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Benjamin E Mays High School

Benjamin E. Mays High School is situated in the middle of Atlanta, Georgia. The school’s location permits students to benefit from everything Atlanta offers to its visitors.

Benjamin E. Mays High School is situated in the middle of Atlanta, Georgia. The school’s location permits students to benefit from everything Atlanta offers to its visitors. From world-renowned museums and attractions to the amazing meals, there’s plenty to offer everyone in Atlanta.

Benjamin E Mays High School located in Atlanta, Georgia is an excellent option for secondary education. It is located in the historical Southwest Atlanta neighborhood and boasting the diverse student population of more than 500 students, this school offers a stimulating learning experience for all students.

In Benjamin E Mays High School The faculty is determined to establish a culture of academic excellence which encourages student achievement. The staff is dedicated to ensure that every student is supported and is provided with the tools they require to be successful. Additionally, teachers employ innovative techniques like projects-based learning and hands-on exercises to improve instruction and encourage their students to learn in meaningful ways.

Beyond the academics, the school offers a wide range of extracurricular opportunities, such as clubs and athletic teams like robotics. This allows students to discover their interests and build capabilities. The school also has a strong focus on community which is regularly hosting events and fundraisers to bring a sense of unity between the students.

If you’re seeking an enriching learning experience within a friendly and warm environment, Benjamin E Mays High School is a great option. It is committed to excellence in academics, a focus on supporting students of all ages, and a focus on providing worthwhile extracurricular activities and community-based initiatives, this school offers its students a top secondary education. It is recommended for those seeking a high-quality schooling in Atlanta.


Benjamin E Mays High School located in Atlanta, Georgia is a public school that was established in the year 1968. The school was the 2nd school constructed for African-American students within the metropolis of Atlanta. The school’s name was derived from The Dr. Benjamin Elijah Mays, an American civil rights activist and pastor who was the president of Morehouse College from 1940 to 1967.

The Dr. Mays believed in education to improve yourself and those around you, therefore it was appropriate to name the new high school in his honor. The initial building was occupied by about 700 students. However, in 1970, the enrollment had risen to over 1,500 students and the campus had to grow. A new wing was constructed that included labs and classrooms that were specifically designed for the teaching of science and technology.

It was in 1972 that Mays High School implemented the Mays High School “new-style” educational program that was geared towards providing students with the most comprehensive learning experience. This was a far cry from the conventional lecture and classroom model because it was more hands-on exercises and problem-solving.

In the present, Benjamin E Mays High School remains one of the top schools in Atlanta. It is consistently ranked among the top 10 institutions in Georgia and is an innovator in bringing technology into the classrooms. Students have pursued lucrative careers in medicine, business engineering, law, as well as other areas. The school’s mission is founded on Dr. Mays’ belief that education has the power to transform the lives of those who attend. The school continues to offer quality education to its students, who, as a result, help their communities, both local and global.

Since its founding in 1950, Benjamin E Mays High School has been teaching students and providing them with the necessary tools to be successful in their lives. The school’s success story is a testimony to the dedication of its teachers, staff, students, administrators, alumni and students who work for excellence every day. It is one of the oldest High Schools, it definitely should be in the history books!

Why Benjamin E Mays High School Is The Best

Benjamin E Mays High School located in Atlanta, Georgia stands out as one of the most reputable alternatives for the education of your children. The school has an academically rigorous curriculum which is based on high-quality standards and high requirements. Students are able to take advantage of many classes, including advanced placement (AP) classes as well as honors classes and dual enrollment at local universities. The faculty at Benjamin E Mays High School are highly skilled professionals who are committed to providing a safe learning environment that helps students to achieve their maximum potential.

The school also offers various extra-curricular activities like music and sports teams, students’ government groups, and clubs. These activities are crucial components of a comprehensive education and offer opportunities for students to be themselves in various ways. Additionally there is an active and well-established parent-teacher group that fosters the openness of communication between parents, teachers and students.

And lastly, Benjamin E Mays High School adheres to strict codes for conduct which sets high standards for their students. The code stresses respect for other students’ academic excellence, good conduct in school and more. Students are required to keep excellent grades and follow these guidelines or face sanctions in the event of not doing this. By ensuring that this standard is adhered to for all students and staff members, the school can provide an environment of learning that is safe and secure where every student can succeed academically.


