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The Michael C. Carlos Museum located in Atlanta, Georgia is a special experience that anyone ought to consider visiting. 

The Michael C. Carlos Museum located in Atlanta, Georgia is a special experience that anyone ought to consider visiting. It is located within the Emory University campus, this museum is home to an impressive collection of artifacts and works of art dating from antiquity until the present day. With a variety of rotating exhibits and activities that take place all through the year, visitors will find something new whenever they come to. In addition, due to the museum’s proximity to major tourist landmarks such as Centennial Olympic Park and the Fox Theatre, visitors have many options to make an enjoyable day of their visit to the Museum.

One of the major attractions of one the main attractions to Michael C. Carlos Museum is the wealth of ancient antiquities and European artifacts. The collection ranges from Greek as well as Roman sculptures that span thousands of years to masterpieces painted by famous artists such as Vermeer, Poussin, and El Greco The museum’s collection is truly amazing. One of the highlights is the Egyptian body of Nedjemankh as well as the associated artifacts that were found in the tomb of Egypt and are currently being loaned to the museum.

Alongside its permanent collections In addition to its permanent collections, Michael C. Carlos Museum is also home to a variety of exhibitions that change all throughout the year. These exhibits span from old objects to more modern works, giving visitors the opportunity to discover various themes and styles of art every time they go to. Additionally, these exhibits typically are accompanied by educational programs which offer a greater understanding of the subject matter they cover.

The advantage of going to the Michael C. Carlos Museum is that it is able to become a part of a bigger tour to other locations in Atlanta. After visiting the museum it is possible to take an excursion in Centennial Olympic Park and visit the World of Coca-Cola before heading towards the Fox Theatre for a show or concert. Atlanta is full of places to visit and so including visiting the Michael C. Carlos Museum as part of your itinerary is certain to provide for an unforgettable trip.

In the end, anyone who is looking for an enjoyable and informative experience ought to consider going to the Michael C. Carlos Museum located in Atlanta, Georgia. From its extensive collection of antiquities to its rotating exhibits and special events, there’s always something new to learn about each time you visit. And, thanks to its prime central location in the heart of downtown Atlanta it is a great choice for an easy and enjoyable addition to any visit to the city.

Why Michael C. Carlos Museum Is The Best

Michael C. Carlos Museum is the top Museum located in Atlanta Georgia, offering a diverse array of exhibits and educational activities for visitors. The museum houses collections spanning from Ancient Egypt through the Renaissance and boasts an impressive collection of artifacts and paintings, sculptures, and decorative art from around the globe. The museum’s permanent collection includes more than 10,000 artworks from more than 6000 years past. The museum also hosts seasonal travel exhibitions that showcase art from different nations for guests to take in.

The Carlos Museum has something for anyone – regardless of your interest in antiques or art, there’s something for any taste and budget. If you’re looking to see objects in a close-up and personal way interactive displays offer a unique perspective on various pieces. The museum also provides lectures and classes that provide comprehensive information about the art displayed and guided tours of the galleries for those who wish to know more about the works they’re looking at.

The museum is more than an art gallery. It’s an opportunity for education. Visitors can discover themes like ancient civilizations, world cultures, and the past of different regions through the resources for education offered by the museum. Families will love the activities that are designed especially for youngsters, and students can benefit from classes and other special programs that engage their interests and curiosity.

Michael C. Carlos Museum is among Atlanta’s most loved cultural destinations offering visitors access to invaluable collections, enriching experiences, as well as a unique environment for communicating knowledge. From its incredible collection to its exciting programs, the museum provides everything for anyone who wishes to know more about their surroundings. No matter, if you’re an avid art lover or searching for an enjoyable day out The Carlos Museum, has it all!


The Michael C. Carlos Museum located in Atlanta, Georgia is a must-see place for people who visit the area. The museum has more than 16,000 pieces of art and artifacts from all over the globe, covering five thousand years of history and culture. Museum visitors can browse through its galleries of antique Greek ceramics, Roman statues and sarcophagi Renaissance artwork and sculptures, African artifacts, and more. The museum’s permanent collection contains objects from every continent, excluding Antarctica.

