Peachtree Park Atlanta Georgia

Peachtree Park is located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. The park is situated between Peachtree Street and Piedmont Avenue, just a few blocks from the Fox Theatre and the Georgia World Congress Center. It can be easily accessed via MARTA buses or trains, as it’s right next to Arts Center Station. The park spans two city blocks with plenty of green space for visitors to explore. There are benches, picnic tables, a playground, and plenty of trees providing shade throughout the area. Guests can also take advantage of the walking paths that traverse through the park and along Peachtree Creek. On any given day you’ll find locals enjoying lunch on one of the many benches or playing on the playground with their children.


Peachtree Park Atlanta Georgia History

Peachtree Park is a neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia located between the Northside and Midtown neighborhoods. The area is bounded by 10th Street to the west, Peachtree Road to the east, Piedmont Avenue to the north, and Spring Street to the south. The neighborhood was historically home to some of the city’s oldest African-American citizens and was known for its close-knit community with strong family ties.

In recent years, Peachtree Park has seen an influx of new residents as young professionals move into the area in search of urban living experiences with access to outdoor amenities like parks and trails as well as cultural attractions such as historical sites and art galleries. There are also several popular restaurants in the area, making it a popular destination for foodies.

The area is known for its tree-lined streets and mature landscaping, as well as established residential homes with traditional architecture. It is also home to several parks and trails with plenty of green space for residents to explore or relax in. Peachtree Park is also within close proximity to many of the major cultural attractions of Atlanta such as Piedmont Park, the Atlanta Botanical Garden, and the High Museum of Art.

Peachtree Park Atlanta Georgia Today

Peachtree Park continues to be a vibrant and thriving neighborhood in Atlanta today. The area is home to families of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds who take pride in their community and strive to make it an enjoyable place to live. Residents enjoy being able to explore the city’s history and culture while also having access to modern amenities like restaurants and entertainment venues. The nearby parks and trails offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation or relaxation, making Peachtree Park a great place for people from all walks of life. All in all, Peachtree Park is a diverse and vibrant community that offers its residents the opportunity to experience living in the heart of a major metropolitan area with easy access to everything they could ever need or want.


Cost of Living

Peachtree Park in Atlanta, Georgia is a desirable place to live due to its close proximity to downtown and the numerous amenities available. The cost of living in Peachtree Park can be expensive, but there are ways to make life more affordable. Groceries, transportation, and entertainment are all factors that play into the overall cost of living in Peachtree Park. With careful budgeting and smart planning, however, one can still enjoy the benefits of living in this bustling city without breaking the bank. In this article, we will take a look at some of the costs associated with living in Peachtree Park and how you can save money while enjoying all it has to offer.

Housing and Utilities

The cost of living in Peachtree Park is slightly higher than in the rest of Atlanta, with one bedroom apartments ranging from $1,400 to $2,000 per month. Utility costs vary depending on usage but typically range between $125 and $250 dollars a month.

General Goods & Services

Grocery store prices in Peachtree Park are comparable to the rest of Atlanta. A typical grocery bill for two adults can range from around $200 per week for basic items to over $400 for more organic produce and luxury items.


Public transportation is available in Peachtree Park through MARTA bus routes and light rail lines that run directly from the neighborhood. For those who require a car for commuting, public parking in the area can cost around $100 per month. Gas prices in Atlanta are on average about 5 cents cheaper than the national median.


Local Economy

Peachtree Park in Atlanta, Georgia is a vibrant local economy that has long been an integral part of the city’s history and culture. From locally-owned businesses to larger corporate entities, Peachtree Park is home to a diverse range of economic activity. The small business community plays a key role in fostering job growth and providing vital services for residents of the area; meanwhile, larger corporations help drive innovation and investment into the local economy. Together, these different sectors form an important part of Peachtree Park’s economic landscape. In addition to its thriving business environment, Peachtree Park also benefits from its unique location near downtown Atlanta.

