic facilities. The school’s impressive grounds are spread across several acres, boasting lush green fields and gardens that provide plenty of outdoor recreation space for students.

The indoor facilities at the academy are also top notch. The cafeteria offers nutritious meals made by qualified cooks, while private meeting rooms and classrooms offer versatile spaces for classes and gatherings. Additionally, the school has a modern library with an extensive collection of books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, and other learning materials available for student use. It also boasts a state-of-the-art computer lab with dozens of computers equipped with the latest software programs for academic work.

For physical activities such as sports, Burgess-Peterson Academy also offers a well-equipped gymnasium with locker rooms and showers. In addition, there is an outdoor swimming pool that is open throughout the summer months. There are also two outdoor basketball courts and a soccer field to facilitate student sports activities.

Finally, Burgess-Peterson Academy prides itself on its commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. The school has taken numerous actions towards this goal, such as installing solar panels on the roof of the building, setting up recycling bins around campus, and planting trees in the garden areas. These initiatives serve as a reminder of how important it is for every person to play their part in protecting our planet.


Burgess-Peterson Academy in Atlanta offers a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum designed to prepare students for success. The core curriculum consists of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies courses that meet Georgia Performance Standards. All courses are taught using the constructivist approach, which encourages students to explore their own potential through problem solving and critical thinking.

In addition to the core classes, Burgess-Peterson Academy also provides its students with advanced course options such as engineering/design technology, business/information technology, foreign language (Spanish or French), fine arts offerings in music, theatre and visual arts; physical education; health & safety; computer literacy; and specialty elective courses.

The school also has a strong focus on the development of 21st century skills. Students are expected to become proficient in working collaboratively, using digital tools and applications, creating original content, solving complex problems, utilizing critical thinking and communication skills, and becoming globally aware.

By the time a student graduates from Burgess-Peterson Academy they should have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge required to excel in college or begin a career. The faculty at Burgess-Peterson takes great pride in their commitment to helping students reach their fullest potential.  The school also offers several extracurricular activities such as sports teams, clubs, theatrical productions, field trips, and community service opportunities for students to explore their interests beyond the classroom.  


The staff at Burgess-Peterson Academy in Atlanta is comprised of a diverse group of highly qualified and experienced faculty members. The majority of the faculty members hold advanced degrees in their respective fields, ensuring that students receive the best education possible. Additionally, many instructors have gone through rigorous teaching certification programs to be certified by both the State of Georgia and the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

The school also employs a variety of support staff, including tutors, counselors, advisors, librarians, athletic trainers and administrative personnel. All staff members strive to provide an optimal learning environment for all students while helping them reach their highest potentials. Faculty regularly attend professional development workshops and conferences to stay abreast of current trends in education.

In addition to the traditional staff, Burgess-Peterson Academy also employs a specialized team of highly trained professionals that specialize in helping students with learning disabilities and special needs. This team consists of educators, psychologists, counselors and therapists who are dedicated to providing individualized support and resources for those students with unique needs. The school also offers various therapeutic activities such as music therapy and art therapy to help these students reach their goals.

Burgess-Peterson Academy is committed to providing quality education for all its students. With an experienced staff of teachers and specialists, the academy is sure to meet the educational needs of all individuals regardless of academic background or learning styles. Through its commitment to excellence, Burgess-Peterson Academy stands ready to provide a positive and supportive learning environment for all its students.

By providing an educational facility that is well-experienced in the individual needs of each student, Burgess-Peterson Academy ensures a quality education for generations to come. The dedicated staff makes learning fun and engaging while still maintaining high standards of excellence. With the help of its knowledgeable professionals, Burgess-Peterson Academy strives to be a leader in providing quality education for its students.  For those seeking an excellent academic experience, Burgess-Peterson Academy is the ideal choice.  

Student Outcomes

Burgess-Peterson Academy in Atlanta is a tuition-free public charter school and part of the Atlanta Public Schools district. The annual tuition cost for the 2020/2021 academic year is $7,500 per student. The cost includes textbooks and instructional materials, as well as technology fees, lunch and after-school care.

Tuition rates may be discounted or waived based on family income levels. The school also offers a variety of payment options including monthly payments or payment plans, which are designed to make costs more affordable for families.

