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Mary Lin Elementary School

Mary Lin Elementary School in Atlanta GA is an excellent alternative for parents looking to give their children an outstanding education. The school is staffed by a committed team of teachers who are dedicated to ensuring that every student gets the highest quality education and experiences.

Mary Lin Elementary School in Atlanta GA is an excellent alternative for parents looking to give their children an outstanding education. The school is staffed by a committed team of teachers who are dedicated to ensuring that every student gets the highest quality education and experiences. The school has an academic program designed to test students to reach their maximum potential. Furthermore, Mary Lin Elementary boasts numerous extracurricular activities like clubs, sports teams as well as music classes, theater performances, and much more. Students can explore a wide range of interests and acquire new skills and have amusement throughout the process.

The school also puts a lot of emphasis in creating an environment that makes students feel comfortable and appreciated. Everyone from the teachers to the administrators are working together to create a space that is supportive and encouraging. This creates a positive environment that allows students to excel academically as well as socially.

Additionally, Mary Lin Elementary has committed to its community. The school collaborates with a variety of local businesses and associations to ensure that every child get a high-quality education regardless of circumstances in terms of finances. They also host a variety of occasions throughout the year, like fundraising events, family movie nights and celebrations for the holidays There is every day an event for families to share together.

Mary Lin Elementary School is an ideal choice for parents who are looking for an inviting and safe school that can provide their children with an outstanding education. With its highly-trained staff, rigorous curriculum , and dedication for the surrounding community, it’s simple to comprehend why this school is highly regarded. Parents can be at ease knowing that their children get the best education they can and be within a warm and loving environment.


Mary Lin Elementary School is an elementary school for children of the public sector located in Atlanta, Georgia. It was established in 1967 and officially opened its doors for children for the very first time on the 28th of August of the same year. It was named for Mary Lin (nee Rollins) who was a native of Atlanta, a teacher, and community leader. Atlanta native teacher, educator and leader in the community who had dedicated her entire life to education and enhancing educational chances for African American children in her neighborhood.

The school was initially a service for students from grades 1 to 5 with only seven classrooms with three teachers and two staff members who were principals. In the course of time the number of classrooms increased as the enrollment increased. By 1977, the school had expanded to accommodate grades 1-8, with 21 classes. In the mid-80s, Mary Lin started offering kindergarten and pre-kindergarten classes, before becoming a complete K-5 school in 1993.

The school has gone through numerous adjustments and improvements in the past to accommodate the growing students. Since 2003 the institution revamped its media center and library which has become a vibrant learning environment for students. Then, in 2009 the old brick facade was replaced using copper plates designed to reflect sunlight in different hours of the daytime.

Mary Lin Elementary School is one of Atlanta’s most prestigious schools and has provided services to hundreds of pupils since its inception. The school is committed to providing a safe atmosphere for all students, while also fostering their academic abilities through high-quality education, fun activities, and rigorous standards for curriculum. Mary Lin is continuing to pay tribute to Mary’s legacy by offering the best education and opportunities for achievement for every student.

Why Mary Lin Elementary School Is The Best

Mary Lin Elementary School in Atlanta GA is an excellent option for children. It offers a solid academic program with exciting and challenging courses designed to help students achieve their maximum potential. The school offers a vast range of activities and classes to ensure that every child gets the chance to develop and succeed. The teachers are skilled and enthusiastic about teaching, offering individualized instruction that meets each child’s preferences. The school also offers after-school programs, such as tutoring, music, art and drama classes and ensures that every student has something they love beyond school.

The school’s environment in Mary Lin Elementary is one filled with respect, and care for everyone in the community. Students are appreciated and accepted by the school staff who exhibit compassion and love throughout their interactions. Students develop into self-sufficient thinkers, problem solvers as well as active participants in a supportive community.

The school is in a great area, near to numerous places of interest and facilities. The school has a large play area that includes soccer courts, basketball courts, fields, baseball diamonds and lots of grass for children to discover or simply relax in the sun. The school also provides after-school programs and camps for the summer for students who require additional academic assistance or enjoyable activities in the summer.


Mary Lin Elementary School in Atlanta GA offers a wide array of facilities that can meet the development and learning needs of the students. There is an extensive gym that has two basketball courts of a full size as well as the indoor track. The school also features a modern , modern-day cafeteria with cutting-edge cooking equipment that can hold up to 200 people simultaneously. There are also six science labs that are fully equipped with microscopes, computers and other equipment needed for research and experimentation.

