Poncey-Highland Atlanta Georgia

Poncey Highland is a neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s one of the bigger and more well-known areas in the city, located north of Downtown Atlanta and north of Virginia Highlands. It is bordered to the west by North Avenue, Poncey-Highland is recognized as a diverse collection of eateries, shops, and bars, and beautiful historical houses and structures.

The neighborhood is accessible via MARTA public transportation. There are two stations within the neighborhood The King Memorial Station on Ponce de Leon Avenue and the Inman Park/Reynoldstown Station near Moreland Avenue. Poncey-Highland provides pedestrians with easy access to Freedom Parkway Trail, which traverses nearby neighborhoods including Candler Park and Inman Park.

If you’re looking for entertainment, Poncey-Highland is the ideal location. There are dive bars to stylish cocktail lounges There’s something for all types of people here. For instance, the Highlander Bar & Grill has been a favorite of locals for decades, while new places such as Edgewood Speakeasy have quickly become well-known. There is a myriad of dining options in the area that range from family-friendly chains to trendy vegan restaurants and a variety of ethnic restaurants.

The town is not only about food and nightlife There are many galleries, shops and other things to do here. Some other notable spots include places like the Plaza Theater for independent films, Little Five Points Shopping Center for antiques, and Clermont Lounge for a unique experience at a dive bar. This is an Atlanta neighborhood that has an eclectic mix of traditional favorites and hot new spots It truly has something for anyone. If you’re searching for an ideal spot to call home or for a night out Poncey-Highland is the ideal location.

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Poncey-Highland Atlanta Georgia History

Poncey-Highland is a diverse and vibrant neighborhood that is located within the metropolis of Atlanta, Georgia. It is a storied neighborhood that dates back to the 1800s when it was initially established through Edward Ponce De Leon. The area rapidly grew into one of Atlanta’s most sought-after areas due to its proximity to downtown, the availability of residential options local restaurants and businesses.

In the present, Poncey-Highland remains one of the most trendy areas to reside in Atlanta thanks to its numerous antique stores along Moreland Avenue, independent cafes such as Octane Coffee and JavaVino wine bar, and many unique eateries such as Woodfire Grill and much more. It also has easy access to major highways as well as public transportation, making it a breeze to travel throughout the city.

Poncey-Highland hosts a variety of community events that take place all year long, such as the Ponce City Market, the Ponce City Market the outdoor festival of food trucks, and the Highland Art Walk. It is also the home of Freedom Park, one of Atlanta’s most expansive parks, which has open trails for running, walking, or biking, as well as lots of green spaces for sitting and picnicking under trees.

With its combination of classic elegance and modern amenities, Poncey-Highland is one of Atlanta’s top communities. Its proximity to downtown is a perfect location for both people who want to live the city life while being able to enjoy all the amenities that come with a smaller neighborhood. With its distinct style and historical appeal, Poncey-Highland is among the top sought-after neighborhoods to reside in Atlanta.

Poncey-Highland Atlanta Georgia Today

Today, Poncey Highland is among the most fashionable neighborhoods to reside in Atlanta. It hosts a wide range of old-fashioned stores on Moreland Avenue and independent cafes such as Octane Coffee and JavaVino wine bar. There are also numerous eateries such as Woodfire Grill offering delicious cuisines across the globe. With easy connection to major highways and transit, it’s simple to get around town. There are numerous community-based events, such as those of the Ponce City Market outdoor food truck festival, and the Highland Art Walk that takes place all through the season.

In addition, Freedom Park provides public trails for running, walking, or biking, as well as ample green spaces for taking a picnic or relaxing in the shade of trees. In the end, Poncey Highland’s combination of old-fashioned elegance and modern conveniences makes it among the top sought-after areas to reside in Atlanta.

In the end, Poncey-Highland is a diverse and lively neighborhood within the metropolis of Atlanta with a rich past that goes into the early 1800s. It is now one of the most trendy neighborhoods to live in Atlanta because of the abundance of old-fashioned shops, independent cafes, distinctive restaurants, and easy accessibility to major highways as well as public transport. In addition, there are a lot of community-based events, such as Ponce City Market, the Ponce City Market outdoor food truck festival, and Freedom Park for picnicking or exercising. With its beautiful atmosphere and charming past, Poncey Highland is one of the top locations to reside in Atlanta.

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Cost Of Living

Poncey-Highland in the middle of Atlanta, Georgia is a neighborhood that is known for its unique blend of charm and urban living. Living costs in this thriving neighborhood are more expensive than in other neighborhoods in the city However, it is possible to lower the cost.

The price of housing in Poncey-Highland is dependent upon whether you opt to lease or purchase. The cost of renting an apartment in this area can be as low as $800 for an apartment with a studio, to more than $2,000 for two bedrooms. The purchase of a home can be more expensive, with the median house price of about $450K. Even with these expenses, it is feasible to afford because of low property taxes as well as access to public transportation services like MARTA which can make getting within the city much easier and less expensive.