Job Opportunities

Located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, Peachtree Park is a vibrant and growing community. The area offers job opportunities for many different skill levels. Some of the most prominent employers include Delta Air Lines, AT&T Mobility, Macy’s, and Porsche Design. These companies provide well-paying jobs to local residents who are looking to make a living while still being part of an exciting neighborhood.

The unemployment rate in Peachtree Park is low compared to other areas of Atlanta as well as nationwide averages. This indicates that not only are there plenty of employment opportunities but also that the majority of those who live in this area have access to stable work.

Household Income

The median household income for those living in Peachtree Park is around $62,000. This is slightly higher than the national average for all of Atlanta and significantly greater than many other parts of the city. The area has become increasingly attractive to working professionals due to its excellent job opportunities and relatively low cost of living.

Local Investment

Peachtree Park has also seen a rise in local investments as more businesses continue to move into the area. Many corporations have chosen to open offices or even headquarters in this part of town due to its close proximity to downtown and easy access via public transportation. Additionally, several apartment complexes have been built in recent years which allows people without cars or who are unable to afford one to live closer to their jobs.


Transportation Options For The Commute

Peachtree Park in Atlanta, Georgia is a beautiful and vibrant area that offers many different forms of transportation. The park is conveniently located near the heart of downtown Atlanta and has a variety of public transportation options to make getting around the city easier than ever. With access to MARTA buses, streetcars, and trains, as well as bike lanes and walking trails, Peachtree Park provides residents with an array of easy-to-use travel solutions. Whether you’re looking for a convenient way to get around town or just want to explore the sights and sounds of this vibrant district, there’s something for everyone in Peachtree Park. Learn more about the different transportation options available in Peachtree Park below!



Taxis are a popular form of transportation in Peachtree Park, Atlanta. Taxis can be hailed from the street or booked through companies such as Atlanta Taxi, Yellow Cab, and Checker Cab. Taxis provide an on-demand car service that is both reliable and convenient for park visitors.


Public Transportation

Public transport is also available in Peachtree Park in the form of buses operated by MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority). Buses run along major roads including Peachtree Road, Ponce de Leon Avenue, and Northside Drive providing access to many areas within the city.



Cars are also a popular choice for getting around Peachtree Park. Due to its location at the heart of Atlanta’s downtown district, driving is an easy and efficient way of getting to and from the park. There are several parking lots in the area offering both short-term and long-term parking.



Bicycles are another popular form of transportation in Peachtree Park. The city has installed bicycle lanes along many streets within the park providing a safe and convenient route for cyclists to get around. Additionally, bike-sharing companies such as Lime Bike offer an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative for visitors wanting to explore the city on two wheels.


Average Annual Weather

Peachtree Park in Atlanta, Georgia is an urban sanctuary of green space that provides locals and visitors alike with the opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. The park is filled with lush greenery, and calming nature trails, and even has plenty of recreational activities for visitors to enjoy. When it comes to weather in Peachtree Park, one can expect a mix of sun and clouds during the day, often accompanied by mild temperatures throughout the year. Whether you’re looking for a warm summer day or a cool winter escape, Peachtree Park offers something special for every season. So come explore this tranquil oasis in Atlanta to experience why so many people love visiting Peachtree Park!



Summer in Peachtree Park is hot and humid, with an average temperature of 85°F (29.4°C). Thunderstorms and occasional tornadoes are common from late May to early September. The summer months also bring plenty of sunshine, perfect for outdoor activities like picnicking and jogging in the park.



Fall is mild, with temperatures ranging from 50-75°F (10-24°C). The fall foliage provides a beautiful backdrop for exploring the park’s trails. In November, average rainfall increases noticeably as winter approaches.



Winter can be cold but generally mild compared to other parts of the country. Temperatures typically range from 30-50°F (-1 to 10 °C), occasionally dropping below freezing at night. Snow is not a common occurrence, but it occasionally happens.



