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KIPP WAYS Academy in Atlanta, Georgia is an excellent school for students in the K-8 age group. The school’s mission is to offer high-quality education

KIPP WAYS Academy in Atlanta, Georgia is an excellent school for students in the K-8 age group. The school’s mission is to offer high-quality education and provide students with the information and skills needed to succeed in life and college. Students at KIPP WAYS get a rigorous and rigorous curriculum that will prepare them for life after their time as students.

The KIPP faculty WAYS are highly skilled teachers who are committed to working with every student to ensure their academic success. They recognize the importance of individual instruction and will provide every student with the resources that are specifically tailored to their requirements. Classroom environments encourage cooperation between students and teachers and encourage discussion about challenging subjects or concepts.

Alongside its academic offerings, KIPP WAYS also has various extracurricular opportunities to get students involved in activities they love outside of the classroom. Extracurricular activities like student councils, arts clubs, and intramural sports let students explore their interests and broaden their perspectives. With these opportunities, kids form strong bonds with each other and develop their leadership skills, and enhance their teamwork skills.

KIPP WAYS is committed to helping every student reach their potential of each student. The school offers its pupils with emotional assistance they require throughout their education by offering the ability to access mental health experts, academic advisors, and resources for social-emotional learning. By providing these support services KIPP WAYS helps empower each student for the success they will have in college and beyond.

Because of these and other reasons, KIPP WAYS Academy in Atlanta, Georgia is an ideal school for students from K-8. The highly-trained staff and faculty are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment in which every pupil can discover their true potential and be successful. Students are provided with an academically rigorous course of study as well as extracurricular activities that allow them to build important abilities for university and even beyond. With the emotional support services offered by the school, every student is able to achieve their potential to the fullest extent. The KIPP WAYS school is a great option for families looking for an exceptional education for their children.


KIPP WAYS Academy in Atlanta Georgia is a charter public academy that’s operational since 2004. This is the only one in Atlanta and is part of the nationwide group of KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) schools that are dedicated to helping students from low-income communities achieve their potential to the fullest extent. The purpose of KIPP WAYS Academy is to help students prepare for college and the world of work by placing emphasis placed on academic excellence, character development, and leadership development.

KIPP WAYS opened its doors in August 2004, with 95 5th graders who were enrolled. In the years since, it has grown slowly by adding grades every year until 2013, when it reached the 8th grade, serving 600 middle school students all in all. This year, KIPP WAYS added a high school, educating more than 200 freshmen. It is one of the very few charter schools to provide high and middle schooling.

The curriculum offered at KIPP Ways is focused on academic basics like reading, math, science, and writing. The classes that are the core ones are complemented by enrichment activities such as robotics, chess clubs, music lessons and service learning projects, and much more. The school is committed to teaching students life skills that can enable them to succeed outside of the classroom. This involves teaching collaboration, communication, and problem-solving abilities through extracurricular activities like debate teams or student government.

KIPP WAYS is committed to helping students attain academic success and also fostering their character growth so that they can realize their maximum potential. It has evolved to become an outstanding charter school in the Atlanta region and continues to set a precedent for other schools that seek to provide an excellent education for students from marginalized communities. In providing a space conducive to learning and character building, KIP WAYS has helped its students succeed in and out in the school.

Why KIPP WAYS Academy Is The Best

KIPP WAYS Academy in Atlanta, Georgia is the perfect school for every child. It is a public charter school that is tuition-free and serves students in the fifth through eighth grades. It offers an education that is based upon academic success, development of character as well as preparation for college. KIPP WAYS Academy has an excellent faculty and staff that are committed to giving every student the best quality of instruction and guidance. The teaching staff at KIPP WAYS are certified to teach in Georgia and have a vast knowledge of teaching children from a variety of backgrounds and abilities.

The school, KIPP WAYS Academy, teachers make use of research-based techniques including project-based learning, problem-based education, and data analysis to make sure that students are able to master concepts before they move on to more challenging subjects. Students also have access to college-preparatory classes in math science, chemistry as well as language arts. Furthermore, KIPP WAYS provides activities that are enriching, such as robotics as well as music, visual arts, and debate clubs. These activities all promote critical thinking skills, which are crucial for success in the coming years.

