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Frederick Douglass High School

Frederick Douglass High School in Atlanta GA provides an unparalleled education experience. It is a public institution which offers innovative learning

Frederick Douglass High School in Atlanta GA provides an unparalleled education experience. It is a public institution which offers innovative learning opportunities and high academic standards. The staff is dedicated to providing a secure, comfortable learning environment for every student. The school boasts an outstanding curriculum that lets students learn through rigorous coursework and hands-on exercises. Through its many programmes, including Advanced Placement courses, dual enrollment classes as well as honors classes as well as electives Frederick Douglass High School makes sure that its students are prepared for future career or college options following the completion of their studies. The faculty of the school also work tirelessly to ensure that each student is given the personal attention needed to be successful academically.

In addition to their outstanding academic record, Frederick Douglass High School also offers a thriving extracurricular program. The robotics club debate team, debate and the theater are all available for students to pursue their interests. The school’s athletic programs include football, basketball, softball, cross country and track and field. In addition, there are many opportunities for students to lead through clubs like Student Council and National Honor Society.

Frederick Douglass High School is committed to making sure that every student excels, not only in the classroom, but also beyond it. Through its rigorous academic program and a wide range of extracurricular activities the school provides an exceptional education that prepares every pupil for the bright future that lies ahead. If you’re searching for an exceptional education in high school located in Atlanta GA – look no further than Frederick Douglass High School.


Frederick Douglass High School located in Atlanta, GA is a historic landmark that has been serving the city for more than 100 years. The school was one of the very first American secondary schools for African Americans.  The beginnings of the school started when prominent African-American leaders sought funding from the City of Atlanta to set up a distinct high school for students of color. In its time, Frederick Douglass High School has produced notable alumni. In spite of all the struggles and chaos, Frederick Douglass High School has been a beacon of resilience for those in the Atlanta Black community.

The present day Frederick Douglass High School continues to serve its community by being a source of hope and potential. It provides a wide variety of courses to educate students for the college and career path. The school’s goal is to offer a high-quality education for all students, regardless of race or ethnic background. From the sports teams to student clubs, Douglass High School continues to provide the resources needed to in shaping the future of our children.

Frederick Douglass High School will remain a significant landmark for African-Americans within The city of Atlanta and beyond. The school’s history as a pioneer of education was handed down through generations, and serves as a model for students who are striving to reach excellence. Looking to in the near future Frederick Douglass High School is committed to providing a high-quality education, and is committed to welcoming the diversity of its students in its campus.

Why Frederick Douglass High School is the Best

Frederick Douglass High School in Atlanta GA is the ideal school for your child. It is located in a posh suburban area in southwest Atlanta This school offers outstanding education, while offering an environment that is safe and secure. The learning process starts with exceptional academic programs that integrate rigorous courses to prepare the students for the college experience and even beyond. Advanced Placement courses are offered for those who are looking to push themselves further The school also offers dual enrollment options for students who are interested in earning college credits prior to graduation from high school.

Additionally, Frederick Douglass High School offers a range of extracurricular activities that will satisfy all interests. From sports and student clubs teams to productions for the stage and marching bands There are numerous opportunities for students to participate in activities outside of the classroom. Students can be involved in community service projects or discover new interests and hobbies and develop leadership skills.

The school’s faculty and staff members are dedicated to providing a nurturing learning environment that allows all students to reach their potential to the fullest extent. The faculty members are committed to helping every student meet their academic goals, while also encouraging the development of their social and emotional skills through effective strategies for managing behavior. To further promote positive behavior the school has established an award program for students who demonstrate the most high standard of quality.


Frederick Douglass High School in Atlanta, GA offers students various facilities that assist students achieve their academic goals. The library at the school is filled with books, magazines, and databases on computers. The library also houses the media center, which is equipped with video cameras as well as editing equipment. Additionally, the school is home to several classrooms that have computers as well as internet access.

The school also houses an auditorium that is utilized for performances and assemblies. It can hold up to 500 people at any given time, and also has top-quality sound systems that are installed. There are many performances that take place throughout the year , including musicals as well as lectures, plays and more. The science lab at Frederick Douglass High School contains modern equipment that is required for research and experiments carried out by students. It has microscopes as well as beakers, test tubes as well as other laboratory equipment.

The campus of the school has the cafeteria, which provides nutritious meals for students throughout the day. There are several outdoor courts for sports like tennis, basketball and soccer. Additionally, Frederick Douglass High School offers students counseling services that can assist students in their academic pursuits. The counselors offer advice and assistance to students, helping them select the courses that are most appropriate to their goals and interests. They also assist with college applications and financial aid forms. These facilities help to make Frederick Douglass High School a fantastic school for learning!


