Virginia Highland Atlanta Georgia

Virginia Highlands, Atlanta Georgia is located in the middle of Atlanta close to Piedmont Park. It is located between Ponce de Leon Avenue to the north, Monroe Drive to the east, Crescent Avenue to the south, and Freedom Parkway to the west. The popular neighborhood enjoys an ideal central location, close to downtown Atlanta yet is far sufficient for people to feel as if they live in their own private world.

Virginia-Highland is an exceptional destination within the city limits. It exudes an old-fashioned feel with its traditional brick bungalows, tree-lined walkways, and historical buildings. The multi-generational community has things for anyone from families with young children to retirement age. The neighborhood is home to a wide array of restaurants, shops, and cafes, along with art galleries, bookstores, and boutiques.

The area is also home to several of the most beautiful city parks, including John Howell Park which offers outdoor activities like the dog park as well as miniature golf. It is also home to the Virginia Highlands Summerfest is held each year in June. It attracts large crowds thanks to live entertainment, street performers, food vendors, an arts and crafts market, and other activities.

Virginia Highland is an excellent location to live in If you’re seeking an active and tranquil community that is within access to Atlanta’s top tourist attractions. It offers all the advantages of urban living, but it also has its own distinctive style that contributes to its appeal. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for an area to live or traveling, Virginia Highlands Atlanta is certain to delight.

Virginia Highland offers something for every person! With its streets lined with trees and distinctive architectural style, it’s the perfect location to work, live and play. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for an exciting dining experience, top-quality restaurants, and family-friendly events, as well as outdoor sports, this community offers it all. Explore the park and green spaces by bike or by foot and you’re certain to find out why so many people are drawn to the historical beauty that is Virginia Highland.


Virginia Highland Atlanta Georgia History

Virginia Highland can be described as an area of affluence located in the north-central region within the City of Atlanta, Georgia. It was first founded as a small farming community in the latter part of the 1800s and has since morphed into one of the more sought-after neighborhoods in the area. The neighborhood is located between Piedmont Road to the west, North Highland Avenue to the north, Amsterdam Avenue to the east as well as Monroe Drive to the south.

The Virginia Highland Historic District was created in 1988 and is comprised of 517 acres. The district is comprised of 1242 contributing buildings, which are mostly single-family dwellings that range from bungalows built in the 1900s to mid-century modern homes built following World War II. The district also has churches, commercial structures, and parks, as well as schools that show the evolution of the region.

Presently, Virginia Highland is a dynamic and diverse neighborhood. It has the possibility of walking on North Highland Avenue featuring popular bars, restaurants boutiques, galleries, and restaurants. The area also features a variety of parks, including John Howell Park which includes tennis courts, a playground, as well as an area pool for community use. Very well-known occasions in the neighborhood are the host of every year’s Tour of Homes, which gives visitors a peek at some gorgeous properties in Atlanta.

Virginia Highland remains one of Atlanta’s top neighborhoods for families searching for an established neighborhood that is easy to access local amenities like restaurants, parks, and shops. With its historical appeal and modern amenities it’s no wonder the fact that Virginia Highland remains one of the most sought-after communities in Atlanta.

Virginia Highland Atlanta Georgia Today

Virginia Highland is a vibrant and diverse community in the present. It retains the appeal that attracted the first residents to the area, but also offers modern amenities like restaurants, parks, shops, and bars. Every year, the Tour of Homes offers visitors an insider’s view of some of the most stunning properties in Atlanta.

The commercial district of the neighborhood that runs along North Highland Avenue features popular eateries, bar shops, boutiques, and galleries. There are several parks that are located in the area, such as John Howell Park which includes tennis courts, a playground, and an area pool for the community.

All in all, Virginia Highland remains one of the most sought-after communities located in Atlanta for families searching for an established neighborhood that is easy to access close facilities. With its historical beauty and modern conveniences it’s not surprising it is that Virginia Highland is still one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Atlanta.

Virginia Highland has come a considerable distance since its inception as a farm town over 100 years ago. It continues to be among the most sought-after neighborhoods in Atlanta due to its rich history and modern conveniences. It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking an established community to call home, or would like to see what this region offers, Virginia Highland is sure to provide something for all.

There is a Virginia Highland neighborhood of Atlanta Georgia is a lively and diverse area that is with a rich history as well as modern amenities. With its beautiful houses along with parks, shops, and eateries It’s clear why this area is attracting residents from across the city. If you’re looking for an established neighborhood to call your own or would like to see what this region offers, Virginia Highland is sure to offer something for anyone.

If you’re in search of the perfect location to work and live and live, you’ll find everything you require at Virginia Highland – Atlanta’s beloved historic neighborhood. With its distinctive style and modern amenities Virginia Highland is an ideal option for people searching for an exciting and diverse community that offers plenty of options and activities within the vicinity.

This is one of the reasons why so many families have selected Virginia Highlands as their home as it provides the perfect mix of both culture and history and yet offers the latest amenities that are part of our modern life. There’s something for every person in this distinct and beautiful neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia.

