Buckhead Forest Atlanta Georgia

Buckhead Forest Atlanta Georgia is located in the north-central region of Atlanta north-central region. It is located between Peachtree Street as well as Piedmont Road, with Lenox Road to its east and Northside Drive to its west. The neighborhood is only a few miles away from downtown Atlanta and is well-connected to major roads, including Interstate 75, I-85, GA 400, and US 19/23. Buckhead Forest is close to stores, restaurants and entertainment venues, parks, and schools. There are many other facilities within reach, including a branch of the library as well as local supermarket banks, post offices, and banks. Furthermore, Buckhead Forest has conveniently located close to Emory University Medical Center as well as Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite Hospital.

This makes it a great area for families who require access to top medical services. Because the area is surrounded by wealthy residential areas there is a wealth of luxury shopping and dining opportunities along Peachtree Street. There is also the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Piedmont Park as well as Chastain Memorial Park are all within walking distance of Buckhead Forest as well. Thanks to its easy area and superb facilities, Buckhead Forest is a very popular spot to reside in Atlanta.

The area is close enough to downtown for easy access to all of the tourist things to do, but it is located far enough away from the city that residents can take in the tranquil suburban environment. Buckhead Forest is an ideal option for people seeking for a quiet and secure home in Atlanta.


Buckhead Forest History

Buckhead Forest is a neighborhood located in the northern region of Atlanta, Georgia. This area was in existence for over 200 years and its first residents were Native Americans who hunted and collected in the region. A person known as Charles T. Walker purchased the land and established what is now known as Walker’s Plantation, which is located near the place where Buckhead Village currently stands today.

The plantation was a major producer of cotton as well as other crops, until when the Civil War brought it to the brink of a halt. After that, the plantation made its way to smaller farms, mostly dedicated to the raising of cattle and horses. In 1895 the farms were replaced by more substantial residential developments, such as Buckhead Forest, a high-end residential community that was built in 1895 by Robert E. Lee Walker who was the grandson of Charles T. Walker.

Buckhead Forest neighborhood has seen numerous changes over its lengthy history. In the 1950s and the 1960s, it was a favorite place for celebrities looking to get away from their hectic Hollywood lives. In recent years, however, Buckhead Forest has evolved into an extremely wealthy residential area that is regarded as one of Atlanta’s most sought-after communities. In the present, Buckhead Forest is home to a variety of luxurious homes, stunning parks, and streets lined with trees. It also houses many of Atlanta’s top stores and restaurants as well as a top-rated school such as North Atlanta High School and Sutton Middle School.

Despite its proximity to the city of Atlanta, Buckhead Forest still retains its rural, secluded appearance. With its lush greenery and winding roads, It’s difficult to forget that you’re only a few minutes away from the bustle and hustle of Atlanta’s city. It is a popular place for young professionals looking for an oasis to live in and for families who enjoy the tranquility as well as the convenience of Buckhead Forest.

Buckhead Forest Today

In the present, Buckhead Forest remains one of Atlanta’s most sought-after neighborhoods. The combination of luxurious houses, excellent schools, parks, and restaurants makes it an ideal location to live in. If you’re searching for permanent housing or simply a getaway for a weekend, Buckhead Forest has something for all.


Cost of Living

The cost of living within Buckhead Forest, a neighborhood located in Atlanta Georgia, varies depending on the person’s lifestyle and requirements. However, in general, housing is the biggest cost. 


The median cost for an apartment within Buckhead Forest is $450,000. In addition, electric bills per month are typically between $50 and $100, while food costs could range from $200-$400 a month. 


In terms of transportation expenses public transportation in the city is fairly affordable costing between $2 and $4 for a one-way journey. Some may however prefer to have their own vehicle, which could raise costs substantially based on the price of gas and other upkeep costs such as maintenance and insurance. These costs be quite costly, but there are a variety of resources available to assist in reducing the cost of living within Buckhead Forest. 

General Goods & Services

From grocery discounts to assistance with utility bills, There are many possibilities for residents to reduce their expenses and make their lives more affordable. In general, the price of living within Buckhead Forest is considered slightly more expensive than the average, but it can be different based on the individual’s requirements. Yet, Buckhead Forest is a fantastic place to reside due to its incredible amenities and close access to the city of Atlanta. 

