Ormewood Park Atlanta Georgia

Ormewood Park is a neighborhood located in East Atlanta, located just south of I-20 and east of Moreland Avenue. It is bordered by the communities of Grant Park to the south, Glenwood Park to the north, Kirkwood to the northeast along with Boulevard Heights to the west. The neighborhood has seen an increase in recent years of development and has seen a number of new restaurants and new businesses sprouting along the main thoroughfare, Ormewood Avenue.

The streets in Ormewood Park are lined with residents who enjoy walking trails and gardens with trees. Residents also have easy access to parks nearby such as Brownwood Park, which features outdoor activities like playing fields, tennis courts, and swimming pools. This park is a fantastic location for residents to unwind and enjoy a social gathering. Furthermore, Ormewood Park is home to the historical Oakland Cemetery, which contains many of the oldest tombs found located in Atlanta as well as the home of the city’s first cemetery of African-Americans.

The commercial corridor of the neighborhood is located through Ormewood Avenue, featuring local businesses like restaurants and small stores. The area has seen an explosion of new restaurants in the past few years, with favorites such as Homegrown as well as BoccaLupo’s Italian Kitchen. Other hot spots comprise Strongwater Food & Spirits, Gunshow, Little Tart Bakeshop, Two Urban Licks, and numerous others.

If you’re looking to discover local attractions outside of local boundaries, Ormewood Park hosts a range of events and festivals throughout the season. There is the Ormewood Park Summer Concert Series is an annual festival that offers live music by local rock groups, along with food vendors, performers, and many other activities for all to take part in. In addition, residents have an easy connection to Atlanta’s vibrant cultural scene, thanks to MARTA bus routes that are located within blocks of Grant Park.

Overall, Ormewood Park offers something for all ages. From its nearness to parks and outdoor activities to its bustling commercial corridor, which houses some of Atlanta’s top eateries and stores, and restaurants, it’s now one of Atlanta’s most sought-after communities. If you’re looking for an ideal place to live or would like to see what the neighborhood offers, Ormewood Park is definitely worth exploring.


Ormewood Park Atlanta Georgia History

Ormewood Park is a historic Atlanta, Georgia neighborhood located close to Grant Park. The neighborhood was first established by freed slaves who cultivated the land and built tiny houses on the property. After 1890, when it was added to Atlanta city boundaries, the area was given the name of East View to Ormewood Park. In the present, Ormewood Park is an urban oasis with tree-lined streets and gorgeously preserved homes of a variety of styles, from Victorian-style homes to craftsman-style houses.

Around the turn century, Ormewood prospered in the form of a suburb for streetcars of Atlanta with a variety of businesses lining the area that is now Glenwood Avenue S.E. The most popular place for activities is “the circle,” a place at the junction between Glenwood and Ormewood which was where a plethora of establishments served people across the region. In 1920, nearly all of the land were sold because there was an enormous demand for homes in the booming neighborhood.

Ormewood Park was thriving throughout The 1950s, and 1960s as it saw the development of more homes. As a flood of young professionals started moving to the area in the late 1990s, a number of local businesses were re-energized and attracted tourists from both the near and far. Cafes, art galleries and restaurants, yoga studios, and boutiques are all along Glenwood Avenue S.E.

At the present, Ormewood Park is still known for its variety of architectural styles and bustling business district. It’s a beautiful community that attracts people from all kinds of backgrounds and has the opportunity to offer something to every person. With easy access to Downtown Atlanta, Grant Park, East Atlanta Village, and more, Ormewood Park remains a lively area of activity at the center of the city.

People love strolling through the streets lined with trees, and exploring the unique restaurants and shops. The charm and history of this quaint neighborhood make it one of the most sought-after areas to live in. If you’re seeking a suburban oasis that has a long history, Ormewood Park is the ideal place to live.

Ormewood Park Atlanta Georgia Today

Ormewood Park is a thriving lively neighborhood located within the city of Atlanta. It is home to an array of architectural styles that range from Victorian-style bungalows to craftsman homes and houses numerous local companies. The area is now an increasingly popular spot for young professionals who are looking for an urban retreat with easy access to downtown and the other parts of Atlanta. Tourists and residents alike are enthralled by exploring the area’s distinct restaurants, shops art galleries, and other.

Ormewood Park remains one of the most desirable locations to reside in the city, due to its rich history and incredible facilities. It has something for all! If you’re searching for an attractive community that has both convenience and personality, take a look at Ormewood Park in Atlanta. You’ll not be disappointed.


