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Midtown High School in Atlanta, GA offers a unique educational experience for students. It is regarded by many as being among the top

Midtown High School in Atlanta, GA offers a unique educational experience for students. It is regarded by many as being among the top schools for public students in Georgia and has been awarded many awards throughout the many years. The school is proud of providing a place in which students are able to excel academically, thrive spiritually and socially.

The public school has smaller class sizes and individual learning experiences that allow students to get the best education possible. Students can interact with instructors and counselors to help students reach their goals. Midtown High School also provides extracurricular activities, such as clubs, sports teams and art classes, music classes and group trips, community projects and much more. These activities aid students in developing leadership abilities and develop relationships with their classmates.

Midtown High School also has an incredibly strong sense of community. It is involved with many initiatives both local and globally which make it a place where students can contribute to the world. Staff members at Midtown High School strive to create an environment that encourages tolerance and understanding for students of all ages, regardless of race or gender, as well as social class.

In the end, Midtown High School provides an outstanding education for students in regards to academics as well as social development, spiritual development, as well as participation in the community. With highly experienced instructors and counselors who strive to see every student achieve their goals, this public high school is the perfect option for students who want to maximize the value of the education they receive.


Midtown High School in Atlanta, GA started being able to accommodate students from grades 7 to 9. The school grew and was able to offer a variety of classes starting from kindergarten through 12th grade. Over the time, Midtown High School continued to expand and refine its curriculum. It offered advanced courses like Advanced Placement (AP) classes and international Baccalaureate (IB) option.

Midtown High School became one of the first public schools in Georgia to establish the magnet program for students looking for higher-quality education. Since it was founded the school has come up with many other academic programs that are innovative such as an academy for STEM and an robotics program. Furthermore, Midtown High School also provides a variety of additional activities for students to take part in, including the yearbook, debate teams, and student government.

Through its long history, Midtown High School has been praised not just in Georgia but also across the United States. It was in 2012 that US News & World Report classified it as the fourth most prestigious public high school in the whole Georgia state. Georgia. In the same way, Newsweek magazine recognized Midtown High School as one of America’s top 500 institutions in 2013. Even today, Midtown High School continues to be regarded in Atlanta as being among the top schools of education.

Why Midtown High School is the Best

Midtown High School in Atlanta, GA is an ideal school for your child. The school offers an array of learning opportunities and experiences that challenge and stimulate your child’s education. Midtown High School provides engaging learning with fundamental classes like science, math, English, social studies foreign language, and physical education. In addition, there are a variety of elective classes, including music, art classes, technology, and careers exploration.

Teachers in Midtown High School have an optimistic attitude towards teaching and view it as their goal to assist students develop intellectually. They provide a learning environment in which students can excel academically, and they are committed to providing personal attention to the needs of each student. In the course programs in Midtown High School, the students get the chance for the exploration of careers in addition to college prep.

Additionally, Midtown High School offers an extensive extracurricular program that includes clubs and sports that will help your child discover their passion and learn new abilities. Through these programs you can make connections with their peers and explore various topics like robotics, debate teams and photography club, as well as drama club and much more.


Midtown High School in Atlanta, GA is a state-of-the-art school that offers students an incredible learning environment. The school has impressive facilities including a brand new library that is furnished with modern furniture and computer systems, several laboratories for science that have modern technology, a huge cafeteria that has many seating options, as well as numerous athletic fields for physical education and sports. The school also is home to an auditorium and theater, which can be utilized for shows, assemblies and other occasions. 

The school also has an outdoor area that students can enjoy a break or do their homework in between classes. Midtown High School even has an on-site swimming pool for classes in physical education or other leisure activities. These facilities are all designed to create a positive environment for academic performance and social interaction among students. Faculty and staff in Midtown High School work hard to ensure that each student is safe, supported and engaged. All in all, Midtown High School offers an outstanding education for its students.


Midtown High School in Atlanta, GA offers a comprehensive curriculum that is designed to teach students the necessary skills to succeed throughout their college years and afterward. The curriculum comprises the subjects of English/Language Arts and Mathematics, Science as well as Social Studies and foreign Language. The electives are also offered for students who want to pursue their interests with classes that do not fall within the mandatory subjects.

English/Language Arts courses cover literature, writing, reading and composition. The math courses span between Algebra I to Pre-Calculus as and elective classes such as Statistics as well as Probability. Science classes cover biology as well as chemistry, physics and laboratory options for practical learning experiences. Social Studies classes focus on U.S culture, history, and modern society studies. The foreign language courses offer a chance to study Spanish, French and German.


