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Carver High School

Carver High School is located in Atlanta, GA and is well-known for its gorgeous setting. The school is located in a neighborhood that is historic and is located close to a variety of popular places.

Carver High School is located in Atlanta, GA and is well-known for its gorgeous setting. The school is located in a neighborhood that is historic and is located close to a variety of popular places. Carver High School has an excellent academic record and provides numerous extracurricular activities. The school is also renowned for its athletics programs which have teams competing across a range of sports. Carver High School is an ideal option for students seeking a comprehensive education.

Carver High School in Atlanta, Georgia is a great option for anyone seeking an exceptional academic experience in high school. Carver provides a variety of academic and extracurricular activities that help students prepare for the college experience and even beyond.

One of the most appealing aspects in Carver High School is its outstanding faculty. They have a wealth of experience and are committed to helping their students achieve their maximum potential. From advanced classes in science, math, English, history, and more to remedial courses to ensure that everyone is able to succeed The faculty is committed to providing top quality education for all students, regardless of the level they are in.

In addition to offering high-quality instruction, Carver also offers plenty of extracurricular activities and clubs. From robotics and chess groups to drama classes, sports or internships. Students will discover a variety of opportunities to keep active and involved.

Carver High School also offers numerous college preparatory programs to assist students in preparing for the next step in their academic career. Students can take advantage of SAT preparation classes and college counseling to make sure they are prepared for any challenge that may arise in the near future.

In the end, Carver High School is an ideal choice for those looking for quality education and numerous possibilities for other activities. With its highly experienced faculty and college-preparatory programs, Carver provides the perfect environment for growing and learning. That’s why it’s one of the most sought-after institutions in Atlanta.


Carver High School, located in Atlanta, Georgia, has an extensive and distinguished record of meeting the requirements of students from the region. It was founded in 1965 as an all-black high school by civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He was determined that African American children had access to an education of the highest quality. Since its inception, the school has provided thousands of students in its 50-year history.

When the school first began its journey, Carver High School was an element of the Fulton County Public Schools system and was home to primarily African American students from the surrounding neighborhoods. The school rapidly increased in size and popularity because of its innovative approach to ensuring equality of opportunity for minorities and families.

In its entire time, Carver High School has maintained its commitment to provide the best education possible and a nurturing atmosphere for everyone in the school. Through the 70s and 1980s Carver High School changed from an all-black academy to one that had an array of students. In this period, Carver also became well recognized for its sports teams that were successful and its famous marching band that won awards.

It was 1997 when Carver High School celebrated its 30th birthday and was awarded an official National Historic Landmark status due to its significant contribution during the Civil Rights Movement. In 2000 Carver High School maintained its dedication to excellence and became the first Georgia magnet school. It was able to provide specialized courses like media arts, engineering as well as health sciences and technology, in addition to a range of other courses in the academic field.

Presently, Carver High School continues serving the Atlanta community by providing an excellent educational experience for the students. It is among the top secondary schools across Georgia and is recognized nationally for the quality of its education. The school believes in inclusion and diversity, working to create a space that allows all students to develop, learn and realize their potential to the fullest extent.

Carver High School has been on top of the list in civil history of human rights since its establishment in 1965. For the past 50 years Carver has been a beacon of optimism for thousands of youngsters African Americans seeking quality education and opportunities to achieve success. The present day, Carver serves as an example of how to establish an inclusive environment for learning which celebrates every person’s individual background and talents. As the school continues to grow and expand the school’s commitment to excellence has not changed.

The story of Carver High School is one which reflects on the long and proud tradition of providing students with a high-quality education in Atlanta. Over its fifty-year existence it has been an innovator in the fight for minority rights and has provided an excellent education and opportunity for everyone who walks through its doors. The institution is sure to be known for future generations.

Why Carver High School Is The Best

Carver High School in Atlanta, Georgia is an excellent option for your child’s educational needs. It has a diverse and challenging curriculum specifically designed to meet the requirements of all children. The school is committed to the importance of rigor and a focus on standards-based education with the necessary support and resources for the success of students. Carver High School boasts small classes that allow each student to receive personal attention from teachers who are committed to their development and learning.