KIPP WAYS Academy is committed to preparing children not just academically, but also socially and emotionally. The school has an effective behavior management program that focuses on building confidence and character in every student. Along with daily advisory meetings in which students are able to discuss issues that relate to their personal development and engage with their teachers in a private manner The school also offers counseling services for those who require it.

In the end, KIPP WAYS Academy is committed to its local community. The school collaborates with local churches, businesses, and non-profit organizations to provide assistance and resources to families of the students at KIPP the WAYS. They are always seeking ways to get their students outside of school and also help the community by volunteering for different outreach programs across Atlanta.


KIPP WAYS Academy in Atlanta, Georgia is a college preparatory school that provides students with an engaging and innovative educational setting for students. With its state-of-the-art equipment, KIPP WAYS strives to raise the level of education for students.

The classrooms are fitted with modern interactive whiteboards, as well as computers that are connected via the web for seamless collaboration between students and teachers. This technology stimulates innovative problem-solving among students and increases their understanding. Furthermore, all the classrooms are equipped with comfortable furniture and adequate lighting that can aid in better concentration and learning for learners.

KIPP WAYS has a library filled with books as well as magazines, newspapers, as well as other educational resources. The library also has audio-visual equipment, such as computers and projectors to assist students with their learning. The library also houses an area for a study where students can gather and work on projects together or conduct research.

KIPP WAYS Academy also provides an athletic center that includes basketball courts, soccer fields, and an athletic track for students to participate in physical activities. The gym of the school is equipped with weight machines, fitness equipment as well as other advanced exercise equipment. Additionally, they have teams for sports that participate at regional or national levels. All in all, KIPP WAYS Academy offers its students an engaging and enjoyable learning experience with its state-of-the-art facilities. The combination of state-of-the-art classrooms, extensive library facilities, and top-quality athletic facilities make it one of the most prestigious schools in Atlanta Georgia.


KIPP WAYS Academy in Atlanta, Georgia is a college preparatory charter school that offers an education that is based on foundations of character, education, and love. The curriculum offered by KIPP WAYS Academy helps prepare students for success academically as well as socially.

The academic program offered at KIPP WAYS Academy follows the Common Core State Standards, that place a strong emphasis on math and language arts. Students are taught writing, reading languages, usage of language, speaking abilities, and mathematics concepts like basic operations, problem-solving, and reasoning in algebra. Furthermore, classes that are essential to the curriculum like sciences, social studies and foreign languages (Spanish), and technologies are included to introduce students to a range of subjects. To provide individual attention and instruction, classes are small and students are provided with a customized education plan that is based on their specific academic needs.

The curriculum for social and emotional development in KIPP WAYS Academy prepares students to be successful citizens of this world. One of the most important aspects of the curriculum is teaching students to think about their thinking and build positive relationships with each other. The school encourages positive behavior with the Social Discipline program, which insists on respect for self as well as for others by using methods of classroom management. Mindfulness meditation and team-building exercises to develop self-awareness, empathy, and impulse control among students.


The team at KIPP WAYS Academy in Atlanta, Georgia is made up of administrators, educators as well as support personnel who are dedicated to the whole-of-life educational needs of students. The teachers at the school are skilled professionals with a desire for engaging their students and developing solid connections with their students. Alongside classroom instruction, They strive to give students meaningful opportunities for exploring their careers and practical experiences. Every teacher is supported by an administrator who is committed to making sure that all aspects of instruction are in line with the school’s mission and vision.

KIPP WAYS also has counselors on staff who offer guidance, counseling as well as social-emotional assistance to every student at the school. The counselors are all experienced in working with diverse groups and know the particular requirements of KIPP WAYS students. The school also employs a range of support staff to ensure that the operational aspects are operating smoothly. This includes receptionists, maintenance workers administrators, administrative assistant experts, security personnel, and many more. Every person on the team plays a crucial role in providing a safe space for teachers and students alike.

KIPP WAYS Academy is committed to bringing in only the best teachers and staff to provide a warm and comfortable educational environment for students. Staff members all share the same goal of helping their students acquire the knowledge and abilities they require to be effective citizens in the society we live in. Through their hard and dedicated work, KIPP WAYS staff members make a positive impact on the day lives of the students they teach each day.

