Midtown Atlanta Atlanta Georgia

Midtown Atlanta, Georgia is located east of the downtown area and to the south of Buckhead. It is bordered on the East by Piedmont Park and to the west by the Brookwood neighborhood. Midtown is situated on Peachtree Street, which stretches between North Avenue on the east side and 17th Street on the west side. The Midtown district is home to many of Atlanta’s most famous attractions, including The Fox Theatre, High Museum of Art, Woodruff Arts Center and World of Coca-Cola. Other landmarks worth mentioning located in Midtown include the Margaret Mitchell House & Museum, Colony Square Mall, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and Whole Foods Market. In addition, there are many large parks/green spaces in Midtown which include Piedmont Park, Freedom Park and Midtown Greenway. Midtown’s numerous bars, restaurants, and entertainment places make it one of the most vibrant areas within the city. It is easily accessible to the downtown area via MARTA rail, and a bike-friendly street network and trails Midtown Atlanta is an ideal area to work, live and play!

Midtown is also home to a number of major companies, such as AT&T Mobility (formerly Cingular Wireless), Delta Air Lines Global Services, Georgia Power Company, Home Depot Corporate Office Complex and Turner Broadcasting System. The bustling commercial center is a top location for corporate events, such as business conferences, meetings and conventions. In addition to the many tourist attractions Midtown provides easy access to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport as well as MARTA’s fast transport system. With its diverse mix of dining, shopping and entertainment, Midtown Atlanta is an exciting location for everyone!

Midtown Atlanta is a vibrant neighborhood that grows each year with new and exciting activities. As Atlanta’s art and cultural hub Midtown Atlanta has been one of the top spots in the metro area. From unique eateries to historical places, there are endless possibilities to discover this incredible area!


Midtown Atlanta History

Midtown Atlanta is one of the most popular areas in the city and is for a long. The neighborhood was initially established in the latter part of the 1800s as an area of residence for wealthy families. In time, more and more people moved into the area, and businesses began to emerge – like establishments, restaurants, hotels as well as other commercial properties.

In 1939 in 1939, The Atlanta Civic Center opened in Midtown’s Piedmont Park, attracting visitors from all over the world. The large facility is still used as an entertainment venue, hosting concerts, sports meetings, conferences and other events. Because of the location of Midtown, which is near Downtown Atlanta, Midtown soon became well-known as a bustling center of activities where visitors and residents could enjoy Atlanta’s top attractions.

In the 60s and 70s, Midtown became home to numerous historic buildings, including Atlanta-Fulton-County Stadium, the Fox Theatre along with The Tabernacle. These locations remain well-loved by visitors and residents alike. Additionally, many big corporations like Coca-Cola as well as Georgia Pacific have their headquarters in Midtown.

Midtown Atlanta Today

It has been among the top sought-after neighborhoods located in Atlanta for younger professionals seeking an urban living experience near everything. There are numerous high-rises that surround Piedmont Park, as well as various cultural sites such as The High Museum of Art and the Woodruff Arts Center.

Midtown is the home of a variety of people from every walk of life. It is an extremely sought-after neighborhood in Atlanta. With its lively nightlife amazing restaurants, as well as the diversity of its cultures, Midtown is definitely an excellent place to live and visit.


Cost of Living

In the end, the fact that cost of living in Midtown Atlanta can be quite costly due to the high prices for housing and other expenses. But, with a careful budget, it is feasible to live within your means and enjoy the many advantages that come with living in this lively neighborhood.


The cost of housing for residents of the Midtown Atlanta neighborhood is relatively expensive and has a median home worth of about 555,000. A rental apartment isn’t cheap too; the typical cost for one-bedroom apartments is higher than 1600 dollars per month.


Transportation Midtown Atlanta has some of the top public transportation options in the city, such as numerous MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) trains and bus routes. Furthermore, Uber and Lyft fares are generally higher than those in other regions due to greater demand. In general, you should plan at least $150-$200 per month for transport costs.

General Goods & Services

The cost of electricity is typically higher in this region because of the higher use of air conditioning as well as other appliances however, the actual price will differ based on your individual use. The general rule is that homeowners should expect to pay between $150 and $200 each month for their electric bill.