In addition to the annual tuition fee, there are several additional fees associated with attending Burgess-Peterson Academy in Atlanta. These include an enrollment fee of $150 per student, an application fee of $30 per student, a technology fee of $50 per student and a testing fee of $35 per student. In addition to these fees, students are required to purchase uniforms for the school’s dress code.

The school also offers after-school programs such as athletics, music lessons and tutoring at additional cost depending on the program chosen.

Finally, Burgess-Peterson Academy in Atlanta provides transportation services for eligible students at no additional cost. This is especially important for those who live outside the school’s attendance zone.

Overall, the cost of attending Burgess-Peterson Academy in Atlanta can vary depending on family income levels and other factors. However, the school offers a range of payment options to make tuition costs more affordable for families.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Burgess-Peterson Academy is located in the heart of Atlanta near several diverse and vibrant neighborhoods. The school is situated in southeast Atlanta, just south of Grant Park and east of Ormewood Park.

To the north of Burgess-Peterson Academy lies Reynoldstown, a historic neighborhood with roots dating back to the 1800s. This area features tree-lined streets, bungalow-style homes, and an eclectic mix of restaurants, shops and cafes that cater to both locals and visitors alike.

Adjacent to Reynoldstown lies Cabbagetown, another historic neighborhood with deep roots in the city’s history. Cabbagetown has experienced revitalization over recent years, with an influx of artists and young professionals. This neighborhood is known for its unique mix of eclectic homes, including renovated Victorians and cottages, as well as iconic restaurants and cafes.

To the east of Burgess-Peterson Academy lies Grant Park, one of Atlanta’s oldest neighborhoods featuring historic homes, beautiful parks and a zoo. The park has seen significant growth in recent years due to its proximity to downtown Atlanta and close access to major highways. It also features numerous attractions including Zoo Atlanta, the Cyclorama & Civil War Museum, Grant Park Farmers Market and more.

Finally, just south of Burgess-Peterson Academy lies Ormewood Park – one of Atlanta’s most popular residential neighborhoods. Ormewood Park features a variety of homes, including Craftsman and bungalows, as well as parks and recreation areas. It’s also home to popular restaurants like Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House and the Ormewood Park Market Café.

What People Are Saying  

“I absolutely love Burgess-Peterson Academy! The teachers and staff are so caring and truly have each child’s best interest at heart. The curriculum is rigorous and challenging, but my children have really thrived here.” -Whitney M. 

“We love Burgess-Peterson! The teachers challenge our kids and help them grow academically, but they also focus on teaching them to be kind, compassionate citizens. We feel like our kids are getting a well-rounded education here.” -John D.

“We’ve been thrilled with Burgess-Peterson Academy! The teachers are top notch and really care about each student’s success. My kids are learning so much and they love going to school here.” -Amy K. 

“Burgess-Peterson Academy is a hidden gem in Atlanta! The teachers are amazing and my kids have learned so much. We love it here!” -Mary G.

Located at: 480 Clifton St SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

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Elementary Schools

West Manor Elementary School

West Manor Elementary School located in Atlanta GA is a great option for parents who are looking for an exceptional education for the children of their household. The school provides a broad curriculum that focuses on the fundamental academic competencies and encourages innovative problem-solving. The faculty is composed of highly experienced teachers who are committed to the development of every student. West Manor also has a special focus on integrating technology into the classroom providing students with the chance to discover new ideas and learn 21st century abilities.

Beyond the class, West Manor provides various extracurricular activities like clubs, sports and opportunities for community service. Through these activities, children gain valuable leadership and teamwork skills while enjoying themselves with their peers. In addition, West Manor offers numerous activities for parents to encourage involvement of the family in the child’s education. These programs create a crucial relationship between parents and the school and help create a positive learning environment for everyone.

West Manor Elementary School is an environment that is safe and supportive which is dedicated to the development of every child. With its vigorous and rigorous curriculum and a variety of extracurricular activities, and a robust parental involvement program, West Manor is the ideal school to help your child prepare for success in the future.


West Manor Elementary School located in Atlanta, GA has a long and proud tradition. It was founded in 1905, as the first school of public education for pupils of African descent in Atlanta. The school was named in honor of Richard West, a local minister from the Congregational Church, who donated 16 acres of land to the school district to ensure they could construct the school.

The building’s original layout included six classes, an auditorium as well as a library. In the early times, West Manor offered instruction exclusively for students in the elementary grades of 1 to 6. By 1951, 2 more classrooms were constructed to accommodate growing enrollment. In 1954, West Manor had become a junior high school serving students in the seventh grade up to ninth grade.

