Atlanta Metropolitan State College

Atlanta Metropolitan State College (AMSC) in Atlanta, GA is a great choice for students looking for an affordable and quality education. AMSC offers a wide range of associate’s and bachelor’s degrees, as well as several professional certificate programs. With its convenient location just outside of downtown Atlanta, students can take advantage of the city’s many attractions while attending college.

The campus itself is beautiful and full of opportunities for learning and growth. The academic buildings are modern, spacious, and well-maintained; they provide the ideal environment to foster intellectual curiosity. Smaller class sizes allow professors to be very hands on with their teaching methods, so that students learn at their own pace instead of feeling overwhelmed or falling behind.

Why Atlanta Metropolitan State College is the best

Atlanta Metropolitan State College in Atlanta GA is an outstanding college for many reasons. The college offers a variety of degree programs that are tailored to meet the needs of its students, including Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration, Education, Health Care Administration, Human Services, and Liberal Arts. These degree programs are designed to prepare students for success in their chosen fields.

In addition to the quality of academic offerings at Atlanta Metropolitan State College, the college is known for its friendly atmosphere and welcoming student body. Students can expect to receive individual attention from faculty members who genuinely care about their success. The campus also has a number of resources available to help students succeed academically and personally, such as tutoring services and career counseling.

Furthermore, Atlanta Metropolitan State College is committed to providing an affordable education. The college offers a variety of financial aid options that can help make college more accessible for students from all backgrounds. There are also scholarships available for qualified students who demonstrate academic excellence or have special needs.

Overall, Atlanta Metropolitan State College in Atlanta GA is an excellent choice for those seeking a quality education at an affordable price. The college’s commitment to student success and the wide range of degree programs offered make it the perfect place to pursue your educational goals. With its friendly atmosphere and welcoming student body, the school provides an ideal environment for personal growth and professional development. For these reasons and more, Atlanta Metropolitan State College should be considered the college of choice.


Atlanta Metropolitan State College in Atlanta GA offers a wide range of facilities for its students. These include the Student Center, which is a hub for student services and activities; the Library, which houses more than 70,000 volumes; a Science Building with laboratories and classrooms; an Arts & Sciences building with classrooms, lecture halls and art studios; a Health Science Building featuring clinical simulation spaces and medical lab equipment; an Athletics Complex with outdoor sports fields; and Campus Housing that includes two-bedroom apartments. Additionally, there are computer labs equipped with both PCs and Macs across campus as well as Administrative Offices to assist faculty and staff. The school also provides support services such as counseling centers, career services department, academic advising center, writing center, disability services office, and a student health center. There is also a Student Activities Center to provide recreational and educational opportunities for students. The college provides ample parking facilities for students as well as campus shuttle services. The school also has several outdoor areas that feature walking paths, seating areas, and gardens. Finally, the college offers numerous dining options including a cafeteria, snack bar, food court and convenience store. All of these facilities are designed to help make Atlanta Metropolitan State College an enjoyable place to learn and grow.

In addition to its physical facilities, the college offers numerous online resources such as course management systems for distance learning courses and various support channels for IT services. Furthermore, AMSC provides wireless access across campus in designated locations so that students can stay connected to the internet. The college also has a dedicated IT support staff in order to assist students with computer-related issues.

The college is committed to providing its students with the best possible educational experience and strives to create an atmosphere that promotes student success. To this end, AMSC provides a variety of academic programs, events, activities, and services for the benefit of its students. These are just some of the ways Atlanta Metropolitan State College offers its students top-notch facilities and resources designed to make learning enjoyable.


Atlanta Metropolitan State College in Atlanta, GA offers a comprehensive array of programs designed to meet the educational needs of its diverse student body. The college’s curriculum includes associate degrees in general studies, science and technology, business administration, criminal justice, and nursing. It also offers bachelor’s degree programs in computer information systems, social work, psychology, public health and early childhood education.

For students looking to further their academic endeavors at the master’s level, Atlanta Metropolitan State College offers graduate degree programs in accounting, counseling psychology and healthcare management. Additionally for those interested in advancing their medical knowledge base there is a post-baccalaureate program available for pre-med students as well.

In addition to providing traditional courses of study, the college also offers several online degree programs including associate and bachelor’s degrees in accounting, business administration, health information technology and criminal justice. The school also hosts a wide-ranging roster of courses available to students seeking to boost their skillset or explore new interests.

Aside from its many educational offerings, Atlanta Metropolitan State College is well-known for providing an environment that fosters personal growth and development. With small class sizes and resourceful faculty members, students have access to ample opportunities for success in their field of study as well as support for their extracurricular activities.

At Atlanta Metropolitan State College you will discover an engaging academic experience designed to challenge your intellect while preparing you for future success. Whether you’re looking to earn an associate degree, pursue a specialized program of study, or take the next step in advancing your career goals – AMSC has something for everyone. Come explore our curriculum and discover how our academic excellence can help you reach your highest potential.

The college’s commitment to lifelong learning also extends beyond its borders through its extensive Continuing Education Program. This initiative offers courses designed to enhance professional development and personal enrichment including certifications and workshops on topics ranging from digital marketing to leadership skills. The college also coordinates a number of community events such as seminars, networking events, lectures, and conferences that are open to non-students as well.


The staff at Atlanta Metropolitan State College in Atlanta, GA is composed of a diverse and dedicated faculty and staff. There are over 120 full-time faculty members that specialize in various fields. They work hard to provide quality education to the students by teaching courses, supervising research projects, and developing innovative learning experiences. Additionally, there are about 190 full-time professional staff members that are responsible for providing support services such as advising, marketing and recruiting, financial aid processing, library services, student life programs and activities, information technology support, health services, security services and maintenance services.

Atlanta Metropolitan State College also employs hundreds of part-time employees in administrative roles such as clerical positions or student assistants. These individuals help with tasks ranging from operating the school’s phones to providing various services for students.

The faculty and staff members of Atlanta Metropolitan State College are passionate about their work, and they strive to create an environment that is conducive to learning, growth, and success. They demonstrate a commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and service by engaging students, collaborating with colleagues across disciplines, participating in community activities, and taking leadership roles within the college. The faculty and staff at Atlanta Metropolitan State College are dedicated to helping students reach their educational goals while also striving for personal growth. With these committed individuals working together, the college is able to provide an excellent education experience for its students.

Student Outcomes

Atlanta Metropolitan State College (AMSC) in Atlanta, GA is an affordable college option for students seeking higher education. Tuition and fees at AMSC are set on a per credit hour basis, meaning that the total cost of attendance depends on how many courses you choose to take each semester.

Tuition rates for undergraduate programs range from about $145 to $180 per credit hour for Georgia residents and from about $460 to $575 per credit hour for out-of-state students. In addition to tuition costs, there are also mandatory fees assessed each semester: a student activity fee, program fees (vary by major), technology fees, and insurance fees. The exact amount of these fees depends on enrollment status and the number of credit hours taken.

Books and other supplies are also required for coursework, and these can be purchased at the college bookstore or online. Depending on the program of study, students may need to purchase additional materials such as lab coats or specialized software. Other costs associated with attending AMSC include room and board (if living off campus), transportation, parking fees (for commuter students), health insurance costs, personal expenses, and loan fees if applicable.

With all of these factors considered, the full cost of attendance at Atlanta Metropolitan State College is estimated to range from $8,000 – $12,000 per semester for in-state residents and from $18,000 – $24,000 per semester for out-of-state students.

It is important to note that financial aid is available for eligible students who demonstrate need. Financial aid can help offset the cost of attendance, and many types of assistance are available including grants, scholarships, loans, and employment opportunities.

Nearby Neighborhoods

The Atlanta Metropolitan State College area is situated in the southwestern part of the city, bordered by Bankhead Highway to the east and Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway to the west. The college’s campus is located within walking distance to many popular neighborhoods such as Grove Park, Adamsville, Center Hill and Collier Heights.

Grove Park is an established residential neighborhood located just south of Downtown Atlanta with easy access to Interstates 75 and 85. This close-knit community offers a variety of housing styles from traditional single family homes to contemporary apartment buildings. The neighborhood boasts ample green spaces and excellent schools making it ideal for families looking for a safe place to settle down.

Adamsville is home to some of Atlanta’s oldest public housing projects and is rooted in African American culture. The neighborhood is conveniently located close to the Atlanta Metropolitan State College campus and offers access to a variety of shopping and entertainment venues. Here, one can find a wide range of housing options from single family homes to condos and townhouses that are perfect for small families.

Center Hill is a predominately middle-class residential suburb located near the college’s campus with easy access to the city by car or public transportation. This well-established community provides high quality education opportunities at its award winning schools, which are often rated among the best in Georgia. Home styles vary from traditional single family homes and townhouses to larger apartment complexes and condos, making it an excellent choice for young professionals looking for a safe place to call home.

Collier Heights is a suburban residential neighborhood located just south of the Atlanta Metropolitan State College campus. This vibrant community offers a wide range of housing styles from single family homes and townhouses to modern apartments. Here, one can find plenty of entertainment options and good schools making it an ideal place for families who want to be close to the city without compromising on quality of life.

What People Are Saying

“I really enjoyed my time here at Atlanta Metropolitan State College! The professors were great and really cared about their students. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone looking for a great education!” -Amber S.

“Atlanta Metropolitan State College is a hidden gem in the city of Atlanta. It’s a small college with a big heart, and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend such a wonderful school!” -Stephanie H.

“AMSC is an excellent school that provides affordable, quality education! The staff and faculty are amazing and truly care about each student’s success!” -Tiffany W.

Located at: 1630 Metropolitan Pkwy SW, Atlanta, GA 30310
Monday (Columbus Day) 9AM–5PM Hours might differ 
Tuesday 9AM–5PM 
Wednesday 9AM–5PM 
Thursday 9AM–5PM 
Friday 9AM–5PM 
Saturday Closed 
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Spelman College

Spelman College in Atlanta GA is an amazing place to attend college. It’s one of the oldest historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in the United States, established in 1881, and has a long history of successful alumni.

The school offers more than 30 majors – including computer science, African American studies, and theatre – and is known for its strong academic program. It has an 11:1 student-faculty ratio, so students get individual attention when needed. Plus, the average class size of just 18 students provides a more intimate learning environment.

Spelman College offers several unique opportunities for its students as well. In addition to traditional study abroad programs, it has a Morocco Exchange program that allows students to spend a semester in Rabat and learn about culture, politics, and history. For those interested in research, the college offers a summer internship program as well as an Honors Research Program which allows students to work on their own independent projects.

Spelman College also provides its students with plenty of extracurricular activities. There are over 80 student organizations on campus, including interesting clubs like Spelman’s Chess Club and a student-founded organization called African American Women in STEM. Additionally, students can join the marching band or musical ensembles, or volunteer with one of the many community service initiatives taking place at the college.

Why Spelman College is the best

Spelman College in Atlanta GA is one of the top historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in the United States. Founded in 1881, Spelman has a rich history of providing educational excellence for African American women for more than 130 years. Spelman College’s commitment to its core values of academic excellence, social responsibility, and leadership have earned it a reputation as one of the nation’s premier institutions for higher learning.

Spelman College has an excellent academic program that is highly renowned among its students. The college offers over 40 areas of study in the humanities, sciences, business, education and more, giving students the opportunity to pursue their passions in an academic setting. The five core values at Spelman College, including service to others, academic excellence, respect for human dignity, and leadership through global citizenship are stressed throughout the curriculum.

Spelman College also has a vibrant campus life that provides students with opportunities to connect with their peers and explore different aspects of college life. Through student organizations and clubs, students can be involved in a variety of activities that promote intellectual growth, social awareness, and leadership development. Spelman also offers an array of cultural programs such as lectures, performances, exhibitions and more to further engage the student body.

Overall, Spelman College is an excellent institution for African American women to receive a high quality education. With its commitment to academic excellence, social responsibility, and leadership, Spelman College provides a safe haven for African American women to thrive in their studies and discover the power of their own voice. As one of the top HBCUs in the country, Spelman’s legacy of success is sure to continue into the future.


Spelman College in Atlanta, GA is an excellent school for higher education. It has a variety of facilities that provide students with academic and social opportunities to excel.

On the academic side, Spelman offers 19 majors and 24 minors spanning various disciplines such as Art, Biology, Business Administration, Computer Science, Education, Mathematics, Psychology, Sociology and Women’s Studies. The college also offers a range of certificates in several specialties such as African American Studies, Gerontology and Museum Management.

