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Springdale Park Elementary School 

Springdale Park Elementary School in Atlanta Georgia is an excellent educational option for students from all backgrounds and ages.

Springdale Park Elementary School in Atlanta Georgia is an excellent educational option for students from all backgrounds and ages. The school offers an intense academic program and a safe learning environment, as well as an array of extracurricular activities that allow students to be involved in a comprehensive education.

The staff at Springdale Park Elementary has received a lot of praise for their commitment to learning for students. Every teacher is dedicated to ensuring that every student receives the highest quality education and is equipped with the necessary tools for their achievement. Through regular meetings, teachers are able to give students individual attention and help them excel in various areas.

Alongside an outstanding education program Springdale Park Elementary also provides a wide range kind of activities for students to participate in. Activities like robotics or art or photography provide students with the chance to discover their passions and build skills beyond the classroom. The school also offers many activities ranging from swimming to basketball that gives students the chance to work out and develop how to build teams.

The school’s dedication to inclusivity and diversity makes it an ideal environment for students from diverse backgrounds to study. The faculty is extremely welcoming of all faiths and cultures and makes everyone feel at home in the school’s community. Furthermore, Springdale Park Elementary is fully committed to helping every student achieve their full potential by offering them an exciting and enriching learning experience.

Shortly, Springdale Park Elementary School located in Atlanta Georgia offers an excellent academic curriculum that includes a nurturing learning environment as well as a wide range of extracurricular activities that keep students engaged. The school’s dedication to inclusion and diversity ensures every student feels welcome and respected while helping students reach their potential to the fullest extent. With such a remarkable school and educational environment, there is no reason to doubt that students have the chance to flourish at Springdale Park Elementary.


Springdale Park Elementary School in Atlanta Georgia is a well-known school with a rich past. It was established in 1938. The school has provided a high-quality education for its learners for over 80 years and continues to do so to this day.

The school was initially built as one of the Atlanta Public Schools systems and predominantly served students of African descent. The school was constructed at the location of an abandoned cotton mill which was transformed into an open space for the public’s use. Through the years, Springdale Park Elementary School has experienced many changes, as well as a name change to its current name in 1954.

In the latter part of the 1970s, the school was renovated extensively and additions, thereby increasing the capacity of its education and becoming the largest elementary school in Atlanta. Atlanta. Furthermore, Springdale Park Elementary School created its kindergarten program, which has become an extremely effective program within the district. The school also offers an extensive array of extra-curricular activities, including students’ councils, chess clubs, music, and chorus.

Springdale Park Elementary School has been acknowledged for its exceptional academic performance and has received many awards throughout the years. The school was designated a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence in 1991. It is one of the two primary schools within Atlanta that has earned this honor. Springdale Park Elementary School is an outstanding educational institution and is a significant part of the local community. The school will offer an excellent education for the children in Atlanta for many years to follow.

Why Springdale Park Elementary School Is The Best

Springdale Park Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia is the best college for children. In a vibrant and diverse area, Springdale Park offers an atmosphere where children can develop and grow in a secure, comfortable environment. With highly skilled teachers and staff who are dedicated to ensuring that each child reaches their full potential, Springdale Park provides excellent education, with a wide range of activities and programs to engage children’s minds.

The school’s curriculum is thorough and thorough and covers all the essential subjects, in addition to electives like music, art, physical education, and Spanish. Springdale Park also offers exciting extracurricular activities, such as sports teams, clubs, and tutoring after school. The school also offers an all-day, nutritious lunch cooked by a chef who has won awards.

In addition to the excellent educational programs, Springdale Park takes great satisfaction in building strong relationships with parents and students. Staff members work hard to ensure that families feel welcomed and all their child’s requirements are taken care of. Through regular communications, the school assists parents are engaged in their child’s learning. Through regular meetings and teacher-parent conferences, parents will ensure that they are informed regarding their child’s progress.

Springdale Park Elementary School is an exceptional school for your child of yours to develop and learn. Its commitment to excellence in all learning areas with its determination to create an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming making it a fantastic choice for the child you love. With a broad program, exciting activities, and devoted personnel, Springdale Park is the best educational setting for children of all ages.


