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Luther J. Price Middle School

Luther J. Price Middle School is located in the beautiful region in Atlanta, GA. The school is located near numerous attractions, making it an ideal school to study and grow.

Luther J. Price Middle School is located in the beautiful region in Atlanta, GA. The school is located near numerous attractions, making it an ideal school to study and grow. The nearby attractions are those of the Georgia Aquarium, The World of Coca Cola and Centennial Olympic Park. Each of these places is close to the school, and give students plenty of opportunities to discover and grow.

Luther J. Price Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia is an exceptional school for various reasons. The school’s dedicated teachers and staff will help each pupil reach their full potential by offering individualized instruction, and ample opportunities to be involved in a variety of activities within and outside of the classroom.

Its facilities Luther J. Price Middle School are second-to-none equipped with the latest technology across the entire campus. This includes interactive whiteboards, computer software, and other tools that are created to aid students in their learning. The library also provides many materials that are ideal for research projects as well as quiet studying sessions.

The school’s curriculum for Luther J. Price Middle School focuses on STEM (Science Engineering and Technology) and the humanities. This is a way for each student to discover their own passions and strengths while gaining important life skills that can be utilized in their future career.

Finally, Luther J. Price Middle School promotes an environment that is welcoming and diverse which is evident by its many clubs and organizations, service programs and other events. The school offers a secure and welcoming environment in which students of different backgrounds are able to collaborate towards the same objectives. From after-school programs like drama and dance classes to opportunities for community involvement there’s something for every student, regardless of their background or abilities.

Overall, Luther J. Price Middle School offers an excellent academic experience, paired with numerous activities that go beyond the classroom that aid students on their way to achievement. It’s the ideal place for students who want to discover their passions and develop essential skills and build lasting friendships.


Luther J. Price Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia is one of the oldest schools in the city. It was established in 1924 named after its founder, Luther J. Price It was among the very first middle school publics that opened its doors for African American students in Atlanta and was a part of a movement of integration in schools that was sweeping across the city during the time.

The school was situated on 1490 Jonesboro Road Southwest, but it relocated to its present address in 1750 Paterson Avenue Northwest in 1962. The institution changed the name of its school from Jonesboro Road Junior High School to Luther J. Price Junior High School as an honor to the school’s founder and acknowledge his commitment to education in Atlanta’s urban communities.

In the latter part of the 1970s, it was extended to include students in grades 6-8 . In the late 1970s, the name was changed in the late 1970s to Luther J. Price Middle School. Since its beginning the school has provided an academically rigorous program for students that focuses on math, science, and technology. The school also offers a range of extracurricular activities like choir and band programs as well as interscholastic teams competing in basketball, football and track and field as well as other sports.

Through the years, Luther J. Price Middle School has become an institution of excellence in education in Atlanta’s inner city neighborhoods. Its commitment to providing a high-quality education for all students , regardless of their race or financial status has served as a source of inspiration for thousands of African American students and helped students achieve their goals. It is still a vital part of the city’s education landscape and continues to offer an essential service to the community it serves.

Today, Luther J. Price Middle School is still growing and is an essential educational establishment within the inner-city of Atlanta. This school’s growth and changed in the modern era, while remaining committed to offering a high-quality education for all students who walk across its halls. It’s a testament of Luther J. Price’s legacy as well as his dedication to ensuring equal educational opportunities for everyone.

Why Luther J. Price Middle School Is The Best

Luther J. Price Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia is one of the top schools for your child’s educational needs because of its excellent academic program and a variety of extracurricular activities. The school has a remarkable track in helping students prepare for success following graduation, with 100 % of their 8th graders being accepted into college preparatory classes or receiving the diploma of the accredited school. The commitment to excellence can be seen in the wide range of prizes and honors received by staff, faculty, and students.

The school’s curriculum offers an enlightened education that promotes the development of critical thinking and inquiry throughout all subjects. Students are offered a variety of avenues to academic success which include Advanced Placement classes where they are able to earn college credits and electives like art, drama and music to complement their education, as well as numerous extracurricular activities to improve their abilities beyond the classroom.

Luther J. Price Middle School also prides itself on its diverse student body as well as faculty. The school is proud of students of all backgrounds and has a strong commitment to create equal educational opportunities for everyone. With a committed faculty and staff who foster an environment of understanding and respect The school promotes appreciation for different cultures and helps to build a sense of community.

