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Fox Theatre

The Fox Theatre located in Atlanta, GA is a magnificent and historical landmark that provides many more things than entertainment. The famous theater is part of Atlanta since 1929, and has grown to become an important element of Atlanta’s culture. From its stunning design to its stunning shows Here are some reasons to make an effort to go to The Fox Theatre located in Atlanta:

Amazing Architecture: Enter the luxurious lobby and be transported to the era of luxury and glamor. The elaborate decor and stunning chandeliers create a stunning atmosphere that will make you stunned.

Unique Shows Every day there’s something new and exciting going on at the Fox From classic films to Broadway musical’s comedy shows, symphonies, comedy shows and much more.

Historical Significance Historic Significance: Historic Significance: Fox Theatre is one of the most historic film palaces in America and has been declared a National Historic Landmark. It’s certainly worth visiting!

Unique Event Space for Events It doesn’t matter if it’s an intimate wedding or a lavish gala. The Fox Theatre is an ideal venue to host unforgettable events.

Rich History: Discover the fascinating history of this theater by taking guided tours or documentaries that are available at the venue.

Fun Attractions and Activities Enjoy a day exploring the surrounding area , with its distinct shops, restaurants and art galleries and all within walking distance from the theater!

Fantastic location Fox Theatre is conveniently located right in the middle of downtown Atlanta It is easy to get there and back.

Why Fox Theatre Is The Best

Fox Theatre situated in Atlanta, GA is a historic landmark and is among the most popular local attractions for numerous reasons. It was built in 1929. The theater has been renovated to its former splendor and grandeur, giving visitors an exceptional location for entertainment and entertainment. The theater offers a variety of live theater performances, concerts, films and other special occasions all through the year. The Fox provides top entertainment choices with a gorgeous setting; it also plays the venue for numerous festivals like Atlanta Film Festival, Music Midtown and the Atlanta Film Festival and Music Midtown.

The historical building is thought to be among Atlanta’s greatest architectural gems, with its beautiful Spanish courtyard that provides a stunning way to enter the theater. Inside, guests can participate in guided tours that allow visitors to understand the story and the architecture of the structure while taking in its breathtaking beauty. The theater is decorated using exquisitely elaborately crafted plaster, hand-painted murals as well as a selection of luxurious furniture.

In addition to enjoying entertainment in this gorgeous location and enjoying the beautiful setting, they can also enjoy some of the best and memorable eating experiences available within Atlanta in The Fox Theatre Cafe. The cafe offers exquisite food in a setting which combines modernity with traditional elegance for an unforgettable experience. As if that weren’t enough then The Fox Theatre Ticket Office allows customers to buy tickets for future events through local vendors or have assistance from friendly staff members.


The Fox Theatre located in Atlanta, GA is a magnificent venue that has an atmosphere unlike any elsewhere. Built in 1929 , it was originally an entertainment palace, and designed to replicate the style like an Egyptian Palace The Fox boasts a staggering seating capacity of 5,000, along with two large lobby areas and a variety of spaces for guests. Its elaborate structure, intricate details and vivid colors, the Fox was the backdrop for numerous famous actors and entertainers throughout the decades.

The main auditorium has state-of-the art audio technologies, such as Dolby Surround 7.1 sound systems, projection screens as well as 4K Barco projectors, HDTVs with digital cinema servers, LED walls, and more. The theater also offers several seating options, including box seats, side wings and balcony seating that can enhance the enjoyment of the theater for all patrons.

The venue also plays host to various events spaces, including for example, the Egyptian Ballroom & Lounge, Marquee Club and Vincent’s Lobby Bar & Restaurant as well as Grand Foyer & Portico for small gatherings or parties. The Fox Theatre caters for any event with an array of delectable meals. For those who want to add a touch of class to their event There are limousines with red carpets services to choose from.

Additionally, the Fox offers two gift shops that are filled with exclusive souvenirs and memorabilia which are a reflection of the theater’s rich past. It also offers a complimentary tour of the theater which gives visitors a comprehensive tour of its stunning architectural design and rich background that can be enjoyed every day during the normal hours of operation.

It is a must-see. Fox Theatre is an unforgettable experience which visitors from all over the world must make use of while visiting Atlanta. There is something for all ages, whether you’re searching for an intimate evening out or an extravagant celebration featuring celebrities appearing. With its grandness and unique ambience it’s clear the reason why this location stands out from other entertainment venues in Atlanta.


The Fox Theatre located in Atlanta, GA is a breathtakingly beautiful venue that gives guests an experience unlike any other. Its exterior theater is a stunning mix with Spanish as well as Moroccan architectural styles that is highlighted by its distinctive dome-shaped roof, as well as its ornate towers. When visitors walk into the main lobby area, they will be met by its magnificent arched ceilings, hand-painted paintings and lush carpets which help give a feeling of luxury class.

While within, one can enjoy the stunning view from the seats in the orchestra section that includes rows of stadium style filled with red velvet seats, as well as intricate carvings that add to the over 100 years worth of historical significance. The walls above are a selection of historical posters featuring iconic musicals, plays and films that have been shown in the theater.

The stage is an absolute delight with its huge gold curtains, intricately painted proscenium arch, as well as stunning chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The stage is surrounded by an artistic sky-sky backdrop of clouds and stars, providing a calming experience for the audience. The audience is surrounded by luxurious drapery, velvety fabrics as well as wood paneling along with intricate lighting, which gives the room a luxurious look.

Things To Do

Fox Theatre located in Atlanta, GA is a great place to take the children for a fun-filled day. There are plenty of plays, movies or musicals there’s plenty of opportunities for kids to enjoy the theater.

First, the theater has numerous fun activities for youngsters, such as costume-making in costumes from their favorite movie or TV show and participating in stage shows. There are also art and craft stations that allow children to create the props themselves and décor for future performances. If you’re looking for an adventure, Fox Theatre offers scavenger hunts in the theater that let them explore various areas of the building while looking for clues.

There are a variety of interesting things to do in the theater that are ideal for anyone of any age. The theater’s history offers tours that let visitors explore the backstage area and find out about its fascinating past. Children can also enjoy watching 3D films at the Fox Theatre’s modern IMAX theater, or taking a look at the massive screen for interactive games.

In addition, there’s plenty of entertainment to enjoy outside the theater, as well! The Fox Theatre regularly hosts family-friendly events like musicals, comedy shows and trivia nights where all can enjoy. Outside, the Fox Theatre is a lively area with shops, restaurants and entertainment options that are guaranteed to please kids and adults alike.

Whatever things your kids enjoy there’s bound to be something to do at Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA. From thrilling shows that are interactive to fun events, this theater will create an unforgettable day with your family.


The Fox Theatre located in Atlanta, Georgia is a famous and adored landmark. It was first constructed in 1929 as a film building in the name of William Fox of the Fox Film Corporation. It is now an entertainment center for musicals, theater and dance performances, comedy shows and much more. Ticket prices for shows in The Fox Theatre vary depending on the performance and the seating capacity.

Typically, tickets are priced between $35 to $125 for various shows. VIP packages are also available. People can buy special tickets that come with benefits and amenities like earlier entry to the show and being one of the first to enter and access to a VIP lounge that serves refreshments and snacks in the intermission, and after-show meet-and-greet opportunities with the performers.

Furthermore, the Fox Theatre also provides members a variety of packages, which include discounts on tickets, access to exclusive events for members and tickets on sale for specific shows. For more details on ticket prices at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, go to their website or call them directly.

Things To Consider

When planning your excursion at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta GA it is essential to take into consideration certain essential aspects. In the first place, tickets must be booked in advance. Prices for tickets vary based on what day as well as the time of the year. For instance, prices could rise during weekends or holidays. Also, it is important to be on the lookout for events that might require additional charges or alternative tickets.

Be sure to visit the theater’s website for details about seating maps and accessibility options accessible. It is important to note that the Fox Theatre is accessible for wheelchairs with lifts at both entrances and ramps that are located across the main floor. Visitors should be aware of any rules concerning noise levels and cell phone usage as these are subject to change depending on the type of show.

Also, you should go to the website of the Fox Theatre for information on parking. There are a variety of garages nearby and lots that provide reasonable rates and valet service that are available for specific performances. In addition, transport options such as MARTA or Lyft are available for those who don’t want to drive. In either case, you should plan ahead and allow you plenty of time to find parking before the show begins.

If you follow these guidelines and conduct some research prior to the time, you will be able to have a great time when you visit The Fox Theatre in Atlanta GA! Prepare yourself to experience incredible performances and exceptional customer service!

What People Are Saying

“The theater is a beautiful place to see a movie. The staff is professional and the prices are reasonable.” – J.D.

“This place is amazing! The staff was super friendly and the theater was very clean.” – K.M.

“Fox Theatre is my new favorite place to see a movie! The theater is gorgeous and the staff is so friendly.” – A.B.

“I absolutely loved my experience at Fox Theatre! The staff was super friendly and the theater was so clean.” – K.C.

“This was my first time visiting Fox Theatre and I absolutely loved it! The staff was super friendly and the theater was very clean.” – M.W.

“This theater is a must-see! The staff was incredibly friendly and the theater was so clean.” – K.D.

“I had an amazing experience at Fox Theatre! The staff was super friendly and the theater was very clean.” – C.F.

Located at: 660 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

Local Attractions

Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium located in Atlanta GA is an excellent location for visitors of all age groups. With 8 million gallons of salinity and freshwater environments it’s home to over 100,000 aquatic animals from all over the globe. From whale sharks of immense size as small seahorses there’s something for every person in this stunning aquarium.