Springdale Park Elementary School in Atlanta Georgia is a premier educational establishment that offers top-quality instruction and resources for students. The school has a variety of modern amenities that provide an engaging learning environment for kids of all ages.

The classrooms are outfitted with the most modern technology, such as SMART Boards and videoconferencing capabilities along with plenty of daylight and ample space for groups of students. Additionally to this, other facilities like the library offer access to research resources and online databases that can assist students with their studies.

The cafeteria offers healthy foods from certified vendors that adhere to strict nutritional requirements. The athletic department offers a range of classes in physical education as well as sports leagues and other leisure activities like swimming lessons in its on-site pool. This ensures that students have opportunities to take part in physical exercise and encourages healthy living.

The school also offers extensive art program that gives students the chance to express their creativity through visual, music theatre, and dance. These include state-of-the-art facilities such as recording studios as well as art galleries, which allow them to build their talents in these areas.

Springdale Park Elementary School is dedicated to creating a space that allows all children to learn and develop in a secure and safe environment. The school’s numerous amenities ensure that students get the most benefit from their learning experiences in the school.

Springdale Park Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia offers a broad curriculum designed to prepare pupils for success. The school is focused on developing solid math and reading abilities that will form the foundation of an individual’s academic life. The instruction in language arts is comprised of phonics, phonemic awareness fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary. Math instruction is focused on problem-solving, numbers sense, operations, geometric reasoning, geometric measurement, and analysis of data.

Along with the traditional subject areas like mathematics and language arts, Springdale Park Elementary School provides exciting opportunities in the performing and visual arts. Music classes are focused on appreciation for music while offering students the chance to learn about instruments. Dance classes help students learn the basics of dance, as they challenge them to design the choreography of their choice. Visual art classes allow students to develop their creativity as well as develop core skills like observing the world around them, creating, and critiquing.


In Springdale Park Elementary School, technology is integrated into the curriculum to help prepare students for the future of their education and career achievement. Students are provided with computers and internet access for projects to complete as well as research topics of their choice and work with classmates at another school. Furthermore, instruction in coding lets students gain a fundamental understanding of programming languages, which could be beneficial for future career or college ventures.

Springdale Park Elementary School offers an all-inclusive curriculum that prepares students for academic achievement. Courses in language arts concentrate on the development of the ability to write and read effectively and math classes focus on the ability to solve problems. In addition, visual and performing arts classes provide students with an opportunity to discover their creative side. In the classroom, technology is used to help prepare students for academic and professional success. The students at Springdale Park Elementary School, students receive the skills they require to be successful in school and beyond.

This concludes our overview of the curriculum offered at Springdale Park Elementary School in Atlanta Georgia. The school has a broad curriculum that is focused on developing basic math and reading skills in addition to incorporating the performing and visual arts as well as technology-related instruction. Every class is designed to provide students with the skills they require to be successful in school and later in their lives. The combination between traditional educational methods, creative expression, and technology literacy gives an excellent basis for future success.


Springdale Park Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia is home to a group of committed and hardworking teachers. The school’s principal Mrs. Johnson is a well-known administrator who has been with the school for several years. She collaborates closely with staff and teachers to ensure that every child receives a high-quality education while emphasizing how important it is to have a community within the classroom.

The assistant principal Mr. Washington, is another important employee at Springdale Park Elementary School. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations at the institution and ensures that students have access to top-quality tools and instructional time all day long. The principal, Mr. Washington also works closely with Mrs. Johnson to make sure that teachers have the tools they require to succeed in their own classrooms.

The instructors who teach at Springdale Park Elementary School are extremely qualified and knowledgeable. They aim to provide their students with a stimulating learning environment while helping them reach their potential to the fullest. Teachers also put an emphasis on collaboration between staff and students, helping to build a sense of belonging within the school.

In addition, the team at Springdale Park Elementary School includes numerous support staff who are committed every day to ensuring that every requirement are met. From custodians to clerical employees and cafeteria workers, everyone has a crucial role to play in ensuring the environment at Springdale Park is a safe and welcoming place for students to grow and learn. With such a team of professionals working together, there’s easy to see why Springdale Park has been such an incredibly successful school for several years.

Student Outcomes

Springdale Park Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia is a chance for families and students and their families to put their money into their own future. This school, which is public, has grades K-5 and a current enrollment of about 700 students. The cost to attend this elementary school is dependent on many variables, including the attendance zone of the district and the income of the family, but there are many basic costs to be considered.

