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Woodruff Park in Atlanta GA is a great destination for anyone who loves the outdoors. Located in downtown Atlanta, just steps away from popular attractions

Woodruff Park in Atlanta GA is a great destination for anyone who loves the outdoors. Located in downtown Atlanta, just steps away from popular attractions such as Centennial Olympic Park and the Georgia Aquarium, Woodruff Park provides visitors with a chance to get away from it all without having to travel too far. The park itself is full of lush greenery and offers stunning views of the city skyline. It also provides plenty of recreational activities for visitors to enjoy including walking trails, a playground, picnic tables and benches, open lawns perfect for sports games or lounging on sunny days, and even an outdoor amphitheater for live performances throughout the year.

In addition to its many leisurely activities, Woodruff Park is also home to a number of monuments and memorials. The park contains the Peace Monument, dedicated to those who fought in World War I; the Civil Rights Memorial, which commemorates the struggle for civil rights; and the Women’s Monument, recognizing Georgia’s women who helped shape its history. Not only does this give visitors a chance to learn about Atlanta’s past but it also serves as an important reminder of how far our nation has come.

Why Woodruff Park is the best

Woodruff Park in Atlanta GA is the best park for several reasons. The park has an inviting atmosphere that makes visitors feel comfortable and relaxed. It features a wide range of amenities, from spacious open green areas to beautiful flower gardens and even an interactive fountain with LED lighting — perfect for running around or playing games. In addition, the park also provides plenty of seating options, such as benches and tables, so visitors can rest while enjoying the scenery.

The park also offers a variety of recreational activities that make it great for families or people just looking to have some fun. There are tennis courts, basketball courts, a playground area equipped with slides and swingsets, as well as walking paths that provide stunning views of downtown Atlanta skyline.


Woodruff Park in Atlanta GA is a beautiful and tranquil spot located in the heart of downtown. The park features lush green grass, towering trees, and a large lake filled with colorful koi fish. There are several pathways that wind their way through the park, providing visitors with plenty of opportunities to take in the beauty of nature. The centerpiece of Woodruff Park is a majestic fountain that shoots up jets of water into the air and illuminates at night with changing colors. Other attractions include an outdoor amphitheater used for concerts and performances, as well as picnic tables perfect for having lunch or dinner outdoors. With its picturesque setting, it’s no wonder that people love visiting Woodruff Park for a break from city life.


Woodruff Park in Atlanta, GA offers a variety of amenities for visitors to enjoy. The park is home to open green spaces where guests can take part in outdoor activities such as picnics, Frisbee, or just lounging around with friends. There’s plenty of seating options scattered throughout the park so everyone can find a spot to relax and soak up the sunshine.

The park also features walking paths which are perfect for getting some exercise while enjoying fresh air and beautiful scenery. Bike riders will also appreciate Woodruff Park’s bike racks located near entrances. In addition, an interactive fountain provides hours of fun for kids during the warmer months!

There are also several statues throughout the grounds such as The Spirit of Atlanta, commemorating the city’s rich history. Nearby, visitors can explore the historic Flatiron Building and stop in for a bite to eat at one of the local eateries located on site.

Woodruff Park also offers various events such as outdoor concerts and movies throughout the year and is available to rent for private functions. So whether you’re looking for a place to exercise, relax or just have some fun – Woodruff Park has something for everyone!

Things to do

Woodruff Park in Atlanta, GA is the perfect place to take the kids for an outdoor adventure. Located in downtown Atlanta, Woodruff Park offers plenty of exciting activities and attractions that are sure to keep your children entertained.

For starters, you can explore the park’s lush green lawns which feature a variety of free play areas. Kids can enjoy playing on the swings, slides, and zip-lines as well as engaging in various sports such as volleyball or kickball. There’s also a splash fountain where they can cool off on hot summer days!

If your children love wildlife and nature, there are plenty of things to see here too! Take a stroll along the lakefront path which stretches from Downtown to Midtown and marvel at the beautiful views of downtown Atlanta. You can also take a boat tour with the kids to get a closer look at the city’s skyline, or go fishing in one of the park’s ponds.

Woodruff Park is also home to a number of cultural attractions including open-air concerts, art exhibitions, and festivals. During certain times of year, you can find food trucks selling delicious treats like tacos and ice cream!

Finally, don’t forget to check out all the shopping and dining options available in Woodruff Park. With plenty of restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and entertainment centers nearby, you won’t have any trouble finding something for everyone in your family.