Midtown High School in Atlanta GA is managed by a committed and hardworking group of teachers, administrators as well as guidance counselors and other support staff. The instructors of Midtown High are highly qualified professionals who offer a high-quality education for their students. They have a wide range of backgrounds and have taught in the classroom and online. Each teacher has a specific area of expertise that can be brought to the classroom that helps to make learning more enjoyable for students.

The Midtown High administrators Midtown High have been carefully selected for their capacity to design the curriculum to meet the specific needs of every student. They are also able to resolve any problems or issues within the school community swiftly and efficiently. Guidance counselors make up an integral component of Midtown High staff. They are closely working with students to assist them manage the academic and social and personal life. They offer counseling and resources services to ensure that students receive the assistance they require to succeed.

Along with administrators and teachers, Midtown High also has experienced personnel who make sure that the school is clean and safe. The school’s custodial staff makes sure all classrooms remain spotless and comfortable, while safety guards patrol the halls to ensure that everyone is secure. The office staff handles the school’s paperwork, talks with parents, and assists in arranging activities to provide a conducive learning environment for every student.

Student Outcomes

Midtown High School in Atlanta, GA is a great school for students of all different ages. The cost for enrolling in the school differs in accordance with a variety of elements. The tuition costs vary from $7,500 to $14,000 annually and discounts are available for qualified families. Charges for fees and other charges could add up to an additional $2000 or more per year.

Alongside fees and tuition aside, there are other financial concerns to consider for students going to Midtown High School. The cost of books and other supplies is typically about $600-$800 annually. The cost of boarding is included if you decide to remain on campus rather than commuting from home. These can range from $3500 to more than $5,000 for the duration of the semester.

Other considerations include the cost of transportation and other extracurricular activities that you may like to participate in. Sports, clubs and other after-school activities might require an additional fee for registration as also uniforms or equipment expenses. Midtown High School also offers numerous financial aid opportunities that can help reduce the burden of fees and tuition. The awards for financial aid are determined by individual student needs. The scholarships are also offered through foundations, organizations corporate, foundations, along with other funding sources. 

Nearby Neighborhoods

Midtown High School in Atlanta, GA is located in an exciting and diverse region within the metropolis. The area around the school is dotted with restaurants, parks, shops, galleries, and other places that attract all kinds of people. The neighborhood is situated just to the north from Midtown High School and has an extensive tradition as one of the oldest neighborhoods. It is home to many historic buildings that have been preserved throughout the years, and offers one home that is affordable in the vicinity of Midtown High. There are also many eateries, shops and bars scattered across the neighborhood for students to relax after school.

Just to the south from Midtown High lies Little Five Points (L5P). This distinct area in the center of town is renowned for its quirky and eclectic atmosphere, and its lively nightlife. In the daytime there are many old-fashioned clothing stores and record shops for students to browse and at night, there are numerous nightclubs and bars to pick from. Another area that is great near Midtown High School is Atlantic Station. The popular shopping mall draws customers from all across Atlanta with a vast assortment of stores as well as restaurants, entertainment venues and much more. It’s a perfect spot for students to get together with their friends after school, or have a bite to eat before heading to home.

Just to the east to the east of Midtown High lies North Avenue and Ansley Park. The area is a beautiful forest-lined street lined with gorgeous homes as well as numerous eateries and shops. It’s the ideal spot for students to go for an easy stroll after class or grab a bite to eat with your friends. In general, Midtown High School is situated in an incredible array of neighborhoods that will attract students who are looking for exciting things to do in Atlanta. If it’s exploring unique stores at Little Five Points, grabbing food in the restaurant at Atlantic Station, or simply strolling through Ansley Park There’s something for all.

What People are Saying

“Midtown High School is a great school! The teachers are amazing and they really care about their students. The academic programs are top-notch, and the extracurricular activities are great. I would highly recommend this school to anyone.” -A parent

“Midtown High School is an excellent school! The teachers are top-notch and the academic programs are outstanding. The extracurricular activities are also great. I highly recommend this school to anyone.” -A student

“Midtown High School is a great school! The teachers are amazing and they really care about their students. The academic programs are top-notch, and the extracurricular activities are great. I would highly recommend this school to anyone.” -A parent

Located at: 929 Charles Allen Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

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