When it comes to the cost of living, Poncey-Highland has a variety of food stores, restaurants, and other facilities which are efficient and cost-effective. Food items are usually reasonably priced in comparison to other cities. Meanwhile, eating out at restaurants starts at around $10 for a meal. Water power, gas, electricity, and Wi-Fi are generally less than in other areas of the city because of the local competition between service providers.

In general, the price of living in Poncey Highland is more expensive than in other communities in Atlanta However, it is possible to make the cost down with easy access to public transportation, low property taxes, and reasonable costs for utilities. When you take these aspects into the equation, living in Poncey-Highland is a fantastic way to explore the lively urban life of Atlanta without spending a fortune.

Housing And Utilities

Poncey-Highland is among Atlanta’s most sought-after areas in Atlanta with big Victorian homes, modern townhomes, and apartment complexes. Renting two bedrooms in the area is $1,736 a month, which is considerably over the citywide average. Water electric, gas, and electricity can be added for an additional $150 – $200 per month to the cost.

The region is home to numerous grocery stores, including Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Market in which residents can discover organic, high-quality goods at comparatively low costs. The prices for essential items like milk and bread are comparable to prices found in other areas within the metropolitan area. The restaurants in Poncey-Highland tend to be more expensive than the rest, however, there are a variety of affordable alternatives, such as taco trucks as well as hole-in-the-wall restaurants.

General Goods & Services

The price of basic items and services in Poncey Highland is more expensive than the citywide average. For example, items like furniture, electronics, clothing, and even furniture tend to be more expensive than items available at large-box stores in the suburbs. One advantage of living in Poncey Highland is that residents are able to take advantage of nearby attractions such as Little Five Points and The Beltline. These places provide exclusive shopping experiences as well as art galleries and independent boutiques.


Public transport in Poncey-Highland is offered through MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority). One-way fares start at $2.50 for local buses and trains and up to $5.00 for express routes. Taxi service can be costly as a one-way price ranging from 20 to 25 dollars, based on the distance traveled.

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Local Economy

Poncey-Highland, located in Atlanta Georgia has a vibrant economy. In the heart of downtown Atlanta Poncey Highland is home to a number of organizations and businesses that help support many economic activities. One of the most important sectors that contribute to the economy of our local area is tourism. There are many attractions in the neighborhood like The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library, Grant Park Zoo, and many stores and restaurants that draw tourists from all over the world. Tourists love exploring this lively region, while also contributing to the economy of the area through dining out entertainment, hotel stays, and entertainment.

The Poncey-Highland housing market is also very strong. The value of real estate has increased substantially over the last couple of years because of the increased demand for high-quality homes in the region. The area has been attracting new residents searching for affordable, quality locations to live in and also investors from all across the globe who profit from Poncey-Highland’s top area and property values.

Along with housing and tourism, Poncey Highland is also home to a variety of prosperous businesses like banks as well as software firms, and law firms in addition to boutique stores, retail stores, and shops. These businesses create jobs and help economic development in the area by offering products as well as services for the local community. They also generate revenue through taxes, which help finance public projects in the community.

Overall, the economy of Poncey Highland is vibrant and strong due to the variety of companies, organizations, and tourist attractions. From tourism to housing to businesses, there’s plenty to do in Poncey-Highland which is what makes it a wonderful area to live in and work. So, Poncey-Highland, located in Atlanta Georgia has a dynamic economy that blends diverse elements like tourism, housing, business, and public services into a flourishing community. With its wide range of opportunities and growth potential, Poncey-Highland is a great option for people looking for an area with strong economic growth potential.

Job Opportunities

Poncey-Highland in Atlanta Georgia is home to an array of employment opportunities. There are a variety of possibilities for people interested in tech media, business, and other jobs. Apart from large corporate offices like Coca-Cola, Turner Broadcasting System as well as AT&T Mobility which all have their headquarters within the city’s limits Additionally, there are a number of small-scale businesses that offer employment for residents of the area. From cafes to shops to services such as hair salons and automobile repair services, Poncey-Highland offers a variety of jobs that will accommodate virtually any skill level.

Household Income

Median household earnings for Poncey-Highland have been set at $58,813 according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This number has increased substantially in recent years because more people come to this region for its lively life, distinct attractions, and bustling commercial sector. A majority of the major companies based in Poncey-Highland provide their employees with attractive compensation packages, which help to improve the overall level of income in the region.

Local Investments

Poncey-Highland has several local investments that help to improve its economic prosperity. It is home to the Georgia State University Community Development Corporation (GSU CDC) invests in companies in the greater Atlanta region, including some that are in Poncey-Highland. Additionally, private investors have made investments in real estate developments such as an apartment complex with a high-end design as well as a renovated historical building for usage as office space. These investments have helped increase the economy of the area and have brought new jobs and new opportunities to the region.

