Peachtree Heights Atlanta Georgia

Peachtree Heights is a peaceful residential neighborhood located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, Georgia. Located between Peachtree Road and Northside Drive, it’s bordered by Windsor Parkway to the north, West Wesley Road to the east, Piedmont Avenue to the south, and Habersham Road to the west.

The neighborhood offers convenient access to a variety of amenities including parks, shopping centers, restaurants, and bars. Peachtree Hills Park sits at the center of this small community providing plenty of playgrounds and walking paths for families to enjoy. Other highlights include nearby shops at Shops Around Lenox Mall and Phipps Plaza as well as trendy eateries like Bread & Butterfly or Suzy Siu’s Baos.

Residents have easy access to public transportation options as well. The Buckhead MARTA station provides convenient service for that commuting by train, while the area also offers multiple bus routes and an easy connection to I-85 and GA 400. Peachtree Heights is also served by Fulton County Schools including Smith Primary School and Morris Brandon Elementary School.

The area’s combination of tranquil streets, family-friendly parks, cozy restaurants, and quick access to major highways make Peachtree Heights a great place to call home in Atlanta. It’s perfect for young professionals looking for a quiet neighborhood or families wanting to enjoy all that this wonderful city has to offer. With its proximity to downtown Atlanta, there are plenty of attractions within easy reach for all ages.

Peachtree Heights is an ideal spot for anyone looking to experience Atlanta and all its attractions in a peaceful residential setting. Whether you’re drawn by the convenient access to public transportation, nearby shopping, restaurants, and parks or simply looking for a great place to call home, Peachtree Heights offers it all. Come explore this vibrant and welcoming community today!


Peachtree Heights Atlanta History

The Peachtree Heights neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia has a very rich history. The area dates back to the late 19th century when an investor named Thomas DeKalb purchased land from the Creek Indians and developed it into residential lots. In 1905, the City of Atlanta annexed Peachtree Heights and officially incorporated it as part of the city. Over time, the neighborhood attracted affluent families who built large homes with grand gardens, some of which remain today.

By the mid-20th century, many of the area’s original residents had passed away or moved away, leading to some decline in property values over time. However, in recent years interest has been resurgent due to its ideal location close to downtown Atlanta and Buckhead. It also features beautiful tree-lined streets and historic homes with well-maintained yards, making it a desirable neighborhood to live in.

Peachtree Heights Atlanta Today:

Today, Peachtree Heights is home to many young professionals, families, and retirees who enjoy the convenience of living near great restaurants and shopping centers. There are also plenty of parks and trails nearby for those looking to get out into nature. The area is known for its annual Peachtree Heights Festival which celebrates the traditions of the community through music and art. Overall, this vibrant neighborhood remains an attractive destination for those seeking an active urban lifestyle in a safe and serene environment.


Cost Of Living

The cost of living in Peachtree Heights is quite high due to its desirable location and various amenities. Housing prices are especially steep but groceries, electric bills, transportation costs, and entertainment options make it a worthwhile place to call home.


The cost of housing in the Peachtree Heights neighborhood of Atlanta Georgia is relatively high. On average, the median home price in this area is about $500,000 according to Zillow. The majority of homes are single-family dwellings but there are a few townhomes and condos available for purchase as well. Renting a home or apartment here can be expensive too; the average rental rate for a two-bedroom unit is around $2,200 per month.


Public transportation is available within the neighborhood but is limited to MARTA buses and rail systems. For those who prefer to drive their vehicles, there are plenty of parking options with some garages charging up to $10/day for daily parking. Gas prices in this neighborhood tend to be slightly higher than in other parts of the city.

General Goods & Services:

Electricity rates tend to be higher than in other parts of Georgia due to their location within the city limits. Depending on how much electricity you use, your monthly electric bill could range anywhere from $100-$400 per month. The cost of groceries in Peachtree Heights can vary depending on where you shop. There are many specialty stores and farmer’s markets in the area where prices tend to be higher than at large chain supermarkets. However, if you buy organic or locally sourced foods, these items may be slightly more expensive than groceries purchased at larger stores like Publix or Kroger.


Local Economy

Peachtree Heights offers many attractive features that make it an ideal location for both businesses and individuals seeking jobs and economic opportunities. It has a thriving business district with numerous shops, restaurants, banks that provide small business loans, and other businesses. There are also many employment opportunities available in the area along with a high median household income. Peachtree Heights also features tax incentives and access to capital investment funds, making it an excellent place for businesses of all sizes to grow and succeed. With its great location and resources, Peachtree Heights can be a great place for people looking for jobs or starting new businesses.