One of the main reasons to go to Georgia Aquarium can be for its amazing array of exhibits for animals. The Ocean Voyager exhibit alone has four whale sharks, as well as many other species, including manta rays, sawfish, and the hammerhead sharks. Alongside whales, visitors can visit a variety of jellyfish, seahorses, eels and much more within The Cold Water Quest area that is two stories tall. In addition, there are immersive touch tanks where visitors can get close and intimate with sea stars and other soft creatures.

Another reason to go to this Georgia Aquarium can be for the educational opportunities it offers. Alongside its extensive variety of exhibits, the aquarium also provides a variety of interactive programs, including Behind the Seas Tours and the Swim-With-the-Fish experience. These programs let visitors go behind the scenes and discover more about the amazing creatures that live within the aquarium’s waters. The aquarium also holds regular talks from marine biologists who impart their knowledge of topics such as conservation of the ocean and the behavior of animals.

In addition, there are plenty of family-friendly entertainment options in Georgia Aquarium. From dolphin shows to 4D films, this amazing attraction offers something for all ages to delight in. In addition, with the aquarium’s App as well as other tools that are digital visitors are able to easily browse its extensive exhibits and explore all the amazing animals that reside there.

Why Georgia Aquarium is the Best

The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA is the world’s biggest aquarium, it hosts more than 100,000 aquatic species. Ten million gallon saltwater and freshwater and saltwater, it’s an incredible spectacle to behold. Beluga whales, whale sharks, whale shark seals, bottlenose dolphins or sea otters visitors can visit a variety of habitats with hundreds of species across the world. No matter if you’re seeking an educational experience or just a bit of enjoyment with family and friends the Georgia Aquarium has something for all!

In the Georgia Aquarium, you can experience a close encounter with all sorts of species. Its Ocean Voyager exhibit allows guests to watch whale sharks pass through a vast viewing window. It is also possible to relax and watch the Beluga whales California sea lions as well as African penguins in the Cold Water Quest gallery. Some galleries also offer hands-on experiences such as squeezing a stingray, or exploring an underwater touch pool filled with sea stars as well as other aquatic animals. It’s an exciting opportunity to discover animals and explore the environment they live in.

In the end, the Georgia Aquarium provides a wide range of programs and activities that make it a great place for people who want to experience something different. From behind-the-scenes excursions to sleepovers, there’s a lot of chances to learn about the aquatic creatures. Through its educational programs and immersive experiences The Georgia Aquarium will make an unforgettable experience for anyone!


The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA is a world-class attraction and is home to over 100,000 aquatic creatures. It is home to one of the largest collections of sharks, penguins, manta rays, dolphins, otters and many more species. Aquarium visitors are able to explore five galleries that show the diverse species of the world. The aquarium also has a number of educational programs that visitors are able to engage in to learn more about marine creatures and conservation. Apart from its exhibits, Georgia Aquarium has several activities that are interactive, such as being able to swim with whale sharks and stingrays, watching trainers interact with dolphins and behind-the-scenes views of sea lion shows , and many more. The facility is accessible to wheelchairs throughout the entire structure and has wheelchairs for rental at the desk of customer service.

The Georgia Aquarium is always busy hosting events that are exciting, such as the annual celebration of Halloween. The aquarium also offers a broad variety of eating and shopping options, including snacks for grab-and-go as well as meals from cafes, restaurants as well as food stands. There’s even a hotel available for those who would like to stay for a longer period of time. If you’re seeking for an enjoyable day out or a memorable experience in the water, Georgia Aquarium is sure to satisfy your requirements!


The Georgia Aquarium located in Atlanta, GA is an amazing sight to see. From the moment you enter into the aquarium, you’re overwhelmed by an array of colorful and exotic marine life. The main aquarium is filled with colorful coral reefs and tropical fish, and magnificent sharks that gracefully swim through the enormous tank. There are a myriad of species of marine life in the aquarium across the globe such as, whales and penguins as well as jellyfish, and even otters! You can go by this Underwater Tunnel where you’ll be completely surrounded with glass walls to have a close and personal look at the amazing creatures as they move in the water. Alongside the main tank, there are numerous smaller tanks within the aquarium, which showcase various species, including turtles, rays, and octopus. With so many sights to take in, it’s possible to spend a whole day exploring this aquarium. Georgia Aquarium. No matter if you’re local or traveling for the first time in the area, it’s one of the must-see places in Atlanta!

Things to do

Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA is a fantastic location for children to learn and explore amazing aquatic life. From penguins to sea turtles, there’s a myriad of thrilling activities to enjoy in the aquarium. Kids can get up-close and personal with a variety of kinds of marine creatures participating in interactive encounters with animals. This can be anything in the form of touching horseshoe crabs Stingrays in shallow-water tanks, or observing other animals like sharks and octopus in glass walls. You can even interact with dolphins who are playful during an educational swim class!

The kids can also view hundreds of species of marine mammals, fish, reptiles, invertebrates and reptiles from across the globe through diverse 4D exhibits including live demonstrations, exhibits and live shows on display in the Aquarium. There are also many educational programs, like Penguin Feeding Sessions and Sea Turtle Talks which allow guests to get to know more about the animals who live in the oceans.

Georgia Aquarium is the home of a range of special events specifically designed for children and families as well. There’s something for all ages including themed nights with pirates and mermaids to holiday-themed activities like the “Festival of Lights” during the time of Christmas! Children can even host their own birthday party at the aquarium, including exclusive tours, gift bags, and access to specific shows and exhibits.

Whatever their interests are, Georgia Aquarium has something to offer children of all age groups! From interactive and educational experience to events that are special and even sleepovers there’s always something interesting and new to discover within the marine park. Check out the site for more details about tickets and programs!


The price of admission for admission to Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA is contingent upon the kind of ticket that you buy. A general admission ticket costs $32.95 for adults (ages 13+) as well as $26.95 for children (ages 3-12). There are discounted rates for children, for seniors (65+) as well as students, military personnel, and groups, if booked in advance. Additional packages may be offered with additional features like dolphin encounters or an underwater show. Prices vary depending on the time of year therefore it’s recommended to visit their website for the most current prices. In addition, visitors can save cash by purchasing tickets online rather than paying at the ticket counter. It is also possible to purchase tickets online. Georgia Aquarium also offers annual passes that allow access to the entire exhibits and activities of the aquarium for an entire year. The prices vary between $59.95 to $86.95 according to the type of pass you purchase.

 If you are looking for an experience that is more immersive, the Georgia Aquarium also offers tours with Behind-the-Scenes that give visitors exclusive access to the behind-the-scenes area of the aquarium, in addition to an encounter with animals. The tours begin at just $50 for each person and will vary depending on the tour selected. Parking is also accessible in the parking lots located near the aquarium, with prices starting at $5 per car per day. Prices are subject to changes and it is recommended to visit their website for the most current prices prior to making your plans for your trips. 

Things to Consider

Before heading to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA there are some things to take into consideration. Prior to that, you must think about your budget. Not only do you require cash for entry tickets but for food and souvenirs. If you can, buy your tickets online to secure the most affordable prices and avoid the long queues at the entrance to the aquarium. There are many exhibits that have additional costs. Be sure to know about these fees beforehand if looking to attend any unique exhibits or shows.

Next, you must decide on the type of experience you’re hoping for at the aquarium. Do you want an enjoyable stroll through the exhibits or do you prefer to hop from one aquarium to another? Are you planning to take part in a show or other special occasion? Are you searching for an education or to unwind and enjoy the beauty of the ocean life?

Be sure to get there early! The aquarium is busy at high-volume times. It is recommended to arrive as early as you can to avoid lengthy lines and a chaotic environment. If you can, think about buying skip-the line tickets and VIP tickets for the most enjoyable experience. When you’re getting ready to go to Georgia Aquarium Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA ensure you take these steps in mind for the most enjoyable, relaxing experience. From setting your budget to getting there early, a bit of more planning goes far!

What People Are Saying

“The Georgia Aquarium is a must-see in Atlanta! My family and I had an amazing time exploring all the different exhibits and seeing all the incredible sea life. The staff was also very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend this aquarium to anyone visiting Atlanta.” – TripAdvisor Reviewer

“Georgia Aquarium is a great place to take the kids! There’s so much to see and do, and the staff are always happy to help out. We really enjoyed our time here and would definitely come back again.” – Yelp Reviewer

“Absolutely amazing!!! A must see if you’re in Atlanta. So many different types of fish and other sea creatures. The whale sharks were my favorite! The staff was also very friendly and informative.” – Google Reviewer

Located at: Baker St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313


Monday 9AM-8PM
Tuesday 9AM-8PM
Wednesday 9AM-8PM
Thursday 9AM-8PM
Friday 9AM-5PM
Saturday 9AM-9PM
Sunday 9AM-9PM

Local Attractions

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta is the perfect destination for families looking to have a fun and educational experience. Not only does it offer exciting rides and attractions, but there are also numerous interactive activities that will help children learn more about science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Furthermore, visitors of all ages can take advantage of unique experiences such as LEGO Factory Tour or Build & Test Workshops.

Beyond the standard attractions Legoland Discovery Center has to offer, visitors can explore the Imagination Express – an indoor rollercoaster ride filled with music and special effects that travels around a range of different themed lands including Pirate Shores and Kingdom Quest. Additionally, if you’re looking for a true adventure you can choose between two exciting 4D movie experiences – LEGO Ninjago: The Movie and Clutch Powers’ 4D Adventure.

Aside from the rides, Legoland Discovery Center also offers a variety of educational activities such as Master Model Builder Workshops and the Merlin’s Apprentice Ride where kids can learn about robotics, engineering, and building skills. Furthermore, children will love exploring Miniland USA – a miniature replica of some of America’s most iconic cities.

