Children’s Museum of Atlanta

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta is one of the most popular family-friendly tourist attractions located in Atlanta. It is situated near Centennial Olympic Park and the Georgia Aquarium

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta in Atlanta GA is an amazing location to take your kids to. It not only offers an amazing variety of interactive exhibits, but it also offers many things to keep the entire family entertained and learning. Here are some reasons to visit The Children’s Museum of Atlanta:

Education Opportunities: The museum provides educational opportunities for children to discover engineering, science, technology and math through an engaging manner. Through hands-on experiments and activities kids can learn about these subjects and gain greater understanding of the subjects.

Family Fun-The museum offers plenty of entertainment for everyone in the family thanks to its array of exhibits that are interactive and games that all can enjoy. It doesn’t matter if you’re exploring the historical “City of Atlanta” exhibit or taking part in the massive interactive artwork. There’s something for all visitors to the museum.

Programs and Events – in addition to the exhibits and activities museum also has a wide range of programs and events all through the year. From movies for families to making at-home crafts, or taking part in workshops that teach children about the world There’s always something fresh and fun to do at this renowned Atlanta attraction.

Why Children’s Museum Of Atlanta Is The Best

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta is the most popular museum located in Atlanta, GA because it offers a range of engaging and educational activities specially designed for youngsters. Visitors to the museum are able to explore diverse world cultures and locations by engaging in role-play, art as well as music and science experiments, among others.

Additionally, there are exhibitions that are hands-on that inspire imagination and creativity as well as providing an immersive experience for learning. In addition, the museum holds various occasions throughout the year such as art lessons, Christmas celebrations and scavenger hunts. The team at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta are experts in the field of child development. They ensure that they provide fun activities that teach children about history, art and cultures from all over the world.

It’s also a wonderful location for parents to enjoy themselves with their children as they go on a tour of the museum with them. With so many things to do and see, you’ll be able to spend your time at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta is an excellent place to visit located in Atlanta, GA for kids of all age groups!


It is located in the Children’s Museum of Atlanta is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Georgia on the intersection of Centennial Olympic Park Drive and Luckie Street. The museum is accessible via bus, car or train. It’s two blocks from Mercedes-Benz Stadium and the Georgia Aquarium.

When you enter the building, you are able to explore three floors of interactive exhibits created to entertain and educate youngsters of all different ages. When you first enter the space, you’re surrounded with bright colors and engaging activities that encourage exploration, discovery and learning. The main floor has three exhibits that focus on Science & Technology (Robot Garage), Arts & Literature (Story Castle) and Imagination and play (Big Adventure). There are also a variety of interactive experiences that allow visitors to take part in the exhibits, like a life-size Wallaby habitat as well as the Adventure Treehouse.

The second floor is where visitors can visit the Museum’s famous Discovery Zone where they can discover a variety of exciting activities like experimenting with new ideas at The Workshop or creating art at Arts & Parts. The Museum also has regular special exhibits and special events all through the year. One of the most popular exhibits is the Traveling Exhibit Hall which offers thrilling and informative experiences that range from dinosaur fossils all the way to massive musical instruments.

The children’s Museum of Atlanta has something for all ages; it’s an opportunity for children to explore and have fun while creating memories that last for a lifetime! Its wide range of interactive exhibits and activities, educational programs and much more, it’s a fantastic option to spend your day with friends and family. No matter if you’re searching for the opportunity to learn or simply an enjoyable day out in the city, The Children’s Museum of Atlanta is certain to delight.


The Children’s Museum of Atlanta in Atlanta, GA offers a range of exciting events and activities for children. It has an interactive display, education programming as well as an outdoor play space and much more.

Its main exhibition hall has interactive exhibits that emphasize engineering, science, technology and math (STEM) abilities and music, art languages, and culture. Visitors can tour The Space Station where they can discover more about astronomy and experience the life of an astronaut. They can also explore the life of a farmer by helping in the gardens or milking cows and create their own art pieces in The Art Studio.

Its Outdoor Learning Lab gives kids an opportunity to be outdoors and enjoy the natural world while learning about wildlife and plants. It has a pond, the labyrinth, as well as an arboreal house to explore.

The museum also provides educational programs such as theater workshops, classes in art scientific experiments and much more. There are also special events throughout the year , like family nights that include live shows, interactive performances as well as dance and music workshops.

Alongside the activities at the museum, there is an outdoor play area with fountains, gardens as well as play structures. The play area outdoors promotes physical activity and provides rich experiences in the senses and exploring the world around us.