Whatever your financial situation, you’ll find something that is suitable for your needs here! The lifestyle of Buckhead Forest offers a unique experience you can’t get elsewhere. It’s a wonderful area to call home!


Local Economy

Buckhead Forest, Atlanta, Georgia is an active and vibrant community situated in the heart of one of the more vibrant metropolitan areas of America. Buckhead Forest’s economy is strongly supported by a wide range of businesses catering to both visitors and residents alike. 

Job Opportunities

Opportunities for employment within Buckhead Forest abound due to its strong business base which includes retail stores, corporate offices restaurants, and other service-based companies. The area’s strong economy as well as active culture makes it a desirable area to reside, work, and play. 

Household Income

The median household income in the region is approximately $42,000 with more than 25% of households earning more than $75,000 per year. This degree of financial security makes it a desirable choice for those looking to invest their money or begin a business. The housing market in the area is distinguished by a high demand for homes since the region offers a variety of different neighborhoods as well as accessibility to amenities like parks and shops, schools, and recreational facilities.

Local Investment

In addition to the thriving employment marketplace, Buckhead Forest is also home to a variety of thriving companies in a variety of industries, from finance and technology to hospitality and healthcare. The presence of top universities within the city aids local investment as alumni typically decide to choose Buckhead Forest as their preferred location to live when returning to Atlanta. With so many opportunities for the residents of the area, Buckhead Forest has become one of the top locations for people from every walk of life to work, live and play. 

The region’s vibrant economy makes it a great location for people looking for stability and opportunities. No matter what the individual’s objectives or goals are, Buckhead Forest is sure to assist them in reaching their goals. If it’s about pursuing the dream of a career in business, or just finding an area to call home, Buckhead Forest has something for every person.

The area also provides great recreation opportunities for its residents as well as many trails and parks for biking, running, and walking. With an abundance of amenities and activities within the vicinity, those who live in Buckhead Forest have plenty of chances to take in Atlanta’s lively culture and enjoy the many things Atlanta offers. 

This is why the majority of people decide to choose this area for their next destination in order to invest in their future. From family homes to luxury condos and apartments, there’s something for all to enjoy in Buckhead Forest. This is why the majority of people pick this region to visit when looking to invest in the future of their lives. Whatever your financial objectives may have, Buckhead Forest has something to offer that will help you turn your dreams into reality.


Transportation Options For The Commute

Whatever transportation method you decide to use, Buckhead Forest in Atlanta Georgia provides a range of methods to travel. Taxis and public transportation, cars, bikes, and electric scooters. Ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft are becoming more popular in the region and offer service from door to door at less prices than traditional taxi fares. If you’re seeking an environmentally friendly way to discover Buckhead biking, walking or bicycling are both great options! 


Public Transportation

The public transportation system is accessible all over Buckhead with buses connecting the entire city of Atlanta. MARTA (Metropolitan Area Rapid Transit Authority) offers a variety of bus routes that serve the region, providing easy accessibility to the downtown area and the suburban areas around it. 



Taxis are among the most frequently used ways to travel around Buckhead and are available at designated taxi stops, or you can hail them by the side of the road. Another option is to call a taxi through an app so you get picked up when and where is more comfortable for you.  



Bicycles offer an excellent way to travel your city and the green spaces. There’s even the possibility of a bike-share program within the vicinity. Of course, walking is an option. Buckhead Forest is a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood that has wide sidewalks and numerous crosswalks that make it easier to walk around on the foot.



If you’re seeking more private methods of transport, cars are popular options. Cars are rented or purchased. For those who are looking for additional convenience, ride-sharing services such as Uber are also accessible at Buckhead Forest or you can just rent a car depending on your needs.

Buckhead has an alternative method for tourists and residents alike to travel around the city. With so many options for transportation to choose from, Buckhead Forest is an ideal location to explore Atlanta. Whichever way you decide to travel you’ll find the best route for you!


Average Annual Weather

Buckhead Forest Atlanta Georgia has a humid subtropical climate with humid and warm summers and mild winters. the sun shines throughout the year! If you’re planning on visiting in the summer ensure you’re hydrated and make sure to take frequent breaks from the scorching heat.