Virginia Highland is an iconic and historical neighborhood that is located in the center of Atlanta, Georgia. With its gorgeous houses along with parks, shops, eateries, and restaurants, it’s not surprising that the area is one of the most sought-after places to reside within the metropolis. It has a lively and diverse population, with the convenience of facilities like bars, parks, boutiques, and galleries. Virginia Highland also hosts the annual Tour of Homes which offers guests a peek inside several of Atlanta’s most stunning properties in Atlanta. With its historical appeal and modern conveniences, Virginia Highlands is an ideal choice for those who are looking for an exciting community with many opportunities and activities nearby.

This is the reason why many families have selected Virginia Highlands as their home as it provides the ideal blend of culture and history and offers all modern amenities that are part of our modern life. If you’re in looking for the perfect location to live and work and play, you’ll find everything you’ll need within Virginia Highland – Atlanta’s beloved historic neighborhood.


Cost Of Living

Virginia Highland is an affluent community located in Atlanta, Georgia. Despite the costs of living Virginia Highland is an appealing location for many thanks to its many amenities and accessibility to downtown Atlanta. The region enjoys a warm climate all year long and there is a strong sense of belonging among the residents.

The homes located in the Virginia Highlands vary greatly, including quaint bungalows all the way to lavish mansions. Prices vary based on the size as well as location and condition however, the average price is between $400K and $2 million. The higher prices of houses come with higher-priced things like insurance premiums, property taxes, and HOA fees which can increase quickly over the course of time.

The living expenses of the Virginia Highlands are higher than the average for the nation. Restaurants and food items can quickly add up and meals can cost more than $10. Transport fares in the area average around $2.50 per journey. Utility bills like gas and electric bills are the bulk of your monthly expenses too.

Despite its expensive price of housing, Virginia Highland is an attractive, safe area to reside in and is in near proximity to downtown Atlanta. The neighborhood hosts a variety of events throughout the year that unite residents and gives residents the chance to take advantage of the rich history of the area and amenities while at the same time. While it is more expensive than the other neighborhoods within Atlanta, Virginia Highlands has plenty to offer people who are looking for an inviting location to call home.

Housing And Utilities

The cost of living within Virginia Highland Atlanta Georgia will differ based on the type of property and the amenities it provides. The typical cost for a two- to the three-bedroom house is $250,000 and larger houses can go over $1 million. Rents are also offered in this region, ranging from basic apartments to luxury lofts or condos. The average rent starts at about $1000/month but goes up to $3000 per month depending on the location and the amenities.

The basic energy bills here usually vary between $100 and $200 per month. However, residents should anticipate additional charges for their water bills and garbage disposal when applicable.

Shopping for food items within Virginia Highland Atlanta Georgia is an ideal combination of convenience and value. The majority of stores sell fresh produce, premium meats, bread, and pastries, in addition to other products at affordable costs. There are many smaller specialty markets, which sell products imported from all over the globe.

The cost of dining out can be high in the area; however, there are a few mid-priced eateries for every budget. If you’re looking for a traditional Italian bistro or an iconic American restaurant there’s something for all tastes in this vibrant area.

General Goods & Services

For all-purpose goods and services, Virginia Highland Atlanta Georgia offers a wide range of services and goods. There are plenty of clothing stores throughout the region with everything from luxurious boutiques to consignment shops. There are numerous barbershops and beauty salons that have an affordable costs.

In terms of entertainment, residents are able to enjoy cinemas as well as performing arts venues as well as art galleries, and museums. There’s also a vast range of parks in the area and beautiful trails for outdoor activities like biking or running.


Traveling around Virginia Highland Atlanta Georgia is easy due to its central area being close to major highways as well as public transport alternatives. The MARTA bus service is available in the region, while Metro stations are located within the Candler Park neighborhood.

Driving is another alternative, with a lot of the major roads linking directly to Downtown Atlanta. Parking is limited, but there are parking garages that are available. Limousines, taxis, and ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft provide alternative transportation options.


Local Economy

Virginia Highland is among the most vibrant regions within Atlanta, Georgia. It’s a diverse mix of residential and industrial and commercial properties, but its attraction is its economics. The area is home to a range of small-scale businesses, ranging from small retail shops to restaurants and bars. Many of them are owned and operated locally and help create an atmosphere that is truly local. There are many large businesses located in the region too, such as Coca-Cola Enterprises and UPS.

Despite being located in the middle of Atlanta and all its bustle and noise The economy of Virginia Highland is not greatly affected by Atlanta’s business conditions. This is due to the fact that the majority of the businesses there are smaller and don’t rely on huge contracts or external customers. The majority of companies located in Virginia Highland cater to locals by providing them with goods and services that are adapted to the needs of their customers. This is why the economics in Virginia Highland remains strong regardless of the events in Atlanta. Atlanta.

One distinctive aspect of the economy of Virginia Highland is its dependence on the involvement of the community. There are a variety of groups committed to helping local entrepreneurs achieve their goals, from offering financial assistance to offering advice on marketing as well as networking opportunities. In addition, there are numerous fundraising events and charity drives throughout the year to aid small-scale businesses located in the area, and also provide assistance for those struggling financially. These efforts ensure that our Virginia Highland economy is healthy and flourishing.