Costs for grocery items in Midtown Atlanta are generally similar to the other parts of Atlanta Expect to pay prices that are comparable to those you’d see in the typical grocery store.


Local Economy

In general, Midtown Atlanta is a prosperous economic zone that offers plenty of opportunities for residents. With a thriving employment market, high median household incomes, as well as numerous investment opportunities for foreign and local investors, it’s easy to comprehend why the Midtown district has become an iconic location for those looking for an urban experience. While the market continues to expand within Midtown Atlanta, there is no doubt that it will be among the top sought-after areas to reside and work in Georgia.

Job Opportunities

Midtown Atlanta is a bustling economic center that provides a variety of jobs to its residents. It is home to a variety of companies ranging from big medical facilities and corporate headquarters as well as small-scale companies and start-ups that are entrepreneurial. 

Household Income

It also has one of the highest median household income levels in the state which is $66,818 as per US Census Bureau data for 2018. Alongside job opportunities and high earnings, Midtown offers great food and entertainment choices for people who live there and tourists too. Midtown is home to many of the top eateries in the city, as well as well-known museums, art galleries, and theaters. With its robust economy, diverse and varied environment and abundance of things to do there’s no reason to wonder why there are so many visitors to this region!

Local Investment

In recent times, Midtown has seen significant investments from foreign and local investors. Numerous office complexes of the highest quality are being constructed in the area, creating thousands of jobs in the region. Additionally, a variety of homes have been constructed that offer a range of choices for those who want to live an urban life without the commute to downtown.


Transportation Options For The Commute

Midtown Atlanta offers a variety of transportation options, ranging from bicycles to taxis to public transportation and more. With so many options to move across the town, visitors will find the best method to experience Midtown Atlanta. No matter the method of transport chosen, visitors are sure that they’ll be able to travel around this lively and bustling neighborhood. People can enjoy Midtown’s sights, sounds, and smells without worrying about transportation.


Public Transportation

There is public transportation available throughout Midtown by way of MARTA buses and rail lines that serve major cities throughout the city. The MARTA’s North Avenue Station connects passengers to Midtown from downtown, as well as having several stops that are convenient within the region. MARTA also offers the ability to access Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.



Taxis are among the most well-known modes of transport in Midtown because of their ease of use as well as their speed and versatility. Taxi fares are calculated through an app or by calling taxis on the street. There are several taxi firms that provide services in Midtown such as Yellow Cab Atlanta.



Biking has become a popular method of transport throughout Midtown Atlanta due to its flat terrain and the numerous bicycle lanes that are found throughout the region. The most popular biking routes, including those on the BeltLine Trail, which circles the city, as well as Piedmont Park, provide scenic routes for cyclists traveling through or commuters who travel through Midtown. Bicycles can be rented through Relay Bike Share, a bicycle-sharing service with stations all over midtown.



Driving is also a very popular option within Midtown Atlanta with easy access to major highways all within a short driving distance. Atlanta also offers a variety of convenient places for cars to park from midtown’s northern part of Midtown to downtown, as well as other places all over the city.

There are many other options for moving to and from Midtown Atlanta such as scooters available from Lime, Bird, and Bolt. These companies provide electric scooter rentals that are convenient for pickup and drop-off locations across the city. There is also AccessATL which is a wheelchair-friendly transportation service that is available to seniors and people with disabilities.


Average Annual Weather

In general, the city frequently has tropical storms in the summer months, so be certain to be aware of the weather forecast if you’re planning to travel this time of the year. However, Atlanta definitely experiences the four seasons, so pack some cozy outfits for the winter. 



The summertime at Midtown Atlanta is hot and humid in Midtown Atlanta. The typical high temperature for Midtown Atlanta is 89° Fahrenheit. However, certain days reach 100°F or more. The months of summer from June to August also have frequent storms, making it the perfect time for outdoor pursuits like camping and hiking as provided the weather is ready for rain. 



