Hanover West Atlanta Georgia

Hanover West Atlanta is located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, Georgia. It is bordered by Howell Mill Road on the north, I-75 on the east, Defoors Ferry Road to the south, and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive to the west. The neighborhood itself consists of mostly single family homes with a few condominiums and townhouses. The area is also home to several parks, schools, restaurants, and shopping centers which makes it an ideal place for families to live or visit. Hanover West Atlanta is just minutes away from downtown where one can find numerous entertainment venues as well as recreational activities such as biking trails and golf courses. Additionally, residents have easy access to public transportation via MARTA trains that run through the area. Living in Hanover West Atlanta puts one close to all the conveniences of a big city yet still allows residents to enjoy a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere provided by its suburban setting.


Hanover West Atlanta Georgia History

The Hanover West neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia has a rich and vibrant history that dates back centuries. Located between the Buford Highway corridor and I-85 and bounded by Howell Mill Road to the west, it is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. Its roots date back to the early 1800s when settlers from Germany arrived to establish their homesteads. Throughout its long and varied history, the Hanover West area has been shaped by many different cultures, from German immigrants to African Americans who moved into the area during Reconstruction.

Hanover West Atlanta Georgia Today

Today, Hanover West is known for its diverse population, historical homes, and tree-lined streets that are lined with traditional southern architecture including clapboard houses, craftsman bungalows, and Queen Anne-style homes. Despite its age, the neighborhood has seen a revitalization over the past decade as young professionals have moved into the area. Businesses such as restaurants and cafes have opened up in recent years, giving a boost to Hanover West’s commercial appeal.

Hanover West also boasts some of Atlanta’s best parks and recreation centers such as Morningside Park and Magnolia Park. The neighborhood hosts community events throughout the year like farmer’s markets, concerts in the park, art shows, holiday celebrations, and more. Residents are proud to call this part of Atlanta home due to its historical significance and close proximity to downtown Atlanta.


Cost Of Living

Hanover West is a vibrant and growing neighborhood in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. The area is known for its modern amenities, excellent schools, great restaurants, and deep cultural roots. As with any major city, however, living in Hanover West comes with higher costs than in many other parts of Georgia or the United States. From housing prices to food costs to taxes and more, it’s important to be aware of the potential financial burden when considering a move to Hanover West. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to save money while maintaining an enjoyable quality of life in this urban paradise. With careful budgeting and smart planning, you can make Hanover West your home without breaking the bank!

Housing and Utilities

The Hanover West neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia is a great place to find affordable and high-quality housing. According to rentcafe.com, the average rent in Hanover West is $1,465 a month, which is lower than the median rent in Atlanta ($1,745). Additionally, utilities such as water, electricity, and gas are all reasonably priced in this area with an average monthly cost of around $150.

General Goods & Services

Grocery prices in Hanover West are slightly higher than the national average but still reasonable. For example, a gallon of milk will cost about $3.79 whereas bread will come out to around $2.39 for a loaf.


Transportation costs in Hanover West are lower than the national average, with a one-way bus ticket costing $2.50. Additionally, taxi fares from Hanover West to downtown Atlanta range from around $25-30 depending on the time of day and distance traveled.


Local Economy

Hanover West is a vibrant and bustling community located in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. The local economy of Hanover West has been booming with new businesses, residential development, and entertainment opportunities popping up throughout the area. With its close proximity to downtown Atlanta, residents of Hanover West have access to some of the best dining and shopping options in the city. Along with these amenities are several thriving small businesses offering goods and services ranging from auto repair shops to pet groomers. The local economy of Hanover West is also bolstered by numerous attractions such as parks and recreation centers that draw people from all over to indulge in outdoor activities or take part in special events.

Job Opportunities

Hanover West is a thriving area in the Atlanta metropolitan region, with an abundance of jobs available. Major employers include high-tech companies such as AT&T, Sprint, and Microsoft. A wide variety of other industries also employ residents of Hanover West, including finance, retail, food services, and manufacturing. Additionally, government agencies such as Georgia State University, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Georgia Institute of Technology are headquartered nearby.