Cost Of Living

Ormewood Park, in Atlanta Georgia is a great place to live and enjoy city life. The cost of living in this neighborhood is surprisingly quite reasonable when compared to other metropolitan areas. This area offers plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment options to help keep costs down while still allowing locals to enjoy their lives. The cost of housing in Ormewood Park is quite reasonable, with the median list price being relatively low. There are plenty of homes that are available at an affordable rate, making this a great neighborhood for those looking to buy or rent. Apartments and condos can also be found in this area, providing plenty of options when it comes to budget-friendly living.

The cost of groceries in Ormewood Park is also quite reasonable, with plenty of local stores providing quality food items at affordable prices. Additionally, there are plenty of restaurants located within this area that offer delicious meals at a reasonable cost. Finally, the cost of entertainment and leisure activities in Ormewood Park can also be quite reasonable. There are plenty of parks, museums, and other attractions located within this community that make it easy to enjoy city life without breaking the bank. Additionally, there are plenty of options for those who wish to take part in outdoor activities such as biking or running along the nearby trails.

Housing And Utilities

Ormewood Park, Atlanta Georgia is a wonderful location to make your home. There are a variety of housing options, predominantly family-style apartments, and homes however there are some townhomes and condominiums for rent. The rent prices differ based on the dimensions of the property and its location in downtown Atlanta and other tourist attractions. The utilities like electricity water, sewerage, and garbage can be figured at 150 dollars per month for an apartment that is a single-family home.

The price of groceries at Ormewood Park can vary depending on the store you go to. The close-by Publix supermarket has affordable prices on a variety of items, however, Whole Foods Market is more expensive because of their organic product range. Prices are similar across different stores, with little differences between the two. The price of an entire week’s worth of food items ranges from $50 to $100 based on the amount you spend and the kind of food items you buy.

General Goods & Services

Ormewood Park also has an excellent selection of restaurants as well as other general services like auto repair salons, beauty salons, and dry cleaning. The prices for such services are typically comparable to those you’ll find in other parts of Atlanta. The price of transportation is usually in line with the rest of the city. It may vary from taking public transportation to taking taxis as well as Uber rides.

When it comes to recreation involved, there are plenty of bicycle paths, parks, and recreation areas that offer a wide range of things to do for everyone of all different ages. Ormewood Park also offers a variety of entertainment options that range from cinemas to live music venues. The overall experience of the lifestyle at Ormewood Park can be quite affordable, based on the kind of amenities you’re searching for. With its excellent homes and grocery stores as well as entertainment venues and other amenities, it’s the ideal location for those looking to experience everything Atlanta offers without breaking the bank.


The price for transportation within Ormewood Park is on par with the rest of Atlanta. There is public transportation available via MARTA Taxis and Uber rides are readily available. A typical taxi ride within the region will cost between $10 and $15 dependent on the distance and the type of service you require. The price of an Uber ride can vary based on the period of the day and the popularity of taxi rides. However, it usually will range from $7 to $20.

In addition, there are a number of bike trails in the area which you can take to travel around town. In addition, parking costs could be charged at certain places of business or places of interest, so it’s essential to know about the applicable charges prior to heading out. In the end, the cost of living within Ormewood Park, Atlanta Georgia is reasonably priced with the price of utilities and housing ranging from $150 to $300 per month. The cost of groceries is reasonable too, ranging between $50 and $100 based on the type of item you purchase.

Transportation costs are as low as the other areas in Atlanta with public transportation taxis Uber trips and bicycle trails all readily available in the region. In addition, entertainment venues like live music and movie theater venues provide great alternatives for those who want to take part in an enjoyable time without spending a fortune. All in all, Ormewood Park offers an excellent quality of life at reasonable prices.


Local Economy

Ormewood Park is a small residential area in Atlanta Georgia. It has stable economic growth due to the flood of people looking for jobs and entertainment venues within the city. Ormewood Park has experienced an increase in population growth that has pushed up the value of the property as well as businesses and other services. In turn, Ormewood Park residents benefit from the accessibility to numerous amenities and resources that increase their living standards.

Ormewood Park is a popular area for business. Ormewood Park’s economic landscape consists of a mixture of large and small-sized enterprises as well as entrepreneurs who are independent and are drawn by its location and an easy connection to downtown Atlanta through highways and public transport routes. The businesses that are located here include restaurants, retail shops and salons, spas, and specialty stores. In addition, the area is blessed with lots of green and parks that provide residents with a variety of leisure activities to take advantage of.