Alongside its extensive collection of art in addition to its vast art collections, it also houses a vast collection of art. Michael C. Carlos Museum has a range of learning opportunities for visitors, including talks and seminars are given that feature expert from all aspects of art and history in addition to special events such as Family Days where kids can explore diverse cultures through various activities such as making masks. The museum also has a cinema that allows visitors to watch classic films, or attend classes in filmmaking and photography.

The Michael C. Carlos Museum houses an impressive library, which includes hundreds of books for studying and research. It also houses a state-of-the-art conservation lab that works to conserve the collection at the museum for the next generations to take pleasure in. Interactive computer terminals are located in the galleries, so visitors can get more info about the exhibits they’re seeing during their visit to the museum.

The Michael C. Carlos Museum provides a range of offerings, such as tours through the collection and access to the online collections database, which lets visitors explore artifacts from around the world, without ever having to leave their homes. There are also food and gift shops and even a store in the museum that offers various souvenirs that will keep the memory of your visit. No matter if you’re there for the afternoon or for a week, you are sure to find something in this amazing museum.


The Michael C. Carlos Museum located at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia is an incredible collection of artifacts and artifacts as old as well as modern. It is housed in a renowned Italian Renaissance-style structure, the museum has many things to offer to all ages ranging from students who study cultural and historical topics to tourists seeking some peace and quiet. The collection is permanent and includes more than 16,000 items that span four millennia’s worth of art and time, which includes Egyptian Mummies, sculptures from the Greco-Roman period, Renaissance paintings, pre-Columbian pottery, and many others.

Alongside its extensive permanent collection In addition to its vast permanent collection, Michael C. Carlos Museum is also home to rotating exhibits that span the globe. These shows are temporary and feature everything from the latest works of living artists to artifacts from the past that have never before been seen outside of their home countries. The museum also has educational programs, such as workshops, lectures as well as guided tour tours for children and adults alike.

The Michael C. Carlos Museum also houses a fully-serviced auditorium that can seat approximately 450 persons. The multi-purpose space is utilized for all kinds of events, from private gatherings to public talks and performances. It is available for receptions, weddings, as well as corporate events. It also has an outdoor sculpture garden that has rotating exhibitions, as well as a family room with a play area that promotes learning by engaging in games and other activities.

Additionally, the gift shop at the museum gives visitors the chance to purchase something from history by way of jewelry, books, artwork and much more, many of which were created by local craftsmen. If you’re planning a trip for a day or just passing by visiting the Michael C. Carlos Museum will surely make for an unforgettable experience for everyone who visits. The museum’s a vast collection of art and objects as well as educational programs, a gift shop, and an auditorium The museum has something for every person.


The Michael C. Carlos Museum situated at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia houses a wide array of ancient artifacts and treasures from all over the globe. The collection of the museum spans more than five thousand years of history. They comprise works from Egypt, Greece, and Rome as well as Rome, the Near East, Africa, Asia, and Europe. From tombs and mummies to ceramics and coins, to jewelry and sculptures – the museum’s collection has an item for all.

The Egyptian Collection in the museum is particularly impressive and includes more than 50 human mummies displayed as well as a variety of funerary artifacts, such as rare coffins and Shabtis. There is also a wide collection of Greek vase designs that span from 990 BC until 370 BC and a wide array of ancient sculptures from the Near East and Egyptian jewelry with intricate carvings.

The museum also has an extensive collection of artifacts from the classical period, which includes objects created by Greece or Rome in the period between BC between 600 BC and 500 AD. Highlights include terracotta vessels, marble sculptures as well as armor, coins, as well as a vast collection of carved gemstones. Its African Collection showcases works from more than 20 nations on the continent, from textiles and metalwork to pottery. Additionally, there are over a thousand Greek or Roman coins to be found in the collection, as well as artworks from Asia that span across China through India.

Then, visitors can look through European art galleries that showcase Renaissance paintings, prints, and sculptures, as well as the 18th and 19th centuries of European decorative arts, such as silver, furniture, and porcelain. The museum also has a collection of contemporary art that dates back to the 20th century, which includes artworks of Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Marc Chagall. With its wide array of objects from all over the globe, The Michael C. Carlos Museum will surely make visitors feel a lifetime experience.

The museum also hosts a variety of exhibitions and educational programs throughout the year and is a perfect location to study the history and art of different cultures. If you’re a scholar or a fan you will find that it’s a must to visit the Michael C. Carlos Museum is a must-see for anyone to discover and appreciate. Be sure to check out the amazing museum when you’re visiting Atlanta!


