Cabbagetown Atlanta Georgia

Cabbagetown Atlanta Georgia situated in the southeast part of downtown Atlanta located just off Interstate 20. It is located to the east of Grant Park and Ormewood Park and to the south of Reynoldstown along with Edgewood. The northern border of Cabbagetown is Fulton Street, the southern boundary is Memorial Drive, the eastern boundary is Boulevard (the Buford Highway extension) and the west-west boundary lies on I-20. With its convenient accessibility to I-20, Cabbagetown has become more popular among commuters, who use it as an area for jogging or biking trail for easy trips around town.

The principal avenue that runs through Cabbagetown is Carroll Street which runs through the heart of the area. There are numerous bars, restaurants, and shops on Carroll Street. Carroll Street Station is a popular area for shopping with many small-scale enterprises. It is home to the Historic Fourth Ward Park is located to the south of Cabbagetown. It has pathways, fountains, and a wide open space for outdoor recreation.

Cabbagetown is also famous for its distinctive homes with a range of architectural styles like Victorian, Craftsman, and Tudor Revival. A lot of properties have recently been renovated, yet they still retain their distinctive appeal and character. The area has experienced an increase in young professionals in the last few years, who enjoy the ease of access to downtown Atlanta and the relaxed ambiance of this old-fashioned district. Cabbagetown is now among Atlanta’s top sought-after and sought-after areas. With its varied residents, easy access, and a wealth of amenities, Cabbagetown is an excellent location to live in.


Cabbagetown Atlanta Georgia History

Cabbagetown Atlanta Georgia among the oldest communities in Atlanta and is a long-standing, and rich background. It was founded at the time of 1864 by Irish immigrants. The area was named for its crop (namely cabbage) that the settlers planted on their tiny plots of land that were not part of the mill area.

In the beginning, Cabbagetown was home to families of the working class and was an important gateway for new immigrants who were arriving in Atlanta. As the industry evolved and poverty increased in the region, Cabbagetown’s residents shifted to predominantly African-Americans in search of affordable housing.

in the 70s Cabbagetown inhabitants began to embark on an exciting plan to revitalize their community and create a distinctive brand that would set them apart from other parts of Atlanta. They created “The Cabbagetown Revitalization Committee” which collaborated with local businesses and churches to raise funds for improvements in the area, including the renovation of old houses, construction of new parks, as well as the establishment of artworks for public use.

Cabbagetown Atlanta Georgia Today

In the present, Cabbagetown boasts beautiful tree-lined streets with brick houses that have been renovated as well as hip eateries and brewery establishments, a lively arts district, walking green spaces with lively murals, and the annual Cabbage Festival, which is held every year in the fall. Cabbagetown has grown popular with young artists and professionals but it has also maintained its distinctive mix of old-fashioned style and modern conveniences.

With its varied people, historical structures, diverse restaurants, and vibrant art scene, Cabbagetown Atlanta is an excellent area to live in or visit. It’s the perfect mix of culture, history, and advancement that makes it one of Atlanta’s most loved areas.


Cost Of Living

Cabbagetown is a small area that is walkable and located in Atlanta, Georgia. In the end, living in Cabbagetown is quite cost-effective if you budget your budget carefully. When you combine the costs of electricity, housing transport, food, and groceries you could expect to pay about $2,000 to $3000 per month for an affordable lifestyle.


The typical cost for an apartment within the neighborhood is approximately $1500 per month. But, the cost can be different according to how big the unit is and the location of the city center or other tourist attractions. There are also single-family houses available for rental or purchase in this area.


Cabbagetown can be reached by various transport options that make it simple to travel to and from the town. MARTA trains and buses run through the region and so do rideshare companies like Uber as well as Lyft. Taxi fare from Cabbagetown up to Downtown Atlanta starts at around $15 to $20 based on the conditions of the road. If you’d rather drive your own car The cost of gas in Atlanta is generally less expensive than the average for the nation.

General Goods & Services

Cabbagetown, Georgia Power is the largest service provider for electricity. Electric bills are contingent on your usage, however, you can expect to pay an average bill that is between $100-$150 per month.

There are a variety of supermarkets within walking distance from Cabbagetown and including Publix along with Kroger. Prices are reasonably priced with a typical cost of between $100 and $150 each week for people with a family of average size.


Local Economy

Cabbagetown Atlanta Georgia is a vibrant neighborhood situated in the middle of downtown Atlanta. Because of its connection to downtown Atlanta and its easy accessibility to public transport, it’s no wonder that the neighborhood has grown into an appealing option for parents and professionals alike.