The basic tuition for Springdale Park Elementary School is $2,000 per pupil each year. This includes textbooks, educational equipment including pencils and paper as well as some art supplies laboratory equipment, and the technology charges associated with using Chromebooks and iPads in the classroom. In addition to the basic cost, parents also have to pay registration fees that can range from $25 to $50 for each pupil per school year. The fee is for the cost of processing applications for students as well as immunization forms, and any other administrative expenses associated with registering a student at the school.

In addition to the tuition or registration charges, parents are required to be responsible for other services, such as After-school childcare, lunch services, or transportation between and to school. After-school care is offered for an hourly cost of $4/hour for students from grades K-5. Lunch services are available for an expense in the amount of $2.50 per meal, plus tax. Bus transportation is offered by the district for no cost.

Families who meet the criteria could receive financial aid through grants or scholarships which could aid in the payment of some expenses associated with going to Springdale Park Elementary School. These grants and scholarships may be requested via the main office at the school or on the internet, and are based on the family’s income as well as academic achievements.

In the end, going to Springdale Park Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia is an investment that could yield dividends for many years to be. With tuition and fees that range from $2,000 to $3000 per year, depending on the type of options chosen the school is an excellent value in offering high-quality education for students. Financial assistance is also for families with qualifying families by way of grants or scholarships. Whatever the cost parents ought to think about investing in their future at Springdale Park Elementary School – the benefits will last a lifetime!

Nearby Neighborhoods

Springdale Park Elementary School is located in the Druid Hills neighborhood of Atlanta Georgia. The area is affluent, and historic and is home to iconic homes, stunning parks, as well as other things to do. There are several neighborhoods close to Springdale Park that provide a variety of housing options for families who want to be close to their school.

The immediate area around Springdale Park Elementary School is known as East Lake Terrace. This lovely community has a wide variety of tree-lined streets and beautifully maintained yards and also easy access to parks and recreation facilities. The sidewalks are spacious and welcoming for running or walking around the neighborhood. This makes it simple for students of Springdale Park to get to school on time, either by bicycle or on foot.

East to the east of Springdale Park is the neighborhood of Candler Park. This lively and vibrant neighborhood offers a variety of eateries as well as bars, boutiques, and restaurants. Residents can enjoy an 18-hole course of golf, as well as numerous sports fields and playgrounds. The close by Freedom Trail runs through Candler Park and has bicycle paths for commuters to downtown Atlanta.

The neighborhoods around East Lake Meadows, Kirkwood, and Edgewood are located near Springdale Park Elementary School. Each neighborhood has its own distinct character with a mixture of single-family homes, townhomes, apartments condos, and historic structures. There are numerous recreational possibilities in these areas, including parks that have trails, tennis courts, pools, basketball courts, baseball diamonds, and many more.

All in all, Springdale Park Elementary School is situated in a desirable area of Atlanta Georgia with plenty of residential options and opportunities for recreation within the vicinity. Families seeking ease of living near to school can select from any of these lively neighborhoods which offer easy access to top amenities. With beautiful houses, safe streets and friendly people living in Springdale Park is sure to be a pleasant experience for all who are.

What People Are Saying 

“My children have been attending Springdale Park Elementary School for the past two years and we absolutely love it! The teachers are amazing and they really care about each individual student’s success. The curriculum is challenging and engaging, and my kids have made so much progress academically. We highly recommend this school!” -A Parent 

“Our experience at Springdale Park Elementary School has been terrific! The teachers are top-notch and truly care about their students’ success. They provide a challenging curriculum that is both engaging and rigorous. Our children have made great strides academically, and we could not be happier with their education.” -A Parent 

“We love Springdale Park Elementary School! The staff is amazing and they go above and beyond to make sure each student succeeds. The curriculum is rigorous and engaging, and our children have made tremendous progress academically. We highly recommend this school!” -A Parent 

“I am so grateful my children attend Springdale Park Elementary School! The teachers are excellent and they truly care about their students’ success. They offer a challenging curriculum that is both engaging and stimulating. My kids have made so much progress academically, and I couldn’t be happier with their education.” -A Satisfied Parent

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