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Sarah Smith Elementary School

Sarah Smith Elementary School in Atlanta, GA is an ideal option for families searching for an exceptional education. The school is located in the middle of downtown Atlanta, Sarah Smith provides an environment of safety and security in which students can flourish.

Sarah Smith Elementary School in Atlanta, GA is an ideal option for families searching for an exceptional education. The school is located in the middle of downtown Atlanta, Sarah Smith provides an environment of safety and security in which students can flourish. The school provides an approach to learning that is balanced, rigorous in its academics and challenging extracurricular activities as well as meaningful emotional and social growth opportunities.

In Sarah Smith, all classrooms are outfitted with the latest technology, ensuring students have access to the top tools for their learning journey. In addition to offering the latest technologies, Sarah Smith also encourages students to learn through hands-on activities like robotics and programming classes that provide students with the opportunity to express their creativity.

The staff in Sarah Smith is top-notch. The teachers are highly educated and professional experts who are enthusiastic in providing their students with the most effective learning experience. Alongside top-quality teaching, Sarah Smith also places the importance on emotional and social development in the form of character development, character building, and involvement in the community. Parents can rest assured your children will be provided with an all-encompassing education that encompasses not just academics, but also self-care as well as compassion for other students.

Sarah Smith Elementary School is an extraordinary place where students from diverse backgrounds get together to grow and learn in a welcoming environment. With cutting-edge technology, highly skilled teachers, a strong emphasis on character development as well as hands-on-based activities, and a dedication to the community at large, Sarah Smith is the ideal school to give your children the educational experience that they deserve.


Sarah Smith Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia is a historical school that dates from the late 1800s. It was originally built to serve as an elementary school around 1882 and quickly became one of the top prestigious institutions in the region. The building was originally created by famous architectural firm Francis Palmer Smith, who also designed the city’s famous Fox Theater.

The school’s initial structure consisted of eight classrooms, and students in the grades of 1 to 8. In the beginning it only accepted white students. However, following the desegregation of public schools beginning around 1965 Sarah Smith opened its doors to children of all ages, regardless of race and ethnicity. This was met with fierce opposition from a few in the community. However, despite the opposition, Sarah Smith continued to provide education to students from Atlanta for many years.

It was in 1992 that Sarah Smith received a major makeover and expansion which included auditoriums as well as a gymnasium, library, and cafeteria. The remodel also added around 20 classrooms to accommodate more students. After the remodel, Sarah Smith Elementary was named one of the best elementary schools of Georgia.

Since its founding at the age of 1882 Sarah Smith Elementary School has been committed to providing a high-quality education for all students in Atlanta’s diverse population. It remains an integral part of Atlanta’s past and is adored by the generations of students who have passed through its doors through the decades. In the present, it is among the top admired universities in Atlanta, and it’s a testament of the strength of Atlanta’s communities.

Why Sarah Smith Elementary School Is The Best

Sarah Smith Elementary School in Atlanta, GA is an excellent school for parents and students alike. The teachers are highly skilled and dedicated to providing top-quality education for their students. They also offer a wide array of extracurricular activities and academic opportunities for students of all ages.

The school’s focus is on instilling values that are strong within the students like respect, accountability and dedication. This fosters a culture where learning can be enjoyable and satisfying for kids of all different ages. In addition, Sarah Smith Elementary has great teachers who utilize new methods of teaching to ensure that every child is able to reach their potential to the fullest extent.

The program in Sarah Smith Elementary encourages students to be able to think critically and to explore innovative ways to solve problems. Teachers aim to create a supportive learning atmosphere where students are a part of the team and share their knowledge with one another. The school also offers many extra-curricular activities, such as clubs, sports teams, and after-school activities for those looking to pursue diverse areas of interest.

Socially, Sarah Smith Elementary has strong connections to the community. Through numerous activities for community outreach, and partnership with local businesses and other local organizations Students have the chance to experience real-world situations which will prepare students for what’s to come in the near future.


Sarah Smith Elementary School in Atlanta, GA is dedicated to providing a stimulating education setting for students. The school’s library holds more than 255,000 books, magazines, and periodicals. There are various computer labs equipped with the most recent technologies for students to access. Teachers can access modern audio-visual equipment that can be used to enhance their classes.

One of the main advantages that is part of Sarah Smith Elementary School’s playground is that it includes age-appropriate play structures as well as various games for students to play during break and during lunchtime. There are also two basketball courts that are fully accessible for those who want to keep active during their leisure time.

The cafeteria of Sarah Smith elementary school serves hot meals on a daily basis and healthy drinks and snacks. The food is cooked in the most modern kitchen, which is run by skilled professionals. Students are also able to purchase items a la carte from the snack counter.

There is also a music studio in which students can discover their musical talents and creative ideas. The room is outfitted with different instrumentation for students to play such as drums, keyboards and guitars. The room also offers practice rooms that are soundproof for private lessons.