Household Income

The median household income in Hanover West is estimated to be around $58,000 per year according to the latest US census data. This number is slightly lower than that of the city of Atlanta’s average ($63,000), but it is still higher than the national average. Additionally, the median home value in Hanover West is significantly higher than that of Atlanta as a whole, with homes in this community averaging around $360,000.

Local Investments

The local economy of Hanover West has been positively impacted by several major investments over the years. In 2014, Microsoft opened a new development center in nearby Decatur, Georgia which provided hundreds of jobs to the area and an influx of capital into the local economy. Similarly, Amazon recently announced plans to open two large data centers in nearby Lithonia and Stone Mountain which will bring further investment and job opportunities to the area.


Transportation Options For The Commute

Hanover West is an iconic neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. With its easy access to major highways, it’s a great place to call home for anyone looking for convenience and quick commutes. The area boasts ample public transportation options with bus routes that traverse the neighborhood and you can even take MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) downtown or anywhere else in the city. For those who prefer to drive, there are a number of interstates located nearby including I-75, I-85, and I-20 so getting around town will never be a problem. Hanover West has something for everyone whether you want to hop on public transport or cruise around town in your own vehicle. No matter how you choose to get around Hanover West, you’ll find it’s an easy and convenient place to call home.



Taxis in Hanover West are a convenient way of getting around the city. There are several companies that provide taxi services in the area, including Uber and Lyft as well as traditional cab companies. Taxis are available 24/7, so they can be used any time you need to get somewhere quickly. The cost of taxis varies depending on where you’re going but generally ranges between $10 – $15 for a short trip.


Public Transportation

Public transportation is another viable option for getting around Hanover West in Atlanta, Georgia. MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) provides bus and train service throughout the area at an affordable price. Fares vary depending on the route taken and usually range from $2 – $6 one way. Buses run frequently throughout the day and are a great way to get around if you’re on a budget.



Cars are, of course, another option for getting around Hanover West in Atlanta, Georgia. There are plenty of car rental companies located near the area that provide rentals at competitive prices. In addition, there’s also plenty of free street parking available depending on the time of day or night. Cars can be a convenient way to explore the city and its surrounding suburbs.



Finally, bicycles are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative form of transportation in Hanover West. With increasing bike lanes being added all over the city, it’s easier than ever before to safely ride your bicycle around town. Bicycle rental companies such as Lime and Jump offer electric bikes at affordable prices, making it easier to explore the city. Riding a bike is also a great way to get some exercise while exploring the city.


Average Annual Weather

Hanover West in Atlanta, Georgia is an area that enjoys mild temperatures throughout the year. With its subtropical climate, residents and visitors alike can often enjoy pleasant weather with warm summers and mild winters. The area receives plenty of sunshine throughout the year, making it a great place for outdoor activities all year round. Precipitation levels vary depending on the season but typically remain relatively low compared to other areas of the country. In general, Hanover West maintains comfortable conditions throughout the year due to its unique geographical position within Georgia’s landscape. Additionally, there are occasional cold fronts that bring cooler temperatures during the winter months as well as occasional heat waves during the summertime.



Summer in Hanover West, Atlanta is hot and humid. Temperatures typically range from the low 80s to the mid-90s during this season, with occasional days reaching even higher. Summer nights are usually pleasant, although they can be quite muggy due to increased humidity levels. Rainfall is common during summer months but tends to be light and sporadic. It’s a good idea to bring a raincoat or umbrella if you plan on spending time outdoors during this season.



Fall in Hanover West is milder than summer but still quite warm. Temperatures typically range from the mid-60s to the high 70s throughout the season and rainfall tends to be more frequent compared to summer months. Fall brings beautiful foliage and cooler temperatures that make this time of year perfect for outdoor activities.



Winter in Hanover West is fairly mild, with temperatures generally ranging from the mid-30s to the low 50s. Snowfall is not common and usually occurs only a few days each season. While snow can be beautiful, it’s something you won’t see in Hanover West very often. Rainfall is more frequent during winter months, so make sure to bring an umbrella or raincoat if you plan on spending time outdoors.



Spring in Hanover West brings warmer weather and increased rainfall throughout the season. Temperatures typically range from the high 40s to the low 70s, making it ideal for outdoor activities like hiking and biking along local trails. The blooming plants and trees also make this season particularly beautiful, so grab your camera and take in the sights.


