Summerhill Atlanta Georgia

Summerhill Atlanta Georgia is located in the heart of the city, just south of downtown. It sits on a hill overlooking Turner Field and the Georgia State Capitol building. Just beyond that lies Grant Park, one of the largest public parks in Atlanta with plenty of recreational activities to enjoy. The neighborhood borders Boulevard Avenue, Memorial Drive, and Interstates 75 & 20. You’ll find plenty of shopping and dining options around Summerhill, including historical eateries like Busy Bee Cafe and Community Smith. Nearby attractions include Zoo Atlanta, Centennial Olympic Park, Oakland Cemetery, and more. With easy access to public transportation and highways, getting around from Summerhill is convenient for residents and visitors alike. Whether you’re visiting for a day or planning to stay awhile, Summerhill is a great place to experience all that Atlanta has to offer.


Summerhill Atlanta Georgia History

Summerhill is a neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia located east of downtown, south of Grant Park, and west of Boulevard. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, with its first residents settling as early as 1866. The area was initially called Summer Hill due to the fact that it was on higher ground than other parts of Atlanta at the time and many people moved there seeking relief from mosquitos and flooding caused by nearby swamps.

In 1895, the Southern Cotton Oil Company purchased land near what would become Georgia Avenue for their headquarters and began developing around it using streetcar lines for access. As a result, more homes were built in this area and more people settled there including Southerners who had been displaced from their homes during the Civil War.

The area continued to grow over the years, with residential homes and businesses becoming more common. In 1920, Summerhill was annexed into Atlanta and in 1933 a new high school was built there which is now known as Henry W. Grady High School. The neighborhood underwent changes throughout the latter half of the 20th century, including gentrification beginning in 2000 after the 1996 Olympics held in Atlanta. This led to an influx of people relocating to Summerhill from other parts of the city and buying up much of its real estate, leading to an increase in property values.

Summerhill Atlanta Georgia Today

Today, Summerhill is a vibrant community filled with both old and new residents who enjoy its close proximity to downtown and Grant Park as well as its abundance of green spaces, parks, and vibrant businesses. The neighborhood is home to several historic landmarks including the Southern Cotton Oil Company headquarters building which is now used for office space and the Georgia Avenue-Richards Street Historic District which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. There are also a number of excellent restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops in Summerhill that make it a desirable destination for both locals and visitors alike.

The Summerhill neighborhood has come a long way since its origins during the Civil War era and continues to be an attractive area for people looking to live close to downtown Atlanta while still having access to amenities such as beautiful parks, unique dining options, cultural attractions, and more. With its diverse population and strong community spirit, Summerhill is an attractive and desirable place to call home.


Cost of Living

Summerhill, a neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia, is known for its low cost of living. From housing to groceries to entertainment, the residents of Summerhill enjoy affordable prices throughout the city. With an average median home price of $111K and a range of restaurants and amenities within walking distance, Summerhill offers a unique combination of convenience and affordability. Grocery stores are plentiful, providing access to fresh produce on a budget. Residents can also take advantage of plenty of recreational activities such as hiking trails and parks nearby. In addition to being budget-friendly, Summerhill is conveniently located near downtown Atlanta and other popular areas like Little Five Points and Midtown.

Housing and Utilities

Home prices in Summerhill range from the mid-200s to the mid-400s. Renting a one-bedroom apartment will cost you around $1,500 per month. Utilities are reasonably priced and include electricity, water, sewage, and trash removal. The average electric bill for households in the Summerhill neighborhood of Atlanta is about $145.

General Goods & Services

Grocery prices in Summerhill are comparable to other areas in Atlanta. You can expect to pay anywhere between $50 -$150 for a week’s worth of groceries depending on your lifestyle and preferences.


Public transportation is available via the MARTA bus system which runs throughout the city of Atlanta. There are also many ride-share companies available like Uber and Lyft. The average cost for a one-way trip is around $10. Additionally, owning a car in Summerhill is the most popular form of transportation and comes with the additional costs of insurance, gas, maintenance, and parking fees.