To make the experience even more interactive and enjoyable for young visitors LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Atlanta also provides an array of special events throughout the year like Brick Factor – a Lego building competition that challenges teams to construct complex models within a certain amount of time. There are even birthday parties available for those who want to celebrate with LEGO themed fun.

Overall, LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta provides an unforgettable experience that will leave kids of all ages feeling inspired and entertained. With a variety of rides, attractions, interactive activities, and special events available, it’s the perfect place for families looking to have a fun and educational day out.

Why LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta is the best

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta in Atlanta GA is the ultimate family destination for a day of fun and learning. From interactive rides to educational play zones, this indoor amusement park provides hours of entertainment for all ages. The attractions cover an array of topics from engineering to robotics and even the arts, allowing kids to explore their interests and learn about their favorite subjects in a fun environment.

The interactive rides at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta are sure to please even the most thrill-seeking guest. For example, LEGO Ninjago – Adventure Quest is an exciting journey that empowers riders as they dodge fireballs, dart through laser tripwires and battle menacing enemies while mastering ninja moves on a quest to save the world! Additional rides include Kingdom Quest and Merlin’s Apprentice, both of which are interactive journeys that put the rider in charge of their destiny.

Beyond the rides, LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta also offers a variety of educational play zones to help kids learn and have fun. One such zone is DUPLO Village – an interactive farm-themed area where toddlers can learn about animals, plants and nature while building with LEGO bricks. In The Factory, older kids can explore engineering principles and robotics as they build unique LEGO models. Plus, there’s even an on-site theater where guests can watch 4D movies!

For parents looking for a unique way to keep their children engaged while learning valuable skills, LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta is the ideal destination. With its interactive rides, educational play zones and 4D theater, this indoor amusement park offers something for everyone – from toddlers to teens! And don’t forget about the awesome Master Model Builder Workshop where younger visitors can learn how to build their own LEGO creations with guidance from a professional model builder.

With all of these features and more, it’s no wonder why LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta is a must-visit local destination. It’s the perfect way for families to have fun while learning important skills that will last a lifetime. So come explore and discover all that LEGOLAND has to offer – you won’t be disappointed!


LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta is a family-friendly attraction located in the heart of Atlanta, GA. The center is designed to be an interactive, educational and fun experience for kids of all ages.

The main attraction at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta are its two rides: Kingdom Quest and Merlin’s Apprentice. On Kingdom Quest, guests join forces with Lego characters to shoot lasers at targets throughout a castle in order to rescue the queen from a dragon! In Merlin’s Apprentice, Guests get to ride around on mini broomsticks as they help Merlin build his castle using LEGO bricks.

In addition to rides, LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta offers interactive play areas such as Duplo Village and Lego Racers Build & Test. In Duplo Village, kids can enjoy activities and build structures with the large Duplo blocks, while Lego Racers Build & Test encourages guests to design their own cars and race them on tracks around the center.

The center also has a 4D cinema where you can watch movies like Lego Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu and The LEGO Movie 4D: A New Adventure featuring clips from classic animated films. For a more hands-on experience, there is an Imagination Station which features several interactive building stations. Kids can work together on projects such as mosaics, mini models or even life-size sculptures!

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta also offers several special events for kids and families including Birthday Parties, Lego Master Model Builder Workshops, and a variety of educational programs.

The center is also home to the “Miniland” which contains some of Atlanta’s most iconic landmarks built entirely out of LEGO bricks! Kids can explore the cityscape and marvel at LEGO recreations of places like Centennial Olympic Park, Turner Field and The Fox Theatre.

At LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta there is something for everyone including rides, interactive play areas and special events. It’s a great place for families looking for an exciting day out in Atlanta.


LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta is a fun-filled indoor attraction located in the heart of Atlanta, GA. Visitors of all ages will enjoy exploring the center’s colorful and interactive LEGO play zones, rides and attractions.

The Center features over 10 different themed areas for children to explore and play with millions of brightly colored LEGO bricks. The Imagination Express train ride takes kids on an exciting journey through several immersive scenes, while the Kingdom Quest laser ride puts their skills to the test as they battle skeletons and trolls. In addition to these thrilling rides and attractions, LEGOLAND also offers educational interactive activities that encourage creativity and problem solving.

Throughout the center guests can marvel at detailed LEGO models both big and small. In the MINILAND area, visitors can view iconic landmark replicas constructed entirely out of LEGO bricks. From the Empire State Building to the Hollywood Sign, there are plenty of delightful surprises to be discovered. Visitors will also have a chance to get up close and personal with over 50 life-sized LEGO characters throughout their journey.

At LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta, there’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Kids ages 3-10 will love the creative play zones, while adults can take a break at several restaurants and cafes located around the attraction. Plus, don’t forget to make time for some hands-on fun at one of their special workshops or birthday parties! It’s an experience your family will never forget.

So, come and explore the wonderfully imaginative world of LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta! It’s sure to be a fun-filled adventure that your little ones won’t soon forget.

Things to do

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta park in Atlanta, GA is an amazing place for kids to explore and have fun. The indoor amusement park features 10 LEGO-themed rides and attractions, 4D movie theater experiences, interactive displays, a Duplo Farm, a Merlin’s Apprentice Ride, the Kingdom Quest Laser Ride and much more. Kids can also experience hands-on creative play with ‘Build & Test’ activities where they can build their own custom vehicles and race them on the test tracks.

In addition to rides and attractions, LEGOLAND Discovery Center also offers special events throughout the year such as themed weekends like LEGO City Rescue Academy or Star Wars Days. There are also educational classes available including robotics programming classes offered by LEGO Education.

The park also has a retail store with exclusive LEGO and DUPLO sets, as well as gift cards available. There are plenty of places to eat throughout the park including the Pizza Pazza restaurant and the Hill Top Ice Cream Parlor. The park also offers birthday party packages in their interactive play area where kids can build and create their own masterpieces.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta is the perfect day out for kids of all ages! They’ll have a blast while they explore, learn and have fun at this amazing indoor amusement park.


The cost of admission to LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta in Atlanta GA varies depending on the type of ticket. A single-day general admission ticket for adults (ages 3+) costs $23.95, while children (ages 3-12) tickets are priced at $19.95 each.

There is also a two-day pass available that offers discounted rates – adults pay $37.90 and children pay $30.90 – which allows visitors to experience the attraction twice in one visit over two consecutive days.

For additional savings, visitors can save up to 20% by purchasing tickets online prior to their visit instead of paying full price at the door. Additionally, there is an Annual Pass option available for those who want to visit the attraction more than once in a year. The annual pass costs $59 per person and includes unlimited visits for 1 year, exclusive discounts on food and beverages, special event access, a free LEGO mini build every month, and many other perks.

For families of four or more people visiting together, LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta also offers discounted rates. A family of four can purchase tickets for just $62 each while five family members can buy their tickets at $29.50 each. Prices may vary depending on promotions throughout the year so it is best to check directly with the attraction before booking tickets online.

Finally, there are group discounts available for groups of 10 or more people visiting LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta. To receive the group discount, bookings must be made in advance and tickets purchased at the same time. Group rates start from just $17 per person (based on a minimum of 10 people).

No matter which ticket you choose, LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta offers hours of educational and fun activities that are sure to delight children and adults alike. Visitors can enjoy interactive rides, LEGO building challenges, 4D movies, and many other attractions throughout the day. Prepare for an unforgettable experience!

Things to Consider

First, plan your visit. Visitors can purchase tickets online and save money with packages that include attractions outside of the center such as movie theaters or aquariums. It is best to arrive early to avoid long lines and potential overcrowding. Additionally, check the calendar for special events taking over the center throughout the year. Finally, make sure children are assigned an adult guardian for the day as kids under 16 must be accompanied by someone 18+.

Second, understand what you will see inside. The main attraction is the LEGO Factory Tour which takes visitors on an interactive journey from start to finish on how LEGO pieces are made. There are also two rides, Kingdom Quest Laser Ride and Merlin’s Apprentice Ride; exhibit areas like Pirate Adventure Island, LEGO City Forest Ranger Pursuit, DUPLO Village; plus a 4D cinema.

Third, consider the amenities within the center. There is a café where visitors can grab snacks or lunch during their visit. The center also has complimentary Wi-Fi, wheelchair rental services for those with disabilities and lockers to store items throughout your stay.

Finally, take advantage of activities outside of LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta such as shopping in Atlantic Station or Centennial Olympic Park and having dinner at local restaurants near by. Additionally, there are several parks with trails and outdoor activities located minutes away from the center that make great day trips.

By following these tips and being prepared for your visit, LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta will be a enjoyable experience for everyone.

What People Are Saying

“So many things to do and see!” -John D.

“Very well done and so much to see and do.” -Mary P.

“My kids had a blast here!” -Stephanie H.

“This place is great for kids!” -Mike W.

“My family had a blast at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta!” -Sarah M.

“This was our first time here and we loved it!” -Jennifer L.

“We will definitely be back!” -Brian K.

Located at: 3500 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30326


Monday 10AM–8PM
Tuesday 10AM–8PM 
Wednesday 10AM–8PM 
Thursday 10AM–8PM 
Friday 10AM–8PM 
Saturday 10AM–8PM 
Sunday 10AM–8PM

Local Attractions

Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta in Atlanta GA is one of the top zoos in the U.S. and a great destination for families, couples, and even solo adventurers looking to explore some of nature’s most fascinating creatures. Here are five reasons why you should go to Zoo Atlanta:

To Get Up Close and Personal With Wildlife: From zebras to tigers, Zoo Atlanta offers a wide variety of animals from all over the world that you can get up close with. There are also many interactive exhibits like petting zoos, touch tanks, and behind-the-scenes tours where you can learn more about animal care and conservation.

