Lake Claire Atlanta Georgia

Lake Claire Atlanta Georgia is situated in the center of downtown Atlanta in the north, near Candler Park and east of Virginia-Highland. It is bordered on its western part by Clifton Road and on its south side by DeKalb Avenue. The area is covered by lush green parks with many shade trees, trails for walking, and tables for picnics. There’s an outdoor pool with a seasonal season that allows visitors to cool off on hot summer days. The lake is home to two docks for boats for guests to make use of for fishing, or for paddling around the lake on kayaks or canoes.

The nearby area has plenty of eateries shops, bars, and restaurants that are within walking distance of Lake Claire. The neighborhood is also home to numerous parks like Freedom Park, Mary Lin Park as well as Atlanta Botanical Garden. Atlanta Botanical Garden. These attractions are what make Lake Claire a great place to live in or visit Atlanta. If you’re seeking an unwinding day or a thrilling night in the entertainment industry, Lake Claire provides something for all. It’s clear why this gorgeous lake is now one of the city’s top places to visit! Explore the splendor of Lake Claire today!


Lake Claire History

Lake Claire is a historic neighborhood located in Atlanta, Georgia that dates from the late 19th century. The neighborhood was first established by slaves freed from slavery who had migrated to Atlanta to seek more opportunities. In the beginning, it was an agricultural area that was known for its green hills and rolling hills. In the 20th century, Lake Claire began to witness a rapid expansion as more residents from different parts of the country moved to Atlanta. At the time it resulted in the creation of numerous businesses and residences throughout the area.

Lake Claire Today

Presently, Lake Claire continues to be a vibrant area located in Atlanta. Despite its proximity to downtown, It is able to keep much of its charming small-town character of the area due to its careful restoration efforts. The neighborhood has a range of housing options, ranging from single-family homes to townhomes as well as apartments. There is also lots of green space and parks, including big ones like Lake Claire Park and Haygood Park. There are many eateries, shops, and other facilities which make the area an appealing place for tourists and residents alike.

Lake Claire is home to numerous historic landmarks and important landmarks like Little Five Points, a well-known entertainment district that is packed with quirky boutiques and restaurants. It’s an excellent area to live in or visit for those searching for an idyllic community that’s filled with history and located close to the bustle and excitement in downtown Atlanta. If you’re searching for an entire residence or just a spot to go for weekends, Lake Claire is sure to be a memorable trip.


Cost of Living

Living in the Lake Claire neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia is quite affordable. If you’re looking for the perfect balance of affordability and convenience, Lake Claire should be on your list of choices. Enjoy your life!


Buying a home in Lake Claire, Atlanta Georgia is generally affordable. The rent for one-bedroom apartments averages approximately $848 per month and the cost for two bedrooms averages about $1,062 each month. The costs of housing are around $400,000. 


However, public transportation isn’t cheap A monthly all-access pass can cost around $160. In general, life within Lake Claire is quite affordable with the cost of basic necessities being considerably less than in other areas of the city. If you’re careful with your budgeting and planning for your finances you’ll be capable of living comfortably without breaking the budget. 

General Goods & Services

The typical electric bill in the neighborhood is about $135 per month. Food items here are comparatively cheap and a week’s worth of grocery items for the typical family could cost around $120. 


Local Economy

In general, Lake Claire offers a robust economy that offers plenty of job opportunities for local residents. Employers of all sizes along with numerous local investment opportunities have resulted in positive economic growth within the local community. Residents have the opportunity to benefit from an abundance of household income as well as affordable housing choices and outdoor recreational opportunities. All of these elements create Lake Claire an ideal place for anyone who wants to live, work and enjoy one of the more lively towns in Georgia.

Job Opportunities

Numerous businesses have relocated or established within the region and including major employers like Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines as well as General Electric. These big firms have led to a variety of opportunities for employment for residents of Lake Claire and throughout the greater Atlanta area.

Household Income

The median family income for Lake Claire is approximately $73,000 annually. This figure is much higher than the median for the remainder of Atlanta. High income is a major factor in the economic growth that is positive within the neighborhood. Residents also have the opportunity to benefit from a range of local initiatives intended to encourage growth and create new jobs for residents.

Local Investment

One of the most important investment opportunities that are being made in Lake Claire involves the renovations and development of commercial and residential properties located in the area. This has led to private investment in the area as well as providing residents with affordable housing alternatives. In addition, local businesses have expanded and created jobs thanks to the investment. Other investments include enhancements to parks as well as public transportation, bicycle routes, and other forms of outdoor recreation options. These projects have led to an increase in economic activity across the region.


Transportation Options For The Commute

Getting to and from Lake Claire is easy and practical with the variety of both private and public transportation choices. If you decide to ride the train or hop behind the steering wheel of your own vehicle and drive around town, it is a breeze. Whichever method of transport you choose to use you’ll take pleasure in exploring everything Lake Claire has to offer.


