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The museum at the Fernbank of Natural History in Atlanta, GA is an incredible location to discover and discover the world that surrounds us. The museum’s permanent exhibitions showcase thousands of artifacts and objects from all across the globe, ranging from dinosaurs and fossils, to ancient civilizations and contemporary science.

The museum at the Fernbank of Natural History in Atlanta, GA is an incredible location to discover and discover the world that surrounds us. The museum’s permanent exhibitions showcase thousands of artifacts and objects from all across the globe, ranging from dinosaurs and fossils, to ancient civilizations and contemporary science. The museum also has interactive exhibits on subjects like ecology, evolution Astronomy, ecology, and many more. Visitors can also engage in educational activities that are relevant to their area of interest. They can also take part in a tour group that explores the hidden areas of the museum to uncover the hidden secrets.

The 3D Theater at the Fernbank Museum is a one-of-a-kind experience that takes visitors back millions of years to Earth’s past using high-definition films with immersive 3D images and sound effects. The theater features two distinct types of movies: documentary films that focus on natural history and huge screen nature adventure films that examine the most amazing creatures, landscapes, cultures, and environments.

The last but not least last but not least, the 65-acre Fernbank Forest is a peaceful sanctuary that is located in the middle of Atlanta. It is home to boardwalks, trails for hiking as well as picnic areas, as well as an elevated pathway, where visitors can take in the views from the treetops over the forests. The forest is brimming with native vegetation and wildlife like salamanders, birds, deer and many more. It’s also recognized through the National Wildlife Federation as a Georgia Registered Natural Wildlife Habitat! The forest is open for day trips in the forest and evening hikes are offered and make it the ideal place for an educational and enjoyable experience.

Why Fernbank Museum | 3D Theater | Forest Is The Best

Fernbank Museum of Natural History, 3D Theater and Forest is the top attraction within Atlanta, GA for its unique mix of science-based exhibits that are interactive, activities for children and thrilling entertainment choices. The Fernbank Museum is home to an impressive selection of dinosaur skulls as well as fossils, in addition to interactive exhibits about mammals, insects, and other topics in natural sciences. The museum’s visitors can visit a variety of interactive exhibits which explain the process of evolution as well as how species adapt to their surroundings. The museum also provides interactive activities like making fossil castings and examining ancient artifacts in order to comprehend the history of our planet.

The Fernbank Museum’s 3D theater provides a thrilling experience by utilizing modern 4K digital projection technology and high-definition surround sound. The theater is home to a vast selection of films including documentaries, educational and documentary films to exciting IMAX blockbusters. It gives visitors an amazing visual experience that completely immerses them in the fascinating world of nature and history.

The 65-acre Fernbank Forest is another great attraction in this museum. It is a lush forest with a wealth of animals, the forest provides visitors the chance to be up close and close to the natural world. Visitors can experience five distinct ecosystems with self-guided tours to encounter native animals and plants like salamanders and beavers and learn about conservation efforts to protect the fragile habitats.

Fernbank Museum | 3D Theater 3D Theater Forest is the most renowned Museum located in Atlanta GA for its combination of science exhibits, education activities, and entertainment. With its amazing collection of interactive exhibits it allows visitors to experience the world of nature in an engaging and fascinating manner. The 3D theater offers a resonant experience, while the forest of 65 acres offers visitors an unforgettable chance to be close to the natural world. There’s something for everyone in Fernbank Museum 3D Theater | Forest, making it the ideal spot for families to enjoy a day of exploration.


The Fernbank Museum located in Atlanta, GA is home to the 3D Theater and Forest. The building itself is in a stunningly restored 1920s auditorium which is now an experience that is immersive for visitors of all different ages. Visitors are welcomed by an elegant entrance adorned with live oak trees and magnolia blossoms set the stage for an unforgettable experience.

In The museum’s walls, guests are able to visit galleries and exhibits featuring artifacts from throughout history including dinosaur skeletons, ancient artifacts and cultural treasures. Interactive touch screens offer exciting learning opportunities for different areas like the sciences of ecology, geology and oceanography, astronomy and more.

The heart of the museum is its main attraction: the 75-foot tall 3D gigantic screen theater. Visitors can enjoy 3D movies with stunning digital clarity and surround sound, taking guests on an unforgettable trip. Films range from educational movies about science, to captivating stories about nature.

Visitors can also explore the 65-acre Fernbank Forest, a living museum that is brimming with native species of plants and animals that is open 24 hours every day of the year. Visitors can walk its picturesque trails on bicycles or foot and discover more about the forest’s diverse creatures and flora. The forest also has seasonal events like night-time guided hikes, as well as family-friendly activities at the park.


The Fernbank Museum of Natural History located in Atlanta, GA is a treasure among the many attractions this amazing city offers. With its impressive architecture and variety of exhibits that are interactive and events, there’s no reason not to see why people come to the museum each year. Visitors will be impressed by the top-of-the-line 3D cinema, which is filled with captivating documentaries on the world’s history and future.