Job Opportunities:

Peachtree Heights is a great place for finding employment opportunities. The city’s top employers are Emory Healthcare, Atlanta Public Schools, Georgia Institute of Technology, City of Atlanta, and Delta Air Lines. Other major employers in the area include Grady Memorial Hospital, DeKalb Medical Center, the University of Georgia, and Atlanta Technical College. These employers offer a range of jobs from healthcare positions to engineering roles. Peachtree Heights also boasts many small businesses that provide employment opportunities ranging from retail stores to restaurants.

Household Income:

The median household income in Peachtree Heights is $58,923. This number is slightly higher than the national average of $55,322. Many residents have higher-paying jobs due to the abundance of employment opportunities in the city.

Local Investments:

Peachtree Heights has a thriving business district with numerous shops, restaurants, and other businesses. The area is also popular with investors who want to purchase property and open up new businesses. Many local banks provide small business loans as well as access to capital investment funds. The city also offers tax incentives to attract new businesses and encourage existing ones to expand their operations. Peachtree Heights is a great place for businesses of all sizes looking for resources and support to grow and succeed.


Transportation Options For The Commute

Peachtree Heights Atlanta Georgia offers plenty of options when it comes to transportation, making it easy to get around town no matter your preferred method. Whether you choose public transportation, taxis, cars, or bicycles, you’ll be sure to find an efficient way to navigate this beautiful city.


Public Transportation:

Public transportation in Peachtree Heights Atlanta Georgia is plentiful. The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) operates bus and train lines throughout the city, making it easy to travel around town. Bus routes serve major downtown attractions such as Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, and Centennial Olympic Park. In addition, MARTA’s rail lines operate from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to Peachtree Heights, with stops at various points along the way for convenient access to local neighborhoods.



Taxis are also available in Atlanta for those seeking convenience and comfort when traveling within the city. Uber is a popular choice for travelers who want to get around quickly, and taxis can be hailed from designated taxi stands or called directly to your location. Taxis are a great option for those looking for a more direct route, as well as for people who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of public transportation.



Bicycling is also very popular in Peachtree Heights Atlanta Georgia, with a network of bike lanes and paths that make it easy to get around. Bicyclists can enjoy the scenic views of the city while also getting exercise and fresh air. The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition provides additional resources such as maps, safety tips, and group rides for bicyclists who wish to explore the city on two wheels.



One of the most popular ways to get around in Peachtree Heights Atlanta Georgia is by car. With access to major highways such as I-75, I-85, and GA 400, getting around by car is easy and convenient. In addition, free parking is abundant throughout the city, making it simple to park your car almost anywhere you need to go.


Average Annual Weather

Peachtree Heights in Atlanta, Georgia experiences all four seasons with unique weather and activities associated with each. Summers are hot and humid, winters are typically mild but wet, springs are warm and full of blooming gardens, and falls are cool and colorful. Locals make the most of the changing seasons by taking advantage of nearby parks, festivals, farmer’s markets, outdoor activities such as hiking or biking, and more.



Atlanta, Georgia has hot and humid summers. Temperatures typically reach the mid-90s Fahrenheit with nighttime lows in the upper 70s. Humidity levels tend to be high, making for a sticky summer climate accompanied by frequent thunderstorms. To stay cool during the summer months, locals often take advantage of nearby bodies of water such as Lake Lanier and Stone Mountain Park for swimming or fishing. Additionally, local festivals like Sweetwater’s 420 Fest are great ways to beat the heat while enjoying some live music and entertainment.



Winter in Atlanta is generally mild with temperatures rarely dropping below freezing – though it does happen on occasion! Rainfall is common during winter months, but snowfall is much less frequent. Average temperatures range from the low-40s during the day to the mid-30s overnight. Locals make the most of their mild winters by participating in winter sports like snow tubing or ice skating at nearby resorts. Additionally, many heads to downtown Atlanta for festivals and holiday events such as Christmas in Candler Park and Zoo Atlanta’s Holiday Lights Spectacular.



Fall in Peachtree Heights is usually marked by cool temperatures, colorful foliage, and crisp air. Temperatures typically range from the mid-60s during the day to the low 40s at night. Rainfall is more frequent as fall progresses but it’s still a great time to get outdoors and enjoy activities such as hiking or biking around Atlanta’s many trails and green spaces. Additionally, local farmer’s markets are a great way to stay active while stocking up on fresh produce for the upcoming winter months!