Benjamin E Mays High School located in Atlanta, Georgia is a modern facility that offers students an excellent education experience. Students have access to state-of-the-art classrooms that are equipped with modern technology, including electronic whiteboards, projectors and interactive boards. There are several specially designed science labs, as well as a wide range of computers for students’ use. Furthermore the school offers an extensive library that includes both digital and printed resources for research and research.

Additional amenities include a gym and outdoor courts and sports fields which include football, soccer track and field, tennis, and basketball. The school also hosts several clubs that have regular meetings throughout the year including debate team, robotics and chess club, among others. There is also an auditorium, cafeteria, and the student center, where students can chill in between classes or have lunch time. The school also has specific programs, such as students’ support, career exploration, services as well as credit recovery, among others.

Benjamin E Mays High School is dedicated to providing its students the most effective education experience. Its extensive facilities and wide range of activities offered, it provides an environment that allows students to achieve their maximum potential.

The school also offers a variety of extracurricular programs for all students. These include arts, music, theater and media class, as in addition to sports teams such as soccer, baseball and basketball. There are many extracurricular clubs that are offered by Benjamin E Mays High School like debate teams, robotics, chess club and more.

Benjamin E Mays High School is committed to helping its students excel by giving them the most optimal learning environment. With state-of-the-art facilities, libraries with specialized resources, and extracurricular activities, it offers the chance for each student to realize their potential to the fullest extent.


Benjamin E. Mays High School is a public institution that is located within Atlanta, Georgia. The school offers a wide range of subjects for students to select from and succeed in while there.

The school is Benjamin E. Mays High School; the students are required to complete fundamental classes like Math Science and English/Language Arts, as well as Physical Education, and Social Studies every year. In addition to these prerequisites students may also choose courses that match their interests. These range from fine arts such as music and art to international languages like Spanish as well as French.

AP Courses are offered in Benjamin E. Mays High School which give students the chance to test their own learning through college-level courses while getting high school credit and possibly college credits. It also has Dual Enrollment classes where students are able to take college-level courses and earn college and high school credits simultaneously.

Benjamin E. Mays High School is dedicated to making students ready for the world of work by equipping them with the essential skills to enable them to succeed upon graduation. The school offers academies for career development that allow students to concentrate on a subject that interests them, such as Computer Science, Business Management or Health Science as well Journalism. Students can learn and gain experiences in the field they are interested in while working on their regular courses.

In addition to the opportunities for education, Benjamin E. Mays High School provides students extracurricular opportunities that permit students to develop their capabilities beyond the classroom. These include sports teams, like basketball and football to clubs such as that of the debate group or National Honors Society.

Benjamin E. Mays High School is dedicated to offering its students an education of the highest quality which will prepare them for successful careers after they graduate. The school has a comprehensive curriculum which includes core classes, courses that are elective, AP courses and career Academies, in addition to additional activities to help them develop their abilities. Through combining these learning experiences with real-world work experiences, Benjamin E. Mays High School is dedicated to helping every student achieve their full potential.


The faculty of Benjamin E. Mays High School located in Atlanta, Georgia is composed of highly trained and dedicated professionals who are dedicated to giving students an education of the highest quality that prepares students for their future. The school has administrators, teachers, counselors as well as librarians, assistants as well as custodians.

Teachers have received advanced degrees from well-known universities and bring decades of classroom experience. They are dedicated to ensuring that every student is given the chance to master the subject in a way that best suits their individual needs. Teachers collaborate in the design of curriculum and employ creative methods, such as technology integration to increase the level of engagement of students and their interest within the classroom.

Counselors can provide guidance on academics and advice on college applications and scholarship opportunities, as well as assistance for students who are in stress. Administrators have a thorough understanding of the school’s objectives as well as expectations and regulations and have a constant dedication to helping students realize their highest potential.

The library staff help create a space that promotes learning and literacy by offering access to computers, books and other tools that encourage studying and reading. Aides are available to ensure that the needs of each student are met , while custodians ensure rooms are spotless, so students are not interrupted by chaos or clutter.

The entire Benjamin E Mays High School staff collaborate in order to provide an environment that is positive for learning for each student who steps through the school’s doors. They work to create an environment in which students feel safe, secure and challenged to achieve their potential to the fullest. With this team of committed professionals in place, Benjamin E Mays High School will maintain its reputation of excellence for the years to come.