Educational Programs: Zoo Atlanta has plenty of educational opportunities for all ages, such as their summer camp program, classes and lectures, and special exhibits. Zoo Atlanta also offers up-close animal encounters with a zookeeper where participants can learn about the animals’ care, diet and natural history.

Accessibility: The zoo is accessible to all guests with disabilities due to its wheelchair ramps and other accommodations. As well, staff are available at various locations throughout the park to help people with disabilities maximize their visit.

Family Fun: Zoo Atlanta offers something for everyone in the family from rides like the carousel and train to educational programs designed for kids of all ages. Plus, there are plenty of free activities like puppet shows and live music concerts during holidays or special events.

Convenience: Zoo Atlanta is conveniently located in downtown Atlanta, so you don’t have to go too far to explore some of the world’s most exotic creatures. You can also take advantage of the nearby restaurants and shops for a well-rounded day trip.

So if you’re looking for an exciting wildlife adventure, Zoo Atlanta in Atlanta GA is the perfect place to visit! There are plenty of things to do and see that will provide hours of entertainment and education for all ages. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!

Why Zoo Atlanta is the best

Zoo Atlanta in Atlanta GA is the best local destination for a variety of reasons. For starters, it has one of the largest collections of exotic animals in the world. The zoo is divided into sections featuring different animal habitats and ecosystems like African Savannah, Asian Forest, and Reptile House. Each section offers unique exhibits, educational programs, and animal encounters that provide visitors with an exciting learning experience.

In addition to its rich collection of wildlife, Zoo Atlanta is well known for its commitment to conservation initiatives and research projects. It has a dedicated team of experts who are working diligently to protect endangered species from extinction through captive breeding programs and other forms of preservation efforts. By visiting Zoo Atlanta, you can help support this cause as all ticket sales go towards the zoo’s conservation efforts.

Another reason why Zoo Atlanta is one of the best local destinations is its commitment to providing educational experiences for visitors. All throughout the year, they host a wide range of activities and events, such as behind-the-scenes tours, animal performances, and interactive exhibits that teach guests more about the animals and their habitats. The zoo also offers educational camps for children over holidays or summer breaks where they can explore further into topics like animal behavior and science.

Finally, Zoo Atlanta provides visitors with an immense amount of entertainment options to choose from. From concessions stands serving up classic favorites like hotdogs and popcorn to unique wildlife shows featuring different species from across the globe, there is something


Zoo Atlanta is located in the heart of the city and offers a wide variety of attractions and facilities for guests to enjoy. The zoo features more than 200 different species of animals, including gorillas, pandas, tigers, elephants, rhinos, otters, chimpanzees and many more. The expansive grounds are home to an array of habitats showcasing naturalistic environments as well as interactive animal experiences such as petting zoos and giraffe feedings. Guests can also take part in hands-on educational activities like guided tours and keeper talks that provide greater insight into Zoo Atlanta’s animals and conservation efforts.

The facility also includes the Ford African Rainforest featuring lush vegetation alongside tropical birds and reptiles while the Scaly Slimy Spectacular provides interactive exhibits and up-close encounters with amphibians, reptiles, and invertebrates. In addition, the KIDZone features kid-friendly activities such as puppet shows, storytelling sessions, and a carousel while the Kudzu Playground and Nature Trail provide outdoor fun with nature exploration play areas.

Zoo Atlanta also boasts several dining options including an indoor café as well as an outdoor beer garden with specialty cocktails. There are numerous gift shops throughout the premises offering souvenirs and memorabilia to take home. Other amenities include wheelchair rental services, ATM machines, first aid station, free Wi-Fi access, animal meet-and-greets and much more. Visitors can also become members of Zoo Atlanta by paying annual fees for exclusive benefits such as free admission, discounts and special events.

Overall, Zoo Atlanta is a top-notch facility with something for everyone to enjoy. From educational programs to interactive animal experiences and its various amenities, the zoo truly provides an unforgettable experience for all of its visitors!


Zoo Atlanta in Atlanta GA is a wonderful place to explore the wonders of nature. The zoo is an expansive outdoor space filled with lush foliage and exotic animals from around the world, making it a great destination for visitors of all ages. Visitors can explore the winding pathways and catch glimpses of majestic creatures such as giraffes, elephants, lions, tigers, zebras, kangaroos, leopards and more.

The scenery at Zoo Atlanta is breathtakingly beautiful. There are bright green trees that tower over the pathways and provide plenty of shade during hot summer days. Vibrant flowers line the walkways and gardens throughout the grounds adding pops of color to the scene. Fountains filled with colorful fish provide a peaceful backdrop as visitors explore the grounds.

At the center of Zoo Atlanta, there is a picturesque lake surrounded by blooming flowers and lush grassy areas. Ducks waddle through the water, casting gentle ripples across the surface as they go. A bridge crosses over the lake, allowing visitors to get an up-close look at some of the animals living in and around it.

The zoo also boasts a variety of interactive exhibits that allow people to learn more about specific species in an exciting way. From zebra petting zoos to simulated safaris, these attractions offer fun experiences and educational opportunities for everyone. With so much to see and do, it’s easy to understand why Zoo Atlanta is such a popular destination.

Whether you’re looking for a fun day out with the family or an educational experience, Zoo Atlanta is the perfect place to explore nature and its many wonders. With breathtaking scenery, interactive exhibits and exotic creatures, it’s easy to see why so many people flock to this amazing zoo every year. So come and visit Zoo Atlanta today and get lost in the beauty of nature!

Things to do

Zoo Atlanta is a great place to take the kids and explore the wonders of nature. The zoo offers many different exhibits for children to enjoy, including African-animals, aquariums, penguins, and reptiles. Kids can also see their favorite animals up close in the petting zoo.

The Children’s Zoo allows kids to get even closer to some of their favorite animals as they learn about animal behavior and life cycles through interactive activities with goats, sheep, cows, pigs and more. There are also Discovery Centers full of hands-on learning experiences that allow families to better understand the inner workings of nature.

In addition to all these fun activities at Zoo Atlanta, there are plenty of educational programs available for children of all ages. The Education Department offers a wide range of special events and unique experiences that let kids explore the environment and the animals in it.

Beyond the animal encounters, Zoo Atlanta also has an exciting array of rides and attractions for families to enjoy. Kids can take a ride on the Endangered Species Carousel, experience a 4D Theater show, or take a spin on the Wildlife Train.

There are also plenty of places to eat and shop at Zoo Atlanta. The park’s restaurants offer everything from casual dining options to fine cuisine, while the gift shops provide souvenirs for families to remember their visit.


The cost of visiting Zoo Atlanta in Atlanta, GA depends on several factors, including age and membership status. General admission for adults (ages 13-64) is $26.99 per person; children (ages 3-12) can get in for $21.99. Seniors (ages 65+) enjoy a discounted rate of $22.99, and children under 3 years of age enter for free.

For an additional fee, visitors can get a ticket to the Giant Panda exhibit, which includes an up-close view of the Zoo’s two beloved pandas – Lun Lun and Yang Yang. The cost for this experience is $5 per person (ages 3+).

Things to Consider

Before planning a visit to Zoo Atlanta in Atlanta, GA there are several things to consider. One of the most important considerations is the weather. Since Zoo Atlanta is an outdoor destination, visitors should make sure to check the forecast and plan accordingly. Visitors should also dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable shoes as there is a lot of walking involved.

Additionally, visitors should consider their travel times. They should check the traffic reports before planning a trip to make sure they arrive on time and don’t miss anything. They should also take into account parking availability in advance so they have plenty of time to find a spot when they arrive at Zoo Atlanta.

Visitors should also plan their day in advance. Zoo Atlanta offers a wide range of activities, and visitors should research what is available and plan their day to make sure they don’t miss anything. They should also consider the operating hours when planning their trip as certain attractions may not be open at all times.

Finally, before visiting Zoo Atlanta, visitors should review the admission prices and decide if they would like to purchase a membership or annual pass. These passes provide discounts on food, merchandise, and future visits.

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“The best zoo in Atlanta!” -A. Jones

“A great place to take the family!” -J. Smith

“Zoo Atlanta is a must-see when you’re in town!” -T. Adams

“The animals are so well taken care of!” -M. Johnson

“An enjoyable experience for all!” -K. Nguyen

Located at: 800 Cherokee Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30315


Monday 9AM-5PM
Tuesday 9AM-5PM
Wednesday 9AM-5PM
Thursday 9AM-5PM
Friday 9AM-5PM
Saturday 9AM-6PM
Sunday 9AM-6PM

Local Attractions

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Atlanta Botanical Garden Atlanta Botanical Garden in Atlanta, GA is a great location to experience natural beauty. The garden has an amazing collection of trees, plants and flowers from all over the world, and many habitats. There are many reasons to go to the garden, not the least of which are breathtaking panoramas, learning opportunities, and entertaining activities for individuals of all ages.

The Atlanta Botanical Garden is home to one of the most extensive collections of endangered and rare plants in the United States. It is possible to learn the more you can about them and the ways they are being protected through interactive exhibits in the gardens. There are also a variety of special exhibits that feature moving displays like desert plants and tropical plants that you may not see often. Enjoy a stroll around the 30 acres of gardens while taking in the vibrant flowers, lush foliage and a variety of wildlife, exotic and native species.