The summers at Buckhead Forest Atlanta Georgia are humid and hot. The temperature ranges from the mid-80s to the lower 90s (Fahrenheit) and the high humidity levels make the temperature feel hotter. Thunderstorms are also frequent at this time of year.



The winters in Buckhead Forest Atlanta Georgia are generally dry and mild with temperatures ranging from the upper 40s to the low 50s (Fahrenheit). It is common for rain to fall because of the strong winds that blow out of the Atlantic Ocean. It is not common, but it is possible.



Fall in Buckhead Forest Atlanta Georgia generally dry and cool with temperatures ranging between the mid-50s and lower 70s (Fahrenheit). The frequency of rain is lower at this time of year, but it is still possible to experience it.



Spring in Buckhead Forest Atlanta Georgia is characterized by moderate temperatures as well as plenty of rain. The temperature ranges typically from the upper 50s to the lower 70s (Fahrenheit) but there are also the occasional storms.


Local Tip

Prepare for unpredictable weather conditions in Buckhead Forest Atlanta Georgia! It’s always good to have an umbrella, or raincoat for when you go out, along with layers of clothes that can be added and removed according to the temperature. Also, don’t forget to bring your sunblock.


Education System of Buckhead Forest

Buckhead Forest Atlanta Georgia is located in the midst of one of the most wealthy metropolitan areas in the United States. The educational system in Buckhead Forest Atlanta Georgia includes diverse education programs and schools for both private and public education.

Public Schools

The district of public schools that is responsible for Buckhead Forest consists of a range of elementary, middle, and high schools, Special Education centers, and alternative schools. The district also gives students access to online learning opportunities. Specialized courses, such as Advanced Placement classes are available at selected schools. In addition, many extracurricular activities like music, art, sports, and theater are available to students from this district.

Charter Schools

Alongside traditional public schools, there are several charter schools within Buckhead Forest Atlanta Georgia. They are funded by the public however they operate independently of the district. They provide students with new learning opportunities and could specialize in a specific field or kind of education, such as science or the arts.

Private Schools

Buckhead Forest also has various private schools that include Montessori, independent, and parochial schools. They provide more individualized education for students than is usually provided in public schools. Private schools typically have smaller classes and have access to more facilities that could lead to higher pupil achievement in comparison to public schools.

Religious Schools

There are many religiously affiliated schools in Buckhead Forest Atlanta Georgia that serve families seeking an education that is based on their religion. They focus on a values-based approach to education and generally offer a more structured learning environment that is different from private or public schools.


The concept of Homeschooling is offered within Buckhead Forest Atlanta Georgia for students who want to study at home under the supervision of their families. This gives parents the flexibility to tailor the education of their children in line with their own personal desires, needs, and interests.

The educational system of Buckhead Forest Atlanta Georgia provides its residents with a wide range of choices for public private, religious, and homeschooling. With such a broad range of choices, it’s difficult to choose which type of school is best for the family you are with. Whatever your preference, there are resources to assist you in finding the most effective educational environment for the child you are raising.


Buckhead Forest Local Government and Infrastructure

Buckhead Forest is a neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia located between Howell Mill Road and Buford Highway. There are numerous restaurants, businesses, and homes. The local administration for Buckhead Forest is the City of Atlanta and is funded by Fulton County.


The Buckhead Forest police department Buckhead Forest is part of the Atlanta Police Department which serves all of the city’s areas. The department is responsible for protecting the public through the enforcement of laws and protecting property. It also offers emergency services, such as responding to medical calls.

Fire Department

Protection against fire for the Buckhead Forest is provided by Fulton County Fire Rescue Department (FCFR). FCFR has multiple fire stations across the county and responds to emergencies and fires within its area of responsibility. The department also provides public education regarding the dangers of fire and how to prevent them.


The schools within Buckhead Forest are part of the Atlanta Public School system. They comprise elementary, middle, and high schools. They provide a full educational program that helps students prepare for a future career or college opportunities following the completion of their studies. They also offer extracurricular activities like student groups, sports teams, and community service activities that allow students to develop abilities to lead.