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Transportation Options For The Commute

Poncey-Highland, which is a neighborhood within Atlanta, Georgia, is an area that has easy access to Atlanta’s transit system. There is MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) offers rail and bus services that permit residents of Poncey Highland to move across the city swiftly and conveniently. MARTA provides five bus routes that traverse the neighborhood and two train stations: North Avenue and Midtown/Georgia Tech. Each station offers rapid and efficient service throughout the city, which allows Poncey-Highland residents to reach other areas with no hassle.

Alongside its excellent public transit system, Poncey-Highland also offers bike routes along its roads for cyclists. The area is serviced through the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, which offers a range of programs designed to encourage cycling security and ease of use across the city. With many bike lanes, cyclists can ride in safety as they explore Poncey-Highland and its surrounding areas.

Poncey-Highland is located near Interstate 20 which provides the ability to connect to other cities within the region. There are numerous bus stops close to the city for those looking to get further away from their home. Because of this locality, residents living in Poncey-Highland can easily commute to school or work without any difficulty.

In the end, Poncey-Highland offers a wide variety of parking alternatives for people who like driving around the town. Parking on the streets is available at various locations. More affordable options are offered at parking areas in the vicinity. Residents are able to choose from a range of sizes and prices to suit their needs.

Overall, Poncey-Highland provides its residents with an abundance of transportation options that make it simple to move throughout the city. From MARTA trains and buses to bicycle lanes, interstate highways, and many parking spots making it easier to get around the city has never been more convenient for residents of this bustling Atlanta community.

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Taxis are easily accessible in the city of Poncey-Highland for customers who would prefer a door-to-door service. There are numerous major taxi firms within the vicinity that offer reliable service throughout Poncey-Highland and beyond. Taxi rates vary according to the distance traveled, however, they’re usually a reasonable method of getting to and from the city.

Poncey-Highland -FL-transportation-taxis

Public Transportation

Poncey Highland, Atlanta Georgia has an extensive public transportation system. Atlanta’s Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) offers train and bus services to the region. Buses are accessible all over the city, and they link Poncey-Highland with other areas within the metropolis. Rail service from MARTA provides connections from Poncey-Highland with downtown Atlanta, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, and other regions in Fulton County. Express buses from MARTA offer immediate service to Poncey-Highland for the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, as well as other locations in Fulton County at a reduced cost.

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Cars are a very frequent mode of transport for residents of Poncey Highland. This is because Atlanta is among the cities that are most accommodating to cars in America and has lots of parking options within the city. A lot of people prefer to drive around Poncey Highland or employ a rideshare service like Uber and Lyft for reasons of convenience. There are also numerous car rental services that are available in the city, which allow those visiting Poncey-Highland to get about more conveniently.

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Bicycling is another well-known method of transportation in Poncey-Highland. There are miles of trails and bike paths that make it easy for cyclists to travel around the city. There are a variety of bike rental services in the region that offer affordable alternatives for people who don’t have their own bicycles. Biking is becoming more popular in Atlanta because of its ease of use and affordability, which makes it a fantastic option to travel around the city without having to depend on public transportation.

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Average Annual Weather

Poncey Highland, Atlanta Georgia is known for its mild climate throughout the year. The summers are hot and humid with temperatures reaching the mid-80s, while winters tend to remain between 30-35 degrees and the 50s. The mild spring can often bring thunderstorms or heavy rain, while autumn brings cool breezes and sunshine.

In terms of rainfall, Poncey-Highland has an average of more than 52 inches per year. The majority of the rain falls from April to October, where afternoon rains become more prevalent than morning rains. At this time, Poncey Highlands residents need to prepare for occasional flooding because of severe storms that could occur in the region.

Although snow can occur in Poncey-Highland, it’s very rare and is usually around for only a few days at the most. The snow season begins in December and may last through March, but it typically, it’s mild. Even in colder months, like February, temperatures seldom dip below the mid-30s.

The general climate of Poncey-Highland is a great location to live in as all four seasons are observed all year. The weather and temperatures remain constant, allowing people to take part in outdoor activities throughout the year with some adjustments in response to fluctuations in rainfall or temperature. Because of its mild climate, Poncey-Highland continues to be a sought-after destination for numerous visitors and residents!

Poncey-Highland -FL-average-annual-summer


The summertime in Poncey-Highland Atlanta Georgia is typically humid and hot. The temperatures typically range from mid – the to high 80s in the daytime and lower 70s at night. The days in summer are usually warm and dry, but there are occasional storms during the afternoon too. The humidity makes it feel more hot, so keeping cool is crucial! Even though it rains more during summer than in other seasons, however, there are still many chances for outdoor activities within Poncey Highland Atlanta Georgia.

From relaxing in the sun at one of its parks to taking a hike on the nearby trails, summer is the best opportunity to get out and explore this vibrant neighborhood. Local tip: Drink plenty of water and break in the summer heat by staying in air-conditioned locations.

