Hills Park Atlanta Georgia

Hills Park Atlanta Georgia is situated in the heart area of Midtown Atlanta. It lies within West Peachtree Street NW and Juniper Street NE, with Piedmont Avenue serving as its northern boundary. This park measures about 3/4 of a mile in length and one-third of a mile in width and covers approximately 19 acres. It is characterized by lush meadows and rolling hills and twisting paths that connect to walking trails. Facilities in Hills Park include two playgrounds (one for children ages 2-5 and the other for children aged 5-12) as well as a vast grassy lawn that has toilets, seating areas, picnic shelters, dog parks as well as basketball courts. There is also an off-leash space for dogs. Apart from this park Hills Park also offers numerous recreational activities that include volleyball, tennis, or badminton courts as well as horseshoe courts, and an amphitheater in the outdoor area. There are numerous paths that meander through the park, offering amazing views of Atlanta’s downtown.

Hills Park has been host to numerous events over the last few time, including film screenings, concert events, community gatherings, and festivals. Hills Park is a favorite spot for people from the neighborhood to meet and take a relaxing walk or run along its beautiful paths while admiring the city’s skyline. In addition to its scenic beauty, Hills Park is home to some of Midtown’s top attractions, including the High Museum of Art and Jimmy Carter Presidential Library & Museum. If you’re seeking an oasis from the bustle and hustle of urban life or desire to enjoy breathtaking landscapes, Hills Park is the ideal spot for an unforgettable trip.

Hills Park Atlanta Georgia is easily accessible via bikes, cars, and public transport. The closest MARTA station (North Avenue) is just 1 mile away from the park and offers transportation to downtown Atlanta. There are a variety of bus routes that traverse the area, which allows for an easy connection to other areas of Midtown. There is also plenty of parking in the parking spaces that are adjacent to the park. With so many things to do and its central place of operation, Hills Park Atlanta Georgia will surely be your preferred destination whenever you’re ready to have some fun outdoors!


Hills Park History

It is believed that the Hills Park neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia has a rich background that goes from the late 19th century. The area was first discovered in 1848. The families living there were farmers and raised animals until the latter part of the 1800s when the area was industrialized, with a variety of companies moving into the area.

In the early century, Hills Park had become an industrial area with many manufacturing companies that were located within close proximity to each other. The boom in the industry was in place for many years before starting to slow down by the mid-1950s. In the 1950s the population was beginning to shift away from the city center and farther north into suburbs like Hills Park. This has led to the creation of a residential area instead of an industrial zone.

Hills Park Today

At the present, Hills Park is known for its diverse and vibrant community. People are proud of the history of the neighborhood and work together to protect its uniqueness through numerous events during the entire year. There are numerous stores, parks, restaurants as well as other facilities that make it an ideal location to live. Despite the passage of time Hills Park continues to remain a significant part of Atlanta’s past and remains in the same place as it was when it was first established. This is an indication of the tireless efforts of all within the community who work together to keep it thriving.

In recent times, Hills Park has become increasingly desirable to live in due to the proximity of downtown Atlanta and the plethora of construction projects in the pipeline which are making it a better location for businesses and residents alike. There’s no reason to wonder why this area is fast growing into one of the city’s most sought-after communities! Hills Park is a popular neighborhood in Atlanta. Hills Park neighborhood is a wonderful place to live and has something for every person. From its colorful past to its bustling present it is certain that it will remain a vital part of Atlanta’s urban landscape for many years to come.


Cost of Living

Hills Park neighborhood in Atlanta Georgia is a place with a low cost of living compared with other areas of the city.  Overall, it’s possible to make the expense to live in Hills Park manageable with careful budgeting and smart spending choices. If you take advantage of the various affordable options available it is possible to reside comfortably in this sought-after Atlanta neighborhood. Hills Park is a great place to live. Hills Park gives you the chance to take in all Atlanta offers without spending a fortune. Hills Park is an ideal location to live in!


Housing costs within the Hills Park neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia are quite reasonable. The median house price is $175,000, and rent is about $900 per month.


Costs for transportation depend on the frequency you intend to leave the local area. Uber and Lyft provide services for shorter trips, while public transport might be more economical in case you are required to travel farther distances frequently. Taxis in the local area are also available at a cost similar to Uber/Lyft for travel in the town. 