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta is ideal for kids of all ages who wish to have fun while learning! With activities for all ages from toddlers to teenagers, it’s bound to be an enjoyable learning experience for all the family.


The children’s museum of Atlanta located in Atlanta, GA offers an array of interactive exhibits designed to draw in both adults and children. The museum offers hands-on learning experiences for youngsters by stimulating exploration and discovery. Here are a few exhibits that are featured at the museum:

Little Medical School – This exhibit offers children the opportunity to learn about medical sciences through the role of a doctor and fun activities. Children can dress as nurses or doctors as they listen to the real heartbeats with stethoscopes and discover the art of casting a fractured bone with miniature plaster casts and more!

Art Studio Children can discover their artistic side by using this art exhibit’s art tools ranging from clay, paint, charcoal, pastels, fabric dyes, and much other. They can also study the most famous artists and movements or create artwork of their own and even take part in arts-related activities.

Lego Building Zone – Kids of all ages are able to explore this world of LEGO through this interactive exhibit’s games and building problems. With a range of designs and colors to choose from, children can design anything they want!

Ecosystems – Through this hands-on exhibition, guests will learn information about our natural world and the role we play in it. The children will have the opportunity to see the live animals up close while learning about how animals and plants interact with one another across different ecosystems throughout the globe.

It’s the Adventure Lab – This fun-filled space offers a variety of fun and interactive engineering and science activities. Children can create the experiments of their choice, make bridges and race cars, as well as discover the physics principles.

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta provides a unique educational experience for every visitor by allowing them to experience the diverse aspects of art and science through an engaging manner. Every display is designed in order to inspire exploration and discovery and offer valuable lessons that can be remembered by kids for decades to be!


The team at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta in Atlanta GA is made up of a talented and diverse group of people committed to providing stimulating educational experiences for every child and family. The staff includes museum directors who are creative, educators as well as exhibition designers, sales staff as well as special event coordinators, sales associates and much more. Everyone on staff strives to create a secure and comfortable environment that encourages curiosity, education and positive social interactions.

The team working at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta works to create a fun learning experience for every visitor. From director of creative to associates in retail Their hard work and dedication ensures everyone has a great visit to the Museum.


The Children’s Museum of Atlanta in Atlanta, GA offers a wide array of educational benefits for kids and adults alike. From preschool programming as well as interactive exhibitions, activities and exhibits the museum is a thrilling educational experience for everyone of all age groups.

One of the most significant benefits of education to be had on the Children’s Museum of Atlanta is the engaging and interactive exhibits. The museum offers a range of hands-on activities designed to aid children in learning about new ideas in a stimulating and engaging manner. By participating in these shows, children can explore their imagination, improve their skills for problem-solving and gain understanding of engineering, science, technology, art, math, and more (STEAM).

The museum also offers special programs designed specifically to encourage the development of young children. They include activities for parents and children as well as dance and music classes and story time sessions, art-related projects and more. Through these programs, kids acquire important skills like problem-solving as well as communication, creativity, and cooperation.

Alongside engaging exhibits, as well as developmental programs for children, Children’s Museum of Atlanta has special events throughout the year to further enhance the educational benefits of the museum. These events usually revolve around holidays or celebrations of culture like Halloween and Christmas. They are a chance for families to get together in a fun and informative environment while celebrating diverse traditions and cultures.


Admission for The Children’s Museum of Atlanta in Atlanta, GA is around $14.75 for adults and children between the ages of 1 and 13. Children under 12 months of age are admitted for free. If you buy tickets prior to their visit, they’ll enjoy a reduced cost of $13.25. Group rates are offered for groups of 10 and more. Each ticket is $11.50 plus an additional charge per person for guided tours as well as other activities.

The museum also has educational programs for schools at discounted prices, and additional charges for events that are special, such as workshops or performances. Families of military members are qualified for discounted admission fees as well as some other activities.

What People Are Saying

“My kids had a blast!” -Amber H.

“So much fun for the kiddos!”-Jessica C.

“The perfect place to take your kids on a rainy day!”-Sarah D.

“You can’t go wrong with a visit to the Children’s Museum of Atlanta!”-John F.

“A great place to explore and learn!”-Mary G.

“My kids always beg to go back!”-Matthew K.

“The staff is so friendly and welcoming!”-Kristen L.

“I can’t believe how much my kids have learned from visiting here!”-Jennifer M.

Located at: 275 Centennial Olympic Park Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30313


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