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Morris Brown College is located in the center of Atlanta, Georgia. The campus of Morris Brown College is located over 22 acres, and is located close to many attractions and businesses

Morris Brown College is located in the center of Atlanta, Georgia. The campus of Morris Brown College is located over 22 acres, and is located close to many attractions and businesses. The location of the college gives students the chance to work and intern for some of Atlanta’s leading firms. Furthermore, the school’s position lets students take advantage of everything Atlanta offers in terms in terms of culture and entertainment.

Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia is a historically Black college that is one of the oldest HBCUs in America. It was established in 1881 as an affiliate of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Morris Brown College has a long history of serving African-American learners and helping attain their academic goals.

In Morris Brown College, students can expect to find a diverse learning environment in which they will be encouraged and supported to achieve their goals. The students are multi-cultural and friendly and every student is given respect, regardless of their race and origin. In addition to the excellent academic program, Morris Brown offers a wide range of extracurricular activities which let students explore various aspects of their lives beyond the academics.

In addition to offering students with an exceptional academic experience, Morris Brown also provides its students with a lively campus. Morris Brown has a variety of student clubs, organizations and other activities that enable each student to make their own unforgettable experience during their time at the college. Students can join different sports teams and take part in Greek organizations, or attend social occasions like concerts and dances.

Morris Brown College is also located in one of the United States’ most lively cities: Atlanta. Students can enjoy cultural activities like The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, the High Museum of Art, and the Georgia Aquarium. Students can also make use of everything Atlanta can offer in terms of dining options as well as nightlife.

If you’re searching for an exceptional education institution that will be encouraged both academically and emotionally, Morris Brown College is the best option. The college offers a welcoming and welcoming learning environment that offers numerous possibilities for students to discover and achieve. With its lively campus and excellent academic programs and easy access to everything Atlanta offers, Morris Brown College is the perfect place for those looking to enhance their education.

Why Morris Brown College Is The Best

Morris Brown College in Atlanta Georgia is among the top universities located in the United States. It has a top academic program, engaging student activities, and a welcoming community environment. The school provides a high-quality education for its students with its rigorous academic programs that are customized to the individual’s goals and interests. With a variety of classes available, Morris Brown College enables students to follow their passions by giving them the necessary resources for the success they desire. Morris Brown College also offers a range of research opportunities, which allow students to contribute to the real world while studying at the same time.

Another benefit of attending Morris Brown College is its commitment to inclusivity and diversity. Morris Brown College is a place that celebrates diversity in its faculty and students by creating an environment where everyone is welcomed and valued. The college’s commitment to diversity is evident through a variety of initiatives, including offering resources for minority students, providing assistance services for LGBTQ+ students, and arranging events that connect different cultures.

Alongside its outstanding academic program, Morris Brown College also gives students numerous opportunities to be involved with extracurricular pursuits. From intramural teams to student clubs and multicultural groups There’s something for all students at Morris Brown College. Students can also take advantage of amazing internship opportunities at College’s Career Services Office which offers assistance in resumes and job hunts.

Then, Morris Brown College has an energetic campus culture that connects individuals from every aspect of life. Through regular events such as concerts and art exhibits and art exhibitions, the college gives students various ways to get engaged. The college’s feeling of being part of a community enabled it to become an environment where students can study about themselves, grow, and create acquaintances for the rest of their lives.

All of these reasons are why Morris Brown College in Atlanta Georgia is among the top universities within the United States. It has a diverse student population and engaging academic programs and a vibrant campus It provides a great educational environment for students to excel. If you’re looking for an educational experience or an exciting environment to explore your passions, Morris Brown College is certainly worth a look.


Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia offers a variety of facilities to students. It has two libraries located on campus The Robert W. Woodruff Library and the J.B. Stokes Heritage Library that houses a wide selection of books, periodicals as well as other resources. The library also gives access to databases online for research and research.

The Athletics Department at Morris Brown College is outfitted with modern athletic fields that are able to host more than 3000 spectators for live sporting events. The facility also has the fitness center and training rooms for students as well as coaches ‘ offices.