The campus is home to four libraries; the main library houses more than 200,000 volumes of printed materials and a large collection of audio-visual resources. Furthermore, students have access to the Information Technology Center, which provides support for learning and research. The college also has a science center that is equipped with laboratories and classrooms vital for scientific research.

In addition to academic resources, Spelman College offers its students many other facilities. These include a recreation center with fitness equipment such as treadmills, free weights, and exercise machines; an outdoor track; a swimming pool; tennis courts; basketball courts; physical education classes; and intramural sports teams. There are also several dining centers on campus that offer healthy meals throughout the day. Furthermore, there are student organizations available for those interested in cultural activities or community service projects.


At Spelman College in Atlanta GA, students can pursue a range of degrees from a variety of disciplines. The college offers over 30 undergraduate majors and concentrations, ranging from the traditional liberal arts to emerging fields like Neuroscience, Environmental Science and Africana Studies.

The curriculum at Spelman is designed to foster critical thinking, innovation and creativity among its students. All courses focus on developing analytical skills that enhance problem solving abilities. Students are also encouraged to examine issues from multiple perspectives and apply their knowledge in real world settings. Core requirements such as English Composition, Mathematics, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences provide the foundation for an interdisciplinary learning experience.

In addition to general education requirements, individual departmental curricula prepare students for success in their chosen fields. Coursework includes a variety of topics such as cultural studies, economics, psychology, sociology and history. Students also have the opportunity to participate in internships and service learning projects to gain practical experience in their field.

The college also offers a range of academic support services for students including access to research opportunities, tutoring and writing assistance. Spelman College encourages its students to take part in extracurricular activities that develop leadership skills and create connections with faculty members and professionals in the surrounding community.

By providing an education based on strong principles that promote active intellectual discourse, Spelman College produces graduates who are well-prepared to face the challenges of today’s world. The college has been consistently ranked among the top liberal arts colleges in the United States and is a leader in producing talented professionals. With its rigorous curriculum and commitment to excellence, Spelman College provides an outstanding educational experience.


The faculty at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia is made up of over 200 highly educated and experienced educators. Each faculty member brings a wealth of expertise in their respective field to the classrooms and laboratories to inspire students with innovative ideas, motivate them to think critically, and provide opportunities for growth. The college boasts a 1:14 student-faculty ratio, ensuring that each student has the individual attention they need to reach their academic goals.

Faculty members come from various backgrounds and disciplines including biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, computer science, English literature, history, philosophy and religion. Many of these departments have professors who are nationally renowned scholars in their field. Additionally many of the faculty hold a variety of advanced degrees such as Doctor of Philosophy, Doctorate in Education and Master’s degrees.

The faculty at Spelman College strive to ensure that each student is not only receiving a quality education, but also having the opportunity to explore their passions and interests. Faculty members are dedicated to creating an environment where students can thrive academically while developing leadership skills that will help them reach their future goals. The college offers many programs such as research opportunities, internships and clinical experiences which allow students to gain hands-on experience in their field of study.

At Spelman College, the faculty is committed to providing students with the highest level of academic support available. They offer personalized academic advisement services for students who need help planning out their courses for each semester or deciding on a major. Faculty members are also available to provide students with guidance and support when it comes to applying for internships or grants, as well as helping them prepare for post-graduate studies.

Student Outcomes

Spelman College in Atlanta, GA is a private, historically black college with tuition and fees for the 2019-2020 academic year totaling $35,929. This includes tuition costs of $31,190 and mandatory fees of $4,739 for full-time students. Room and board is an additional cost of approximately $11,798 per year. This brings the total cost to nearly $47,727 per year for students who live on campus.

Financial aid goes a long way at Spelman College with 100 percent of admitted freshmen receiving some form of financial assistance during their freshman year. Financial aid award packages may include grants or scholarships such as Federal Pell Grants, FSEOG Grant, Federal Perkins Loans or work-study, and other institutional scholarships and grants. Some students may qualify for government loans such as the Federal Direct Loan Program, which offers low interest rates and deferred payment plans. For more information about financial aid and scholarship opportunities, visit the Spelman College Financial Aid Office website.

Spelman College also offers a variety of payment plans for students to help spread out the cost of tuition throughout the academic year. These plans allow families to make smaller monthly payments instead of making one large lump sum payment at once. To learn more about these pay-as-you-go plans and how you can finance your education, contact the Spelman College Business Office online or by phone.

Overall, attending Spelman College in Atlanta can be an expensive endeavor, but with the right financial aid packages and payment plans, it can be made more affordable. With a commitment to providing an outstanding education and opportunities for students to learn and grow, Spelman College is certainly worth the cost.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Atlanta’s historic West End is home to Spelman College and provides a unique mix of residential and commercial services for the college. The area is filled with historical neighborhoods, charming Victorian houses, 19th-century churches, restored mansions and a bustling business district. It has an eclectic mix of old and new architecture which reflects the diverse population living here.

There are many activities available for those who live in nearby neighborhoods such as: shopping at small boutiques or grocery stores; dining out at local restaurants; attending plays and art exhibitions sponsored by Spelman College or other organizations; taking a stroll through the neighborhood parks and visiting museums like the Atlanta History Center.

The neighboring communities of Vine City, Summerhill, Mechanicsville, and Ashview Heights are located within walking distance of Spelman College. Vine City is a predominantly African-American neighborhood that has seen much change in recent years, due to the construction of several new businesses and housing developments. Summerhill was once home to many popular restaurants and bars but now offers a mix of residential and commercial options. Mechanicsville is an historic district filled with 1920s homes, while Ashview Heights provides a unique view of downtown Atlanta on its higher elevation points.

The area surrounding Spelman College is one of the most vibrant parts of Atlanta and provides residents with easy access to all that the city has to offer. From lively cultural events and art galleries, to excellent local businesses and recreation opportunities, this area has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an afternoon of shopping or a night out with friends, the neighborhoods near Spelman College are sure to have something for you.

No matter where you live in Atlanta, there’s something amazing nearby! From the historic West End district surrounding Spelman College to the bustling business centers downtown, this part of Georgia has plenty of activities and attractions that will keep everyone entertained. With its unique mix of culture, shopping, dining and recreation options, the neighborhoods near Spelman College are sure to make your time in Atlanta a memorable one.

What People Are Saying

“Spelman is a great school that provides an excellent education. The faculty and staff are top-notch and really care about the students. The campus is beautiful and the student body is very friendly and welcoming. I would highly recommend Spelman to anyone looking for a great college experience.” – A Google User

“Spelman College is an amazing school! The environment is so supportive and the community is close-knit. I’ve never felt so at home away from home. I would definitely recommend Spelman to anyone looking for a great education and an even better experience.” – Another Google User

“If you’re looking for a top-notch education combined with a supportive and friendly community, then Spelman College is the place for you. I highly recommend this school to anyone considering higher education.” – One More Google User

Located at: 350 Spelman Ln SW, Atlanta, GA 30314

Hours: Not available


Herzing University – Atlanta

Herzing University – Atlanta in Atlanta, GA is an excellent choice for those looking to further their education. The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs to help students reach their academic goals. In addition, Herzing University – Atlanta provides career services that are designed to help graduates find meaningful employment in the fields they have studied.

At Herzing University – Atlanta, the faculty and staff provide an environment that is both engaging and supportive. Instructors work with each student on a one-on-one basis to ensure understanding of course material, while providing mentorship as needed. This personalized approach helps create an atmosphere conducive for learning and makes getting an education from Herzing University -Atlanta enjoyable.

Herzing also offers a variety of resources for students to take advantage of. Online tutoring and academic support services are available to those in need, while the diverse student body allows for networking between peers. Furthermore, Herzing provides an array of clubs and organizations that offer opportunities for leadership development, social growth, and more.

Finally, the affordability of Herzing University – Atlanta makes it accessible to a wide range of students. The university offers numerous scholarships and tuition discounts as well as flexible payment plans that can help make going back to school a reality without breaking the bank.

Why Herzing University – Atlanta is the Best

Herzing University-Atlanta in Atlanta GA is the perfect college for students seeking a quality education that promotes personal growth. The university offers flexible degree programs, small class sizes, and hands-on learning opportunities. With a focus on professional development, Herzing provides students with the resources they need to succeed in their chosen field of study.

The campus itself is modern and inviting, with plenty of space for student activities, events and services. There is an abundance of amenities such as wireless internet access throughout the entire building, computer laboratories, classrooms equipped with up-to-date technology and equipment and comfortable lounge areas.

The faculty is dedicated to helping each student reach their educational goals and are available whenever needed for one-on-one instruction and guidance. Additionally, Herzing University-Atlanta offers support services like tutoring and career counseling to help ensure success.

Herzing University-Atlanta also provides an exceptional learning environment with a diverse student body so students can benefit from shared educational experiences. With over 30 degree programs available in subject areas such as business, information technology, criminal justice, healthcare and many more, students can find the right program that fits their academic needs and interests.


Herzing University – Atlanta in Atlanta GA provides a variety of facilities that allow students to learn, study, and socialize. The campus is equipped with modern technology and equipment to help students stay up-to-date on the newest trends in their industry. It also has a wide range of resources from its library and computer lab to its student lounges and other shared spaces.

The library at Herzing University – Atlanta is well stocked with books, periodicals, journals, databases, and many other learning materials. Students also have access to online research tools such as EBSCOhost. Additionally, it houses a computer lab where students can use computers for educational purposes or just to surf the web.

For those who need a break from their studies, the university has several student lounges and social spaces. There are comfortable couches and chairs, Wi-Fi access, big-screen TVs, and other amenities that make these areas great places to relax or socialize with classmates.

Other facilities at Herzing University – Atlanta include an Olympic sized swimming pool, a fitness center with weights and cardio machines, locker rooms, outdoor patios and basketball courts. There are also several meeting rooms available for faculty meetings or student clubs. Additionally, a cafeteria serves up hot meals every day.


At Herzing University – Atlanta in Atlanta GA, the curriculum focuses heavily on providing students with a comprehensive education that prepares them to be successful in their chosen field. The university offers a variety of degree programs, both undergraduate and graduate levels, across numerous fields such as Business Administration, Computer Science, Criminal Justice Administration, Health Care Administration, Human Resources Management, Networking & Security Technology and Nursing.

The university’s core curriculum includes courses in general education topics like English composition and literature; mathematics; natural and physical sciences; humanities and social sciences; wellness topics; critical thinking and problem solving skills; and communication. These courses provide the foundation for more focused academic studies in each student’s major area of study.

In addition to the core curriculum, each major field of study at Herzing University – Atlanta features specialized courses that provide an in-depth look into the subject matter. For example, students pursuing a degree in Business Administration can expect to take classes like Human Resources Management; Business Law; Economics and Finance; Marketing and Entrepreneurship; International Business; Information Technology and Leadership & Organizational Behavior.

Finally, Herzing University – Atlanta also makes use of online learning opportunities, allowing students to access their course materials and engage with other students remotely. This can help students who need flexibility or those who are unable to attend classes on campus due to location constraints.


At Herzing University – Atlanta in Atlanta GA, the staff is made up of highly qualified professionals dedicated to providing students with an outstanding education. The faculty consists of experienced and knowledgeable professors who specialize in their respective fields and have earned doctorates or terminal degrees in their field of expertise. They bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the classroom, ensuring that each student receives an exceptional learning experience.

The staff also includes helpful advisors that are committed to assisting students every step of the way through their educational journey. Advisors provide individualized guidance by helping students design plans for success, select classes and navigate financial aid options; all while keeping a focus on achieving educational goals.

In addition to faculty and advisors, Herzing University – Atlanta in Atlanta GA also has an extensive student services team available to provide assistance with all aspects of the university experience. Student services staff are always on hand to answer questions, provide resources and support, and help students navigate their academic career.

Herzing University – Atlanta in Atlanta GA is committed to providing its students with the best possible educational experience and this commitment can be seen through its qualified and dedicated staff. From professors and advisors to student services personnel, Herzing University – Atlanta provides the resources needed for a quality education. With the help of this exceptional team, students will have access to the knowledge they need to excel in their chosen field.

Student Outcomes

At Herzing University – Atlanta in Atlanta, GA, students have several options for tuition and fees. Depending on the program enrolled and class format chosen, tuition costs range from $10,520 to $36,160 per academic year. For undergraduate programs, full-time enrollment is generally charged at a rate of $419 per credit hour (up to 12 credit hours). For graduate programs, full-time enrollment is typically charged at a rate of $516 per credit hour (up to 11 credit hours).