The wintertime In Midtown Atlanta is generally cool and humid. The typical low temperature falls to 37°Fahrenheit in the months of December and January. However, temperatures can be lower during particularly cold winter nights. This time of year brings snowfalls (though it’s rare) and plenty of rain. It’s also an excellent time for outdoor activities such as snowshoeing, skiing, and ice skating, as long as you’re dressed in a warm coat!



The autumn In Midtown Atlanta is beautiful and cozy. The average temperature for midtown Atlanta drops to about 75° Fahrenheit between September and October. This makes it a perfect time for outdoor activities such as biking and hiking. The season can also bring occasionally thunderstorms, so be certain to verify the weather forecast prior to heading out. In addition, when the leaves change colors in many parts of town There are plenty of breathtaking views to admire!



Spring In Midtown Atlanta is mild and enjoyable. The average temperature climbs to about 68° Fahrenheit in the months of April through May which makes it the ideal season for exploring the city’s various parks. The season also has some occasional storms, so make certain to have an umbrella when you go out. In addition, the city is prone to some pollen from flowering plants, so keep an eye on the number of pollen forecasts for allergies.


Local Tip

One local piece of advice for anyone who is visiting Midtown Atlanta during any season is to wear layers of clothes. The temperatures in Midtown Atlanta can change drastically in a single day (or even in an entire day!) So having extra layers available can allow you to remain comfortable with whatever Mother Nature throws your way. It’s also essential to be aware of levels of pollen throughout the year. Also, be sure to take appropriate precautions in case allergies are a concern for you. 


Education System of Midtown Atlanta

Whatever schooling option parents pick, Midtown Atlanta provides families with many options to determine the best option for their children’s requirements. With top public schools, charter schools, private institutions religion-based schools, and even homeschooling options, Midtown Atlanta offers something for every student.

Public Schools

The public school system in Midtown Atlanta includes elementary schools middle schools, middle schools, as well as high schools that are part of the Atlanta Public School System (APS). APS provides over 100,000 students. Additionally, it provides special education services as well as alternative education programs specifically designed to meet the needs of all students.

Charter Schools

There’s a variety of charter schools within and within Midtown Atlanta. They are KIPP Strive Primary, Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Leadership Academy as well as other excellent options. Charter schools offer children a unique approach to learning and also emphasize accountability and accountability.

Private Schools

The private schools located in Midtown Atlanta include The Galloway School, The Lovett School, Pace Academy, and other highly rated educational institutions. The private schools emphasize academic excellence while providing students with a comprehensive education that includes other extracurricular events, service-learning programs as well as international travel experiences.

Religious Schools

A number of religious schools are situated within and within Midtown Atlanta such as the Jewish Educational Alliance of Greater Atlanta and Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School. These schools let students investigate their faith through instruction in religion and spiritual development opportunities.


Homeschooling is an alternative for families living in Midtown Atlanta. According to Georgia laws, parents may opt to offer home-based instruction for their children, and they have to register with the Georgia Department of Education. Parents may also decide to enroll their child into an accredited home-study program, or in a learning center.


Midtown Atlanta Local Government and Infrastructure

Midtown provides its residents with access to many public services, including the city of Atlanta’s Department of Parks and Recreation facilities, which include 2 recreation facilities, 2 pools, as well as a number of sports fields. There is also the Midtown Public Safety Office provides additional security programs for the local community and works with numerous city departments. Additionally to this, there are many medical facilities within the Midtown area.


The police agency for Midtown is called the Atlanta Police Department (APD) with divisions that are specialized in the investigation of criminals, as well as patrol services. The APD also has a range of units that specialize in certain areas, such as SWAT and bomb squads.

Fire Department

Its Fire-Rescue Department provides fire protection and emergency medical assistance for the surrounding area. They also host educational activities to teach about what to do in emergencies. 


Schools are run by the Fulton County School System and Atlanta Public Schools with a selection of private, public, and charter schools located in the area.


Midtown residents can access several libraries that are public which include those at the Margaret Mitchell Library located in Midtown’s Ansley Mall Shopping Center on Peachtree Street. There are also numerous branch libraries of the Atlanta Fulton Library System, which are scattered throughout the entire city.

