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North Atlanta High School

North Atlanta High School located in Atlanta, Georgia is an ideal choice for students who want to receive an excellent education. 

North Atlanta High School located in Atlanta, Georgia is an ideal choice for students who want to receive an excellent education. The school provides a wide range of exciting and stimulating classes, in addition to extracurricular activities that permit students to discover their interests. Additionally, the faculty at North Atlanta High School is extremely knowledgeable and experienced and provides students with rigorous instruction and the necessary support to succeed academically.

In North Atlanta High School, there’s a wide range of classes that can meet each student’s requirements. From Science and Math to English Language Arts and Social Studies Every subject has a full curriculum that is that will help students gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental topics. Furthermore, the school offers several Advanced Placement courses as well as electives that provide specific instruction.

The extracurricular activities offered at North Atlanta High School are also top-of-the-line. Students are able to choose from a wide range of teams in sports schools, clubs and organizations, theatre productions, and many more. These opportunities give students the opportunity to improve their leadership abilities beyond the classroom and build connections with their teachers and peers.

In the end, North Atlanta High School is dedicated to giving students an exceptional education that prepares them for college. The faculty is closely involved with every student to ensure their success in choosing the right classes for their specific requirements. Furthermore, there are plenty of tools available to assist students in preparing for college, such as after-school tutoring and preparation classes for SAT/ACT. With its excellent academic programs as well as its abounding other activities North Atlanta High School is the ideal place for students to be successful.

If you’re searching for the best education in a safe and nurturing atmosphere that is nurturing and supportive, the North Atlanta High School in Atlanta, Georgia is the best option for you. With its wide range of curriculum and numerous additional activities for students, the child will be prepared to take on every challenge that comes his way. So why not come in today? You’ll be delighted!


North Atlanta High School which is located in the Buckhead region in Atlanta, Georgia, is a school for public students with an extensive tradition. The school was founded under the name of North Fulton High School in 1946 and was one of the two high schools in the area at the time that served pupils from north of Fulton County. The first building was home to 1,100 students in 32 classrooms.

It was 1967 when North Fulton High School became an integrated high school for students of both African American and White students in response to a court order made by the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia. The effect was evident immediately in the first year, and within a short time, the number of African American students attending had almost tripled. After this period of integration, North Fulton High underwent many name changes, before changing its name to North Atlanta High School. Additionally, the school relocated to its current site at Northside Drive in 1972.

Presently, North Atlanta High School has more than 2000 students in grades 9-12. The school has been acknowledged by the Georgia Department of Education for its academic excellence. The school offers a diverse array of extracurricular activities such as music, athletics, visual arts classes, robotics teams, and other activities. Every year, these activities result in hundreds of satisfied alumni who have gone on to be successful professionals across a range of fields.

Why North Atlanta High School Is The Best

North Atlanta High School in Atlanta, Georgia is the most suitable college for your child of yours. It is located in the city of Atlanta, North Atlanta is thought to be one of the top multicultural schools in the state. It provides a variety of activities and courses that allow students to discover their interests. The school also places a focus on academics and offers the right environment for achievement for every student.

The curriculum offered at North Atlanta is tailored to satisfy the specific needs of every individual student. The curriculum includes essential subject areas like math sciences, language arts, and social studies, to optional subjects like music appreciation, theater, and art history there is plenty of opportunity for exploring the academic world. Faculty has been thoroughly trained and committed to providing high-quality instruction for every student. Additionally, they are willing to address any concerns and provide individual care as required.

North Atlanta also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities to provide students with the opportunity to discover their interests outside of the classroom. If it’s joining the school team, joining groups and clubs, or participating in community events in the area There’s something for all. Furthermore, North Atlanta has a significant emphasis on social justice issues and encourages its students to become active citizens within their communities by promoting diversity and acceptance.

The students at North Atlanta High School your child can explore their interests in academics as well as connect with other students of different backgrounds and cultural backgrounds. With a focus on extracurricular and academic activities, There are many opportunities for success in learning and discovery. North Atlanta High School is the ideal place for the child you love to receive an excellent education and have an unforgettable time too.


North Atlanta High School, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is recognized for its outstanding facilities. The school has a state-of-the-art theater and auditorium that host various school plays and events throughout the entire year. The school also houses an updated library that has hundreds of books for students to study and read from. Additionally, North Atlanta High School boasts a massive gymnasium, courts for basketball, and an exercise room. There are also multiple outdoor fields for soccer, baseball softball, track, and baseball.

Classrooms are equipped with the latest technology, including interactive whiteboards computers, and projectors that allow teachers to customize their classes to meet individual requirements. There is also an innovative science laboratory, where students are able to experience hands-on learning by conducting experiments. A majority of classrooms have Wi-Fi access which allows the students to use their mobile devices to the internet and access data in a matter of minutes.

North Atlanta High School also offers wide range options of for activities for students to participate in, such as robotics, debate, and chess teams. In addition, there is an art studio where students are able to create art through pottery, painting, and sculpture. The school also has its own cafeteria, which is filled with healthy options for food that are made fresh each day. The school also has a health center for students, with nurses on hand to provide medical attention when needed.

In the end, North Atlanta High School is a place with a strong sense of community spirit which comes from actively engaging students and parents in school-related activities. The Administration is committed to ensuring that the school is safe and secure. They have a 24 hours security system. All of these features contribute to making North Atlanta High School a perfect environment for learning for students.