Public Transportation

The metropolitan Atlanta region is situated within Lake Claire, Georgia, and the transport system for public use is huge. It comprises transportation services like the MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) rail and bus system commuter rail services like those of the Cobb County Transit System, Gwinnett County Transit System along with the North Springs shuttles.



There are also taxis that offer easy rides across the city. Taxis can be hired in the streets or contacted in a matter of a few clicks through apps such as Uber as well as Lyft.



Bicycles are getting more popular in Atlanta and also bike paths are readily available all over the city.  In addition, electric mopeds and scooters are getting more popular in Atlanta too.



For those who would prefer to use their own vehicle for moving around the city, there are plenty of garages for parking and lots situated all over Lake Claire. Other options for transportation in Lake Claire include rental cars as well as rideshares and boats! If you’re looking to take explore the city you can take advantage of water taxis which transport passengers from one area to another.


Average Annual Weather

The year-round weather in Lake Claire Atlanta Georgia is extremely diverse, ranging from scorching and hot summers to cold but pleasant winters. Whatever time of the year you visit Lake Claire Atlanta Georgia, you’ll surely have a great time.



In the summertime (May-August) temperatures usually range between 75-90°F, with heat waves occasionally pushing temperatures higher. The humidity levels are extremely high in these months, resulting in oppressive heat across the entire region. It is also typical to see rain during summer as thunderstorms tend to be more prevalent in the afternoon and evening times. 



In winter (December-February) temperatures typically range from between 33 and 45°F but they may be lower on days. The chance of snowfall is very rare in this region of Georgia but slight frosts can occur from time to time. 



Fall (September-November) brings mild conditions to Atlanta with temperatures ranging from 58-78°F. You should be cautious with clothes, always take a coat with you in case the temperature drops. 



Spring (March-May) offers mild weather, with temperatures ranging between 50 and 70°F. The likelihood of rain is higher during the spring months, which is why tourists should carry umbrellas or raincoats for outdoor activities.


Local Tip

A great local tip for traveling to Lake Claire Atlanta Georgia is to plan your trip based on the time of year. If you’re seeking cooler temperatures and fewer crowds and fewer crowds, visiting during the winter months might be the ideal time. If you’re looking for sunshine and warm temperatures, sunshine, the latter part of spring or early summer could be the ideal time for an excursion.


Education System of Lake Claire

The educational system in Lake Claire, Atlanta Georgia is extensive and diverse, offering many choices to select from. Atlanta is home to numerous resources to ensure that students get an excellent education, including museums, libraries, and community-based organizations that are focused on education. These services offer support for the parents as well as students that might require extra assistance to realize their full potential in school. With these tools, parents can be sure that their children receive the highest quality education possible within Lake Claire Atlanta Georgia.

Public Schools

Public schools are top providers of education that include a variety of classes and activities that meet the needs of all. There are top elementary and middle schools as well as high schools that cater to students from the surrounding community and regions. 

Charter Schools

In addition, there are charter schools for students seeking specialization in instruction, such as the immersion of language or project-based learning. These schools are funded by the government but are operated differently than normal public schools. 

Private Schools

Private schools encompass traditional non-religious schools and religious ones. They are an ideal alternative to public schools providing a rigorous academic curriculum as well as distinct opportunities for extracurriculars, sports teams, and many other activities that allow students to learn within a safe and secure environment.

Religious Schools

Religious schools can be an alternative for families seeking to offer their children an education that is based on faith. These schools can provide additional services that aren’t offered by the public schools system, such as pastoral counseling, and other extracurricular programs that encourage moral values and a foundation for learning.


Homeschooling is becoming a popular option for families that want total supervision over their child’s educational experience. Through this method, parents are able to select programs that are tailored to their specific needs, alter the time they spend on each subject and develop a plan that is most suitable for them.

It’s evident that Lake Claire Atlanta Georgia provides its citizens with many educational options that can meet the individual requirements of their families. Each of the options offers great opportunities for development and learning which makes it much easier for students to reach their personal goals and goals. Whatever the educational options parents select for their kids, they are able to be at ease knowing their child is going to be given the opportunities to excel.


Lake Claire Local Government and Infrastructure

Lake Claire Atlanta, Georgia is served by a range of local infrastructure and government services, such as police libraries, fire departments, and schools, as well as public services. With its local government that is dedicated as well as infrastructure, Lake Claire offers a secure and peaceful atmosphere for the residents. From police protection to education opportunities, this vibrant community offers everything you need to live an enjoyable lifestyle. Lake Claire is a great location to live in.


The Atlanta Police Department (APD) is the most prestigious police force in the city, acting as the first responder for every major incident. The APD is split into various districts, which cover different areas within the city. In its mission statement, it states that the APD seeks collaborations with community groups to decrease crime and ensure that residents feel secure in their communities.