Local Economy

Summerhill, located in Atlanta, Georgia is a vibrant neighborhood filled with diverse local businesses and exciting opportunities for economic growth. The area has long been known as one of the most economically active areas in Atlanta, with many small business owners opening their doors to serve the community. From bustling cafes and markets to unique boutiques and entertainment spots, Summerhill offers an abundance of cultural attractions that make it a great place to live and work. There are also plenty of job opportunities available in the area due to its proximity to major employers such as Emory University, Grady Health Care System, and Children’s Healthcare Services.

Job Opportunities

Summerhill in Atlanta Georgia is home to a variety of jobs. With the growth of the new development, many businesses have opened stores and offices such as Walmart, Kroger, Starbucks, Chipotle, and Target. There are also numerous local restaurants and bars offering employment opportunities ranging from servers to bartenders to cooks. Additionally, there are several large corporate offices located in the area which employ a wide range of positions including finance professionals, sales representatives, IT personnel, HR specialists, etc.

Household Income

The median household income in Summerhill is $68,090 according to data collected by the U.S Census Bureau in 2017. This figure is slightly higher than the overall median household income for the city of Atlanta ($63k). This is mainly due to the higher cost of living in the area. The median monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Summerhill is $1,200; compared to the citywide average of $967.

Local Investment

Since its redevelopment began in 2013, Summerhill has seen a boom in local investments from both small businesses and large corporations. Recently, several multi-million dollar projects have been completed or are currently underway including a new Kroger grocery store, an office building complex owned by Fuqua Development, and multiple housing developments with affordable apartments. In addition, there are plans to renovate Turner Field (the former home of the Atlanta Braves) into offices and public spaces. These investments have already injected millions of dollars into the Summerhill economy and are expected to create thousands of jobs in the near future.


Transportation Options For The Commute

Summerhill in Atlanta, Georgia is a vibrant neighborhood with plenty of transportation options. Whether you need to get around town or even just across the street, Summerhill has something for everyone. From public buses and MARTA rail service to bicycle-sharing programs and even ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft, getting around town is easier than ever. Plus, there are plenty of parking options so that you can always keep your car nearby while you explore the great restaurants and attractions in this exciting area. No matter how you prefer to travel, Summerhill offers an efficient and convenient way to get where you need to go!



Taxi cab services are available in the Summerhill area of Atlanta, Georgia. There are several companies that offer taxi services to and from various locations within the city. These cabs come in both regular and luxury vehicles, which can be hired for a fee based on the distance traveled. The fares are generally reasonable and the cabs are clean and comfortable.


Public Transportation

At Summerhill, public transportation is provided by MARTA (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority). This includes the train lines, buses, and trolleys that run throughout the mile radius of this section of town. Passengers can purchase tickets with cash or credit cards at any rail station or online through the official website. Additionally, there is an official app that provides up to date information on schedules and fares.



Individuals who own cars in the Summerhill area of Atlanta, Georgia can easily get around town by using local streets and highways. Parking is widely available throughout the neighborhood, and there are several garages and surface lots to accommodate longer trips. There are also car rental companies in the area that offer a variety of vehicle types at reasonable prices.



The city of Atlanta offers several bike-friendly routes throughout Summerhill that make it easy for cyclists to navigate their way around town. There are also bicycle racks located at many popular destinations in the area where riders can securely park their bikes while they explore all that this district has to offer.


Average Annual Weather

Summerhill, located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, is an exciting and vibrant neighborhood filled with history, culture, and adventure. With its close proximity to Downtown Atlanta, Summerhill offers easy access to all the excitement and amenities a big city has to offer. But that’s not all! When it comes to weather, Summerhill has something special, four distinct and beautiful seasons. From the mild temperatures of springtime blossoms and summer sunshine to cool autumn days and brisk winter evenings, this neighborhood can provide you with whatever type of climate you desire. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax or take part in outdoor activities like hiking or biking, Summerhill will have something for everyone.



Summerhill, Atlanta Georgia is known for its year-round mild climate. In the summer months (June to August), temperatures can reach into the high 80s and low 90s Fahrenheit during the day and drop into the 70s at night. Rainfall averages 3.2 inches per month in most parts of Summerhill, typically occurring in short afternoon showers or thunderstorms.