Job Opportunities

The economics of Cabbagetown Atlanta is characterized by a wide range of employment opportunities in the area itself and in the nearby regions. Retail shops cafes, restaurants bars, boutiques, as well as art galleries. Alongside these services, there are also specialized professional services like legal counsel accounting firms as well as marketing and IT support businesses. A lot of residents find work in other industries that aren’t part of the local area.

Household Income

In terms of household income, Cabbagetown Atlanta offers an average of $50,000. This is slightly more than the state median and offers its residents an adequate standard of living.  In addition, there is substantial spending on public infrastructure such as street improvement including sidewalks, parks and sidewalks making the area more walkable as well as better access to amenities such as bike trails and outdoor recreational facilities.

Local Investment

The local investment market is also thriving at the moment in Cabbagetown Atlanta. There are many real estate developments in the pipeline that help enhance the neighborhood and draw new companies. Furthermore, there’s an enormous amount of money being invested in infrastructure for public use like a street improvement as well as parks, sidewalks and walkways. These investments benefit the residents and the visitors through the creation of more walkable neighborhoods and allowing access to amenities such as bicycle paths and outdoor recreation facilities.

Cabbagetown Atlanta is a fascinating area to live in due to its thriving economy, employment opportunities as well as household income levels, and investments made locally. Residents have the opportunity to experience the advantages of both worlds: the close access to the city of Atlanta and all the facilities, but also enjoy an exclusive neighborhood with an intimate atmosphere. With its thriving economy and constant investment in construction, Cabbagetown is an attractive area for both individuals and businesses alike.


Transportation Options For The Commute

Transportation in Atlanta is a vital element of the city’s infrastructure. It is a vital connection between residents and local businesses and places of business. The most popular modes of transportation in Atlanta include taxis as well as the public transport system (MARTA) automobiles and bicycles, walking, and others such as ride-sharing services.


Public Transportation

The transportation system of Cabbagetown Atlanta Georgia allows access to a range of destinations and activities in the area. It doesn’t matter if you take taxi cabs, MARTA buses or trains hire a car, or take advantage of any of the alternative transportation options it’s simple to move around! With so many options for moving around and getting around, you won’t need to think about how to take you from point A to point B.



Taxicabs are everywhere in Cabbagetown Atlanta, Georgia offering an easy method for travelers to travel to and from the city. Taxi cabs are available at train stations, airports buses, hotels, or on curbside stand-bys on the main streets. Taxi prices vary based on the distance traveled however most rides within Cabbagetown cost between $10 and $15 USD.



Additionally, there are alternatives to transportation within Cabbagetown Atlanta Georgia, including biking, walking, bike-sharing programs like Lime or Bird, ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft, and Segways when you’re feeling adventurous! Whatever you prefer there’s a method for moving around Cabbagetown that will meet your requirements.



Driving is also a viable alternative for exploring Cabbagetown, Georgia. A lot of streets are equipped with bicycle lanes, which makes it convenient to travel around on two wheels. Cars are readily available for hire through companies like Enterprise, Hertz, and National Car Rental. 


Average Annual Weather

If you’re going to Cabbagetown, Atlanta, Georgia during the winter months, ensure you bring plenty of clothes to keep dry and warm. Also, make sure you schedule your trips to take place during times it’s not raining or snowing for the most enjoyable experience!



The summertime at Cabbagetown Atlanta, Georgia generally humid and hot, temperatures can reach the upper 80s and 90s throughout the daytime. The nights are typically warm, but at the same time comfortable because of the city’s humid levels. It is possible to expect rain more frequently than not as an average is 6-8 inches per month during the season. 



The winter in Cabbagetown Atlanta Georgia is known to be wet and cold because of its proximity to oceans and mountains that can act as temperature regulators. Temperatures can range from the mid-30s to the low-50s during the day. Snowfall is likely to occur every month, which is usually 1 to 2 inches each month. 



The fall season is a great time to visit Cabbagetown Atlanta is typically dry and cool with temperatures ranging from the 60s to 70s throughout the daytime. The average rainfall is just one inch per month at this time.



The spring season in Cabbagetown Atlanta Georgia is known to be drier and milder in comparison to the summer months, and temperatures that range between the 50s and 70s in the daytime. The average rainfall is around 4 to 5 inches per month during this time of year as well. 


