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Sutton Middle School in Atlanta, GA is an outstanding educational institution that provides many exciting options for students.

Sutton Middle School in Atlanta, GA is an outstanding educational institution that provides many exciting options for students. On the academic front, Sutton Middle School provides excellent instruction, with knowledgeable instructors and staff committed to helping each student realize their potential to the fullest. Sutton Middle School has an arduous curriculum that focuses on traditional academics as much as the exploration of real-world issues and experiences. Sutton creates an atmosphere that encourages creativity and ingenuity by engaging students in hands-on learning and projects.

Alongside its excellent academics, Sutton Middle School is an extremely friendly community. From its excellent faculty to its vibrant Parent Teacher Association, everyone in the school is working to ensure that each student achieves. The school also provides various extracurricular activities like the chorus and basketball, which lets students explore their interests while building character and collaboration.

In the area of security, Sutton Middle School takes an active role in ensuring the safety that its pupils. The school has a team of highly trained security officers who guard the campus constantly and CCTV cameras are set up across the campus. In addition, Sutton has strict policies that cover everything from bullying to drug abuse. If you have a family living in Atlanta searching for an extensive educational experience with a focus on academic success, Sutton Middle School should be on the top of the list of choices. It’s a top school that offers its students excellent instruction and plenty of opportunities for development in the world beyond school. With its welcoming atmosphere and a focus on security, Sutton Middle School is an excellent choice for every student.


Sutton Middle School, located in Atlanta GA, is one of the oldest and most loved schools in Atlanta. It was an educational institution for African-American students, Sutton has grown and evolved to become the vibrant community that it is today.

In the past, it was used as an important hub of education for African-American students from across the South and offered them the opportunity to fulfill their goals through education. Since the beginning, Sutton has continued to offer top-quality education in a multicultural learning environment. Sutton has received numerous awards and distinctions throughout the time and has been awarded Title I status and an A+ grade by the Georgia Board of Education. Sutton is equipped with the latest technology advanced curriculum, as well as enrichment programs that include arts, music, drama as well as physical and mental education. Sutton also has a dedicated staff who work hard to ensure that students receive the highest quality education.

Today, Sutton Middle School is a vital part of the community, and has been an outstanding leader in providing quality schooling to students of all ages irrespective of race or situation. The school is proud to have trained generations of students who went on to have positive effects in their communities, and beyond. Over the past years, Sutton Middle School has been a vital element of the Atlanta scene, and has earned its spot as a major educational institution in the city.

Why Sutton Middle School is the Best

Sutton Middle School in Atlanta, GA is the school for your child for various reasons. It offers a high-quality academic program that includes an intense curriculum that provides students with a rigorous educational environment. The teachers at Sutton are highly knowledgeable and dedicated to ensure that every student achieves their goals by providing individual support and attention. Furthermore, Sutton offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities like music groups, sports teams, drama clubs, and math competitions that provide students with the chance to explore their passions outside of the classroom.

The school also promotes the spirit of community among its students by offering volunteering opportunities and community service events. This fosters leadership qualities and instills values like respect as well as responsibility and empathy into the minds of their children. In addition, Sutton offers a safe and comfortable environment in which students feel at ease expressing their feelings, with staff members who are always on hand to offer guidance and support when required.

These factors are what make Sutton Middle School in Atlanta, GA the perfect school for your child to excel both academically and socially. With its rigorous curriculum, a variety of activities and a supportive and welcoming environment for the community your child will be prepared for academic success in high school and beyond.


Sutton Middle School in Atlanta, GA is committed to offering students state-of-the-art educational facilities. The school consists of two buildings connected via a fenced walkway. The main building is where there are large classrooms that are equipped with the latest technology in whiteboards and computers. The library has a large range of books as well as other sources for students to research and explore. The auditorium is also available that hosts a variety of shows, assemblies and other occasions all through the entire year.

Outside, Sutton Middle School boasts one of the top sports facilities located in the city. It features a regulation-running track, several athletic fields for soccer and lacrosse, baseball/softball, basketball courts, football courts, and much more. The facility also has an exercise center that has cardio and strength equipment. In addition, the school has an eatery that is filled with healthy meals and snack shacks.

The instructors in Sutton Middle School are dedicated to providing their students with a quality education in a setting that encourages growth and exploration. The faculty is composed of highly experienced teachers who have worked together for several years. They offer an engaging curriculum that is customized to meet the requirements of each student. They strive to ensure that every student realizes their full potential.


Sutton Middle School in Atlanta, GA offers an innovative and broad program for students. The students are expected to discover their interests and interests as they strive to achieve academic excellence. In the primary curriculum, courses in sciences, mathematics and social studies, as well as physical education are provided. Mathematics covers topics like patterns and operations in numerical form as well as algebraic equations as well as functions, geometric, as well as trigonometry. Science is a study of science, chemistry, and biology. Social Studies covers world history beginning with the Ancient World through the Renaissance period, and continues to cover current developments in local politics. 