Fire Department

The City of Atlanta Fire Rescue offers fire protection services throughout the region. The teams are outfitted with cutting-edge technology that can fight fires swiftly and effectively. In addition, they provide emergency medical treatment and other special services. Firefighters are stationed across the city to quickly respond to any emergency.


Lake Claire is home to various public schools that are managed through the Atlanta Public School System (APS). APS provides high-quality instruction in a safe and secure setting for students from any background from pre-Kindergarten up to the 12th grade. Furthermore, their focus is the promotion of student achievement, creating strong bonds with guardians and parents and involving students in meaningful learning which helps them prepare for the college experience and even beyond.


The Atlanta Public Library System serves Lake Claire residents with several branches throughout the city which includes Lake Claire Public Library. Lake Claire Public Library. The library is home to a wide range of resources for all different ages, from children to seniors. They also offer education programs, access to computers as well as public access to electronic databases.

Public Services

The City of Atlanta Department of Public Works (DPW) is responsible for numerous projects that improve the living conditions within Lake Claire. The range of projects includes providing citizens with safe drinking water to maintaining public areas, DPW ensures that all neighborhood infrastructure is up-to-date and operating in a proper manner. In addition, they offer trash collection services and organize special events like performances on the lawn.

The City of Atlanta Parks & Recreation Department provides a diverse variety of activities for recreation at its parks across the city. The department also oversees pools, playgrounds as well as sports leagues and community centers throughout Lake Claire which provide citizens with opportunities to engage in recreational activities in their area. If it’s a game of basketball on a court outside or a leisurely stroll through the park, there are countless ways to take in lake life at its best. Lake Claire.


Things To Do

Whatever things people are looking for, there’s something for all to delight in at Lake Claire, Atlanta Georgia. From visiting art galleries and attending festivals to enjoying leisurely strolls through the park, or playing golf on beautiful golf courses, there’s plenty to do.


Outdoor things to do within Lake Claire, Atlanta Georgia include a visit to Freedom Park, one of the largest parks in Atlanta. It has over 7 acres of space that are perfect for walking around in peace or engaging in games. It also features a playground for children and an 18-hole golf course. Visitors can also visit close by Candler Park Golf Course for playing golf on its beautiful course. Another activity that is popular in Lake Claire is taking part in the annual Tour de Cabbagetown bike race that takes participants on the trails and streets of the historical neighborhood. The event typically concludes with a concert and food. If you’re looking to indulge pleasure in art while enjoying the outside, take a look at the murals in the Krog Street Tunnel, where local street artists display their work on vibrant walls.


Activities indoors that take place in Lake Claire, Atlanta Georgia include visiting Atlanta’s Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, which hosts rotating exhibitions of contemporary art. Visitors can also take a look at the Cabbagetown Chomp and Stomp Chili Cook-Off as well as Bluegrass Festival, where they are able to sample delicious chili dishes from local chefs and listen to live bluegrass music throughout the day. The area is also the home of 7 Stages Theatre, which presents a variety of comedy plays and shows and dancing performances by local performers.


Restaurants in Lake Claire

It is the Lake Claire neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia is home to many excellent dining establishments. Whether you’re seeking an informal bite to eat or a fine eating experience Lake Claire is home to a wide array of dining options that can satisfy your cravings. 


Ration and Dram

This restaurant offers a delicious variety of delicious dishes ranging from contemporary American cuisine to global-inspired food fusions. Food options range from grilled cheese sandwiches served with tomato bisque to Jamaican Jerk Chicken tacos served with mango salsa. There’s certain to have something for every person at the table.


San Francisco Coffee Roasting Co

If you’re seeking an ideal spot to relax and take a break and enjoy your favorite cup of tea then this could be the place to go! San Francisco Coffee Roasting Co has over 150 varieties of teas, as well as special lattes and chai drinks. They also offer a range of premium foods to serve with tea, such as tartines, scones, and other pastries.


Gigi’s Italian Kitchen & Restaurant

This trendy Italian restaurant serves traditional Tuscan food in a warm ambiance. From freshly made pasta dishes to pizzas made from scratch and a wide selection of delicious antipasti choices, there’s something for all tastes there. The wine selection is also extensive, don’t forget to inquire about it!



The parks are a fantastic getaway from the bustle of everyday living in Atlanta. If you’re seeking the perfect spot to relax and play sports, or take a stroll in Nature, Lake Claire has something for all to take pleasure in. From tranquil trails and ponds to lively courts and playgrounds These parks in the area offer excellent facilities that are loved by all ages.