Local Tip

No matter what season you visit Hanover West, Atlanta, make sure to bring a light jacket or sweater since temperatures can drop quickly during the evening hours. This is especially true during winter months where chilly temperatures can linger late into the night. You’ll also want to pack rain gear and sunscreen if you plan on spending time outdoors. With its mild climate, Hanover West is an ideal destination for visitors looking for a break from the heat of summer or the chill of winter.


Education System of Hanover West 

Hanover West in Atlanta, Georgia is a school district that offers an array of quality educational opportunities for students ranging from early childhood through high school. The district focuses on providing a rigorous and engaging curriculum designed to foster student growth and preparation for post-secondary success. The Hanover West School System emphasizes the importance of active learning through problem-solving and collaboration while utilizing modern technology to help enhance the learning experience. With numerous honors programs, Advanced Placement classes, career pathways, and extracurricular activities such as robotics and STEM clubs, students are able to explore their interests beyond the classroom walls. Additionally, the district provides support services such as counseling, mental health resources, and social-emotional learning.

Public Schools

The public school system in Hanover West is managed by the Atlanta-Fulton County Board of Education. There are numerous elementary, middle, and high schools located throughout the community providing a comprehensive education to students from PreK through 12th grade. All of these schools receive funding from the state and federal government ensuring quality curricula, teachers, and facilities.

Charter Schools

A growing number of charter schools have opened in recent years offering families an alternative option to public schooling. Some of these institutions focus on a particular educational methodology such as Montessori or STEM while others offer specialized language instruction or focus on the arts or technology. These schools are typically funded through private donations, grants, and lottery funds with some receiving additional assistance from local businesses.

Private Schools

Numerous private schools are also available to families living in Hanover West. These independent institutions offer a wide range of educational programs, from the classics to the latest technological advancements. Many of these schools have well-educated teachers, small class sizes, and stellar facilities, all designed to provide an optimal learning experience for their students.

Religious Schools

For those seeking spiritual education alongside academic excellence, religious schools in Hanover West provide an ideal solution. These institutions follow a particular faith-based philosophy while also delivering a rigorous curriculum. In many cases, these schools combine traditional methods with innovative approaches to create an environment that is both stimulating and nurturing for students of all backgrounds and beliefs.


Some families choose to homeschool in Hanover West. Georgia allows parents to provide their own educational curriculum for their children and receive assistance from the state if needed. Parents must submit a letter of intent, instructional plan, and periodic assessments of their child’s progress in order to remain compliant with local laws.


Hanover West Local Government and Infrastructure

Hanover West is a suburb located in Atlanta, Georgia, known for its sprawling parks and affluent neighborhoods. The infrastructure of Hanover West includes local government systems that manage the day-to-day operations of the community. The City Council of Hanover West meets regularly to discuss topics related to city services like sanitation, public safety, street repair, and water distribution. Additionally, there are other elected offices such as the mayor’s office and the school board which govern their respective areas. The police department is responsible for maintaining law and order within the city limits while fire departments provide emergency medical care and protection from fire hazards. Residents also have access to various local parks, libraries, churches, and recreational facilities.


The Hanover West area of Atlanta is served by the Atlanta Police Department, which is divided into six zones. Zone 6 covers the neighborhoods of Hanover West. The department’s mission is to serve and protect its citizens with integrity, professionalism, and respect. It employs close to 2,000 police officers and provides 24-hour service on the streets and within its precincts.

Fire Department

The Atlanta Fire Rescue Department (AFRD) serves the area of Hanover West in Atlanta with one station located at 1241 Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard SW. AFRD has over 1,100 firefighters providing fire protection services for residents as well as emergency medical response services for those in need.


All residents of Hanover West are served by the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System. The closest library is located at 990 Maynard Terrace SE, approximately 2 miles away from Hanover West. This library provides access to books and other materials, as well as public computers and internet access, study rooms, meeting spaces, and more.


There are numerous educational institutions within Hanover West or in its surrounding area. Primary and secondary schools include Kipp Vision Academy, which offers a college preparatory curriculum to students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade; Carver Early College High School; and John Hope Elementary School. Additionally, several post-secondary universities can be found nearby such as Georgia State University, Emory University, and Morehouse College.

