Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park in Atlanta, GA offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for people to enjoy. Located just east of Midtown and bordering the popular Virginia Highlands neighborhood

Piedmont Park in Atlanta, GA offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for people to enjoy. Located just east of Midtown and bordering the popular Virginia Highlands neighborhood, Piedmont is one of the most visited parks in the Southeast. Boasting over 180 acres of green space, there’s plenty to do at the park.

For starters, there are numerous trails that provide visitors with a great way to explore the park. Whether it be hiking or biking, these trails offer an easy way to get around and see some beautiful scenery. Plus, if visitors are feeling adventurous, they can also take advantage of bird watching opportunities or even kayaking on Lake Clara Meer within Piedmont Park.

The park is also home to a variety of recreational activities, such as soccer and Frisbee fields, basketball courts, tennis courts and playgrounds for children. There are also several large grassy knolls where visitors can bring their own games or simply relax with friends.

For those looking to take in the culture of Atlanta, Piedmont Park has plenty to offer. Visitors can attend outdoor concerts at the popular Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Shell or explore the many art installations scattered throughout the park. Additionally, there are often festivals taking place within the park that celebrate all kinds of interests such as music, food and sports.

And if all that wasn’t enough, visitors have access to a plethora of eateries located nearby Piedmont Park. Whether it be a quick bite or a full meal, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds within walking distance of the park.

With its wide variety of activities, cultural offerings and convenience to nearby eateries, Piedmont Park is one of the best places to visit in Atlanta GA. From hiking and biking trails to outdoor concerts and festivals, this beloved city park has something for everyone. So come on down and spend some time at Piedmont Park.

Why Piedmont Park is the Best

Piedmont Park in Atlanta, GA, is one of the best parks in the area due to its expansive green space and large variety of activities. This beautiful park was established in 1904 and it covers 191 acres. The landscape of Piedmont Park consists of rolling hills, open fields, woodlands and a lake that can easily be navigated by foot or bicycle.

The park features numerous amenities for all ages to enjoy such as playgrounds, picnic tables, multiple sports fields and courts, walking trails and scenic views of the city skyline. In addition to these recreational opportunities there are also several unique attractions available within the park including a botanical garden with more than 545 species of plants from around the world; an amphitheater that plays host to popular annual events like Friday Night Summer Concerts; and a dog park for pet owners.

The park is also home to the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta Zoo and Piedmont Park Aquatic Center which provide plenty of opportunities for entertainment and education. For those looking for a quieter experience, there are also plenty of spots throughout the park to relax and enjoy peaceful moments. The Centennial Olympic Park is also located nearby offering even more activities like zip lining, a ferris wheel and other thrill rides.

Piedmont Park truly has something for everyone making it one of the best parks in Atlanta GA. It’s conveniently located right next to Midtown with its many restaurants, shops, bars and other attractions, making it an ideal destination for a day trip or weekend getaway. Whether you’re looking to relax and take in the sights, or are seeking more adventure, Piedmont Park is one of the best parks to visit in Atlanta.

No matter your age or interests, there’s something here that everyone can enjoy! From its stunning landscape and wide range of activities to its close proximity to other attractions, it’s no wonder why Piedmont Park is such a popular destination year-round. It truly is one of the best parks Atlanta has to offer!


Piedmont Park in Atlanta GA is an oasis of greenery and beauty. Nestled in the heart of Midtown, Piedmont Park is a huge escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. As you approach the park, you can see its huge sprawling green area, with lush grassy fields stretching out for acres. Trees line the pathways providing shade from the hot sun, while colorful flower beds add bursts of color to them. The lake at the center of Piedmont Park shimmers like a diamond on a sunny day, reflecting the brilliant blue sky above it.

