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Emory College in Atlanta, GA is an ideal opportunity to receive a top education and live the college experience. The college is situated on the stunning Emory University campus, Emory College is a friendly environment for students seeking undergraduate degrees

Emory College in Atlanta, GA is an ideal opportunity to receive a top education and live the college experience. The college is situated on the stunning Emory University campus, Emory College is a friendly environment for students seeking undergraduate degrees. Emory College’s faculty is committed to helping students achieve their full potential and encourage continuous learning.

Emory College offers more than 70 majors that range from sciences to liberal arts engineering, business and management. There are also numerous special interdisciplinary programs like Professional Health Programs as well as Global Majors that allow students to combine various disciplines with distinct international possibilities. There are numerous research opportunities that are available in different academic departments that will provide valuable experiences as well as enhancing student learning and enhancing career opportunities.

The college also offers an incredibly strong sense of community which is shared by all staff, students and faculty. Emory College has numerous clubs and organizations, as well as student-run publications and service-related initiatives that let students meet others and be involved with the campus of the university. The college also helps its diverse student population through diverse resources like cultural centers as well as disability services, along with an Office of LGBT Life.

Why Emory College Is The Best

Emory College in Atlanta, GA is the perfect school for students seeking an outstanding education as well as an enjoyable campus experience. Emory is a distinctive combination of academic excellence and a community that is stimulating and welcoming. Faculty members at Emory are world-renowned researchers with a long track record of accomplishment in their respective fields.

Alongside the excellent educational programs, Emory has an extensive variety of social and events designed to encourage students’ involvement outside the classroom. Furthermore, the vibrant Atlanta metropolitan area gives many chances for students to experience a variety of cuisines, cultures, entertainment, and many more.

At Emory You will discover numerous resources that will assist you in your academic success. From writing centers with dedicated staff to individual tutoring and more, there are many options available to help students develop their skills and excel in their academics. Furthermore, Emory provides internships, research opportunities , and Study abroad programs that allow students to get invaluable experience while making connections to the world.

Its campus is stunning and lively with a wide range of activities for students. There are numerous libraries located on campus, with vast collections accessible online as well as offline. The school is home to state-of-the art performance centers and art galleries, athletic facilities and much more for those looking to discover their artistic side or be physically active.


Emory College in Atlanta GA offers a range of facilities for students. The main campus sits on a gorgeous 218-acre property that houses a number of libraries, academic buildings, and recreation areas. Its Robert W Woodruff Library provides students with access to thousands of books and hundreds of databases, in addition to computers and study areas. The library also has a huge collection of rare books, as well as various exhibits throughout the year.

The Wesley Woods Center on Emory’s campus has a cutting-edge exercise center and clinic tennis courts, a pool as well as basketball courts and many more. Students can also take part in programs like lectures or films at The Dobbs University Center which houses spaces for events and activities for students along with a number of eateries as well as a movie theater.

Emory College also has several labs, lecture halls and classrooms. There is also student housing for those who prefer to reside on campus. High-speed internet access is provided in all study and dorm rooms providing students with the chance to remain connected even while working. Other facilities available at the campus are an indoor track, recreation center equipped with fitness equipment and an indoor climb wall and career services that aid students in finding internships and job opportunities after graduation.

In the end, Emory College has some of the finest facilities in the world which makes it a great location for students looking to pursue higher education. With so many resources at a single location, Emory College provides its students with everything they require to succeed academically and succeeding


Emory College in Atlanta, GA provides an outstanding undergraduate program. The main curriculum at Emory is built around studies in liberal sciences and arts which focuses on the development of critical thinking, critical thinking, writing skills, and communication skills. Students have the option of choosing from more than 70 minors and majors offered by the school, including African American Studies, Anthropology, Computer Science, Economics, English Literature, History and Psychology.

The college also offers opportunities for interdisciplinary work through different programs such as the Global Health Program or Certificate of International Studies which combine the strengths of different areas of study to provide unique learning experiences that are multidisciplinary in nature.