You can also visit an array of interactive exhibits, ranging from dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals. If you prefer exploring outdoors, the 65-acre forest in the vicinity of the museum is an engaging method for kids and adults alike to explore the local fauna and plants while walking the trails.

There are regular events that take place in Fernbank Museum. Fernbank Museum, including concerts, lectures and special programs devoted to the conservation of the environment. With all the exciting activities to explore and do it’s clear why people love visiting The Fernbank Museum located in Atlanta GA.


Fernbank Museum located in Atlanta, Georgia is a remarkable combination of natural history and scientific exhibits that captivate people of all age groups. The museum has three major attractions which include The 3D Theater, the Fernbank Forest, and the Natural History Exhibits.

The 3D Theater at Fernbank provides an experience unlike any other, featuring educational films that feature immersive visuals and sound effects that are accompanied with motion-simulated seating. Films cover topics like dinosaurs, deep ocean exploration and exploration of space. The theater also hosts special screenings like live shows or film premieres, with accompanying events like costume contests or raffles.

Fernbank Forest comprises a forest of 65 acres located near the museum. It has many trails for running, walking, as well as bird-watching. Fernbank Forest is home to many species of wildlife such as hawks and owls, cardinals, and even deer. The forest also houses the nature center, which is with knowledgeable naturalists who offer information on the species of plants and animals which call the forest home.

Its Natural History Exhibit at the museum spans thousands of years worth of historical records with exhibits that showcase more than 250 fossils and artifacts gathered from across Georgia. Visitors can look at the ancient geological structures in the collections of rocks or explore the evolution of prehistoric animals over time by engaging exhibits. The museum also offers various hands-on activities including simulated excavations as well as live animal displays and interactive workshops for people of all different ages.


The team of the Fernbank Museum 3D Theater along with Forest at Atlanta, GA are a committed group of professionals that strive to provide the most enjoyable experience for guests. The museum is run by professionals from different backgrounds and expertise that range from natural science and art history to education and public involvement. Everyone on staff has the same passion for making engaging experiences that inspire visitors and help them feel at home in their surroundings.


Fernbank Museum of Natural History located in Atlanta, GA is an excellent resource for learning experiences. The museum provides a wide range of exhibits and programs to let visitors discover the world of nature and learn more about the history of science, technology and the natural world. The 3D theater located at Fernbank gives a truly immersive experience for visitors and allows them to virtual experience different places all over the world. The museum also has an interactive forest that is filled with species of animals, and plants that are able to explore with families and school groups.

Visitors can also access educational resources like talks on, workshops, camps classes, and much more. These programs are designed to instruct both adults and children about conservation including zoology and botany issues, sustainable practices as well as geology research animals’ behavior, and many more. By participating in these educational programs visitors will be educated about the importance of conserving the natural resources of our planet and gain recognition for its beauty as well as its complexity.

Fernbank Museum also offers special programs that concentrate on particular areas like paleontology, space exploration, art history, anthropology and the diversity of cultures. The events let visitors engage with experts from different areas as they learn about a range of topics. In addition, the museum hosts traveling exhibits from all over the world , which bring fascinating exhibits and interactive experiences to Atlanta.


The Fernbank Museum of Natural History, 3D Theater, and Forest in Atlanta GA offer a variety of price options to satisfy various needs. General admission prices to museums start at $15 for adult visitors (ages 13 to 59) as well as $14 for juniors and children (ages 3-12 and 60 and over). Also, they have special prices for AAA members as well as military personnel.

Tickets for tickets to the Fernbank 3D Theater are sold in addition to museum admissions. They are priced at $9.50 for adults and $7.50 for youngsters and seniors. The combo tickets are available, which includes access to the museum as well as the ability to watch a 3-D movie for just $26 for adults or $20 for a child or senior.

The admission fee into the Fernbank Forest is free with admission tickets to the museum. There is no charge for access. But, visitors who wish to go on an organized tour of the forest will have to pay an additional cost which is $10/person.

Discounts and packages are offered at various dates throughout the year. Ensure you check our website for details on special price offers. Memberships are also available, which will help you save money for frequent visitors. We would like to thank you for your continued support!

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“An amazing experience for the family!” -Elaine M.

“Fernbank is a great place to take the kids!” -Mandy G.

“The perfect combination of educational and fun!” -Sarah B.

“We love Fernbank!” -Joey D.

“The best part of our visit was the dinosaurs!” -Mia C.

“Fernbank is so cool!” -Aidan W.

“I learned a lot about animals and their habitats.” -Luke T.

“The museum was very interesting and I loved all of the exhibits!” -Emily R.

“We had a great time at Fernbank!” -Sophie K.

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