Tourism also plays an important aspect in the economics of Virginia Highland. Due to its proximity to the city of Atlanta, it’s easy for visitors and locals alike to travel to the area for dining, shopping, or for entertainment. There are also several hotels that provide accommodation for visitors. This can generate revenue from tourists and residents who want to discover everything Virginia Highland has to offer. In all, these aspects aid in keeping the local economy strong of this distinct area in Atlanta.

Job Opportunities

The Virginia-Highland economy in Atlanta Georgia is thriving, offering a variety of job opportunities for both external and local candidates. The area is home to a long list of employers offering jobs for the local population including Publix, MARTA, Home Depot along with Kaiser Permanente. In addition, the companies in the neighborhood offer numerous opportunities for entrepreneurship for residents. They include restaurants that serve international cuisines and small shops that sell special products and high-tech companies that concentrate on software development as well as other initiatives in technology. Due to its close proximity to the city’s center and other institutions such as the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), Virginia Highland also gives access to numerous jobs in the corporate sector.

Household Income

Virginia Highland is a posh area that has higher than average household income than Atlanta. Atlanta. According to the census 2010 Virginia Highland’s median earnings for Virginia Highland is $75,357. This was significantly higher than the median for all of Atlanta which was $45,321 at the time. The area is well-known for its luxurious homes and apartments that come with amenities like private gardens, swimming pools, and entertainment venues. Many of the residents are employed in white-collar positions or own their own businesses which contributes to the economic strength.

Local Investments

The investments made locally in Virginia-Highland have played a significant role in stimulating economic expansion. Companies have invested heavily in public transportation facilities, such as MARTA and bike lanes in order to help make it easier for commuters to travel. Furthermore, over the years several investors have created small – to medium-sized enterprises in the neighborhood that offer vital services like hospitals and banks. The area has also witnessed numerous renovations to buildings that have been utilized for commercial uses like shops and restaurants.

Overall Virginia-Highland is an economically vibrant community that has numerous job opportunities as well as the highest family income. With local infrastructure investments as well as business development, the region has been able to be connected to the city’s center and other communities, resulting in greater opportunities for employment. Furthermore, its proximity to Atlanta’s famed Georgia Institute of Technology makes Virginia Highland an ideal location for students looking to advance their education or pursue jobs after graduating.


Transportation Options For The Commute

The transport system in Virginia Highland, Atlanta Georgia is vibrant and diverse. It provides a range of choices for both visitors and commuters. There is Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) offers train and bus services across the entire area. There are a variety of MARTA stations within the boundaries of the neighborhood, which include Inman Park/Reynoldstown King Memorial, Avondale, and Virginia Highland Station. MARTA allows you to move within the city an easy task thanks to its all-day passes or tickets for single rides in addition to connecting various other parts of the city with Virginia Highland as well.

If you prefer to drive, there are numerous roads to travel on. The major freeways that go through the area are Interstate 20, Interstate 85 as well as State Route 400. There are numerous major roads that are surfaced, including Ponce De Leon Avenue, North Highland Avenue, and Monroe Drive for easy access to all areas of the city.

Alongside getting around using public transportation or vehicle, Virginia Highland has multiple bike lanes, which allow cyclists to travel from one location to the next. In addition, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition offers numerous classes throughout the year to help novice cyclists become more comfortable on their bicycles. There are many possibilities for those who prefer to walk wherever they want to get to. From sidewalks lined along all streets within the region to trails that are within the parks walking is a great method for people who live there and tourists alike to explore the diverse Virginia Highland communities.

The system of transportation located in Virginia Highland, Atlanta Georgia offers a range of choices for people who want to explore the region. If you’re traveling by train, bus, or bicycle, there’s no shortage of options to help make traveling around the city easy and simple. With its many public transportation services as well as roads and paths that make exploring any part of the city easy and easy.



Taxis are another type of public transportation available in Atlanta Georgia. There are several taxi companies that operate throughout the metro area, such as Yellow Cab and Checker Cab that provide 24-hour service. Prices vary based on the distance traveled but vary from $2.50 at a minimum, to upwards of 20 or even more, based on the time of day, traffic congestion as well as the number of passengers, and many other variables. Taxis can be hired on the street or contacted ahead to collect passengers at the desired place of departure.


Public Transportation

Public transport is available in Atlanta, Georgia including MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) buses, MARTA, and shuttles. MARTA is the heart of the city’s public transport system that provides light rail, subways as well as bus services across the metropolitan region. The price for an all-around trip is between 2.50 to $3.00 dependent on the time of day and distance. A lot of commuters opt to buy the Breeze Card which grants them to use the entire range of MARTA services for just nine dollars per hour or $195 monthly. Buses run across the metro area, with routes that cover all of metro Atlanta including outlying areas.

The cost to ride the bus typically is one dollar, and there’s an affordable price for seniors or students as well as those who have disabilities. Additionally, to complement the MARTA system and Atlanta City of Atlanta operates shuttles to different points within the city. They are absolutely at no cost and are a convenient method for tourists and residents alike to travel around without needing to lease a vehicle or use other options for transportation.