In addition to tuition and fees, students may also be responsible for additional costs such as books/supplies ($1,800), room/board ($5,700), transportation ($2,000) and personal expenses ($2,000). Financial aid is available for those who qualify, including federal grants and loans, as well as private loan programs. The Herzing University – Atlanta Financial Aid Office can help students find the best financial packages to meet their needs.

Herzing University – Atlanta also offers an education installment plan that allows students to pay tuition in monthly installments throughout the semester. Students must enroll each semester in order to participate in this program.

Finally, Herzing University – Atlanta also offers a payment plan through Tuition Management Systems (TMS) that allows students to spread out payments over several months with no interest or service fees. To be eligible for this payment plan, you must complete the TMS Application and submit it with the required payment.

Nearby Neighborhoods

The neighborhoods near Herzing University – Atlanta in Atlanta GA are vibrant, diverse, and full of life. Buckhead is one of the most popular areas for students to live around the school due to its close proximity and lively atmosphere. The area offers an abundance of restaurants, cafes, shopping, entertainment venues, and nightlife options. In addition, it provides convenient access to major highways such as I-75 and Georgia 400.

Midtown is also a great area for students with its mix of cultural attractions such as the Fox Theatre, High Museum of Art, Center for Puppetry Arts, and Piedmont Park. Home to some of the city’s most iconic establishments like the Varsity restaurant and professional sports teams like the Atlanta Hawks, it’s a great place to explore.

For those seeking more affordable housing options, East Point is another nearby option. This historic neighborhood offers an eclectic mix of homes from large Victorian-style mansions to cozy bungalows and small apartments. It has a diverse group of restaurants and shops, as well as easy access to public transportation.

Inman Park is also close by Herzing University – Atlanta in Atlanta GA and provides its residents with beautiful tree-lined streets and some of the city’s best preserved historic architecture. With its unique mix of independent businesses, trendy eateries, galleries, bars and more it makes for a great destination for students looking for adventure outside their classrooms.

What People Are Saying

“The instructors at Herzing University – Atlanta were extremely knowledgeable and helped me to gain the confidence I needed to succeed in my career.” -A.W.

“I am so grateful for the education I received at Herzing University – Atlanta. The small class sizes and personal attention from the faculty was exactly what I needed to help me succeed.” -T.J.

“I cannot say enough good things about my experience at Herzing University – Atlanta. The staff is incredibly helpful and supportive, and the curriculum is top-notch. I would recommend this school to anyone!” -K.H.

Located at: 50 Hurt Plaza SE Suite 400, Atlanta, GA 30303
Monday (Columbus Day) 8AM–10PM Hours might differ 
Tuesday 8AM–10PM 
Wednesday 8AM–10PM 
Thursday 8AM–10PM 
Friday 8AM–5PM 
Saturday Closed 
Sunday Closed


Morehouse College

Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA is an ideal choice for people who are looking for an excellent education. It is located in the middle of the city and in proximity to numerous sights, Morehouse offers students the possibility of having access to an exciting and vibrant culture. The school has been named among the top historically-black colleges and schools (HBCUs) within America according to US News & World Report.

At Morehouse You will be in the company of the most skilled faculty members from around the world who are committed to providing pupils with an intense program which focuses on enhancing their academic abilities and understanding. Professors employ cutting-edge methods of teaching that take the different learning methods and understanding levels in students. The courses are designed to test students’ intellectual abilities and aid them in developing the necessary skills for success in the field they choose to study.

Alongside offering an extensive curriculum for students, Morehouse takes pride in its diverse student body. Students from all walks of life find their place in the vibrant community, where friendship and collaboration are valued. The campus’ vibrant life encompasses a variety of clubs and groups that are dedicated to creating an environment which encourages innovation and civic involvement. There’s no shortage of possibilities for students who want to pursue their interests beyond the classroom too. There are a variety of local establishments, cultural activities and activities for recreation just a few feet away from the campus, there’s something for all students in Morehouse College in Atlanta GA!

In the end, Morehouse College is an ideal option for people who are looking for high-quality education in a setting that is awash in diversity, collaboration and ingenuity. With a faculty committed to equipping students with the abilities required for successful careers in the field they choose as well as an exciting campus with plenty of possibilities Students can be confident that they’ll have the resources needed to achieve their goals. Everybody should think about Morehouse College in Atlanta GA!

Why Morehouse College Is The Best

Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA is a top college for numerous students who are interested in attending. The most appealing characteristics that distinguish Morehouse is its dedication to excellence in academics and its long tradition of offering a high-quality education. From 1867 onward, Morehouse is regarded as an institution of higher education and offering more than forty different majors and concentrations that offer a broad range of educational options.

The school also offers an intensive curriculum that focuses on the importance of critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, in addition to developing leadership skills. Furthermore, Morehouse works hard to make sure that students receive individual attention from professors who are committed to helping them achieve their potential in personal and professional endeavors. The emphasis of the school on research-based activities lets students explore new and exciting ideas and also prepare for graduate school.

Morehouse College also provides a lively social environment that promotes inclusivity and diversity. It is also home for a myriad of student clubs, organizations and activities that let students interact with peers from all over the globe. There are numerous opportunities for volunteerism and service-learning projects that help students get valuable experience beyond the classroom. In the end, Morehouse College offers a complete college education that proves valuable in helping students develop into successful citizens as they age and into the future.


Morehouse College in Atlanta GA provides a range of facilities and services to faculty, students as well as visitors. The campus has two educational buildings, Graves Hall and the Mays Recognition Center. Graves Hall provides classrooms, libraries, offices and auditoriums, computer labs as well as lecture halls for learning and teaching. Its Mays Recognize Center is home to the research centers of the college and collection of archives as well as special collections.

The Manley Student Center is a different campus facility that has many uses. It has spaces for meetings for student groups and a large food court that has numerous eateries, a fitness center equipped with the latest technology for fitness and cardio exercises, a game room that includes pool tables, arcade games, as well as the post office.

Athletics make up a significant element of life as a student on campus at Morehouse College, and the college has a number of sports venues. They are Forbes Arena for the sport of volleyball and basketball, Herndon Stadium for football and track events, Bremen Field for soccer and lacrosse, Paine Hall gymnasium which provides badminton courts and also tennis courts that are outdoors.

There are a variety of additional facilities on campus, including two bookstores; a contemporary health center that has doctors and nurses on staff; several residence halls which can house more than 500 students; cafeteria facilities in both residence buildings and within the campus student center. Two art galleries that showcase exhibits of classic pieces and contemporary works by students and a student-run union with a wide range of recreational activities.

Morehouse College is also home to Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel, which serves as a memorial for the most well-known college alumni. The chapel hosts regular services, weddings, and other special events throughout the year, as well as hosting talks from prominent speakers from a variety of disciplines.


Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA has a broad curriculum to meet the demands for its varied student population. From degree-granting programs in business sciences, engineering and science to liberal arts classes in the social sciences and humanities There’s something for all students at Morehouse. The core requirements are math, communication studies as well as natural science and technology.

The school also provides several majors and minors that are available within every program. Business students can earn accreditation in accounting, finance or marketing, while students seeking to go into STEM fields may choose majors or minors in the sciences of biology, chemistry or physics. Students who are interested in the humanities have the option to choose to concentrate on writing, history, or philosophy in addition to writing-intensive courses like composition and rhetoric.

Morehouse offers many interdisciplinary programs , such as African-American Studies, which focuses on economic, social and political issues that confront African Americans; or the Women’s Institute, which provides various courses that focus on gender studies as well as gender relations, health of women and their identity.

The college also provides more than 30 student clubs and activities that are designed to encourage personal development and growth as well as the pursuit of a career. From theater clubs to religious groups to honor societies for academics There’s something for all students in Morehouse College. By taking advantage of the opportunities available at Morehouse students will receive an education that helps them prepare for career success but also assists them in becoming an empathetic and well-rounded person who is able to comprehend diverse cultures and perspectives. In essence, Morehouse College has a program that can help students achieve success in whatever subject they decide to pursue.


Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA is the home of a dynamic and diverse team of experts. The faculty is composed of more than 175 full-time academics and experts from various fields, each having a great deal of experience in their field of expertise. Faculty members provide an abundance of knowledge and assistance for students and the entire community.

Its Morehouse College Staff also includes counselors, administrators and advisors who help students with academic advice and financial aid as well as career services, among other issues. They are available to offer assistance with managing college life and getting ready for tests and internships, writing applications and resumes, locating jobs following graduation, and many other things. They also help connect students with employers in order to establish solid relationships that could help them find successful careers after college.

The staff of Morehouse College also includes a diverse range of support staff from groundskeepers and custodians to the IT technician, library staff, and others. They provide vital services that help keep the campus in good order and make sure that students are in the security and safety they require growing and learning.

Additionally, the personnel is also a key part of the staff at Morehouse College including dedicated student volunteers like RAs, peer tutors, and mentors who are a vital element of the campus. They are able to mentor students, develop meaningful programming for their classmates and serve in the role of role model for academic accomplishment. Without these dedicated individuals who are committed to the institution, it could not provide the same quality of education or experiences it does today.

Student Outcomes

Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA is a historically black, private college that awards bachelor’s degrees in addition to professional and graduate degrees. The cost of attending Morehouse College depends on many factors, such as the type of course and the amount of semester credits earned.

For students of the undergraduate level during the academic year 2020-2021 the tuition fee at Morehouse College is estimated to be around $36,621 annually (or $18,310 for a semester). Alongside this tuition charge, additional mandatory charges like fees for student activities, technology costs and health insurance have to be paid every semester. For students who live on campus, the cost of room and board costs should also be considered when planning for college costs. The estimates suggest that these costs could vary from $10,000 to $15,000 annually, based on the student’s lifestyle as well as housing arrangements.

In addition to tuition and compulsory fees, students would have to take into account additional costs like books, transportation, or other personal things. The cost of these items can be wildly different depending on the requirements of each student. It is essential for students to establish an appropriate budget that takes all these expenses into account when making plans for college.

Financial aid is offered on campus at Morehouse College in the form of scholarships, grants as well as work-study and loans. Students have to make an application for financial aid for them to apply for any assistance. Morehouse College encourages its students to make use of the financial aid office to assist applicants with their application.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Morehouse College, located in the middle of Atlanta, Georgia, is located in a lively and diverse array of communities. Only a few minutes away from Atlanta’s downtown Atlanta along with Georgia State University, Morehouse is situated in an area with diverse residential areas as well as small-scale business.

North of Morehouse is the historic Black neighborhood of Sweet Auburn. It is a major tourist attraction for its involvement in the history of civil rights, including the home for Martin Luther King Jr. Sweet Auburn is characterized by mixed-use development and independent eateries. A home to committed entrepreneurs and activists, Sweet Auburn celebrates its heritage by hosting concerts, art galleries, live music places, microbreweries, and much more.

East of Atlanta is one of Atlanta’s largest urban areas: Old Fourth Ward. It is often referred to in the form of “O4W”, this area is home to a mixture of gentrified areas and socioeconomically marginalized residents. There are a variety of nightclubs and restaurants in the Old Fourth Ward, including the historical Ponce City Market district.

Just to the south of Morehouse is just south of Morehouse is the Cabbagetown neighborhood. It was once a drab textile mill district Cabbagetown has grown into one of Atlanta’s most fashionable communities due to its walking score, closeness to the city, and its ever-growing number of trendy restaurants and bars. With beautiful Victorian homes, as well as modern apartments and condos, Cabbagetown is beloved by young professionals for its affordable prices and trendy style.

The final neighborhood in the vicinity of Morehouse is Inman Park. Inman Park has been residence to famous residents like Coca-Cola co-founders Asa Candler as well as Ernest Woodruff, and is filled with elegant and historical houses. It is known for the regular street festivals, Inman Park Festival, Inman Park has a myriad of bars as well as restaurants, shops and cafes catering to Atlanta’s diverse needs. contemporary population.

