Ansley Park Atlanta, Georgia

Ansley Park is a historic neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. It is located just north of downtown Atlanta and south of Midtown, and it borders Piedmont Park to the east. The boundaries are North Avenue to the north, Monroe Drive to the south, Tenth Street to the west, and Piedmont Avenue to the east. Ansley Park is well-known for its unique architecture and beautiful landscaping, and it is home to many of Atlanta’s wealthiest residents. It contains some of the city’s most stately homes, as well as elegant churches and other historic buildings. The neighborhood also includes a variety of shops, restaurants, parks, and entertainment venues. In addition to being close to downtown Atlanta and midtown, Ansley Park has easy access to major highways such as Interstate 75/85 and Georgia 400.

The centerpiece of the neighborhood is Ansley Park itself, a large green space with walking paths lined by grand homes from the early twentieth century in styles ranging from Italianate villas to Colonial Revival mansions. A few blocks away lies one of Atlanta’s oldest parks, Sunken Garden Park, which has a pond and a small amphitheater. In addition to its beautiful scenery, Ansley Park is also home to many of Atlanta’s cultural attractions such as the High Museum of Art and the Woodruff Arts Center.

Ansley Park is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in all of Atlanta; it offers a peaceful atmosphere, proximity to downtown and midtown, and access to some of the city’s best cultural attractions. The neighborhood is well-known for its stunning homes and lush gardens, making it an ideal place for those looking for a slice of luxury in the heart of the city.

Ansley Park is located just north of downtown Atlanta and south of Midtown, and it borders Piedmont Park to the east. The boundaries are North Avenue to the north, Monroe Drive to the south, Tenth Street to the west, and Piedmont Avenue to the east. In addition to being close to downtown Atlanta and midtown, Ansley Park has easy access to major highways such as Interstate 75/85 and Georgia 400.


Ansley Park Atlanta History

Ansley Park is a residential neighborhood located in central Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 1904, the neighborhood was one of the first suburbs developed outside of downtown Atlanta. It was designed as an idyllic suburban retreat with winding streets bordering beautiful parks and lakes. Its grand homes were designed with a range of architectural styles from Colonial Revival to Tudor Revival to Craftsman Bungalow. 


Ansley Park Atlanta Today

Today, Ansley Park remains one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Atlanta. Despite its proximity to downtown, it has retained much of its original charm and character. The streets are still lined with large mature trees that provide ample shade during hot summers. Homes remain true to their historic roots while also featuring modern updates such as solar panels and electric vehicle charging stations. The neighborhood is home to a melting pot of people from all walks of life, including many families who have called Ansley Park home for generations.

Ansley Park also boasts some of the city’s most beautiful parks and green spaces. The famous Ansley Golf Club was founded in 1910 and features an 18-hole golf course as well as tennis courts, a swimming pool, and other recreational activities. Other nearby attractions include Ansley Mall with its historic theater, Piedmont Park where locals come to picnic and take nature walks, and Midtown Atlanta which offers up a plethora of shops, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues.

In recent years, the community has been making great strides toward becoming more sustainable by planting more trees, adding electric vehicle charging stations, and investing in green infrastructure projects. Ansley Park is truly a vibrant neighborhood that has something for everyone. It’s no wonder it remains one of the most desirable places to live in Atlanta!


Cost Of Living

Ansley Park is an affluent, desirable area of Atlanta with a cost of living higher than the average for the city and region. This can include expenses such as housing, electricity bills, groceries, and transportation, all of which vary depending on the size and age of the home or apartment selected. However, overall expenses tend to remain comparable with the rest of Georgia. With proper budgeting and planning, residents can enjoy all that Ansley Park has to offer while still maintaining financial health.


Ansley Park is a desirable neighborhood in Atlanta, and thus housing costs reflect this. Rent prices range from around $1,300 (for studios) to as much as $5,000 per month for larger homes or luxury apartments. Homeownership also remains popular in Ansley Park; average home values can range anywhere between $450K-$2 million based on the age and size of the home.


Public transportation is widely available in Ansley Park via MARTA bus and rail services. A single ride costs between $2-5 depending on the distance traveled. Taxis also operate in the area for those interested; fares depend on length and fare structure selected by the taxi company in question. Driving one’s vehicle is also a popular option in Ansley Park, and gasoline prices remain fairly consistent with the rest of Georgia at around $2.30 per gallon. Overall, transportation costs in Ansley Park are not particularly high compared to other areas of Atlanta.