Of course, many visitors prefer to use their own vehicle or hire a car while traveling to Atlanta, Georgia. Interstate 75 and 85 run through Atlanta, which makes it easy to move around with an automobile. However there is a lot of traffic during rush hours, therefore it is essential to plan your trip accordingly. Parking is also something you should be aware of as certain areas of the city are charged for parking whereas others don’t. Hotels often offer complimentary parking for guests, however, it is always advisable to confirm your reservation prior to your visit.



With its temperate conditions and flat landscape, Atlanta is an ideal city for cycling. There are numerous bicycle routes and trails in the metropolitan area that provide cyclists with an easy route for exploring the area. Atlanta Bicycle Coalition Atlanta Bicycle Coalition provides maps of all bike-friendly routes and even provides information about classes, events, and other sources for cyclists. Cycling is also a cheap mode of transport since it doesn’t require fuel or parking costs. With the many options, available travelers in Atlanta Georgia have plenty of choices for how to get to and from the metropolis. It doesn’t matter if you prefer public transit cars, taxis, or bicycles, there’s something for all in this vibrant Southern city.


Average Annual Weather

Virginia-Highland in Atlanta Georgia is one of the well-known areas in Atlanta. It is a popular neighborhood in Atlanta. It is located within Midtown and Downtown It offers comfort and appeal. The climate of Virginia Highland is typically mild with different levels of humidity all through the year.

In spring temperatures can range between an average of 51degF (11degC) up to an average temperature at the 76-degree mark (24degC). It’s not uncommon for rainfall showers to occur in this period as well but they typically don’t last for very long. The temperatures begin to increase during summer, with lows of around 70degF (21degC) and temperatures that can exceed 91degF (33degC) which leaves residents feeling hot and humid.

The cooler, cooler autumn is accompanied by a decrease in temperatures on both sides, with lows of around 55degF (13degC) and highs of around 75 degF (24degC). The leaves change into gorgeous shades of yellow red, and orange during this time of this, creating stunning scenes. Winter is the coldest time in Virginia-Highland. It has an average temperature of 40degF (4degC) and a high of 60degF (16degC). It’s not unusual for snowfall to happen during winter too, however, it’s likely that it won’t last long due to the warm temperatures.

In general, Virginia-Highland residents can take advantage of all seasons, without severe weather issues. The moderate temperatures make it a comfortable area to live in and the change of the seasons offers many occasions for outside activities. This is the reason why the majority of people flock to this well-known Atlanta neighborhood.



The summers in the Virginia-Highland Atlanta region of, Georgia can be quite humid and hot. The temperature ranges from 75degF and 95degF, with high levels of humidity. June is generally the hottest month of the year. summer and august are generally thought to be the hottest months. The evenings are usually cool, which makes summer an ideal occasion for outdoor activities such as swimming, picnics, or even camping. To keep cool during the day, it’s essential to wear lightweight clothing as well as drink lots of fluids.



The fall season in Virginia Highland Atlanta Georgia will be welcomed with temperatures ranging from 50-70 degrees Celsius throughout the months of October and November. The best time for leaf-peeping when the trees change color tends to be towards the close of the season. It’s a wonderful opportunity to visit local farms, pick apples or take Hayrides. It’s important to keep in mind that cooler temperatures are the perfect time to opt for lighter clothes like jackets or sweaters.



The winters in Virginia-Highland Atlanta in Georgia are typically mild, with temperatures that range between 40-60 degrees F during the months of January and February. The possibility of snowfall isn’t uncommon since there have been small snowflakes in recent years. The likelihood of rain is higher during this time of year, so it’s essential to have an umbrella on hand. The days are typically gray and short, so it’s essential to make the most of sunny days whenever they occur.



The spring season in Virginia-Highland Atlanta, Georgia is a beautiful time of the year, with temperatures that range between 60 and 70 degrees Celsius during the month of April and March. The season is typically damp with lots of rain, but there is also plenty of sunshine. Flowers start blooming in the region, and people are able to have mild temperatures ideal for outdoor activities like cycling or walking.


Local Tip

In any season, it’s essential to drink enough water and apply sunscreen while outside since the UV index is typically high because of the region’s subtropical climate. By heeding these guidelines, you’ll be able to ensure that you are comfortable and secure while you’re visiting. Enjoy!


Education System Of Virginia Highland Atlanta Georgia

The educational system at Virginia Highland located in Atlanta, Georgia is one that is praised for its dedication to excellence. It is focused on the fundamentals of learning – academic excellence as well as a staff and faculty that are engaged as well as innovative methods of teaching and learning – Virginia Highland schools provide an exceptional education for students from kindergarten to 12th grade.

In the early elementary years teachers aim to create an atmosphere of curiosity by helping young minds develop their critical thinking abilities develop their creativity and discover all around them. The students are expected to take part in lively discussions on the things they’ve learned and read as they work in their classes. The emphasis is also on collaboration in order for students to learn how to work in teams to gain understanding and solve problems.