What People Are Saying

“Morehouse College is an excellent school that has prepared me for my future.” -Darryl, Atlanta GA

“Morehouse has been a great experience for me. The professors are knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects, and they really care about their students.” -Brandon, Atlanta GA

“Morehouse College is a great environment for learning. The faculty and staff are dedicated to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to succeed.” -Anthony, Atlanta GA

“I am grateful for the education I received at Morehouse College. It has prepared me well for my career.” -Jerome, Atlanta GA

Located at: 830 Westview Dr SW, Atlanta, GA 30314
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Morris Brown College

Morris Brown College is located in the center of Atlanta, Georgia. The campus of Morris Brown College is located over 22 acres, and is located close to many attractions and businesses. The location of the college gives students the chance to work and intern for some of Atlanta’s leading firms. Furthermore, the school’s position lets students take advantage of everything Atlanta offers in terms in terms of culture and entertainment.

Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia is a historically Black college that is one of the oldest HBCUs in America. It was established in 1881 as an affiliate of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Morris Brown College has a long history of serving African-American learners and helping attain their academic goals.

In Morris Brown College, students can expect to find a diverse learning environment in which they will be encouraged and supported to achieve their goals. The students are multi-cultural and friendly and every student is given respect, regardless of their race and origin. In addition to the excellent academic program, Morris Brown offers a wide range of extracurricular activities which let students explore various aspects of their lives beyond the academics.

In addition to offering students with an exceptional academic experience, Morris Brown also provides its students with a lively campus. Morris Brown has a variety of student clubs, organizations and other activities that enable each student to make their own unforgettable experience during their time at the college. Students can join different sports teams and take part in Greek organizations, or attend social occasions like concerts and dances.

Morris Brown College is also located in one of the United States’ most lively cities: Atlanta. Students can enjoy cultural activities like The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, the High Museum of Art, and the Georgia Aquarium. Students can also make use of everything Atlanta can offer in terms of dining options as well as nightlife.

If you’re searching for an exceptional education institution that will be encouraged both academically and emotionally, Morris Brown College is the best option. The college offers a welcoming and welcoming learning environment that offers numerous possibilities for students to discover and achieve. With its lively campus and excellent academic programs and easy access to everything Atlanta offers, Morris Brown College is the perfect place for those looking to enhance their education.

Why Morris Brown College Is The Best

Morris Brown College in Atlanta Georgia is among the top universities located in the United States. It has a top academic program, engaging student activities, and a welcoming community environment. The school provides a high-quality education for its students with its rigorous academic programs that are customized to the individual’s goals and interests. With a variety of classes available, Morris Brown College enables students to follow their passions by giving them the necessary resources for the success they desire. Morris Brown College also offers a range of research opportunities, which allow students to contribute to the real world while studying at the same time.

Another benefit of attending Morris Brown College is its commitment to inclusivity and diversity. Morris Brown College is a place that celebrates diversity in its faculty and students by creating an environment where everyone is welcomed and valued. The college’s commitment to diversity is evident through a variety of initiatives, including offering resources for minority students, providing assistance services for LGBTQ+ students, and arranging events that connect different cultures.

Alongside its outstanding academic program, Morris Brown College also gives students numerous opportunities to be involved with extracurricular pursuits. From intramural teams to student clubs and multicultural groups There’s something for all students at Morris Brown College. Students can also take advantage of amazing internship opportunities at College’s Career Services Office which offers assistance in resumes and job hunts.

Then, Morris Brown College has an energetic campus culture that connects individuals from every aspect of life. Through regular events such as concerts and art exhibits and art exhibitions, the college gives students various ways to get engaged. The college’s feeling of being part of a community enabled it to become an environment where students can study about themselves, grow, and create acquaintances for the rest of their lives.

All of these reasons are why Morris Brown College in Atlanta Georgia is among the top universities within the United States. It has a diverse student population and engaging academic programs and a vibrant campus It provides a great educational environment for students to excel. If you’re looking for an educational experience or an exciting environment to explore your passions, Morris Brown College is certainly worth a look.


Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia offers a variety of facilities to students. It has two libraries located on campus The Robert W. Woodruff Library and the J.B. Stokes Heritage Library that houses a wide selection of books, periodicals as well as other resources. The library also gives access to databases online for research and research.

The Athletics Department at Morris Brown College is outfitted with modern athletic fields that are able to host more than 3000 spectators for live sporting events. The facility also has the fitness center and training rooms for students as well as coaches ‘ offices.

The Student Life Center provides many options for services such as wellness workshops and career counseling, as well as financial aid, life coaching seminars, and social events. The center also has an auditorium which can seat up to 500 persons for performances, lectures and other events as well as gatherings.

Morris Brown College is home to two student housing facilities – The Brownstone Apartments and the University Village Apartments. Both are modern and equipped with Internet connectivity, cable TV as well as laundry services.

The cafeteria at the college is open, serving a wide range of nutritious breakfasts throughout the day, as well as snacks that provide fast snacks for students who are on the move. In addition, there are many restaurants that are located near the campus.

In addition, Morris Brown College provides outstanding academic support services, like tutoring centers and computer labs that are stocked with the latest technologies for students to utilize during their academic studies. The college also houses aCareer Services Center which provides assistance to students in finding work experience, internships, and getting a job after the completion of their studies.

In the end, Morris Brown College offers its students a variety of facilities to help students throughout their academic journey. From modern research libraries to contemporary accommodations along with career assistance, the school is determined to provide its students with the resources they require to be successful.


Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia offers a comprehensive program that includes more than 40 minors and majors offered to students. The main curriculum comprises classes in the humanities, behavioral and social sciences as well as mathematics, the natural sciences, religious studies as well as professional and academic studies. Alongside these courses, Morris Brown College also offers a wide range of electives that may be utilized to complement the regular classes or to enhance one’s passions.

The liberal arts program in Morris Brown College includes studies in English literature and language as well as philosophy and history. foreign languages, such as Spanish, French and German as well as music and art appreciation and business administration; economics and sociology, psychology; sciences and math, including biology, chemistry , and the study of religion and political sciences. Students can select from a variety of electives like computer programming accounting, business law, and.

The professional studies offered in Morris Brown College include a range of fields of study in which students can select one area to concentrate on in their research. These areas range from health management, information technology and healthcare, to education, public service, counseling and education. Through these courses students will acquire the necessary skills for successful careers in specific fields after graduation.

Morris Brown College also offers many possibilities for extracurricular activities beyond the class. The student government as well as various social groups, academic honor societies, and sports teams. By participating in these activities students are able to build relationships with fellow students on campus while also pursuing interests that go beyond their academic pursuits.

In general, Morris Brown College offers an extensive program for students from different backgrounds. With classes in the humanities, social- and behavioral science, math natural sciences, along with professional study, there’s something for every student. Along with courses that are traditional and electives Morris Brown College also provides extracurricular activities to assist students in developing friendships with each other and develop their skills in their field of interest.


The faculty of Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia is composed of an enthusiastic and dedicated team of administrators, faculty members, as well as support personnel. From the President to deans, vice-presidents and department chairs to the instructors in the classroom as well as lab techs, every staff member is a key player in providing a superior learning experience for students.

The President is accountable for setting the tone of the campus overall and establishing policies to support student achievement and managing financial resources. Vice Presidents are responsible for leadership in areas like academics, students affairs, student affairs, financial management, and enrollment management.

Morris Brown has nine academic departments, with a variety of faculty who are dedicated to teaching courses that range from biology to business administration. Faculty members are enthusiastic about their subjects and seek to impart their knowledge and experiences with students in order to motivate students to achieve their goals.

The college also has an impressive group of administrators that manage the day-to-day activities of the college including financial aid and admissions to security and maintenance. They are proud of providing the services necessary to help Morris Brown College run smoothly.

The college also includes support staff who are dedicated to helping students and faculty by providing library services, IT services as well as counseling and advising services and career development programs, food service operations , and much more. Every individual plays a vital part in ensuring a positive learning environment for everyone.

Student Outcomes

Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia offers a wide selection of tuition and fees for students. The tuition for the academic year 2019-2020 is $9,800 per session or $19600 for the entire academic year. Board and room will cost an additional $5,900 per semester, or $11,800 over the course of the year. The fees that are mandatory include a student-related activity fee of $160 per semester, technology fees of $125 for each semester, insurance and health services fee of $300 for the academic year (fall and spring term) and an annual registration fee of $50 per period. Additionally, there are the various course fees which can change based on the courses that the student is taking. Other costs that students need to be aware of are books and other supplies that range between $1000 and $2400 each year, according to the main. Students should also think about personal expenses, such as clothes and transportation. All of these expenses must be considered when planning budgets for Morris Brown College.

To assist students cope with the costs associated with attending college Morris Brown College offers various choices for student tuition plans as well as scholarships. The two most popular plans for payment include the plan for the month as well as the 12-month option. The payment can be made online or in person, but they should be paid by their due dates to be able to continue taking classes. There are scholarships available through the institution and external organizations, therefore students must explore all options prior to making an application for them. There are also a variety of loans and grants which students can apply for in the event of need.

In the end the experience of taking a course at Morris Brown College is an investment that can provide many opportunities in the near future. With a wide range of financial aid and scholarship plans available, in addition to loans and grants students can make going to Morris Brown College more affordable. Utilizing all the possibilities and resources offered can make this investment happen.

Contact the college to obtain accurate and up-to-date details on costs, since it may differ based on a variety of factors.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Morris Brown College is located in the historical West End neighborhood of Atlanta which is located to the south of downtown. The area is renowned for its rich heritage and rich culture. It is home to a myriad of places and facilities for residents to enjoy.

A very affluent neighborhood close to Morris Brown College is Vine City. Vine City is home to numerous interesting restaurants, art galleries, restaurants, and boutiques. There are a range of housing options , from single-family homes, to contemporary high-rises. Furthermore, the area offers the ability to use public transportation which will take residents wherever they’re required to get to.

Just to the west from Vine City lies the Castleberry Hill district that is full of distinctive boutiques and restaurants that specialize in international food. The area also provides many opportunities to experience the local nightlife scene with numerous clubs and bars in the area.

To the east to the east of Morris Brown College lies the Atlanta University Center. This is the home of various institutions that include Clark Atlanta University and Morehouse College. Alongside being a major hub for universities This area also houses several great restaurants serving tasty Southern food.

Its Old Fourth Ward district is located to the north from Morris Brown College and offers numerous activities. It is known for its vibrant entertainment options like art galleries and music venues and also its distinctive boutiques and quirky cafes. In addition, the area offers the opportunity to access numerous parks and green spaces , where residents can take part in outdoor sports like running or biking.

It is said that the West End neighborhood is an ideal place to live for those who want to be within a short distance of Morris Brown College. With its rich history as well as a variety of attractions, and an easy accessibility to public transportation It’s no wonder that this neighborhood is an attractive location in Atlanta.

Building strong communities through teaching our children and enhancing our neighborhood is the core of our work here at Morris Brown College. The distinctive neighborhoods surrounding Morris Brown offer something special for everyone , from delicious restaurants and nightlife destinations to the outdoors and educational institutions so make sure you discover them all!


Morris Brown College in Atlanta GA is the home of a number of sports teams competing in level NCAA Division II level. The school offers such as football, basketball track and field and many more. Its Morris Brown athletics department is dedicated to providing its athletes with a high-quality education and also to prepare for for the success of the game.

Its Morris Brown men’s basketball team has had a particularly good run in recent seasons, winning the conference championships in the years 2015 and in 2016. The team also played in several times this year’s NCAA Division II tournament. In the end, Morris Brown College sports program is committed to providing athletes with an excellent education as well as a challenging experience.

What People Are Saying

“Morris Brown College is a hidden gem in Atlanta. The campus is absolutely beautiful and the faculty and staff are top-notch. I am so proud to be an alumna of this great institution.” -Tiffany H.

“I am a Morris Brown College Alum (Class of ’14) and I absolutely loved my experience there! The faculty and staff were amazing and truly cared about the students’ success. I would highly recommend Morris Brown College to anyone looking for a great HBCU experience!” -Tyra W.

“As an out-of-state student, I was a little apprehensive about attending an HBCU. But, after visiting Morris Brown and meeting the students, faculty, and staff, I knew it was the right fit for me. And I’m so glad I made that decision! Morris Brown has been an amazing experience. The people here are like family and I have made some lifelong friends. I would definitely recommend Morris Brown College to anyone!” -John B.

Located at: 643 M.L.K. Jr Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30314
Monday (Columbus Day) 9AM–5PM Hours might differ 
Tuesday 9AM–5PM 
Wednesday 9AM–5PM 
Thursday 9AM–5PM 
Friday 9AM–5PM 
Saturday Closed 
Sunday Closed


Georgia State College

Georgia State College in Atlanta, GA is the perfect location to further your education and acquire valuable skills to help you develop into a professional. The college offers more than 250 academic degrees that range from traditional subjects like Business Administration, Psychology, and Education, to more specialized areas like Urban Studies, International Affairs as well as Human Services. With a student body of more than 35,000 There’s bound to be something for all students in Georgia State College in Atlanta GA!