The fall months bring cooler temperatures and plenty of colorful foliage to the Summerhill neighborhood. Average temperatures range from the mid-60s during the day to around 50 degrees at night. Rainfall is slightly higher than in the summer, averaging 4 inches per month with brief showers occurring more frequently throughout the season.



Winter (December to February) usually provides sunshine and dry conditions with an occasional cold front passing through bringing wintery temperatures in the mid 40’s during the day with overnight lows occasionally dipping below freezing, but typically not for more than a day at a time.



Spring (March to May) brings blooming flowers, fresh growth, and mild temperatures with highs in the mid-70s and lows hovering around 60. Rainfall is on the increase during this period, averaging 5 inches per month.


Local Tip

Don’t forget your umbrella! Summerhill is known for its afternoon thunderstorms that often come up out of nowhere. It’s best to be prepared with an umbrella or light raincoat just in case. Enjoy all that Atlanta has to offer!


Education System of Summerhill 

Summerhill in Atlanta, Georgia is home to a unique education system that seeks to foster creativity and critical thinking among its students. Located in the heart of the city, this public school district offers an alternative approach to traditional learning through project-based instruction and off-campus excursions. Classes are designed to provide meaningful experiences for students as they explore real-world applications of their knowledge. From outdoor field trips to hands-on experiments, Summerhill’s teachers strive to create a stimulating environment where children can grow into well-rounded individuals who are prepared for success in higher education and beyond. Through engaging curricula and exceptional instruction, Summerhill aims to give its students an advantage over those educated in more conventional settings.

Public Schools

Summerhill is part of the Atlanta Public Schools (APS) system, which is made up of 98 schools that serve nearly 50,000 students. The APS system includes traditional public schools and magnet programs. Traditional public schools offer a comprehensive curriculum focused on core academic subjects like math and science as well as electives such as art, music, and physical education. Magnet programs are specialized educational opportunities with a focus on STEM disciplines, performing arts, or international studies.

Charter Schools

Charter schools are public schools that provide an alternative to traditional public school education through their independent governance structure and ability to customize curriculums and instruction methods to meet student needs. There are a number of charter schools located in Summerhill including KIPP WAYS Academy S.T.E.A.M, Therrell School of Law and Public Policy, and Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School – Summerhill Campus.

Private Schools

Private schools in Summerhill offer a variety of educational opportunities to students from preschool through high school. These institutions range from religious-based to nonsectarian schools, and many have a focus on specific academic disciplines or extracurricular activities such as music and art instruction or athletic programs. Some popular private schools in the area include The Lovett School, Pace Academy, Holy Innocents Episcopal School, Atlanta Jewish Academy, St Pius X Catholic High School, and more.

Religious Schools

Summerhill is home to several religious schools including the Islamic Academy of Georgia (IAG), Yeshiva High School of Atlanta (YHSA), and the Jewish Educational Alliance (JEA). These schools provide a religious-based education with an emphasis on core academic subjects. They also may offer additional services such as language instruction, Qur’anic studies, and spiritual development classes.


Homeschooling is becoming more popular in the Summerhill area for those looking to provide their children with a personalized educational experience that meets individual learning needs. Parents can choose from a variety of homeschool curriculums, activities, and support networks to help create an educational plan that works best for their family.


Summerhill  Local Government and Infrastructure

Summerhill, in Atlanta, Georgia, is an area with a rich history of local government and infrastructure. Home to the historic Turner Field–once home of the Braves baseball team before their move to SunTrust Park–as well as Georgia State Stadium, Summerhill has long been a hub for recreation and culture in the city. It is also home to several public parks and green spaces, including Memorial Drive Park, which serves as a natural buffer between Summerhill and downtown. With its proximity to the interstate highway system, it is easy to access shopping centers, restaurants, entertainment venues, and other amenities throughout metropolitan Atlanta.


The Summerhill area of Atlanta is served by the Zone 5 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department. The police department provides 24-hour coverage to the area, responding to all types of emergencies. In addition, community patrols help residents feel safe and secure in their neighborhoods.

Fire Department

The Summerhill Fire Station serves the area with a team of experienced firefighters and specially trained paramedics who are always ready for any emergency situation. They provide fire suppression services as well as a medical response to residential and business buildings within the local community.