The staff of the Michael C. Carlos Museum located in Atlanta, Georgia is composed of highly skilled professionals who are experts in a range of areas, including archaeology, art history, conservation, and education. The museum’s curatorial team includes specialists and scholars who have experience in fields like Ancient Egyptian Art and Greek and Roman objects. The museum also has technicians and conservators who are accountable for conserving the museum’s collections. Additionally, Carlos Museum employs a team of conservators and technicians. Carlos Museum has a highly skilled education staff who help in promoting its mission of providing educational opportunities for students as well as other visitors.

The advisory board for the museum is comprised of distinguished members of the sciences, the arts, and business communities in Atlanta. They provide assistance and advice for the staff of the museum for the institution to make sure it offers its visitors a high-quality education experience. The advisory board also works with museum staff to create innovative educational programs and initiatives.

The museum is home to a variety of different events during the course of the year like talks by world-renowned scholars and art exhibits that showcase work by contemporary artists. These events are put on by the museum’s committed staff who work hard to create a warm and welcoming environment for guests and ensure the museum remains a popular location for everyone of any age.


The Michael C. Carlos Museum located in Atlanta Georgia is recognized as one of the top educational institutions that are dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the art of the past. Since its inception on the 29th of September 1969, the museum has grown to become a must-see place for pupils of every age seeking the opportunity to learn that gives insights into the times that have been forgotten. With more than 16,000 artifacts of ancient civilizations from all over the world, the museum provides numerous educational experiences for students to gain knowledge about the past and culture.

The museum has one of the largest collections of art from the classical period in the United States and provides a full-bodied experience that helps make history come alive. Through guided tours as well as lectures, interactive exhibits, and many other activities, visitors can learn about the art, culture, and culture of different civilizations. The museum also provides a range of programs that are specifically designed for students in the school-age group, which help to enrich their educational opportunities.

The Michael C. Carlos Museum has a staff of highly educated educators who have committed their time to teach students about ancient civilizations. The museum’s educational programs provide students with the chance to gain a deeper understanding of the past by engaging in engaging activities. With these classes, the students will learn how to spot different ancient artifacts and gain insights into the way that different civilizations interacted. They also get to learn about different areas of the art world including painting, sculpture, and pottery.


The Michael C. Carlos Museum located in Atlanta, Georgia is a famous art museum and a cultural center. It is located on the Emory University campus, it is among the biggest universities in the United States. The price to visit the museum is fairly affordable. The general entry for people over the age of 18 is $ 8. children under 12 are admitted free in the presence of an adult. Discounts are also available for seniors as well as college students and military personnel serving on active duty.

The museum offers a range of membership options that make it a much more affordable option to visit the vast collection. Prices start at $35 for individuals, up the $125 mark for families. Benefits include admission to the museum year-round as well as discounts on classes and other events as well as invitations to exclusive members-only events.

The museum also provides numerous educational workshops and programs for families, individuals, and groups. Prices differ based on the workshop or program however, the majority range between $2 to $10 per adult. They are completely free for children younger than 12 if with an adult. There are also discounts specifically available for teachers and students.

On holidays The museum provides discounts on tickets for occasions like concerts, lectures, and art exhibits. Tickets typically vary from $5 to $15 and can be a great option to see the museum for a low price. The museum also offers many free events all year long that are available to everyone. Family activities, tours that are free, and talks are frequently offered.

The overall cost to visit the Michael C. Carlos Museum in Atlanta is reasonable and offers a wide range of opportunities to discover the world of art and culture at the most affordable cost. With tickets at a discount for events and the chance for complimentary admission, you can find something that is suitable for every budget. The museum also offers an educational experience unrivaled at an affordable price.

What People Are Saying

“The Michael C. Carlos Museum is a great place to visit! There is so much to see and do, and the staff is always helpful and friendly. I highly recommend visiting this museum!” – A. Johnson

“The Carlos Museum is one of my favorite places in Atlanta! The exhibits are always interesting and well done, and the staff is super friendly. I highly recommend a visit!” – K. Smith

“I absolutely love the Carlos Museum! The exhibits are always fascinating, and the staff is very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend a visit!” – J. Doe

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