In 1960, segregation laws became law in Georgia and schools started to integrate. West Manor opened its doors and accepted students from any race for the very first time. In the process, the number of students attending West Manor rose significantly.

In 1973, following several years of overcrowding due growing student numbers the school board voted to construct a new school for West Manor Elementary School. The new building was air-conditioned, with classrooms, state-of-the-art computers and science labs, playgrounds and an Olympic-sized pool. In the year 1980, West Manor was designated as an National Blue Ribbon School in recognition of its academic excellence and accomplishments.

Today, West Manor Elementary School continues to offer a high-quality education to children from pre kindergarten up to fifth grade. The school is renowned nationally for its outstanding standard of performance and has been designated a Georgia Department of Education “Superior” School for the past eight years. West Manor Elementary School is a lively and diverse school where pupils are encouraged and supported to realize their potential in their academics and social abilities.

Why West Manor Elementary School  Is The Best

West Manor Elementary School located in Atlanta GA is the ideal school for your child to go to. The school is characterized by an extremely solid sense of community that makes sure that all students feel welcomed and part of the community. West Manor is a place where everyone feels welcome and included. West Manor, each student is treated with respect and dignity, and are encouraged to realize their full potential.

The staff of West Manor are dedicated educators who employ innovative methods of teaching that promote learning and participation. Everyone on staff is focused on meeting the needs of each student. Of each student while offering a high-quality general education program. It is a focus on critical thinking, problem-solving communications skills, collaboration, creative thinking along with acceptance for diversity.

In West Manor elementary school, there are numerous extracurricular activities that are available like drama classes, art classes and music classes, sports teams as well as student groups. The school also offers various educational field trips as well as after-school activities that allow students to explore their passions and gain new abilities.

West Manor Elementary School places a commitment to the involvement of students and communities in environmental management. It is a part of the school’s involvement in activities like organizing local cleanup events, planting trees recycling efforts, as well as volunteer projects for the community.

Alongside its outstanding educational program West Manor offers a secure learning environment that is updated with security protocols in place. The school also offers medical services for students, such as regular physicals and vision exams, nutritional counseling, hearing tests, and mental health services.


West Manor Elementary School located in Atlanta GA offers a wide variety of facilities and amenities for staff, students, and other visitors. The school is a large two-story structure, with rooms on each floor. Every classroom is equipped with the latest technology , including interactive whiteboard’s computer, projectors, computers and internet connectivity. The auditorium is also available for use during school events and assemblies.

Apart from the main building, there are a variety of outdoor spaces for students to use including a play area with playgrounds and slides, basketball courts, tennis courts and a vast grass field for sporting activities. In addition, there are a variety of parking spaces for people who require them.

In the school, there are many places for youngsters to explore. The library has an extensive selection of magazines, periodicals, and books. There’s also a cafeteria which provides healthy food every day along with a gym for fitness.

The school also provides enriching programs like music classes, art classes along with tutoring and other services. Each class has their own study space where students can study their work or simply read. In addition, the school has an administration office that assists anyone who is who needs it.


West Manor Elementary School located in Atlanta, GA offers a broad educational program that is focused on the building of essential skills for learning. The school is based on its Common Core State Standards and strives to provide students with an engaging and stimulating education atmosphere for the students.

The main academic curriculum in West Manor Elementary offers instruction in the fields of mathematics, language arts and science, as well as arts, social studies, physical education, and music. In the language arts classes, students have access to literature from different genres like nonfiction and fiction; they are taught to critically read in order to be able to comprehend texts; as well as practice writing in a variety of formats.

In math, it is a focus on solving problems using the ability to think logically and use numeracy. Classes in science cover a wide range of subjects ranging from the earth sciences, chemistry and biology, to environmental studies. Social studies students are taught about the community’s geography and are able to comprehend the past and current happenings.

Art classes encourage imagination and creativity and music classes offer the opportunity for the performance as well as appreciation of a range of music styles. Furthermore, physical education classes help promote healthy lifestyles by encouraging exercise every day.

West Manor Elementary also offers an array of enrichment activities which allow students to explore their passions in a way that is engaging. Some classes offered are robotics programming, the art of coding (computer programming) and debate team multimedia production lab, along with Spanish group for language.