Poncey-Highland -FL-average-annual-fall


Fall in Poncey-Highland Atlanta Georgia is generally dry, cool, and bright throughout the entire season. The temperatures typically range from the lower 50s to the upper 70s during the daytime and drop to the 40s at the night. Autumn is the perfect time for outdoor activities since it’s neither too cold nor hot. It’s a great time to visit one of the nature parks, or taking a trip for hikes are very common activities during this season. Local tip: Make sure to pack a jacket to go outdoors to avoid freezing temperatures!

Poncey-Highland -FL-average-annual-winter


The winter season in Poncey-Highland Atlanta Georgia is mild and humid generally, with temperatures between the mid-40s to mid-50s during the day. They can dip down to the lower 30s in the evening. There are occasions when snowfall occurs but is usually mild and brief-lived. The most frequent rainfall occurs in winter and umbrellas are necessary! Even with cooler temperatures, there are many activities to enjoy, such as going to one of the many eateries or visiting galleries of art. The local advice: layer your outfit to keep warm when you’re running errands or having dates!

Poncey-Highland -FL-average-annual-spring


Spring in Poncey-Highland Atlanta Georgia is an incredibly beautiful time of the year, with temperatures that range between the upper 50s and mid-70s in the daytime and cooling down in the evening. The days are typically warm and clear, making the season the perfect time for outdoor activities such as picnics in its parks or bike rides along the nearby trails. It also brings more rain than other seasons, so umbrellas, as well as rainboots, are essential! Local tip: Make the most of the mild temperatures in spring by going to one of Poncey-Highland’s Atlanta Georgia’s numerous festivals or visiting the farmers’ market.

Overall, Poncey-Highland Atlanta Georgia provides four distinct seasons of beautiful weather ideal for exploring the vibrant area. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to get rid of the scorching heat by engaging in an outdoor activity in the summer, or enjoying cool temperatures in spring there’s something for anyone all year long! Make sure to grab an umbrella, lightweight jacket, and rain boots, and prepare to discover the many things Poncey-Highland in Atlanta Georgia offers to visitors!


Local Tip

Whatever season you’re traveling in, make sure you’re prepared by wearing the right clothes and accessories! Drinking plenty of water and taking a break from the heat during the summer, layering up your clothes to keep comfortable in the winter months, taking an umbrella in the event of rain throughout springtime, as well as wearing the right jacket for cool nights in the fall are all necessary for experiencing Poncey Highland Atlanta Georgia’s weather all year. With these guidelines in mind, you will be able to get the most out of your trip regardless of the time of the year it is!

Poncey-Highland Atlanta Georgia offers a unique variety of weather conditions that are perfect for outdoor activities all throughout the entire year. If you’re trying to get rid of the summer heat during summer or benefit from the mild spring temperatures There’s something for anyone, no matter what season. With its lively neighborhood with local advice and tips and stunning natural surroundings, Poncey-Highland Atlanta Georgia is the perfect location to discover all it offers!

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Education System Of Poncey-Highland Atlanta Georgia

Poncey-Highland Atlanta Georgia is a public school district that serves the majority of the city’s students. The system has an impressive array of academic offerings, ranging from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade in addition to adult education programs. It operates 11 elementary schools, four middle schools, and two high schools. A variety of Advanced Placement (AP) courses is offered at all levels as well as dual enrollment with local colleges for eligible students.

The district also offers various extra-curricular activities like the performing arts and athletics groups that let children develop their abilities outside of the classroom. There are many afterschool programs offered throughout the year, which give students the opportunity to study various topics and build their abilities.

The district focuses on a variety of types of support for students with a particular focus on providing individualized instruction to help each child is able to reach their highest potential. This includes access to top-quality medical care, mental health, and other services as well as a range of specialists in education available on each school’s campus. The goal is to offer an all-inclusive education for each student.

Parents are involved in the learning process at Poncey-Highland in Atlanta Georgia. Parents are invited to attend weekly meetings on their children’s development as well as take part in school-related activities and volunteering opportunities. Additionally, there is an excellent home-school connection among parents, students as well as teachers, and administrators. This allows for a sense that encourages collaboration and transparency between all parties. This makes for an individualized education that will prepare students for successful outcomes. With top-quality teachers as well as state-of-the-art facilities and a determination to help students reach their highest potential, Poncey-Highland Atlanta Georgia is a fantastic option for families searching for the best educational system.

Public Schools

Atlanta Public Schools serves the Atlanta Public Schools, which serves the city that is Atlanta in addition to Fulton County. It is the biggest school district in Georgia with a students greater than 50,000. The district is comprised of 64 schools that include the traditional high school, as well as magnet schools and other learning centers. On the academic front, Atlanta Public Schools offers the Advanced Placement program for students to earn college credit studying in high schools. The school also offers a variety of after-school programs, as well as a wide range of different extracurricular opportunities.

