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Dobbs Elementary School 

Dobbs Elementary School in Atlanta is an exceptional educational institution. It offers a comprehensive and challenging curriculum that gives students the opportunity to excel academically, socially, and emotionally.

Dobbs Elementary School in Atlanta is an exceptional educational institution. It offers a comprehensive and challenging curriculum that gives students the opportunity to excel academically, socially, and emotionally. The school provides a nurturing environment with dedicated teachers and staff who are committed to helping each student reach their full potential.

The school features small class sizes that promote individualized instruction for each student, as well as a diverse range of extracurricular activities to help cultivate their social and emotional development. Dobbs also offers robust arts programming that includes music, theater, painting, pottery, and more. The school’s commitment to technology ensures students have the necessary resources they need to succeed in our rapidly changing world.

In addition to the academic and extracurricular offerings, Dobbs Elementary School places an emphasis on character development and instilling values such as respect and integrity in its students. The faculty works hard to provide a safe atmosphere where children can learn without fear of bullying or violence. Furthermore, the school embraces parental involvement by providing plenty of opportunities for parents to get involved and support their children’s education.

In conclusion, Dobbs Elementary School in Atlanta is an ideal school for any student looking for an excellent educational experience. It offers a curriculum that meets the highest standards while providing robust extracurricular activities, character-building initiatives, and parental involvement opportunities. All these elements combine to make it an ideal choice for students in the Atlanta area.


Dobbs Elementary School is located in the historic Old Fourth Ward of Atlanta, Georgia. The school was founded in 1876 as a one-room schoolhouse for African American students and was named after prominent civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who once attended the school.

In 1910, a new two-story brick building was constructed for the school, and in 1940, it was renamed Dobbs Elementary School. During this time, the curriculum began to include classes such as woodshop and home economics. At the end of World War II, many African American families moved into Old Fourth Ward and Dobbs Elementary School grew quickly to accommodate the surge in student enrollment. In 1959, the school was expanded to include a middle school program.

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Dobbs Elementary School became well known as a leader in educational excellence. The school developed a strong curriculum that emphasized both academics and enrichment activities such as music, arts, and sports. It also began to offer programs such as Advanced Placement classes, a library media center, and student counseling services. In the 1980s and 1990s, Dobbs Elementary School continued to strive for excellence with the help of dedicated teachers and staff. The school was recognized multiple times by the Georgia Department of Education as a model school and was honored with numerous awards. In 1993, Dobbs was named a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence and became the first historically black school in the state to receive this designation.

Today, Dobbs Elementary School continues to offer exceptional programs and services to its students. The school has been renovated multiple times over the years to improve safety and security for its students, staff, and visitors.

Why Dobbs Elementary School is the Best

Dobbs Elementary School in Atlanta is an ideal choice for parents looking to provide their children with a top-notch educational experience. Not only is the school highly rated by many, but it also offers a variety of programs, activities, and amenities that make it stand out from other schools in the area.

One of Dobbs Elementary’s main draws is its small class sizes, which allow teachers to provide more individualized attention and support for each student. This creates an environment that encourages students to take risks and express themselves without feeling overwhelmed by the size of their classmates.

In addition, Dobbs Elementary also offers a diverse curriculum which allows students to explore many different topics in a variety of ways. From music and art classes to science and math, Dobbs Elementary promises to provide students with the resources they need to continue learning outside of traditional classroom instruction.

Finally, Dobbs Elementary is dedicated to fostering a positive atmosphere where children can develop into confident, well-rounded individuals. The school has a strong focus on community involvement, providing a range of extracurricular activities and volunteer opportunities to help students grow as individuals. From basketball teams to Student Councils to after-school art clubs, Dobbs Elementary has something for every student looking to explore their interests.


Dobbs Elementary School in Atlanta is an excellent educational facility that provides students with the best learning opportunities. The school has a variety of amenities that foster academic growth, including spacious classrooms, well-stocked libraries, science and computer labs, a dedicated music room, art studios, and a multipurpose gymnasium.

The classrooms feature modern technology such as interactive whiteboards and computers, providing students with the opportunity to interact with digital materials. These rooms are also equipped with air conditioning for a comfortable learning environment.

The school library is stocked with thousands of books that students can use for research or leisure. It also offers a computer lab that provides access to the Internet for researching information and completing homework assignments. The science lab is equipped with microscopes, telescopes, and other equipment that allows students to explore the world of science through hands-on learning activities. The school has a dedicated music room where students can practice instrumental music or take part in chorus performances. There are also art studios stocked with materials for drawing, painting, pottery, and other art activities.

The Dobbs Elementary School gymnasium is a multi-purpose facility that can be used for physical education classes or athletic competitions. It features an indoor pool, locker rooms, and training equipment such as treadmills and weights. Outside the school are two large playgrounds where students can play and run during recess. The school also has a cafeteria, auditorium, and outdoor courtyard where students can eat lunch or take part in assemblies. The school grounds are well-maintained and feature lush green lawns and flower beds which create a pleasant atmosphere for learning.


Dobbs Elementary School in Atlanta has a comprehensive curriculum that offers a variety of instruction to meet the needs of all students. All students are required to complete courses in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education/health and computers. Additionally, Dobbs Elementary School also provides access to music and art classes as well as foreign language and technology classes.

