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Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School

Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School located in Atlanta GA is a great location for students to develop and grow.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School located in Atlanta GA is a great location for students to develop and grow. The school is part of the Grady Cluster in Atlanta, MLK Jr has been named among the most prestigious schools within Georgia for its excellent academic programs. MLK Jr offers rigorous academics that include essential classes like math science, language arts, science as well as social studies, and foreign languages. Furthermore, MLK offers several unique elective courses that span from photography and theater to music technology and engineering, giving students the chance to explore their passions and develop specific abilities.

Not only is it true that MLK excels in academics, but the school also encourages respect for everyone in the community by offering a variety of student life programs. The school was acknowledged in the US Department of Education for its programs that emphasize students’ wellbeing in positive peer relationships, as well as the promotion of active lives. There are a variety of clubs and activities, such as drama, chorus as well as athletics, debate teams and many more.

In the end, Martin Luther King Jr Middle School is a fantastic option for students who want to receive an all-encompassing education that is based on solid academics and extracurricular activities. Furthermore, MLK is located near downtown Atlanta which gives students easy access to fantastic entertainment and cultural options. With its rich history and high academic standards this school provides an ideal setting for young minds to flourish.


Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School located in Atlanta GA is a public middle school named for the civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It was founded to provide an alternative to traditional schools for black students. The purpose is to provide high-quality education in an environment that was influenced by African American history, culture and experiences. MLK Middle School continues this mission to this day with its fundamental values of respect, integrity and courage, with a focus on creating an inclusive learning environment that fosters the pursuit of excellence and equity for every student.

The school has a range of distinctive programs like Urban Connections which provides quality after-school programs; Expeditionary Learning which allows students to experience their environment by taking excursions and hands-on learning as well as an AVID program that helps educate students for college; and collaboration together with Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation which gives mentoring support as well as community service projects and group building activities. In addition, MLK Middle School has an unwavering commitment to professional training for staff, teachers and administrators to ensure the success of students.

MLK Middle School is located in the middle of Southwest Atlanta near some of the city’s most famous landmarks, including The King Center, Clark Atlanta University and Morehouse College. This proximity provides many opportunities for significant partnership between the school and these prestigious institutions. For instance, Dr. Martin Luther King III frequently attends MLK Middle School as well as other schools named for his father.

Why Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School is the Best

Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School located in Atlanta GA is the perfect school for your child because of its dedication to excellence in education and diversity. The staff strives to provide a secure and nurturing learning environment that ensures every child can excel academically, socially and emotionally. The staff of Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School is highly skilled and committed to helping every student achieve their goals. They provide individualized instruction that allows students to engage by challenging topics while giving them support when they require it. It covers a broad variety of subjects that range from traditional academics such as science and math to music, arts and physical education, world languages as well as social studies, technology media literacy and many more! This ensures that every student is able to take advantage of numerous educational possibilities.

The school also places the focus on extracurricular activities that help students improve their interpersonal and social abilities, establish connections with other students and discover diverse areas of interest. From clubs to sports and even volunteering in the community there are a variety of options for children to be entertained while learning. The students at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School the diversity of students is celebrated and accepted as an asset. Students of all socioeconomic backgrounds are enrolled at the school and collaborate to foster a connection to the community. The school also organizes various events throughout the year which honor different cultures to encourage understanding and cooperation between the diverse student population.


Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School (MLKMS) located in Atlanta GA is a progressive and creative learning environment that supplies students with a high-quality education. The school has modern technology-rich classrooms built for collaboration, which includes interactive whiteboards and laptops for all students. The science labs are outfitted with modern technology that allows interactive exploration of scientific concepts. The school also offers a library media center which allows students to access digital resources, including ebooks and databases on the internet and also printed material.

The campus also has the cafeteria, which serves nutritious meals that are prepared by professional chefs, and available daily to students of all ages. There are ample sports fields that are used for fitness classes, intramural athletics teams, as well as after-school activities. The facilities also include a gymnasium that has bleachers as well as a track and courts for volleyball and basketball. Additionally, the school provides an auditorium, which is utilized for students’ performances and assemblies.

In addition, MLKMS provides support services for all of its students. This includes guidance counseling that will assist them in their academic success as well as emotionally in pursuit of a top-quality education. Counselors can assist in the selection of academic courses as well as career planning and social-emotional intervention. The school also offers a health clinic, staffed by nurses that can offer primary medical treatment for minor injuries or illnesses.


Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School in Atlanta GA offers an academic curriculum designed to build students’ understanding and abilities across a range of subjects. The curriculum emphasizes core academic subjects, including math, language arts and science, as well as world languages, social studies and physical education and health. In addition to these fundamental subjects, the school offers the opportunity for students to take part in enrichment opportunities that include technology, music, art appreciation, drama, and other activities.

The program in language arts assists students in developing proficient writing and reading skills as well as enabling them to communicate their thoughts through listening and speaking activities. Math classes cover subjects like algebraic reasoning and methods for problem solving, while also providing practical applications of math concepts. Science classes include explorations of earth sciences as well as life science explorations as well as physical science labs. Social studies classes are focused on issues like American politics and history. Language classes in the world expose students to a range of languages, including Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese.