Local Tip

During the summer times, it’s crucial to exercise caution outside as heat exhaustion may be a problem rapidly. Be sure to drink plenty of water as well as wear lightweight clothing and stop frequently when necessary! 


Education System of Cabbagetown Atlanta Georgia

Cabbagetown Atlanta Georgia offers numerous educational options, including private, charter, public and religious schools, and home-schooling. Parents can select the ideal educational atmosphere for their children, based on their own preferences, needs, and goals. Through a wide range of choices, Cabbagetown Atlanta Georgia ensures that students receive a high-quality education that can prepare students for success in the future.

Public Schools

Cabbagetown Atlanta Georgia a part of the Fulton County School System, which serves around 92,000 students across its many elementary schools. The schools are split into three categories: elementary (K-5) and intermediate (6-8) and high (9-12). The public schools all offer an extensive curriculum that is designed to meet the standards set by the state for student performance. Additionally, there are special programs like gifted & Talented, ESOL/ESL classes, and Special Education are offered to students who meet the requirements.

Charter Schools

The number of charter schools has risen in recent times within Cabbagetown Atlanta. Charter schools are publicly funded however they are independently run schools that operate with greater levels of autonomy than conventional public schools. Fulton County School System Fulton County School System authorizes and supervises the operation of several charter schools across the county, and provides opportunities for education for students.

Private Schools

Cabbagetown Atlanta, Georgia has a range of private schools that offer quality education in a variety of environments. Private schools have smaller classes and more individualized instruction and also specialized classes in subjects like music, drama, and art. The cost of tuition at private schools is largely according to the kind and size of the school. It could include fees for school supplies, uniforms, and other necessities related to attending the school.

Religious Schools

Many religious-based institutions are available to Cabbagetown Atlanta Georgia’s varied population. They usually emphasize beliefs and religious principles in their curriculum. They provide a solid moral foundation for the student’s education.


Certain families prefer to teach their children at their homes. Students who are home-schooled in Cabbagetown Atlanta, Georgia are required to comply with the state’s educational standards, however, they can customize lessons to meet the unique requirements of their children. Parents are required to submit an annual notice of intention to their home school that defines the program of study for every academic year. It is the Fulton County Board of Education provides support and resources for its students who are homeschooled through its academy virtual program.


Cabbagetown Atlanta Georgia Local Government and Infrastructure

The local administration in Cabbagetown, Atlanta Georgia is managed by the City of Atlanta. The city offers services like police protection and sanitation, fire protection as well as health care to the residents. Atlanta is the one that provides the infrastructure and services that are required to help the residents and community within Cabbagetown, Atlanta Georgia. From police to schools, libraries, and parks. There is something for everyone in the area. The local government strives to ensure that every citizen in the region has access to the resources they require to lead healthy and happy lives.


Law Enforcement in Cabbagetown is offered with the help of The Atlanta Police Department (APD). The department has more than 2,000 officers who are in the area and respond to a range of requests for assistance. They also collaborate closely with the community to guarantee the safety of citizens and decrease criminal activity.

Fire Department

Protection from fire in Cabbagetown is offered through The Atlanta Fire Rescue Department (AFRD). The department is comprised of 9 fire stations that have state-of-the-art equipment and are staffed by highly-trained personnel. AFRD is able to respond to a wide range of emergencies, including medical emergencies, structure fires, and hazardous material incidents.


The Atlanta Public School District and the Dekalb County School District. The APS district comprises six elementary schools, 16 middle schools, and four high schools that are within its boundaries. Meanwhile, the DCSD includes 10 elementary/middle schools and three high schools that serve the local community.


The residents of Cabbagetown can access a variety of local libraries that fall within the city limits. This includes a section that is part of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System, which provides resources such as DVDs, magazines, books, and many other forms of media. The library also hosts special events, such as book clubs, and story times for children.

Public Services

The public services offered provided in Cabbagetown include public transportation, parks, and recreation centers. It is also served by a variety of transportation networks, such as MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority), Cobb Community Transit, and Gwinnett County Transit. They offer rail, bus, and other forms of transportation to various areas within the city. In addition, there are numerous parks and recreation centers in the area that offer free or low-cost activities for both adults and children.

Alongside those services, Cabbagetown provides an array of other resources, like homeless shelters, food pantries, job education programs, and help in finding housing. Numerous non-profit organizations are active within the area, offering assistance with a range of issues.