Spring in Peachtree Park is mild and warm, with temperatures ranging from 50-80°F (10-27°C). This season brings plenty of rain, so umbrellas are essential for staying dry on rainy days. The park’s trees bloom with bright colors in the springtime, making it a great time to explore the natural beauty of the park.


Local Tip

If you visit Peachtree Park during the summer months, bring lots of sunscreen and stay hydrated! Also, be sure to keep an eye out for storms and tornado warnings. During winter months, be sure to bundle up because temperatures can drop below freezing at night.


Education System of Peachtree Park 

Peachtree Park in Atlanta, Georgia is home to a unique education system that provides students with an engaging and challenging learning environment. Located in the heart of Buckhead, Peachtree Park offers students access to the best resources available for academic success. The school district provides a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for college and beyond. Peachtree Park also has strong community involvement, providing parents and family members with opportunities to become active participants in their child’s education. From after-school programs to summer camps, Peachtree Park’s educational offerings are tailored to meet the needs of all its students.

Public Schools

Public schools in Peachtree Park are part of the Atlanta Public School system, one of the largest school districts in Georgia. It consists of elementary, middle, and high schools that offer a wide range of programs to meet each student’s individual needs. The district strives to provide students with quality instruction while maintaining an environment that is safe and supportive.

Charter Schools

Charter schools are public schools that are funded by taxpayer money but operated by private, non-profit organizations. In Peachtree Park, there are several charter school options, including ones specializing in STEM subjects, as well as those focused on foreign languages and the arts. They all offer tuition-free education for residents and often have more flexibility than traditional public schools when it comes to curriculum and instruction.

Private Schools

Private schools in Peachtree Park are run by non-profit organizations and typically have more selective admission policies than public schools. They also often have a religious affiliation, although there are secular private schools as well. Private schools generally offer students smaller class sizes, individualized attention, and greater access to extracurricular activities.

Religious Schools

Religious schools in Peachtree Park provide an educational atmosphere that is based on the teachings of their particular faith or denomination. These schools can be either parochial or independent, with the former receiving funding from churches while the latter does not rely on outside sources for money. Religion courses are usually part of the curriculum at these types of schools and all classes are conducted within the context of the faith.


Homeschooling is an option for parents who want to be more involved in their children’s education and customize it according to their individual needs. In Peachtree Park, there is a wide range of homeschooling programs available as well as support groups and resources for parents interested in this educational approach. Although homeschooling can provide students with greater flexibility, it also requires dedication and discipline on the part of both parents and students.


Peachtree Park  Local Government and Infrastructure

Peachtree Park in Atlanta, Georgia is a vibrant and diverse community that relies on the local government to ensure its infrastructure needs are met. With a population of over 200,000 people, Peachtree Park boasts a vast array of amenities such as schools, parks, recreational centers, grocery stores, and other businesses. The government ensures these services are provided by working with local organizations and investing in public transportation systems like MARTA to provide efficient transportation options. Additionally, they focus on improving existing infrastructure while also planning for future growth and development. From maintaining roads to providing green spaces for the public to enjoy, Peachtree Park’s local government works tirelessly to ensure the well-being of its citizens.


The Atlanta Police Department (APD) is the primary law enforcement agency responsible for the city of Peachtree Park. The APD is divided into five precincts throughout the city, with the Precinct 5 office located in Peachtree Park. This precinct provides police officers to patrol and respond to 911 calls, investigate crimes, and enforce traffic laws within its jurisdiction.

Fire Department

The Atlanta Fire Rescue Department serves Peachtree Park and surrounding areas. In addition to responding to emergency calls, they also provide preventative services such as fire safety inspections and community education programs. They are equipped with multiple fire stations situated around the area that offer rapid response times when needed.


There are three library branches in Peachtree Park: the Peachtree Park, Buckhead, and Wolf Creek branches. Each branch offers a wide range of services, including access to books and other materials, computer classes, reading programs for children, and special events for community members.