As students move through grades, their curriculums become more challenging and rigorous. The classes focus on preparing students for college-level jobs as teachers provide enrichment activities to increase understanding and improve knowledge. Science and math classes are particularly effective in this respect, providing students with the knowledge and skills needed for successful higher education.

In addition, Virginia Highland schools place the highest importance on extracurricular activities and provide many chances for students to pursue their passions outside of school. From drama and sports groups to student governments and robotics, there’s something for anyone – regardless of their interests or skills. The aim is to ensure that every student graduates from high school not just academically, but emotionally and socially – prepared to tackle any challenges that come to their path.

Public Schools

Virginia Highland Atlanta Georgia is serviced by three distinct local public schools including Atlanta Public Schools, DeKalb County School District as well as the Fulton County School System. Each district is run by its own educational board with oversight from the state of Georgia’s Department of Education. The public schools offer free education for children within their respective districts. They provide a common program for classes K-12.

The core subjects like math, science language arts, and sociology are complemented with electives like music and art, physical education, as well as a foreign language. Alongside the traditional instruction in the classroom, a lot of schools provide online learning opportunities for students who would prefer this option or have trouble taking regular classes due to various circumstances.

Charter Schools

Charter schools located in Virginia Highland Atlanta Georgia are public schools that operate independently from a school district in the local area. They receive financial support from the government and they are required to meet the same standards as traditional public schools however they are more flexible in the area of education and curriculum. They typically focus on one particular area or pedagogical concept, for example, that of the International Baccalaureate program or the Montessori method. They may also focus on building character traits, such as teamwork or leadership abilities. The majority of charter schools are open enrollment policies, which means that students from all districts can apply. Some also have specific programs for disabled or gifted students.

Private Schools

The private school market located in Virginia Highland Atlanta Georgia is comprised of a mixture of secular, religious, and board schools. These schools are mostly supported by tuition fees however, some religious schools might also be able to receive contributions from their congregations, or even government grants. Private schools are renowned for their smaller classes as well as more rigorous curriculum and extracurricular activities that are specialized. They can also provide exclusive educational opportunities, such as athletic academies and classes for language immersion. Some private schools require entrance tests or have students take part in an interview; other schools based on their academic records and teacher recommendations determine the admissions process.

Religious Schools

Virginia Highland Atlanta Georgia is home to several religious schools affiliated with local Christian, Jewish and Islamic houses of worship. These institutions offer a faith-based education that combines traditional academic subjects with religious studies and spiritual reflection. In addition to learning about the Bible or other sacred texts, students may attend weekly services, participate in community service projects or enjoy spiritual retreats throughout the year. While some religious schools are open to all denominations, others require students to be members of their specific faith community in order to enroll.


Homeschooling is an increasingly popular choice for families in Virginia Highland Atlanta Georgia. Parents can choose to teach their own children at home or participate in a homeschool co-op, where several families come together to form a single educational community. Homeschoolers enjoy the flexibility of designing their own curriculum and tailoring learning experiences to meet each child’s individual needs and interests. They may also have access to specialized resources such as online classes, tutoring services, or field trips that are not available in traditional schools. All homeschooled children must take an annual standardized test, and some states require parents to register with their local school district or state board of education.

In general, Virginia Highland Atlanta Georgia offers a range of education options, which include private school charters homeschooling, and religious schools. No matter what type of school they choose parents must research each carefully to ensure their children get the best possible education.

Virginia Highland Atlanta Georgia provides an array of educational options for residents, ranging starting with traditional public schooling to private academies and charter schools. Every type of school comes with distinct advantages and disadvantages It is, therefore, crucial for parents to investigate each thoroughly to be sure they’re making the appropriate choice for the needs of their child. No matter if students prefer either private or public schooling there are plenty of top educational options to choose from within Virginia Highland Atlanta Georgia.


Virginia Highland Atlanta Georgia Local Government And Infrastructure

Virginia-Highland in Atlanta Georgia is a popular neighborhood in the center of Atlanta’s city. It was established in the early 1900s and is still a vibrant and diverse community. The local government and the infrastructure of Virginia-Highland are amongst the most prestigious in Georgia because of its years of experience in providing top-quality services for the residents.

The Virginia Highland local government is run with the help of an independent, governing entity called the Virginia Highland Civic Association (VHCA). The VHCA provides vital services like public safety, trash collection street repair, and many others services. They also oversee the zoning regulations within Virginia Highland’s boundaries. They also maintain connections with local organizations, businesses, and other local authorities in order to make sure that the community’s requirements are met.

Virginia-Highland also has an established infrastructure that supports its vibrant business and cultural life. The area has an excellent public transportation system with MARTA trains and buses in addition to access to major highways which include I-85, I-75, and GA 400. Local businesses can have access to freight trucks and residents can take advantage of cycling trails, biking lanes parks, and recreation centers. Furthermore, Virginia-Highland has numerous educational institutions, including private schools libraries, universities, libraries, and museums.

Overall, the local administration as well as the infrastructure in Virginia Highland Atlanta Georgia provide excellent services for residents, while sustaining economic growth that is healthy. With well-maintained streets as well as a vibrant culture and an active business community, Virginia Highland is a great area to reside in Atlanta for those who are looking for an enviable community that has numerous amenities within walking distance.