Spring in Atlanta is characterized by warm weather and blooming gardens – a true sign that summer is on its way! Temperatures usually hover in the mid-70s with occasional rain showers scattered throughout. This season also marks the festival season in Peachtree Heights, with numerous outdoor music festivals, art shows, and food events taking place each month. Locals take advantage of the warm weather by visiting nearby parks and gardens to enjoy nature’s beauty.


Local Tip:

One of the best things about living in Peachtree Heights is the access to all of Atlanta’s seasonal events. From festivals and concerts to holiday markets, there’s always something exciting going on in this vibrant city!


Education System Of Peachtree Heights 

Peachtree Heights, Atlanta Georgia has a variety of educational options for its students. From public schools and charter schools to private schools, religious schools, and homeschooling, there is something that can meet the needs of every student in the area. No matter which option parents choose for their children, they can be assured that their students will receive an excellent education.

Public Schools: 

Peachtree Heights, Atlanta Georgia is served by the Atlanta Public Schools. The school system takes pride in its commitment to providing an excellent education for its students through a rigorous curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities. The district includes 82 elementary schools, 29 middle schools, 18 high schools, two charter middle/high schools, and three alternative learning centers. All of the public schools are fully accredited and follow the Common Core State Standards. In addition to traditional classroom instruction, APS provides Advanced Placement classes, career academy programs, Dual Enrollment Options (students can take college courses while still in high school), virtual learning environments, and magnet programs focusing on STEM or Fine Arts studies.

Charter Schools:

The Atlanta Public Schools system also offers a variety of charter schools that provide students with alternative approaches to education. Charter schools are public schools that receive state or local funding, but they operate independently from traditional school systems in terms of curriculum and instruction. Examples of charter schools in the area include KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools, which focuses on college readiness; the City of Refuge Academy, which serves homeless and at-risk youth; and Imagine Math & Science Center, which uses an innovative curriculum to teach science and math.

Private Schools:

Peachtree Heights is also home to several private schools that serve students from pre-K through 12th grade. These independent institutions typically have their own admissions criteria and curricula that are not necessarily aligned with the state standards. Examples include Atlanta International School, a private bilingual school; St. John’s Presbyterian, which offers a faith-based curriculum; and Westminster Academy, an independent college preparatory school.

Religious Schools:

Religious schools in Peachtree Heights vary depending on the religious denomination of each school. Orthodox Jewish schools like Yeshiva High School offer instruction in both academic subjects and Judaic Studies while Catholic institutions like Our Lady of Mercy provide a rigorous education infused with traditional Christian values. Other religious schools in the area include Atlanta Episcopal School, The Gimmerstidtinger Torah Academy, and Open Door Baptist Academy.


Parents in Peachtree Heights also have the option of homeschooling their children. Homeschooling is a popular alternative to traditional schools, allowing parents to create an individualized educational plan for their student that meets state requirements and addresses their child’s unique needs. In addition to providing instruction on academic subjects such as math, science, and history, many homeschoolers participate in extracurricular activities and take part in educational co-ops where students can supplement each other’s learning.


Peachtree Heights Local Government And Infrastructure

Peachtree Heights offers its residents a wide array of public services to ensure they have access to everything they need for a safe and healthy life. From safety initiatives to educational opportunities to assist with meeting basic needs, the city provides all its citizens with the tools they need to thrive in this vibrant community.


Peachtree Heights is located within the Atlanta Police Department’s Zone 6 station precinct. The police department operates out of an expansive facility in the northern part of Peachtree Heights and provides both traditional law enforcement services as well as community policing initiatives. They are responsible for patrolling the streets, responding to 911 calls, conducting investigations into criminal activity, providing public safety classes and educational programs, and engaging with local businesses and organizations.

Fire Departments:

The fire protection services in Peachtree Heights are provided by the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department (AFRD). The AFRD operates several fire stations throughout the city; one of these is located near Peachtree Heights. This station houses a team of highly trained firefighters who are available to respond to emergencies in the area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. AFRD personnel also provide fire education programs and fire prevention initiatives throughout the community.


The Atlanta Public Schools (APS) serves Peachtree Heights with three elementary schools – Mary Lin Elementary School, Sarah Smith Elementary School, and Gideons Elementary School – all located within the neighborhood boundaries. All three schools offer high-quality education in a safe learning environment for students from Pre-K through 5th grade. In addition to the standard core curriculum, these schools also provide a range of enrichment activities, including athletics and visual arts.