General Goods & Services

Electricity bills may vary based on usage, but usually will be around $150 per month. Costs for groceries are affordable with many stores offering discounts or discounts for staples like milk, bread eggs, and milk. 

In the end, the cost of living and living in the Hills Park neighborhood is quite affordable and allows for an easy lifestyle that isn’t too expensive.


Local Economy

Hills Park is a vibrant and diverse community that is located in the middle of Atlanta, Georgia. With a population of more than 953, the economics of Hills Park are as varied as the people who live there. 

Job Opportunities

Its economy is driven by jobs in the service industry including restaurants, retail stores, and medical centers as well as small-scale enterprises. There’s also a wealth of opportunities in the field of technology with companies such as Google and Microsoft.

Household Income

The median household income for Hills Park is about $57,000 annually. This means it is within reach for many families who want to buy a house or even start a business.

Local Investment

If you’re looking to start your own company and invest locally, Hills Park has many options that are available at Hills Park. A lot of places are great for networking and coaching entrepreneurs with access to programs for business improvement. Furthermore, Atlanta Regional Commission Atlanta Regional Commission offers a wide range of funding options for businesses seeking to expand or establish operations in the region.

In general, Hills Park has a vibrant, solid economy that is growing each day. With plenty of opportunities for employment and local investment opportunities, It’s a perfect location for families and individuals who want to gain entry into the growing Atlanta economy. Whatever your interests or goals for your career there’s something for everybody in Atlanta!

From restaurants and shops to tech, Hills Park has plenty of choices for those looking to launch their own company or make investing in our local economy. Hills Park is a fantastic location to live and work! If you’re searching for an exciting and diverse neighborhood with lots of investment and job opportunities Look no further than Hills Park in Atlanta, Georgia. You’ll be amazed!


Transportation Options For The Commute

Hills Park Atlanta offers an array of options for transportation that range from taxis and public transportation to bicycles, cars, and walking. Each type of transportation is unique and has its own advantages, based on your preferences and preferences. Whichever way you decide to travel around this lively city, you’re sure to have fun exploring the many things Hills Park Atlanta has to provide.


Public Transportation

Public transportation is a great alternative for moving around the city. It is the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) offers train and bus services across the city for travelers and commuters alike. Buses are available throughout the areas of Hills Park Atlanta with routes connecting users with downtown as well as other locations inside and outside the city.



Taxis are an efficient method of getting to the city in a short time when you don’t have an automobile. There are numerous taxi services operating in the area. They will transport you to all destinations inside or outside Hills Park Atlanta.



Bike rides are also a very popular mode of transport within Hills Park Atlanta as the city has more than 75 miles of trail, as well as designated bike lanes for those who like traveling on two wheels rather than four. Rental bikes are offered all over the city if you don’t own a bicycle.



If you own your own vehicle, driving it is an excellent way to discover Hills Park Atlanta. The city is surrounded by a vast network of highways and roads that connect communities and allow an easy route to downtown as well as other parts of the downtown area. There are numerous garages that are located in Hills Park Atlanta where drivers can park their vehicles in a safe manner for longer durations of time.

In the end, walking is the most preferred method to explore Hills Park Atlanta as many of its tourist attractions and locations are within walking distance of one another. There are also many walkways as well as benches along with public spaces that are easier for people to walk around the city. In addition, there are numerous parks scattered throughout Hills Park Atlanta where people can take in the fresh air and take in the natural surroundings while strolling around.


Average Annual Weather

Hills Park, Atlanta Georgia is famous for its humid subtropical climate, with humid and sometimes wet warm summers, mild winters, and pleasant, short springs and fall. You should keep in mind to have some proper clothes for every season if you want to visit Atlanta or live there, that will allow you to 



The summertime during summertime in Hills Park is usually very humid and hot with temperatures typically exceeding the low 90s. The rain can be intense in the summer time too, making it essential to carry an umbrella when you go out in the summer months of June to August. Some of the local suggestions for getting through the heat include drinking lots of water or other beverages during the entire day. wearing lightweight cotton clothes that don’t adhere to your body when it becomes sweaty, and making use of air conditioning whenever possible.