The Student Life Center provides many options for services such as wellness workshops and career counseling, as well as financial aid, life coaching seminars, and social events. The center also has an auditorium which can seat up to 500 persons for performances, lectures and other events as well as gatherings.

Morris Brown College is home to two student housing facilities – The Brownstone Apartments and the University Village Apartments. Both are modern and equipped with Internet connectivity, cable TV as well as laundry services.

The cafeteria at the college is open, serving a wide range of nutritious breakfasts throughout the day, as well as snacks that provide fast snacks for students who are on the move. In addition, there are many restaurants that are located near the campus.

In addition, Morris Brown College provides outstanding academic support services, like tutoring centers and computer labs that are stocked with the latest technologies for students to utilize during their academic studies. The college also houses aCareer Services Center which provides assistance to students in finding work experience, internships, and getting a job after the completion of their studies.

In the end, Morris Brown College offers its students a variety of facilities to help students throughout their academic journey. From modern research libraries to contemporary accommodations along with career assistance, the school is determined to provide its students with the resources they require to be successful.


Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia offers a comprehensive program that includes more than 40 minors and majors offered to students. The main curriculum comprises classes in the humanities, behavioral and social sciences as well as mathematics, the natural sciences, religious studies as well as professional and academic studies. Alongside these courses, Morris Brown College also offers a wide range of electives that may be utilized to complement the regular classes or to enhance one’s passions.

The liberal arts program in Morris Brown College includes studies in English literature and language as well as philosophy and history. foreign languages, such as Spanish, French and German as well as music and art appreciation and business administration; economics and sociology, psychology; sciences and math, including biology, chemistry , and the study of religion and political sciences. Students can select from a variety of electives like computer programming accounting, business law, and.

The professional studies offered in Morris Brown College include a range of fields of study in which students can select one area to concentrate on in their research. These areas range from health management, information technology and healthcare, to education, public service, counseling and education. Through these courses students will acquire the necessary skills for successful careers in specific fields after graduation.

Morris Brown College also offers many possibilities for extracurricular activities beyond the class. The student government as well as various social groups, academic honor societies, and sports teams. By participating in these activities students are able to build relationships with fellow students on campus while also pursuing interests that go beyond their academic pursuits.

In general, Morris Brown College offers an extensive program for students from different backgrounds. With classes in the humanities, social- and behavioral science, math natural sciences, along with professional study, there’s something for every student. Along with courses that are traditional and electives Morris Brown College also provides extracurricular activities to assist students in developing friendships with each other and develop their skills in their field of interest.


The faculty of Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia is composed of an enthusiastic and dedicated team of administrators, faculty members, as well as support personnel. From the President to deans, vice-presidents and department chairs to the instructors in the classroom as well as lab techs, every staff member is a key player in providing a superior learning experience for students.

The President is accountable for setting the tone of the campus overall and establishing policies to support student achievement and managing financial resources. Vice Presidents are responsible for leadership in areas like academics, students affairs, student affairs, financial management, and enrollment management.

Morris Brown has nine academic departments, with a variety of faculty who are dedicated to teaching courses that range from biology to business administration. Faculty members are enthusiastic about their subjects and seek to impart their knowledge and experiences with students in order to motivate students to achieve their goals.

The college also has an impressive group of administrators that manage the day-to-day activities of the college including financial aid and admissions to security and maintenance. They are proud of providing the services necessary to help Morris Brown College run smoothly.

The college also includes support staff who are dedicated to helping students and faculty by providing library services, IT services as well as counseling and advising services and career development programs, food service operations , and much more. Every individual plays a vital part in ensuring a positive learning environment for everyone.

Student Outcomes

Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia offers a wide selection of tuition and fees for students. The tuition for the academic year 2019-2020 is $9,800 per session or $19600 for the entire academic year. Board and room will cost an additional $5,900 per semester, or $11,800 over the course of the year. The fees that are mandatory include a student-related activity fee of $160 per semester, technology fees of $125 for each semester, insurance and health services fee of $300 for the academic year (fall and spring term) and an annual registration fee of $50 per period. Additionally, there are the various course fees which can change based on the courses that the student is taking. Other costs that students need to be aware of are books and other supplies that range between $1000 and $2400 each year, according to the main. Students should also think about personal expenses, such as clothes and transportation. All of these expenses must be considered when planning budgets for Morris Brown College.

