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West Manor Elementary School

West Manor Elementary School located in Atlanta GA is a great option for parents who are looking for an exceptional education for the children of their household. The school provides a broad curriculum that focuses on the fundamental academic competencies and encourages innovative problem-solving.

West Manor Elementary School located in Atlanta GA is a great option for parents who are looking for an exceptional education for the children of their household. The school provides a broad curriculum that focuses on the fundamental academic competencies and encourages innovative problem-solving. The faculty is composed of highly experienced teachers who are committed to the development of every student. West Manor also has a special focus on integrating technology into the classroom providing students with the chance to discover new ideas and learn 21st century abilities.

Beyond the class, West Manor provides various extracurricular activities like clubs, sports and opportunities for community service. Through these activities, children gain valuable leadership and teamwork skills while enjoying themselves with their peers. In addition, West Manor offers numerous activities for parents to encourage involvement of the family in the child’s education. These programs create a crucial relationship between parents and the school and help create a positive learning environment for everyone.

West Manor Elementary School is an environment that is safe and supportive which is dedicated to the development of every child. With its vigorous and rigorous curriculum and a variety of extracurricular activities, and a robust parental involvement program, West Manor is the ideal school to help your child prepare for success in the future.


West Manor Elementary School located in Atlanta, GA has a long and proud tradition. It was founded in 1905, as the first school of public education for pupils of African descent in Atlanta. The school was named in honor of Richard West, a local minister from the Congregational Church, who donated 16 acres of land to the school district to ensure they could construct the school.

The building’s original layout included six classes, an auditorium as well as a library. In the early times, West Manor offered instruction exclusively for students in the elementary grades of 1 to 6. By 1951, 2 more classrooms were constructed to accommodate growing enrollment. In 1954, West Manor had become a junior high school serving students in the seventh grade up to ninth grade.

In 1960, segregation laws became law in Georgia and schools started to integrate. West Manor opened its doors and accepted students from any race for the very first time. In the process, the number of students attending West Manor rose significantly.

In 1973, following several years of overcrowding due growing student numbers the school board voted to construct a new school for West Manor Elementary School. The new building was air-conditioned, with classrooms, state-of-the-art computers and science labs, playgrounds and an Olympic-sized pool. In the year 1980, West Manor was designated as an National Blue Ribbon School in recognition of its academic excellence and accomplishments.

Today, West Manor Elementary School continues to offer a high-quality education to children from pre kindergarten up to fifth grade. The school is renowned nationally for its outstanding standard of performance and has been designated a Georgia Department of Education “Superior” School for the past eight years. West Manor Elementary School is a lively and diverse school where pupils are encouraged and supported to realize their potential in their academics and social abilities.

Why West Manor Elementary School  Is The Best

West Manor Elementary School located in Atlanta GA is the ideal school for your child to go to. The school is characterized by an extremely solid sense of community that makes sure that all students feel welcomed and part of the community. West Manor is a place where everyone feels welcome and included. West Manor, each student is treated with respect and dignity, and are encouraged to realize their full potential.

The staff of West Manor are dedicated educators who employ innovative methods of teaching that promote learning and participation. Everyone on staff is focused on meeting the needs of each student. Of each student while offering a high-quality general education program. It is a focus on critical thinking, problem-solving communications skills, collaboration, creative thinking along with acceptance for diversity.

In West Manor elementary school, there are numerous extracurricular activities that are available like drama classes, art classes and music classes, sports teams as well as student groups. The school also offers various educational field trips as well as after-school activities that allow students to explore their passions and gain new abilities.

West Manor Elementary School places a commitment to the involvement of students and communities in environmental management. It is a part of the school’s involvement in activities like organizing local cleanup events, planting trees recycling efforts, as well as volunteer projects for the community.

Alongside its outstanding educational program West Manor offers a secure learning environment that is updated with security protocols in place. The school also offers medical services for students, such as regular physicals and vision exams, nutritional counseling, hearing tests, and mental health services.


West Manor Elementary School located in Atlanta GA offers a wide variety of facilities and amenities for staff, students, and other visitors. The school is a large two-story structure, with rooms on each floor. Every classroom is equipped with the latest technology , including interactive whiteboard’s computer, projectors, computers and internet connectivity. The auditorium is also available for use during school events and assemblies.

Apart from the main building, there are a variety of outdoor spaces for students to use including a play area with playgrounds and slides, basketball courts, tennis courts and a vast grass field for sporting activities. In addition, there are a variety of parking spaces for people who require them.

In the school, there are many places for youngsters to explore. The library has an extensive selection of magazines, periodicals, and books. There’s also a cafeteria which provides healthy food every day along with a gym for fitness.

The school also provides enriching programs like music classes, art classes along with tutoring and other services. Each class has their own study space where students can study their work or simply read. In addition, the school has an administration office that assists anyone who is who needs it.


West Manor Elementary School located in Atlanta, GA offers a broad educational program that is focused on the building of essential skills for learning. The school is based on its Common Core State Standards and strives to provide students with an engaging and stimulating education atmosphere for the students.

The main academic curriculum in West Manor Elementary offers instruction in the fields of mathematics, language arts and science, as well as arts, social studies, physical education, and music. In the language arts classes, students have access to literature from different genres like nonfiction and fiction; they are taught to critically read in order to be able to comprehend texts; as well as practice writing in a variety of formats.