The winter months within Hills Park typically bring milder temperatures, with temperatures reaching fifty with lows of the 30s. However, this is also the time when you could see some snow. The majority of snowfalls don’t be too extensive and most storms produce a couple of inches, at the times. Winter is also an ideal opportunity to enjoy indoor activities like visiting museums or seeing films, as it’s usually too cold out for long periods of time.



Autumn at Hills Park is generally mild and relaxing. It is this season when you will see gorgeous autumn colors as foliage changes from green, to yellow and red. The temperatures typically range from the upper 50s up to the high 70s throughout the season, and rainfall is usually quite low. It’s an ideal time for outdoor pursuits like cycling or hiking prior to the time when winter arrives.



The springtime season brings pleasant temperatures and daytime temperatures typically range from the mid-50s to high 70s. It is also a time when rainfall increases so make sure you bring an umbrella or even a raincoat in case you are planning to be outdoors for lengthy periods of time. The relative humidity is also known to rise during spring and can make it appear hotter than it actually is.


Local Tip

A great local piece of advice for enjoying the four seasons at Hills Park would be taking every moment of each regardless of the temperature outdoors, there are always many things to do inside or out, based on what you prefer! Be sure to wear sunscreen during the summer and clothing for winter, and a raincoat or umbrella for the fall and spring. 


Education System of Hills Park

Whatever education experience parents select for their children at Hills Park Atlanta Georgia, they will find that they will have plenty of options to choose from. This variety helps ensure that every student receives the best education possible that will meet their individual requirements as students prepare for college, careers, and after school.

Public Schools

Hills Park Atlanta Georgia is managed by The Fulton County School District, consisting of several schools that span from elementary through high school. They are managed and supported by state, local as well as federal agencies. Every school within the district is a secure educational environment for students, with rigorous academics as well as a range of extracurricular activities that encourage students’ involvement.

Charter Schools

Charter schools offer an alternative option for education to families living in Hills Park Atlanta Georgia. These schools are generally operated by non-profit organizations or other entities that are not part of the traditional school system. Many charter schools have smaller classes and curriculums that are specialized and have greater autonomy in their decision-making than traditional public schools.

Private Schools

Private schools in Hills Park Atlanta Georgia are usually tuition-based and focus on a particular kind of education, for example, religious. Private schools typically have smaller classes and more personal care for students in comparison to public schools.

Religious Schools

For families searching for religious-based education at Hills Park Atlanta Georgia, there are religious schools that are privately accessible. They typically offer a curriculum based on beliefs as well as morals, values, and values that are in line with their specific faith. The course is designed to assist students in understanding their faith on a deeper and help them prepare to be academically for the next phase of their lives.


Many families living in Hills Park Atlanta Georgia choose to educate their children at home for a variety of reasons. It allows parents to design individual programs and lesson plans and provide oversight of their children’s educational progress. The most significant advantage of homeschooling is the flexibility that it affords families the opportunity to tailor their learning to the requirements and desires of each child.


Hills Park Local Government and Infrastructure

Hills Park Atlanta Georgia is managed by the City of Atlanta government and the Fulton County Board of Commissioners. The city provides security for police as well as firefighting and library services, public education systems, and other public services.


It is the Atlanta Police Department (APD) is charged with protecting lives and properties in Hills Park and patrolling neighborhoods. It is among the most populated police forces in the United States with more than 1,000 officers who are committed to providing security for businesses and residents. The APD also runs a program of community-based policing that aims to lower crime by forming partnerships with neighbors as well as problem-solving strategies and community outreach initiatives.

Fire Department

The firefighters from The City of Atlanta Fire Rescue Department (AFRD) offer emergency services for fire suppression and rescue for Hills Park. The AFRD also offers emergency medical services as well as hazardous materials response capabilities.


Atlanta is home to a massive public school system that operates over 50 schools across the city. The city’s Hills Park is one of them. There are numerous elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools, which provide students with education opportunities starting from pre-kindergarten to the 12th year. Every one of the schools is linked to a vast network of bike and sidewalk routes that make it convenient for residents to navigate the city on a bike or foot.


It is the Atlanta Public Library has two branches, one at Hills Park, which offers newspapers, magazines, books audio-visual material, and Internet access for library patrons. The library also takes part in community outreach activities such as summer reading groups and book discussions.