General Goods & Services

Electricity bills in Ansley Park are not particularly different from those elsewhere in Georgia; residents typically pay an average rate of 10-11 cents per kilowatt hour at peak hours and 6-7 cents during non-peak hours. Depending on usage and other factors, electric bills can vary widely. Groceries in Ansley Park are largely comparable to the rest of Georgia, with a pound of boneless chicken costing about $4.50, a gallon of milk costing around $3.60, and a loaf of bread costing about $2.80. Prices may vary from store to store but generally remain fairly consistent throughout the area.

Overall, living in Ansley Park can be quite expensive due to its desirability as an area; however, it remains largely comparable to the rest of Georgia when it comes to expenses such as electricity bills, groceries, and transportation. Housing costs tend to be higher than average but can vary widely depending on the size and age of the home or apartment in question. With proper budgeting and planning, residents of Ansley Park can enjoy all the amenities this desirable neighborhood has to offer.


Local Economy

Ansley Park is an attractive district for job seekers, residents looking for high-paying jobs, and those who want to invest their money in the area. With its numerous Fortune 500 companies and smaller businesses present in Midtown Atlanta, there are plenty of job opportunities available. Moreover, the high median household income provides plenty of disposable funds which can be used to purchase real estate or invest in stocks and bonds.

Job Opportunities

Ansley Park, Atlanta Georgia provides its residents with a variety of job opportunities. The most prominent sectors are finance, technology, and healthcare. With the presence of numerous Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, UPS, Microsoft Corporation, and AT&T located in the nearby Midtown area, there are countless jobs available for professionals who can commute to these corporations. Additionally, Ansley Park is also home to smaller businesses such as shops and local restaurants that may provide employment opportunities for those who cannot or do not want to commute to larger cities.

Household Income 

The median household income in Ansley Park is approximately $87k/year according to recent census data. This is considerably higher than the average household income for Georgia which sits at around $51k/year. These figures represent a high level of disposable income and provide Ansley Park residents with opportunities to invest in local businesses and services, as well as buy expensive real estate in the area.

Local Investment 

Ansley Park provides several attractive investment opportunities for its residents. The most common investments are in residential real estate due to its high market value. Additionally, there are also commercial real estate investments available as well such as office buildings and retail spaces that can be leased or sold for profit. Furthermore, stock and bond investments are also available through banks located near Ansley Park, providing residents with greater access to a wide variety of investment options. Lastly, local businesses such as shops, restaurants, and services also provide different opportunities for investing in the area.


Transportation Options For The Commute

Ansley Park offers many different options when it comes to transportation. From public transit systems such as MARTA buses and trains to taxis, cars, and bicycles, there are various ways for residents and visitors of Ansley Park to get around Atlanta quickly and conveniently.


Public Transportation

Ansley Park is connected to the rest of Atlanta through a network of public transportation systems, including MARTA buses and trains. The MARTA system consists of both bus and rail services that transport passengers throughout the city. Local bus routes are available in Ansley Park as well as some express services to nearby destinations such as Downtown, Midtown, and Buckhead. Metro rapid transit is also accessible from several stops across the neighborhood, allowing for fast travel across town or to another part of Georgia.



Taxi services are widely available in Ansley Park for those who need a quick ride to their destination. Many taxi companies provide door-to-door service within the area at an affordable price, making it a convenient option for those who don’t want to wait for public transit. Taxis are also available to transport passengers to and from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and other destinations outside of the city.



Bicycling is becoming an increasingly popular way to get around in Ansley Park. The neighborhood is equipped with dedicated bike lanes along major streets, making it easy and safe for cyclists to travel throughout the area. Additionally, there are several bike rental services located within the neighborhood that provide bikes for short-term use or longer rentals. This makes cycling a convenient option for those who want to explore the local area with ease.



Ansley Park is located near several major highways and thoroughfares, making it easy to get around by car. Interstate 85 runs through the neighborhood while Piedmont Avenue, Peachtree Street, and Northside Drive offer direct access to surrounding neighborhoods or outlying areas. For those looking to park their cars in Ansley Park, there are several metered street parking spots available as well as onsite parking lots at many businesses.