The school also offers a variety of extracurricular activities to get students involved to engage in healthy competition, and collaboration. Teams for debate, sports teams, theatre groups, student-run organizations and many more options are offered for students to discover their interests beyond the classroom. In addition, Carver High School offers numerous clubs and organizations to promote diversity as well as equity and inclusion. These include The Black Student Union, Gender Equality Alliance and the Latinx Student Association.

The teachers of Carver High School are highly skilled professionals who are committed to collaboration between parents, teachers and students. The faculty is dedicated to creating an empowering learning environment that is inclusive of all backgrounds and cultures. Teachers employ a variety of techniques to ensure that every pupil has the opportunity to develop in a manner that are most appropriate to their personal requirements.

Carver High School takes pride in its diverse student population of students of diverse ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds as well as economic, cultural, and religious . It creates a climate of mutual respect and understanding between the students, where everyone is at ease with themselves. In addition, the school focuses on the emotional and social growth of its students through offering counseling services and other extracurricular activities that help to build the feeling of belonging.

In the end, Carver High School is the ideal option for you child’s educational needs due to its rigorous curriculum, personalized instruction, a diverse student body and dedication to fostering an inclusive environment. With highly experienced teachers and a wealth of sources, Carver High School provides an outstanding education that allows students to realize their full potential. The end result is that enrolling your child at Carver High will be a decision that allows you to be proud knowing that they are prepared for success.


Carver High School in Atlanta, Georgia is a great area for students to develop and grow. It offers top-quality facilities specifically designed to assist all of its students achieve their maximum potential.

The school is equipped with 30 classrooms with the latest technologies like interactive whiteboards, audio systems, and projectors. There are two computer labs, with more than 50 computers for students who require extra help in their studies or simply are looking to make use of learning opportunities on the internet. To aid learning outside of the classroom, the Carver High School’s library has an array of magazines, books as well as other reference materials.

Fans of sports will be thrilled with the array of athletic facilities on the campus of Carver High School. There are three playing fields as well as 2 indoor courts for volleyball, basketball or tennis. The main gym at the school is outfitted with the most recent fitness equipment, such as treadmills, ellipticals, as well as weights.

Alongside the academics, Carver High School also offers students a wide range of extracurricular activities they can pick from. This includes clubs like debate and robotics and cultural events like talent shows , art exhibits. The auditorium is also available that hosts concerts and plays all through the year.

All in all, Carver High School provides students with plenty of opportunities to grow and learn in and out of the classroom. With its modern technology and a wide range of activities outside the classroom, it is not surprising that Carver High School is one of the best high schools located within Atlanta, Georgia.


Carver High School in Atlanta, Georgia offers a variety of learning opportunities for students. The curriculum includes academic core courses like math sciences, social studies, along with English/Language Arts. In addition, Carver offers advanced placement courses in various disciplines to test dedicated students. Courses that are elective are offered in the fields of music, art technology education, physical education , and health.

Students at Carver can take advantage of technical and career-related training opportunities such as culinary arts as well as early childhood education, entrepreneurial management and business. Students can also participate in enrichment activities like learning foreign languages or take part in the school’s award winning robotics team.

The school has a wide range of extracurricular activities, giving students many opportunities to grow and enhance their abilities. The activities include clubs like that of the Science Olympiad Team, Key Club, Student Government Association, Cheerleading Squad and several other clubs. Carver also offers an extensive sporting program, with teams playing basketball, football, soccer, baseball/softball, and track and field.

Carver High School strives to provide a balanced education for students, challenging their academic abilities while encouraging personal development through extracurricular involvement. The school offers a variety of opportunities for students to begin on the right path to university and further.


Carver High School in Atlanta, Georgia is proud to have a dedicated, strong faculty of administrators and teachers. The school boasts a lively and enthusiastic teaching staff who strive to ensure that the students are getting a quality education. The entire teachers in Carver High School share a common goal of creating an environment in which every pupil can realize their full potential.

Teachers of Carver High School use innovative methods and strategies that meet the needs of all learners and their abilities. They are striving for the highest standards in their classes through engaging students in active learning and being open to innovative ideas while making sure they provide rigorous instruction that keeps their students interested and engaged.

The school’s administrators of Carver High School are equally committed to the overall success for their pupils. They strive to create an environment that encourages learning, and are actively supporting their teachers in their classrooms, and also ensure that the school’s operation is in line with the laws of the state and local authorities.