The market for housing in the residential sector located in Ormewood Park remains strong due because of its proximity to downtown Atlanta as well as the numerous amenities it has to offer. It has helped the property’s value to stay steady in the past, which has allowed for an increase in the local economy. Although there are a few more affordable homes to choose from, the majority of homes are larger in size and are generally more expensive than the surrounding areas.

Alongside businesses or real estate Ormewood Park also features many top-quality schools for youngsters of all age groups. These schools are a significant incentive for families looking for an exceptional educational environment with easy access to Atlanta’s facilities. As a result, Ormewood Park has established itself as a popular spot for individuals of all backgrounds to settle and reap the numerous advantages of life in Atlanta.

All in all, Ormewood Park is an active economic sector of Atlanta due to its location, convenience, and abundance of services, businesses, and leisure activities close by. With access to top-quality education as well as a variety of residential choices, this area has everything for everyone, and also provides security and a secure and safe environment that is safe to live in. This creates Ormewood Park an ideal destination for families looking for the suburban lifestyle and those who wish to take advantage of everything the amenities the city offers.

Job Opportunities

Ormewood Park, Atlanta Georgia provides a variety of opportunities for those who want to pursue different career paths. The most sought-after industries include hospitality, retail, and food services as well as healthcare, education, along with business services. Due to the proximity of downtown Atlanta, There are numerous major companies with a name that provide their employee’s top pay and benefits. There are many smaller businesses in the region that offer employment for community members and others.

Household Income

In Ormewood Park, the median family income of Ormewood Park is $62,964 according to the US Census Bureau. This is more than the national average, indicating that the residents of this area have higher salaries than the national average. Furthermore, the area has a low rate of unemployment within Ormewood Park which further illustrates the stability of the financial situation in the area.

Local Investments

Ormewood Park has seen significant growth by local organizations and businesses in recent years. It has seen new restaurants, shops, and other services designed to improve the living conditions for residents in the area. These investments have helped create an environment that has encouraged economic growth and created employment for residents of the area.


Transportation Options For The Commute

Ormewood Park is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood located in Atlanta, Georgia. It boasts a comprehensive public transportation system, which provides convenient access to local landmarks and the metropolitan region. There is a MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) train and bus network that makes it easy to travel between and to Ormewood Park. Commuters are able to take advantage of buses with limited stops and express routes and trains that are light in their travels through the neighborhood and the downtown areas.

If you own a car Ormewood Park’s bustling streets are accessible by bicycle or car. There are numerous parking choices in the area and even some parking spots in the street at certain times of the week. There’s a Zipcar station located in the neighborhood for those who want to rent a vehicle for short-term rental. For those who want to use an alternative mode of transportation, Ormewood Park has lots of alternatives. Commuters are able to benefit from bicycle-sharing programs provided by different companies across the region. In addition, Uber and Lyft offer transportation to and from Ormewood Park at reasonable rates.

In the end, getting to and from Ormewood Park is simple and effortless due to its public transportation system and other options that are available through private businesses as well as public institutions. The wide range of transportation options means that residents have many options for their commutes across the city. It doesn’t matter if you choose to drive or ride public transit There are numerous ways to travel to Ormewood Park.



Taxis are abundant within Ormewood Park and are available on request, or via apps such as Uber and Lyft. Prices vary based on the distance traveled as well as the time of day, and there are additional fees for waiting time or additional passengers. Taxis are an efficient means of moving around the area and also traveling to other areas of Atlanta swiftly and conveniently.


Public Transportation

Ormewood Park, Atlanta Georgia is serviced via MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) The transport system that is public. MARTA provides rail and bus service throughout Atlanta with frequent stops at Ormewood Park. The bus network in the local area extends across Ormewood Park, linking it with downtown Atlanta and the other neighborhoods of the metro region via its buses trains, buses, and shuttles. The pricing structure is straightforward with prices ranging in price from $2.50 for single-ride tickets to discounts on monthly and weekly passes.



Cars are a well-known mode of transport for those living in Ormewood Park and there are many streets that are suitable for driving around the area. Parking space may be limited in certain areas however it is generally possible to find parking spaces on side streets or at local parking facilities. Driving is typically the most efficient method of getting from one area to another within Ormewood Park, however, traffic may cause congestion in high traffic times.



Cycling is becoming more well-known within Ormewood Park as a way to travel around. There are numerous bicycle-friendly streets and designated bike paths have been created in the area. Cycling is an excellent method of exploring the neighborhood in a sustainable manner, and also getting some exercise. Bicycle parking spaces are available at local businesses as well as other public locations, offering safe places for cyclists to store their bikes when they are not being used.