In math, it is a focus on solving problems using the ability to think logically and use numeracy. Classes in science cover a wide range of subjects ranging from the earth sciences, chemistry and biology, to environmental studies. Social studies students are taught about the community’s geography and are able to comprehend the past and current happenings.

Art classes encourage imagination and creativity and music classes offer the opportunity for the performance as well as appreciation of a range of music styles. Furthermore, physical education classes help promote healthy lifestyles by encouraging exercise every day.

West Manor Elementary also offers an array of enrichment activities which allow students to explore their passions in a way that is engaging. Some classes offered are robotics programming, the art of coding (computer programming) and debate team multimedia production lab, along with Spanish group for language.

The school focuses on the importance of hands-on learning through frequent field excursions during the course of the year. In addition, West Manor Elementary provides extra support programs like homework help as well as guidance counseling and tutoring to ensure students get the individual care they require.


West Manor Elementary School located in Atlanta GA is staffed with an experienced and highly skilled group of teachers. Teachers are passionate about education, learning for students and creating a positive learning environment for every pupil. They aim to establish a climate that is respectful and collaborative in the classroom, so students are able to reach their maximum potential.

They are teachers from West Manor Elementary School, are well-trained and have many years of experience teaching preschoolers. They have a wealth of knowledge in their particular disciplines, such as math and science, language arts and social studies, fine arts and physical education. Teachers also help create an atmosphere of learning that is positive by interacting with their students at an individual level and working closely with parents to ensure their children’s progress.

West Manor Elementary School is also home to many employees who take on a crucial part in supporting students and teachers alike. This includes the school nurse and librarians, guidance counselors and office staff, as well as custodians and cafeteria staff. Together, they work to provide the highest quality of education for the students of West Manor Elementary School.

Student Outcomes

West Manor Elementary School in Atlanta GA is a public school that is part of the Georgia Department for Education’s Fulton County Public Schools district. It is home to about 800 students from grades K-5. The school employs more than 50 staff and teachers. The tuition fee for West Manor Elementary School is $6,865 annually for an elementary school student, or $11,290 for middle school students. The tuition includes all instructional textbooks, materials, and other supplies. Other expenses could be expected if students are involved in extracurricular activities like athletic teams or after-school activities. For instance, a lot of sports leagues require a fee for registration of their participants.

Families are able to apply for financial aid through various grants and scholarships, like The Georgia Student Finance Commission or through private companies. Furthermore, West Manor Elementary School provides a range of payment plans that can assist families with their tuition expenses. They are available in monthly installments as well as a “Pay As You Go” option as well as discounts for late payment.

Nearby Neighborhoods

West Manor Elementary School can be found in the southwest region of Atlanta, Georgia. Within its immediate surroundings there are numerous residential and commercial areas with a wide range of services to residents as well as visitors.

The Cascade Road Corridor is one of these neighborhoods, located only two miles of West Manor Elementary. The area is famous for its desired schools and businesses including the prestigious Morehouse School of Medicine and the Alon’s Bakery. The homeowners here have easy access to I-285, MARTA bus lines as well as numerous shopping malls such as SuperTarget along with Walmart. The neighborhood also has old single-family houses as well as modern townhouses, condominiums and apartments set in stunning landscapes with lush greenery.

The Bolton Road Corridor is another location that is just one mile of West Manor Elementary. The neighborhood is home to a variety of different companies and services specifically designed to meet the demands of both residents and visitors. In this area, you can discover everything from supermarkets as well as restaurants, health facilities and gas stations to banks and many others. Bolton Road Corridor is a great place to shop. Bolton Road Corridor also features gorgeous single-family homes as well condominiums and townhouses set in gardens that are well-groomed and have plenty for shade trees for shade.

Ben Hill Neighborhood can be 1.5 miles to West Manor Elementary School. It is renowned for its lively 1970s-inspired architecture , as well as its distinctive blend of commercial areas and residential homes. You will find essentials for your daily life like banks, supermarkets, gas stations, grocery stores and medical centers, and many more. There are also traditional single-family houses as well as contemporary townhouses, condominiums, and apartments that are surrounded by trees.

The students at West Manor Elementary School you’ll be in the middle of an exciting neighborhood that has plenty of things to see and explore. The range of neighborhoods is vast from Cascade Road Corridor to Bolton Road Corridor, Ben Hill Neighborhood There is something for everyone in the neighborhood! Every neighborhood comes with an individual collection of attractions and amenities that will provide residents with an Atlanta an exciting and memorable experience!

What People Are Saying

“West Manor Elementary School is a great school! The teachers are amazing and the students are always learning.” – A parent

“This is a wonderful school! The staff is so caring and the kids are doing great.” – A grandparent

“My child has been attending West Manor Elementary School for two years now, and we love it! The teachers are great and the curriculum is top-notch. We highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a great education in Atlanta!” – A local resident

“West Manor Elementary School is the best school in Atlanta! The teachers are amazing and the students are always learning. We highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a great education.” – A parent

Located at: 570 Lynhurst Dr SW, Atlanta, GA 30311

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