Things To Do

Cabbagetown is close to many major tourist attractions like Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium, Centennial Olympic Park, World of Coca-Cola, Zoo Atlanta, and the Fox Theatre. There are plenty of restaurants, boutique stores, and art galleries to visit.


1. Go to visit the Center for Puppetry Arts, one of the biggest puppet theatres in the world, and is home to the Jim Henson Collection. Visitors can explore the museum and watch shows by puppeteers from all over the globe.

2. Go to the movies and watch a film at The Plaza Theatre, an independent cinema that presents an array of diverse films, including classics from the past as well as independent films, as well as international popular films.

3. Visit the Krog Street Market for some shopping. The market is indoor and has an array of artisans offering everything from jewelry to clothes and furniture items crafted locally by artisans.

4. Get a taste of culture by making an excursion to the Cabbagetown Chomp and Stomp Music Festival which is held every year in the autumn at Cabbagetown Park. The festival is a celebration of bluegrass and folk music along with local food and crafts vendors.


1. Explore the Oakland Cemetery – the final burial site of Atlanta’s most famous residents, including Scarlett O’Hara author Margaret Mitchell and golfer Bobby Jones – as you look around the hidden mausoleums, gardens, monuments, and sculptures.

2. Take a picnic in Cabbagetown Park or chill with your pals on its vast grassy lawns and enjoy the view of Atlanta’s downtown skyline.

3. Rent a bike at an in-town shop like Intown Bicycles to explore the neighborhood’s gorgeous tree-lined streets and historic buildings.

4. Enjoy the day at Freedom Park, with its seven miles of paved biking and walking trails as well as playgrounds, sports fields, and lakes. Park’s lush, green areas are ideal for picnics or a day of relaxation.

5. Enjoy a show in The Park Tavern located along Freedom Parkway. The popular spot features live music by local bands, as well as DJs spinning the latest songs in their beer garden outside.

6. Visit Little 5 Points for some unique shopping experiences, including old-fashioned shops, art galleries, and record stores – as well as unique restaurants that offer all kinds of southern food from traditional to Italian food made from local ingredients.


Restaurants In Cabbagetown Atlanta Georgia

Cabbagetown Atlanta is the home of three wonderful restaurants that serve a wide variety of cuisines. Whatever type of food you’re looking for, Cabbagetown has something to satisfy your cravings! From traditional Southern comfort food to seafood-based dishes to gourmet American food There’s something for all tastes here. So, go on and explore the wonderful restaurants that are located in this charming area!


The BQE Restaurant & Lounge

The BQE Restaurant & Lounge serves southern-style comfort food prepared with fresh ingredients. The menu features waffles and chicken fried as well as brisket sliders. They also serve the gouda-based mac and cheese pimento cheese dip along with blackberry cobbler. They also offer a complete bar menu with local craft beer available on the tap.


Esco Seafood

The other alternative for eating within Cabbagetown includes Esco Seafood. The restaurant is casual and serves seafood delights including hush puppies and fish tacos and mussels Diablo oysters and fish, Rockefeller, and many more. They also serve cocktails that are signature and a wide variety of wines.


American Deli

Thirdly, the final choice in Cabbagetown is American Deli. The restaurant is known for its fine dining and specializes in modern American food with a particular focus on seasonal and local ingredients. The menu includes items such as shrimp and grits as well as short rib beef ravioli and tenderloin of pork beet salad and many more. They also have a huge selection of craft beers and cocktails, as well as an extensive wine menu.



Each of the places located in Cabbagetown Atlanta Georgia has something special, providing visitors with lots of activities regardless of what their interests might be. No matter if you’re seeking exercise in the outdoors or simply want to unwind in the natural surroundings, there’s bound there’s something for anyone. So the next time you’re located in Cabbagetown Atlanta GA, you should take the time to explore the many parks that these local parks offer!


Cabbagetown Park

Cabbagetown Park is considered to be the biggest park within Cabbagetown, Atlanta Georgia. It spans a vast nine acres and offers various activities ranging from walking trails, tennis courts, and walking courts. The main feature of the park is a water wheel from the past which adds a unique element to the landscape. The playground also provides lots of entertainment for youngsters, and the benches are perfect for relaxing picnics with the family or for a picnic. In summer, Cabbagetown Park hosts live entertainment and movies in the evenings.


Esther Peachy Lefevre Park

Esther Peachy Lefevre Park is another popular place to visit within Cabbagetown, Atlanta Georgia. The park’s vast green space gives ample space for outdoor activities like cycling, jogging, and playing on the numerous courts and sports fields. The amphitheater in the outdoor area is open for performances as well as many paths to discover. Furthermore, Adair Park boasts a huge pavilion that is the perfect location for family reunions or celebrations.