Ducks paddle peacefully along its surface, while children feed them breadcrumbs from nearby benches. Scattered throughout the park are picnic tables where friends and families can gather to enjoy a meal outdoors. There are also plenty of spots to relax and unwind, with peaceful gazebos lined with benches providing an ideal spot for people watching. Piedmont Park truly is a sight to behold; its beauty offers a respite from the stresses of everyday life and allows visitors to escape into nature for just a little while. It’s no wonder why so many flock here each day!

No matter the season, Piedmont Park always has something special to offer. In the springtime, cherry blossoms burst onto the scene in all their pink glory. The sweet scent of magnolia trees fills the air as they come alive with large white flowers, making it feel like you’re in an enchanted garden. In the summer, people flock to the park to enjoy outdoor concerts and festivals that take place throughout the month. In autumn, leaves of red, yellow and orange transform Piedmont Park into a beautiful palette for photographers and painters alike.


Piedmont Park in Atlanta, GA offers a variety of amenities to visitors. The park boasts an 18-hole disc golf course, 12 tennis courts, several playgrounds and picnic areas, a dog park, and the Historic Flat Rock Trail. There are also trails for jogging and walking scattered throughout the grounds. Visitors can find a wide array of plants and flowers as well as views of downtown Atlanta from the scenic overlooks.

The Active Oval is located near the center of Piedmont Park and features a fitness area with six pieces of fitness equipment along with performance steps, agility ladders and benches for stretching. The lake area has two boat docks where visitors can canoe or kayak around Lake Clara Meer or fish off the shore.

The Piedmont Park Green Market is an open-air farmers’ market offering fresh produce, handmade jewelry and crafts, organic meats and baked goods. The park also has a swimming pool, basketball courts, volleyball court and skate park. There’s also an amphitheater where visitors can enjoy live music or movies on the weekends.

Piedmont Park is home to many festivals throughout the year such as Music Midtown, Atlanta Pride Festival, Dogwood Festival and Summer Shade Festival among others. Visitors can find plenty of food trucks around the grounds serving various types of cuisine from all over the world. With its abundance of amenities, there’s something for everyone at Piedmont Park in Atlanta!

Things to do

Piedmont Park in Atlanta GA is a great place to take the kids. From running and playing on the lawns, to fishing and swimming, there is plenty to keep everyone busy.

If your kids love running around and getting some fresh air, then Piedmont Park is their dream destination. The open spaces of the park are perfect for any kind of playground adventures – from tag and hide-and-seek to chasing each other up trees. There’s even an interactive water fountain that they can run through!

If your family loves nature, you’ll be able to explore miles of trails with lush greenery surrounding you at every turn. You can also enjoy bird watching or take part in one of the many educational programs offered.

Fishing is another activity that can be enjoyed at Piedmont Park, so make sure to bring your rods and bait! The park is stocked with catfish, bass, carp and more. You can even rent boats for a leisurely day out on the lake.

If you’re looking for something a bit more active, swimming is also available in the lake. There are designated swim areas with lifeguards on duty during certain times of the year. Plus, there are plenty of shallow wading pools where little ones can splash around without having to worry about big waves or deep water.

No matter what your kids like to do, they’re sure to enjoy their time spent at Piedmont Park. From running and playing to fishing, swimming and exploring nature, there is something for everyone!


Piedmont Park in Atlanta, GA is an amazing park for pet owners and their furry friends. It’s full of activities that make it the perfect spot for a day out with your pup or cat.

One activity is strolling around the vast green space of the park, where you can find plenty of grassy areas to walk around on leash-free. You can also explore the walking trails which wind through wooded areas and open meadows – perfect for an afternoon stroll with your pet! The lakefront area has stunning views of Lake Clara Meer and paths going along the waterfront, making it a great place to take your pet swimming or just enjoy a peaceful picnic while admiring nature.

If you’re looking for more active activities, Piedmont Park offers several options for pet owners. The two dog parks located in the park are great places to let your pup off leash and play with other dogs. With plenty of turf and trees, your pup can run around, socialize, and just have a good time! And if you’re a cat owner, there are even designated spots for cats to roam around safely on leash or off-leash.