Virginia Highland, Atlanta Georgia is managed through the Atlanta Police Department. It is located within Zone 6, and as a part of Precinct 4 Residents from Virginia Highland have the opportunity to collaborate alongside police personnel who reside and work within their local community. The primary goal of the department is to safeguard the public by ensuring the safety of visitors and residents as well as reduce crime and creating an environment that is safe for everyone. It is the Atlanta Police Department that encourages community participation by implementing the Citizen Observer Program which allows citizens to report suspicious activities and crimes to police directly via the internet or by phone.

Fire Departments

The Virginia Highland area is serviced by two fire departments, Station 27 and Station 25. Both are staffed by experts who are highly skilled and dedicated to providing high-quality service and protection to the local community. Station 28, located at Virginia Highland and mainly provides structural fire protection for the nearby homes and businesses. The station also houses an expansive Hazmat response team, which handles hazardous material incidents. Station 25 is close by and acts as a backup station for Station 28 in the event of a need.


The area located in Virginia Highland is served by two libraries in the public sector each of which is a member of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Libraries System. One library called the Hapeville Branch Library is located close to downtown Atlanta and has books magazines, DVDs and books and music CDs, as well as audio/visual equipment, and many more. A second one, called the Perkerson Branch Library, is located only a few blocks away and offers a range of resources for everyone, such as books magazines, music CDs, magazines, and DVDs, as well as audio/visual equipment.


Virginia Highland also has a number of schools in its area, both public and private. Public schools in the area include Morningside Elementary School, Inman Middle School, and Grady High School. The neighborhood is also home to a variety of private schools, such as Atlanta International School, Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School, and St. Pius X Catholic High School. All of these educational facilities provide quality education for students living in Virginia Highland and surrounding areas.

Public Services

In addition to the police, fire, and educational departments, Virginia Highland also offers a number of public services for its residents. These services include trash collection, street cleaning, sewer maintenance, and recycling programs. The city also provides access to a variety of recreational activities throughout the area, such as parks, trails, playgrounds, and community centers. The Atlanta Department of Parks & Recreation provides quality programs for adults and children alike which are designed to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles. There is something for everyone in Virginia Highland – from sports leagues to special events at the local parks, making it an ideal place to live or visit in Atlanta.

In the end, Virginia Highland has a strong local government system that includes police departments that are dedicated to keeping the neighborhood safe and two fire departments that are dedicated to providing the best service and security, two public libraries that are stocked with books for all ages, as well as outstanding public schools and services. The residents in Virginia Highland enjoy a safe and active community because of these resources of the local government.


Things To Do

Virginia Highland in Atlanta, Georgia is an exciting and diverse neighborhood that is filled with thrilling attractions and activities that have something for anyone. The neighborhood itself is defined by winding roads lined with charming cottages as well as shops that make it a sought-after location for travelers looking for a true Southern experience.

If you’re who are looking for outdoor activities, Virginia Highland offers plenty of possibilities. Piedmont Park, Atlanta’s sprawling green space near the boundary of the neighborhood — is a great spot for an afternoon of biking, running, or walking through its beautiful trails. The avid hiker can also take a look at Freedom Trail, a two-mile loop that features landmarks dating back to that Civil War era as well as spectacular views of the city of Atlanta. In addition close by, John Howell Memorial Park provides peace and tranquility, with play areas, picnic spots, and even an amphitheater in the park.

Shopping is another activity that is popular within Virginia Highland. There are a variety of distinct boutiques catering to a variety of styles and budgets. These include shops selling vintage clothing like Junkman’s Daughter and local art galleries like Sandler Hudson Gallery. There are also cafes that are locally owned and operated, from establishments to restaurants with a high-end ambiance, one of the most well-known is the famous Atkins Park Tavern.

Visitors will also want to make time to discover the region’s rich cultural offerings. Nearby Plaza Theatre provides the chance to see classic films every weekend and Ponce City Market boasts a wide range of live music performances on the rooftop deck. The history buffs can also go to the Margaret Mitchell House & Museum where they can enjoy an interactive tour of her home and find out more about her critically acclaimed work, Gone with the Wind.

In the end, Virginia Highland in Atlanta, Georgia is an ideal location for anyone who wants to take advantage of everything that the city offers. From outdoor activities to cultural activities, this quaint neighborhood is sure to provide a memorable experience for visitors of all ages.


Virginia Highland, Atlanta Georgia provides a wide range of activities indoor for residents and visitors alike. If you’re looking to get a glimpse of Atlanta’s art scene there’s no better spot to be than Virginia Highland’s Arts District. The district is home to a variety of galleries that allow you to enjoy local art and take pleasure in the unique atmosphere of this lively neighborhood. Furthermore, nine museums are located in the area Each having its own distinctive character and offering something different for all types of visitors.

For those looking for a more learning experience, there’s a variety of possibilities in Virginia Highland and beyond. Its Historic Oakland Cemetery offers guided tours that explore the past and culture of both Atlanta as well as the South in general. On Euclid Avenue, you will find Emory University’s Michael C. Carlos Museum The largest and longest-running museum of its type located in the Southeastern United States. There is also the High Museum is also nearby and has a stunning selection of European and American artworks.