Buckhead Forest is served by the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System which has several branch libraries across the city. These branches have the following resources: books magazines, films as well as computers for patrons of all different ages. They also offer numerous programs like stories for youngsters and books club for adults.

Public Services

The public services of Buckhead Forest are provided by the City of Atlanta and include parks, libraries, and recreation centers, as well as other facilities. The city also provides various social programs that aid citizens who are in need of assistance, including food pantries and housing assistance. Additionally, the city’s government also provides public works projects, including roads and improvements in public transportation.

In general, Buckhead Forest is served by various local departments, which provide vital services to the residents of Buckhead Forest, including security for police, fire safety education resources, as well as public facilities. The various agencies work together to ensure the lifestyle of people who are fortunate enough to call Buckhead Forest home.


Things To Do

Buckhead Forest, located in Atlanta Georgia, offers an array of different activities for guests to take advantage of both inside and outside. Whatever type of thing you’re searching for, Buckhead Forest has something for anyone. There are a variety of activities to choose from both outdoors and indoors it’s an ideal location to explore and enjoy the fun!


For those who are looking for activities outdoors, Buckhead Forest is home to the Chastain Park Trail System, which has more than 6 miles of trail which stretch across Chastain Road to North Buckhead Drive. The trail system has different loops that are ideal for walking or jogging. On the way, walkers will be able to view natural beauty like waterways and wetlands along with some artworks created by local artists. Additionally, the park is also home to tennis courts and playgrounds for guests to play on.


Within the forests, there are plenty of indoor attractions, including an arboretum that has more than 100 different species of trees. There’s also an area for butterflies that displays different kinds of butterflies from around the world. If you’re looking to find out more about Buckhead Forest and its history, there will be guided walks that share the tale of the forest’s history and present. There are also various educational programs for kids and adults alike.

In the end, Buckhead Forest has plenty of dining and shopping choices with a wide range of shops that sell items like souvenirs, clothing, jewelry, and many other things. Restaurants vary from casual eateries to fine dining restaurants, which makes it simple to find something that will please every taste. There’s an outdoor patio that hosts live performances from local bands on certain days of the week.


Restaurants in Buckhead Forest

Buckhead Forest in Atlanta, Georgia is where you can find some of the finest dining establishments in the world. There are a variety of food options that range from traditional Southern dishes to contemporary gastronomical delights. No matter what your preferences in food, Buckhead Forest has something for anyone! With its variety of delectable dining establishments, it’s no wonder that this beautiful region of Atlanta is among the most visited spots for foodies.


Bones Restaurant

One restaurant that is a hit located in Buckhead Forest is Bones Restaurant. The steakhouse is upscale and offers the finest cuts of beef and seafood, served with delicious side dishes. The bar has a wide range of premium beers and wines and specially-crafted cocktails.


The White House Restaurant

Another excellent option for dining out in Buckhead Forest is The White House Restaurant. The “upscale comfort food” spot serves traditional Southern favorites like the fried green tomato as well as shrimp and grits as well as collared and steamed greens. The restaurant also serves an impressive array of craft cocktails as well as an extensive wine menu.


MCK Restaurant and Bar

Another great alternative for dining out in Buckhead Forest is MCK Restaurant and Bar. This tapas bar inspired by Basque cuisine offers diverse small plates designed to be shared among your family or friends. From pork belly bites with crispy patty to pan-seared and fried duck breasts the menu will delight even the most discriminating taste. The restaurant also offers an impressive variety of wine from Spain and all over the world along with specialty cocktails made using fresh herbs and juices.

Whatever kind of food you’re in the mood for, Buckhead Forest has everything! If you’re searching for an exquisite steakhouse dining experience in Bones Restaurant as well as traditional cuisine in The White House Restaurant, or a delicious tapas-style meal in MCK Restaurant and Bar, this neighborhood in Atlanta is a must. With its wide array of eateries and cuisines that are from all over the world an evening out eating at Buckhead Forest is sure to be a memorable experience.