In Peachtree Heights, residents have access to two public libraries. The first is the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System, which includes 13 branches located throughout the city. This library system offers a wide variety of materials ranging from books and magazines to audio/visual media and electronic resources. Additionally, patrons can access computer labs for research or job searches as well as attend educational events for both children and adults.

The second library in Peachtree Heights is part of the Georgia Public Library Service (GPLS). This library offers a range of services and resources to meet the needs of the community. Patrons can borrow books, movies, music, and other items as well as access computer labs with internet access and educational software. The library also provides tutoring services, hosts special events such as book clubs and story times, and even provides classes on topics such as genealogy research and resume writing.

Public Services:

Peachtree Heights offers its residents access to a variety of public services provided by the city and county. These include transportation options such as MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) bus and rail lines; garbage collection services; parks and recreational facilities; youth programs such as after-school programs and summer camps; free or low-cost health care resources through clinics located in nearby neighborhoods; public safety initiatives from police, fire, and emergency medical services personnel; utility assistance for those who qualify based on income levels; voter registration information and polling locations during election cycles; government job training programs for adults; and elderly services provided through local agencies.


Things To Do

Peachtree Heights Atlanta Georgia is an amazing city with plenty of opportunities for exploration and adventure. From outdoor activities such as taking a walk around the lake at Peachtree Heights Park or going for a bike ride along the BeltLine trail to enjoying some interactive fun at Skyline Park or seeing a show at Fox Theatre, there are plenty of things to do both indoors and outdoors.


Take a walk around the lake at Peachtree Heights Park. This park is one of the most popular in Atlanta and offers plenty of walking paths, a playground, and picnic areas. The lake also has an abundance of wildlife, including ducks, geese, and turtles.

Go for a bike ride along the BeltLine trail. The BeltLine is a 22-mile multi-use trail that encircles the city of Atlanta with parks, trails, and public art installations. It’s a great way to explore all that Atlanta has to offer while getting some exercise!

Spend an afternoon at Piedmont Park. This 189-acre park includes acres of lush greenery, ponds, streams, and walking paths. It’s also home to the Atlanta Botanical Garden, a 27-acre oasis of gardens and trails.

Check out the High Museum of Art. The High is one of the leading art museums in the Southeast, with an impressive collection of European, American, and African art. There are also family-friendly activities such as scavenger hunts, storytime, and workshops!

Go fishing at Lake Lanier Islands Resort. This lakefront resort on Lake Lanier offers plenty of opportunities for fishing with boat rentals, kayak tours, and guided fishing trips available all year round.


Take a stroll through the World of Coca-Cola museum located in downtown Atlanta. This museum features an interactive exhibit showing the history of the Coca-Cola Company as well as product tasting and educational activities.

Visit the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. With its giant dinosaur skeletons, interactive nature exhibits and IMAX theater, there’s something for everyone at this museum! It also offers special programs such as behind-the-scenes tours and night hikes in the woods.

See a show at Fox Theatre or Alliance Theatre. Both of these venues host world-class entertainment from Broadway to concerts to comedy acts throughout the year!

Bowl a game (or two!) at Midtown Bowl. This vintage bowling alley is located in the heart of Midtown Atlanta and has plenty of lanes and a full bar.

Enjoy some interactive fun at Skyline Park. Located on the roof of Ponce City Market, this amusement park features classic Midway games and activities such as mini-golf, carnival rides, and even an indoor playground! There’s also an arcade with over 50 old-school games to choose from.


Restaurants In Peachtree Heights 

Peachtree Heights Atlanta Georgia is host to a variety of restaurants that have something for everyone. No matter where you choose to enjoy a meal, Peachtree Heights has something for everyone! ​


Roshambo “The Diner’s Diner”:

Located in Peachtree Heights Atlanta Georgia, Roshambo “The Diner’s Diner” is a place for the adventurous eater. The restaurant has an eclectic mix of flavors from around the world and puts a modern spin on classic dishes. Popular items include the chicken and waffles entree with spicy honey butter and their pork belly ramen bowl. For dessert, the restaurant offers a variety of unique and delicious desserts including its warm peach cobbler and Nutella creme brulee.


Whitehall Tavern:

Whitehall Tavern is a popular spot in Peachtree Heights Atlanta Georgia. The restaurant offers a classic American pub experience with its intimate setting, relaxed atmosphere, and live music on the weekends. The menu features traditional favorites such as fish ‘n chips, burgers, and wings, but also has some more upscale options like their gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and steak. On the weekends, their brunch menu is a favorite with its classic atmosphere and hearty fares like chicken and waffles, breakfast burritos, and biscuits and gravy.