Average Annual Weather

Ormewood Park in Atlanta Georgia is famous for its mild climate throughout the year. The subtropical humid climate offers temperatures that are ideal for outdoor activities all year long. Overall, the climate at Ormewood Park has something for all ages throughout the year. If you’re seeking an area to get away from winter’s cold or enjoy the warm summer seasons, Ormewood Park is a fantastic location. With its mild temperatures and mostly sunny days, you’ll be able to find plenty of activities to do at any time of the season.



In the summer, Atlanta, Georgia is hot and humid. With temperatures reaching the upper 80s (Fahrenheit) in the daytime and a humid, damp temperature that hangs in the air, it is uncomfortable for those who are used to cooler weather. But there are plenty of sun-soaked days and outdoor activities to enjoy in the summertime. Locals battle the heat by going to nearby rivers and lakes or picnics in Stone Mountain Park. If you’re seeking an indoor experience the most popular locations like Ponce City Market offer a range of shopping options and cool air conditioning.



In autumn temperatures begin to fall and the leaves turn colors making a beautiful landscape for people living nearby to discover. This is the perfect time for outdoor activities like camping, or for longer hikes in Stone Mountain Park. If you’re seeking things that don’t require physical effort There are numerous market stalls for farmers in the city, where you can find fresh food and homemade items from local sellers. The city also has a wide array of events and festivals throughout the year, so make sure to keep an eye on what’s going on in the city.



As winter approaches, Ormewood Park residents bundle together and head out in the frigid temperatures. Snow flurries are not common in Atlanta, but the occasional snowfall and sub-zero temperatures aren’t uncommon. If you’re looking to go out and explore, Atlanta has a variety of trails and parks that can make for peaceful winter walks or perhaps a game of basketball on one of the courts that are scattered throughout the city. If you don’t have time to get outside the locals go to local museums, such as The High Museum of Art or the Center for Puppetry Arts. These are the perfect spots to escape the chill on a cold day.



Springtime brings warm temperatures and blooming flowers to Atlanta. With vibrant green trees everywhere, and with bright blooms, the city transforms into a picture-perfect scene. Activities outdoors like running, hiking, and canoeing are popular, especially at nearby parks such as Ormewood Park or Piedmont Park. People also love music festivals and outdoor movie nights and other local events during this season.


Local Tip

Whether going to Ormewood Park in the summer or in the winter, make sure to take an umbrella and sunscreen! This is particularly important in hot Georgia summers when sunlight can become quite powerful. It’s better well-prepared than to be unprepared!

The weather that occurs that is experienced in Ormewood Park, Atlanta is broad and diverse, which makes it a wonderful spot to visit all through all year. From humid, hot temperatures to mild, spring-like days, and cold winters, there’s something for everybody here! No matter if you’re looking for activities outdoors or something more formal You’ll have plenty of options whatever season you decide to go to. Always be well-prepared for anything Mother Nature throws your way and remember to bring sunscreen! The locals are experts in terms of moving around in a comfortable manner!


Education System Of Ormewood Park Atlanta Georgia

Ormewood Park, an Atlanta suburb of Georgia is home to an incredibly successful and positive education system. The school district in the area is proud to provide students with the best level of education they can get. From kindergarten to the high school level, Ormewood Park offers an array of educational opportunities for students of all ages.

The elementary schools of Ormewood Park strive to provide an environment that is secure and safe for learning, that allows each child to realize their potential to the fullest. Teachers are dedicated to developing exciting lesson plans that encourage the ability to think critically and creatively. Technology is being integrated into classrooms by using tablets and computers. utilized to help facilitate activities and lessons that are interactive.

When students reach the middle school age when they reach middle school age, they are enrolled in Middle School for public students inside Ormewood Park. Instruction is based on standards set by the Georgia Performance Standards, and students can participate in numerous extracurricular activities, including clubs and sports teams. The middle school also offers honors classes as well as more rigorous advanced placement courses.

The high school pupils who attend Ormewood Park’s schools usually receive outstanding scores on college entrance exams and are accepted into a variety of top universities across the world. There are elective courses offered at both the high and middle school levels that allow students to investigate subjects of interest or to prepare for their future career choices. In addition, there are many AP courses that could boost the likelihood of being accepted into top-tier colleges.

In general, Ormewood Park is proud of its education system that allows students to aspire for high-quality education in school and at home. With a particular focus on individual learning, the latest technology, and enrichment programs, Ormewood Park provides its students with a safe environment in which they will develop the abilities required to be successful in college and beyond.