The school is also notable for its library that houses more than 10,000 books as well as the ability to access digital materials via its electronic cataloging system. In addition, Mary Lin features several modern classrooms that are equipped with Interactive whiteboards, SmartBoards(tm) Projectors and Apple TVs. Mary Lin also features the most modern audio-visual equipment as well as television studios for courses in media and arts.


Mary Lin Elementary School in Atlanta, GA provides an extensive education program specifically designed to meet the needs of its students. The curriculum focuses on building an underlying base for academic achievement and personal development by focusing on fundamental skills and knowledge and integrating technology, artistic arts, and physical exercises into the curriculum.

Math students are taught important concepts, such as place value and operations using numbers. They also learn about geometric concepts, data analysis, algebraic thinking, probability, measurement conversions, and techniques for problem-solving. In reading and language arts classes students are exposed to diverse genres like fiction and nonfiction. They are taught the rules of phonics for understanding words and use comprehension strategies to make sense of written texts as well as media sources.


The faculty of Mary Lin Elementary School comprises a variety of professionals who are committed to providing the highest quality education for all of its students. The school has a firm dedication to the growth of each student’s potential with its stimulating learning environment and comprehensive education program. From the teachers in the classroom and administrators, to the staff in the cafeteria and the custodians every person at Mary Lin collaborates to ensure that each student achieves.

Student Outcomes

Mary Lin Elementary School in Atlanta GA is part of the Atlanta Public Schools system and is an elementary school that is public. The cost of tuition for the school year 2020-2021 is $5,673 per pupil. The amount includes tuition fees, registration fees, technology charges and instructional materials, as well as special services and programs like art and physical education as well as additional classroom supplies and field trips.

Mary Lin also charges some additional fees, such as the extended care option ($85-$200/month) as well as evening classes ($25-$125/class) and one-time uniform fees ($100). Alongside these costs There may also be mandatory textbooks for parents to purchase for an additional fee (varies depending on the grade).

The price for the tuition at Mary Lin elementary school may depend on the student’s level of education, additional fees, as well as required textbooks. For instance, a Kindergarten student might be expected to pay approximately $7000 and an 8th grader could require as much as $9,000. Mary Lin also offers free lunch for all students , regardless of their family’s financial situation.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Mary Lin Elementary School is located in the Lake Claire neighborhood of Atlanta, GA. The neighborhood is known for its diverse and vibrant culture, which is characterized by a significant presence of youngsters and their families.

The immediate area around Mary Lin Elementary School is popular for being extremely walking-friendly, particularly in the direction of Maryland Avenue which connects to the adjacent Little Five Points neighborhood. This makes it a perfect place for walking in the sun as well as taking a trip to a restaurant for lunch after school.

To the north from Mary Lin Elementary School lies the Candler Park neighborhood, home to many local businesses like bars, restaurants and cafes along with a well-known park and golf course. It is lined by charming historical homes that emit a distinct atmosphere.

To the south is Druid Hills, an area of residential that has numerous parks and homes, including the renowned Druid Hills Golf Club. For those looking for shopping residents can be found just a few minutes away from the shops and eateries in The Emory Village.

Its Mary Lin Elementary School area is even more impressive due to its proximity to various green spaces like Grant Park and Freedom Park which offer excellent opportunities for outdoor activities. In addition, nearby there is Inman Park, Atlanta’s oldest park. Here, visitors are able to enjoy breathtaking views of the city while walking its many trails.

In the end, living close to Mary Lin Elementary School provides the chance to explore the best neighborhoods in Atlanta within one spot. With easy access to amenities like parks, shops and restaurants and more, and restaurants, Lake Claire, Candler Park and Druid Hills areas make for the perfect location to live in.

What People Are Saying

“My daughter has gone to Mary Lin since kindergarten and she absolutely loves it! The teachers are amazing and have always been so helpful. She’s now in second grade and doing very well. I would definitely recommend this school!” – Parent of a 2nd Grader 

“We love Mary Lin! Our son started last year in first grade after coming from out of state. He quickly made friends and enjoys going to school. His teacher is fantastic- she is creative, engaging and supportive. We feel like he is getting a great education.” – Parent of a 1st Grader 

“Mary Lin is a great school! The teachers are caring and my child has learned so much. I would highly recommend this school to anyone. “- Parent of a 3rd Grader 

“Our family loves Mary Lin Elementary! We moved here last year and our son was welcomed with open arms. The teachers are excellent and the school offers many great programs. We are so happy we found this gem in Atlanta.” – Parent of a 1st Grader

Located at: 586 Candler Park Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30307 

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