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Crawford W Long Middle School

Crawford W. Long Middle School located in Atlanta, Georgia is a great option for anyone who is looking for an extensive Middle school education. 

Crawford W. Long Middle School located in Atlanta, Georgia is a great option for anyone who is looking for an extensive Middle school education. With a variety of clubs, activities, and educational resources available The school gives students plenty of opportunities to discover their interests and expand their understanding. The teachers are highly skilled professionals who are genuinely concerned about the development of every pupil they instruct. The school also has close ties to local organizations and businesses that provide internships as well as other opportunities to learn beyond the classroom.

The program of Crawford W Long is designed to test students and prepare them for future academic success at high schools and even beyond. The core classes like mathematics sciences, English, social studies, and physical education, as well as health and safety, are complemented with exciting elective subjects. In addition, the school provides a variety option of Advanced Placement (AP) classes for those students seeking to push themselves further.

Crawford W Long Middle School Crawford W Long Middle School staff and faculty are aware that the secret to the success of the middle school is creating a secure, nurturing environment that encourages students to develop as self-sufficient thinkers. Staff members work hard to make sure that every student is comfortable enough to be involved in various activities like sports and extracurricular clubs. By participating in these clubs, pupils are able to improve their skills or learn new ones, while building lasting relationships with their classmates and their teachers.

Additionally, Crawford W Long provides students with numerous opportunities beyond the classroom. Through strong connections to local organizations, businesses, and institutions, it is possible for students to participate in mentored internships as well as other experiences in the real world. These experiences can help students gain the opportunity to better understand their potential, and can open the doors for further academic and professional achievement.

In the end, Crawford W Long Middle School is a fantastic option for anyone who is looking for an extensive Middle school education. It offers engaging and challenging classes. knowledgeable instructors, friendly staff, and a variety of extracurricular activities on the menu, it offers students many opportunities to discover their passions and expand their knowledge while they prepare for the high school level and even beyond.


Crawford W. Long Middle School located in Atlanta, Georgia is a public school that is located in the southwest area of Atlanta, Georgia. It is located in the southwest region of. The school was established in year 1955 and named after Crawford W. Long, a prominent doctor from the area who played a significant role in improving health care for African Americans during the late 19th century as well as the the early 20th century. The school began with classes ranging from 6 to 8 and then expanded to include kindergarten up to fifth grade and classes for high school by 1965.

The neighborhood has grown over time However, Long Middle School remains one of the top educational institutions across Atlanta Public Schools (APS). Along with the rigorous academic program, Long offers many extracurricular activities, including orchestra, and band as well as a yearbook, chorus theatre, and debate. Long has a long tradition of providing quality education for its diverse student body that includes students from every walk of life.

Over the decades, Long Middle School has been committed to providing its students with an exceptional education. In 2008 the school was awarded a certificate for excellent performance from the Georgia Department of Education for meeting Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) across all 11 measures of mathematics and reading. The school also is dedicated to encouraging sustainable practices for the environment, which include recycling plastic bottles and paper composting food scraps, and organizing beach cleanups.

Why Crawford W Long Middle School Is The Best

Crawford W Long Middle School located in Atlanta, Georgia is an excellent college for your child of yours. It offers a secure and stimulating learning environment for its students and provides them with the best opportunities to improve their academic performance as well as social. The school features the most up-to-date techniques and technology which help students to learn more and succeed in their academics.

They are teachers from Crawford W Long Middle School and are highly trained professionals who are committed to providing a high-quality education to students. They employ innovative strategies including field trips and hands-on experience that make learning fun and memorable. Teachers also make sure that each student gets individual attention so that they are able to completely comprehend the material they are studying.

Additionally, Crawford W Long Middle School provides a variety of extracurricular activities which provide students with an opportunity to discover their passions and learn new skills. The school offers arts and athletics programs and other clubs that help students to be involved in a variety of activities.

Then, Crawford W Long Middle School allows parents to keep in touch with their children even when they attend school. Parents can get access to student information and attend conferences with parents through the school’s site or app. This helps ensure that parents are informed of the activities at school and how their child is performing academically as well as socially.


Crawford W Long Middle School located in Atlanta, Georgia offers a variety of facilities for its students. The school is equipped with the most modern technology in order to offer an engaging learning experience for students. Students are provided with high-speed internet as well as the capability to connect their personal devices, such as smartphones, laptops tablets, and laptops. The school also offers digital whiteboards, which enable teachers to make engaging visually-based presentations during class. Additionally, the library is well-stocked with books covering many subjects, from math and science to literature and history.

The facility also has numerous recreational opportunities for students seeking for something to do after class. The gym is large that allows students to play organized sports such as volleyball or basketball. There is also an indoor pool facility that is an ideal spot for the students to cool off during the warmer seasons. There are a variety of green spaces, as well as the track and field area where students can run around or play their sport of choice.

Crawford W Long Middle School also provides additional curricular events throughout the school year, such as art, music, drama, and much more. There are numerous clubs for students to join to further develop their interest in areas like robotics, chess, and computer programming. The school offers transportation for excursions so that students can have the chance to take part regardless of where they live in Atlanta Georgia.


Crawford W. Long Middle School located in Atlanta, Georgia offers a thorough and rigorous curriculum that helps students prepare for academic success in a secondary school as well as beyond. The school is home to numerous departments dedicated to providing students with the most efficient educational experience for students which includes technology, music math, language arts sciences, physical education, social studies, and health.