Public Services

Alongside the fire, police, and education services offered by Atlanta’s City of Atlanta, Hills Park is also served by a range of public works departments that ensure safe streets, sidewalks, and parks across the entire area. The city also offers recycling, garbage collection, and water services. Hills Park has numerous recreational facilities like two parks with playgrounds basketball courts, tennis courts football fields, and baseball diamonds. There are several public swimming pools that are located within Hills Park.

It is important to note that the City of Atlanta provides many other services for residents in Hills Park such as senior centers for older adults as well as Youth programs for children aged 5-18 years old as well as community centers for adults and training opportunities. There are also several temples and churches within the region that offer Spiritual guidance to residents of the local community.

In general, Hills Park is served by a range of county and city services that make it a pleasant location to work, live, and play. Hills Park provides security for police, firefighting libraries, public schools, and other important public works departments, so residents can enjoy an enjoyable and safe life.


Things To Do

Hills Park in Atlanta, Georgia has a range of activities for guests to take advantage of. Hills Park offers something for all ages In Atlanta, Georgia. If you’re searching for outdoor and indoor, there’s certain to be something which will suit your interests. From climbing down hills to hiking trails to taking a stroll through the garden and enjoying arcade games! Make a plan today to take in all the fantastic things this park offers!


Those who love the outdoors can take pleasure in the many trails and picturesque spots within Hills Park. It doesn’t matter if you like cycling, hiking or just exploring the natural world there’s something for all! There are many spots to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty of the region. If you’re looking for some more excitement Try climbing some of the hills in Hills Park.


If you’re seeking indoor activities Hills Park also has many options. Hills park has an ice-skating rink which is open all year round and a bowling alley and game room featuring arcade-style games. There are numerous museums located on the premises which offer educational experiences for visitors. It also includes an impressive botanical garden which is open to the public all year.


Restaurants in Hills Park

Whichever of these establishments you visit within Hills Park Atlanta Georgia, you’ll find delicious food and an enjoyable ambiance. No matter if you’re searching for Mexican food, New York-style pizza, or Southern barbeque there’s something for you in Hills Park! With all these choices, it’s no wonder that people keep coming back! If you’re in the area, don’t forget to try at least one of the eateries Hills Park offers. 


Nuevo Laredo Cantina

Nuevo Laredo Cantina is a well-known restaurant that is located in Hills Park Atlanta Georgia. The Mexican restaurant serves authentic regional cuisine from the middle of Mexico made with fresh ingredients by skilled chefs. The menu includes tacos, burritos and tortillas, and other classic Mexican dishes like Fajitas and chile Relleno. Nuevo Laredo Cantina also serves its signature margaritas, which will take your tastes south across the Mexican border!


Johnny’s New York Style Pizza

Johnny’s New York Style Pizza is another of Hills Park’s top eateries. Serving traditional New York-style pizza with thin crusts that are hand-tossed This pizza joint has been satisfying customers for many years. Alongside their pizzas that are signature. They also serve wings as well as salads, stromboli, and Calzones. If you’re searching for fast food or a complete meal Johnny’s New York Style Pizza is guaranteed to please.


Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q Westside

Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q Westside is a favorite local restaurant within the Hills Park area of Atlanta Georgia. The casual barbeque spot serves traditional Southern meals like pulled pork sandwiches as well as ribs which are slow-cooked to perfection in a wood smoke of hickory. Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q Westside also serves some of the best sides, including macaroni and cheese as well as collard greens, Fried okra that are guaranteed to make your mouth water!



Hills Park Atlanta provides its residents with a variety of outdoor activities and beautiful views that will definitely enhance your enjoyment. If you’re looking for exciting and enjoyable playing in Spink Collins Park, exercise at Sara J. Gonzalez Memorial Park, or the youth sport at Westside Park, you can also go fishing and take a break in Linwood Park, Hills Park Atlanta offers it all! Visit the many parks Hills Park has to offer and enjoy a memorable time with your loved ones and friends. Whatever park you pick, make sure to appreciate the stunning landscapes of this stunning city!


Spink Collins Park

Spink Collins Park lies in the middle of Hills Park, Atlanta Georgia. It’s a stunning play area that is interactive and offers activities for both adults and children. Two playgrounds are available which comprise slides, swings along with monkey bars. In addition, there are swings designed for older children, making it a perfect spot for birthday parties and outings with the family. The greenery around the park is visually appealing too.