Public Services

In Hanover West, public services are provided by the City of Atlanta as well as local non-profits and churches. These include sanitation services, parks and recreation centers, transportation, senior citizen centers, and other community resources. Additionally, there are a variety of programs that provide healthcare access to those in need or promote economic development in the area.


Things To Do

Hanover West in Atlanta, Georgia is the perfect place for a family vacation. From its vibrant nightlife to its historical attractions, there’s something for everyone! The area has plenty of great shopping and dining options, making it easy to find activities that will keep the whole family entertained. Not to mention, Hanover West is close to many of Atlanta’s top destinations including Centennial Olympic Park and the World of Coca-Cola. Plus, with affordable accommodations and convenient transportation available, your stay here is sure to be both comfortable and enjoyable! So why wait? Get ready for an amazing trip at Hanover West, where fun awaits you and your family!


Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area: Located just 10 miles from downtown Atlanta, the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area is a great place for outdoor activities. From swimming and fishing to kayaking and canoeing, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of this area. With over 50 miles of trails along the river, it’s perfect for a day hike or bike ride.

Centennial Olympic Park: This 22-acre park was used during the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. Today, you can explore the interactive fountains and splash pads, take a walk around the largest collection of public art in Georgia, or attend one of their many festivals and concerts throughout the year.

Atlanta Botanical Garden: Located within the city limits, this 30-acre botanical garden is a great place for outdoor exploration. With an edible garden, a nature walk and trails, and plenty of scenic views, it’s perfect for a peaceful day in nature.

Stone Mountain Park: Situated about 20 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta, Stone Mountain Park offers year-round outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and golfing. You can also take part in their popular laser show or explore the antique trains on display at their museum.


Fox Theatre: Dating back to 1929, the Fox Theatre has become one of the most iconic landmarks in Atlanta. You can take in one of the many shows, films, or concerts this theatre host throughout the year.

College Football Hall of Fame: If you’re a football fan, you won’t want to miss out on visiting this sports museum. Featuring interactive displays and artifacts from college football teams around the nation, it’s an exciting place for fans of all ages.

Fernbank Museum of Natural History: Located right next to Emory University, this museum houses a variety of permanent exhibits that showcase natural history around the world. From dinosaurs and fossils to live animals and interactive displays, it’s perfect for a day indoors exploring nature.

World of Coca-Cola: This popular attraction covers more than 120 years of Coca-Cola’s history. From vintage bottles to classic commercials, you can explore the evolution of this iconic brand. Visitors also have the chance to sample some of their products from around the world.

Restaurants in Hanover West 

Hanover West in Atlanta, Georgia is a vibrant restaurant scene that offers some of the best flavors and experiences in the city. Whether you’re looking for high-end cuisine or a casual bite to eat, Hanover West has something to offer. From classic American fare to international dishes, unique culinary creations, and more, these restaurants are sure to satisfy your cravings. Explore tempting eateries featuring inventive menus, eclectic atmospheres, and friendly service, all within walking distance of each other. Experience why Hanover West is quickly becoming known as one of Atlanta’s most exciting dining destinations. So come on over and discover all that Hanover West has to offer!


Cross Creek Cafe

Cross Creek Cafe is a casual, family-friendly restaurant located in Hanover West, Atlanta, Georgia. This small cafe offers fresh and delicious American cuisine with a Southern twist. The menu includes classics such as burgers, salads, and sandwiches but also features more unique dishes like catfish ‘n’ chips and chicken fried steak. Cross Creek Cafe also serves breakfast all day long.


Westside Pizzeria + Bar

Westside Pizzeria + Bar is a popular hangout spot for locals in Hanover West. It’s known for its wide selection of pizza and craft beer options. The pizzas are made from scratch daily with fresh ingredients like locally sourced mozzarella cheese, homemade sauces, and artisanal crusts that come in both thin and thick crust varieties. The bar serves craft beers and cocktails, plus there’s a full lunch and dinner menu including pasta, salads, and sandwiches.