There are two public schools in Peachtree Park, the William B. Hartsfield Elementary School and the Charles R. Drew Charter High School. Both of these institutes offer excellent education opportunities with specialized programs to ensure students receive a well-rounded education.

Public Services

Residents of Peachtree Park can access a number of vital services from the city government, such as street cleaning/garbage collection, water/sewer hookups, public transportation (MARTA bus and rail), and parks/recreation services. The city also provides a variety of other assistance programs, including housing vouchers, elderly care assistance, and food pantries.


Things To Do

Peachtree Park in Atlanta, Georgia is an ideal spot for family fun! Located near the heart of the city, this lush oasis provides plenty of activities and amenities to keep everyone entertained. From playgrounds and ballfields to large open spaces perfect for picnics or a game of Frisbee, there’s something for every member of your family here. Peachtree Park also offers plenty of opportunities for exploring with trails that wind through dense woodlands full of wildlife. With its convenient location and many attractions, it’s no wonder why Peachtree Park has become one of Atlanta’s most popular outdoor destinations.


Peachtree Park is a great place for an outdoor picnic with friends or family. There are plenty of grassy areas perfect for setting up a blanket and having lunch al fresco!

The park is also playground central, with swings, slides, climbing walls, and other fun activities to keep kids entertained.

With its open fields and wide-open space, the park makes an ideal spot for playing sports such as ultimate Frisbee, soccer, football, and more.

Take a leisurely stroll along paved paths that traverse through the park’s lush grounds and serene lakefront setting. Or take your bike out for a spin around the trails!

Bird watching is a popular pastime in the park due to its abundance of wildlife and diverse bird populations.


Peachtree Park also features an indoor pool perfect for swimming laps or just taking a refreshing dip on hot summer days.

The park’s recreation center offers numerous classes and activities, such as Zumba, Tai Chi, yoga, and more. It’s open to the public but may require membership fees for certain activities.

Grab a book from the library or browse through board games provided by the rec center- it’s sure to be some fun entertainment!

Painting and pottery classes are offered at various times throughout the year. Take a break and spend an afternoon exploring your creative side!

If you’re looking for something less active, there are also movie screenings, lectures, and community events available in-person or virtually.


Restaurants in Peachtree Park 

Peachtree Park in Atlanta, Georgia is home to some of the best restaurants in the city. From sophisticated bistros to cozy neighborhood eateries, there’s something for every palate. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner spot or just want to grab a bite with friends, Peachtree Park has plenty of options to choose from. From delicious Italian cuisine to classic American fare, the restaurants in this vibrant area offer an array of flavors and styles that are sure to please any foodie. So come experience all that Peachtree Park has to offer and indulge in some of the best dining experiences around!


Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse

Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse is an upscale steakhouse located in the heart of Peachtree Park in Atlanta, Georgia. It serves classic Brazilian favorites such as Picanha, a top sirloin cut, and Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon. The restaurant offers a variety of side dishes, salads, and desserts to accompany the meal. Additionally, Fogo de Chão offers a rodízio bar that features over fifteen different cuts from all parts of the cow.



Kyma is a modern Greek restaurant situated near Peachtree Park in Atlanta. It features traditional Greek cuisine such as spanikopita (spinach pies), moussaka (eggplant casserole), and kleftiko (lamb shank). The restaurant also offers a variety of imported wines and Greece-inspired cocktails.


Corner Cafe

Corner Cafe is a cozy cafe located on the outskirts of Peachtree Park in Atlanta. It serves classic American dishes, including hamburgers, wings, and sandwiches. Additionally, Corner Cafe offers salads and lighter fare for customers looking for something healthier. Breakfast items are available all day long, including pancakes, waffles, French toast, and omelets. There is also an extensive selection of coffee drinks to choose from.