Frederick Douglass High School in Atlanta, GA offers an extensive program which helps students prepare for academic success and in the workforce. The school’s main academic program comprises courses in mathematics, English/language arts and science, as well as fine arts, social studies as well as physical and health education. Furthermore, Frederick Douglass High School offers instructional support services, like basic skills training and guidance counseling to meet the needs of all students.

Advanced courses include Honors courses in the English language arts, mathematics. Advanced Placement (AP) classes in the fields of history, science, and math, as well as dual enrollment, which includes college-level courses offered by Georgia State University. Courses that are elective range from Arts Appreciation and Drama, to Computer Science & Technology.


Staff members of Frederick Douglass High School in Atlanta, GA is composed of a variety of professionals who’s committed to helping every student succeed. The faculty includes experienced administrators and teachers who bring experience and expertise to their jobs. Additionally, the school has counselors as well as special education personnel who provide additional assistance for students who have difficulties with learning or other disabilities. The school also employs a variety of custodians, librarians, cafeteria staff, security personnel maintenance teams, and other personnel to keep the building functioning smoothly. 

The talented group is working together to create an environment in which students are able to learn and realize their full potential. They aim to create an uninvolved and secure learning environment that promotes collaboration, imagination and exceptional performance. Their dedication to helping students succeed which is what makes Frederick Douglass High School such an incredible place to be.

The administration of Frederick Douglass High School is led by the principal who is the one who sets the tone for the school’s character and goals. The assistant principal is responsible for day-to-day operations , while also offering guidance and support for staff, teachers and students. In addition, the teachers’ staff consists of certified teachers for every grade as well as specialists in areas like music and art. Special education teachers collaborate with students individually as well as in smaller groups, to help them achieve their maximum potential. In addition the guidance counselors are there to assist students in any social, academic, or emotional challenges they might encounter.

Student Outcomes

Frederick Douglass High School in Atlanta, GA provides students with an excellent education at a reasonable price. The cost of tuition for the academic year is $8,358 while costs are $1,640. Students have access to numerous educational programs that are designed to give students the best education possible. The tuition also includes textbooks, laptop computers as well as other essential equipment for studying.

In addition to the tuition and fees students are also charged the tech fee that is $50 each term. This assists in covering the costs of maintenance that are associated with laptop computers that are provided to every student. Other expenses include food and transportation expenses (if required). Lunch and breakfast during lunch at Frederick Douglass High School is included for free, however transportation costs could differ based on the residence of the student.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Frederick Douglass High School is located in the historical West End neighborhood of Atlanta GA. The neighborhood is famous for its lively culture, rich heritage and distinctive architectural style. Just next directly to the adjacent Frederick Douglass High School lies the Pittsburgh neighborhood. It’s a tiny community that has a heart! Residents of this community are proud of their homes, keeping their properties well-maintained and welcoming their neighbors with welcoming arms. There are many amazing places to eat, galleries, restaurants and entertainment options in walking distance to some of these homes.

Nearby is Adair Park, where you’ll discover a variety of brick-built homes that are old as well as new homes. The neighborhood is home to lots of green space, a vibrant community garden, as well as Adair Park Arts & Music Center. Adair Park Arts and Music Center. Moving to the east is the historic Oakland City neighborhood, where historical homes line the streets. A sense of pride and camaraderie lingers in the air. You’ll find numerous restaurants, shops and even play in the neighborhood too! The residents are close to each other and you’ll feel at home within a matter of minutes.

In the final stretch, you’ll find Boulevard Heights, a neighborhood that is family-friendly in Atlanta with tree lined streets and plenty of green spaces for all to take pleasure in. You’ll find anything from charming bungalows to grand Victorians to modern apartments, all within walking distance to Frederick Douglass High School. Overall the communities around Frederick Douglass High School are filled with diversity and appeal. From traditional homes to contemporary condos , and lots of restaurants as well as shop, play and shop. You’ll be certain to find a home that you will love in these vibrant Atlanta neighborhoods!

What People are Saying

“He was an excellent speaker and very knowledgeable about the topic. He brought a lot of insight to the class.” – A. Douglas

“Mr. Douglass was very engaging and made sure to keep the class on track.” – T. Johnson

“Very well-spoken and intelligent. I enjoyed his lectures a lot.” – J. Smith

“He was always willing to help me out when I needed it.” – K. Brown

“Mr. Douglass was an excellent teacher. He was always willing to help and made sure that I understood the material.” – M. Johnson

Located at: 225 Hamilton E Holmes Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

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