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Sylvan Middle School in Atlanta Georgia has plenty to provide students who go to. With small class sizes dedicated teachers and lots of extracurricular activities

Sylvan Middle School in Atlanta Georgia has plenty to provide students who go to. With small class sizes dedicated teachers and lots of extracurricular activities, Sylvan Middle School is an ideal school for anyone who is looking for an environment that encourages learning.

Teachers at Sylvan Middle School are passionate about their work and ensure that their students get the highest quality education they can get. They provide individual attention for each of their classes. They also are accessible outside of school hours to talk with parents and students if required. The small size of classes allows teachers to provide greater focus to each child so that each student can realize their potential to the fullest.

In Sylvan Middle School, there are numerous possibilities for additional curricular pursuits. Students can choose to be keen on playing or performing in performance or joining the academic side of things, there’s something for all to take pleasure in. The school has a variety of extracurricular activities to help build collaboration and social skills among the students.

Sylvan Middle School also provides its students with access to tutoring and mentorship programs. These programs offer assistance and guidance for students who may have difficulty with their schoolwork or needs help in improving their studying habits. With these tools, Sylvan Middle School equips its students with the knowledge they require to be successful in both their academic and extracurricular experiences at school.

In the end, Sylvan Middle School is an excellent educational institution for anyone seeking for great teachers, plenty of extracurricular activities, and access to mentoring programs. With its friendly learning environment and dedication to helping students achieve their potential to the fullest, Sylvan Middle School is the perfect spot for anyone who wants to be a star academically.


Sylvan Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia, has a long and rich history. It was founded in 1959 and was one of the first Middle Schools in Atlanta. It was created to provide a high-quality education for students who are transitioning from high school to elementary school. Since it was founded, Sylvan has grown tremendously in the past few years and has since become an integral element of the community.

The first school’s construction included six classrooms as well as a cafeteria, gym, and library. The building was later upgraded with several additions such as art studios, science labs as well as music studios. In the years that Sylvan has been in existence, the Sylvan student body has been diverse, with students of all socioeconomic, cultural, and racial backgrounds. This has created an environment that is inclusive that makes everyone feel welcome and valued.

Sylvan Middle School provides a complete education to its students by offering thrilling academic, athletic, and extracurricular activities. Sylvan Middle School has a wide range of programs that offer assistance for the entire student population like mentoring, college preparation classes, and tutoring for peer students. Furthermore, Sylvan has always been extremely involved in community outreach and has been a major part of Atlanta’s charitable activities.

The Sylvan faculty has consistently strived to provide the highest quality education while encouraging a sense of community in the local community. In its time Sylvan Middle School has produced many students who went on to be successful citizens of society. The school is still in operation. Sylvan Middle School remains dedicated to giving students an outstanding education, and to creating a vibrant and strong community.

Why Sylvan Middle School Is The Best

Sylvan Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia is the ideal school for your child! First, Sylvan Middle School provides a secure and safe learning environment. Sylvan Middle School is equipped with a comprehensive security system that ensures that students are safe from threats and intruders. The staff also strives to establish an environment of kindness and respect among the students.

The second, Sylvan Middle School offers an extensive curriculum that is specifically designed to meet the needs of each student. Through exciting classes like art, technology, and science along with honors and science courses There is something for each student in Sylvan Middle School. Highly qualified teachers with years of experience in their fields of expertise can be sure that your child will receive the best education in this school.

Three, Sylvan Middle School has an active and active parents community. Parents are invited to participate in numerous extracurricular activities and are able to participate in various committees to guide how the school’s direction. This type of involvement from parents can help create a calming environment where parents and children are able to feel appreciated by the school.

In the end, Sylvan Middle School offers many opportunities for personal development and growth. Through after-school sports teams, clubs, and volunteering students can explore their interests outside of school and be part of their communities. Through its focus on building community, Your child will be prepared for academic success in the high schools and beyond Sylvan Middle School.

If you’re looking for the ideal institution for your kid, Sylvan Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia should be on your list! With its secure and safe school environment, extensive curriculum, supportive parents’ community, and numerous opportunities for personal development, Sylvan Middle School is certain to give your child an exceptional educational experience. For all of these reasons and more, Sylvan Middle School is the ideal place for your child of yours. Get them enrolled today and see their future blossom!


Sylvan Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia is a premier school that offers top learning experiences for its students. With top-of-the-line facilities and the best instructors, Sylvan Middle School has many things to offer its students.