If you’re looking to relax, and that’s the type of relaxation you’re looking for, Virginia Highland has many things to offer. The area is home to a variety of spas in which visitors can take advantage of facials or massages along with yoga classes to relax their bodies and mind. If you prefer shopping Boutiques such as Dress Up specialize in women’s apparel and accessories. Paper Source provides artistic inspiration by offering a variety of stationery, paper products, and other craft materials.


If you prefer outdoor activities over inside, Virginia Highland does not provide them. Piedmont Park is an oasis of green space in the middle of Atlanta and provides visitors with many recreational options including walking trails, fishing playing fields, tennis courts, and even a pool. In close proximity is Freedom Park which houses numerous sporting fields, disc golf courses, and a variety of spots to admire the city’s skyline.

If you’re seeking something more vigorous than simply strolling through the parks there are a variety of outdoor recreation facilities throughout Virginia Highland where you can take a kayak or paddleboard at Lake Claire or join one of the many running groups that are frequent in this area. If you’re looking to venture more into the outdoors, Stone Mountain Park is just 45 minutes away and affords breathtaking panoramas of the Appalachian mountains, as well as numerous trails and activities.

Whatever type of sport you’re looking for, Virginia Highland has something for every person. It could be watching the city’s skyline at one of the parks, visiting the museums and art galleries, or just escaping to the wild by visiting Stone Mountain Park, this lively community provides the ideal combination of outdoor and indoor activities for everyone of all ages. From shopping to taking a break to a day of activities outside There’s no shortage of activities in this beautiful part of Atlanta.


Restaurants In Virginia Highland Atlanta Georgia

Virginia Highland is an Atlanta neighborhood that is known for its famous restaurants and lively nightlife. No matter if you’re seeking an informal dining experience or a comfortable location for drinks with your buddies, or something more formal, Virginia Highland has something to provide. Whatever kind of experience you’re seeking, Virginia Highland has something that will please. If you’re looking for a casual meal or a more formal affair the lively Atlanta neighborhood has plenty of tasty options. Explore all the bars and restaurants Virginia Highland has to offer. You’ll be glad you did!


Murphy’s Restaurant

Murphy’s is one of the most popular restaurants in Virginia Highland and it has been around since 1979. The restaurant features a casual atmosphere and is known for its comfort food, craft beer selection, and friendly service. Menu items include fried chicken sandwiches, classic burgers, and plates from the “Neighborhood Fare” section like pot roast with mashed potatoes. With its cozy vibe, Murphy’s is a great spot for lunch or dinner with friends or family.

Additional options in the area include DBA Barbecue which offers up some of the best slow-smoked barbecues in town; Han Il Kwan for those seeking authentic Korean flavors; Atkins Park Tavern for drinks and pub grub; plus many more! Virginia Highland boasts a variety of eateries to choose from, making it a great destination for food lovers. Whether you’re dining solo or with the whole crew, there’s something to please everyone in this lively Atlanta neighborhood.


Dark Horse Tavern

Be sure to check out Dark Horse Tavern, a cozy spot with all the charm of an old-fashioned pub. The tavern has been around since 1988 and specializes in Southern favorites like fried green tomatoes, shrimp & grits, and house-smoked brisket tacos. Of course, there is also classic pub grub like burgers and nachos that pair perfectly with the beer selection from local breweries.

Dark Horse is the perfect place for some laidback fun. Enjoy drinks on their outdoor patio or shoot some pool inside – no matter what you choose, you’ll have a great time at this friendly neighborhood bar. With its classic American fare, tasty craft brews, and chill atmosphere, Dark Horse Tavern is a Virginia Highland staple that’s worth the visit.


Highland Tap

For an upscale experience, Highland Tap offers classic American flavors in a modern setting. This neighborhood gem features cozy booths and warm wood accents throughout the space. The menu offers elevated takes on classic dishes like salmon with squid ink risotto and charred broccoli; seared scallops with squash puree and Meyer lemon vinaigrette; and roasted pork belly with green apple chutney. There’s also an impressive wine list to pair perfectly with whatever you decide to order.

Highland Tap is a great spot for special occasions or just an evening out with friends. Whether you’re looking for something fancy or casual, this Virginia Highland restaurant has something for everyone. Come experience all that it has to offer!



Virginia Highland, Atlanta Georgia is a vibrant region with beautiful parks. The local parks offer an ideal opportunity for people to experience nature in a city. Virginia Highlands is a wonderful area to spend time outdoors. Its parks provide visitors and locals with a variety of choices to explore. If you’re looking to unwind in the natural surroundings, engage in sports with your family or friends or participate in educational activities, the parks of Virginia Highlands are a must for all. Being outdoors in these spaces is a great opportunity to relax while exploring everything Virginia Highland has to offer.


Orme Park

It is one of the largest parks in the area at nearly 32 acres. It contains an array of features, including a playground with modern play equipment, basketball and tennis courts, walking trails of varying difficulty levels, and picnic areas complete with grills for cooking. The park also has a beautiful lake surrounded by trees that provides great opportunities for fishing or just relaxing in nature’s beauty.

