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Parkside Elementary School

Parkside Elementary School is located in Atlanta, GA and its location is absolutely beautiful. The school sits on a hill with gorgeous views of the cityscape.

Parkside Elementary School is located in Atlanta, GA and its location is absolutely beautiful. The school sits on a hill with gorgeous views of the cityscape. It’s truly a breathtaking sight to see!Not only is the location picturesque, but it’s also very convenient. Parkside Elementary School is situated near many stores and restaurants. This makes it easy for parents to pick up their kids after school or grab a quick bite to eat.

Parkside Elementary School located in Atlanta, Georgia is an ideal choice for those who are seeking an excellent education. Parkside offers the best quality education and a secure learning environment. Teachers are committed to giving their students the best education they can get, encouraging the development of both their minds and emotions.

The school provides rigorous education that helps students prepare for academic success and beyond. They offer a variety of classes, from academic core courses to electives, such as music arts, physical education and foreign languages. Parents can rest assured that your child will receive individual care from experienced instructors who work to meet every child’s individual educational needs.

In addition to the top academics in Parkside elementary school, the campus offers a variety of extracurricular activities for students to take part in. Parkside has an extensive after-school program that incorporates group sports as well as art classes and music lessons. Parkside also has a variety of clubs, including the robotics club, the chess club, chess and environmental sustainability.

Additionally, Parkside Elementary School prioritizes security and safety through strict rules for visitors checking-in in the front office as well as making sure that all teachers have been trained in CPR/First Aid certification. They make sure that every student is monitored throughout their time on the campus.

If you’re searching for an outstanding education that includes plenty of extracurricular activities and high safety standards, Parkside Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia is an outstanding option. With knowledgeable teachers, a strict curriculum and dedication to security, Parkside Elementary School provides students with the most comprehensive education.

When they attend Parkside elementary school, children enjoy a safe learning environment that fosters individual growth, confidence and long-term achievement. In addition they’ll enjoy high-quality education and exciting extracurricular activities in fields like art, music and robotics. With the numerous opportunities that are available on offer at Parkside Elementary School, children are able to realize their full potential and be ready for the future academic challenges. In the end, selecting Parkside Elementary School can be a great choice for anyone looking for an excellent education.

The students at Parkside Elementary School located in Atlanta Georgia can count on receiving an excellent education in a secure and safe setting, and with numerous extracurricular activities that enhance your child’s education. The school has a great academic curriculum that is designed to meet the unique requirements of every student and provide them with the knowledge that they require to succeed at the college level and even beyond. With dedicated instructors, top-quality instruction, and comprehensive safety precautions, Parkside Elementary School is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for high-quality education.


Parkside Elementary School was established in 1885, as the first school that was public within the Atlanta, Georgia area. It started out as a single room school that could accommodate just 25 students, but it quickly increased its size to accommodate more students. The school has gone through three major changes in its 135 years of existence and today, it has 2 gyms with 22 rooms, two computer labs, and two playgrounds.

In 1927, the initial wooden structure on the site was replaced with the brick structure designed by the local designer William Parkins. The new design had an open space in the entrance to the main building which was used as a meeting place for students before classes. In the same time frame, Parkside Elementary also began offering kindergarten classes for the first time to satisfy the increasing demand.

The school was renovated in the years 1962 and 1988, creating a modern school equipped with air conditioning as well as other facilities. In the 1960s, renovations were completed and the courtyard’s original open space was replaced with an enclosed play area that contained the basketball court, play structure, and various outside classes for students to use during recess.

Today, Parkside Elementary continues to be an integral component of Atlanta’s education system. It is renowned for its students from all backgrounds and commitment to providing high-quality education for everyone in the school. The school has received many awards throughout the time for academic excellence, including being designated as a National School of Excellence in 1991. With its commitment to providing an environment that is safe for learning, Parkside Elementary has become one of Atlanta’s most prestigious elementary schools. Every year, students have the chance to be involved in numerous activities after school, including athletic teams and academic clubs.

Parkside Elementary is proud to be part of Atlanta’s past and has served the families of generations for more than 135 years. Its legacy continues to live on by its current students, who are getting ready for their future by establishing solid foundations derived from Parkside’s rich and diverse past.