Finally, Piedmont Park hosts lots of events year-round that both you and your pet can enjoy. From doggy yoga classes to movie nights to holiday celebrations – there’s something for everyone every season!


Piedmont Park in Atlanta, GA offers a variety of weather experiences depending on the time of year. In summer months, temperatures can range from the mid-70s to the low 90s with high humidity levels. Rain is also common during this time as well, especially afternoon thunderstorms that can cause flooding and temporary closures of certain parts of the park.

The fall season brings cooler temperatures and lower humidity for visitors to enjoy. Temperatures average around 68 degrees Fahrenheit during this time but can drop into the 40s at night. Rainfall becomes more sparse and light snow showers may occur toward the end of November. Winter temperatures range from lows in the 30s up to highs near 55 degrees Fahrenheit, although freezing rain or sleet are possible.

Spring offers warmer temperatures and more rain as the humidity rises, with highs reaching the 70s in April. Visitors to Piedmont Park can expect a variety of weather experiences during any time of year.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Piedmont Park is located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. Its surrounding neighborhoods offer a variety of entertainment, dining, and shopping options for locals and visitors alike. The area around Piedmont Park has grown immensely over the years, with high-rise condos and apartment buildings popping up all around it.

Midtown is one of the closest neighborhoods to Piedmont Park and features some of the best restaurants, bars, shops and nightlife in Atlanta. Home to popular spots like TOP FLR, Stats Sports Bar & Grill, Hudson Grille Midtown, Ecco Restaurant and more – there’s something here for everyone to enjoy! There’s also plenty of residential housing options in this area ranging from affordable apartments to luxury condos.

Ansley Park is also just a short distance away from Piedmont Park, and it’s a popular spot for young professionals looking to live in the city. This area features tree-lined streets, historic homes and plenty of dining, shopping and entertainment options. There are all sorts of housing options in Ansley Park including apartment, condo and single-family home communities that are perfect for those who want to be close to the action yet still have a quiet place to call home.

The Virginia Highlands neighborhood is another great option for those who enjoy being near Piedmont Park. This area has tons of restaurants, bars and shops that offer something for everyone whether they’re into craft beers, classic cocktails or vintage clothing. There are also plenty of residential options in Virginia Highlands such as condos, townhomes and more!

Whether you’re looking for a place to call home near Piedmont Park or just want to explore the area’s amazing entertainment, dining and shopping options – these neighborhoods are sure to offer something for everyone! From historic homes to luxury condos; midtown hot spots to quiet residential communities – there’s definitely something here that will suit any taste.

What People Are Saying

“The Piedmont Park Conservancy works hard to keep this Atlanta treasure clean, safe and beautiful, and they’re succeeding! I’ve never seen a park so well-maintained. The trees are gorgeous, the paths are wide and clear, and there’s always something going on. Even on weekdays there are plenty of people out and about enjoying the sunshine”.- Katherine H. 

“Piedmont Park is one of my favorite places in Atlanta! It’s huge, so there’s always plenty of room to spread out, but it also has a really warm and welcoming feeling. There are tons of activities to participate in or just watch, like yoga classes, concerts, festivals, etc. And the dog park is the perfect place to take my pup to play and make some new friends”.- Jordan W. 

“I absolutely love Piedmont Park! It’s always so clean and there’s so much to do. I’ve been coming here for years and it’s just as beautiful as the first time I saw it. There are plenty of places to sit and relax or take a walk, and the views are just stunning. If you’re ever in Atlanta, you have to visit Piedmont Park! “- Sarah D. 

“Piedmont Park is one of the best parks in Atlanta! It’s huge, has tons of different areas to explore, and is always well-maintained. The staff is also super friendly and helpful. I definitely recommend visiting if you’re in the area”.- Lauren B

Located at: 1320 Monroe Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30306 

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