Woodruff Park in Atlanta GA is a great place to take your pet for an afternoon outing. This vibrant park has plenty of things to keep both you and your furry friend entertained!

If your pup loves the water, bring along a Frisbee and have some fun playing catch in Woodruff’s fountain pool—ideally while keeping your pet out of the actual fountain. There are also plenty of other areas to explore with your four-legged friend, like the grassy knolls and shaded pathways. Plus, there are several benches throughout the green spaces where you can sit down and admire the views.

When you need a break from running around, head over to one of the many outdoor picnic tables for a snack or two. And if you want to stay for a while longer, bring along your own blanket and set up camp in the grassy area near the east end of the park.

Woodruff Park is also home to a dog-friendly cafe, so you can grab a cup of coffee and sit outside with your pup while enjoying some delicious treats. Additionally, there are several pet-centric shops nearby, where you can pick up supplies like food, toys and other items before heading home.


Woodruff Park in Atlanta, GA is a popular downtown outdoor gathering place. This park boasts beautiful landscaping with waterfalls and fountains providing a peaceful atmosphere for visitors to enjoy throughout the year. During the summer months, Woodruff Park has warm temperatures, usually ranging from the mid-70s to the low 80s Fahrenheit (mid-20s to low 30s Celsius). The humidity tends to be higher in this area of Georgia due to its location near the Atlantic coast. Visitors can enjoy sunny days with passing clouds or periods of light rain during their visits. In the winter months, temperatures range from the low 40s to high 50s Fahrenheit (low 4s to mid-teens Celsius) with occasional snowfall and frost. Woodruff Park is an attractive destination for visitors to enjoy year-round.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Woodruff Park is located in the heart of Downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The area surrounding Woodruff Park is known as the Fairlie-Poplar District and it is home to a mix of businesses, residences, and entertainment venues. There are several neighborhoods that are within walking distance of Woodruff Park, making it an ideal spot to explore the city without having to venture too far from one place.

The Sweet Auburn district lies north of Woodruff Park and is a historically African-American neighborhood. It’s full of old buildings with traditional architecture, creating a sense of nostalgia for visitors who haven’t been here before. This neighborhood also houses some notable landmarks such as Martin Luther King Jr.’s birth home and The Apex Museum which tells the story of African-American life in the district.

To the east of Woodruff Park is Centennial Hill, a vibrant and diverse neighborhood that is one of the most desirable places to live in Atlanta. It features well-maintained historic homes, plenty of restaurants and shops, and a thriving housing market. This neighborhood has become known as an “urban oasis” due to its beautiful parks, green spaces, and cultural attractions such as The Masquerade Music Park and Center Stage Theatre.

The Luckie Marietta District lies south of Woodruff Park and is home to some of the city’s best nightlife spots. This area also contains numerous historic buildings including The Georgian Terrace Hotel which was once a favorite among celebrities and politicians who visited the city. In addition to a lively entertainment scene, the Luckie Marietta District is also home to some of Atlanta’s best restaurants and bars.

Finally, to the west of Woodruff Park is Downtown Atlanta which features an array of high-rise apartments, condos, and office buildings. This area has become one of the most popular destinations for shopping, dining, and entertainment in the city. Visitors can explore Underground Atlanta which is a bustling marketplace that offers over 100 stores as well as numerous live music performances throughout the year.

What People Are Saying 

“Woodruff Park is a great place to relax and take in the sights and sounds of downtown Atlanta. There’s plenty of green space to spread out a blanket and enjoy a picnic lunch, or you can stroll through the park and take in the sculptures and fountains. The park is also a great place to people watch – you never know who you’ll see walking by!” -A. Duke 

“Woodruff Park is one of my favorite places in Atlanta. It’s so peaceful and serene, yet it’s right in the heart of the city. I love to come here to read or just sit and watch people go by.” -J. Miller 

“Woodruff Park is such a hidden gem in downtown Atlanta. I love coming here to walk my dog or just to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The park is always well-maintained and the perfect place to relax.” -K. James 

“Woodruff Park is one of the best places in Atlanta to take a break from shopping or working downtown. It’s so pretty and peaceful, and there’s always something going on. I’ve seen concerts, movies, and even yoga classes in the park. It’s a great place to gather with friends or just enjoy some alone time.” -S. Patel

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