In Crawford W. Long Middle School students are encouraged to participate in performing arts classes like band or choir class. This encourages creativity, while also teaching teamwork and assisting children to discover their unique talents. There is also an emphasis on the visual arts, such as drawing and painting classes that aid in developing fine motor skills as well as enhance self-expression.

The science curriculum in middle school is centered on practical learning and real-world problem-solving. Students have the chance to learn about various subjects like biology, chemistry, and Physics with laboratory experiments, field trips, and engaging activities. With the help of technology, students are able to have access to virtual classrooms where they are given additional information on subjects that are associated with their studies.

To help prepare students for college-ready, Crawford W. Long Middle School provides a range of Advanced Placement courses which give students the opportunity to test their academic abilities and earn college credit prior to graduation from high school. The school also offers a variety of clubs that are dedicated to helping students achieve success in all areas of life, by providing support in areas such as tutoring, mentorship programs, and information sessions about scholarships. All of this is complemented by the importance of character development as well as leadership and volunteering opportunities for the community to ensure students receive a complete education.


Crawford W Long Middle School located in Atlanta, Georgia boasts a dedicated and committed faculty. Each teacher demonstrates an unwavering commitment to providing an excellent education for every student. Every teacher is highly educated and accredited through the State of Georgia and is willing to do more than make sure that students are successful.

The school also has an experienced group of administrators who are committed to academic excellence and the well-being of the students. They work in partnership with the parents of students, local residents, and other key stakeholders to provide an environment that is conducive to learning for their students. They welcome input from all stakeholders to enhance their teaching methods.

The Crawford W Long Middle School’s administrative team is equally committed to the teachers and has an inexhaustible dedication to students. The school’s social and counselors offer a range of services to assist students with academic and personal issues. They are committed to ensuring that every student is able to achieve their full potential.

The staff of the custodial department in Crawford W Long Middle School is also an integral component of the learning atmosphere. They are hardworking and maintain the school neat, safe, and in good condition, which helps teachers, administrators students, staff members, and support staff alike to concentrate on their work with no interruptions or distractions.

In closing, Crawford W Long Middle School has gathered an exceptional group of teachers with one goal in common providing the most optimal learning experience for each student who attends! From custodial to administrators all of them work in concert to create an atmosphere where students are encouraged and encouraged to realize their maximum potential.

Student Outcomes

Crawford W Long Middle School located in Atlanta, Georgia is a public school that provides students with numerous educational opportunities. The cost to attend the school is contingent on a variety of aspects like the grades and the number of courses that students take. The average cost of tuition for the academic year 2020-2021 can range from $2,867 up to $3,502 for each student. The cost includes the cost of textbooks, supplies, and other charges associated with the classes.

Alongside the tuition fees in addition to tuition, there are various other costs related to being a student at Crawford W Long Middle School. This includes registration fees and an annual activity charge of $ 50 per pupil. One-time technology fees which can reach $75 are assessed for electronic devices that are used in classrooms or for online classes. Parents also have to buy uniforms for their children. These uniforms’ cost varies based on the level of the child’s education.

Financial aid is offered for families who aren’t able to afford the expense of tuition at Crawford W Long Middle School. The school provides reduced-price breakfast and lunch options along with money for students in financial need. Families may also apply for the waiver of fees when they are eligible. Parents can also contact the guidance office at the school to inquire about grants or scholarships that could be available.

In general, Crawford W Long Middle School offers a top education for students at a low cost. Flexible payment options and a variety of financial aid options There are options to make tuition affordable. Parents should make use of these opportunities to ensure that their children have access to top-quality education within Atlanta, Georgia.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Crawford W Long Middle School is located in the center of Atlanta, Georgia, and offers its students a unique learning opportunity. The surrounding neighborhoods include a variety of commercial and residential development which allows for easy access to facilities like shopping, dining the entertainment industry, transportation, and many more.

The area around Virginia Highlands is popular amongst young professionals who are looking for an urban vibe close to downtown. The area is home to numerous hip restaurants, cafes, and boutiques that make it an ideal location for socializing. There are plenty of parks and green spaces where people can unwind or engage in activities for recreation.

Brookhaven is another well-known neighborhood located near Crawford W Long Middle School. In this area, you can find a variety of single-family houses and condos and a wide range of services and businesses. There are a lot of bars, parks, and restaurants with the perfect experience for all. Atlanta is also the home of some of the finest shopping in Atlanta with top stores such as Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s in close proximity.

Midtown is among the most lively neighborhoods close to Crawford W Long Middle School. The area has experienced rapid growth in recent years because of its proximity to downtown and a number of corporate offices. Midtown is awash with trendy stores theaters, museums, and galleries and is a fantastic place for exploring the day and night. The residents have easy accessibility to public transportation and plenty of entertainment and dining choices.

The neighborhoods around Crawford W Long Middle School provide an array of options for anyone. No matter if you’re searching for an urban setting or suburban charm or a combination of both, you’ll discover it there. With its easy access and numerous services, this region is the perfect area to work, live, and play.

What People are Saying

“It’s a great school”

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“We love Crawford W Long Middle School!”

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“This is an excellent school. The teachers and staff are top notch.”

-A student

“Crawford W Long Middle School is an amazing school! The teachers are so dedicated to their students and they really care about their education.”

-Another student

Located at: 3200 Latona Dr SW, Atlanta, GA 30354

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