Everyone on the employees of Carver High School takes great satisfaction in their work, determined to leave an impact that lasts for the rest of the student’s lives. They know that education can provide students with the opportunity for improvement in both their academic and personal lives and work to ensure that all students have the support they require to achieve their goals. The Carver High School staff Carver High School are truly dedicated to ensuring that each student has a top education.

Student Outcomes

Carver High School in Atlanta Georgia is an institution of public education that has the cost of tuition at $9,000 annually. The cost includes educational expenses like textbooks, classroom equipment and access to the latest technology. Apart from the tuition fee for each year families are also required to pay for examination fees as well as additional charges for other activities. There might be additional fees for specific academic programs or classes.

Students who pay tuition in full are qualified for discounts and scholarships via the Financial Aid Office at Carver High School. They can receive assistance through FAFSA and foundation grants, or reduced costs for lunch in the event of a need. In addition, discounted rates could be offered by other organizations like the College Board’s Advanced Placement Program or Bright Futures.

In Carver High School, families have to pay a one-time registration cost of $50. The fee is non-refundable and is due in entirety when completing registration. The annual fee for student activities is $150 per student . It includes access to teams for sports and after-school activities and other programs. Alongside these fees the cost of meals purchased is an additional expense that should be taken into account when planning the budget for the school year.

The financial aid program is offered in Carver High School in Atlanta Georgia for families that meet the criteria according to academic merit or financial need. The students who qualify can be awarded grants or scholarships, as well as loans to cover the majority or all their tuition expenses based on particular circumstances. Families should reach out to the Financial Aid Office at Carver High School to inquire about their ability for aid.

In the end, Carver High School in Atlanta Georgia offers a quality education as well as numerous other extracurricular options for students, however there are also costs related to attendance that need to be considered when planning budgets for this school’s academic year. If you plan your budget properly and have financing options for students, taking classes at Carver is an affordable alternative for families searching for high-quality academics in the Atlanta region.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Carver High School is located in a bustling neighborhood west of the city center Atlanta. The neighborhood around Carver High School features diverse communities that are distinct in their appeal and charm.

Its West End Historic District lies to the south of the school and houses the oldest buildings in Atlanta along with a myriad of delightful cafes, restaurants and boutiques. This district also features their own variant of BeltLine which is a growing network of trails, parks and transit circles that connect various neighborhoods across Atlanta.

East Lake is another notable neighborhood close to Carver High School. On one side is East Lake Golf Club, which is home to the legendary golfer Bobby Jones’ childhood stomping greens–and to the other lies Decatur which is a hipster-friendly area that is a haven for hipsters. Decatur is a hipster haven. The East Lake area also features many biking trails and parks for tourists to explore.

Its Castleberry Hill neighborhood is west of Carver High School, and gives plenty of opportunity for exploring. From the hidden bars along Peters Street to the galleries and nightlife that line Nelson Street, this area has seen a rapid growth in recent years , and is now one of Atlanta’s most fashionable neighborhoods.

Nearby to the school is Oakland City, another community that is full of shops, restaurants as well as entertainment options. In Oakland City, you’ll find a myriad of local businesses catering to visitors and locals alike. With convenient connections for the downtown area of Atlanta through MARTA or a car, Oakland City is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after areas within the city.

Carver High School is surrounded by a variety of lively, diverse and walkable neighborhoods that have something for every person. If you’re seeking for entertainment in the outdoors and nightclubs, or unique locally-owned businesses, the region is filled with it all. And more!

What People are Saying

“I am a product of Carver High School. I attribute my success to the excellent education that I received while attending Carver. My teachers were always willing to help me and make sure that I understood the material. They challenged me and pushed me to do my best. I am so grateful for the foundation that Carver gave me.” -Tiffany H.

“Carver High School was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The teachers and staff truly care about each and every student’s success. They push you to be your best and challenge you academically. I am so proud to be a Panther!” -Brandon S.

“I absolutely loved my experience at Carver! The teachers are amazing and truly care about each and every one of their students. They push you to be your best and challenge you academically. I am so proud to be a Panther!” -Ashley W.

Located at: 55 McDonough Blvd SE, Atlanta, GA 30315

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