Average Annual Weather

The weather in Ansley Park is fairly mild year-round with temperatures rarely dipping too low or rising too high. Rainfall and thunderstorms are common during certain parts of the year, so it’s important to be prepared for all kinds of weather conditions if you plan on spending time outdoors.



Summer in Ansley Park, Atlanta, Georgia is usually hot and humid. The average temperature ranges between 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit (26-32 degrees Celsius), with an occasional dip into the ’70s (20’s Celsius). Summer is typically rainier than other seasons, but mostly sees showers during the evening or night hours. Thunderstorms are also common during this time of year, especially in the afternoon and evening.



Winter in Ansley Park tends to be relatively mild compared to other parts of the US. Temperatures rarely dip below freezing, instead hovering around 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit (10-15 degrees Celsius). Snow is rare but not unheard of, usually during the colder months between January and February. Rain showers are more frequent during this season than others.



Fall weather in Ansley Park has a wide range of temperatures, from the low 60’s (15 degrees Celsius) to mid-70s (21 degrees Celsius). Showers are fairly common throughout the season, but usually not as often as during summer or spring. Thunderstorms become less frequent as we approach winter.



Springtime in Ansley Park sees temperatures gradually rising from the winter chill into the warmer summer months. The average temperature ranges from 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit (18-24 degrees Celsius), with occasional showers throughout the season. Thunderstorms also become more common as we move through spring, typically in the afternoon hours.


Local Tip

Ansley Park has mild weather year-round with occasional rain showers and thunderstorms. Remember to bring a jacket for those chilly nights, an umbrella for the rain, and sunscreen for the sunshine!


Education System Of Ansley Park 

In Ansley Park, families have a variety of education options to choose from. Depending on their goals and preferences, parents can opt for traditional public schools, charter schools, private schools, religious schools, or homeschooling. Each option has its pros and cons that should be carefully considered before making a decision. Ultimately, the best educational choice is the one that will best meet the needs of both the student and the family.

Public Schools

The Atlanta Public Schools system is the largest public school district in Georgia and one of the 50 largest in the United States. It serves more than 50,000 students from pre-kindergarten to grade 12 across 96 schools located throughout Ansley Park. The district is managed by an elected Board of Education that sets policy and direction for the overall APS system. The district provides a variety of academic programs, including Advanced Placement courses, special programs for gifted and talented children, and language immersion programs.

Charter Schools

Charter schools are publicly funded but operate independently from traditional public school districts. In Ansley Park, residents have access to several charter schools with specialized focus areas such as literature and technology or music and the arts. These schools are open to any student in the area who meets the school’s admissions criteria, and they offer a variety of curriculums that may be different from those available at traditional public schools.

Private Schools

Ansley Park is home to several private schools, most of which are faith-based institutions. Many of these schools offer specialized curriculum options such as classical education, college prep courses, or religious instruction. The cost of tuition varies widely among these schools, but all require parents to pay an annual fee for their child’s enrollment and ongoing support services throughout the year.

Religious Schools

There are several religious schools located in Ansley Park that provide instruction in specific religions or denominations. These schools teach a curriculum based on the faith of the school, typically with additional instruction in religious texts and traditions. As with private schools, these schools require parents to pay an annual fee for their child’s enrollment and ongoing support services throughout the year.


Homeschooling is an option for families in Ansley Park who wish to provide individualized instruction for their children without enrolling them in a traditional public or private school. In Georgia, homeschooling must meet certain legal requirements and be approved by the local school district before it can begin. Parents interested in homeschooling must notify their local district of their intent, submit a plan outlining the educational goals for their child, and provide progress reports throughout the school year. Additionally, home-schooling parents must keep up with all state-mandated assessments and comply with any other requirements imposed by their local district. Homeschooling allows flexibility in curriculum choice, which can be beneficial to students who struggle in traditional settings or have specialized interests that are not available in public or private schools. It also gives families more control over the learning environment and schedule of their children. However, it requires a significant commitment from parents to ensure that their children are receiving an education that meets all legal standards.


Ansley Park Local Government And Infrastructure

Ansley Park is well-served by local government entities such as the police department, fire departments, libraries, and schools as well as public services like sanitation and utilities provided by the City of Atlanta. With all of these resources available to residents of this area of Atlanta, they can enjoy a high quality of life.


