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South Atlanta High School

South Atlanta High School in Atlanta, Georgia is one of the best high schools in the area and a great place for students to continue their education.

South Atlanta High School in Atlanta, Georgia is one of the best high schools in the area and a great place for students to continue their education. Students at South Atlanta have access to top-notch academics, diverse extracurricular activities, vibrant arts and music programs, and numerous college prep opportunities.

Academically, South Atlanta High School offers an extensive selection of courses designed to prepare students for college. Students can take classes in math, science, English, history and foreign languages such as Spanish or French. They can also explore elective courses in creative writing, photography and digital arts. The school also has Advanced Placement (AP) courses available for those who wish to challenge themselves and earn college credit. In addition, South Atlanta High School provides tutoring services for those who need extra help.

South Atlanta High School also offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities to its students. These include sports such as football, baseball and basketball, as well as non-athletic activities like debate club, theater, and band. The school puts a strong emphasis on the importance of getting involved in activities outside of the classroom, as this can be beneficial for students’ social lives and college applications.

The arts program at South Atlanta High School is vibrant and engaging. Students have access to music classes such as guitar, bass, drumming and choir. They can also choose from a range of visual arts classes such as drawing, painting and sculpture. The school also offers courses in theater, film and dance for those interested in the performing arts.

Finally, South Atlanta High School provides numerous college preparation resources to help students prepare for higher education. This includes SAT prep classes, college tours, and help applying for financial aid and scholarships. In addition, the school’s counselors are available to assist students with academic planning and career exploration.


South Atlanta High School is a public high school located in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. It was founded in 1924 as “Granite City High School” to serve the educational needs of students living in and around South Atlanta. The school began with seven teachers, two janitors and 619 students. In its first year, the school offered only six courses: English, History, Math, Science, Latin and Physical Education.

By 1929, the student population had grown to 1000 and the school added more classes including French, Spanish and Commercial Law. In 1931, Granite City High School was renamed South Atlanta High School in recognition of its increased enrollment. The school also built a new building, separate from the original school house.

In 1964, desegregation began in Atlanta and South Atlanta High School was one of three schools to be identified as a “magnet” for African-American students. This allowed for increased diversity and educational opportunities for all students. During this time the school also added several additional new courses such as Music, Art and Home Economics.

Since then, South Atlanta High School has continued to increase its offerings and improve the quality of education for all students. The school now boasts a wide range of sports teams, clubs, extracurricular activities, and advanced placement classes. It is also known for its commitment to the arts, social justice and service learning.

South Atlanta High School is a unique educational institution with a rich history of providing high-quality education to its students. Its mission to provide equitable access to educational opportunities for all students remains strong today. Despite challenges, South Atlanta High School continues to strive towards excellence in every aspect of their educational program. As such, it stands as an example of what can be achieved when dedication, commitment and hard work are combined with a shared vision for the future.

Why South Atlanta High School Is The Best

South Atlanta High School in Atlanta is the perfect school for your child. With its strong academic programs and passionate educators, South Atlanta High School offers a well-rounded educational experience. The school strives to provide students with a challenging learning environment that encourages them to reach their fullest potential.

The teachers at South Atlanta High School are dedicated to helping each student reach success. All of the teachers provide a positive and supportive atmosphere that is conducive to learning. They are knowledgeable and have years of experience teaching students in Georgia. South Atlanta High School puts an emphasis on preparing students for college by offering Advanced Placement classes, dual enrollment programs, and honors classes.

South Atlanta High School also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities for students to get involved in. Whether it’s a sport, student government, or an academic club, the school has something for everyone. In addition, there are numerous opportunities for community service and volunteer work.

South Atlanta High School also puts safety first. The school employs several security personnel who monitor the premises at all times. The school also takes proactive measures to prepare students for any potential emergency situation through drills and other security protocols.


South Atlanta High School in Atlanta, Georgia is a learning community of over 500 students. The school offers an array of facilities that are designed to provide its students with the best possible educational opportunities and experiences. Within its walls, the school boasts an impressive library filled with books, magazines, and computers; a full-size gymnasium equipped with basketball courts and other recreational activities; a cafeteria that serves healthy, nutritious meals; science labs for experiments and exploration; and art studios for creative expression. In addition, the school has several safe study areas where students can work in groups or individually. South Atlanta High School also features a student lounge area with comfortable seating and an on-site library assistant who is available to help students with any research or reading needs.

The school also offers an array of extracurricular activities including a variety of clubs and student organizations as well as sports teams such as basketball, football, baseball, volleyball and track and field. The school even has its own marching band which plays at games and other special events throughout the year.

South Atlanta High School strives to foster a safe and nurturing environment for its students, both in and out of the classroom. In addition to providing world-class academic instruction, staff members are available to provide support and guidance for any concerns or issues that may arise. The school also has an on-site counseling office where students can talk to a professional counselor in a confidential setting. In addition, the school provides after-school programs and activities for all students, as well as resources such as tutoring and mentoring services.