Charter Schools

The Poncey-Highland region of Atlanta is served by a variety of charter schools that provide parents with an alternative to the traditional public school system. These are non-profit institutions managed by board members who are selected by the local or state government. Charter schools must meet an academic standard, and they must prove their success to retain their status as charter schools. Some examples of Poncey-Highland charter schools are the Atlanta Classical Academy, Buckhead Preparatory Academy, and The Kindezi School.

Private Schools

In addition to charter and public school options, there’s a variety of private school options for families in Poncey-Highland. Two of the most well-known examples are Atlanta Girls School and Pace Academy. Both provide an intense college preparatory program as well as extracurricular programs for students from pre-kindergarten to the 12th grade. These schools focus on the development of character and academic excellence and provide students with rich learning surrounding.

Religious Schools

The Poncey-Highland area is also home to several religious schools. These include St. Jude the Apostle Catholic School and Atlanta Jewish Academy. Both institutions offer a faith-based education for students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. They provide an atmosphere that encourages spiritual growth, moral values, and academic excellence. These schools also feature a variety of extracurricular activities and volunteer opportunities.


Finally, for those families who prefer to provide their child’s education through homeschooling, the Poncey-Highland area offers numerous resources and support. Through organizations such as the Georgia Home Education Association and HEN (Homeschoolers Educational Network), parents can access information about curriculum, legal requirements, and other important information. Additionally, there are many local co-ops, support groups, and activities available for homeschooled students.

By providing a variety of educational options, the Poncey-Highland area of Atlanta makes it possible for families to customize their child’s education according to their individual needs. From public schools to private institutions to homeschooling, families have the opportunity to select the best option for their child. No matter what type of school is chosen, children living in Poncey-Highland can benefit from a quality education that will prepare them for success in life.

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Poncey-Highland Atlanta Georgia Local Government And Infrastructure

The local government of Poncey-Highland, Atlanta Georgia is composed of several departments that cooperate to maintain the peace and well-being of the residents. The Mayor’s Office is responsible for managing the entire city, including the development of policies, budgeting and fiscal management public security, emergency management, economic development, and much more. It is charged with maintaining law and order by guarding the roads, responding to requests for assistance, investigating crimes as well as providing security. The fire protection services are provided by the fire departments, which are responsible for preventing fires via the enforcement of codes and combating fires in the event of one.

The City Council serves as an elected body accountable for making policy decisions and making decisions that concern taxation, zoning laws as well as other significant issues that impact the local community. It also houses a variety of departments, including Public Works, Parks, and Recreation, and Planning & Development that are all involved in the maintenance of the infrastructure of Poncey-Highland. They also ensure that residents are able to access essential services like water and sewers, trash collection street maintenance, and much more.

The area is serviced by various public transportation options like MARTA trains and buses that make it easy to travel to other areas of Atlanta. The BeltLine is a project in progress that will result in an extensive network of pedestrian-friendly trails that connect all the neighborhoods of Poncey-Highland to each other. Additionally, there are a number of schools in the area providing education opportunities for students in kindergarten to 12th grade.

Overall Poncey-Highland is a beautiful and vibrant community that is connected to the entire infrastructure and services to allow residents to be comfortable. Because of its proximity to the city of Atlanta, it is an ideal location to live in for those who are looking for urban living without sacrificing the peace and tranquility of living in a suburban setting.

The community of Poncey-Highland takes pride in ensuring the security of its citizens and providing a high-quality of living that is like any other. By involving directly with local authorities, world-class infrastructure as well as modern transportation and education options This neighborhood is more than simply a place to call home. It’s a genuine community where people gather to create lasting connections. If you’re seeking an area that is secure, diverse, and exciting that you could call home Poncey Highland is the perfect location for you.


The Atlanta Police Department patrols the Poncey-Highland neighborhood, which ensures security and safety. The department is staffed with police officers that are certified in all areas of law enforcement as well as emergency response, such as active shooter responses as well as police control of crowds, investigations into homicides, and other areas. Police also collaborate with local businesses to stop crime and protect residents.

Fire Departments

Poncey-Highland is serviced by the two departments of firefighters: Atlanta Fire Rescue and the Southside Fire/EMS Division. Both are run by highly skilled professionals who are taking satisfaction in their work for the community. They offer firefighting services and Emergency medical assistance (EMS) that respond swiftly and efficiently to any circumstance needing life-saving help.


The Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System maintains two libraries in the Poncey-Highland neighborhood. The libraries provide access to magazines, books, and other forms of media in addition to computer and internet access. The library also provides programs like book clubs, storytimes and other activities for the entire community.


Poncey-Highland is served through seven public schools, which make up the Atlanta Public School System. The schools provide a wide range of learning opportunities to students from kindergarten to 12th grade. This includes gifted and talented programs, dual-language immersion courses advanced placement classes and STEM (science technology, engineering, and math) programs.