Peachtree Park in Atlanta, Georgia is a beautiful and well-maintained park that offers something for everyone. Located in the heart of downtown, Peachtree Park features lush green spaces, walking paths, and an abundance of amenities. Whether you’re looking to take a leisurely stroll through nature or get active with some sports and games, Peachtree Park has it all. From playgrounds to benches to lots of open lawn space, there’s plenty for people of all ages to enjoy. There are also several picnic tables dispersed throughout the park, perfect for having lunch with friends or just relaxing under a tree.


Peachtree Park Nature Trail

Peachtree Park Nature Trail is a great place to experience nature in the heart of Atlanta. This park consists of nearly two miles of trails that meander through forests and wetlands, providing plenty of opportunities to observe wildlife. The trail also features bird watching, fishing, and educational programs with interpretive signage along its paths. There are picnic tables, benches, and playgrounds scattered throughout the park for visitors to enjoy as well.


Frankie Allen Park

Frankie Allen Park is home to several sports fields, including soccer and baseball, as well as a playground for children. It’s located near the neighborhood pool which offers swimming lessons during the summer months.


Shady Valley Park

Shady Valley Park provides an oasis of green in the city, boasting large trees and winding paths perfect for leisurely walks or jogs. There is a playground and picnic tables, as well as a small lake for fishing.


Bagley Park

Bagley Park offers a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. This tranquil park has expansive grassy areas and plenty of trees for shade. Its pathways are lined with benches, making it perfect for an afternoon stroll. Other amenities include basketball courts, tennis courts, a playground, and a picnic area. Visitors can also enjoy educational events such as environmental workshops and nature hikes in the park. Bagley Park also has a unique feature, an outdoor amphitheater that hosts concerts during the summer months.

Peachtree-Park-Georgia-Is-Peachtree-Park-Georgia -Safe-To-Live-In

Is Peachtree Park Safe To Live In

Living in Peachtree Park in Atlanta, Georgia is a safe and secure experience. The area is filled with friendly neighbors who look out for one another, creating a safe atmosphere for everyone living there.

The neighborhood is well-maintained with wide sidewalks and lush trees that offer plenty of shade from the hot summer sun. Peachtree Park also has several police officers on patrol to ensure safety and order within the community. Additionally, the parks have park rangers available to protect visitors as well as provide information about local attractions and services.

Peachtree Park offers its residents plenty of entertainment options such as shops, restaurants, bars, theaters, and more that are located nearby. Also close by are schools, healthcare facilities, parks, and libraries. The area is also known for its cultural activities and festivals that are held throughout the year.

Overall, living in Peachtree Park in Atlanta, Georgia is a safe experience. Residents can feel secure knowing that there are plenty of police officers on patrol and park rangers to protect them. Additionally, the neighborhood offers plenty of entertainment options with its close proximity to schools, healthcare facilities, parks, and libraries. With all this available nearby, Peachtree Park is an ideal place to call home for those looking for a safe place to live with plenty of things to do nearby.

Peachtree-Park-Georgia -Why-Should-I-Live-Here

Why Should I Live Here

Peachtree Park is a fantastic neighborhood for anyone looking to call Atlanta home. It’s centrally located in the heart of Midtown and just minutes from some of the city’s best dining, shopping, entertainment, and culture. The area is also surrounded by picturesque tree-lined streets that provide a peaceful atmosphere while still being within easy reach of all the attractions this bustling city has to offer.

The homes in Peachtree Park are charming and inviting, with many offering alluring front porches to sit out on fine summer evenings. The neighborhood offers a variety of housing options ranging from cozy bungalows to stunning Georgian mansions and everything in between. Homes here come with high walkability scores so you’ll never have to worry about being too far from the amenities you need.

The neighborhood also offers easy access to Piedmont Park, which is home to an array of festivals and events throughout the year, such as Movies in the Park and Music Midtown. The park’s lake has a walking trail perfect for morning strolls or an afternoon jaunt. For those looking for more active pursuits, there are plenty of tennis courts, a pool, playgrounds, and golf courses nearby as well.