The four parks have the perfect experience for anyone and are excellent spots to take in the stunning outdoors of Buckhead Forest Atlanta Georgia. No matter if you’re seeking an adventure on the trails, or you just want to relax and enjoy fish, the parks are an ideal getaway away from the bustle of urban life. Come and see the many things Buckhead Forest has to offer!


Tower Place Park

The park was recently updated to include hiking trails with picnic areas, a playground as well as a covered pavilion that has chairs and tables. These walking paths are perfect for relaxing strolls or running. If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, there are numerous bicycle paths in the park.


Charles Loudermilk Park

Charles Loudermilk Park is located within Buckhead Forest in Atlanta, Georgia. It offers a variety of facilities like picnic pavilions, a playground along with walking trails, and tennis, and basketball courts. It also features an amphitheater open to the public that is utilized for performances and other activities all through the season. Loudermilk Park is home to Charlie Loudermilk Park also provides a variety of classes for youngsters in fields like art, sports, and science.


Frankie Allen Park

Frankie Allen Park is another excellent alternative for outdoor activities located in Buckhead Forest in Atlanta, Georgia. The park is comprised of soccer pitches and baseball diamonds. There are four tennis courts, and two volleyball courts made of sand. There are two playgrounds with slides and swingsets. In addition, the park has hiking trails as well as an outdoor picnic area.


Peachtree Park Nature Trail

Peachtree Park Nature Trail is a 1.5-mile loop that guides guests through the tranquil woodlands that make up Buckhead Forest. On the trail, the hikers are able to spot various kinds of wildlife such as squirrels, birds, deer, and other woodland animals. The trail also features two observation decks, complete with benches, so you can observe the beauty of nature that surrounds the park.


Is Buckhead Forest Safe To Live In

Buckhead Forest is a popular residential area located in Atlanta, Georgia located just north of downtown. The area is well-known for its gorgeous houses and lush green spaces and is a wonderful area to live in. The area has more than three thousand people, creating the feeling of a small town within a large city. Residents can also get the convenience of having access to numerous dining establishments, shopping malls, and parks, as well as other facilities.

In terms of security, Buckhead Forest fares well in comparison to other areas within the metropolitan area. According to data from the Crime Reports website (for 2019-2020), the neighborhood had only seven reported crimes within a one-mile radius of the area over this timeframe, including four theft-related and three battery attacks. Although this is more than the general crime rate for Atlanta it’s nevertheless comparatively low when compared to other parts of town. 

All in all, Buckhead Forest is a secure neighborhood with a warm and welcoming community, as well as an acceptable crime rate. Its convenient location is close to downtown, and the abundance of amenities available it’s easy to understand why people have made this neighborhood their home. Through constant monitoring of safety issues and proactive measures being taken by the local police residents can continue to live in one of the most sought-after communities.


Why Should I Live Here

Buckhead Forest is a neighborhood that is located in Atlanta, Georgia that offers its residents a wealth of activities and amenities. The neighborhood has a wide range of eateries, shops parks, and other recreational facilities. Along with being located close to important highways Buckhead Forest also has easy access to public transportation options, such as transportation options like the MARTA train system.

These homes are community are well-maintained and boast amazing architecture and beautiful landscaping. With homes that range from cozy bungalows to sleek mansions, there’s something for all at Buckhead Forest. If you’re searching for one-bedroom apartments or a four-bedroom home with a swimming pool, you’ll discover it there.

The schools located in Buckhead Forest are highly-rated and the area is known for its dedication to education. There are also numerous opportunities for teens and children to be involved in activities after school hours, such as theater groups, sports teams as well as summer camps, and many more.

The inhabitants of Buckhead Forest enjoy living close to restaurants, shops as well as grocery stores, and additional local companies. The neighborhood also boasts many parks and green spaces for families to have picnics or enjoy an easy stroll. Additionally, the communities in the community have gorgeous landscapes that make it easy to forget that you’re part of an area that is a major metropolitan one like Atlanta.

Buckhead Forest offers a wonderful lifestyle for people who want the amenities of urban living without having to sacrifice the conveniences of suburban living. If you’re looking for a home to call home, or desire to take advantage of the many amenities that this area offers, Buckhead Forest is an excellent option. Its convenient location and a variety of recreational activities, there’s something for all ages here.