The school focuses on the importance of hands-on learning through frequent field excursions during the course of the year. In addition, West Manor Elementary provides extra support programs like homework help as well as guidance counseling and tutoring to ensure students get the individual care they require.


West Manor Elementary School located in Atlanta GA is staffed with an experienced and highly skilled group of teachers. Teachers are passionate about education, learning for students and creating a positive learning environment for every pupil. They aim to establish a climate that is respectful and collaborative in the classroom, so students are able to reach their maximum potential.

They are teachers from West Manor Elementary School, are well-trained and have many years of experience teaching preschoolers. They have a wealth of knowledge in their particular disciplines, such as math and science, language arts and social studies, fine arts and physical education. Teachers also help create an atmosphere of learning that is positive by interacting with their students at an individual level and working closely with parents to ensure their children’s progress.

West Manor Elementary School is also home to many employees who take on a crucial part in supporting students and teachers alike. This includes the school nurse and librarians, guidance counselors and office staff, as well as custodians and cafeteria staff. Together, they work to provide the highest quality of education for the students of West Manor Elementary School.

Student Outcomes

West Manor Elementary School in Atlanta GA is a public school that is part of the Georgia Department for Education’s Fulton County Public Schools district. It is home to about 800 students from grades K-5. The school employs more than 50 staff and teachers. The tuition fee for West Manor Elementary School is $6,865 annually for an elementary school student, or $11,290 for middle school students. The tuition includes all instructional textbooks, materials, and other supplies. Other expenses could be expected if students are involved in extracurricular activities like athletic teams or after-school activities. For instance, a lot of sports leagues require a fee for registration of their participants.

Families are able to apply for financial aid through various grants and scholarships, like The Georgia Student Finance Commission or through private companies. Furthermore, West Manor Elementary School provides a range of payment plans that can assist families with their tuition expenses. They are available in monthly installments as well as a “Pay As You Go” option as well as discounts for late payment.

Nearby Neighborhoods

West Manor Elementary School can be found in the southwest region of Atlanta, Georgia. Within its immediate surroundings there are numerous residential and commercial areas with a wide range of services to residents as well as visitors.

The Cascade Road Corridor is one of these neighborhoods, located only two miles of West Manor Elementary. The area is famous for its desired schools and businesses including the prestigious Morehouse School of Medicine and the Alon’s Bakery. The homeowners here have easy access to I-285, MARTA bus lines as well as numerous shopping malls such as SuperTarget along with Walmart. The neighborhood also has old single-family houses as well as modern townhouses, condominiums and apartments set in stunning landscapes with lush greenery.

The Bolton Road Corridor is another location that is just one mile of West Manor Elementary. The neighborhood is home to a variety of different companies and services specifically designed to meet the demands of both residents and visitors. In this area, you can discover everything from supermarkets as well as restaurants, health facilities and gas stations to banks and many others. Bolton Road Corridor is a great place to shop. Bolton Road Corridor also features gorgeous single-family homes as well condominiums and townhouses set in gardens that are well-groomed and have plenty for shade trees for shade.

Ben Hill Neighborhood can be 1.5 miles to West Manor Elementary School. It is renowned for its lively 1970s-inspired architecture , as well as its distinctive blend of commercial areas and residential homes. You will find essentials for your daily life like banks, supermarkets, gas stations, grocery stores and medical centers, and many more. There are also traditional single-family houses as well as contemporary townhouses, condominiums, and apartments that are surrounded by trees.

The students at West Manor Elementary School you’ll be in the middle of an exciting neighborhood that has plenty of things to see and explore. The range of neighborhoods is vast from Cascade Road Corridor to Bolton Road Corridor, Ben Hill Neighborhood There is something for everyone in the neighborhood! Every neighborhood comes with an individual collection of attractions and amenities that will provide residents with an Atlanta an exciting and memorable experience!

What People Are Saying

“West Manor Elementary School is a great school! The teachers are amazing and the students are always learning.” – A parent

“This is a wonderful school! The staff is so caring and the kids are doing great.” – A grandparent

“My child has been attending West Manor Elementary School for two years now, and we love it! The teachers are great and the curriculum is top-notch. We highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a great education in Atlanta!” – A local resident

“West Manor Elementary School is the best school in Atlanta! The teachers are amazing and the students are always learning. We highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a great education.” – A parent

Located at: 570 Lynhurst Dr SW, Atlanta, GA 30311