Student Outcomes

Benjamin E. Mays High School, which is located within Southwest Atlanta, Georgia is part of the Atlanta Public Schools System. It provides a variety of learning opportunities to students, including Pre-K to 12th grade as well as magnet and specialized programs. The school has over 1,000 students and employs around 100 administrators and teachers.

The price for the tuition at Benjamin E. Mays High School is contingent on the kind of schooling one decides to take. If parents are interested in enrolling your child in elementary or kindergarten classes, tuition begins at $9,530 annually, with additional charges like application fees ($50) and a technology cost ($50). Additional charges may be charged based on the number of classes students enrolled during the year and additional services that are requested.

If you decide to go for an accelerated program, tuition costs vary from $15,500 to $25,500 annually based on the program selected. Other costs, like an application fee that is one-time ($50) and lab equipment and field trips could be included.

Financial aid is offered for households that meet the criteria and are unable to afford the full cost of tuition. It is contingent on the size of the family as well as income, assets, and other variables determined through the assessment procedure of the district school. Parents should call an office in the school for more details on the possibility of financial aid.

In addition to the tuition cost There are other costs that are associated with being a student at Benjamin E. Mays High School including textbooks and other supplies that can be different based on the courses which are taught every year. There could be additional expenses like transportation, meals , and extracurricular activities that can increase throughout the year.

The total cost of going to Benjamin E. Mays High School in Atlanta Georgia is dependent on many factors, including what academic program is chosen and whether or not financial aid is offered in addition to other expenses that are associated with school attendance. To get an accurate estimate of total cost for attending this school, students must visit their local school’s office for additional information regarding fees for tuition, courses offered , and any extra fees.

In weighing the above factors families can make educated decisions when selecting a school for their children, and ensure an enjoyable learning experience. You can contact the school directly to obtain more exact and current information on fees, since this could depend on a variety of variables.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Benjamin E Mays High School is located in the stunning West End neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. The beautiful neighborhood is brimming with beautiful green spaces and parks along with plenty of dining and shopping options. The area includes a number of historical sites, including that of the OGMA Delta Omega House – the most impressive Greek Revival mansion built in 1891.

The area around Benjamin E Mays High School contains other notable neighborhoods, each of which has distinct facilities for residents to take advantage of. Nearby to the school is Adair Park, boasting an assortment of homes from the past and mid-century bungalows, as well as many entertainment options such as bowling theaters and lanes. In addition, Oakland City offers easy access to MARTA and a variety of parks that are perfect for an easy stroll or running.

Further to the west is the gorgeous area in Grove Park, filled with ranch and mid-century homes. The area also has the historical Ansley Golf Club – one of the oldest golf clubs in Atlanta that has an 18 hole championship golf course. The surrounding communities consisting of Collier Hills and Pine Hills are vibrant communities that boast the classic architecture of the 1950s and contemporary amenities. Cascade Heights is best known for its active civic associations as well as diverse cultural sites including Tyler Perry Studios. Tyler Perry Studios.

Whatever you do close to Benjamin E Mays High School in Atlanta There’s many things to discover and explore! There are plenty of possibilities for outdoor activities such as shopping, dining out and entertainment which makes this area one of the best places to live.

Just north of the school is an historic West End business district and the surrounding areas. There’s an enticing commercial area that is home to a variety of eateries and shops, in addition to several of Atlanta’s most historic churches, such as Big Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church and St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. The residential areas around are mostly wealthy, with extravagant mansions dating to bygone times. No matter if you’re seeking for an easy stroll or a fun night in the city – Benjamin E Mays High School as well as the neighborhood around it are a must for anyone! for all!

What People are Saying

“Benjamin E Mays High School in Atlanta GA is a great school! The teachers are so caring and really want to see their students succeed. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone looking for a great education.” -A Parent

“I love Benjamin E Mays High School! The teachers are amazing and they really care about their students. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone.” -A Student

“Benjamin E Mays High School is a great school! The teachers are so caring and really want to see their students succeed. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone looking for a great education.” -A Teacher

Located at: 3450 Benjamin E Mays Dr SW, Atlanta, GA 30331

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