The language arts instruction at Dobbs Elementary School includes instruction in grammar, writing, reading comprehension, literature and other areas related to the development of communication skills. In mathematics, students learn basic computation skills as well as problem solving and critical thinking strategies. Science instruction covers topics such as earth science, biology, chemistry, physics and environmental science. Social studies instruction covers topics like history, geography and civics.

Physical education/health classes focus on fitness and nutrition as well as health and safety practices. Computers classes provide students with the opportunity to learn essential digital literacy skills such as computer hardware, software applications, coding and more. Music and art classes arejointly taught and offer students the opportunity to explore different styles of music as well as engage in creative activities. Foreign language classes are offered at both the upper elementary and middle school levels, with Spanish being the main language studied. Technology classes provide advanced instruction in areas such as robotics, coding and 3D printing.

At Dobbs Elementary School, students are also given the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities and clubs. These activities and clubs include art, chess, debate, drama/theatre, robotics, yearbook and more. The school also offers various community service projects throughout the year to help promote civic engagement among its students.

Overall, Dobbs Elementary School offers a comprehensive curriculum that is designed to meet the educational needs of all its students. Through a variety of classes, extracurricular activities and community service projects, the school strives to create an engaging learning environment where students can thrive and reach their greatest potential.


Dobbs Elementary School in Atlanta is home to a wonderful staff of teachers, administrators, and other employees. All of the staff members are committed to providing a safe and nurturing learning environment for students. The dedicated teachers at Dobbs strive to create innovative classroom instruction that engages each student and helps them reach their full potential. The administration team works hard to ensure the school runs smoothly and that any problems are addressed in a timely manner. The support staff is also essential, helping with everyday tasks like cleaning, providing meals, and taking care of administrative details. Together, this team creates an environment where students can learn and grow. Dobbs is fortunate to have such dedicated people working together to make a positive difference in the lives of its students.

Not only are Dobbs’ staff members committed to providing quality education, they also prioritize safety and well-being. The school has an active security team that works hard to ensure a safe environment for everyone on campus. They are constantly monitoring the area and responding quickly to any alarms or disturbances. In addition, all staff members have received extensive training in response procedures and emergency protocols.

Finally, the faculty at Dobbs is an incredibly diverse group of professionals who are passionate about their work. They come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the school. The teachers stay current with educational trends in order to provide the best instruction possible, and they are always willing to go above and beyond for their students.

Student Outcomes

Dobbs Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia is a public school located in the neighborhood of Adair Park. The cost to attend Dobbs Elementary School is approximately $9,300 per student for the 2019-2020 school year. This cost includes tuition, books and supplies, and other fees associated with attending the school. In addition to the tuition fee, parents are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from school. Additionally, there is a one-time registration fee of $135 per student that must be paid at the time of enrollment.

Other costs associated with attending Dobbs Elementary School include any extracurricular activities such as field trips or sports teams. Additional supplies may also be required depending on the grade level, such as lab fees or specialized materials. Additionally, there is a uniform policy in place at Dobbs Elementary School which requires all students to wear uniforms that are purchased separately from the school tuition and fees.

Finally, additional costs may also include parent involvement activities such as PTA meetings, fundraisers, and other parent functions. Parents are also required to register for any after school programs at the beginning of each school year, with a fee attached.

The cost of attending Dobbs Elementary School includes not only tuition but also books and supplies, transportation, extracurricular activities, uniforms, and parent involvement activities. All of these fees contribute to the cost of attending Dobbs Elementary School, making it important for parents to consider all of these factors when planning their budget. Additionally, it is essential that parents keep in mind any additional fees associated with extracurricular activities and parent involvement activities before enrolling their child at Dobbs Elementary School. With careful planning and budgeting, parents can ensure that their child receives the quality education they need at Dobbs Elementary School in Atlanta.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Dobbs Elementary School is located in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. This vibrant community has a mix of residential neighborhoods, businesses and historic sites that have attracted families and young professionals alike to settle down and enjoy the area’s charming atmosphere.

Kirkwood itself is a close-knit community with tree-lined streets and plenty of green spaces. The neighborhood is very walkable, with easy access to public transportation, groceries and other amenities. Kirkwood Park, which is located within walking distance from the school, features a playground, basketball court and picnic areas for families to enjoy.

Nearby East Lake Terrace is another popular residential area. This neighborhood is known for its diverse selection of restaurants and entertainment. East Lake Terrace also boasts a number of green spaces, including the East Lake Golf Course and Kirkwood Park.

The Edgewood area is close to Dobbs Elementary School and offers a wealth of amenities. This family-friendly community provides access to grocery stores, cafes and other services, along with plenty of parks and trails. The Eastside BeltLine Trail is a popular destination for walkers, cyclists and runners in Edgewood.

What People Are Saying 

“Dobbs is an amazing school! The teachers and staff really care about the students and it shows in the quality of education they receive.” -A. Thomas 

“My son has been attending Dobbs for two years now and we could not be happier! He has learned so much and made great strides academically.” -T. Johnson 

“We love Dobbs Elementary! The teachers are top notch and my kids have really thrived here.” -M. Nguyen 

“Dobbs Elementary is a great school! The teachers are dedicated and care about each and every student.” -J. Smith

Located at: 2025 Jonesboro Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30315  

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