There are two public libraries in the Summerhill area: The Southwest/West End Branch Library, located near Grant Park; and the Auburn Avenue Research Library, located on Auburn Avenue between John Wesley Dobbs Avenue and Fort Street. Both libraries provide access to books, computers, internet access, audio-visual equipment, and special programs for all ages.


Summerhill is served by several public schools in the Atlanta Public Schools district, including Booker T. Washington High School, Maynard H. Jackson Jr. High School, KIPP STRIVE Primary School, and Parkside Elementary School. There are also private schools located near the area such as The Kindezi School at Old Forth Ward and Kipp South Fulton Academy.

Public Services

Various public services are available to residents of Summerhill, including transportation services provided by MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority), parks & recreation centers managed by the City of Atlanta Department of Parks and Recreation, Atlanta Public Library affiliated with the Georgia Public Library Service, and several public health centers for residents’ physical and mental wellbeing. Additionally, the Summerhill Community Center provides a variety of services to local residents including after-school programs, computer access, adult education courses, and much more.


Things To Do

Summerhill in Atlanta, Georgia is a great place for families to enjoy time together. This vibrant neighborhood is located just outside the downtown area, making it easily accessible from anywhere in the city. Summerhill offers a wide array of attractions and activities that will keep your family entertained and engaged throughout their stay. Whether you are looking for outdoor recreation, shopping opportunities, cultural experiences, or delicious dining spots, Summerhill has something for everyone.


Summerhill offers a variety of outdoor activities perfect for the warm Atlanta weather. Spend the day golfing at Riverdale Golf Course, located only minutes from Summerhill. Or take a stroll through Glenwood Park with its lush green spaces, tranquil walking trails, and beautiful views. Catch a Braves game at nearby Suntrust Park or visit one of the city’s many parks such as Grant Park for some family fun in the sun. You can also explore some of Atlanta’s rich history by visiting Margaret Mitchell House & Museum or Oakland Cemetery.


If you’d rather stay indoors, there are plenty of things to do in Summerhill too! Head over to Atlantic Station for some shopping and dining, or take a walk through the High Museum of Art for some culture. The Center for Puppetry Arts is also nearby and offers engaging performances that the whole family can enjoy. This neighborhood also has plenty of movie theaters and bowling alleys to choose from, so you won’t be bored! Finally, if you’re looking for a bite to eat, Summerhill has some great restaurants such as African-Caribbean flavor at Marrakesh Express Café or Southern cooking at The Colonnade Restaurant & Bar. No matter what type of activities you are interested in, Summerhill has something for everyone.


Restaurants in Summerhill 

Summerhill, a vibrant neighborhood in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, is home to a range of delicious eateries. From casual cafes and coffee shops to cozy bistros and gourmet restaurants, Summerhill’s food scene offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite on the go or a leisurely meal with friends, there’s sure to be something to suit your taste. With its mix of classic Southern fare and innovative modern cuisine, Summerhill is an ideal spot for dining out. Here are some of the best restaurants in Summerhill that you won’t want to miss!


Hero Doughnuts & Buns

Hero Doughnuts & Buns is located in Summerhill and serves a variety of doughnuts and buns. The menu includes regular flavor options like cinnamon sugar, blueberry cake, chocolate glazed, and tres leches. It also offers vegan options including coconut lemon poppyseed, chai spiced oat milk, and peanut butter crunch. Additionally, the bakery features unique flavors such as Earl Grey Lavender Glaze with Cardamom Crumb and Mexican Hot Chocolate Cake with Ganache Filling that keep customers coming back for more.


Talat Market

Talat Market is an international grocery store located in Summerhill that specializes in Southeast Asian ingredients including vegetables, fish, meat, and spices. This market has all kinds of fresh produce and other items like noodles, sauces, and snacks. Customers can also find a variety of frozen desserts and ready-to-cook meals that make it easy to prepare an authentic Asian meal at home.