The wide range of faculty and staff makes it simple for students to seek guidance whenever they need it, with many professors nationally recognized for what they’ve done. The university also offers many sources for students seeking internships or research opportunities so that they can enhance their abilities further. Georgia State College is also home to a variety of vibrant student clubs, organizations and other events. There are a variety of cultural groups and Greek activities for students who wish to become more involved on campus. The athletic teams of the university, known as the Panthers, are always a huge hit on campus and bring crowds of people from all over to support them when they play.

The area surrounding Georgia State College in Atlanta GA is as thrilling as the school itself! With many popular eateries and shopping areas close by It’s easy to find things to do in the town. In addition, due to its close access to the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, international students are able to visit their families or go on weekend getaways easily. Alongside its excellent academic programs, exciting college life and a convenient geographical location, Georgia State College in Atlanta GA also offers competitive tuition costs. This makes it the ideal spot for those who want to make the most from their education, without breaking the budget. With all the benefits to studying at Georgia State College in Atlanta GA It’s simple to see why students choose this college!

Why Georgia State College is the Best

Georgia State College in Atlanta, GA is an ideal college option for numerous students. It is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta and is surrounded by a lively culture of music, art entertainment, and remarkable commercial opportunities. Georgia State offers a unique blend of academic excellence as well as creative ingenuity. With over 350 degree programs offered at the graduate and undergraduate level, students can adapt their college experience to their individual interests and career goals.

The school’s commitment to providing an excellent education can be observed by the well-known faculty members, who have earned recognition from local and national organizations for their teaching techniques as well as research contribution. The student body is very diverse with students coming from all backgrounds which allows students from every walk of life to feel like they have an oasis away from home. In addition the school is committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for the students.

Georgia State also offers several student-led initiatives to promote the social justice of communities, community engagement and leadership. Student groups like The Georgia State Leadership Council, GSU Community Impact Project, Panthers in Action, and others are dedicated to serving the Atlanta region by offering volunteer opportunities as well as other sources. These organizations provide unique opportunities for students to become involved in their local communities, while gaining essential qualities like leadership and civic involvement, fundraising strategies, and problem-solving abilities.


Georgia State College in Atlanta, GA offers students a variety of facilities that will help make their college experience more enjoyable and productive as it can be. The main campus is where you will find an extensive library that holds over 2.2 million books as well as a science center that includes interactive learning labs, high-tech classrooms and a variety of athletic facilities like the pool as well as baseball fields, basketball courts, soccer fields as well as running track. The school also has a range of student housing options close to campus for students as well as graduates.

The school has a number of performing arts facilities, which include The Rialto Center for the Arts where you can see performances by professional musicians and students. Two theaters are also available that host plays presented by professional theater groups and college students at Georgia State. In addition, the college has a variety of art galleries that exhibit work of international and local artists.

Georgia State College in Atlanta has two computer labs that provide high-speed internet and computers that run Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite and other well-known software programs that are available for students to use. The school also gives access to more than 100 database databases for research and research purposes and wireless connectivity across the campus.

The University Center at Georgia State College provides a range of student services like counseling for students, student health services center as well as a career development center for academic advising, and more. There’s also a broad variety of dining choices on campus, including food courts as well as restaurants like Moe’s Southwest Grill and Chick-fil-A. With these top amenities, Georgia State College in Atlanta is the ideal place for students to meet your academic objectives.


Georgia State College in Atlanta, GA offers a wide selection of degree programs to meet the specific demands of students. The college is awash in academic standards, and its curriculum includes courses in a variety of disciplines, like engineering, business and computer science, as well as mathematics and humanities, as well as social sciences. Georgia State College also offers special programs such as Honors courses and earlier admission for undergrad students.

The main curriculum at Georgia State includes general education classes that give an introduction to different fields of study, including literature, history , and natural sciences. Students can also choose to major in over 120 distinct disciplines, including psychology, biology and economics. Apart from these common degrees, GSU also provides professional certificates and certifications, as well as certificates in healthcare administration as well as hospitality management.


Georgia State College in Atlanta GA is run by a highly skilled and skilled team of educators. The faculty comprises full-time faculty members instructors, adjunct professors, students affairs specialists, librarian specialists and counselors, administrative personnel and other support personnel. The faculty members of the college are highly respected scholars who have received doctoral degrees from the most prestigious universities all over the world. They offer a wealth of knowledge for their pupils. They offer courses in all the majors by Georgia State while providing advice and mentorship to undergraduates who are advancing through the course.

Lecturers offer valuable instructions in various academic disciplines, including engineering, mathematics, sciences and economics. Adjunct professors teach special courses like international marketing, business and many other topics in business. Laboratory instructors assist in facilitating the lab for students at the beginning of their studies in biology, chemistry and Physics. The student affairs staff of Georgia State are dedicated to helping students excel throughout their time at the college by providing a wide range of services like advice on career and academic counseling and financial aid, tutoring assistance and many more. They also organize extracurricular activities like field trips, lectures or sporting events, as well as social gatherings.

Student Outcomes

The cost for attending Georgia State College in Atlanta, GA varies depending on the kind of student they are and whether they are resident in the state or not and the number of credit hours they have to complete. For students in the undergraduate program who reside in the state of Georgia, the projected tuition and charges for 2020-2021 is $9,640 for a semester. This is not inclusive of the cost of room and board and other costs such as textbooks. For students who are not from the state, tuition and fees amount to about $16,890 per semester. In addition to tuition and fees, students may need to factor in additional costs such as housing (if living off campus), transportation costs (if living away from campus), meal plans if needed, books/supplies/equipment, and other personal expenses. It is crucial to keep in mind that fees can vary in accordance with the type of study or the course of interest. The cost of going to Georgia State College in Atlanta, GA can add up quickly, but grants, financial aid and scholarships can aid in making college more affordable.

Nearby Neighborhoods

It is the Georgia State College area in Atlanta, GA is an lively and diverse neighborhood that is rich in historical significance. The surrounding areas are as varied and vibrant as the city itself. Near the north end from the campus is the Luckie Marietta District, a district brimming with restaurants, bars, clubs, and shops. This vibrant neighborhood also holds a wide range of activities throughout the year like concerts, art festivals and many more. Nearby Summerhill is famous for local businesses such as Little Tart Bakeshop that specialize in delicious baked goods and pastries. products.

To the south is Castleberry Hill, home to several great cafes, galleries and bars. The area is very popular with students as it is home to a wide range of activities , including workshops in painting, jazz performances and art exhibits. On the eastern end of the area is Grant Park, home to Zoo Atlanta and historic places such as Oakland Cemetery. Grant Park also hosts numerous annual events, including Grant Park Summer Shade Festival, Grant Park Summer Shade Festival and the Music Midtown festival.

On the west of the campus is Cabbagetown, a historic area that is famous for its distinctive Southern architecture and an active art scene. There are quaint galleries, boutiques, and cafes along with local eateries like Alfredo’s pizza Cafe serving freshly prepared Italian food. Whatever direction you take to Georgia State College you are certain to come across vibrant neighborhoods filled with activity and culture. There are plenty of options for students. If you decide to visit the castles of the past, dine in local restaurants or go to the latest music or festival You are certain to discover something that is suited for your preferences.

What People Are Saying

“Georgia State is an excellent school with a great location. The professors are top notch and the student body is very diverse. I would highly recommend this school to anyone.” -Amber M.

“Georgia State is a great school! The campus is beautiful and there’s always something going on. The academics are challenging but the professors are really helpful. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone!” -John D.

“I absolutely loved my experience at Georgia State! The campus is beautiful and there’s so much to do in Atlanta. The academics were rigorous but the professors were great and helped me through it. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone.” -Jane F.

Located at: Woodruff Volunteer Service Center, 100 Edgewood Ave NE #915, Atlanta, GA 30303

Hours: Not available


South College Atlanta

South College Atlanta located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia is an excellent choice for students who want to continue their education. The school offers a broad selection of degrees and programs designed to meet the demands of students from both traditional and non-traditional classes. South College Atlanta also provides its students with highly educated faculty, the latest technology, and a variety of supportive services for students.

If you’re looking for traditional campus settings, South College Atlanta provides an environment that is secure and safe and is equipped with modern conveniences. Housing on campus is available for domestic and international students alike, which ensures students are welcomed and appreciated. Additionally, the library at the college is state-of-the-art and provides access to the most up-to-date technology that is ideal for researching and studying.

The instructors of South College Atlanta are highly educated professionals with real-world knowledge in the classroom. They also offer one-on-one mentorship and support to ensure every student is able to reach their goals in their education. Individualized academic guidance is offered for students who are interested in exploring higher education option or exploring career options.

In addition, South College Atlanta offers various resources to assist students in achieving their goals throughout their experience at the university. This includes tutoring and career counseling, as well as internship programs, as well as the opportunity to develop professionally. With so many benefits offered to learners, South College Atlanta is an ideal option for students looking to advance higher in their studies. If you’re looking for traditional campus facilities that offer plenty of amenities, or an online class with a convenient area, South College Atlanta is the perfect option.


South College Atlanta is an institution of higher education that is located in the Southern United States in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. It was established in the year 1921 by a small group of African-American educators who sought to offer excellent training for its students. South College has since grown and developed into a four-year university accredited by the NCAA.

The goal of South College has always been to ensure access to high-quality education for all students, regardless of race, or social class. To achieve this it has provided a variety of different programs that have been innovative over time, including the currently running Bachelor’s degree completion Program which lets students complete their education on the internet. South College also offers South College offers certificates in business administration, health care, and other areas and associate’s degrees in nursing and other medical fields.

Since its beginning, South College has had an unwavering dedication to the Atlanta community and has offered the opportunity to learn to those who would otherwise not have been able to access higher education. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to continue learning for people who want to keep their professional credentials or increase their skills in the area of their interest. The school has also been actively involved in the promotion of initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion in Atlanta. Atlanta by assisting local organizations, events, and initiatives to promote social justice.

Presently, South College is continuing its tradition of providing high-quality education for all residents of the metropolis of Atlanta by providing a wide range of programs and services that assist students to reach their potential to the fullest extent. It is dedicated to providing an environment that allows students to attain their academic and career objectives while remaining an element within that Atlanta community. South College’s dedication to excellence in education and civic involvement has made it an oasis of hope for hopeful students throughout the city.

Why South College Atlanta  Is The Best

South College Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia is the perfect school for your child. The school is near downtown Atlanta but located in a peaceful residential area, South College offers students an ideal blend of suburban and city living. There is a myriad of education options, between traditional bachelor’s degrees and advanced graduate programs, South College has something for every student. South College is known for its friendly atmosphere that promotes diversity and offers assistance for learners of all kinds.

Its campus is a hub of life and energy and has ample space for studying as well as socializing and recreation. South College’s academic programs stand against other colleges in the region because it offers courses that are challenging and enjoyable. Students have the option of choosing from more than 80 majors and minors in areas like education, business, and arts. The highest academic standards are rewarded with a degree at South College with small class sizes, personal mentorship as well as support from staff and faculty.

South College also provides an array of resources for students, including housing on campus, career services as well as a wide range of clubs and organizations that students can join. With more than 50 clubs that cover everything from recreation and sports to extracurricular activities like debate teams and student government organizations, There’s something for every student. Furthermore, the school offers unique opportunities like study abroad programs that offer students the opportunity to discover new cultures while receiving credits for their degrees.

At South College Atlanta in Atlanta Georgia, your child will not only get the best academic education but also develop important life abilities. With the college’s dedication to helping students excel and achieve their goals, your child will be prepared for the future. South College provides an atmosphere of cooperation, collaboration, and respect that make it a distinctive and exclusive school for learning. It’s not surprising that so many families opt for the school for their children.


South College Atlanta in Atlanta Georgia offers its students the most comprehensive set of teaching aids, resources, and study areas. Students have access to the latest campus computer lab which has more than 100 computers running the most recent software suites that allow students to complete their assignments and conduct research online. The library has a vast collection of print material as well as textbooks and multimedia sources and has professional librarians who are always available to help with research and any other academic questions.