To assist students cope with the costs associated with attending college Morris Brown College offers various choices for student tuition plans as well as scholarships. The two most popular plans for payment include the plan for the month as well as the 12-month option. The payment can be made online or in person, but they should be paid by their due dates to be able to continue taking classes. There are scholarships available through the institution and external organizations, therefore students must explore all options prior to making an application for them. There are also a variety of loans and grants which students can apply for in the event of need.

In the end the experience of taking a course at Morris Brown College is an investment that can provide many opportunities in the near future. With a wide range of financial aid and scholarship plans available, in addition to loans and grants students can make going to Morris Brown College more affordable. Utilizing all the possibilities and resources offered can make this investment happen.

Contact the college to obtain accurate and up-to-date details on costs, since it may differ based on a variety of factors.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Morris Brown College is located in the historical West End neighborhood of Atlanta which is located to the south of downtown. The area is renowned for its rich heritage and rich culture. It is home to a myriad of places and facilities for residents to enjoy.

A very affluent neighborhood close to Morris Brown College is Vine City. Vine City is home to numerous interesting restaurants, art galleries, restaurants, and boutiques. There are a range of housing options , from single-family homes, to contemporary high-rises. Furthermore, the area offers the ability to use public transportation which will take residents wherever they’re required to get to.

Just to the west from Vine City lies the Castleberry Hill district that is full of distinctive boutiques and restaurants that specialize in international food. The area also provides many opportunities to experience the local nightlife scene with numerous clubs and bars in the area.

To the east to the east of Morris Brown College lies the Atlanta University Center. This is the home of various institutions that include Clark Atlanta University and Morehouse College. Alongside being a major hub for universities This area also houses several great restaurants serving tasty Southern food.

Its Old Fourth Ward district is located to the north from Morris Brown College and offers numerous activities. It is known for its vibrant entertainment options like art galleries and music venues and also its distinctive boutiques and quirky cafes. In addition, the area offers the opportunity to access numerous parks and green spaces , where residents can take part in outdoor sports like running or biking.

It is said that the West End neighborhood is an ideal place to live for those who want to be within a short distance of Morris Brown College. With its rich history as well as a variety of attractions, and an easy accessibility to public transportation It’s no wonder that this neighborhood is an attractive location in Atlanta.

Building strong communities through teaching our children and enhancing our neighborhood is the core of our work here at Morris Brown College. The distinctive neighborhoods surrounding Morris Brown offer something special for everyone , from delicious restaurants and nightlife destinations to the outdoors and educational institutions so make sure you discover them all!


Morris Brown College in Atlanta GA is the home of a number of sports teams competing in level NCAA Division II level. The school offers such as football, basketball track and field and many more. Its Morris Brown athletics department is dedicated to providing its athletes with a high-quality education and also to prepare for for the success of the game.

Its Morris Brown men’s basketball team has had a particularly good run in recent seasons, winning the conference championships in the years 2015 and in 2016. The team also played in several times this year’s NCAA Division II tournament. In the end, Morris Brown College sports program is committed to providing athletes with an excellent education as well as a challenging experience.

What People Are Saying

“Morris Brown College is a hidden gem in Atlanta. The campus is absolutely beautiful and the faculty and staff are top-notch. I am so proud to be an alumna of this great institution.” -Tiffany H.

“I am a Morris Brown College Alum (Class of ’14) and I absolutely loved my experience there! The faculty and staff were amazing and truly cared about the students’ success. I would highly recommend Morris Brown College to anyone looking for a great HBCU experience!” -Tyra W.

“As an out-of-state student, I was a little apprehensive about attending an HBCU. But, after visiting Morris Brown and meeting the students, faculty, and staff, I knew it was the right fit for me. And I’m so glad I made that decision! Morris Brown has been an amazing experience. The people here are like family and I have made some lifelong friends. I would definitely recommend Morris Brown College to anyone!” -John B.

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