There is a lot to see at the Atlanta Botanical Garden is also the ideal spot for families to discover. Participate in activities like guided walks and scavenger hunts, bird watching and other special events during the holidays such as Night Lights Festival and Glow. Kids can engage in activities that involve hands-on work, such as gardening projects or participate in special classes on reptiles, insects and other animals, and learn about the importance of plants to the health of our environment.

Why Atlanta Botanical Garden Is The Best

The Atlanta Botanical Garden in Atlanta, GA is an excellent local attraction for people who love beautiful nature. The garden is situated on a 30-acre land close to Piedmont Park, the garden has more than 13 acres of stunning gardens and natural landscapes that attract visitors from across the globe every year. From stunning blooms, trees, and vines to stunning art and gardens themed it’s a wonderful location to visit.

Any time of season you go to the Atlanta Botanical Garden, you’re certain to be enthralled by the sight and music. In spring, the gardens become vibrant with bright displays of flowering plants and summer brings the lush green foliage and aromatic flowers. Fall is ablaze with the vibrant shades of changing leaves and winter is a time of calm landscapes with snow-blanked trees.

The garden has numerous attractions that attract visitors back every year. Visitors can take a stroll along this area, including the Kendeda Canopy Walk, which affords stunning views from the treetops. Or, walk across the Fuqua Conservatory to see the exotic vegetation in a controlled climate. There are a myriad of engaging activities and educational programs that are available for everyone all through the entire year.


The Atlanta Botanical Garden in Atlanta GA is a 30-acre paradise of breathtaking plants as well as natural areas. Visitors to the gardens can discover more than 20 themed gardens, which include the Japanese garden, rose gardens, herb gardens, native plant collections and more! Its Fuqua Conservatory houses two distinct climate zones, each with palms, tropical trees and other lush plants that are from all over the globe. If you are looking for something different to do while visiting Fuqua Garden there are a variety of occasions that are special throughout the entire year. This includes holiday light shows, music, concerts, and horticultural events.

The Garden also offers the Edible Garden Outreach program which offers gardening-related education for adults and children. Alongside educational programs for all different ages, the Garden provides an array of outdoor activities, including walks or bird watching, as well as picnicking. Its Skyline Garden is one of the Garden’s most well-known attractions, with an illuminated walkway through the trees with breathtaking panoramas of Atlanta.

The Garden also provides guests with a variety of dining options, including Cafe Southland and their award-winning Sunday brunches. The Garden offers delicious sandwiches, salads, and desserts in the cafe. Cafe Southland as well as the wine and beer selections of Georgia’s very own Sweetwater brewery.


The Atlanta Botanical Garden in Atlanta GA is a stunning sight to take in. The vast gardens feature an array of plants, from uncommon and exotic species, to more commonly-grown ones that create a stunning landscape. Visitors can stroll through the lush greenery and enjoy the vivid colors of spring and summer blooms, or stroll along the paths that wind through the stunning trees.

The tall trees provide ample shade throughout the garden. beautifully placed benches provide visitors with an opportunity to sit and relax and enjoy the surroundings. There are many statues scattered about which add a level of elegance. A beautiful pond with colorful Koi fish is at the side of the park, which makes it a great spot for photos or to just sit in tranquility.

Things To Do

Going to The Atlanta Botanical Garden with kids is a wonderful method to get outdoors and to learn about education. The garden has a variety of exhibits for youngsters to discover and activities that kids of all ages will love.

A popular attraction includes The Children’s Garden, which features engaging displays throughout the garden, such as an insect habitat as well as an area where children will learn how to garden. The Garden is also home to the Tree House Playground designed especially for children. There are activities for children, such as”Discover Nature”, a “Discover Nature” program which helps children learn about the local species of plants and animals found in Georgia.

The garden also has educational programs like classes, lectures, camps, and after-school programs which help to foster a love for nature among children. There are special events offered during the entire year like the scavenger hunt or an insect safari, where children can hunt for bugs.

Atlanta Botanical Garden also offers lots of outdoor activities for children, including trails that wind through stunning garden areas, as well as a pool brimming with koi fish and even an enchanted hedge. Children can play and explore natural sounds and sights that are a part of the lush garden.


The price of admission to Atlanta Botanical Garden in Atlanta GA differs based on age, admission type, and the date you buy tickets. Admission for adults for 13-64 years old costs around $22.95 for seniors, the seniors (65plus) will cost $20.95 as well as youngsters (3-12) cost $15.95. Children 2 and less are completely free. Special summer pricing for April 1st to August 20th is slightly less for adults, with admissions starting at about $18.95 and senior admission for children priced at $13.95 per person, respectively.

There is also the option of taking advantage of savings when you purchase tickets online or CityPass bundles that offer savings of up to 49 percent. If you plan to go to the garden multiple times throughout the year, there are membership options offered with different levels of unlimited admission, discounted classes, special events and many other advantages. For more information on prices and tickets, go to our Atlanta Botanical Garden website.

Things To Consider

Before you visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden in Atlanta, GA, there are a few things to think about. First, visitors must take note of the times of operation and ticket prices since they are subject to change based on season. It is also important to know the forecast for the weather and dress appropriately for the weather conditions of the day. Most of the time, the garden is open from sunrise till dusk. Visitors must take note for any events that are special, such as evening performances or workshops that might require additional tickets, or bookings.

Transport between and to the garden is another important consideration when planning a trip. The garden is easily accessible by car or bus, but parking could be as high as $20, and parking spaces are often crowded at peak times. Therefore, it’s a good idea to explore alternatives to transport options like ride-shares or public transport. Additionally, while the garden is wheelchair-accessible, visitors should be aware of the uneven surfaces and steep hills throughout the grounds.

It is also important to remember that pets are not permitted in the garden except for service animals. Hence, it is best to keep pets at home prior to going to. Food and drinks are available at specific places within the garden, but outside food and drinks are not allowed. Therefore, all snacks must be kept in a bag prior to going through the gates of the garden. By following these easy tips, you can make sure you have a pleasant and safe visit to the Atlanta Botanical Garden!

Furthermore, it is essential to take into consideration any measures required in light of the COVID-19 epidemic. At present facial masks are mandatory for everyone who visits and employees and guidelines for social distancing must be observed always. This policy could change in the future and must always be reviewed prior to arranging a trip.

When keeping these tips in mind while planning a trip to Atlanta Botanical Garden, visitors are able to ensure their trip is enjoyable and secure!

What People Are Saying

“The Atlanta Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful places in Atlanta. The gardens are well maintained and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend visiting the garden.” -A. Duke

“Absolutely gorgeous! A must see when in Atlanta.” -J. Reynolds

“The Atlanta Botanical Garden is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a taste of nature in the city. The gardens are well-kept and there’s a variety of plant life to see. Definitely worth a visit!” -K. Mitchell

“I had a great time at the Atlanta Botanical Garden! The staff was very friendly and helpful, and the gardens were absolutely beautiful. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a relaxing day in the city.” -L. Garcia

“The Atlanta Botanical Garden is one of my favorite places in the city. It’s a great place to go to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just enjoy some peace and quiet surrounded by nature. I highly recommend it!” -M. Jones

Located at: 1345 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30309


Monday 9AM-7PM
Tuesday 9AM-8PM
Wednesday 9AM-8PM
Thursday 9AM-8PM
Friday 9AM-8PM
Saturday 9AM-8PM
Sunday 9AM-8PM

Local Attractions

Truist Park Tours

Truist Park, within Atlanta, Georgia, is a stunning ballpark which offers tours for the general public. The tour lets you view the stadium from a range of angles, and also gives you an insight into what happens inside the stadium. The tour is also a chance to visit the Braves Museum which is filled with historical and memorabilia.

Truist Tours of Parks and Gardens within Atlanta, Georgia is an excellent way to discover Atlanta, Georgia, the home of Atlanta Braves. Atlanta Braves. Visitors can take a close and personal view of the ball park and its surrounding areas. Truist Park Tours offers both self-guided and guided tours for individuals as well as groups with all ages.

One of the main reasons to participate in Truist Park Tours is the chance to understand the past of the game in Atlanta. Tour guides offer detailed details about historical events like the 715th Hank Aaron Home Run or how the Braves were referred to for being “America’s Team” during their incredible streak of 14 consecutive division championships between 1991 and 2005.

The tour also gives fans an opportunity to view the stadium’s behind-the-scenes view as well as areas that are usually restricted to the public. Visitors are able to explore the bullpens, batting cages and locker rooms as they learn details about their team’s athletes as well as coaches. On the tour, visitors are led deep into the depths of the Truist park for an insider’s view of Major League Baseball’s largest show on Earth.

Truist Park also has many unique attractions that contribute to its appeal. The range of attractions includes The Chophouse restaurant in the middlefield area, and The Battery Atlanta entertainment district in left field. Visitors are able to take a look at all that is part of this magnificent Georgia landmark. Furthermore, special events like festivals and concerts throughout the year contribute to the celebration.

Truist Park Tours are an enjoyable and memorable experience for fans of baseball from all ages. This makes it an ideal opportunity to visit Atlanta’s most loved ballpark. Starting with learning more about the rich history of the game in Atlanta to visiting behind-the-scenes areas as well as interesting attractions in Truist Park, guests will be able to enjoy an unforgettable day. With expert tour guides with interactive exhibits, as well as breathtaking views of the stadium both from both inside and outside, there’s something for all visitors on the Truist Park tour.