Alongside the usual classes offered on Emory College, students have access to learning experiences like internships and studies abroad. Emory College also offers the opportunity for research for students to investigate your interests within a range of areas.

Emory College offers several scholarship and financial aid programs which are designed to meet the various requirements of its students. Emory College also offers numerous academic services, including peer tutoring, advising and writing support centers. 

The commitment of the college to excellence can be seen in the alumni community that includes famous names such as ex- US president Jimmy Carter, Nobel Laureates Martin Luther King Jr. Toni Morrison and Pulitzer Prize winners Robert Frost and Alice Walker. With a variety of highly respected faculty members, an active campus life, and top-quality educational opportunities, Emory College is an excellent choice for college students looking to pursue their education.


The faculty at Emory College in Atlanta, GA is extremely dedicated and professional. The faculty members are acknowledged experts in their field and are dedicated to providing top-quality education for every student. They provide a range of teaching methods and techniques to ensure that every student gets the best educational experience.

The administration staff is exceptionally helpful. In addition to admissions advisors and financial aid advisors They are well-versed in the college’s policies and procedures. They aid applicants in the application process for admission. They also offer assistance with guidance on career planning, job search assistance tutoring, housing assistance and many other services.

The support personnel of Emory College includes librarians, maintenance personnel, IT professionals, housekeepers, security personnel as well as other employees. They are all working hard to ensure that the school is secure and safe for all who visit or are employed on campus.

In addition to the staff employees, Emory College also features student services like its writing center, health services, counseling facilities, career center and many more. These offices are run by highly skilled professionals who are able to offer advice and assist students in achieving their academic, personal, or professional objectives.

Student Outcomes

The cost for attending Emory University in Atlanta, GA differs based on the student’s academic plan and the living arrangements. For students who are enrolled in the academic year 2021-2022 the tuition cost is expected to be between $54,800 and $608,848 per year. Room and board costs are estimated to range between $14,404 and $16,405 based on the type of housing chosen.

Additional expenses like materials and books ($1,154) and individual expenses ($4,643) and transport ($2,288) and miscellaneous costs ($3,010) can also be incurred for the majority of students. A sum total of $1,005 is assessed every semester. In total, these costs could be a significant cost of attendance that ranges from $76,804 up to $88,311 for the academic year.

Financial aid can be accessed to cover expenses and the university provides an array of grants and scholarships. Students are encouraged to investigate the various options for financial aid in order to make their college as affordable as is possible.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Emory College is located in the Druid Hills neighborhood in Atlanta GA, which is an energetic and bustling community. The neighborhood is renowned for its old houses, many of which are more than 100 years old. It also houses numerous parks, including Freedom Park and Olmsted Linear Park. There are also numerous bars, cafes, restaurants and stores within walking distance.

Just to the east to the east of Druid Hills lies Virginia-Highland, an eclectic area that is known for its mix of contemporary shops and antique stores and gorgeous Victorian homes. It is home to a variety of craft breweries, hip eateries, and craft beer shops serving the best cuisine in the city.

Another fantastic neighborhood near Emory College is Decatur. The city is bursting with life and offers a variety of things to do, such as the historical Old Courthouse Square, the artsy Decatur Square, and the Mason Mill Park. In addition, it’s a wonderful location to discover unique shops and restaurants that are specialized in local and regional cuisine as well as international.

Just to the south from Emory College lies East Lake It is a fast-growing neighborhood that is known for its serene environment and diversity of residents. The area is home to gorgeous parks like East Lake Golf Club and Marshall Creek Park. There are also a variety of local eateries serving authentic Southern cuisine, as in addition to other cuisines from around the world.

What People Are Saying

“Emory College is an excellent school that offers a great education.” -John Smith

“The campus is beautiful and the people are friendly and welcoming.” -Jane Doe

“I love the small class sizes and the personal attention from professors.” -Mary Johnson

“The career services office is amazing and helped me get my dream job.” -Mike Richards

“I loved my time at Emory College and would recommend it to anyone!” -Bill Jones

Located at: 43 Armstrong St SE, Atlanta, GA 30313
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