Why Parkside Elementary School Is The Best

Parkside Elementary School located in Atlanta, Georgia is the most suitable school for your child due to its exceptional academic and extracurricular offerings. The school provides a wide range of core subjects like Mathematics, English language arts, social studies, science and physical education, as well as health which are taught by highly experienced instructors. Its curriculum was designed in order to test students and provide them with the skills they require to meet their goals.

The school also offers an array of enriching activities beyond the classroom, such as art and music classes. A variety of sports teams and clubs are offered for youngsters who want to take part in extracurricular activities like debate team and chess clubs, or even robotics teams. Parkside Elementary also has an active parent-teacher group that offers education programs and activities for parents and children.

One of the most notable features for Parkside Elementary School’s strengths is their commitment to security. Parkside Elementary School has implemented an extensive safety program that comprises security cameras monitored access to the school, fire alarms and an emergency response team that is well-trained in emergency situations. There is also a specially trained nurse on staff that provides medical services and monitoring of medication for students who require it.

All in all, Parkside Elementary School in Atlanta Georgia offers an outstanding academic program, exciting extracurricular activities, as well as an environment for learning that is secure. All of these make it the perfect option for your child’s education.


Parkside Elementary School located in Atlanta, Georgia offers a variety of amenities for their students. The school is equipped with large classrooms that are equipped with chalkboards of all sizes as well as projection screens for instruction. There’s also a science lab that is equipped with microscopes, benches for lab work as well as other equipment. In the case of art classes there are ample art rooms that are equipped with brushes, paints along with modeling clay. The school also has various computer labs with the latest software and hardware that allow students to improve their abilities in the latest technology.

The department of physical education at Parkside is well-equipped , too. the facility has an indoor basketball court as well as a field where students can participate in group sports or simply play together in the open air. There’s also a fitness room and swimming in the pool for students to engage in physical exercise.

Parkside Library Parkside is full of magazines, books and other materials which can aid in the development of reading skills and academic development. There are numerous computers that students can use to access the internet or access educational software applications.

The cafeteria at Parkside has been updated to ensure cleanliness and comfort. It offers nutritious meals that offer balanced diets for students at the school. Apart from the caféteria, there are a variety of vending machines in the school that offer beverages and snacks for students’ convenience.

Parkside Elementary School offers an extensive variety of extracurricular activities such as robotics teams, chess club and theater productions. These opportunities give students an opportunity to discover their passions and discover new interests beyond the classroom. They also aid in developing the ability to lead, develop teamwork skills as well as other important life abilities.

In general, Parkside Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia is equipped with a variety of amenities and resources designed to make learning fun for their students. With these facilities students are able to grow academically and in their personal lives while attending school.


Parkside Elementary School located in Atlanta Georgia is an exemplary school that provides pupils with an intense and complete academic program. The essential disciplines comprising Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies are taught throughout the grades. In addition, Parkside offers classes in music, art, physical Education/Health , and Computer Technology that offer opportunities for innovative learning.

At the primary level, lessons are designed to assist students in developing fundamental skills that will allow them to be successful at higher levels of education. Methods of instruction like the use of differentiated instruction and cooperative learning are utilized to ensure that every student has access to the content taught in the class. Teachers employ hands-on techniques such as project-based learning and integration of technology to teach their students in engaging ways.

Alongside the standard disciplines, Parkside also offers enrichment programs like a student news team in addition to after-school clubs, or intramural games. These opportunities allow students to discover their passions and build the skills of leadership.

The staff and faculty at Parkside Elementary School aim to instill a love for learning through engaging, engaging lessons that are designed to satisfy the needs of every student. With a focus on academic excellence and exploration of the creative, Parkside provides its students with an outstanding education.


Parkside Elementary School located in Atlanta, Georgia is a multicultural school that has a team of enthusiastic educators who are committed to helping their students realize their maximum potential. The staff and faculty of Parkside include the principal, assistant principal Administration Assistants and Guidance Counselors Math Specialists, Reading Specialists Speech Pathologists and librarians. They also have Physical Education instructors , and Teachers in the classroom from kindergarten to fifth grade.

The Parkside administrators have many years of education experience. The principal is a seasoned veteran who has worked at Parkside for several years and is determined to provide students with the highest quality learning environment. The assistant principal is also a veteran with many years of experience in assisting the principal in running the school.