Glenwood Park

Glenwood Park is another park located in Cabbagetown in which you can spend your time in peace. The park offers an array of activities to choose from, such as playing fields, walking trails as well as picnic tables, basketball courts, and many more. The park’s location close to Chattahoochee River is a great spot for those who want to enjoy amazing views while taking in the natural beauty.


Grant Park

The green oasis is bustling and has an array of activities for all ages including tennis courts, trails for walking, and even playgrounds for youngsters. There are also many trees and plants throughout the park, adding to the beauty. Parks also host a number of annual festivals such as The Grant Park Summer Shade Festival.


Is Cabbagetown Safe To Live In

Cabbagetown is located in Atlanta, Georgia is a well-lit and safe neighborhood to live in. The neighborhood is filled with a myriad of restaurants, shops and bars, and art galleries, as well as parks. The majority of residents are warm and friendly, and the neighborhood has an incredibly solid sense of belonging. The rates of crime in Cabbagetown are not as high as the majority of the city, and there is no criminal gang activity. In addition, the presence of police in this region is significant, making it more secure for residents.

Streets in Cabbagetown include historical brick homes that were well-maintained through their proprietors or tenant. There’s ample green space throughout the neighborhood, offering plenty of possibilities for outdoor activities, such as running, biking, and walking. Furthermore, the community center offers a range of activities designed to help residents be active and active.

Cabbagetown is also regarded as one of Atlanta’s walkable neighborhoods because of its proximity to downtown as well as other areas that are popular. It is awash with eateries caf├ęs, shops, and parks within walking distance to any spot within the neighborhood. It also offers an exciting nightlife scene with numerous bars, clubs, and Live music clubs for those who wish to discover the nightlife.

Overall Cabbagetown is a wonderful area to live in If you’re searching for an exciting and safe community with plenty of activities and things to do in your spare time. If you follow the basic safety guidelines You’ll feel secure and at ease living in this part of Atlanta.

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs has recognized Cabbagetown located in Atlanta as a City and Neighborhoods Safe Place (CNSP) for making it one of the most secure communities in Georgia. The CNSP is an award that identifies communities or neighborhoods as having a commitment to creating a safe environment that is safe from violence and crime. The designation signifies Cabbagetown’s dedication to offering its residents security and safety to be at home.

In the end Living on the streets of Cabbagetown, Atlanta, Georgia is generally secure. The streets are always supervised by police officers, who quickly respond to any report of suspicious activities. The neighborhood is also populated with welcoming and warm people and the sense of community here is very strong. Additionally, there are a lot of facilities that are available for residents to take advantage of such as parks, shopping restaurants, and clubs. These all make Cabbagetown the perfect location to reside in Atlanta!


Why Should I Live Here

Cabbagetown Atlanta, Georgia is a bustling neighborhood that lies in the heart of the city of Atlanta. It is a thriving neighborhood with beautiful homes and structures that were built around 1900 and are well-maintained. It is close to many major tourist attractions like Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium, Centennial Olympic Park, World of Coca-Cola, Zoo Atlanta, and the Fox Theatre. There are plenty of restaurants, boutique stores, and art galleries to visit.

Its streets in Cabbagetown are filled with lush greenery and trees which gives it an old-fashioned style that makes it stand apart from other areas within the cities. The vibe is laid-back but lively – ideal for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of having to leave the city.

Living in Cabbagetown provides a unique experience that’s difficult to find in other places. The city is full of diverse individuals, from young professionals and college students to retirees and families. You’ll find everything from cozy cafes to vibrant nightlife venues and more – all within a few steps from your door. Additionally, with great public transportation options, and quick access to work options (including Georgia State University) is no wonder why there are so many people who decide to settle in Georgia.

Another benefit of the area of Cabbagetown is it’s located close to the action, but still far enough from the hustle and bustle. If you’re looking to unwind in one of the parks or discover all that downtown Atlanta offers, Cabbagetown is the perfect location to live in.

If you’re searching for an exciting and unique neighborhood right in the middle of downtown Atlanta Look for no other place than Cabbagetown. With its old-fashioned buildings, cosy atmosphere, as well as easy accessibility to the most popular things to do, it’s not hard to see why so many choose to settle in this area. Visit this charming neighborhood for yourself. You won’t regret it!