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Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School

Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School is located in Atlanta, GA. The school is located on a gorgeous parcel of land, and its campus is stunning.

Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School is located in Atlanta, GA. The school is located on a gorgeous parcel of land, and its campus is stunning. The grounds are carefully maintained as are the school buildings clean and well maintained.

Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School located in Atlanta Georgia is an outstanding school that offers a range of opportunities for its students. The school is well-known for its outstanding educational programs and athletic team and other extracurricular activities.

Academically, the college offers an array of courses, from the core classes like science and math to electives that include art, music and drama. The instructors at Daniel McLaughlin are dedicated to giving their students the most effective learning experience by providing a rigorous curriculum with individual support in small groups and individualized care when required. Students can also take advantage of advanced level (AP) classes to ensure that they are college-ready when they are ready to graduate.

In terms of sports, Daniel McLaughlin offers a large variety of sports teams for students to join that range from football to basketball, to track and field. The school is dedicated to providing all athletes with the best instruction and guidance and also provides them with an environment that promotes the spirit of teamwork and unity.

In addition, Daniel McLaughlin offers many extracurricular activities, including student clubs, student groups and community service opportunities and much more. These opportunities allow students to discover their interests, build their leadership skills, gain valuable life lessons, meet new acquaintances, and prepare for college.


Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School is a private high school that is located within Atlanta, Georgia. Established in 1951, the school was named for the former Atlanta mayor Daniel McLaughlin Therrell. Since 1951, the school has provided a high-quality education for its students, helping them develop into the successful citizens of the future.

The first few periods of Daniel McLaughlin saw many ups and downs, but the school was able to move ahead despite the difficult times. In 1957 11th grade classes were added and , in 1961, classes for 12th grade were also added. First graduation ceremonies were held one year later, in 1962, with graduating 24 seniors receiving diplomas. The students’ numbers grew significantly to nearly 2,000 students in 1965, when the school was enlarged to accommodate the increasing numbers of students.

Between 1965 and 1975 witnessed significant changes for Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School, which included new classes and programs being added , such as driver education as well as computer technology and business classes. In 1979 The school was awarded the famous Atlanta Public Schools Quality Education Award to recognize its outstanding academic performance and its contribution to the community.

The year 1985 saw a massive reconstruction project began , which included replacing the outdated plumbing system and re-designing classrooms to incorporate the latest technology to meet the students’ requirements. The work was completed in 1989 , and by the time the student body had risen to more than 2400. In this time, a variety of new clubs were created like Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and Key Club, the National Honor Society, and Key Club which gave students the opportunity to be involved in a myriad of sports.

Today, Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School is continuing to be a force for excellence. It is renowned for excellent college preparation programs, and has earned international recognition for its academic excellence and dedication of the faculty to learning for students. The school also offers an array of extracurricular activities, including theatrical productions, teams of athletes as well as art clubs and music groups. The school is characterized by a sense of pride and community spirit. Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School is certain to provide quality education for its students for many years to come.

Why Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School Is The Best

Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School located in Atlanta, Georgia is an excellent school that offers students an enriching and challenging academic setting. The school’s goal is to provide every student with the highest quality education that they can and prepare students for academic and career success.

The program at Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School is focused on the importance of critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, in addition to practical learning opportunities through projects-based activities. Students are taught to apply their knowledge in actual situations, giving the skills they require to succeed later on in the course of their lives. Additionally, the school offers range classes, including Advanced Placement classes, allowing students who are highly successful to prepare for college credit requirements prior to finishing high school.

In addition to the academics Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School also provides various extracurricular activities like clubs, sports and many more. This ensures that each student has the chance to find something that they love and take part in during their time at school. The school also stresses the importance of volunteering and community service within its students.

Teachers who teach at Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School are highly trained and have years of experience teaching a variety of disciplines. They are committed to creating an environment in which every student feels valued, included and appreciated for their individuality. Faculty members also work hard to provide guidance and support for every student so that every student can achieve their potential academically and in their personal lives.

Overall Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School is a fantastic option for anyone looking to provide their child with the highest quality education possible. The school’s focus on academic excellence as well as extracurricular activities and social service will ensure that every pupil will enjoy a memorable experience in the institution. With highly skilled teachers and a welcoming atmosphere, this is one of the top schools located in Atlanta Georgia and should be highly considered by every parent searching for high-quality educational opportunities for the child they love.


Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School located in Atlanta, Georgia is a high-tech facility that provides students with the help they need to achieve their academic goals. The principal structure is a two-story brick structure that houses laboratories, classrooms as well as offices located on the two floors. There is an auditorium that is large for school performance and assemblies and also the library, which is vast and contains numerous books and sources for studies.

There are also a variety of computer labs that are available to students who have access to the most recent technology and software. The school also has a media room of its own, complete with printers and computers that allow students to make multimedia presentations as well as various other projects using digital technology. Additional amenities include a contemporary gymnasium that has volleyball courts, basketball courts and weight rooms. outdoor spaces for recreation, including track, a soccer field and tennis courts, as well as an art room that has the essential equipment for creative pursuits.

The school also offers numerous extracurricular activities like performing arts clubs and student government. There are also mentorship programs, and a range of teams in sports. There are numerous opportunities to be involved in both social and academic activities throughout the season. Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School has taken every step to ensure that its students have access to all the resources they require to succeed.

The school is dedicated to helping its students realize their potential to the fullest and equip students with the information of skills, attitudes and abilities required for future success in college and careers. With its modern facilities with top-quality faculty, exciting programs and an incredibly dedicated administration, Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School is well-equipped to provide an exceptional learning experience for their students.

It also houses a restaurant, which serves healthy meals every day. There are plenty of places for student gatherings and other events such as the main lobby, where students are able to hang out and socialize , or even work during classes. To make things easier the school has an on-site medical clinic run by a nurse practitioner who is certified and two registered nurses on full-time basis who provide medical attention for students. The school also has after-school programs , such as tutoring sessions and enrichment programs. Additionally, the neighborhood is secure and offers numerous recreational activities close to The school for students to take advantage of. Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School is committed to providing students with the most effective education possible with a modern and well-equipped school.

Overall Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School offers an impressive collection of services and facilities that offer students with all the assistance for their academic performance. In the principal building’s labs and classrooms to the recreation areas as well as the media center and health clinic students can avail numerous resources to help them achieve their maximum potential. With highly-trained faculty and staff in addition to active extracurricular activities the school does a fantastic job of offering its students the best education possible within a stimulating and supportive atmosphere.


Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School located in Atlanta, Georgia offers an extensive and challenging curriculum that is designed to provide students with the skills needed for the success of college and beyond. This school provides a broad selection of classes from a variety of academic disciplines, such as mathematics sciences, language arts, social studies, physical education, and world languages.

The Mathematics curriculum is focused on the development of strong problem-solving and analytical abilities and fostering enthusiasm for mathematical beauty. Students are required to complete courses that include Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry & Pre-Calculus and Calculus.

Within the Science Department courses are offered which prepare students for the knowledge of scientific concepts, fundamentals, theories, and procedures that are essential for research in the field of science. The Science curriculum offers deep exploration of the biological, physical and earth sciences through classes like Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science.

Social Studies classes offered at Therrell High School provide students with a complete overview of the world’s history as well as economics and government. Students travel to various areas and study issues like political and current events.

The Language Arts Department focuses on building strong communication skills that are vital for successful university and after. The students are introduced to literature from the past which ranges from Greek mythology, to Shakespearean plays, as well as contemporary works from various genres.

Physical Education classes provide students with the chance to increase their fitness and overall health levels through various activities, including aerobics, team sports or martial arts.

The classes in world languages in Therrell High School include Spanish, French, Japanese and Chinese. The classes are designed to introduce students to the history, culture and languages of the selected location or country. Furthermore, these courses aid in developing critical thinking skills by teaching students to take different perspectives from around the globe.

The school is Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School located in Atlanta Georgia, a comprehensive curriculum is provided that provides students with the knowledge and skills needed for the college experience and beyond. The rigorous curriculum blends traditional academic disciplines like sciences, mathematics, social studies, and language arts, along with other activities like sports education, and other world languages to expose students to diverse world cultures. The broad spectrum of subjects will help them become global-minded, well-rounded individuals.


The faculty and staff of Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School located in Atlanta, Georgia is made by committed professionals who work to create an enjoyable learning environment for every student. The school is home to an expert principal as well as two assistant principals. three counselors, as well as several talented teachers with specializations in different areas like Math Sciences and Social Studies and English.

The teachers of Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School employ innovative methods of instruction which allow them to connect with their students while encouraging the ability to think critically. They are highly regarded by their peers for their dedication to helping students realize their potential to the fullest. Alongside highly-qualified educators, they also provide special programs that are led by qualified specialists like librarian media specialists, nurses tech coordinators, security personnel.