Public Services

The Poncey-Highland neighborhood has a variety of parks as well as trails and recreation centers that offer a variety of recreational activities for all different ages. Parks have play areas, and picnic facilities, along with sports pitches for baseball, soccer, and softball. The trails offer a wonderful chance for strolling, running, or cycling through the gorgeous countryside of this historic town. In addition, there are a variety of amenities for residents like community centers, seminars, medical clinics, and jobs training programs.

In the end, Poncey-Highland is served by various government infrastructure which provides high-quality education, security, and recreational services to the residents. From security guards for the police to libraries and schools, to public services, there’s a myriad of opportunities for the residents of the community to have fun in Atlanta Georgia.

Poncey-Highland -FL-Things-to-do

Things To Do

Poncey-Highland in Atlanta Georgia is a vibrant and well-known neighborhood that provides many exciting activities for residents and visitors alike. From outdoor activities to arts and cultural events, There’s something for all in this vibrant neighborhood. The Virginia Highland Summerfest takes place every year on the last weekend in June. The festival features live music by local artists, catering trucks, as well as craft vendors from all over the city. Children can take part in carnival rides, face painting magicians, jugglers, and many more. The festival also has art exhibits that showcase local talent as well as dance demonstrations, artist demonstrations shopping opportunities as well as entertainment events such as theatre shows and screenings of films all throughout the event.

If you are looking for outdoor activities, Poncey-Highland offers plenty of outdoor activities. Its Freedom Park Trail is an excellent choice for cycling, walking, or running. Bird watchers will be delighted by the wide range of birds they will see within the vicinity. There are tennis courts, basketball, and tennis courts for people to use along with an outdoor pool and playground in Memorial Park.

If you are looking for shopping opportunities, Poncey-Highland is home to the finest boutiques in Atlanta and galleries as well as specialty stores. Foodies will find tasty eateries like Antico Pizza and Wisteria Restaurant with a wide selection options Italian and Southern food options. The nightlife options vary from casual bars that serve cocktails and craft beers as well as live entertainment venues that feature local artists. Whatever kind of experience you’re searching for Poncey-Highland is a place with something for you.

No matter if you’re a resident, Poncey-Highland is an exciting and lively neighborhood that has plenty to explore and do. From outdoor activities to dining and shopping the Atlanta area is bound to offer a memorable getaway for all. Come and discover all these amazing district offers!


The Poncey-Highland neighborhood located in Atlanta, Georgia is full of thrilling activities for people to enjoy. If you prefer staying indoors, you can browse the many distinctive shops that are scattered throughout the streets. From antique clothing shops to comic book stores There’s something for all. Visitors can also visit the lively bars and eateries in which they are able to grab something and eat or meet with acquaintances for drinks.

To entertain, The Plaza Theatre offers an ever-changing array of films and shows. The theatre’s history goes back to operation in 1939, and was renovated in 2012, which certainly makes for an enjoyable evening out! The other indoor venues include the famous Fox Theatre which is a live music venue with famous rock bands and The Center for Puppetry Arts, an art gallery and theater that showcases various shows for puppets as well as Phillips Arena which is an indoor arena that hosts concerts, sporting events, and other shows.


Poncey-Highland also has many outdoor attractions that will provide endless entertainment. The park’s Freedom Park offers scenic walking trails as well as communal gardens and playgrounds. The park also hosts a daily farmers’ market, which is filled with locally grown products and hand-crafted goods.

To enjoy a thrilling time Visitors can go to the Cascade Skatepark, where skateboarders are able to practice their skills at any of the park’s difficult slopes, or even jumps. Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail is another excellent place for exploring outdoors as it runs across Midtown through Poncey-Highland and offers a safe area for cyclists and pedestrians. To have more fun outdoor events, the region’s festivals and events can’t be missed! from food truck events to musical festivals There’s always something happening in the lively community of Poncey-Highland.

Whatever things people are searching for you’ll discover something new and exciting in Atlanta’s Poncey-Highland neighborhood. With its variety of dining, and shopping theatres as well as trails, parks, skateparks, and more — it is truly a place with many possibilities!

Poncey-Highland -FL-restaurants

Restaurants In Poncey-Highland Atlanta Georgia

Poncey-Highland is an incredibly bustling Atlanta neighborhood that is home to some of the most acclaimed eateries in Atlanta. With its diverse mix of local eateries and more restaurants that are more expensive that will please any taste. There’s everything from American classics and American comfort food to Italian restaurants and Asian Fusion restaurants, guests can choose from a variety of choices for dining out in Poncey-Highland.

One of the most popular spots is The Pinewood which is a prestigious restaurant that is a specialist in Southern food with international flavors. Their menu is filled with popular dishes like waffles and fried chicken and shrimp & grits, mac and cheese fritters, and many more. If you’re seeking an experience that is truly unique The Pinewood offers a variety of unique cocktails and has live entertainment on weekends.