The school is also pleased to provide a variety of student-oriented activities like intramural sports, recreation programs, and social events all throughout the year. These events provide students with an opportunity for physical fitness and have fun outside the school setting. In addition, South College Atlanta provides students with mentoring programs through their Career Services department, which helps students find job opportunities and internships within their chosen field.

The college also provides an array of tutoring and academic services on-campus as well as online, to make sure that every student is equipped with the skills needed for academic achievement. South College Atlanta has dedicated academic advisors accessible for one-on-one meetings to give individual assistance throughout a student’s college experience.

In the end, South College Atlanta boasts an excellent setting for studying as well as socializing. The campus has modern architecture and spacious classrooms that are filled with natural light, as and spaces for outdoor seating for students to relax in between classes or chat with their friends. There are five convenient eating spots on campus that provide various healthy food choices. South College Atlanta is committed to offering its students an outstanding learning experience.

South College Atlanta offers a wide range of services and facilities to make sure that students are successful in all aspects of college life including academics, physical fitness, and social events. With top-of-the-line equipment, dedicated staff and professionals, easy-eating establishments, and a comfortable environment There’s something for all students at South College Atlanta. Students have access to the numerous resources on campus to make the most of the college education experience.


South College Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia offers a comprehensive program of certificate and degree programs that are designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge they require to be successful in their chosen fields. With bachelor’s, associate’s, and master’s degree programs available in the fields of business administration, healthcare management, criminal justice as well as interior design, South College Atlanta provides an outstanding education as well as vital links to the local labor market.

The main goal of the college is to provide students with rigorous, complete academic instruction and career planning. The environment for learning at South College Atlanta encourages collaborative thinking, problem-solving, and critical analysis. The faculty is dedicated to helping students excel by providing individual attention, creating a positive learning environment, and supporting students to reach their goals.

The program of South College Atlanta features a range of courses, ranging that range from technology and business to design and humanities. Students can get real-world experience by participating in work-study, internships, and practical projects. The college also has advanced degree programs for those looking to complete their education more quickly.

South College Atlanta also provides students with access to an extensive variety of student services including guidance and career counseling in-campus job fairs, workshops, and job fairs, and access to the extensive library resource. South College Atlanta strives to create an environment that is inclusive, which celebrates diversity, and promotes personal growth. With its broad program, committed faculty and staff, as well as a determination to help students succeed, South College Atlanta is an ideal option for students who want to further their education.


South College Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia is staffed with professionals who are dedicated to helping students achieve. The faculty is comprised of knowledgeable and experienced instructors who create a stimulating educational atmosphere for everyone. Each faculty member has earned at least an MA from an accredited institution and many have earned doctoral degrees, too. They bring a variety of experiences and expertise to their classes and provide students with the most high-quality education that is possible.

The South College Atlanta staff South College Atlanta takes pride in providing top customer service to their students. Each member of the staff was carefully selected not only for their knowledge but also for their dedication to making sure that each student has the resources that they require to be successful professionally and academically. In addition to admissions counselors, and academic advisors the staff is dedicated to providing the highest level of guidance and assistance for every student.

The librarians of South College Atlanta are top-notch and their library resources are current. The library provides a broad variety of resources and services that aid students with their learning which includes journals, databases, books as well as digital media. They also provide research assistance to ensure that students make the most of their research.

The administration team that runs South College Atlanta ensures that every aspect of the school runs smoothly. From managing student records to overseeing the college’s budgeting practices and development initiatives Administrators ensure everything is operating exactly as it should at South College Atlanta. Their commitment and dedication ensure that the institution is always up-to-date at every level so that students can rest assured that they’re getting the best quality experience that is possible.

South College Atlanta has an impressive group of professionals who are dedicated to helping students achieve their goals. From staff to faculty and library resources to administration The entire staff works together to deliver a top-quality education for each student. Whatever subject or program you’re enrolled in South College Atlanta will make sure that you have everything you require for success.

Student Outcomes

South College Atlanta is an accredited private institution situated in the center of Atlanta, Georgia. Since it is a non-profit organization, South College Atlanta prides itself on providing quality education at a reasonable price. The cost of attending (tuition fees, books, and fees) for the 2020-2021 academic year is $11,714 for a semester for full-time undergraduate students who are taking 12 or more credits. For part-time students who take less than 12 credit hours per term, tuition fees are calculated on an hourly cost. Along with fees for tuition, you will have additional expenses that come with attending the college like food, housing, and transportation.

If you live off campus, the estimated cost for cost of room and board will come up to $7,063 for the period 2020-2021. Students who live in one of the residence halls at South College Atlanta could expect to pay $5,272 for the semester. And even though they aren’t required to be in the campus area, South College Atlanta strongly supports it as a method to build community and feel part of it.

Materials and books cost around $1,300 for a semester, based on the course students take. There are additional costs associated with attending college, such as lab fees, technology charges, and parking permits as well as health insurance which have to be paid to be able to attend the classes offered at South College Atlanta. The exact amount will differ based on the individual’s circumstances and can fluctuate from year to year.

In addition, students are required to be responsible for transport and other expenses that they might be required to cover while at South College Atlanta. In consideration of all these aspects and other costs, the cost of attending South College Atlanta can range between $11,714 and more than $20,000 based on the individual’s circumstances. In order to lower the cost of college students are encouraged to apply for grants and scholarships and to look into payment options offered by the school.

In the end, South College Atlanta is dedicated to offering students an affordable and accessible education that can equip students with the knowledge that they require to excel in the field they choose to pursue. With an affordable cost of tuition and a variety of resources to aid the students with their finances, South College Atlanta provides an alternative for potential college students.

Nearby Neighborhoods

South College Atlanta is located in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, and is surrounded by lively communities that provide unique experiences and activities for the residents. The neighborhood around South College Atlanta includes a wide range of housing options, from single-family houses to townhomes and apartment buildings. It is also close to downtown Atlanta and several parks and recreational areas, this area of town lets residents take advantage of everything Atlanta offers without traveling too far.

There is Virginia Highlands neighborhood is one neighborhood close to South College Atlanta. It is home to a range of houses, including craftsman bungalows and Victorians on tree-lined streets that have streets lined with cafes, boutiques, galleries, shops, and eateries. The lively neighborhood hosts numerous occasions, including concerts and art exhibits throughout the entire year.

Its Sweet Auburn historic district is located nearby and was the residence to many among the most famous African Americans. You can also visit places of interest like the place where he was born Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Ebenezer Baptist Church where he used to preach in the past, and also the Historic Ebenezer Flats Apartments. The area has seen a resurgence over the last few years and now includes various retail establishments as well as entertainment and dining establishments catering to tourists as well as locals.

Then, close to South College Atlanta is one of Atlanta’s most storied neighborhoods, called Grant Park. It has a spectacular panorama of the city of Atlanta at its top location, Zoo Atlanta which houses over 1500 species of animals Oakland Cemetery dates to 1850, and numerous other gardens and parks. The residents of Grant Park can take advantage of the numerous events, festivals, and restaurants within the vicinity to take advantage of many entertainment alternatives.

The neighborhoods surrounding South College Atlanta offer plenty for residents to explore and do. From dining and shopping to historic landmarks There is something for anyone in this section of town. With their vibrant lifestyle and convenient access to downtown Atlanta, These areas offer an appealing choice for those who are looking for a thrilling urban lifestyle.

What People Are Saying

 “I really enjoyed my experience at South College Atlanta. The campus is small, which I like, and the instructors are very knowledgeable and willing to help. Overall, I would definitely recommend this school to others.” – Briana B. 

“I had a great experience at South College Atlanta! The campus is small and intimate, which I loved. The instructors are also very knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects, which made learning enjoyable. Overall, I highly recommend this school to others.” – Michelle K.

 “South College Atlanta was a great experience for me! The campus is smaller than most schools, so it’s more intimate and personal. The instructors are also extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects, which made learning enjoyable. Overall, I highly recommend this school to others.” – Sarah G.

Located at: 2600 Century Pkwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30345
Monday (Columbus Day) 8:30 AM–7PMHours might differ 
Tuesday 8:30 AM–7 PM 
Wednesday 8:30 AM–7 PM 
Thursday 8:30 AM–7 PM 
Friday 8:30 AM–5 PM 
Saturday 9 AM–12 PM 
Sunday Closed


Georgia Institute Of Technology

There is Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia is one of the top universities in the United States and a global innovator in engineering and technology. With its well-known faculty, top research facilities, and cutting-edge education programs, there’s not surprising that a lot of students opt to study at this prestigious university for the duration of their studies as undergraduates. From its state-of-the-art labs and cutting-edge technology to its gorgeous design and lively campus, Georgia Tech offers students an unforgettable experience.

Georgia Institute of Technology is renowned for its outstanding research opportunities and academics in engineering, science, business, and computing as well as other disciplines. The academic programs of Georgia Tech are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the current job market by training students for the future by providing an intense curriculum and numerous work experiences. Students are also able to access numerous research facilities for practical experiences with world-class research, such as nanotechnology and robotics. The result is that graduates of Georgia Tech find themselves well-equipped for high-level roles in the corporate world of America or the government sector.

In addition to providing top educational opportunities, Georgia Tech also offers an exciting campus experience. Georgia Tech has a variety of student organizations, clubs, and events that allow students to pursue their interests beyond the classroom. With its numerous events for entertainment and social gatherings, students can have fun while studying. Georgia Tech also offers a variety of housing options, so students can select the option that best suits their requirements.

Then, Georgia Tech offers its students remarkable training in the one of most stunning cities in America–Atlanta. From its varied food and culture to its world-class restaurants to its beautiful parks and lively party scene, Atlanta has something for every person. No matter if you’re seeking for an educational experience or just a weekend hangout with your friends there’s nowhere better in the world than Atlanta.

It is the Georgia Institute of Technology located in Atlanta, Georgia is one of the top universities for students looking for a top-quality education and an unforgettable college experience. With its state-of-the-art research facilities, engaging academic programs as well as vibrant campus, and beautiful Atlanta, Georgia Tech provides all the necessary tools for students to excel. Don’t delay, start your journey now with Georgia Tech!


The Georgia Institute of Technology, also known by the name Georgia Tech, was established in 1888 in the hope of creating a technology-based university to help the south industrialize. The university was situated in Atlanta It was designed in the early days as a resource for education for firms and companies in need of skilled workers. The establishment of Georgia Tech saw its first students admitted in the month of October 1889. engineering is one of the most sought-after subjects at the time.

Over the years, Georgia Institute of Technology has become one of the most prestigious colleges in the United States for engineering and technology-related fields. Through the years, more areas of study have been added, like aerospace engineering, computer science, and the management of a business. Alongside research and academic excellence, in these fields of research, Georgia Tech consistently produces some of the most brilliant minds in their respective fields.

Alongside its education in research, Georgia Institute of Technology is widely well-known for its sports teams that have won numerous championships within the NCAA Division 1-A as well as the ACC Conferences. In the years since 1941, Georgia Tech has been an ACC member since 1941. Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and has won several national championships including basketball, baseball, football, and golf. Its rivalry with Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia (UGA) is one of the longest-running rivalries in the world of college sports.

Georgia Institute of Technology continues to grow through collaboration with companies and universities as well as governments around the globe. From the start-up companies that are created by faculty or students to massive research projects that are funded by outside sources, Georgia Tech keeps the mission the founders of it to become an academic institution that can work together with the Atlanta region as well as Georgia, the entire state of Georgia and even further. The school is known for its graduates who are motivated to positively impact society through their work and achievements. It is now one of the top institutions in the United States for sciences, engineering, and research in technology. 

Through its commitment to academic excellence and its commitment to service, Georgia Tech will continue to be an innovative institution for generations to come. Georgia Tech is the gold standard for technological universities. It continues to set the standard in cutting-edge technology, research, and excellence in education. As an example of hope for South Georgia, South, Georgia Tech provides an unbeatable resource for students across the globe seeking a high-quality education. 

Since its founding in the year 130, Georgia Tech has been providing students with a learning experience that prepares them for the future with success after they graduate. Through its commitment to quality and advancement, Georgia Tech will continue to have a positive impact on the world for generations to be.

Why Georgia Institute Of Technology  Is The Best

Georgia Institute of Technology (GT) located in Atlanta, Georgia is a leading school for students who are looking for top academics as well as research possibilities. GT is known for its top-quality computer science and engineering courses and is consistently placed among the top universities across the country. In addition to these outstanding academic programs, GT also offers an active campus with activities that let students take a trip into Atlanta’s vibrant and diverse society.