The combination of academic excellence, a diverse student body, and outstanding extracurricular activities makes Luther J. Price Middle School one of the top schools for your child’s education at the time of Atlanta Georgia. If you choose to invest in the Price Middle School the child can benefit from an intensive educational program as well as the assistance of a committed staff who care about the success of students. With all of these advantages, Luther J. Price Middle School sets up your child with the greatest chance to excel both in school and beyond.

Overall, Luther J. Price Middle School is one of the top institutions located in Atlanta Georgia for your child to attend. The school is able to maintain high academic standards , while creating an environment which celebrates diversity and encourages acceptance of people from all backgrounds. With its excellent curriculum, a wide array of extracurricular activities, as well as its dedicated faculty, this school offers an excellent base for every student’s education and success in the future!


Luther J. Price Middle School in Atlanta Georgia is a top-quality educational institution that is committed to giving students the most effective learning experience. The school is equipped with modern facilities, technology resources and services designed to improve the student’s education experience.

The campus comprises two buildings that are connected by a vast outdoor courtyard, surrounded by lush vegetation with mature and mature trees. In each building there are numerous classrooms that are equipped with the latest technology like Interactive whiteboards and computers and projectors. Along with classrooms, Luther J. Price also has a media center in which students have access to computers for research or access to books from the library for studying or leisure reading. There’s also an auditorium with seating in tiered rows for performances, music and other events.

On the outside, the college has an extensive playground as well as sports fields for classes in physical education or teams, as well as community use. The school also has an indoor running track for students to sprint, jump, or try their high-jumping skills. The gyms are also equipped that have basketball courts of a full size as well as locker rooms and fitness equipment.

Finally, Luther J. Price Middle School provides special services like an on-site health center that is run by a nurse on site who is able to address student health concerns and refer them to other providers when needed. The cafeteria offers healthy food prepared from scratch every day and the counseling center aids students manage social challenges such as bullying and peer pressure.


At Luther J. Price Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia, students are confronted with rigorous and demanding courses that help prepare students for academic success in the high schools and even beyond. The curriculum consists of math, English/language arts sciences, physical and social studies education. Language Arts classes cover the study of composition and grammar and literary works from writers both modern and classical. Mathematics classes cover subjects like decimals, fractions and algebra I and II, precalculus and calculus. Science classes incorporate hands-on learning in content areas like biology, earth science Physics and Chemistry. Social studies classes focus on American history, while also taking into account historical events from around the world. Physical Education includes engaging lessons which emphasize healthful living habits. Additionally, Luther J. Price Middle School offers a range of electives like art, music as well as foreign languages and technology, as well as computer science that let students explore their interests more. The staff and teachers at Luther J. Price Middle School strive to provide a nurturing and safe environment for students where every student can realize their maximum potential. Through the wide-ranging curriculum students are provided with the skills they require to become an effective member of society.

In addition to the main activities offered by the school, Luther J. Price Middle School also provides various extracurricular activities and groups for students seeking opportunities to get engaged in the school environment. They include academic teams like Mathletes or Science Olympiad; service learning opportunities with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity as well as Boys & Girls Clubs; and athletic teams playing sports like volleyball, basketball as well as track and field and cross-country. Through these programs, students can find new passions while acquiring essential skills like collaboration, communication, leadership and solving problems.

At Luther J. Price Middle School in Chicago, emphasis is on helping students become productive members of society by offering them an all-encompassing education that addresses their specific needs. The rigorous curriculum, in conjunction with the variety of extracurricular activities available in the Luther J. Price Middle School. Luther J. Price Middle School creates an environment that allows all students to excel. With this unique mix of rigorous academics and real-world experiences, students acquire the skills they require for academic success throughout high school and beyond.


Luther J. Price Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia is staffed by a group of committed and knowledgeable professionals who are dedicated to helping students achieve their maximum potential. The team comprises counselors, teachers administrators, custodial staff, administrators as well as office personnel, cafeteria staff as well as volunteer coaches.

The faculty of the school are highly trained educators who are experts in many areas, like science, math languages, and sociology. Teachers must have at least bachelor’s degrees and an official teaching certificate issued by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission or an agency that is a state-approved one. Teachers also have advanced degrees, such as doctoral degrees or master’s degrees which improve their abilities to instruct students within the school.

Alongside the faculty members in the Luther J. Price Middle School There are counselors and administrative staff members who offer students with academic and personal help. The counseling team is composed of a qualified counselor, as well as several school-based counselors that work to cater to the requirements of every student. The school’s administrators of Luther J. Price Middle School has a broad range of responsibilities which include overseeing the operation, providing instructions for teachers, as well as monitoring that the school is in compliance with the laws of the state.