Underwood Hills Park

This park can be found on the northern side of Hills Park, Atlanta Georgia. It is home to a large, community pool with two water slides as well as two diving boards, which makes it the perfect place for hot summer days that are perfect for cooling off from the scorching summer heat. Additionally, it has a large basketball court and two tennis courts as well as a baseball field that can host more than four players at a time. There are numerous barbecue tables and picnic tables available for families wanting to enjoy eating outside.


Sara J. Gonzalez Memorial Park 

Sara J. Gonzalez Memorial Park can be found on the eastern part of Hills Park, Atlanta Georgia. It’s primarily dedicated to providing a space for kids to enjoy safely since it is a playground with slides and swings that are suitable for children of all ages. Additional amenities include walking paths and benches where parents can take a break while their children are playing close by.


Westside Park

This park is situated on the south end of Hills Park, Atlanta Georgia. It offers a range of leisure activities like cycling tracks, soccer fields along with basketball courts. Additionally, there are many pavilions to choose from for private parties or gatherings with family and friends.

These parks are an ideal place to get together as a group or as a whole and take in the fresh air, sunshine, and the company of others. If you’re searching for an enjoyable afternoon with your children or some peace to spend time in nature, Hills Park Atlanta has something for all. Come and explore what Hills Park has to offer!


Is Hills Park Safe To Live In

Hills Park Atlanta is a well-lit and safe area with crime rates that are lower than the average for all cities. Atlanta is a city that Atlanta is home to one of the top law enforcement agencies in the nation and has been able to achieve great results in keeping its residents safe. Additionally, Hills Park is located in an area bordered by numerous parks and other facilities for recreation. This gives plenty of opportunities for residents to go out and enjoy the outdoors while staying secure from danger.

Residents have access to various dining options as well in grocery stores that are close by. Public transportation like bus or rail networks enables you to move through the city without fear and efficiently. In addition, Hills Park offers many facilities such as public pools and tennis courts, play areas tennis courts, and basketball that can bring people close.

Hills Park Atlanta also has fantastic universities and schools nearby in addition to a number of health services in the same region so that residents can get the medical treatment they require. With its excellent safety record and numerous facilities, it’s not surprising that Hills Park is a popular area for those who are looking for an area that is safe to be home. Hills Park is an ideal city to reside in if you searching for an enviable, safe atmosphere with plenty of entertainment choices.

In the end, Hills Park Atlanta is the home of numerous initiatives that help to improve the security of its residents. Neighborhood watch groups can help prevent crimes by providing additional eyes on the streets when they are needed, as well as creating a feeling of camaraderie and community between residents. Other programs provide assistance such as counseling for free, job-placement assistance, and transportation assistance in the event that residents require transportation. These programs help to keep residents connected during moments of crisis and also promote the safety of the community overall. With so many things to offer for this, Hills Park Atlanta is surely one of the safest areas to reside in Georgia!


Why Should I Live Here

Hills Park is a great neighborhood in Atlanta to be a part of. If you’re a commuter and need quick access to downtown and other popular local spots, Hills Park provides the ideal solution. Additionally, MARTA bus lines run through the region for people looking for public transport alternatives. The homes located in Hills Park are also attractive aspects of the area. A majority of them have vast yards dotted with lush vegetation, as well as large interior designs. Many homes offer amazing perspectives over the Atlanta skyline or the nearby green spaces and parks making them desirable locations to reside in.

Hills Park residents Hills Park can enjoy a range of amenities that can make living in the area much more pleasant. There are a variety of local eateries and stores within walking distance and you won’t need to go far for restaurants or entertainment. Additionally, there are many parks for public use in the area, including hiking trails as well as playgrounds and other outdoor activities that are great for gatherings with the family or just relaxing in the natural surroundings.

Hills Park residents also benefit from having access to excellent schools close by. There are many great schools in the area. Atlanta Public Schools system offers numerous high-quality education options that give parents peace of mind regarding the education of their kids. There are several institutions within driving distance of each other, such as Georgia State University and Emory University that offer many degrees.

All in all, Hills Park is an ideal area to reside in Atlanta due to its easy area, beautiful homes, and great amenities. With the ease of accessibility of the public transit system, park, and other attractions and top schools in the area the neighborhood has everything for every person. If you’re a young professional or have an increasing family of your own, Hills Park is the ideal place to live in the Atlanta region.