Jalisco Restaurant:

Jalisco Restaurant is a Mexican restaurant located in Peachtree Heights Atlanta Georgia and is known for its authentic cuisine. The menu consists of classic dishes like tacos, burritos, fajitas, quesadillas, and enchiladas made with freshly prepared ingredients. For those looking to try something new, they also offer special dishes such as their chile relleno, stuffed jalapenos, and an assortment of seafood entrees. The restaurant also has a full bar offering beer, wine, and margaritas to accompany the delicious food. No matter what you order, Jalisco Restaurant is sure to provide an enjoyable experience with its friendly service and flavorful Mexican fare. ​



Peachtree Heights, Atlanta Georgia is home to a variety of parks and outdoor recreational activities. Each park has its unique features and activities, making it the perfect place to spend a day outdoors. Whether visitors are looking for something fun to do with friends or family, or just want to enjoy some time outdoors, Peachtree Heights has it all! 


Duck Pond Park:

Duck Pond Park is a 12-acre park located in Peachtree Heights, Atlanta Georgia. The park features an outdoor amphitheater, two tennis courts, a basketball court, and an open green space that are perfect for picnics or sports activities. It also has hiking trails that wind around the pond, allowing visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.


Parkside Drive Park:

Parkside Drive Park is a large 35-acre park located in Peachtree Heights, Atlanta Georgia. It features a baseball diamond, two basketball courts, playgrounds, and open green spaces perfect for picnics or sports activities. The park also has multiple walking trails and a pond with ducks and other wildlife that are sure to be enjoyed by visitors.


Charlie Loudermilk Park:

Charlie Loudermilk Park is a 24-acre park located in Peachtree Heights, Atlanta Georgia. This park features an outdoor amphitheater, two tennis courts, and a basketball court as well as open green space perfect for picnics or sports activities. The park also has a pond with ducks and other wildlife that will surely be enjoyed by visitors.


Peachtree Hills Park:

Peachtree Hills Park is a 20-acre park located in Peachtree Heights, Atlanta Georgia. This park features two tennis courts, two basketball courts, and open green space that are perfect for picnics or sports activities. The park also has a pond with ducks and other wildlife that can be enjoyed by visitors. There is also a playground area for children to enjoy. Additionally, Peachtree Hills Park has walking trails that wind around the park, allowing visitors to take in the natural beauty of the area.


Is Peachtree Heights Safe To Live In

Peachtree Heights in Atlanta, Georgia is a great place to live. The neighborhood is safe and secure due to the 24/7 police patrols and local watch groups that are active in the area. There are also several amenities available within the community, including parks, playgrounds, and a swimming pool. Additionally, there are plenty of shopping and dining options in the area.

The streets of Peachtree Heights are well-lit and well-maintained, which helps ensure a safe environment for residents. There is also an active neighborhood watch program in place to help deter crime and keep the community safe. The local schools are highly rated, so there are plenty of educational opportunities available for children in the area.

Overall, Peachtree Heights is a safe place to live for families and individuals alike. The proximity to downtown Atlanta makes it an ideal spot for people who work or go to school in the city, and the neighborhood has plenty of amenities that make living there enjoyable. With its low crime rate and great amenities, Peachtree Heights is a great place to call home.


Why Should I Live Here

Peachtree Heights is a vibrant neighborhood located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. It has been a popular destination for many who have chosen to make it their home due to its affordable housing, great schools, and access to numerous activities and recreational facilities.

The neighborhood offers an array of homes from condos to single-family residences, all of which are close to the amenities that make this such an attractive area. Peachtree Heights is conveniently located near top-rated restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment venues. No matter what your preference is for a place to live, you can find it here.

Another great benefit of living in Peachtree Heights is its excellent school system with award-winning schools. This neighborhood is also home to several parks and green spaces, providing plenty of outdoor activities for everyone. Whether you enjoy running, or biking, or just want to relax in the fresh air, Peachtree Heights is a great place to live.

The public transportation system makes it easy to get around town, offering convenient access to all of the city’s attractions. The neighborhood also provides easy access to downtown Atlanta and all its offerings, from cultural events and performances to professional sports and entertainment venues.

Peachtree Heights is a great place to live for those seeking an affordable and convenient lifestyle in a vibrant urban setting. With its excellent schools, convenient transportation system, and numerous entertainment options, the neighborhood is a great choice for those looking to make Atlanta their home.