Overall, South Atlanta High School strives to provide its students with an exceptional educational experience that will prepare them for college and career success.


South Atlanta High School in Atlanta is a comprehensive high school offering students diverse educational and extracurricular experiences. The curriculum offers a variety of courses designed to prepare students for college and career readiness. Core subject areas include math, science, social studies, English language arts, foreign language, art and physical education. Electives are also available in fields such as engineering, culinary arts and business.

In addition to core subject classes, South Atlanta High School offers an Advanced Placement program that has grown in popularity over the years. Students enrolled in AP courses are expected to complete more challenging coursework and exams with the goal of earning college credit for successful completion.

The school also has a Career Technical Education program that prepares students for the workforce through hands-on learning experiences. This includes certification in industry recognized programs, such as OSHA safety, HVAC and CNA. In addition, students have the opportunity to gain real-world experience through internship opportunities at local businesses.

South Atlanta High School also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports teams like football, basketball and baseball. There are also clubs such as student government, robotics and debate. These activities give students the opportunity to explore their interests outside of the classroom and develop relationships with peers who share similar passions.


South Atlanta High School in Atlanta is home to a talented and devoted staff who are dedicated to providing students with an excellent education. The faculty consists of experienced teachers and professionals from various fields, all committed to helping students reach their full potential.

The school has a principal, four assistant principals, and two deans. Each of these positions is filled with individuals who prioritize the students’ best interests and are passionate about their work. The teachers come from all walks of life and have a range of specialties so that they can provide differentiated instruction to meet each student’s individual needs.

South Atlanta High School also employs counselors, social workers, media specialists, educational technology specialists, and more. All these staff members work together to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment for their students. They are also dedicated to helping students explore their interests outside of the classroom, providing extra-curricular activities such as clubs and after-school programs.

The faculty and staff at South Atlanta High School strive to provide a quality education that prepares students for college and beyond. They are an important part of the school community, and their dedication and enthusiasm are evident in everything they do. With their help, South Atlanta High School is able to provide a high-quality education that prepares its students for the future.

Student Outcomes

South Atlanta High School in Atlanta is an accredited public school founded in 1875. It is part of the Atlanta Public Schools system and is a comprehensive high school that currently serves about 600 students from grades 9-12. The cost for attending South Atlanta High School depends on several factors, including whether or not the student lives within the district boundaries and if they are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch.

For students living within the district boundaries, the tuition is free. However, there are a few other costs that may apply such as supplies and textbook fees. Supplies can range anywhere from $50-$100 per year depending on the grade level and the type of materials needed. Textbook fees can range from $150-$200 depending on the number of classes and textbooks needed.

For students living outside of the district boundaries, there is an out-of-district fee that must be paid in order to attend South Atlanta High School. This fee is based on a sliding scale and ranges anywhere from $500-$2000 per year, depending on the student’s income level.

Other fees that may apply are for extracurricular activities and additional classes. Extracurricular activities can range from $20-$100 per activity and vary depending on the activity selected. Additional classes such as art or music also have associated costs that may need to be paid in order to participate in them.

Nearby Neighborhoods

The neighborhoods surrounding South Atlanta High School in Atlanta are vibrant, diverse, and full of life. Located just south of downtown, the area is home to a mix of commercial and residential buildings as well as an array of diverse cultural attractions. To the west lies West End, a historic African-American neighborhood known for its strong sense of community. Home to Morehouse College, West End has a range of cultural attractions including several museums, parks and historic homes. The neighborhood is also home to the acclaimed Atlanta BeltLine, which offers walking and cycling trails along with several parks, restaurants and shops.

To the east lies Ashview Heights/Perkerson Park, a more residential neighborhood with a mix of single-family homes and apartment complexes. The area is home to parks, playgrounds and the Perkerson Community Garden. It’s also known for its excellent restaurants, including Collard Greens & Grits, a popular Southern restaurant. To the south lies Oakland City/Capital View, an up-and-coming mixed-use neighborhood. This area is home to a range of businesses, including restaurants, cafes and bars. It also has several parks and the historic Oakland Cemetery, where civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr is buried.

Finally, situated just north of downtown lies the rapidly gentrifying Mechanicsville/Peoplestown. This vibrant neighborhood is home to a mix of single-family homes, apartment complexes and affordable housing developments. It’s known for its excellent restaurants, cafes and music venues as well as numerous parks and cultural attractions.

No matter what you’re looking for in a neighborhood, there’s something here for everyone near South Atlanta High School. From historic African American neighborhoods to vibrant mixed-use areas full of culture and entertainment, the area is sure to have something to satisfy whatever you’re looking for. So come explore this wonderful part of Atlanta, and experience all it has to offer!

What People are Saying

“South Atlanta High School is a great school. The teachers are amazing and the students are awesome. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone.” -A student

“South Atlanta High School is a great school. The staff is amazing and the students are wonderful. I would highly recommend this school to anyone.”-A parent

“South Atlanta High School is an excellent school. The teachers are top-notch and the students are hard-working. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone.” -A community member

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