The custodial and office staff of Luther J. Price Middle School keep the school in good order daily by ensuring cleanliness, performing simple maintenance tasks, handling papers, creating schedules, and arranging events. Cafeteria staff prepare healthy meals for students all day long while volunteer coaches ensure that students succeed in their chosen sports.

Luther J. Price Middle School is a team of professionals who are dedicated to helping students realize their full potential and excel at school and beyond. Through collaboration with the staff of Luther J. Price Middle School ensure that every student gets the individual care they require to succeed.

Student Outcomes

Luther J. Price Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia is a public school which belongs to the Fulton County Schools system. The cost for attending Luther J. Price Middle School, on an annual basis is about $7,000 for every student. This amount includes fees and tuition for full-time enrollment as other costs like activities fees, technology fees, and rental of textbook charges.

The tuition cost for Luther J. Price Middle School covers academic classes like English math, science, math as well as social studies and foreign language classes, optional courses like music, art, and physical education, field trips, textbooks or other educational material required for the class. Additional fees which can be charged based on the student’s level of education and the type of class they are taking, like technology charges, activity fees and rental of textbooks.

Technology fees pay for the cost of providing every student with laptops or tablets to use within the class. Activity fees cover the cost of clubs, events and other extracurricular activities which are offered in the Luther J. Price Middle School. Then, rental costs for textbooks include any textbooks or other educational materials required for classes and could be anywhere from $30-$100 subject to the student’s class workload.

Along with tuition and other costs, students could also require school supplies, such as pencils, notebooks and pens, food items; clothing, and travel expenses, such as taxi or bus fares when required. All in all, the total cost of attending Luther J. Price Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia is approximately $7,000 per year for each student.

When you take all these costs Parents and guardians are able to see a precise estimate of the amount it will cost for sending their children to Luther J. Price Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia on an annual basis. It may appear to be a lot initially, however if it is split among multiple children attending school at the same time or spread over a number of years, it could be easier to manage expenses which can be budgeted accordingly. In addition, there are scholarships offered by the school district that can aid in reducing cost of tuition and fees, and even discounts available for additional activities. All of these must be considered when estimating the costs to send your child to Luther J. Price Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Luther J. Price Middle School is located in the Grant Park neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. The school is located west of Atlanta’s downtown and is located close to major highways and accessible public transport choices. It’s just a few blocks of Zoo Atlanta and about ten minutes of Piedmont Park.

The area around Grant Park features many historic Victorian-era houses as well as some contemporary apartments. The area is an unusual mix of modern and old architecture that makes it a welcoming location to stay or to visit. There are plenty of eateries as well as entertainment and shopping venues that are within walking distance of Luther J. Price Middle School, so students can take advantage of everything the city offers without needing to travel away from the campus.

The surrounding neighborhood of Ormewood Park is another great area to explore close to Luther J. Price Middle School. The area has a more suburban feel as it is the home of numerous families, parks, and a range of eateries. It’s also where you can find one of Atlanta’s most storied movie theaters The Plaza Theater The Plaza Theater – which was open since 1939!

Just to the south of Luther J. Price Middle School lies East Atlanta Village An urban community that is known for its lively nightlife and a diverse mix of eateries and shops. There are numerous bars and pubs, music venues, bars as well as art galleries, among other interesting attractions that provide plenty of activities during the week or after school.

The west side to the west of Luther J. Price Middle School lies the old area of Cabbagetown. The area is renowned for its historic architectural style and distinct character. It’s an ideal location to wander around on foot and via bicycle, since there are many interesting places to visit while you explore. It also has numerous popular eateries and Krog Street Market, which offers a wide array of food choices from Atlanta’s most talented chefs.

Luther J. Price Middle School is conveniently located in a variety of exciting neighborhoods that provide plenty of things for all ages! If you’re searching for something to do after school or just want to take a stroll in the afternoon the areas are full of things to do. With plenty of activities to choose from, Luther J. Price Middle School provides the perfect location for students to discover this city called Atlanta.

What People are Saying

“The teachers are so caring and make sure that the students understand the material.” -A Parent

“I love this school because it has a great environment and the teachers are very helpful.” -A Student

“This is a great school! The teachers are amazing and really care about their students. They make learning fun and engaging. My child has flourished since attending Luther J. Price Middle School.” -A Parent

Located at: 1670 Benjamin Weldon Bickers Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30315

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