GT’s rigorous program will prepare its graduates to become one of the most creative experts in their field. With a heavy emphasis on both theoretic knowledge as well as practical applications within STEM areas, GT provides students with an extensive education. They are taught to be able to critically think, tackle issues with creativity, and apply what they’ve learned by gaining practical experience. This focus on practical learning allows students to acquire confidence and skills essential for success in the workplace world.

GT is also known for its lively campus culture, with numerous student-run events, organizations, and clubs. From intramural leagues for sports to volunteering opportunities to art classes There’s something for all students at GT. In addition, Atlanta’s vibrant music scene gives students many exciting options for performances, festivals, and other entertainment options. With so much happening at any given moment, GT students can always find something to be involved in.

In the end, Georgia Institute of Technology provides a unique blend of high-quality academics and an engaging campus life that makes it a perfect option for those who are looking for an outstanding education and a memorable college experience. With its extensive syllabus and diverse student body and vibrant campus culture, GT is the ideal school for students who wish to make the most of their education.


The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) located in Atlanta, Georgia offers world-class facilities on their main campus. From state-of-the-art research labs to modern dorms and residence halls, the school offers students complete facilities that help students achieve the academic standards they have set.

The library is just one of the numerous impressive facilities that students can use at Georgia Institute of Technology. The library is equipped with the latest technology as well as a wealth of sources for learning and research and research, such as the online catalog for students to gain access to thousands of databases and books across the globe. The librarians provide study areas and instructional assistance, such as workshops on citation styles as well as methods of research.

The Student Center is another excellent resource at Georgia Institute of Technology. The Student Center is where students can access numerous facilities and services designed to ensure that their time on campus is as enjoyable and productive as it can be. Its Student Center offers a wide array of amenities, such as meeting rooms, events spaces as well as study lounges, restaurants computer labs, and many other things.

Students can also access The Georgia Tech Sports Complex which includes an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a variety of basketball courts as well as an indoor track facility, and other leisure activities like rock climbing walls. The facility is available all year for students to use and offers the opportunity for events and competitions throughout the year.

Georgia Tech’s facilities are able to offer students everything they need to reach their academic goals with success. With modern library facilities to leisure facilities, the college is committed to helping students realize their potential to the fullest. With these top-of-the-line facilities and an academically well-rounded and friendly setting, Georgia Tech provides its students with a genuinely enriching learning experience.


The educational program offered by the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) located in Atlanta, Georgia is designed to ensure that graduates are prepared for the demands of the current workforce. The school offers a diverse variety of academic programs and courses to help students prepare for career opportunities in engineering, technology law, business sciences, and many other areas. Alongside traditional on-campus courses and research opportunities and hybrid degree options are offered.

The curriculum of Georgia Institute of Technology focuses on enabling students to develop collaborative problem-solving abilities. This includes instruction in the foundational areas of sciences and math and the beginning introduction to programming languages like HTML as well as Java. Additionally, there are humanities classes such as writing, communication skills as well as economics, and history. The elective courses let students investigate topics like robotics, artificial intelligence web design, as well as game design.

In addition to the standard program, Georgia Institute of Technology offers a number of degrees that provide students with the chance to concentrate on specific areas of study. Some examples include computer engineering, cyber security, electrical engineering, and systems for renewable energy. A lot of departments offer minors in areas such as data science and applied mathematics.

In addition, Georgia Institute of Technology provides research opportunities for college students with the right qualifications through the Honors Program. Through this program, students are able to take advanced courses or undertake research projects on their own under the guidance of faculty. This is a fantastic method for students who are highly successful to experience hands-on learning with modern technology while gaining capabilities in problem-solving and working as part of a team.


The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) located in Atlanta, Georgia is one of the most prestigious education centers for technological and scientific research. The school boasts a broad array of staff and faculty committed to providing the best education for students.

The core of the academic faculty at Georgia Institute of Technology are professors who bring their knowledge and expertise into the classroom and ensure that learning is exciting at all levels. Professors at Georgia Tech are also involved in research and usually collaborate with leaders from the industry on projects that are beneficial to society.

Apart from teaching, a lot of members of staff also provide assistance to the university community in general. For instance, the Office of Student Life offers guidance and career planning opportunities, while other departments like Facilities Management ensure that campus life runs smoothly, by providing maintenance services.

Georgia Institute of Technology staff is deeply committed to their pupils. In addition, the Office of Student Financial Aid assists students in obtaining the funds needed for education expenses. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions accepts applications from potential students. If it’s teaching or managing, or even counseling, the employees at Georgia Tech work hard every day and are committed to providing an excellent education to the future generation.

Student Outcomes

The cost of attending Georgia Tech is Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) located in Atlanta, Georgia is a mixture of fees and tuition as well as housing and dining expenses and other expenses for textbooks, supplies transport between campus and home, and other costs of living. The cost of attending Georgia Tech will vary based on whether students are out-of-state or in-state residents.

Residents in the state are charged an in-state tuition fee that is considerably lower than that of students who are from out of state. From the academic year of 2020 until 2021, full-time state undergraduate tuition was $12204, with a mandatory fee of $1,512. On the other hand, out-of-state undergraduate students paid an amount of $36,194 while full-time graduate students paid an amount of $20,637. The university also provides reduced tuition costs for pupils who’re part or veterans of the U.S. military or veterans.

Costs for dining and housing for dining and housing at Georgia Institute of Technology vary depending on the kind of room and meal plan chosen by the individual student. The options for housing on campus vary from traditional residence halls to apartments type living. Check-out costs can vary from $2,528 per semester to more than $7,400 per semester. Food plans differ in price, for undergraduates in the state, with prices ranging from under $1700 for the 10 days of meals up to 2400 dollars for 19 meals and the flex points each week.

Additional costs are for books and school supplies, which could cost between $900 and $1,200 for a semester. The cost of transportation could include insurance and a car payment for students who own an automobile to school or pay for public transportation to travel around Atlanta. Other expenses related to living like laundry, personal hygiene items, entertainment, and cellphone bills can increase quickly.

In all, the cost of attending Georgia Tech located in Atlanta, Georgia is quite expensive and is largely dependent on whether you are an in-state or out-of-state resident. It is essential to consider every expense that could be incurred when budgeting for college in order to make sure they have enough funds to cover the costs of their college years. If they plan their budgets well anyone is able to make their dream of going to Georgia Tech come true.

Nearby Neighborhoods

It is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Georgia Institute of Technology can be found in Atlanta city. Atlanta, Georgia. Therefore, there are many neighborhoods to explore close to the school. Three neighborhoods that a lot of students decide to settle in during their time at Georgia Tech include Midtown, Virginia Highland, and Home Park.

Midtown is among the most exciting and popular neighborhoods for students at Georgia Tech. Midtown is known for its vibrant nightlife scene that includes fashionable bars and clubs and a broad selection of dining options, ranging from fine dining establishments to cozy cafés. The area also has a variety of parks and green spaces that are perfect for relaxing with your friends or just relaxing after a tiring day at school.

Virginia Highland is a bustling neighborhood where you can find numerous young professionals and Georgia Tech students. You’ll find plenty of eating and shopping options, along with numerous cultural events like music venues, art galleries as well as theater shows. The region is also known for its vibrant nightlife scene with a variety of clubs and bars to select from.

Home Park is an inviting neighborhood that is located to the west on the west side of campus. It has an urban-suburban vibe with tree-lined streets dotted with beautiful single-family homes. Home Park has plenty of cafes, restaurants, and shops to browse in your leisure time. In addition, it’s close to famous attractions such as Piedmont Park and the Fox Theatre which are easily accessible via vehicle or public transport.

There are a variety of interesting neighborhoods to discover close to Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. No matter if you’re seeking an exciting nightlife scene or a relaxing time away from campus, these neighborhoods have something for anyone. Between Midtown as well as Virginia Highland to Home Park The options are infinite. Whatever area you pick You’ll be able to locate a wonderful area to settle in throughout your time at Georgia Institute of Technology.

What People Are Saying

“The rigor of the curriculum is challenged only by the excellence of the faculty.” – Forbes

“One of the nation’s top producers of engineers and computing professionals.” – U.S. News & World Report

“A world-class research institution.” – The Princeton Review

“A top choice for students seeking an excellent education in engineering.” – Engineering News-Record

Located at: North Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30332
Monday  8:00AM–5PM 
Tuesday 8:00AM–5PM 
Wednesday 8:00AM–5PM 
Thursday 8:00AM–5PM 
Friday 8:00AM–5PM  
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed


Emory College

Emory College in Atlanta, GA is an ideal opportunity to receive a top education and live the college experience. The college is situated on the stunning Emory University campus, Emory College is a friendly environment for students seeking undergraduate degrees. Emory College’s faculty is committed to helping students achieve their full potential and encourage continuous learning.

Emory College offers more than 70 majors that range from sciences to liberal arts engineering, business and management. There are also numerous special interdisciplinary programs like Professional Health Programs as well as Global Majors that allow students to combine various disciplines with distinct international possibilities. There are numerous research opportunities that are available in different academic departments that will provide valuable experiences as well as enhancing student learning and enhancing career opportunities.

The college also offers an incredibly strong sense of community which is shared by all staff, students and faculty. Emory College has numerous clubs and organizations, as well as student-run publications and service-related initiatives that let students meet others and be involved with the campus of the university. The college also helps its diverse student population through diverse resources like cultural centers as well as disability services, along with an Office of LGBT Life.

Why Emory College Is The Best

Emory College in Atlanta, GA is the perfect school for students seeking an outstanding education as well as an enjoyable campus experience. Emory is a distinctive combination of academic excellence and a community that is stimulating and welcoming. Faculty members at Emory are world-renowned researchers with a long track record of accomplishment in their respective fields.

Alongside the excellent educational programs, Emory has an extensive variety of social and events designed to encourage students’ involvement outside the classroom. Furthermore, the vibrant Atlanta metropolitan area gives many chances for students to experience a variety of cuisines, cultures, entertainment, and many more.

At Emory You will discover numerous resources that will assist you in your academic success. From writing centers with dedicated staff to individual tutoring and more, there are many options available to help students develop their skills and excel in their academics. Furthermore, Emory provides internships, research opportunities , and Study abroad programs that allow students to get invaluable experience while making connections to the world.

Its campus is stunning and lively with a wide range of activities for students. There are numerous libraries located on campus, with vast collections accessible online as well as offline. The school is home to state-of-the art performance centers and art galleries, athletic facilities and much more for those looking to discover their artistic side or be physically active.


Emory College in Atlanta GA offers a range of facilities for students. The main campus sits on a gorgeous 218-acre property that houses a number of libraries, academic buildings, and recreation areas. Its Robert W Woodruff Library provides students with access to thousands of books and hundreds of databases, in addition to computers and study areas. The library also has a huge collection of rare books, as well as various exhibits throughout the year.

The Wesley Woods Center on Emory’s campus has a cutting-edge exercise center and clinic tennis courts, a pool as well as basketball courts and many more. Students can also take part in programs like lectures or films at The Dobbs University Center which houses spaces for events and activities for students along with a number of eateries as well as a movie theater.

Emory College also has several labs, lecture halls and classrooms. There is also student housing for those who prefer to reside on campus. High-speed internet access is provided in all study and dorm rooms providing students with the chance to remain connected even while working. Other facilities available at the campus are an indoor track, recreation center equipped with fitness equipment and an indoor climb wall and career services that aid students in finding internships and job opportunities after graduation.

In the end, Emory College has some of the finest facilities in the world which makes it a great location for students looking to pursue higher education. With so many resources at a single location, Emory College provides its students with everything they require to succeed academically and succeeding


Emory College in Atlanta, GA provides an outstanding undergraduate program. The main curriculum at Emory is built around studies in liberal sciences and arts which focuses on the development of critical thinking, critical thinking, writing skills, and communication skills. Students have the option of choosing from more than 70 minors and majors offered by the school, including African American Studies, Anthropology, Computer Science, Economics, English Literature, History and Psychology.

The college also offers opportunities for interdisciplinary work through different programs such as the Global Health Program or Certificate of International Studies which combine the strengths of different areas of study to provide unique learning experiences that are multidisciplinary in nature.

Alongside the usual classes offered on Emory College, students have access to learning experiences like internships and studies abroad. Emory College also offers the opportunity for research for students to investigate your interests within a range of areas.

