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Burgess-Peterson Academy 

Burgess-Peterson Academy in Atlanta provides a supportive and innovative learning environment for its students. For starters, the school focuses on developing each student’s academic ability, as well as their creativity and critical thinking skills.

Burgess-Peterson Academy in Atlanta provides a supportive and innovative learning environment for its students. For starters, the school focuses on developing each student’s academic ability, as well as their creativity and critical thinking skills.

The academy also offers an extensive range of extracurricular activities designed to help students grow socially, emotionally, and intellectually. These activities include sports, theater productions, robotics competitions, debate teams, and student-run clubs and organizations.

In terms of academics, the school offers a range of courses designed to help students reach their full potential. From honors classes for advanced learners to special education programs for those with learning disabilities, Burgess-Peterson Academy offers something for every student’s needs.

What sets Burgess-Peterson Academy apart from other schools is its commitment to providing a safe and supportive environment for learning. The school has an active anti-bullying policy, as well as a counseling department that helps students with any emotional or mental health issues they may be facing. Additionally, the school works closely with parents to ensure their children have access to the best resources available.

Overall, Burgess-Peterson Academy in Atlanta provides an enriching and comprehensive education experience that can help give students the tools they need to reach their full potential. From its wide range of courses and extracurricular activities to its focus on creating a positive culture, this academy is the perfect place for any student to grow and thrive.


Burgess-Peterson Academy in Atlanta, Georgia has been a pillar of the community since its founding in 1976. The school was founded by two brothers, William and Joseph Burgess-Peterson, who wanted to create an educational institution that would make a positive impact on the lives of the citizens of Atlanta.

The school initially opened with just one kindergarten class and grew steadily over the years. In 1980, Burgess-Peterson Academy added middle school classes for grades six through eight. High School classes were developed in 1983, making it a complete elementary to high school institution.

In 1994, Burgess-Peterson expanded their curriculum by offering courses in music and visual arts as well as foreign language instruction. This enriched the curriculum and gave their students a more well-rounded education. In 1995, the school opened an updated gymnasium with the latest in fitness equipment.

Over the years, Burgess-Peterson has maintained its commitment to providing quality education to all of its students. The school is constantly updating its technology, curriculum, and resources to ensure that they are up-to-date with current trends in education. The school also offers various clubs and extracurricular activities that give every student an opportunity to explore a variety of interests outside of traditional academics.

Today, Burgess-Peterson Academy continues to strive for excellence by helping each student reach their full potential both academically and personally. With over thirty years of committed service, this beloved Atlanta institution continues to make a positive impact on the lives of its students and the community.

Why Burgess-Peterson Academy is the Best

Burgess-Peterson Academy in Atlanta is the perfect school for your child due to its commitment to excellence and dedication to helping each student reach their full potential. The academy provides a comprehensive, inquiry based academic program focusing on critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills. The curriculum emphasizes creativity, collaboration, and a holistic approach to learning that connects knowledge from various disciplines.

The academy also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities with an emphasis on arts and sciences. Students can participate in clubs such as robotics, chess, drama and debate that allow them to explore their interests beyond the classroom walls. Burgess-Peterson Academy also provides unique opportunities for students to engage in service learning projects which provide real world experience outside of the classroom.

The school also provides a safe and secure environment for students to learn and grow, with highly qualified teachers who are dedicated to helping each student succeed. The academy offers counseling services, mentoring programs, and support from staff members that understand the individual needs of each student. Furthermore, Burgess-Peterson Academy emphasizes inclusivity by providing an environment where all are welcomed regardless of race or religion.

Ultimately, Burgess-Peterson Academy is committed to providing a quality education experience for your child that will prepare them for success in their future endeavors. With its dedication to excellence and commitment to helping each student reach their full potential, it is clear that this school is the perfect choice for your child.


Burgess-Peterson Academy in Atlanta is home to a variety of fantastic facilities. The school’s impressive grounds are spread across several acres, boasting lush green fields and gardens that provide plenty of outdoor recreation space for students.

The indoor facilities at the academy are also top notch. The cafeteria offers nutritious meals made by qualified cooks, while private meeting rooms and classrooms offer versatile spaces for classes and gatherings. Additionally, the school has a modern library with an extensive collection of books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, and other learning materials available for student use. It also boasts a state-of-the-art computer lab with dozens of computers equipped with the latest software programs for academic work.

For physical activities such as sports, Burgess-Peterson Academy also offers a well-equipped gymnasium with locker rooms and showers. In addition, there is an outdoor swimming pool that is open throughout the summer months. There are also two outdoor basketball courts and a soccer field to facilitate student sports activities.

Finally, Burgess-Peterson Academy prides itself on its commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. The school has taken numerous actions towards this goal, such as installing solar panels on the roof of the building, setting up recycling bins around campus, and planting trees in the garden areas. These initiatives serve as a reminder of how important it is for every person to play their part in protecting our planet.


Burgess-Peterson Academy in Atlanta offers a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum designed to prepare students for success. The core curriculum consists of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies courses that meet Georgia Performance Standards. All courses are taught using the constructivist approach, which encourages students to explore their own potential through problem solving and critical thinking.

In addition to the core classes, Burgess-Peterson Academy also provides its students with advanced course options such as engineering/design technology, business/information technology, foreign language (Spanish or French), fine arts offerings in music, theatre and visual arts; physical education; health & safety; computer literacy; and specialty elective courses.