Public Schools

Ormewood Park offers a range of options for public schools for students. There are several options for students to attend. Atlanta Public Schools system provides an extensive curriculum for students in elementary, middle, and senior high, in addition to the advanced program for career development and magnets. Ormewood Park is served by various nearby public schools that are part of the APS district, which provides families with an array of opportunities for education to pick from. All the public schools located in Ormewood Park offer rigorous curricula that conform to Georgia’s standards. They aim to prepare all students to be prepared for college or career when they graduate.

Charter Schools

In addition to its standard public school curriculum, Ormewood Park also has numerous charter schools that are available to residents of the area. They offer parents the option of opting for an individualized learning experience, which is customized to the children’s requirements. The majority of charter schools located in Ormewood Park focus on one specific area, like engineering, science, technology, and mathematics (STEM) or immersion in the language. They also offer families individualized education that is not normally offered in public schools.

Private Schools

If you are searching for an alternative private school, Ormewood Park is home to numerous well-established schools. From preschools to high school, these private schools provide students with a rigorous and highly personalized learning experience that focuses on enhancing academic performance as well as creative problem-solving abilities and social responsibility in their student community. The majority of private schools located in Ormewood Park also offer advanced programs as well as extracurricular programs for students to explore interests that go beyond the scope of their primary subjects.

Religious Schools

Ormewood Park also offers families the opportunity to send their children to religious schools. These institutions provide students with a comprehensive education that incorporates religious teachings and values into their curriculum. Religious schools typically offer smaller class sizes, personalized instruction, and ample opportunities for spiritual growth. Families who choose this educational option can rest assured that their children will receive the best possible education, both in the classroom and spiritually.


For parents who wish for more control over their children’s learning experience, Ormewood Park also has a variety of resources available for homeschooling. Families can explore a range of options such as online courses, co-ops, or traditional homeschooling. Homeschooling allows families to ensure that their children receive an education tailored to their interests and abilities, helping them reach their full potential in the classroom and beyond.

Overall, Ormewood Park offers a variety of educational opportunities for students and families alike. From traditional public schools to private institutions, religious schools, charter schools, and homeschooling options, Ormewood Park ensures that each student has the opportunity to receive a quality education. Through rigorous curriculums, personalized instruction, and enrichment activities, the educational opportunities in Ormewood Park are designed to help students reach their full potential and prepare them for success in college and beyond.


Ormewood Park Atlanta Georgia Local Government And Infrastructure

Ormewood Park is a small neighborhood located in Southeast Atlanta, Georgia. It is situated just north of Grant Park, and east of East Atlanta Village. It is comprised of a few residential streets, as well as many locally owned businesses on Moreland Avenue. The neighborhood has a vibrant civic organization that works to safeguard the distinctive character of the neighborhood as well as keep it secure for those who live there.

The local government comprises one representative on the City Council, as well as other elected positions like school board members Captains of police precincts, judges, and clerks of court, among others. Ormewood Park is also represented in both the Fulton County Commission and DeKalb County Board of Commissioners with two commissioners in Districts 5 and District 9 respectively. In addition, there are various appointed positions like those on the City Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Adjustment, and Design Review Board.

The infrastructure of Ormewood Park includes various parks and recreation areas, as well as schools, public transportation libraries, and other amenities for the public. It also has access to various services offered by private companies, such as food stores, restaurant banks, and other retail stores that offer jobs for residents of the area.

The residents of Ormewood Park are served by numerous fire stations that are located near. Other services for public safety comprise police personnel from Zone 6 situated at Moreland Avenue and a community crime-watch program that is backed through The Atlanta Police Department. This has resulted in an atmosphere that is pleasant that residents take care of one another and are proud of their community.

In general, Ormewood Park has a solid local government and infrastructure to ensure the security and well-being of the residents. The neighborhood is active in a variety of civic activities and has a flourishing business district, a great public transportation system, and easy access to parks and recreational spaces. This makes Ormewood Park one of Atlanta’s most desirable areas.


Ormewood Park, Atlanta Georgia is managed by a dedicated police force that is determined to ensure that the community is safe. Its Ormewood Park Police Department (OPPD) is based out of Zone 6 and is responsible for the entire neighborhood. The OPPD offers 24-hour security to ensure prompt time to respond when needed and also conducts regular proactive patrols in order to cut down on the amount of crime that occurs in the neighborhood. Apart from regular law enforcement tasks, the department also provides educational programs for residents on subjects like crime prevention and personal safety.