In addition, Sarah Smith Elementary School has an impressive auditorium that has high-quality audio and lighting systems for student assemblies and performances. There are additional classrooms to choose from including science labs, art rooms, and more. Each is equipped with all the equipment needed for engaging in imaginative activities.


Sarah Smith Elementary School in Atlanta, GA offers an extensive curriculum designed to meet the requirements that all children an Its curriculum comprises Language Arts (reading, writing as well as literature), Mathematics (number sense and operations and geometry, algebraic thinking, measurement as well as data analysis and probability), Science (physical science and life science, as well as earth/space science) and Sociological Studies (American history as well as world studies and government and civics) along with Technology education.

Apart from these fundamental topics, Sarah Smith also offers specific classes, such as health education/physical education, art, music, library media services; guidance and counselor services; Fine art programs and family and consumer science classes; career development courses and foreign languages like Spanish and French for purposes of enrichment as well as gifted/talented programs.

In Sarah Smith, teachers use various instructional materials to ensure that every student get the same top-quality education. These include textbooks, manipulatives, computers/technology, worksheets, hands-on activities, field trips, research projects and more. Additionally, the school employs an amalgamation of lecture teaching, as well as hands-on learning methods to group learning and project-based teaching.

Sarah Smith’s curriculum aligns to the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) for each subject area. The GSE are the standards for what students should be able to know by the end every grade level to succeed in subsequent grades or for postsecondary studies. The school evaluates the student’s progress throughout the year to make sure they’re meeting these standards.


Sarah Smith Elementary School has more than 30 teachers in kindergarten through grade 5. Teachers are highly skilled professionals with years of experience in various fields which range from science and language arts to math. They also have different cultures that allow them to bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the classroom. The teachers collaborate to design exciting lessons that combine technologies, hands-on learning as well as critical thinking and cooperative learning strategies.

Staff of Sarah Smith Elementary School are dedicated to giving every student an outstanding learning experience. They are enthusiastic because teaching is infectious and inspires students to reach their potential to the fullest as they think about new concepts and cultivate the habit of pursuing education for life.

Student Outcomes

Sarah Smith Elementary School in Atlanta GA is a public school that aims to provide a high-quality education for every student. The cost to attend this school is comparatively low when compared with other schools in the region.

Tuition costs for Sarah Smith Elementary School are determined on an annual basis, and differ based on the grade. For the grades K-5, tuition fees are approximately $3,285 annually. The cost covers the cost of classroom supplies and materials including textbooks, technology resources excursions and physical education courses, and much more. Prices for lunch range between $2.50-$2.90 per day. A complete year of lunches will cost anywhere from $500 to 700 dollars, depending on the kind of meal plan the student selects. There are additional costs for extracurricular activities, equipment as well as transportation costs.

The overall cost for the tuition at Sarah Smith elementary school is fairly affordable when you compare it to similar schools within the region. With a focus on providing a high-quality education, the school is worth a look when you’re seeking for an excellent educational environment for a low cost.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Sarah Smith Elementary School is located in the Kirkwood neighborhood in Atlanta, GA. The area surrounding it has a lot to offer both residents and visitors alike.

Kirkwood is believed to be one of the oldest neighborhoods in Atlanta and is home to a variety of homes that are older and modern townhouses. Residents have access to many businesses, such as independent establishments and restaurants in addition to large chain stores such as Kroger as well as Home Depot. There are numerous parks within the region, and lots of green spaces for outdoor activities.

The adjacent East Lake neighborhood offers a unique experience for those who are looking for something distinct from the more traditional areas of Atlanta. It is a mixture of old-fashioned homes and trendy new constructions, East Lake also features well-known bars and breweries, along with a range of shops and restaurants.

Neighborhoods like Edgewood are located just to the west from Kirkwood which is the home of one of Chicago’s most lively nightlife scenes. Edgewood Avenue is lined with bars and music venues and art galleries, among many more. It’s also within the vibrant Little Five Points area which has a variety of stylish eateries and stores.

In the end, East Atlanta Village is located to the south from Sarah Smith Elementary School and is a hip alternative to the other neighborhoods of the city. The neighborhood is home to distinctive boutiques and hipster-friendly hangouts such as The Earl Music Venue, along with some fantastic eating options with local chefs. There are many activities outdoors to take in like visiting the close to Zoo Atlanta or strolling through The East Atlanta Farmers Market.

What People Are Saying

“Sarah Smith Elementary School is a great school! The teachers are so caring and really help the students learn.” -A parent 

“My child has been attending Sarah Smith for two years now and we absolutely love it! The staff is amazing and truly care about each and every student.” -Another parent 

“I highly recommend Sarah Smith Elementary School! The teachers are top-notch and really seem to care about the students.” -A local education expert 

“Sarah Smith Elementary School is an excellent school! The teachers are great and really seem to care about the students.” -A former student

Located at: 370 Old Ivy Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30342  

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