For those looking for an experience that is truly unique, The Albert serves many of the best and original food options in Atlanta. The restaurant is a leader in global-themed cuisine that is made with local produce and protein sources. From innovative appetizers to delicious meals and delicious desserts The Albert offers something for every person. The menu is often rotated to offer diners a different food experience every time they go to.

Last but not least last, but certainly not least, is Pura Vida Tapas & Wine Bar, an elegant establishment that serves small plates with a Latin twist. With its stunning outdoor patio, this place is the ideal spot for eating al-fresco in Poncey-Highland after a tiring time exploring the area.

The menu is a mixture of traditional tapas-style dishes and unique dishes like seared octopus and blistered shishito peppers. The wine selection is amazing, offering a wide selection of wines from around the globe.

Poncey-Highland has the best Atlanta eateries, serving anything from Southern cuisine to innovative Latin cuisine. With its variety of restaurants, guests are bound to enjoy a delicious meal when they visit this lively area. Whatever kind of food you need for Poncey-Highland has everything! There’s never a shortage of choices when it comes to dining in the area of town.

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TWO Urban Licks

Two Urban Licks is a popular American restaurant located in the Poncey-Highland neighborhood of Atlanta. It offers an eclectic mix of modern cuisine, featuring dishes such as slow-smoked salmon and pork belly, grilled octopus, and duck confit. With its vibrant atmosphere, live music on the weekends, and an extensive selection of cocktails and wines, Two Urban Licks is the perfect spot for a memorable evening out. The menu also includes an array of southern-style sides, including collard greens, mac & cheese, and cornbread with honey butter.

For those looking for something special to share, Two Urban Licks offers family-style meals featuring large portions of their signature dishes. From the unique flavors of their cuisine to the lively atmosphere, Two Urban Licks is a must-visit for any foodie.

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Buena Vida Tapas & Sol

Buena Vida Tapas & Sol is a cozy Spanish-inspired restaurant located in Poncey-Highland. With its vibrant atmosphere and creative menu, this spot offers an experience unlike any other. From their delectable tapas dishes to the fresh seafood options, there’s something for everyone at Buena Vida. Their small plates are perfect for sharing with friends and family, while their entrees are enough to satisfy even the biggest appetite.

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El Ponce

For a true taste of Latin America, look no further than El Ponce. Located in the heart of Poncey-Highland, this restaurant serves up flavorful dishes from Colombia, Peru, and Cuba. Their menu features classic favorites like empanadas, tamales, and ropa vieja as well as creative dishes such as plantain crepes and beef short ribs with guava glaze. They also offer an extensive selection of wines to pair with their meals. With its vibrant atmosphere and mouthwatering cuisine, El Ponce Cafe is sure to be a hit with foodies and locals alike!

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Poncey-Highland, located in Atlanta, Georgia is home to one of the most gorgeous green spaces and parks in the city. Fulton County’s Freedom Park stretches along the banks of the Chattahoochee River, which provides residents and visitors with many miles of trails for walking cycling, jogging, and much more. The park is home to the butterfly garden tennis courts as well as a playground fishing piers and picnic spots. Apart from the natural beauty of the park, Freedom Park also hosts regular events like festivals and concerts all through the season.

The northwestern part of Poncey-Highland is Candler Park, which boasts an 18-hole golf course, as well as softball courts, basketball courts as well as soccer courts for players to take advantage of. It’s an ideal spot to unwind, with plenty of spots for picnics and a beautiful lake for fishing or paddling. Candler Park is home to the annual Little Five Points Halloween Festival and Parade and is the host of many community-based events throughout the year.

Inman Park is located south of Poncey-Highland and offers visitors an old-fashioned community atmosphere that is a tribute to Atlanta’s early times. Inman Park has wide open spaces, wooded trails, and open spaces with houses of different architectural styles, creating its own unique character. The park hosts outdoor performances in its amphitheater in the summer season along with other programs like farmers’ markets, art exhibitions, and food festivals all through the year.

And finally, Poncey-Highland is home to the Grant Park Conservancy’s expansive 335-acre park. The park is a green oasis that includes an ocean and beachfront as well as a nature center, with miles of trails for biking and hiking. Grant Park also features several attractions like Zoo Atlanta, Cyclorama & Civil War Museum, and The Raymond Kroc Corps Community Center. The park is home to numerous annual festivals that provide activities for everyone of all generations. Whatever time of the year, Grant Park has something for all ages to take advantage of.

You can choose to sit back in a serene location or get your heart flowing with an outdoor adventure Poncey-Highland, located in Atlanta, Georgia has plenty of green spaces and parks that can accommodate all kinds of outdoor pursuits. In addition to Freedom Park to Candler Park, Inman Park, and Grant Park Conservancy There’s something for everyone in Poncey-Highland!