Ansley Park is policed by the Atlanta Police Department (APD). APD consists of over 2000 sworn uniformed officers, making it the largest police force in Georgia. The department is divided into six geographic divisions, with each division responsible for a different part of the city. The jurisdiction of Ansley Park is covered by Zone 2, located on Boulevard Avenue Northeast and West Peachtree Street. Two police precincts serve the Ansley Park area: Prefecture 1 and Prefecture 5. The former houses administration and operations personnel while the latter focuses on criminal investigations.

Fire Departments

The fire departments within Ansley Park are governed by the City of Atlanta’s Bureau of Fire and Rescue Services (BFRS). BFRS is responsible for providing fire prevention, suppression, emergency medical services, hazardous materials response, and other public safety services to the residents of Ansley Park. The fire stations located within the area are Station 2 on Ponce De Leon Avenue as well as Stations 9 and 10 on Piedmont Road.


The schools in Ansley Park are part of the City of Atlanta Public School System (APS). There are four public schools located within Ansley Park: Springdale Elementary School, Inman Middle School, Grady High School, and The Paideia School. Additionally, there are two Catholic schools, St. John’s Catholic Elementary & Middle-Grade Schools and Immaculate Heart of Mary High School, located near the area.


The main library located in Ansley Park is the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System’s Central Library, located in downtown Atlanta. This facility offers access to books, audio/visual materials, reference databases, and more. In addition, there are two branch libraries nearby that serve residents of Ansley Park.

Public Services

Ansley Park residents have access to a variety of public services provided by the City of Atlanta. These services include sanitation, water and sewer, street maintenance, parks, and recreation facilities, building inspection services, and more. Additionally, the city offers a variety of other amenities such as public transportation, parking enforcement, and garbage collection. Utilizing the city’s online resource center makes it easier for residents to access information about these services.


Things To Do

You can never run out of things to do in Ansley Park during your stay here! Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities like hiking or indoor activities such as museums, there’s always something to explore in the area. Get out and experience all that Ansley Park has to offer!


Ansley Park is located in the heart of the city and is surrounded by a plethora of outdoor activities. The nearby Piedmont Park offers recreation, trail running, pet walking, baseball fields, and more. Historic 4th Ward Park has an amphitheater for concerts during summer and even ice skating in winter! If you’re feeling adventurous there are several nature trails in the area such as Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area with over 40 miles of scenic hiking trails. Atlanta also has many great golf courses such as Ansley Golf Club and East Lake Golf Club which provide beautiful views of the city skyline.


Ansley Park has plenty to offer indoors too! In addition to a great selection of restaurants, cafes, and boutiques for shopping, there’s also the Atlanta Botanical Garden. This is home to over 30 acres of spectacular gardens with colorful plants and flowers from around the world. The Fernbank Museum of Natural History is also nearby which houses displays featuring fossils, gems, and minerals. If you’re looking for some culture, check out the High Museum of Art or visit Fox Theatre for Broadway shows! There are plenty more attractions available in Ansley Park as well so make sure to explore them all on your visit!


Restaurants In Ansley Park 

By offering a variety of dishes from traditional Thai cuisine to contemporary American fare, the restaurants located in Ansley Park Atlanta provide something for everyone. Whether you are looking for an intimate dinner, a casual lunch, or a fun evening out with friends, the eateries in this area are sure to satisfy your craving. ​


Bangkok Thai Restaurant

Located in the Ansley Park area of Atlanta, Georgia, Bangkok Thai Restaurant serves up traditional dishes from all corners of Thailand. Popular dishes include Pad Thai, Tom Kha Gai soup, Massaman curry, and a variety of fish dishes. Their menu also features vegetarian options such as Tofu Pad Prik and Veggie Stir-Fry. The restaurant has a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for an intimate dinner or casual lunch.


Saints + Council

Saints + Council is a cozy neighborhood spot situated in Ansley Park that serves up some of Atlanta’s best Southern comfort fare. The restaurant specializes in traditional soul food-style dishes like fried chicken, smothered pork chops, and collard greens. They also offer an extensive selection of craft beers and cocktails to accompany your meal. Guests can sit inside the restaurant and watch the chefs prepare dishes in their open kitchen or opt to dine outdoors on the lovely patio area.