Sylvan Middle School’s campus Sylvan Middle School consists of two major structures which are its Primary Education Building and the Performing Arts Center. The Primary Education Building includes classrooms, libraries and auditoriums, computer labs, and an eating area. Students have access to the latest technology, including interactive whiteboards and computers in every classroom. The library offers tools for research and also books for leisure reading. The auditorium hosts assemblies as well as other events throughout the year. The cafeteria offers healthy meals for students during the school day.

The Performing Arts Center is the center for music, drama, and art classes. It has a large theatre, rehearsal rooms for orchestra and band, and art studios that are equipped with tools and supplies and recording studios. From singing, drawing, and acting pupils at Sylvan Middle School can explore various creative avenues within the Performing Arts Center.

In Sylvan Middle School, there are numerous outdoor recreational activities that are also available. Sylvan Middle School has two playgrounds outdoors in which children can play soccer, and basketball or simply play during the recess period. There’s also an outdoor track and field area, where students can run drills, or take part in organized sports events such as flag football.


Sylvan Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia offers an array of stimulating and challenging classes for students. The school’s administration is based on a collaboration between administrators and teachers who cooperate to ensure that each student is successful. Sylvan Middle School also works with families to ensure the curriculum meets students’ educational goals. With its unique method of learning, Sylvan Middle School provides an extensive program that integrates technology into its lessons. It also lets students use their imagination as they learn.

The school is Sylvan Middle School, and the most important classes are English languages (ELA) as well as mathematics sciences, world languages, and social studies (Spanish 3 – 4). In addition to these core subjects, Sylvan provides fitness classes (PE) in addition to art and music classes. In addition, students are encouraged to participate in other elective classes like media arts and computer science.

Sylvan Middle School also provides various support services for students. The guidance counselors at Sylvan Middle School can offer advice on academics, help with career and college planning and assist students in developing social-emotional abilities. Sylvan also has a dedicated group of tech experts who collaborate alongside teachers and students to make sure that they integrate the use of technology into their classes. In addition, Sylvan’s library resources include journals, books periodicals, databases, and periodicals that are specifically designed to improve the learning of students.

The entire curriculum at Sylvan Middle School is designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge for the success they will have in high school and afterward. Through the use of project-based learning, students are taught to think and solve problems in a team, build their research abilities and take part in the process of learning. Each class meets the standards of the state, however, Sylvan Middle School also emphasizes the importance of critical thinking and practical applications of concepts to aid students in preparing for college and beyond the classroom.

With its extensive curriculum and committed personnel, Sylvan Middle School provides an environment that is stimulating and learning for every pupil. The school strives to build an environment of support where each student can achieve his or her academic objectives. By focusing on the core academics along with the integration of technology and other extracurricular programs Sylvan Middle School prepares its students for achievement both in and out of the classroom.


Sylvan Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia is staffed with an experienced and committed group of students who are committed to creating the most effective educational atmosphere for the students. The principal sets the foundation for the staff by arguing for the success of students and creating an environment that is respectful and collaborative between students, teachers as well as parents, and the community. An enthralling partnership between faculty members is a great way to establish a trust-based culture as well as accountability on campus.

The teaching staff at the school is comprised of highly skilled professionals who are experts in a variety of areas, including math, science, English language arts, physical education, and social studies. Teachers create fun lessons that incorporate technology into their classroom experiences to prepare the pupils for college and the future. The teachers employ various methods to ensure that students feel at ease and are supported throughout the process of learning.

Sylvan Middle School is supported by an exceptional administrative team. The members of the team comprise the school nurse, guidance counselor psychologist, social worker, and school nurse who can offer assistance and support to students. Assistant principals are instrumental in providing academic support as well as supervising after-school activities and activities.

The dedicated team of custodians ensures that the grounds of the school are kept neat and safe, while the office staff is working tirelessly to inform parents about their children’s progress as well as future activities. The entire team works together to create an enjoyable learning environment in which students can excel academically, emotionally, and socially. The staff at Sylvan Middle School in Atlanta provides a positive learning environment for pupils.

Student Outcomes

Sylvan Middle School in Atlanta Georgia is an Atlanta-based public school that provides students with an education from the sixth grade to eighth grade. The cost of tuition for the school year 2019-2020 was $6,510 for students in the state of Georgia and $14,126 for students who live outside of the state. The cost covers all books meals, as well as supplies. In addition, families may choose to buy things like computers and other technological equipment, or enroll their children in sports programs.