Wood’s Chapel BBQ

Wood’s Chapel BBQ is one of the most popular restaurants in Summerhill for its mouthwatering smoked meats, fresh sides, and homemade sauces. This classic Southern barbecue spot serves up platters featuring pulled pork, beef brisket, chicken wings, and ribs perfectly seasoned with a special blend of spices. It also offers sides like macaroni & cheese, collard greens, and hush puppies to round out your meal. The restaurant also features signature sauces such as Carolina Mustard BBQ sauce and Georgia Peach Habanero Glaze to give each bite a unique flavor.



Summerhill in Atlanta, Georgia is known for its lush parks and recreational areas. Residents of the area are blessed with expansive green spaces that offer a place to relax and enjoy nature. From peaceful ponds to picturesque trails, Summerhill’s parks provide something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an afternoon picnic spot or a place to take the kids on an outdoor adventure, Summerhill has it all! With its wide assortment of recreational activities, this neighborhood is sure to have something fun for everyone!


Phoenix II Park

Phoenix II Park, located on the south side of Atlanta in Summerhill, is a historic park with strong ties to the civil rights movement. The park is named after Phoenix City, Georgia, a long-forgotten African American village that once stood near where the park now stands. Built-in the 1930s as part of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), this three-acre public space features lush green space for picnics, playground equipment for kids and adults alike, plus two baseball and softball fields. It also has an amphitheater where local events are often held.


Grant Park

Grant Park is one of Atlanta’s oldest parks and hosts some of its most popular attractions such as Zoo Atlanta and Cyclorama. This 130-acre urban oasis is located in Summerhill and features a wide range of recreational activities. From tennis courts to playgrounds, picnic areas, fishing ponds, and dog parks – there’s something here for everyone. The park also boasts numerous walking trails that offer stunning vistas of the city skyline.


Rawson-Washington Park

Rawson-Washington Park is a beautiful six-acre park located on the south side of Atlanta. It was built in honor of Andrew J. Rawson and Austin Washington who both fought for civil rights in their communities during the early 1900s. This park has it all, from a basketball court to horseshoe pits to a nature trail perfect for bird watching or just enjoying nature at its finest. There are also picnic tables, two playgrounds, and a large open field.


Rosa L. Burney Park

Rosa L. Burney Park is a small pocket park with lots of character. The park was named after local civil rights leader Rosa Louise Burney and features a gazebo, picnic tables, grills, exercise equipment, and walking paths that wind through the green space. This park also serves as the site for many neighborhood events such as concerts and festivals throughout the year.


Is Summerhill Safe To Live In

Living in Summerhill, Atlanta, Georgia is generally safe for both its residents and visitors. Crime rates are relatively low compared to other areas of the city and safety measures are taken seriously by local law enforcement agencies. The area has a strong sense of community that makes it an inviting place to live and work. Additionally, there is ample housing available for those looking for apartments or houses, as well as many businesses located throughout the neighborhood.

Summerhill is home to a variety of outdoor recreational activities like parks and golf courses that provide plenty of enjoyable activities for its residents to partake in while still remaining safe. Local businesses often host events and gatherings where neighbors can get together and socialize with one another in a secure environment. Furthermore, Summerhill also has a vibrant nightlife with plenty of bars, clubs, and live music venues to enjoy.

The neighborhood is well-lit and monitored by both private security guards and local law enforcement agencies. The police are easily accessible in an emergency situation, with officers regularly patrolling the streets to keep things safe. Additionally, the area is served by two hospitals that provide medical care to residents if needed.

All in all, Summerhill is a great place to live in Atlanta, Georgia due to its relatively low crime rate and abundance of recreational activities available. Its sense of community makes it very inviting for newcomers while its safety measures ensure that everyone stays safe at all times.


Why Should I Live Here

Summerhill neighborhood in Atlanta is an ideal place to live, offering a great balance of convenience, amenities, and affordability. Located just steps away from downtown and the MARTA transit system, Summerhill provides easy access to daily needs like groceries and services. The area also features a variety of parks, restaurants, bars, and shopping opportunities within walking distance.

Residents enjoy a relaxed lifestyle without sacrificing the attractions typically found in a larger city. Additionally, Summerhill’s historic appeal adds character to the area with its Victorian-style homes that line the streets. With numerous dining options from upscale bistros to casual eateries as well as nearby museums and other cultural venues, there’s plenty to do in this vibrant community.