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Georgia State College in Atlanta, GA is the perfect location to further your education and acquire valuable skills to help you develop into a professional.

Georgia State College in Atlanta, GA is the perfect location to further your education and acquire valuable skills to help you develop into a professional. The college offers more than 250 academic degrees that range from traditional subjects like Business Administration, Psychology, and Education, to more specialized areas like Urban Studies, International Affairs as well as Human Services. With a student body of more than 35,000 There’s bound to be something for all students in Georgia State College in Atlanta GA!

The wide range of faculty and staff makes it simple for students to seek guidance whenever they need it, with many professors nationally recognized for what they’ve done. The university also offers many sources for students seeking internships or research opportunities so that they can enhance their abilities further. Georgia State College is also home to a variety of vibrant student clubs, organizations and other events. There are a variety of cultural groups and Greek activities for students who wish to become more involved on campus. The athletic teams of the university, known as the Panthers, are always a huge hit on campus and bring crowds of people from all over to support them when they play.

The area surrounding Georgia State College in Atlanta GA is as thrilling as the school itself! With many popular eateries and shopping areas close by It’s easy to find things to do in the town. In addition, due to its close access to the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, international students are able to visit their families or go on weekend getaways easily. Alongside its excellent academic programs, exciting college life and a convenient geographical location, Georgia State College in Atlanta GA also offers competitive tuition costs. This makes it the ideal spot for those who want to make the most from their education, without breaking the budget. With all the benefits to studying at Georgia State College in Atlanta GA It’s simple to see why students choose this college!

Why Georgia State College is the Best

Georgia State College in Atlanta, GA is an ideal college option for numerous students. It is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta and is surrounded by a lively culture of music, art entertainment, and remarkable commercial opportunities. Georgia State offers a unique blend of academic excellence as well as creative ingenuity. With over 350 degree programs offered at the graduate and undergraduate level, students can adapt their college experience to their individual interests and career goals.

The school’s commitment to providing an excellent education can be observed by the well-known faculty members, who have earned recognition from local and national organizations for their teaching techniques as well as research contribution. The student body is very diverse with students coming from all backgrounds which allows students from every walk of life to feel like they have an oasis away from home. In addition the school is committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for the students.

Georgia State also offers several student-led initiatives to promote the social justice of communities, community engagement and leadership. Student groups like The Georgia State Leadership Council, GSU Community Impact Project, Panthers in Action, and others are dedicated to serving the Atlanta region by offering volunteer opportunities as well as other sources. These organizations provide unique opportunities for students to become involved in their local communities, while gaining essential qualities like leadership and civic involvement, fundraising strategies, and problem-solving abilities.


Georgia State College in Atlanta, GA offers students a variety of facilities that will help make their college experience more enjoyable and productive as it can be. The main campus is where you will find an extensive library that holds over 2.2 million books as well as a science center that includes interactive learning labs, high-tech classrooms and a variety of athletic facilities like the pool as well as baseball fields, basketball courts, soccer fields as well as running track. The school also has a range of student housing options close to campus for students as well as graduates.

The school has a number of performing arts facilities, which include The Rialto Center for the Arts where you can see performances by professional musicians and students. Two theaters are also available that host plays presented by professional theater groups and college students at Georgia State. In addition, the college has a variety of art galleries that exhibit work of international and local artists.

Georgia State College in Atlanta has two computer labs that provide high-speed internet and computers that run Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite and other well-known software programs that are available for students to use. The school also gives access to more than 100 database databases for research and research purposes and wireless connectivity across the campus.

The University Center at Georgia State College provides a range of student services like counseling for students, student health services center as well as a career development center for academic advising, and more. There’s also a broad variety of dining choices on campus, including food courts as well as restaurants like Moe’s Southwest Grill and Chick-fil-A. With these top amenities, Georgia State College in Atlanta is the ideal place for students to meet your academic objectives.


Georgia State College in Atlanta, GA offers a wide selection of degree programs to meet the specific demands of students. The college is awash in academic standards, and its curriculum includes courses in a variety of disciplines, like engineering, business and computer science, as well as mathematics and humanities, as well as social sciences. Georgia State College also offers special programs such as Honors courses and earlier admission for undergrad students.