Student Outcomes

KIPP WAYS Academy in Atlanta, Georgia is a tuition-free public charter school for students from grades 5 to 8. The school was established in order to offer students access to an outstanding education and prepare them for college. KIPP WAYS strives to make sure that students have the necessary skills to be successful at the college level, and also provide the assistance they require to achieve their full potential. The cost of going to KIPP WAYS Academy is free but families are advised to contribute financially, or through volunteering when they are able to. Additionally, families could be forced to pay for additional costs according to the course or the course materials selected by their child to complete their education.

KIPP WAYS takes pride in providing additional resources and services to students, including tutoring after school, mentorships, and college preparation classes. These are provided for free for families and aid in bridging the gap between academic expectations for high school and college-ready. The school also collaborates with parents for parents to be sure that their kids get all the help they require both academically and emotionally. 

Parents are able to participate in events during the evening or be involved by being updated on their child’s progress during the course of the academic year. KIPP WAYS Academy is committed to providing an excellent education for no cost so that all students can have access to an education of the highest quality regardless of financial status. This is why it works to ensure that the cost of education doesn’t stand the obstacles to a student’s progress. With the help of its staff, faculty, as well as families KIPP WAYS, will do what it takes to ensure that each student is able to reach their potential.

KIPP WAYS Academy provides high-quality education for free but there are additional costs with the school, such as charges for the course materials, other services, as well as special occasions. In spite of these expenses, the school aims to ensure that every student has access to all the resources they require to succeed. The school also encourages families to be involved in giving back financially or volunteering when they are able to ensure that every student has the resources they require for success. 

The ultimate goal is that KIPP WAYS Academy seeks to offer a top-quality education for no cost in order to ensure that each pupil is provided with the knowledge and skills they require to be successful. In its dedication to offering the best education possible, KIPP WAYS Academy allows all students access to an excellent education, regardless of their financial situation.

Nearby Neighborhoods

KIPP Ways Academy is situated in a lively area located in Atlanta, Georgia. Within a short distance from the academy is one of Atlanta’s most historic and interesting neighborhoods, the West End. It’s a hot spot for foodies looking for tasty southern-style food here. There are plenty of unusual shopping opportunities, with antique stores and thrift shops lining the streets. The neighborhood is a great place to visit for anyone from young families to professionals.

Just to the South to the south of KIPP WAYS Academy lies Adair Park which is another popular Atlanta neighborhood. It’s a treasure trove of gorgeous old houses that have been meticulously restored, making it a desirable area to live in. The neighborhood is also home to several parks, like Murphy Candler Park, where people can enjoy the trails for walking, playgrounds along with picnic spaces. Adair Park is a great location for families to enjoy time in the sun on weekends.

Just to the east to the east of KIPP WAYS Academy lies Pittsburgh, a thriving neighborhood that has seen a rise in popularity with young professionals in recent times. The area is full of trendy bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues for you to visit. It’s also only one short drive away from downtown Atlanta making it an ideal location for making a commute or for doing around for business.

In the northern part in the direction of KIPP WAYS Academy lies East Point which is an ethnically diverse town filled with independent and small-scale retailers. East Point is well-known for its lively art scene as well as its many events throughout the season. East Point is a great location to visit for anyone who is interested in culture, art, and music. The city’s downtown district, which is historic, is also home to a variety of eateries and shops that you can visit.

The four neighborhoods that surround KIPP WAYS Academy offer something unique for anyone who comes to visit or lives near. From tasty southern food to chic bars and entertainment venues there are plenty of things to do in this part of Atlanta. No matter if you’re seeking something fun for the whole family or a vibrant club scene to party in, there’s bound to be something that meets your requirements. If you’re ever in the area, make sure to explore these vibrant areas!

What People are Saying

“KIPP is making a world of difference for our family. We are so grateful for the education, structure and support that KIPP provides.” – parent of a KIPP student

“KIPP has been amazing for our son! The teachers and staff are truly invested in each child’s success.” – parent of a KIPP student

“Our daughter loves attending KIPP WAYS Academy! The teachers and staff have been great at supporting her academically and socially.” – parent of a KIPP student

“KIPP has given our son the confidence to succeed both inside and outside of the classroom.” – parent of a KIPP student

Located at: 350 Temple St NW, Atlanta, GA 30314
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