Fire Departments

The City of Atlanta Fire Rescue Department (AFRD) provides Ormewood Park with seven fire stations that are located throughout the metropolitan region. The AFRD offers emergency fire suppression, hazardous material response, technical rescue as well as emergency medical assistance to any area that falls within its boundaries. Apart from responding to emergency situations in the event of emergency, the AFRD inspects structures for fire safety and security and teaches children about fire safety, and organizes public outreach activities throughout the year.


Ormewood Park is served by numerous local libraries run through the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System (AFPLS). The main library for Ormewood Park is located in the nearby East Lake and offers a diverse selection of magazines, books, and other materials for its patrons. Apart from traditional library resources, AFPLS libraries also provide access to computers and internet access in addition to programs and classes designed to encourage literacy and learning.


It is believed that the Ormewood Park neighborhood is served by various schools of the Atlanta Public School System. The primary school that is located in the area, Lakeside Elementary, serves students from Pre-K to 5th grade. The adjacent Drew Charter School provides education to students from kindergarten through eighth grade. Students in high school within Ormewood Park attend neighboring schools like Maynard Jackson High School or Grady High School. These schools provide an array of classes and extra-curricular programs for pupils.

Public Services

Ormewood Park is also home to a variety of public services to keep the neighborhood lively and flourishing. The Post office in the local area, situated at Moreland Avenue, provides mail services to the neighborhood, while Ormewood Park Recreation Center is nearby. Ormewood Park Recreation Center offers recreational activities for all different ages. In addition, the area is served by numerous public transportation routes linking them to the city of Atlanta and other areas within the metropolitan area. Furthermore, local associations like Ormewood Park Neighbors provide an array of initiatives run by residents intended to enhance the community.

In general, Ormewood Park is well-served by the local government and has infrastructure that helps keep its residents secure and connected. From the police patrolling the streets to libraries providing educational resources, there are numerous services that are available to the public in the lively Atlanta neighborhood. If they take advantage of such services, people will assist in ensuring that their community remains a desirable location to live and work.

Ormewood Park is a thriving Atlanta neighborhood that has access to top-of-the-line public services like fire, police libraries, and schools, as well as other amenities. With these services, available residents in the neighborhood are able to feel safe knowing that their security is in good hands and have access to education opportunities. With such services, Ormewood Park residents will be able to get the most from their neighborhood and appreciate everything it offers.


Things To Do

Ormewood Park in Atlanta, Georgia is a fantastic spot to enjoy an afternoon. From trails for hiking to playgrounds, there’s something for all. It is situated close to East Atlanta Village, the park is accessible, and is filled with activities that will keep the visitors entertained. One of the major points of interest in Ormewood Park is its nature trails. With more than 5 miles of twisting trails, hikers are able to explore every corner of the park, while taking delight in the lush greenery that surrounds the trails. If you prefer taking a stroll in peace There are also easy trails that are suitable for biking or walking.

Nearby to the trailhead is a children’s play area. Children can enjoy playground equipment, swings, and other. There’s also a big Sandbox, which is ideal for youngsters to explore and search for hidden treasures. There is also an outdoor amphitheater where guests can attend concerts as well as other events throughout the summer season. Then, Ormewood Park boasts two fantastic dining options for those seeking food after a day out. Flying Cock Tavern and Toast. Flying Cock Tavern offers up delicious pub-style meals while Toast serves traditional American food with a contemporary twist. Both restaurants have outdoor and indoor seating, allowing guests to dine outside should they wish.


Ormewood Park in Atlanta, Georgia provides a variety of entertainment and activities for visitors looking to get indoors. A popular choice is Ormewood Art Gallery, which frequently hosts exhibits that feature local artists from the region. The gallery also provides art classes and workshops for people who want to express their creative side or find out more about the vibrant local art scene.

For those who want to learn more about the story of Ormewood Park’s past, There is the nearby Grant Park Museum. The museum traces the course of 100 years of local happenings which have formed the park today. Exhibits include artifacts, such as maps, photographs, and other memorabilia from the years, giving an interesting look into Ormewood’s history.

Shoppers are sure to find plenty within the vicinity, with numerous unique shops located around Ormewood Park. These local businesses provide many items like antiques, and unique handmade items including home decor, furniture, and many more. If you prefer to browse from the comforts of your home There are a myriad of online stores that specialize in products made in the area.


If you’re looking for outdoor activities at Ormewood Park, there is plenty of choices there. The park has a wide range of trails for biking or hiking with stunning views of the surrounding skyline. In addition, there’s an outdoor playground and splash pad that can accommodate youngsters along with a number of picnic areas that are ideal for people who want to enjoy a lunch outside.