Virginia Highlands is a wonderful place to enjoy the outdoors and its parks provide locals and visitors with plenty of options to explore. Whether you want to relax in nature, play sports with friends or family, or take part in educational programs – the local parks have something for everyone. Enjoying these outdoor spaces can be an enjoyable way to spend time while exploring all that Virginia Highland has to offer.    ​


John C Howell Park

John C Howell Park is located near Virginia Highland’s shopping district and provides plenty of green space for visitors to enjoy. This park has many features, including a large playground with slides, swings, and activity structures; walking trails that wind through trees and native vegetation; a dog park where dogs can be off-leash; and plenty of open fields suitable for team sports like soccer or softball. The scenic views in this park are also popular among photographers looking to capture the beauty of nature within the city limits.


North Highland Park

North Highland Park is a favorite among locals and visitors alike, offering plenty of green space to explore. This small park features sweeping views of downtown Atlanta from the top of its hill, as well as peaceful walking trails through wooded areas and around a calm lake. There are also picnic areas with BBQ grills, a playground for kids, and plenty of open space for playing sports or kicking back and enjoying nature. Whether you’re looking for some peace and quiet or an active outdoor adventure, North Highland Park has something for everyone!

No matter what your preferences are, there’s sure to be something in Virginia Highlands that will suit your needs when it comes to outdoor recreation. From the winding paths at Morningside Nature Preserve to the open fields of Orme Park, there’s no shortage of outdoor activities to enjoy in this vibrant community. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, don’t miss out on all that Virginia Highlands has to offer!  ​


Piedmont Park

Located in the heart of Midtown Atlanta, Piedmont Park is the area’s premier urban park. Covering over 185 acres, this beautiful space features landscaped gardens, a large lake, walking trails through wooded areas, and plenty of open fields for playing sports or picnicking. There are playgrounds for kids, a dog park where dogs can be off-leash, rental bikes available throughout the park, and even an outdoor amphitheater. Piedmont Park also hosts various events throughout the year like concerts and festivals that bring people from all over to enjoy its beauty.  ​


Is Virginia Highland Atlanta Georgia Safe To Live In

Virginia Highland, Atlanta Georgia is a wonderful location to live in. It is situated close to the heart of the city and is close to everything that you could wish for. The neighborhood is comfortable and safe with plenty of restaurants, parks bars, shops, and restaurants that are within walking distance. The neighborhood is also easily accessible by public transport, making it easy to travel to the city.

The rate of crime is lower in Virginia Highland is lower than the national average, which makes it a safer zone for individuals of all ages or ways of life. The presence of police throughout the region ensures residents have assurance when they leave the house. Other safety measures include streetlights that are in operation from dusk until dawn, and Emergency call boxes that are utilized in the event in the event of an emergency.

There’s plenty that you could do at Virginia Highland with a variety of attractions and activities. Starting with the Historic Fourth Ward Park, which has running trails as well as an amphitheater that is outdoors as well as popular restaurants such as Little Trouble and Ration & Dram There’s something for all. In the summer, Virginia Highlands is home to events like Atlanta Jazz Festival, Atlanta Jazz Festival, and the Ashford Dunwoody Art Festival.

In the end living within Virginia Highland is safe and pleasant for people of all different ages. With its low rate of crime numerous amenities and the constant presence of the police It is definitely an excellent place to reside. Select one of the many parks, or take part in one of the numerous events, living in this wonderful region will give you a pleasant experience.


Why Should I Live Here

It is the Virginia Highland Atlanta Georgia neighborhood located in Miami is a great place to reside. With its gorgeous streets lined with trees, tranquil residential areas, as well as a lively commercial district, it’s the perfect area to raise your family or just to spend time with your loved ones.

This area is convenient for a variety of city facilities. The close MARTA train station offers an efficient way to travel around town as well as the BeltLine trail has easy biking routes for walking around the city on bikes or on foot. The close Piedmont Park and Botanical Garden is also a great place for outdoor activities such as walking, picnicking, and swimming. There are a variety of establishments, restaurants, and entertainment venues within the vicinity that provide something for every person.

The charming area has some of the most beautiful historic homes and structures. Explore the streets to spot distinctive architectural styles dating back to 1920 and the early 20th century, such as Cottages in the style of Victorian, Craftsman bungalows Spanish Revival villas, and more. This Virginia Highland Atlanta Georgia neighborhood is extremely secure. Residents can rest assured knowing that they live in an area that has the lowest crime rate. The local police force works to ensure the safety of everyone within the area by frequently checking the area and quickly responding to requests for assistance.

If you’re looking at things, there are plenty of reasons for someone to decide to reside in the Virginia Highland Atlanta Georgia neighborhood located in Miami. From its stunning architectural style to its convenient access to services This neighborhood is a wonderful location to live in. The low rates of crime and the close access to shops, parks, and entertainment make it a great place for families as well as individuals. If you’re looking for the perfect home or simply would like to spend time exploring the region, Virginia Highland Atlanta Georgia must be at the top of your list.