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Historic Fourth Ward Park

Fourth Ward Park is a beautiful green space tucked away in the heart of Poncey-Highland. The park’s lush vegetation, gardens, boardwalks, and trails offer visitors a peaceful oasis right in the city. With tennis courts, two playgrounds, an outdoor amphitheater, and a splash pad for kids, Fourth Ward Park is the perfect spot for family activities. The park also hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including concerts, festivals, and art shows.

In addition to its recreational opportunities, Fourth Ward Park also provides educational programs through its nature center as well as outdoor movie screenings in the summer months. Whether you’re looking for an escape from city life or a place to enjoy some outdoor recreation, Fourth Ward Park is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.  ​

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Morgan-Boulevard Park

Morgan-Boulevard Park is a great spot for nature lovers in Poncey-Highland. This park features several trails for walking and jogging, as well as open spaces for picnics or other outdoor activities. The park also has several playgrounds that are perfect for kids who want to let off some steam. Morgan Boulevard is home to an arboretum with a variety of trees and plants, making it the perfect place to relax and take in some of nature’s beauty.

Visitors to Poncey-Highland can find all kinds of outdoor activities within its parks and green spaces. From relaxing spots to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, to areas for active recreation, this neighborhood offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to connect with nature or just have a good time in the sun, Poncey-Highland is an ideal destination.  ​

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Poncey-Highland Playground

The Poncey-Highland Playground is a great place for kids of all ages to come and have fun. This playground features slides, swings, and other play equipment that are perfect for active children. There’s also a large covered pavilion and picnic tables where families can enjoy a meal or watch their little ones as they play. The park also offers several classes such as yoga, tai chi, martial arts, and more. For parents looking to keep their children occupied while they explore the rest of the neighborhood, Poncey-Highland Playground is an excellent choice!  ​

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Historic Fourth Ward Park Splash Pad

The Historic Fourth Ward Park Splash Pad is a great spot for families to cool off on hot summer days. This interactive water pad features several sprayers and buckets that are perfect for kids of all ages. The splash pad also has plenty of seating so parents can relax while their children play in the water. With its colorful design, this playground is sure to be a hit with young ones! Whether you’re looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon or just need a place to cool off, the splash pad at Historic Fourth Ward Park is an excellent choice.  ​

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Is Poncey-Highland Atlanta Georgia Safe To Live In

Poncey-Highland, located in Atlanta Georgia is a safe location to reside in. As per the Atlanta Police Department, crime rates have drastically decreased over the past 10 years and are currently at their lowest levels since. The police patrol the neighborhood often and swiftly respond in the event of an emergency. In addition, there are a number of security cameras in the area which monitor the activity 24 hours a day.

The streets of Poncey Highland are reasonably clean because of the regular cleaning services offered by the City of Atlanta. Recycling of trash is conducted once a week, and breakable glass as well as other materials are collected daily in the morning hours. It is a way to ensure that residents are able to stroll around in peace and free of fear of stepping on dangerous substances.

Residents also enjoy the numerous parks and green spaces in the region. Its Freedom Park Trail provides an easy path for cyclists, joggers, and anyone who wants to walk through the countryside. Other nearby spots such as Pulaski Park are great places for kids to play for youngsters to play on as well as a meeting area for community gatherings.

The residents of Poncey-Highland are friendly and welcoming to newcomers. There is a sense of community which helps create an environment of security wherever you travel. Residents are able to quickly make friends and feel at home in this vibrant area of Atlanta.

In short, Poncey Highland is among the safest communities in Atlanta Georgia. With its low levels of crime clean streets, well-maintained streets, and welcoming community, it’s the perfect place for families to make their home. Residents can feel peace of mind knowing that they’re always safe wherever they go.

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Why Should I Live Here

Poncey-Highland, located in Atlanta Georgia is an ideal area for people who want to reside in an urban neighborhood that is bursting with energy and culture. This historic area is right in the middle of the city, which makes it easy to access everything the amenities downtown Atlanta offers. Transport is also easy to access via a variety of bus lines that travel through the district and train stations that are close by.

The Poncey Highland neighborhood offers a unique blend of older historic buildings paired with contemporary lifestyles. Residents can take a stroll down the streets lined with trees, browsing shops and boutiques and visiting some local art galleries. There are various restaurants offering international food and numerous live music venues for people who wish to take part in live entertainment.

For parents who have children, for parents, the Poncey-Highland region is home to some of the top school districts in Georgia. With a variety of magnet and charter schools within the area, families are able to have many educational options to pick from. There are also numerous parks in the area, making it ideal for recreational activities outdoors.

Its cost to live in the area is significantly lower than in other neighborhoods in Atlanta and many homes are offered at very reasonable rates. This means that Poncey-Highland is an ideal area for people on a tight budget who want to be able to access the best that downtown Atlanta offers without spending a fortune. Overall this vibrant area of town is a wonderful location to live in.