The school also offers Physical Education & Health courses which emphasize the importance of exercising for well-being and health. Technology courses offer an introduction to the technology tools and applications like spreadsheets, word processing and digital media editing as well as web-based design. Music and Art appreciation classes assist students discover their artistic abilities while introducing them to different music genres, art forms, movement, artists, and styles. Drama classes provide opportunities for students to learn about techniques for storytelling through games of acting as well as improvisation and theater performances.

Alongside these core classes and elective ones, Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities designed to encourage social-emotional development and build an appreciation for belonging between students. Clubs like The Math & Science Club, Art & Culture Club and Debate Team offer hands-on experiences for students to discover new areas of interest or to develop their skills in their specific area of interest. The school also hosts various events throughout the year, with special guests from the community and further. The programs all work to create an educational atmosphere that provides an extensive education for the students.


The school also has committed staff and teachers who are committed to learning and the development of students. They employ innovative methods to engage their students and aid them in reaching their highest potential by offering practical learning experiences that are customized to meet the needs of each student. Every faculty member and staff member is dedicated to creating a secure environment for learning that is supportive, respectful and a positive setting for students.

In addition to their dedicated instructors, MLK also has a range of support staff who assist in ensuring that the school is running smoothly. From administration assistants and guidance counselors to custodians and librarians, every one of them plays a crucial part in helping MLK achieve its objectives. The school also has an experienced security team who work hard to ensure that staff and students are secure. The presence of the security team on campus creates the feeling of security, while they collaborate along with the other employees to ensure the safety of all on campus.

When it comes to it, Martin Luther King Jr Middle School located in Atlanta GA is staffed with the most dedicated experts in their field. Their dedication to student success and their love for education is evident in every aspect of their work. With such a skilled group of teachers, support staff and administrators, it’s evident that MLK provides an exceptional education for their students.

Student Outcomes

Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School located in Atlanta GA is a public school that is funded through the Fulton County Board of Education. The tuition fee for new students is $7,865 for the year in 2019-2020. The cost covers essential supplies like textbooks and classroom supplies, however it does not cover transportation or extracurricular activities. In addition to the basic fee, students are charged additional costs associated with enrolling at MLKMS like admissions fees ($50) as well as uniform expenses ($100-$150) Awards ceremonies ($30) as well as costs for technology ($15). Additional costs could be added depending on the student’s specific needs and situation. Families can also opt to buy optional items like meal plans ($40/month) and after-school care ($10/day) as well as additional activities ($30/semester). There are also payment plans that can help lower the cost of tuition for families, including monthly installments or lunches at a reduced price. MLKMS provides a range of financial aid options for students who are eligible, such as loans, grants, scholarships and other types of financial aid.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School (MLK) is located in the Oakland City neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. The area surrounding it is an array of homes, houses, small-scale businesses, and a variety of entertainment venues. Oakland City is a great neighborhood. Oakland City neighborhood offers plenty of amenities for residents living nearby including a variety of parks and recreation areas, including Samuel Odom Park and Huff Road Skate Park. There are also local businesses and services such as La Taco House Market and 24 hour laundry services. There are restaurants that serve international cuisine Some of them include Cacao Mexican Restaurant, Uncle Jack’s Soul Food Restaurant, El Maguey Mexicana Grill & Cantina, Nuevo Laredo Cantina, and others.

Within a couple of blocks is the well-known West End Historic District, where you can see over 300 Victorian-style houses and other structures which have been restored to their original glory. There are plenty of entertainment options within walking distance , including The Village Theatre and the Oakland City Center Library. The area surrounding MLK Middle School is full of culture, with a variety of cultural and artistic activities happening every day. From art shows to music shows there’s something for everyone in this lively neighborhood. In addition, several schools are close by and include Kipp Atlanta Collegiate High School, Carter G Woodson Elementary School as well as Rivers Academy International Baccalaureate World School.

In general it is clear that overall, the Oakland City neighborhood surrounding Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School in Atlanta is a lively and diverse place with entertainment, culture and fun for everyone to take advantage of. People living in the area are able to take advantage of the numerous amenities, including parks, restaurants, shops, schools, and art galleries. With plenty to do and see within the walking distance or just a short drive from the area, it’s no wonder that the area has grown into the most desirable area to live in for individuals from all kinds of backgrounds.

What People are Saying

“I am so proud to be an alum of Martin Luther King, Jr Middle School! The level of excellence that is instilled in the students here is amazing. The faculty and staff work diligently to ensure that every student has the opportunity to succeed. I highly recommend this school to anyone seeking a top-notch educational experience for their child.” -Amber R., Parent

“As a former student of MLK Jr. Middle School, I can say that this is an excellent school! The teachers are passionate and truly care about their students’ success. They go above and beyond to make sure each and every one of us reach our fullest potential.” -Monique W., Alum

“My son attends MLK Jr. Middle School and I could not be happier! The level of academics is top-notch and he has really flourished since starting here. I highly recommend this school to any parent looking for a great education for their child.” -John S., Parent

“Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School is an excellent school! The faculty and staff are amazing and truly care about each and every student. They provide a rigorous academic program that prepares students for success in high school and beyond. I highly recommend this school to anyone seeking a top-notch educational experience for their child.” -Jessica B., Parent

Located at: 545 Hill St SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

Monday 8AM–4:45PM
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