If you are interested in water sports, Ormewood Park also features access to the East Atlanta Reservoir. There, guests can hire boats for fishing or just to cruise around in the tranquil waters. Paddleboarding and kayaking are the most popular options for exploring the shoreline of the reservoir and coves. It’s the chance for adventures that are near the comforts of home.

Its Ormewood Nature Preserve offers another outdoor space within the boundaries of the park. In this area, visitors can discover a variety of paths through forests and meadows which are home to numerous species of wildlife.


Restaurants In Ormewood Park Atlanta Georgia

Ormewood Park, Atlanta, Georgia is an exciting and diverse neighborhood that is full of excellent dining establishments. If you’re searching for elegant eating experiences or informal restaurants There’s something for every person in this diverse neighborhood. Here are some of the excellent eateries Ormewood Park offers. If you’re searching for an evening out with friends or a quick bite to eat before going home, this area is bound to offer something to please your palate. If you’re in Atlanta be sure you visit Ormewood Park – you won’t regret it!


Pollo Primo

Pollo Primo is a delicious Peruvian rotisserie chicken restaurant located in Ormewood Park, Atlanta. This family-owned eatery serves up flavorful dishes including spicy fried chicken and juicy rotisserie chicken, along with fresh sides like plantains, yucca fries, and black beans. You can also try their signature sauces such as the creamy chimichurri or the zingy cilantro aioli to finish off your meal. Whether you’re looking for quick comfort food or something more elaborate, Pollo Primo has you covered. Make sure to stop by today and enjoy some of the best Peruvian cuisines that Ormewood Park has to offer!


Zesto – East Atlanta

For a classic burger joint experience, head to Zesto – East Atlanta. This retro-style diner has been around since the 1950s and serves up delicious burgers made with fresh ground beef and homemade patties. They also offer classic sides like chili cheese fries and onion rings, as well as milkshakes in flavors like chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. Best of all, they have an extensive beer menu that features local craft brews from Atlanta’s best breweries. So if you’re looking for a great spot to grab some grub with friends or family, look no further than Zesto – East Atlanta!



For those looking for a more upscale dining experience, Banshee is the perfect spot. This chic restaurant offers modern American cuisine with an emphasis on seasonal ingredients and local flavors. Start your meal with one of their small plates like the crispy Brussels sprouts or smoked salmon rillettes before moving on to entrees such as pan-seared scallops and wood-roasted chicken. Make sure to save room for dessert, they have a wide selection of cakes, pies, and tarts that will satisfy any sweet tooth. With its sophisticated atmosphere and delectable food, Banshee is sure to be one of your favorite Ormewood Park restaurants!



Ormewood Park offers a lot of parks with its lush greenery as well as winding trails and raging creeks, the huge grassy areas give ample space for you to stretch out and have the outdoors or simply unwind with your friends. The playgrounds are packed with enjoyable activities for kids of all different ages. Within the parks are numerous trails for walking which will lead you through ancient trees and flowering wildflowers throughout the trail. Benches are set on scenic overlooks as well as on the trail, offering the perfect place to relax and enjoy the view.

The local parks of Ormewood Park are a great spot to get some tranquility and peace in Atlanta. With its lush vegetation long trails and picturesque Lake, Ormewood Park is the ideal place for an unwinding stroll or a full day of activities. The park offers numerous amenities like play areas, walking trails as well as places to picnic, lake rentals amphitheaters, and sports facilities. No matter if you’re searching for an enjoyable afternoon in the great outdoors or an energetic match of volleyball with your buddies there’s something for all ages at Ormewood Park. Explore all the splendor this park offers!


Urban Farm Ormewood

Urban Farm Ormewood Park is an urban farming project that is located within the park. This project was developed with the mission of providing fresh, locally-grown produce to the community while educating and connecting individuals with nature. Urban Farm Ormewood Park hosts several educational events throughout the year such as gardening classes, farm tours, and volunteer days. Through this project, visitors can learn about sustainable gardening practices, get their hands dirty in the soil, and even take home some of the freshly harvested fruits and vegetables produced by local farmers at the park. Urban Farm Ormewood Park is a great way to connect with nature and learn how to provide for yourself using sustainable methods.