Why Truist Park Tours Is The Best

Truist Park Tours in Atlanta, Georgia is an unforgettable experience for everyone who visits. The park is situated at the intersection of two major cities namely Atlanta as well as Sandy Springs – Truist Park provides a unique mix of entertainment, sports and shopping as well as dining. Truist Park houses the Atlanta Braves Major League Baseball team. Atlanta Braves Major League Baseball team, which makes Truist Park one of the most well-known sports destinations across the nation.

Truist Park’s architecture pays tribute to the classic southern style through ironwork, brick walls and the old-fashioned barrel tile roof. Visitors can go on an interactive tour or walk around independently – both have stunning perspectives of the city of Atlanta and the skyline. There are numerous interactive exhibits that let people be closer to the game they enjoy.

A trip to Truist Park is complete without an excursion to the Braves Museum and Hall of Fame, where visitors can find out how the Braves have built their rich tradition. You can also take a tour of the eight-acre Georgia Aquarium adjacent to the stadium, which has more than 100,000 animals from all over the globe.

Truist Park Tours are ideal for families who are looking for an educational and fun day trip. With its mixture of activities, food, entertainment, and entertainment It has something for all ages. From exploring the park’s grounds and meeting the most adored sports stars at autograph sessions Truist Park Tours offers an unforgettable experience that will not be quickly lost. If you’re a local, or visiting from outside the city, Truist Park , located in Atlanta will leave you with a lasting memory.


Truist Park Tours in Atlanta, Georgia offer a vast range of services and activities for guests. The ballpark is home to an retractable roof with seven stories that allows fans to play all year round, no matter what the weather. Truist Park also features an extensive promenade, with a range of restaurants and shops with restaurants like Terrapin Taproom and The Battery Beer Garden. There are numerous concession stands scattered all over the stadium. They offer traditional foods like french fries and hotdogs and local favorites such as boiling peanuts.

Diamond Vision video board Diamond Vision video board is among the biggest video boards available in the world of sports, allowing fans to see every single play during game days. Fans can also make use of other activities that are interactive, like batting cages, pitching lanes, and miniature golf courses. The concourse level is home to an exhibit of Braves souvenirs, games that are interactive and more.

On days when there is no game The Truist Park Tours provide access behind-the-scenes to stadium areas that are not accessible to the public during games such as locker rooms, dugouts, press boxes and field tours. Visitors can also reserve private events, such as weddings, corporate events or other celebrations at any of the venues that are available in the park. The tours are conducted by knowledgeable guides who offer fascinating information about Braves history as well as baseball all around. Whichever tour you decide to go on, you’re guaranteed to have a great time at the Truist Park Tours of Atlanta Georgia!


Truist Park Tours in Atlanta, Georgia offers a breathtaking experience for everyone who visits. As soon as you set your feet on the field you’ll be amazed by the beauty of the place. Truist Park itself is modern and well-maintained. It has views of the city of Atlanta and the skyline that lies just beyond. It is possible to explore every inch of Truist Park and take part in a variety of various tours.

This Hank Aaron Terrace Tour takes you to a terrace that allows you to see Braves players warming up from above prior to the start of the game. From this elevated vantage point you can enjoy breathtaking sights like picturesque sunsets over the city of Atlanta and also fireworks that explode across skies at night. Also, you can have a closer glimpse of the famous tomahawk chop.

The Delta Sky360 Club Tour showcases the best seats you can get! From these premium seats , you’ll be able to see every action happening at the ballpark, making it possible to keep track of every game without being able to miss an ounce. In addition, with the complimentary food and drinks this trip is bound to be a memorable experience for all baseball fans.

Not to be missed last but not least is not to be missed the Braves Museum & Hall of Fame Tour that gives visitors access to over thirty years’ worth of Braves history. The tour guides you through various artifacts from the times of Braves teams, including uniforms as well as trophies and memorabilia belonging to some of the greatest players.

Whichever tour you choose to take part on, Truist Park Tours in Atlanta, Georgia is sure to be a memorable experience. With so many unique things to do and places to visit, Truist Park has something for all ages. Be sure you visit the next visit to town and take a first-hand glimpse of everything Truist Park offers!

Things To Do

Visiting Truist Park Atlanta, Georgia with kids is an enjoyable and educational experience. The Atlanta Braves’ home is Truist Park. Atlanta Braves offers a variety of games to keep children entertained as they learn about baseball.

The first destination on the tour should be The Battery Atlanta – located close to the stadium. The vibrant entertainment district offers several kid-friendly activities like ferris wheel, carousel arcade, bowling alley and even a mini golf course! In addition, there are numerous shops and restaurants for families to discover in between a day of watching their favorite team.

On days of games, guests are also able to take advantage of special experiences like taking the bases to the base after the game or taking part in an early game catch in the stadium. In these games, children are able to meet up close and personal with the players, the kind of experience you will only get once in a lifetime.

In the absence of games visitors can partake in guided tours around Truist Park, which offer an insider’s perspective of the stadium. The kids will enjoy learning about the background of baseball as they visit areas like the dugout, press box and the bullpen.

Apart from enjoying everything Truist Park has got to provide, families can go to The Braves Museum & Hall of Fame adjacent to. The interactive museum features objects from all the team’s history as well as a place for kids to participate in fun activities like batting cages , batting and climbing walls for rock climbing.

Truist Park is an unforgettable experience for all the family. From participating in pregame activities , to exploring the Braves Museum and Hall of Fame, there’s plenty to visit and do in this famous stadium. Plan your next trip soon!


Truist Park Tours at Atlanta Georgia cost $25.00 per person (ages 5 and above) for the 90-minute guided tour that will take you into the stadium, past to the Braves dugout, to the field level, behind home plate and much more. There’s also the chance to go visit Monument Grove and photograph some of your favorite Braves players with their retired numbers. Discounts for groups are offered for groups of 10 or more priced at $20 per person. Tickets also provides special tours like the Chipper Jones Farewell Tour in 2018 ($30/person) and for an All Access Pass which includes an Behind-the-Scenes Tour, batting practice watching and a guided Tour ($40/person) or private excursions that can be tailored to suit the needs of your group ($100 minimum, plus $25 per person). Tickets must be booked in advance , and the sale is final. In addition there is a Braves museum that is open for those looking to learn about the history of the team more. The admission fee is $10. Children aged four and younger are admitted for free when they have the purchase of an adult ticket.

Truist Park Tours offer a unique opportunity to tour the place that is home to one of the most legendary Major League Baseball franchises. Visitors will be able to find out all about Atlanta Braves history as well as getting close to the field at dugouts, in dugouts, or behind home plate. With special tours, group discounts , and the opportunity to visit a museum Truist Park Tours provide something for anyone looking to gain knowledge about one of America’s most beloved professional teams.

Things To Consider

Before you go for a trip to Truist Park Tours at Atlanta Georgia, there are certain things you should be aware of.

The first step is to make sure you have all the required identity documents when you plan on going to the park. This is an official driver’s license (or passport) for adults, as well as a birth certificate, or even a Student ID for children.

In addition, since Truist Park Tour days can get crowded It is recommended to make reservations at least a week prior to the date. It is possible to do this through the official website of the tour, and getting more details regarding prices and availability.

Thirdly It is true that the conditions in Atlanta can be very hot in summer, therefore it is recommended to plan ahead and dress accordingly. Make sure you have a hat on and sunscreen to shield yourself from sunburn and wear light clothing that can be worn comfortably for walking.

Fourth, you must plan to take snacks and water along on your travels. The gift shops in the stadium provide refreshments but they could be costly therefore it’s better to have your own food and drinks.

Make sure your devices are fully charged prior to time since guests aren’t permitted to utilize devices on the tour for security reasons. Make sure to bring a camera for recording memories!

With these guidelines, you’ll be sure to have the most enjoyable time with Truist Park Tours in Atlanta Georgia!

What People Are Saying

“Truist Park is a great place to take a tour! The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable.” -A. Lee

“I took a tour of Truist Park and it was phenomenal! The tour guide was very professional and informative.” -B. Jackson

“Truist Park is an excellent place for a tour. The guide was extremely knowledgeable about the area and the history of the park.” -S. Patel

Located at: 755 Battery Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30339

Local Attractions

Ponce City Market

Ponce City Market in Atlanta, Georgia is an iconic place for visitors and locals alike. It is located at Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward, PCM is a unique shopping, eating as well as entertainment experience that cannot be found elsewhere. With more than 100 retail outlets and restaurants to pick from and a myriad of family-friendly activities, Ponce City Market has something for all ages.

If you’re seeking to shop till they’re stuffed, Ponce City Market has everything. From high-end brands like Williams Sonoma and Lululemon to local favorites such as Sublime Doughnuts and Three Taverns Brewery There’s something for everyone. Additionally The Old Fourth Ward location provides an easy connection into downtown Atlanta attractions like Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coca-Cola and Georgia Aquarium.

If you’re an eater, Ponce City Market has many incredible eateries to pick from. Get delicious food at nationally-acclaimed restaurants like Bocado Burger Bar, King of Pops, The Mercury, and The Mercury, or discover distinctive flavors at local favorites such as Yalla as well as Waffle Palace. There’s something for every taste and tastes, from vegan alternatives to traditional Southern classics.

The best part is that Ponce City Market offers plenty of family-friendly activities which are ideal for all ages. The kids will be delighted by playing at the Skyline Park rooftop amusement park with bumper cars as well as mini golf, while adults can take a break inside The Central Food Hall or catch an action-packed movie in the 3-D theater. Ponce City Market also offers various local events throughout the year, such as weekly farmers’ markets and weekly live music shows and even a Christmas market.