Lake Claire Park

Lake Claire Park is one of the most well-known parks located in Lake Claire, Atlanta Georgia. It provides a range of activities for guests to enjoy such as trails for walking as well as playgrounds, picnic areas as well as an athletic field. There are two ponds that are ideal for paddling and fishing. Visitors can also make use of the courts for events or recreational play. In addition, there are numerous seating areas throughout the park for visitors to take a break and relax while enjoying the view.


Frazer Forest

Frazer Forest is a great outdoor activity located in Lake Claire. It comprises more than 50 acres of forest featuring natural streams and wildlife that are abundant in the region. The forest has many hiking trails that are suitable for any level of hiker and also offers the opportunity for watching wildlife and birds in the wild.


Iverson Park

Iverson Park is a family-friendly park that is located in Lake Claire. It is home to two playgrounds and two huge pavilions that make the perfect place for throwing a birthday party or other occasions. The park also has tennis courts, basketball courts as well as a sand volleyball field, and plenty of tables for relaxing with family and friends.


Oakhurst Park

Oakhurst Park is one of the most sought-after places located in Lake Claire due to its accessibility and access to downtown Atlanta. The park is full of sports fields that are ideal for soccer, softball, baseball, and other sports along with playgrounds, picnic areas, and skating areas for children of all different ages. There are also many walking trails in the park that offer stunning views of the surrounding cityscape.

Lake Claire is a city in the state of Georgia. Lake Claire offers many attractions which can make any trip memorable. Discover the beauty of nature in these parks during your next journey to Atlanta! and learn the things that make Lake Claire so special! You can enjoy stunning views, leisure activities, and more in these parks! Check out every park located in Lake Claire and enjoy all the outdoor activities that are available!


Is Lake Claire Safe To Live In

Lake Claire, Atlanta is an excellent place to reside. It is renowned for its warm and friendly community and also its easy connection to downtown Atlanta. This neighborhood is populated with a range of houses, ranging from multi-million dollar mansions to charming bungalows, offering residents a variety of choices for housing.

The rate of crime is low in Lake Claire Atlanta is among the lowest rates in the city and has an outstanding reputation for being secure and safe. There are also several police officers who are on the lookout for suspicious activity, which helps keep the crime rate at a low level. Many people are very happy staying at Lake Claire due to its low crime rate and tranquil atmosphere.

For amenities, Lake Claire provides easy access to the most popular restaurants, and shops as well as other tourist attractions in Atlanta. The neighborhood is also well connected via MARTA public transportation, so moving around is simple and easy. In general, Lake Claire provides a tranquil and secure environment for those who live there to relax and enjoy living without fear of being unsafe or frightened.

If you are searching for an active lifestyle, there are plenty of parks that are close to any residence. The range of parks is vast, from Lakeside Park with its winding paths with benches, playgrounds, and benches as well as the Riverside Walkway that is located along the banks of the Chattahoochee River, there’s something for all ages here. It is possible to hire bikes or kayaks for exploring independently.

The area is classified as “an oasis for families” due to its proximity to parks, shopping malls lakes, and art galleries, among others. It is also famous for its numerous bike trails and trails, making it among the communities that are the easiest to walk around in Atlanta.

All in all, Lake Claire is an ideal location for those seeking peace of mind and confidence. The warm and welcoming residents, the beautiful houses, and the numerous recreation options are a draw for families looking for a tranquil and safe environment close to everything Atlanta offers. With its low rates of crime and thriving local economy, Lake Claire is definitely a secure place to live!


Why Should I Live Here

It is the Lake Claire neighborhood in Atlanta is an excellent area to live in. It has plenty of amenities, such as the accessibility of the public transit system, great parks, and schools, plenty of boutiques and restaurants as well as a lively community center that offers a range of activities for all ages, as well as an easy connection to the remaining part of Atlanta. The area boasts one of the most beautiful views of the city, as it is located on top of one of Atlanta’s gorgeous hillsides, and offers stunning views of the city’s skyline.

Lake Claire also boasts a variety of housing options, from old-fashioned homes with large lots to modern row houses that have shared walls. Residents can choose detached single-family homes along with apartments and condos. With its diverse different architectural designs, Lake Claire offers something for every person. The neighborhood has also witnessed an increase in young families and professionals in recent times, which contributes to its lively vibe.

The people of the community are warm and friendly. Neighborhood residents often talk to each other when walking or in their neighborhood coffee houses. The community also hosts a wide range of occasions throughout the year, such as farmers’ markets, celebrations of the holidays as well as film nights on the lawn, artistic exhibitions, and many other events. Residents can also access several nearby parks and trails with stunning panoramas of the Atlanta skyline. These are great areas for running, biking, or birdwatching, as well as walking around in peace.

If you’re searching for an area that is safe, with many amenities nearby and a variety of activities to keep you busy and entertained The Lake Claire neighborhood in Atlanta is a good choice. It is a mix of new and old structures and a vibrant and lively community the neighborhood is a great place to be! for anyone!