Brownwood Park

Located just a few blocks away from Ormewood Park is Brownwood Park, a large public park with something for everyone. This park features wide open spaces perfect for picnics or playing catch, walking and biking trails, playgrounds, sports fields, and courts, plus a small pond that’s great for fishing or bird watching. In addition to its recreational facilities, the park also offers outdoor concerts in its amphitheater throughout the summer months. Visitors can find plenty to do at Brownwood Park whether they are looking for an active day out or just want to relax and take in the beauty of nature. So come out to Brownwood Park and enjoy all it has to offer!


Ormewood Forest

Ormewood Forest is a nature preserve located just outside of Ormewood Park’s boundaries. This forest features winding trails and lush greenery that make for an ideal setting for a peaceful stroll or a leisurely bike ride. There is also plenty of wildlife to be spotted in the area, making it an exciting spot for bird watching and spotting other animals in their natural habitat. Visitors can also take advantage of the park’s educational programs offered throughout the year, which provide insight into local ecology and conservation efforts. So come out to Ormewood Forest and explore all this nature preserve has to offer!  No matter your age or interests, you’ll find something enjoyable here!


Ormewood Dog Park

Ormewood Park also features a dedicated Dog Park, making it the perfect spot to bring your furry friend. This park is divided into two sections: one for small dogs and another for large breeds. There are plenty of trees, benches, and toys for dogs to play with, as well as water stations and waste bags available so owners can easily clean up after their pets. The Ormewood Dog Park is an ideal spot for exercising your pup in a safe and fun environment. So come out with your four-legged best friend and enjoy some quality time together at Ormewood Dog Park!

The beautiful parks of Ormewood offer something for everyone, from peaceful strolls through nature to wild games of catch. Whether you’re looking for a day out with family, friends, or your pup, Ormewood is the perfect spot for it all! So come out and explore all that this great park has to offer. You won’t be disappointed!


Is Ormewood Park Atlanta Georgia Safe To Live In

Ormewood Park, located in Atlanta Georgia, is a safe and child-friendly neighborhood. The neighborhood is full of green space and provides ample space for biking and walking. Local businesses are close by and provide various services for residents like food stores, restaurants, and stores that offer everything from household supplies to clothing accessories.

The rate of crime in Ormewood Park is relatively low compared to other parts of similar cities. This makes it simpler for parents with kids to be at ease when they’re out and out and about. Furthermore, police officers keep an eye on the area to ensure the safety of everyone. Residents can also avail of the community watch program that lets neighbors work together for the advancement of their community.

The schools at Ormewood Park are top notch and students generally perform excellently on standardized tests. Parents can rest in the assurance that their children get a top-quality education in one of the schools. There are also many recreational facilities for kids to enjoy during the summertime.

In the end, living at Ormewood Park is safe and safe for parents with kids. Residents can access top-quality schools, low rates of crime, lots of outdoor areas for outside activities, and a neighborhood watch program to ensure everyone is secure. With such a wealth of advantages, there is easy to see why this Atlanta neighborhood has become an enticing area to live in.


Why Should I Live Here

Ormewood Park is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods located in Atlanta, Georgia. It is located on the east side of the city, Ormewood Park offers a unique mix of urban comfort and suburban tranquility for the residents. With its tree-lined streets bustling businesses and relaxed environment, this area is ideal for those seeking some time away from the bustle and hustle of daily life.

Residents are able to enjoy everything Atlanta has to offer when living in this peaceful neighborhood. Shopping centers like Grant Park Market are within reach, so you don’t have to be worried about running low on food as well as trying to discover a decent food establishment. There are numerous chances to get outdoors and enjoy activities outdoors right in the area. The neighborhood hosts numerous entertainment venues, such as restaurants and bars.

The community spirit that exists in Ormewood Park is strong, making it an ideal spot to meet new people. There are numerous local groups that host various events throughout the year, like block parties and music festivals which mean there are always plenty of activities to enjoy. There are a lot of schools for kids of all sorts of ages in reach, providing great educational opportunities for those who live in the region.

In addition, Ormewood Park has a low rate of crime and friendly neighbors which make it a perfect location to settle in Atlanta. Its convenient location is just 10 minutes from downtown, and its vibrant and vibrant community the neighborhood is certain to be a wonderful location for those seeking some respite from the everyday busyness of life. It’s the perfect blend of suburban convenience and city peace, which makes it the perfect option for those looking to enjoy everything Atlanta offers without worrying about their security or safety.

If you’re searching for an area within the heart of Atlanta in which you can unwind with friends, meet new people, and discover the natural world Then Ormewood Park is the perfect place to be. With its central location and vibrant community This area is bound to be a wonderful area to live in. Come on down to take advantage of the incredible opportunities Ormewood Park has to offer! You’ll be glad you did!