Why Ponce City Market is the Best

Ponce City Market in Atlanta, GA is the best local attraction for numerous reasons. It is located in the middle of Atlanta’s downtown, Ponce City Market provides a unique shopping experience, with more than 100 stores and restaurants that sell local goods from Georgia-based merchants. The market also has things to do like breathtaking views of Atlanta from the Skyline Park’s Ferris wheels and a miniature Golf course old-fashioned arcade as well as many outdoor areas for you to relax.

The market is filled with delicious culinary options that span from street food to fine dining options. With a primary focus on providing fresh and local products, Ponce City Market has something for everyone’s taste. Alongside their delicious meals, the market holds a variety of activities including live music, to art exhibits.

The area that surrounds Ponce City Market offers plenty of possibilities for recreation and fun. Its Historic Fourth Ward Park is just a few minutes away and offers many miles of trails with playgrounds, large green spaces that give an ideal opportunity to soak in all the sounds and sights of Atlanta. The nearby BeltLine bike trails provide cyclists with an easy method to explore Atlanta while enjoying the art that is displayed on its way. Furthermore, a range of galleries, museums and other attractions are accessible on foot or by bike too.


Ponce City Market in Atlanta, GA is an exciting and bustling market offering an array of distinctive amenities. The market offers a diverse assortment of shops, restaurants as well as entertainment options within its historical walls. The property has been carefully restored and upgraded to give visitors the most memorable shopping experience.

The outdoor portion of Ponce City Market includes the Skyline Park – a gorgeous rooftop area for recreation and offers thrilling activities such as mini-golf, carnival games, slides, swings and other fun! Then there’s The Central Food Hall which showcases some of the most popular local restaurants in town, with food options that range between Mexican and Mediterranean. You can also discover trendy boutiques such as Frye Boots, Draper Jamesand Warby Parker.

The venue also provides incredible live music experiences, with performances that take place indoors as well as outside. It has also hosted concerts by popular artists like The Black Keys, Alabama Shakes and OutKast among other artists. Ponce City Market also serves some of the most delicious cocktail options in city life in the Skyline Park Bar or The RoofTop Terrace & Bar.


The primary draw of Ponce City Market is its lively atmosphere that is full of life and energy. The visitors can walk through long, winding streets of well-lit boutiques selling unique products ranging from clothing to art. You’ll also see numerous food stalls that serve tasty meals and snacks all over the globe. Outside places to sit invite guests to sit and relax, meet new friends and watch people.

In the evening, Ponce City Market truly is alive with live music performances as well as theatrical performances and many more. There’s an amusement park on the roof that features the five-story Ferris wheel that offers breathtaking views of the city of Atlanta. Overall, Ponce City Market offers an enjoyable experience for anyone of all ages to visit and take pleasure in. Ponce City Market is a must-visit place for those who visit Atlanta. With its unique shopping experience, various eateries, exciting entertainment options, and stunning views of Atlanta’s skyline, it’s easy to understand why the market has become a popular destination for visitors and locals alike.

Things to do

Ponce City Market in Atlanta GA is an ideal area for children to explore and enjoy themselves. With more than two million square feet of area there are lots of things for kids to take part in. From the old Food hall, to arcades and the food court. This bustling market has something for every person. Here are a few of the most popular things to do during the Ponce City Market with kids:

1. Visit the food Court – The food court at Ponce City Market is among its most well-known places to visit. It is awash with local vendors selling dishes from all over the world This is a dream for foodies old and young. The kids will be enthralled by the diverse tastes and trying new foods!

2. Enjoy a ride on the Skyline Ride – This iconic sky ride gives breathtaking views of Atlanta from the air. Visitors can enjoy an up-close perspective of Atlanta and the surrounding areas, including Ponce City Market and its surroundings. It’s an amazing adventure for all the family members!

3. Have fun at the arcade The Arcade – Younger kids are sure to play with their hearts’ delight in the arcade. Playing classic games like air hockey and pinball along with modern-day favorites such as Dance Dance Revolution, this is an area that is sure to keep kids entertained for many hours!

4. Find Souvenirs to Take Home – Following all the activities that are fun, spend some time shopping at one of Ponce City Market’s numerous boutiques and shops. Children can pick up special souvenirs and gifts that will keep a memory of their trip.

5. Enjoy a stroll in Historic Fourth Ward Park – After a long day at the market, you can take a relaxing stroll through the nearby Historic Fourth Ward Park. This park is 17 acres of scenic paths, lakes and even a playground! It’s the perfect place to unwind and take in some fresh air.

Whatever age your children are, there’s something for all ages to enjoy at Ponce City Market in Atlanta GA! With its distinctive shopping, food courts attractions, and fun activities, it’s bound to be an enjoyable day for everyone in the family. So , come and discover this vibrant market and make lasting moments with loved ones!


For a typical visit, which includes eating, shopping or taking a stroll around the market it is free of cost necessary. If you’re seeking for something more special such as going to one of the special occasions or participating in any of the interactive experiences offered by a few vendors, admission costs are applicable. Also, some specialties such as food tours might be charged additional fees for the experience. If you’re planning to live in the Ponce City Market then rental prices start at $1,500 for one-bedroom apartments all the way to $4,000 for two bedrooms. Prices vary based on the layout of the apartment and the facilities offered.

In terms of dining options in the area of dining, there are more than 20 dining options in the Ponce City Market ranging from fast casual options to award-winning fine-dining establishments. Prices vary from about $5 up to around $50 per head, based on the location you decide to eat and the kind of food you want to take in. In the end, Ponce City Market provides Atlanta tourists with an unforgettable experience that’s not expensive. If you’re seeking something different from the typical tourist spot, then PCM is definitely worth your time!

Things to Consider

Before you go to Ponce City Market in Atlanta, GA, there are few things to be aware of. The first thing to do is to plan your trip ahead of time. Be sure to review the hours of operation prior to planning any trip. With over 40 stores and eateries on the premises It is essential to know what you’d like to see before you arrive. So, you don’t be left out of everything!

Another aspect to think about is transportation. The most convenient method of getting to the city center is via car, however, when you’re considering taking public transportation or cycling into the city, be sure you’re familiar with the route prior to your departure. Also, make sure to carry lots of cash or credit cards since some merchants don’t take credit cards. In addition, many of the places and shops in the Ponce City Market have specific age restrictions, so make certain to be aware ahead of time if there are any events that are prohibited because of your age.

Consider what you’ll wear when you visit Ponce City Market. It’s a bustling place and packed every day. So, dress for safety and comfort. This means you should wear comfortable shoes and clothes that don’t hinder your mobility. Also, you should carry a lightweight coat or sweater in the event that weather changes unexpectedly to wet or cold.

What People Are Saying

“Ponce City Market is one of the coolest places in Atlanta GA. It has a really great vibe and there are so many great shops and restaurants. The people who work there are also super nice and helpful.” -A. Duke

“I love Ponce City Market! It’s such a great place to shop and eat. The staff is always so friendly and helpful.” -J. Smith

“Ponce City Market is my favorite place to go in Atlanta GA. It has everything I need and more. I can’t wait to go back!” -K. Jones

“Ponce City Market is an amazing place! I absolutely love it. The staff is super friendly and helpful, the shops are great, and the food is delicious. I can’t wait to go back!” -L. Nguyen

Located at: 675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

Monday 10AM–9PM
Tuesday 10AM–9PM
Wednesday 10AM–9PM
Thursday 10AM–9PM
Friday 10AM–9PM
Saturday 10AM–9PM
Sunday 11AM–8PM

Local Attractions

Six Flags Over Georgia

Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta, Georgia, is the ideal destination for those who love to be awed. The amusement park has numerous rides, attractions, and entertainment that make it the perfect location to spend the weekend or day with your family friends, or even on your own.

The schedule of activities that can be found at Six Flags Over Georgia includes the biggest roller coasters found in the southeastern United States. One of the most popular coasters for coasters is Goliath which has 3000 feet of track where riders can enjoy a 130-foot drop and speeds of up to 70 miles an hour. There are three additional coasters in Six Flags including Dare Devil Dive and Mind Bender as well as smaller rides like the carousels and tea cups for people who aren’t as adventurous.

Alongside the attractions, Six Flags Over Georgia provides shows throughout the day that includes comedy, music, and shows of magic. A majority of these shows are held within the Grand Theatre where up to 1200 guests can view various family-friendly performances. Other attractions include interactive zones like Wiggles World or Justice League: Battle for Metropolis that provide fun and games for youngsters of all different ages.

One of the benefits of visiting Six Flags Over Georgia is it’s near other tourist attractions in Atlanta. When you visit, you can make use of the chance to explore nearby attractions like CNN Center and Centennial Olympic Park before heading back to the park for another attempt at the most popular attraction or show. With its wide range of thrilling rides as well as attractions as well as live shows, Six Flags Over Georgia is the ideal destination for enjoyment.

Six Flags over Georgia has plenty of fun for every person. From adrenaline junkies to those seeking an enjoyable day trip there are numerous rides and activities that make this park a perfect getaway. If you’re going on a trip by yourself or with friends or family You’ll be entertained with the family at Six Flags Over Georgia – and it’s conveniently situated near other popular tourist destinations in Atlanta. Why not go to Six Flags Over Georgia? It’s a good idea!

Why Six Flags Over Georgia Is The Best

Six Flags Over Georgia, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is the ideal place for an exciting day. If you are visiting with family or friends there’s something for all. For those seeking thrills, Six Flags offers some of the most thrilling ride rides, roller coasters, and thrilling rides across the entire country. The rides range from Goliath through Twisted Cyclone Dare Devil Dive, there are plenty of adrenaline-filled rides to experience.