Ted’s Montana Grill

Ted’s Montana Grill is a popular chain restaurant located in Hanover West. The menu features classic American cuisine with an emphasis on bison dishes, such as burgers and steaks. They also serve fresh salads, sandwiches, soups, and sides that are made from scratch daily. Ted’s pride itself on using sustainable methods of sourcing its ingredients, including working with local farmers to create signature dishes like their signature bison chili.



Hanover West is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood located on the west side of Atlanta, Georgia. Home to wonderful parks and recreation facilities, Hanover West is an ideal destination for residents and visitors alike who are looking to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re looking to take a leisurely stroll through one of the neighborhood’s serene parks or participate in organized activities such as softball games or tennis matches, there is something for everyone in Hanover West. From expansive green spaces with playgrounds perfect for kids to picturesque trails offering breathtaking views of downtown Atlanta, discover why Hanover West is the premier spot for outdoor recreation in Atlanta!


Hanover West Greenspace

Hanover West Greenspace offers plenty of outdoor activities and amenities for visitors to enjoy. Located in the heart of the city, this beautifully landscaped park features a variety of green grassy areas, picnic tables, benches, walking paths, an observation deck with a great view of downtown Atlanta, as well as a playground for children.


Standing Peachtree Park

Standing Peachtree Park is one of Atlanta’s most popular parks thanks to its prime location near major highways and attractions. Visitors have access to several sports fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, and even a disc golf course. Additionally, there are outdoor pavilions and grills available so that visitors can enjoy a picnic lunch or dinner while taking in the views of downtown.


Beaverbrook Park

Beaverbrook Park is an oasis of tranquility tucked away in the city. The park features a peaceful lake, walking trails, picnic areas, and plenty of trees and plants to admire. Visitors can also take advantage of several outdoor activities such as fishing, kayaking, or canoeing on the lake. Additionally, the park has two playgrounds for children with swings and slides for them to enjoy.


Sara J. Gonzalez Memorial Park

Sara J. Gonzalez Memorial Park provides a unique outdoor experience for visitors thanks to its expansive open spaces and picturesque grounds. This park includes a tranquil pond, winding paths with benches along them, as well as plenty of lush greenery. The park also has a playground area for children, and visitors can take advantage of the large picnic areas to enjoy an outdoor lunch or dinner.


Is Hanover West Safe To Live In

Hanover West in Atlanta, Georgia is a safe place to live. The neighborhood has an active Neighborhood Watch program, and local police and firefighters patrol the area regularly. Crime rates are low and property values have remained steady over the years. The community also offers many amenities that make it attractive to families and individuals seeking a comfortable and secure lifestyle.

The neighborhood is close-knit with neighbors looking out for one another. Residents can rely on each other to help resolve any issues or concerns they may have quickly and effectively, providing an added layer of security. There is plenty of shopping nearby as well as several parks and recreational areas within walking distance. Public transportation is easily accessible, making it easy to get around town without having to own a car.

The local schools are highly rated and provide a quality education for students. The community is also home to several churches, libraries, and other places of worship where people can gather and connect with their spiritual side. Overall, Hanover West in Atlanta, Georgia is a great place to live with plenty of amenities and safety features that make it an attractive choice for individuals and families looking for a safe home.


Why Should I Live Here

Hanover West is an amazing place to live in the bustling city of Atlanta. Located near Emory University, Hanover West provides easy access to some of the finest educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities that Atlanta has to offer.

The area boasts a friendly and diverse mix of people from all walks of life; young professionals, families with children, and longtime residents create a vibrant community that offers many amenities for its residents. With excellent public transportation options such as MARTA buses and trains, getting around town is a breeze. In addition, there are plenty of shopping centers nearby offering everything from groceries to apparel. For those looking for green spaces to relax in the great outdoors, there’s Centennial Olympic Park just steps away.

Hanover West puts residents within walking distance of one of Atlanta’s most popular neighborhoods, Little Five Points. Home to an array of locally-owned restaurants, bars, and stores, Little Five Points is the perfect place to explore unique eateries, catch a show at the Variety Playhouse or wander through the streets while searching for antique treasures.

The neighborhood also offers a variety of housing options with something to fit almost any budget; from luxury apartments and townhouses to spacious single family homes. No matter where you choose to live in Hanover West, you can expect excellent safety courtesy of dedicated police officers that patrol the area on a regular basis.