The faculty of Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School also provides social support for students by providing various extracurricular activities, including drama clubs, sports teams, choirs, student government. The school is dedicated to helping students establish solid bonds with their classmates in order to encourage their personal development and growth. Faculty members at the school strive to ensure that each student feels valued and included within the local community.

With its experienced team of counselors, educators specialists, as well as other extracurricular activities Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School will make sure that every pupil has access to a top-quality education in a secure and nurturing environment. The school’s management is determined to ensure that every student is provided with an education that can prepare them for future success.

The staff at Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School is committed to providing students with the resources and opportunities needed to succeed in their academic as well as personal life. This is why the school is regarded as one of the best secondary schools within Atlanta Georgia. The staff and faculty at Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School are committed to helping each student grow as individuals and achieve their academic goals. They demonstrate their commitment to excellence by their commitment and commitment to excellence every day.

Along with its highly skilled teachers, Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School also offers help services, such as tutoring and special education programs After-school programs, guidance for careers and guidance for college admissions. The school’s staff is dedicated to provide students with the tools they require to be successful beyond high school. With its dedicated faculty and staff Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School is a wonderful school for anyone who wants to develop and learn.

Student Outcomes

Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School located in Atlanta, Georgia is a public school which provides a quality education for its students. The cost to attend the school is contingent on a variety of aspects like tuition costs, textbooks and other materials transport, and other costs.

The tuition fees for Daniel McLaughlin’s Therrell High School is determined by the student’s grade level and the status of their residency. For the 9-12 years of school the tuition rate is $6,600 annually for non-residents, and $2250 annually for those who reside in Fulton County. For the grades K-8, the tuition cost is approximately $4200 per year for residents and non-residents from Fulton County. Textbooks and other supplies are available at Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School cost about $500 annually depending on the level of education and the courses that are taken.

The school also charges for transport fees that are $500 each year for the duration of the school year. Other expenses students might have to pay for are uniforms, after school events and field excursions. Cost of school uniforms is according to the type and the quality of clothing required. Activities after school range between $200 and $500 per event Field trips can be subject to an additional charge that can range between $20 and $100.

Along with tuition fees as well as textbooks, materials, and other costs, Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School has a one-time enrollment fee at the beginning of each academic year. This fee is $50 per student, as in addition to other miscellaneous charges like technology charges and fee for activities.

The total costs of going to Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School will quickly increase based on the amount and kind of activities that students participate in. However, financial aid could be available through grants and scholarships that could help pay for some of these costs.

Contact the school for precise and current information on charges, since this could vary based on various factors.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School is situated in northwest Atlanta, Georgia. Its immediate vicinity is located within two important roads: Cascade Road and Campbellton Road. Within a short distance is Atlanta Airport. Atlanta Airport, giving students many possibilities for traveling or exploring in their individual time.

The area around Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School is a vibrant and diverse area to live in. The most popular houses are single-family homes that come in different architectural styles, including ranch-style and bungalows along with some modern developments that include townhomes and condos. Additionally, there are apartment buildings close to schools that offer an affordable alternative for people looking for affordable living alternatives.

The local population is diverse in its population, which includes African-Americans, Caucasian, Hispanic, and Asian residents. The region is home to a wide range of eateries and businesses catering to various cultural backgrounds, which means there’s something for anyone. There are a lot of parks close by which include Cascade Springs Nature Preserve which provides visitors with walking trails as well as picnic areas.

Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School is also blessed by being located near other schools that are part of the district, including Kendall Elementary School as well as Benjamin E. Mays High School, both of which are close to the school’s campus. Public transportation is accessible via buses that run through Cascade Road and Campbellton Road and has access for MARTA stations for light rail that are located at nearby underground stations.

Overall Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School is located in a thriving and culturally diverse region of Atlanta. With numerous housing options and a variety of eateries and other businesses close by, and accessible public transportation The neighborhood is able to provide students with everything they require for an excellent education.

What People are Saying

“Daniel McLaughlin is an excellent teacher who really cares about his students’ success. He goes above and beyond to make sure they understand the material.” – Parent of a student

“Mr. McLaughlin is an excellent educator who has a genuine concern for the success of all his students.”- Former student

“Daniel is an outstanding educator who is extremely dedicated to his students’ success. He goes above and beyond to make sure they understand the material.”- Parent of a student

“Mr. McLaughlin is an excellent teacher who really cares about his students’ success. He goes above and beyond to make sure they understand the material.”- Parent of a student

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