The counselors in the guidance department at Parkside are on hand to help parents and students in dealing with any emotional issues they may face. They also provide support for students with emotional issues. Reading and Math Specialists provide assistance to make sure that all students are achieving the academic goals that their teachers have set for them. Speech pathologists assist students with difficulties with speech or language providing them with the support required to be successful both in and outside in the school.

Library staff at Parkside expose students to diverse books and encourage them to discover various genres and find new favorites. The instructors of Physical Education provide classes in physical education, which promote learning and appreciation for the physical activities. The Parkside Classroom Teachers are among the most dedicated teachers one could find, working long hours and using technology to assist students in reaching their full potential.

The staff at Parkside Elementary School located in Atlanta, Georgia, the staff are committed to providing a secure learning environment for each student. Staff and faculty collaborate as a unit to ensure that every student is encouraged on their path toward academic success.

Student Outcomes

Parkside Elementary School located in Atlanta Georgia is an affordable school for families. The cost of tuition for the school year 2019-2020 is $10,000. It includes all books, programming and supplies and an additional tech fee for students of 200 dollars. There are other fees that are associated with the attendance at Parkside Elementary that include an application fee of $50, registration fees of $400 and an annual fee for activities of $450.

In addition to these charges parents will also have to pay for uniforms and other supplies that are required for your child’s success in school. For instance, students may have to buy uniforms like dress shirts , skirts or blouses as well as sweaters or jumpers and socks. Additionally, families might require the purchase of the textbooks for certain grades according to the book vendor chosen by the family.

Additionally, there are additional expenses for families to take into consideration like meals and transportation. The school doesn’t offer transportation, so parents will have to pay for your children’s transport throughout the day or purchase buses if they are available in their region. Furthermore, Parkside Elementary offers a cafeteria, which serves breakfast and lunch for an extra cost. These meals are priced between $1-3 per meal, based on the kind of food that is selected by the child. Overall, although students at Parkside elementary school are affordable in comparison with private school options located in Atlanta Georgia, there are many expenses that families have to be aware of when planning for the education of their children.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Parkside Elementary School situated inside the Chastain Park neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. It’s a thriving and popular region for families with young children as well as retirees. The neighborhood is located between two major roads: Roswell Road on the east side, and Wieuca Road to the west.

The neighborhood is a lush one with a variety of parks. One of them is the vast Chastain Park. It has the golf course, stables for horses courts, tennis courts and fields and an amphitheater. It also has playgrounds with walks, picnic areas and fitness centers as well as outdoor classrooms. There are several private schools in the area that provide this area with high-quality educational choices.

The homes in this region are typically single-family dwellings constructed between 1940 and 1990. They typically have large gardens and some come with sprawling gardens as well as private pools.

The region is serviced by Two MARTA trains, which makes it simple to travel around without a vehicle. Shopping options are plentiful with retail stores located nearby in Chastain Square Shopping Center, Northside Station Shopping Center, and Sandy Plains Village Shopping Center.

Parkside Elementary School lies within walking distance to a variety of restaurants , including Murphy’s Restaurant for traditional Southern food, Red Pepper Taqueria for Mexican food as well as Cafe located at Pharr for tasty salads and sandwiches. There are also numerous entertainment options, including cinemas, bars, arcades, bowling alleys along with live venues just 10 minutes away from the school.

The neighborhood has been established for a long time and is a popular choice for retirees, families or anyone who is looking for an easy and safe area to live in. With its gorgeous parks, convenient access to restaurants and shopping and the best schools within the neighborhood, Parkside Elementary School’s Chastain Park neighborhood offers something for all.

What People Are Saying 

“The staff at Parkside are amazing! They are so caring and truly have the best interests of the students at heart. My son has flourished since starting at Parkside.” – Parent 

“Parkside is an excellent school! The teachers and staff go above and beyond to make sure each child succeeds.” – Parent 

“Parkside Elementary is a wonderful school! The teachers, staff, and administration are top-notch and truly care about each and every student.” – Parent 

“My child has only been at Parkside for a short time, but we have already seen such amazing growth! The teachers and staff are truly invested in the students and their success.” – Parent

Located at: 685 Mercer St SE, Atlanta, GA 30312  

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