Public Services

Midtown provides its residents with access to many public services, including the city of Atlanta’s Department of Parks and Recreation facilities, which include 2 recreation facilities, 2 pools, as well as a number of sports fields. There is also the Midtown Public Safety Office provides additional security programs for the local community and works with numerous city departments. Additionally to this, there are many medical facilities within the Midtown area.

In the end, the local government and infrastructure of Midtown Atlanta are comprehensive with numerous municipal departments, libraries, schools, and medical services. Residents can avail of a wide range of services to make sure their health, safety and leisure needs are taken care of.


Things To Do

Whatever type of event you’re seeking, Midtown Atlanta has many options for everyone. there are many outdoor and indoor activities that will make your visit unforgettable. If you’re looking to enjoy a show in the Center for Puppetry Arts, visit the High Museum, or simply take an easy stroll through Piedmont Park, you’re sure to find something that fits your preferences. Be sure to explore the many things Midtown Atlanta has to offer and discover the many amazing things to do within this region.


Midtown Atlanta is a vibrant and fascinating place to visit, offering many options for outdoor and indoor pursuits. For those who are looking for an outdoor adventure, Piedmont Park is a fantastic spot, boasting more than 185 acres of lush greenery with walking paths, trails along with sports fields. The park also has occasions like film festivals, concerts, and concerts within the park all through the season. Another excellent outdoor experience is to attend one of the numerous seasonal market days in the Ponce City Market; there you will find many unique vendors offering fresh produce as well as hand-crafted items and food from local eateries.


If you’re looking to stay inside, Midtown Atlanta has numerous things to do, such as The Center for Puppetry Arts which is a museum dedicated to the art of puppetry from all over the world and an interactive theater with puppet performances. Its High Museum of Art is located in Midtown and has a range of exhibitions that showcase works by both modern and classical artists. The Fernbank Museum of Natural History provides fun activities for the whole family along with an array of interactive displays.


Restaurants in Midtown Atlanta

Whatever type of cuisine you desire, Midtown Atlanta is certain to offer something to satisfy your taste buds. From traditional Spanish tapas to more contemporary Southern cuisine, these eateries provide the finest tastes that the city offers. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for an evening out with friends or a lavish meal with your friends There’s something for everyone to be found in Midtown Atlanta! 


Bulla Gastrobar

Situated in Midtown Atlanta, Bulla Gastrobar is a contemporary Spanish tapas restaurant with an energetic ambiance. The menu is filled with traditional Spanish dishes like patatas bravas and chorizo al vino rojo and tortillitas of camarones as modern interpretations of traditional dishes like grilling octopus and lamb albondigas. The bar offers a wide selection of cava, wines, and sangria, which makes it the perfect place for happy hour cocktails or for grabbing a bite to have after work.



Tabla serves up Mediterranean-inspired cuisine from Greece, France, Italy, and Spain. The restaurant’s elegant decor is rated as one of Atlanta’s top restaurants and it serves diverse meals that include lamb shanks, wood-fired pizzas, to fresh seafood dishes such as seared salmon served with truffle butter. The wine selection includes wine from around the world which ensures diners discover a wine that is perfect with their dinner.


South City Kitchen Midtown

South City Kitchen Midtown is a famous Southern restaurant that serves classic dishes in a modern kitchen. Try classics such as fried green tomatoes and shrimp grits, or explore something different like crab cakes and buttermilk fried chicken. Enjoy it with a cocktail made by hand or a glass of top wine from the wide drinks menu. The diners will appreciate top-quality service and an inviting setting at this local favorite.



In general, Midtown Atlanta has plenty to offer in terms of parks and recreation areas. From Piedmont Park’s 190 acres of greenery to the four-acre McClatchey Park, there’s something for anyone in this lively area of Georgia. No matter if you’re searching for the perfect spot to enjoy a game or enjoy a relaxing time with family and friends, Midtown Atlanta is sure to have a park that will meet your requirements. Come and explore the outdoor adventures that Midtown offers! 


Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park is one of the most sought-after places to be found within Midtown Atlanta. It is home to more than 190 acres of space, with lakes, athletic fields as well as playgrounds, and trails. The park is ideal for biking, jogging, and relaxing in this lush green area. It also has an aquatic center, which includes tennis courts, a pool, and an 18-hole golf course. Piedmont Park hosts numerous festivals throughout the year, including Music Midtown and the Atlanta Dogwood Festival.


Winn Park 

Winn Park is located adjacent to Georgia Tech’s campus. It has 8 acres of manicured lawns for recreational or sports activities. Other amenities include tennis courts, basketball courts, as well as outside fitness facilities for guests to use at no cost.


Ansley Park

Ansley Park is a residential park that is located in Midtown Atlanta, between Piedmont Park and the Georgia Tech campus. It is a huge meadow for running or playing sports along with two play areas for children. It also has ample benches and tables for visitors to lounge in while taking in the breathtaking view from Downtown Atlanta.


McClatchey Park

McClatchey Park is located directly to the south of Piedmont Park and offers four acres of outdoor play space. It has a softball field and basketball courts, as well as playgrounds, and an open space that is perfect for picnics and games with your pals. This park is also popular and has a fitness path that was constructed in 2019 to inspire people to be active when they are out exploring Midtown Atlanta.


Is Midtown Atlanta Safe To Live In

Midtown Atlanta is a safe neighborhood that offers an array of amenities that allow for urban living as well as an assurance of living in a tight-knit neighborhood. This area has seen significant investments in recent times that have led to improved infrastructure as well as public transportation and many services for those who live there.

Public safety is the top goal within Midtown Atlanta. Atlanta Police Department Atlanta Police Department (APD) keeps a presence on the streets through bicycle patrols, foot patrols, and community policing programs. This proactive law enforcement approach assists in reducing crime rates in the region substantially. Furthermore, Midtown Alliance provides extra services, such as private security guards that guard the streets during nighttime and lighting fixtures that ensure that everyone feels safe walking around at night.

Alongside the APD Midtown Alliance, a variety of companies, organizations, and people in Midtown Atlanta are also dedicated to keeping the neighborhood safe. The Midtown Atlanta community has formed Neighborhood Watch groups with eyes-on-the-street strategies to increase the vigilance and awareness of residents. In addition, many companies employ security guards from private companies or contract with external companies to protect their premises.

Midtown Atlanta is an alive and vibrant city and offers many activities and things to do for all. Despite being situated in the middle of a large city its residents feel an atmosphere of peace and security because of the many efforts put into keeping the public safe. With these security precautions in place, you can be at ease knowing you’re safe. Midtown Atlanta is one of the most secure neighborhoods within the city. In the end, Midtown Atlanta is an excellent location to live in for those seeking an enclave of security and safety area that provides the benefits of city living. With the help of active police as well as private security guards and active residents, Midtown Atlanta remains one of the most secure areas across all of Georgia.


Why Should I Live Here

Midtown Atlanta is one of the most exciting and vibrant areas in the city. Midtown offers residents access to the most desirable dining, shopping, and entertainment options available in the city. The highly-connected transportation system makes it easy for residents to travel using public transportation or Uber and Lyft services to save money.

For those who are looking to advance their education or pursue career advancement chances, Midtown is a great starting point! Midtown also has many parks and green spaces to benefit from the outdoors, such as walking and biking trails, an amphitheater that is outdoor as well as Atlanta Botanical Garden. Atlanta Botanical Garden.

The Midtown neighborhood is also known for its lively nightlife scene, which includes some of the top nightclubs, bars, and music venues in Atlanta. With its pedestrian-friendly streets filled with cafes, shops galleries, restaurants, and eateries, Midtown is perfect for the weekend or an evening out with friends! There are plenty of shopping options to be found here, from boutiques to big department stores. You can get almost everything you’ll need in this area of town.

In the end, the living experience within Midtown Atlanta provides residents with ease of access to everything Atlanta offers – from fantastic education opportunities to numerous entertainment choices. Midtown is a fantastic location to enjoy the best of the best that Atlanta has to offer, while still maintaining a community feeling. If you’re searching for exciting and vibrant city life, Midtown is the perfect location to live!