If you’re seeking more gentle thrills, There are many activities specifically designed for families with smaller youngsters, including those in the Kidzopolis or the Bugs Bunny Boomtown section of the park. These sections offer special experiences like the Great American Plunge log flume ride, as well as kid-friendly rides such as The Looney Tunes Carousel.

Alongside the exciting attractions and rides, Six Flags Over Georgia has a variety of restaurants within the park where guests are able to enjoy a bite and take a bite to eat. From light snacks and drinks at the Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor to pizzas or burgers as well as other favorite dishes from Johnny Rockets, there is something for all tastes. If you’re who are looking for something to entertain yourself between your favorite food or rides, Six Flags also offers various live entertainment options such as comedy shows, stunt shows, or magic shows, as well as musical performances that are guaranteed to give you an unforgettable experience.

With so many enjoyable things to do all at one location, there’s easy to see why Six Flags Over Georgia is the most popular local spot. No matter if you’re seeking an excitement-filled day or to unwind and spend an afternoon with your family There’s something for everyone in this incredible park. Take a few minutes from your busy schedule to explore all that Six Flags Over Georgia has to provide! You’ll be glad you did.


Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta, Georgia is a famous amusement park that is a top resort spot. It is situated on more than 300 acres and boasts a myriad of thrilling rides, shows, and other attractions that the entire family can take pleasure in. From traditional wooden roller coasters to the latest thrill machines as well as kids’ rides, Six Flags has something for all ages. The park also has numerous options for eating out and shopping. Visitors can indulge in the best food in one of the numerous eateries or pick up snacks at the food market. There are also a variety of shops selling clothes and other souvenirs of the park’s distinctive brand.

Visitors can find plenty of entertainment options. The park has live entertainment all day long with comedy and music shows. There’s also a wide range of arcades, games as well as other activities for the family to take part in.

Of, course, no trip wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity to ride one or more of Six Flags’ exciting rides. From thrilling roller coasters such as Goliath to thrilling roller coasters like Goliath to classic rides like The Georgia Scorcher and The Great American Scream Machine There’s something for every person. In addition, visitors can relax on splashy water slides or enjoy breathtaking views from their most popular attractions. With so many attractions in Six Flags Over Georgia, it’s clear why it’s an amusement park unlike every other.


Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta, Georgia is the ideal place for thrill seekers. The park is proud to hold the title of being the biggest attraction park of its kind in the Southeast region. It offers an extensive selection of thrilling attractions and activities with stunning landscapes.

The main entrance of Six Flags Over Georgia reveals stunning views as visitors traverse through a vast open-air area with stunning trees and lush gardens that give a sense of splendor and excitement. As you enter The park’s lush meadows surround you with stunning panoramas of the Blue Ridge Mountains adding to the splendor of the park. Beautiful waterfalls cascade down enormous rock walls as cascading streams traverse the entire park, creating a beautiful landscape.

When you enter Six Flags Over Georgia, the surroundings transform from peaceful and tranquil to an adrenaline-inducing paradise. The thrill seekers can enjoy white-knuckle rides, such as Goliath, a huge steel coaster that takes riders plunged down a 215-foot drop at speeds up to 70 miles an hour. SkyScreamer sends riders flying hundreds of feet up in the sky as well as Dare Devil Dive, a thrilling plunge complete with loops and twists which will certainly test your strength to the test.

The park also has stunningly maintained gardens and pathways brimming with vibrant plants and tall trees. It’s not unusual to see the most gorgeous animals like peacocks and ducks, swans, and many other species. In the evening, the park is lit up with bright lighting that creates an atmosphere guaranteed to please everyone.

In the end, Six Flags Over Georgia located in Atlanta, Georgia is a must-see attraction for anyone who is a fan of theme parks and is looking for excitement and the ultimate adrenaline rush. With stunning landscapes and top-of-the-line attractions, it has something for all ages – young and old. From thrilling white-knuckle rides to tranquil pathways that are adorned with gorgeous gardens and animals This theme park is a must for everything.

Things To Do

Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta, Georgia is an amusement park with a variety of thrilling rides that offer numerous kid-friendly attractions. From a thrilling rides to kiddie rides, and family rides there’s something for all ages. A standout among the visited attraction on the list at Six Flags is the Batman The Ride Coaster The ride will take riders on an exciting ride that is full of twists and turns that loop. Other coasters that are extreme include Mind Bender, Acrophobia, and Goliath. If you’re looking for more gentle rides There are milder options like Goliath, the Grand Carousel, or Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster which are guaranteed to delight guests of all ages.

The waterpark located at Six Flags is among the most popular attractions for families with children. Aqualand is a fun and exciting area that includes attractions like the lazy waves, the river, and family river raft rides. There’s even an exclusive playground designed just for children named Kidzone where they can play and play water-based games.

Animal lovers will have many things to explore at Six Flags as well. Its Wild Animal Safari Park takes guests on an adventure across African Safari territory, including tigers, zebras, Giraffes, and many more roaming freely. The park also has an aquarium in which guests can look at sea life from all over the globe in their natural habitat.

In addition to these thrilling animal shows and rides, Six Flags Over Georgia provides a wide range of entertainment alternatives for children, such as arcades, live music shows characters meet-and-greets, as well as shows. There are numerous dining options, including various eateries, food stands, and snack bars that offer tasty treats for all age groups. Families can create an unforgettable memory with Six Flags Over Georgia and create unforgettable experiences that will last a for a lifetime.

Whatever their interests might be, kids will surely enjoy a great time at this amusement park that is awe-inspiring located in Atlanta, Georgia. With an array of rides and attractions to select from, Six Flags Over Georgia is the ideal destination for families with children who are looking for an adventurous day.


Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta, Georgia offers visitors an entire day of entertainment for the price of. The park’s general admission ticket is available for purchase on the internet as well as at the gates on the day of your arrival. Prices vary based on the kind of ticket bought and vary between $45 and $90 per person. Discounts are offered for children who are less than 48 inches tall as well as older adults. Season tickets are available for people who want to take several trips throughout the year. they typically range from $100-$110 per ticket.

Park parking for Six Flags Over Georgia is an additional cost that is not included in the regular admission costs. The standard parking fee is around $20 per vehicle, while preferred parking could cost as much as $30. If you are looking to save money there is a shuttle service also offered for the cost of 5 dollars per ride. The shuttle operates directly out of the downtown Atlanta area up to the gates to the park. Tickets can be booked on the internet or at kiosks that are located throughout the city.

Alongside the regular price of admission, there are a variety of ways to save on your trip to Six Flags Over Georgia. Special discount days are held throughout the year when tickets are discounted to as much as 50% off of their initial prices. Discounts and group rates for veterans, military, or first response personnel are offered with the proper identification at the time of purchase.

When you carefully plan your trip at Six Flags Over Georgia, you will be able to enjoy a memorable day without spending a fortune. With its wide range of rides, roller coasters, and other things to do, it has an experience for everyone at a price to be affordable for everyone. If you are planning to spend only a few hours or several days all through the year, Six Flags Over Georgia is guaranteed to give you endless entertainment at affordable prices.

Things To Consider

Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta, Georgia is a fantastic location for family and buddies to take in the adrenaline rush of roller coasters, water rides, and much much more. Before going to Six Flags, there are some things to think about. The first and most important thing is that guests must be aware of the operating hours of the park. The park usually opens between 10:00 am and 11:00 am dependent on the time of day or season. Knowing the time of opening can help ensure that you have enough time to make the most of your experience when visiting Six Flags.

It is also essential that guests plan their budget prior to visiting The theme park. Tickets to general admission may vary in price based on age or any other special pricing packages provided at the theme park. There are additional charges for parking and other activities that could be offered during your visit. In terms of eating choices, Six Flags provides a range of options for guests. The park provides traditional fast food choices in addition to snacks as well as desserts and alcoholic drinks. It is possible to plan ahead and help save money by bringing your own food or making use of discounts provided by the amusement parks on specific dates.

Visitors should also be prepared when it comes to deciding which rides they’d like to try when visiting Six Flags Over Georgia, the themed park. With so many options available it is important to research the rides they’d like to go on and be sure to arrive earlier to get the most enjoyment from Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta, Georgia.

What People Are Saying

“I had a blast at Six Flags Over Georgia! The rides were so much fun and the staff was super friendly. I can’t wait to come back!” -AJ

“Six Flags Over Georgia is my new favorite place! The rides are so much fun and there’s something for everyone. I can’t wait to come back!” -Sarah

“I loved my time at Six Flags Over Georgia! The rides were so much fun and the staff was super friendly. I’ll definitely be back!” -Mike

“Six Flags Over Georgia is an amazing place! The rides are so much fun and there’s something for everyone. I can’t wait to come back!” -John

“I had an amazing time at Six Flags Over Georgia! The rides were so much fun and the staff was super friendly. I’ll definitely be back!” -Jane

“Six Flags Over Georgia is my new favorite place! The rides are so much fun and there’s something for everyone. I can’t wait to come back!” -Joe

“I had a blast at Six Flags Over Georgia! The rides were so much fun and the staff was super friendly. I’ll definitely be back!” -Tom

“I loved my time at Six Flags Over Georgia! The rides were so much fun and the staff was super friendly. I can’t wait to come back!” -Sue

“Six Flags Over Georgia is an amazing place! The rides are so much fun and there’s something for everyone. I’ll definitely be back!” -Mary

“I had an incredible time at Six Flags Over Georgia! The rides were so much fun and the staff was super friendly. I’ll definitely be back!” -Bill

Located at: 275 Riverside Pkwy, Austell, GA 30168


Monday 11AM–6PM
Tuesday Closed 
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Friday 6–11PM 
Saturday 12–11PM 
Sunday 12–10PM