North Atlanta High School in Atlanta, Georgia, offers an extensive and rigorous program to prepare pupils for successful college. With a variety of classes available in a variety of fields, the institution is able to ensure that students are equipped with the skills needed to be successful upon graduation.

The primary courses taught at North Atlanta High School include English and mathematics, as well as science and history. The students are encouraged to discover their interests by taking courses that are elective, such as Spanish and art or music. The school also offers advanced placement (AP) classes for students who want to further challenge themselves in certain areas.

In addition to academics, North Atlanta High School offers a wide array of extracurricular activities like student clubs, sports teams, and associations. Through these activities, students are able to build their talents and develop interests beyond the schoolroom.

North Atlanta High School aims to provide a broad-based education that helps students develop their capabilities, skills, and their character. Through its varied course of study and many additional activities, North Atlanta High School gives students the necessary tools for being successful in college and beyond.


North Atlanta High School in Atlanta Georgia is home to a committed staff. From the Assistant and Principal principals to the counselors, teachers, and other staff members, every individual is a key player in creating a secure and positive educational atmosphere for students.

The principal of North Atlanta High School sets the direction for the whole school community. The Principal has meetings with faculty regularly to discuss the latest initiatives and make sure that students are meeting their academic objectives. As Assistant Principals, they provide supervision for administrators and assist in carrying out their day-today tasks.

In North Atlanta High School Teachers serve as instructors for their students throughout their time at school. They design stimulating lesson plans that test students academically, while also encouraging enthusiasm for learning. They also offer guidance and assistance for students struggling with personal issues like bullying or mental health issues.

North Atlanta High School’s counselors are committed to helping students achieve their academic endeavors. Alongside offering academic guidance They also offer support for students struggling with social or emotional difficulties. The support staff of the school works daily to make sure that all the needs of students are satisfied, from the custodial department to the IT and maintenance departments.

In sum, North Atlanta High School is blessed with an exceptional staff that strives each day to deliver the most effective education possible for the students they teach. From the Assistant and Principal principals to teachers as well as counselors and other support staff and support staff, they all are committed to helping students realize their potential to the fullest. Their commitment and dedication make for a warm and welcoming environment that is beneficial to all students in the school.

Student Outcomes

North Atlanta High School, located in the wealthy Buckhead region within Atlanta, Georgia, is well-known for its exceptional academics and extracurricular options. It offers a curriculum that is both modern and broad for its students. It has been named one of the top institutions in California by US News & World Report.

The tuition cost for North Atlanta High School is $20,000 annually for classes 9-12. This is a one-time enrollment fee of $500 and additional charges like fees for graduation, purchases of yearbooks, and various other charges. Alongside tuition, there are numerous other costs related to being a student at North Atlanta High School such as activities fees and parking permits.

In North Atlanta High School, pupils can have access to many extracurricular activities like student groups, athletics, and clubs. The school also provides numerous opportunities in the arts like drama productions, musical groups, and art exhibitions. All of these are offered with a fee for students.

North Atlanta High School is not just renowned for its academic excellence, but as well for its commitment to providing students with a safe and secure learning environment. The school has instituted programs like the Student Assistance Program (SAP) that aids students suffering from difficulties with their mental well-being or who are having difficulty academically. The services are provided at a cost that is in addition in addition to tuition fees.

All in all, North Atlanta High School gives a high-quality education for those who can afford to be willing to shell out for it. The costs for tuition and fees for additional services can add up to a significant amount, but the level of education offered to students is worth every cent. With its wide range of academic options and numerous extracurricular opportunities, North Atlanta High School is the ideal school for enthusiastic students who are looking for the best college preparation experience.

Nearby Neighborhoods

North Atlanta High School is located in one of the most wealthy communities in Atlanta, Georgia. The area around North Atlanta High is a gorgeous and attractive area to live in. There are streets lined with large houses, many are restored. Additionally, the diverse mix of shops and restaurants makes the neighborhood an ideal location to visit.

The areas surrounding North Atlanta High are even better than the immediate surrounding areas. To the north, there is Buckhead the upscale residential neighborhood that is home to some of the best restaurants and shopping venues. To the south is Midtown which is a similarly attractive neighborhood well-known for the trendy bars and clubs, in addition to its large number of corporate headquarters.

For those who are looking for more of an urban feel The neighborhoods located to the East and west of North Atlanta High are perfect. Sandy Springs is home to numerous single-family homes and gates-controlled communities, and Dunwoody is home to one of the most gorgeous parks in Atlanta. For those who are looking for more greenery, Brookhaven provides plenty of open spaces for outdoor activities.

All in all, North Atlanta High School is located in an ideal location with lots of amenities close by. No matter if you’re seeking an urban lifestyle or prefer something more peaceful and quiet This neighborhood is a place for all. Because of its central location close to major highways and vibrant nightlife, there are plenty of activities in close proximity to the school. If you’re seeking an area that offers everything – from luxurious shopping to serene parks to tranquil parks North Atlanta High School is the ideal spot.

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“The school is pretty good.” -A student

“I like the school. It’s a good environment.” -Another student

Located at: 4111 Northside Pkwy NW, Atlanta, GA 30327

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