The main curriculum at Georgia State includes general education classes that give an introduction to different fields of study, including literature, history , and natural sciences. Students can also choose to major in over 120 distinct disciplines, including psychology, biology and economics. Apart from these common degrees, GSU also provides professional certificates and certifications, as well as certificates in healthcare administration as well as hospitality management.


Georgia State College in Atlanta GA is run by a highly skilled and skilled team of educators. The faculty comprises full-time faculty members instructors, adjunct professors, students affairs specialists, librarian specialists and counselors, administrative personnel and other support personnel. The faculty members of the college are highly respected scholars who have received doctoral degrees from the most prestigious universities all over the world. They offer a wealth of knowledge for their pupils. They offer courses in all the majors by Georgia State while providing advice and mentorship to undergraduates who are advancing through the course.

Lecturers offer valuable instructions in various academic disciplines, including engineering, mathematics, sciences and economics. Adjunct professors teach special courses like international marketing, business and many other topics in business. Laboratory instructors assist in facilitating the lab for students at the beginning of their studies in biology, chemistry and Physics. The student affairs staff of Georgia State are dedicated to helping students excel throughout their time at the college by providing a wide range of services like advice on career and academic counseling and financial aid, tutoring assistance and many more. They also organize extracurricular activities like field trips, lectures or sporting events, as well as social gatherings.

Student Outcomes

The cost for attending Georgia State College in Atlanta, GA varies depending on the kind of student they are and whether they are resident in the state or not and the number of credit hours they have to complete. For students in the undergraduate program who reside in the state of Georgia, the projected tuition and charges for 2020-2021 is $9,640 for a semester. This is not inclusive of the cost of room and board and other costs such as textbooks. For students who are not from the state, tuition and fees amount to about $16,890 per semester. In addition to tuition and fees, students may need to factor in additional costs such as housing (if living off campus), transportation costs (if living away from campus), meal plans if needed, books/supplies/equipment, and other personal expenses. It is crucial to keep in mind that fees can vary in accordance with the type of study or the course of interest. The cost of going to Georgia State College in Atlanta, GA can add up quickly, but grants, financial aid and scholarships can aid in making college more affordable.

Nearby Neighborhoods

It is the Georgia State College area in Atlanta, GA is an lively and diverse neighborhood that is rich in historical significance. The surrounding areas are as varied and vibrant as the city itself. Near the north end from the campus is the Luckie Marietta District, a district brimming with restaurants, bars, clubs, and shops. This vibrant neighborhood also holds a wide range of activities throughout the year like concerts, art festivals and many more. Nearby Summerhill is famous for local businesses such as Little Tart Bakeshop that specialize in delicious baked goods and pastries. products.

To the south is Castleberry Hill, home to several great cafes, galleries and bars. The area is very popular with students as it is home to a wide range of activities , including workshops in painting, jazz performances and art exhibits. On the eastern end of the area is Grant Park, home to Zoo Atlanta and historic places such as Oakland Cemetery. Grant Park also hosts numerous annual events, including Grant Park Summer Shade Festival, Grant Park Summer Shade Festival and the Music Midtown festival.

On the west of the campus is Cabbagetown, a historic area that is famous for its distinctive Southern architecture and an active art scene. There are quaint galleries, boutiques, and cafes along with local eateries like Alfredo’s pizza Cafe serving freshly prepared Italian food. Whatever direction you take to Georgia State College you are certain to come across vibrant neighborhoods filled with activity and culture. There are plenty of options for students. If you decide to visit the castles of the past, dine in local restaurants or go to the latest music or festival You are certain to discover something that is suited for your preferences.

What People Are Saying

“Georgia State is an excellent school with a great location. The professors are top notch and the student body is very diverse. I would highly recommend this school to anyone.” -Amber M.

“Georgia State is a great school! The campus is beautiful and there’s always something going on. The academics are challenging but the professors are really helpful. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone!” -John D.

“I absolutely loved my experience at Georgia State! The campus is beautiful and there’s so much to do in Atlanta. The academics were rigorous but the professors were great and helped me through it. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone.” -Jane F.

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