Language Arts classes help students develop writing techniques such as writing and grammar rules and literature studies the classic works in both fiction and non-fiction genres Public speaking develops the ability to articulate, which is essential for discussions and presentations. Physical Education is included in the curriculum to help promote fitness, health and wellbeing through a variety of activities like team sports, individual fitness classes and yoga, martial arts and dancing.

In addition to the fundamental classes, Sutton Middle School also offers classes in art, technology music, world language as well as career development. Technology courses focus on technologies like web design and coding. Painting focuses on the basics of drawing and painting while music lets students create their own unique art by performing or producing techniques. Foreign Language teaches conversational skills in Spanish or French. Career Exploration helps students to make informed choices regarding their future plans by exploring careers options following high school.


The faculty of Sutton Middle School in Atlanta GA are among the most committed specialists in this field. They are committed to providing an enjoyable and enriching learning experience for all students regardless of their backgrounds or abilities. The teachers are dedicated to offering a high-quality education, and making sure that every student has the opportunity to be successful.

The school’s administrators at Sutton Middle School also have an interest in helping students realize their full potential through support services like tutoring, counseling as well as after-school programs. The principal is very involved in the school’s community and collaborates closely with teachers, parents, staff, as well as other community leaders to ensure that all requirements are being met.

The staff supporting Sutton Middle School include counselors and social workers, librarians and nurses, all determined to help students achieve success. The library staff provides various sources, including magazines, books, newspapers, videos, computers and internet access. In the end, the staff of the custodial department strives to keep the school neat and tidy. They recognize the importance of creating a secure and warm atmosphere for everyone who is in the school.

Student Outcomes

The school has around 1,450 students, and the staff includes more than 80 counselors, teachers and administrators. Its total price for students attending Sutton Middle School is $11,650 annually for the school year 2021-2022. This includes registration fees, expenses for textbooks and other supplies and tuition fees (including technology charges) lunch costs as well as transportation fees (if appropriate) and any other fees that may be applicable. Financial aid is available to those who are eligible. There are also numerous extracurricular activities offered in Sutton Middle School such as bands, sports teams as well as after-school groups. There may be additional costs based on the type of activity selected.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Sutton Middle School is located in the center of Atlanta, Georgia. It is located in vibrant and diverse neighborhoods offering a wide range of facilities for families to take advantage of. To the west is Peoplestown which is one of the oldest black neighborhoods with roots that date back to the beginning of the 1900s. The area is now filled with new and old establishments, ranging from traditional soul food eateries to contemporary stores such as Home Depot and Target. The close-by Gilbert House Community Center provides opportunities for recreation for youngsters, including swimming lessons or martial arts classes as well as basketball courts.

Just north from Sutton Middle School lies Grant Park which is one of Atlanta’s most storied neighborhoods. The area has seen a resurgence recently by its tree-lined streets dotted with old-fashioned homes and businesses. The most popular tourist attractions located in Grant Park include the Atlanta Zoo, Grant Park Farmers Market, Turner Field and numerous others.

To the east is Ormewood Park, a unique area that is home to many of downtown’s finest eateries, shops as well as entertainment spots. The Ormewood Park area is renowned for hip shops, hip cafes and lively nightlife. The renowned BeltLine Trail passes through here and offers plenty of opportunities for running, biking or walking along the beautiful route.

Then to the south is Summerhill and the Atlanta University Center, a lively cultural hub that houses Georgia State University’s primary campus, as well as other institutions of higher education. The area has plenty of shopping opportunities close to Underground Atlanta and various dining establishments, including Miller Union and The Lawrence.

Whatever direction you turn, Sutton Middle School is set in a unique neighborhood with plenty of options for education as well as entertainment, shopping, and dining. If you’re seeking an evening out with friends or just a relaxing stroll through the park the surrounding areas of Sutton Middle School are filled with activities for all to enjoy. Sutton Middle School is proud of its diverse student population by providing a quality education in an environment that is inclusive.

What People are Saying

“My son has been a student at Sutton for two years now and we absolutely love it! The teachers and staff are amazing and truly care about the students. My son has flourished both academically and socially since attending Sutton. I highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a great middle school experience for their child.” -Liz C.

“Sutton Middle School is an excellent school! The teachers are so caring and go above and beyond to make sure the students succeed. My daughter has been attending Sutton for two years now, and she has absolutely loved it. She has made great friends and her grades have improved tremendously. I would highly recommend Sutton Middle School to any parent looking for a great school for their child.” -Jen S.

“We love Sutton Middle School! The teachers are top notch and really care about the students. My son has been attending Sutton for two years now, and we have been very happy with his experience. His grades have improved and he has made great friends. I would highly recommend this school to any parent looking for a great middle school experience for their child.” -Matt L.

Located at: 2875 Northside Dr NW #2807, Atlanta, GA 30305

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