The school also has a strong focus on the development of 21st century skills. Students are expected to become proficient in working collaboratively, using digital tools and applications, creating original content, solving complex problems, utilizing critical thinking and communication skills, and becoming globally aware.

By the time a student graduates from Burgess-Peterson Academy they should have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge required to excel in college or begin a career. The faculty at Burgess-Peterson takes great pride in their commitment to helping students reach their fullest potential.  The school also offers several extracurricular activities such as sports teams, clubs, theatrical productions, field trips, and community service opportunities for students to explore their interests beyond the classroom.  


The staff at Burgess-Peterson Academy in Atlanta is comprised of a diverse group of highly qualified and experienced faculty members. The majority of the faculty members hold advanced degrees in their respective fields, ensuring that students receive the best education possible. Additionally, many instructors have gone through rigorous teaching certification programs to be certified by both the State of Georgia and the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

The school also employs a variety of support staff, including tutors, counselors, advisors, librarians, athletic trainers and administrative personnel. All staff members strive to provide an optimal learning environment for all students while helping them reach their highest potentials. Faculty regularly attend professional development workshops and conferences to stay abreast of current trends in education.

In addition to the traditional staff, Burgess-Peterson Academy also employs a specialized team of highly trained professionals that specialize in helping students with learning disabilities and special needs. This team consists of educators, psychologists, counselors and therapists who are dedicated to providing individualized support and resources for those students with unique needs. The school also offers various therapeutic activities such as music therapy and art therapy to help these students reach their goals.

Burgess-Peterson Academy is committed to providing quality education for all its students. With an experienced staff of teachers and specialists, the academy is sure to meet the educational needs of all individuals regardless of academic background or learning styles. Through its commitment to excellence, Burgess-Peterson Academy stands ready to provide a positive and supportive learning environment for all its students.

By providing an educational facility that is well-experienced in the individual needs of each student, Burgess-Peterson Academy ensures a quality education for generations to come. The dedicated staff makes learning fun and engaging while still maintaining high standards of excellence. With the help of its knowledgeable professionals, Burgess-Peterson Academy strives to be a leader in providing quality education for its students.  For those seeking an excellent academic experience, Burgess-Peterson Academy is the ideal choice.  

Student Outcomes

Burgess-Peterson Academy in Atlanta is a tuition-free public charter school and part of the Atlanta Public Schools district. The annual tuition cost for the 2020/2021 academic year is $7,500 per student. The cost includes textbooks and instructional materials, as well as technology fees, lunch and after-school care.

Tuition rates may be discounted or waived based on family income levels. The school also offers a variety of payment options including monthly payments or payment plans, which are designed to make costs more affordable for families.

In addition to the annual tuition fee, there are several additional fees associated with attending Burgess-Peterson Academy in Atlanta. These include an enrollment fee of $150 per student, an application fee of $30 per student, a technology fee of $50 per student and a testing fee of $35 per student. In addition to these fees, students are required to purchase uniforms for the school’s dress code.

The school also offers after-school programs such as athletics, music lessons and tutoring at additional cost depending on the program chosen.

Finally, Burgess-Peterson Academy in Atlanta provides transportation services for eligible students at no additional cost. This is especially important for those who live outside the school’s attendance zone.

Overall, the cost of attending Burgess-Peterson Academy in Atlanta can vary depending on family income levels and other factors. However, the school offers a range of payment options to make tuition costs more affordable for families.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Burgess-Peterson Academy is located in the heart of Atlanta near several diverse and vibrant neighborhoods. The school is situated in southeast Atlanta, just south of Grant Park and east of Ormewood Park.

To the north of Burgess-Peterson Academy lies Reynoldstown, a historic neighborhood with roots dating back to the 1800s. This area features tree-lined streets, bungalow-style homes, and an eclectic mix of restaurants, shops and cafes that cater to both locals and visitors alike.

Adjacent to Reynoldstown lies Cabbagetown, another historic neighborhood with deep roots in the city’s history. Cabbagetown has experienced revitalization over recent years, with an influx of artists and young professionals. This neighborhood is known for its unique mix of eclectic homes, including renovated Victorians and cottages, as well as iconic restaurants and cafes.

To the east of Burgess-Peterson Academy lies Grant Park, one of Atlanta’s oldest neighborhoods featuring historic homes, beautiful parks and a zoo. The park has seen significant growth in recent years due to its proximity to downtown Atlanta and close access to major highways. It also features numerous attractions including Zoo Atlanta, the Cyclorama & Civil War Museum, Grant Park Farmers Market and more.

Finally, just south of Burgess-Peterson Academy lies Ormewood Park – one of Atlanta’s most popular residential neighborhoods. Ormewood Park features a variety of homes, including Craftsman and bungalows, as well as parks and recreation areas. It’s also home to popular restaurants like Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House and the Ormewood Park Market Café.

What People Are Saying  

“I absolutely love Burgess-Peterson Academy! The teachers and staff are so caring and truly have each child’s best interest at heart. The curriculum is rigorous and challenging, but my children have really thrived here.” -Whitney M. 

“We love Burgess-Peterson! The teachers challenge our kids and help them grow academically, but they also focus on teaching them to be kind, compassionate citizens. We feel like our kids are getting a well-rounded education here.” -John D.

“We’ve been thrilled with Burgess-Peterson Academy! The teachers are top notch and really care about each student’s success. My kids are learning so much and they love going to school here.” -Amy K. 

“Burgess-Peterson Academy is a hidden gem in Atlanta! The teachers are amazing and my kids have learned so much. We love it here!” -Mary G.

Located at: 480 Clifton St SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

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