Emory College offers several scholarship and financial aid programs which are designed to meet the various requirements of its students. Emory College also offers numerous academic services, including peer tutoring, advising and writing support centers. 

The commitment of the college to excellence can be seen in the alumni community that includes famous names such as ex- US president Jimmy Carter, Nobel Laureates Martin Luther King Jr. Toni Morrison and Pulitzer Prize winners Robert Frost and Alice Walker. With a variety of highly respected faculty members, an active campus life, and top-quality educational opportunities, Emory College is an excellent choice for college students looking to pursue their education.


The faculty at Emory College in Atlanta, GA is extremely dedicated and professional. The faculty members are acknowledged experts in their field and are dedicated to providing top-quality education for every student. They provide a range of teaching methods and techniques to ensure that every student gets the best educational experience.

The administration staff is exceptionally helpful. In addition to admissions advisors and financial aid advisors They are well-versed in the college’s policies and procedures. They aid applicants in the application process for admission. They also offer assistance with guidance on career planning, job search assistance tutoring, housing assistance and many other services.

The support personnel of Emory College includes librarians, maintenance personnel, IT professionals, housekeepers, security personnel as well as other employees. They are all working hard to ensure that the school is secure and safe for all who visit or are employed on campus.

In addition to the staff employees, Emory College also features student services like its writing center, health services, counseling facilities, career center and many more. These offices are run by highly skilled professionals who are able to offer advice and assist students in achieving their academic, personal, or professional objectives.

Student Outcomes

The cost for attending Emory University in Atlanta, GA differs based on the student’s academic plan and the living arrangements. For students who are enrolled in the academic year 2021-2022 the tuition cost is expected to be between $54,800 and $608,848 per year. Room and board costs are estimated to range between $14,404 and $16,405 based on the type of housing chosen.

Additional expenses like materials and books ($1,154) and individual expenses ($4,643) and transport ($2,288) and miscellaneous costs ($3,010) can also be incurred for the majority of students. A sum total of $1,005 is assessed every semester. In total, these costs could be a significant cost of attendance that ranges from $76,804 up to $88,311 for the academic year.

Financial aid can be accessed to cover expenses and the university provides an array of grants and scholarships. Students are encouraged to investigate the various options for financial aid in order to make their college as affordable as is possible.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Emory College is located in the Druid Hills neighborhood in Atlanta GA, which is an energetic and bustling community. The neighborhood is renowned for its old houses, many of which are more than 100 years old. It also houses numerous parks, including Freedom Park and Olmsted Linear Park. There are also numerous bars, cafes, restaurants and stores within walking distance.

Just to the east to the east of Druid Hills lies Virginia-Highland, an eclectic area that is known for its mix of contemporary shops and antique stores and gorgeous Victorian homes. It is home to a variety of craft breweries, hip eateries, and craft beer shops serving the best cuisine in the city.

Another fantastic neighborhood near Emory College is Decatur. The city is bursting with life and offers a variety of things to do, such as the historical Old Courthouse Square, the artsy Decatur Square, and the Mason Mill Park. In addition, it’s a wonderful location to discover unique shops and restaurants that are specialized in local and regional cuisine as well as international.

Just to the south from Emory College lies East Lake It is a fast-growing neighborhood that is known for its serene environment and diversity of residents. The area is home to gorgeous parks like East Lake Golf Club and Marshall Creek Park. There are also a variety of local eateries serving authentic Southern cuisine, as in addition to other cuisines from around the world.

What People Are Saying

“Emory College is an excellent school that offers a great education.” -John Smith

“The campus is beautiful and the people are friendly and welcoming.” -Jane Doe

“I love the small class sizes and the personal attention from professors.” -Mary Johnson

“The career services office is amazing and helped me get my dream job.” -Mike Richards

“I loved my time at Emory College and would recommend it to anyone!” -Bill Jones

Located at: 43 Armstrong St SE, Atlanta, GA 30313
Hours: Not available


Corinthian Colleges

Corinthian Colleges in Atlanta, GA offers a unique learning experience for students looking to further their education. The college provides an array of degree and certificate programs that are tailored to meet the individual needs of each student. Corinthian Colleges is located in one of the most vibrant cities in the United States, giving students the opportunity to take advantage of all that Atlanta has to offer while pursuing their studies.

The college takes pride in its commitment to excellence and offers small class sizes and personalized instruction from experienced faculty members who have expertise in their respective field. Corinthian also offers career counseling and internship opportunities that provide students with valuable work experience as they prepare for future employment after graduating from the college. Furthermore, the college provides financial aid packages for students in need of assistance to help cover the cost of tuition and fees.

At Corinthian, students are also given access to state-of-the-art computer labs and library services that allow them to stay up-to-date on the latest technology trends. Additionally, the college organizes field trips, guest speakers, and student events throughout the year to engage students with industry professionals and increase learning opportunities outside of the classroom.

Overall, Corinthian Colleges in Atlanta is an excellent choice for those looking for quality education in a vibrant city full of opportunity. With small class sizes and experienced faculty members, students can be sure they will receive personalized instruction from experts who have specialized knowledge in their respective fields. Furthermore, career counseling, internship opportunities, and financial aid packages provide students with the resources they need to succeed. Finally, access to state-of-the-art computer labs and library services, as well as field trips and student events, make Corinthian Colleges in Atlanta an ideal choice for anyone seeking a comprehensive education experience.

Why Corinthian Colleges is the best

Corinthian Colleges in Atlanta GA is one of the top colleges of choice for countless students. Located in the heart of Georgia’s capital city, Corinthian Colleges offers a diverse range of educational programs and learning opportunities. From Associate’s degrees to Bachelor’s degrees and even Master’s degrees, Corinthian has something for everyone.

One of the biggest draws at Corinthian Colleges is its reputation as a top institution that provides excellent education and job placement services. With highly qualified faculty members, dedicated student services staff, and extensive career resources available on campus, students have access to an abundance of support systems that help them succeed academically and professionally. The college also places a great emphasis on workplace-readiness, providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in today’s job market.

Corinthian Colleges is also well-known for its commitment to diversity. The college prides itself on being an inclusive institution that welcomes all students regardless of race, age, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. This respect for diversity allows students of all backgrounds to learn and grow together in a safe and welcoming space.

The campus itself is also stunningly beautiful; it’s surrounded by lush green fields and rolling hills that make every morning at Corinthian feel like paradise! In addition to this tranquil setting, the college boasts impressive facilities such as state-of-the-art science labs, modern classrooms with advanced technology, and well-equipped athletic fields.

Ultimately, the combination of a strong academic program with an inclusive atmosphere and gorgeous campus make Corinthian Colleges in Atlanta GA an ideal choice for countless students. From its commitment to excellence to its dedication to diversity, Corinthian provides an exceptional educational experience that is truly unrivaled. With a variety of degree programs, competitively priced tuition rates, and superior faculty members—it’s no wonder why so many students choose to pursue their dreams at this esteemed institution!


Corinthian Colleges in Atlanta, GA offer a wide range of facilities and services to help students reach their educational goals. The main campus is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, just blocks away from major attractions such as Centennial Olympic Park, Georgia Aquarium and World of Coca-Cola.

The facility provides students with access to up-to-date technology such as newly renovated classrooms, state-of-the-art computers and interactive whiteboards. There are also fully equipped laboratories for a variety of courses including medical assistance, electrical engineering and computer applications. Additionally, there is a library at the college that offers students access to books, journals, magazines and other resources for research purposes.

Apart from academics, Corinthian Colleges in Atlanta also provides various student services including career counseling, financial aid assistance, placement services and more. The Career Center helps students to discover the right career path for them and provides access to job postings as well as resume writing workshops. The college also offers a range of extracurricular activities such as sports teams, clubs and other social events.


The curriculum at Corinthian Colleges in Atlanta GA offers a variety of educational opportunities for students. The college provides Associate Degrees, Bachelor’s Degrees and diploma programs across a range of disciplines including Business Administration, Health Care Administration, Information Systems Technology, Criminal Justice and Human Services.

Associate degree programs generally require two years of study and include coursework such as accounting principles, business law, computer science fundamentals and organizational behavior. Students can also choose to specialize in one or more areas within the field.

Bachelor’s degrees typically take four years to complete and offer courses that build on the knowledge gained from an associate’s program. Course titles include Organizational Theory & Practice Principles of Management, Business Ethics & Social Responsibility, and Human Resource Management.

At Corinthian Colleges in Atlanta GA, diploma programs are designed to provide students with the skills needed for entry-level positions in their chosen field of study. These programs focus on a specific area such as business administration or medical coding. Courses typically include introduction to computer applications, basic accounting principles and office procedures.

In addition to the degree and diploma programs, Corinthian Colleges in Atlanta GA offers certificate programs that can be completed in 6 months or less. These certificates are often used by employers as proof of a student’s knowledge and skills in certain areas such as technology or health care management.


The staff at the Corinthian Colleges in Atlanta, GA consists of a diverse group of highly skilled and experienced individuals. The faculty bring a wide range of expertise to the college, with many having decades of teaching experience. The instructors are committed to providing quality education and helping each student reach their full potential. They provide individualized instruction that is tailored to meet the needs of each student.

The other members of the staff include an administrative team who manage day-to-day operations, admissions counselors who help students make informed decisions about their educational options, financial advisors who assist with budgeting and financing plans, career services advisors who help prepare students for life after graduation, tutors who offer one-on-one guidance when needed, and student advisors who answer questions and provide guidance.

At Corinthian Colleges in Atlanta, GA, the staff is passionate about helping students achieve their educational goals and reach their full potential. They strive to create a supportive environment where each student can feel valued and supported as they pursue their future aspirations. Each member of the staff provides an invaluable service that helps make the college experience successful for every student.

Student Outcomes

Corinthian Colleges in Atlanta, GA offer a range of educational programs, including Associate and Bachelor’s degrees, certificates, and diploma programs. The cost of attendance varies based on the program chosen. Tuition for Associate degree programs generally range from $13,100 to $20,200. Bachelor’s degree programs are typically more expensive with tuition ranging from approximately $17,000 to over $27,000 depending on the major. Fees for textbooks and other course materials can add an additional several hundred dollars onto the total cost per semester.

Living expenses such as rent or housing costs are not included in Corinthian College’s tuition rates; however they do provide information about nearby off-campus housing options where students can find affordable apartments or rooms. Additionally, students may be eligible for financial aid programs to help cover the costs of their education. Corinthian College offers a variety of scholarships and grants, as well as student loans that can help offset tuition expenses.

Nearby Neighborhoods

The neighborhood near Corinthian Colleges in Atlanta GA is predominantly residential and offers a variety of housing options. In fact, the area has nine different neighborhoods including Capitol View, Cameron Village, Grant Park, Georgia Tech University and West End.

Capitol View is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in this area and features unique homes with character as well as many opportunities for recreation. This neighborhood is home to two major parks – Grant Park and Freedom Park – which are popular amongst locals for walking, jogging or biking. There are also a number of restaurants and bars in this area to choose from if you’re looking for something to do during your stay at Corinthian Colleges.

Cameron Village is another great neighborhood that is close to Corinthian Colleges and offers a variety of housing options. This area boasts several historic homes, as well as modern condos and townhomes, making it perfect for anyone looking for a place to live. In addition to the many shops, restaurants, and bars in the area, Cameron Village also features two movie theaters – Regal Cinemas at Grant Park and the AMC Theatre at West End.

The Georgia Tech University neighborhood is near Corinthian Colleges as well and features some of the most beautiful architecture in Atlanta GA. There are plenty of cultural events occurring throughout this neighborhood year-round, including music festivals, theatre performances, sports games and much more. This area also has a wide selection of stores, restaurants, cafes and bars to explore.

Finally, West End is a great option for those looking for something a little quieter. This neighborhood has some of the most affordable housing options in the area and is known for its vibrant nightlife scene. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, clubs, and shops in this area to explore. Whether you’re looking for a place to eat or just to hang out with friends, West End definitely won’t disappoint.

What People Are Saying

“I really enjoyed attending Corinthian Colleges. The staff was super friendly and helpful and the instructors were great. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone.” -Amber M.

“Corinthian Colleges was a great experience for me. The staff was always willing to help with anything I needed and the instructors were top-notch. I am grateful for everything they did for me.” -Brandon K.

“My time at Corinthian Colleges was amazing! The staff is so friendly and helpful, and the instructors are fantastic. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone.” -Chelsea C.

Located at: 101 Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA 30303
Hours: Not available