In Sylvan Middle School, the costs of textbooks and other educational materials are covered in the tuition fees for the year. Parents don’t have to fret about buying textbooks or other materials for their classes on their own. Additionally, meals for students are offered for free during lunchtime. This helps families lower the costs of food and snacks for their children of theirs.

Sylvan Middle School also offers extra athletic programs accessible for additional fees. The cost of tuition for these programs differs based on the kind of program and the length of time you are in it. For instance, an athlete joining a basketball team could incur an additional cost than enrolling in an athletic team or a track. Families should contact Sylvan Middle School’s administration office for more details regarding any additional costs associated when joining an athletic team within Sylvan Middle School.

In addition to their tuition Students who attend Sylvan Middle School may be required to buy certain items throughout the year, including laptops, notebooks, or calculators. The cost of these supplies is usually low, but it will increase in time. Families need to plan for these expenses when calculating the total expenses of going to Sylvan Middle School.

The overall cost of going to Sylvan Middle School in Atlanta Georgia is affordable and could afford families a top-quality education for their children without costing a lot. By taking advantage of the many possible discounts and choices parents can ensure that their child gets an education that is suited to the needs of their children at a reasonable cost.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Sylvan Middle School is located in the northwest part of Atlanta, Georgia, and is surrounded by a range of communities. The north of the school is Riverview which is a posh neighborhood that is known for its vast houses and manicured lawns. Residents can enjoy an oasis from the hustle and bustle of the hustle and bustle of city life but are easily accessible to downtown Atlanta. Just to the south of Sylvan can be found Berkeley Park, another beautiful residential area with lots to see, including shops, parks as well as restaurants.

Turn to the west to the west of Sylvan and you’ll arrive located in Buckhead Heights, one of the most sought-after areas throughout Atlanta. From luxury homes to high-end retail stores, this neighborhood is a must for anyone. The streets are lined with lush greenery and boutiques that are unique. As you move to the west, you’ll be in West Midtown, a vibrant and diverse area that is full of dining establishments, galleries, and fashionable shops. The area is renowned for its vibrant nightlife and cultural landmarks like The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center and the Goat Farm Arts Center.

In the southwest of Sylvan is Peachtree Hills. This shady residential community is located in the most luxurious houses in the city set among lush trees and twisting streets. There are also a variety of parks and parks that are perfect for families and those seeking for peace and tranquility away from the bustle of city living. As one of the oldest neighborhoods, it provides a unique blend of old-world charm with modern conveniences and amenities. Whatever place you choose to reside there are plenty of communities near Sylvan Middle School to explore.

Sylvan Middle School is located in the heart of Atlanta which gives residents access to numerous places and neighborhoods. To the north is Riverview the affluent neighborhood that is known for its sprawling houses and beautifully maintained lawns. In the south of it, Berkeley Park provides beautiful residential life with parks, shops as well as restaurants nearby. Westward will be Buckhead Heights – home to luxurious apartments and luxury shopping spots. There’s also West Midtown – a vibrant neighborhood that is filled with restaurants, art galleries and trendy shops, vibrant nightlife spots, and cultural sites like Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, or the Goat Farm Arts Center. 

Peachtree Hills is located further to the southwest and is where you will find the city’s most luxurious homes, nestled among greenery and curving roads. These neighborhoods close to Sylvan Middle School provide a gorgeous background for living, studying as well as exploring Atlanta.

Whichever way you take towards Sylvan Middle School in the northwest region of Atlanta, Georgia – there is plenty of lively neighborhood to visit. From the wealthy Riverview to lively West Midtown, each neighborhood provides a distinct experience, with access to shopping, parks, and restaurants, as well as events that can make living in Atlanta pleasant. If you’re searching for tranquil residential homes or a bustling cultural hub the area has something for every person. With the many options available, it’s clear the reason Sylvan Middle School is one of the most sought-after schools in Atlanta.

What People are Saying

“Sylvan Middle School is a great school! The teachers are amazing and the curriculum is top notch. My son has thrived since attending Sylvan.” -A Parent

“I love Sylvan Middle School! The teachers are so dedicated to their students and the curriculum is excellent. My son has learned so much since he started attending.” -A Parent

“My daughter loves going to Sylvan Middle School! She has made great friends and her teachers are awesome. The curriculum is challenging and she is learning a lot.” -A Parent

Located at: Parking lot, 1461 Sylvan Rd SW, Atlanta, GA 30310

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