Bantam + Biddy

Bantam + Biddy is a modern American restaurant located in Ansley Park. Their menu features traditional comfort foods such as fried chicken and waffles, macaroni and cheese, and meatloaf. They also offer vegan and vegetarian options including the Beyond Burger and Gardein Chicken Nuggets. The atmosphere at Bantam + Biddy is upbeat and lively, with a full bar that serves up seasonal cocktails and craft brews. The restaurant also provides catering services for special occasions.



Ansley Park has many other recreational activities such as boating, biking trails, and even an outdoor amphitheater. Whether you are looking to explore nature or just enjoy a peaceful stroll in the park, Ansley Park is sure to have something for everyone. Come experience all that Ansley Park has to offer!


Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park is the centerpiece of Ansley Park. This expansive park offers an abundance of activities for visitors, from walking and jogging trails to tennis courts, playgrounds, and a dog park. The lake in the center of the park is home to many different species of birds and wildlife, making it a great spot for nature lovers. Additionally, the park hosts many events throughout the year, ranging from music festivals to farmer’s markets.


Winn Park

Winn Park is the perfect place for families looking to experience the outdoors. Visitors can explore lush gardens, take a stroll along winding trails, or spend an afternoon fishing in one of the many ponds and streams. The park also features playgrounds, picnic areas, and basketball courts.


Ansley Park

Ansley Park Golf Course is an 18-hole course and offers a challenge for golfers of all skill levels. The course is open year-round, and features a driving range, putting green, and pro shop. For those looking to take a break from their game, the clubhouse has a restaurant on site.


McClatchey Park

McClatchey Park is located at the heart of Ansley Park and is a great spot for outdoor activities. Visitors can take advantage of the many trails that wind through the park, or play sports such as soccer and baseball on one of the fields. There are also playgrounds for the younger visitors to enjoy. Additionally, the park is home to a variety of wildlife, making it a great place for bird-watching.


Is Ansley Park Safe To Live In

Ansley Park Atlanta, Georgia is an incredibly safe place to live. The crime rate in this area is considerably lower than the national average and it has a reputation for being very safe. The neighborhood is regularly patrolled by police officers, and they take pride in making sure that all residents feel secure. In addition, there are many resident-run initiatives in the community to maintain safety standards, such as Neighborhood Watch programs. Additionally, most residents are very friendly with one another and tend to look out for each other’s well-being. All of these factors contribute to Ansley Park’s reputation as a safe place to live.

However, given that there can be no guarantees when it comes to safety, residents need to take precautions. Residents should always be aware of their surroundings, lock their doors and windows, and avoid leaving valuables in easily accessible areas. Additionally, it is a good idea to get to know your neighbors and develop a sense of community with them. That way, you can keep an eye on each other’s homes and look out for any suspicious activity.

Overall, Ansley Park Atlanta is a safe place to live. The combination of strong police presence combined with the friendly care of its citizens makes it a great choice for those looking for security in their neighborhood. With proper safety measures taken by all parties involved, this area will continue to remain one of the safest in Georgia.

Ansley-Park-Atlanta-Georgia-Why-Should-I-Live Here

Why Should I Live Here

Ansley Park is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Atlanta. Located just north of downtown and east of Midtown, Ansley Park offers easy access to some of the city’s best attractions. The neighborhood is walkable and bike-friendly, making it easy to get around without a car. It is also home to some of Atlanta’s top restaurants, bars, stores, and galleries. Additionally, Ansley Park has lush green spaces with scenic walking paths that are perfect for enjoying nature or exercising outdoors.

For those who prefer more urban pursuits, Ansley Park is close to Piedmont Park, Georgia Aquarium, Fox Theater, and numerous other recreation centers like BeltLine and PATH400. There are also two MARTA stations located in the area, allowing residents to easily get around the city. In addition, Ansley Park is home to a variety of great schools and universities.

Ansley Park has something for everyone with its vibrant array of cultural attractions and convenient access to public transportation. Its varied housing options range from historic single-family homes to modern lofts and condos, making it perfect for people from all walks of life. The neighborhood also offers plenty of safety features such as well-maintained sidewalks, lighting, and security cameras that help give residents a sense of ease when walking or biking through the community.