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The Atlanta History Center in Atlanta, GA is a must-see destination for anyone interested in exploring the city’s vibrant history.

The Atlanta History Center in Atlanta, GA is a must-see destination for anyone interested in exploring the city’s vibrant history. Located on 33 acres of land in Buckhead, the center features a variety of exhibits that detail the history and culture of Atlanta from its early Native American roots to its present urban landscape. Visitors can explore the campus on their own or join a guided tour of the facility.

One of the highlights of a visit to Atlanta History Center is the Atlanta History Museum, which provides an insightful look at how this city became what it is today. From exhibits that focus on Southern culture and African-American history to those that highlight the Civil War’s impact on the area, there’s plenty for visitors to explore and learn about. There are also interactive displays throughout the museum that bring stories to life and provide insights into different aspects of Atlanta’s past.

The center also boasts several historic houses and gardens, including Swan House, Tullie Smith Farm and The Margaret Mitchell House. Visitors can take guided tours of these properties to learn more about how Atlantans lived in the past. In addition, there are several gardens on site that provide a peaceful setting for exploration and reflection.

The Atlanta History Center also has an expansive research library and archives, which houses historic documents, photographs and artifacts from all eras of the city’s history. Researchers can access these materials to gain greater insight into the city’s evolution.

In addition to its permanent exhibits, the center also hosts special events throughout the year such as outdoor movie screenings, lectures and workshops. With so much to explore, a visit to Atlanta History Center is sure to be both educational and entertaining!

Why Atlanta History Center is the best

The Atlanta History Center is the top museum in Atlanta, GA. It offers an immersive experience for all ages, with exhibits and programs that focus on the history of Georgia’s capital city. From its permanent collection to unique “pop-up” exhibits, the museum provides a great educational experience for visitors.

The Atlanta History Center highlights local stories through hands-on activities and interactive displays. Visitors can explore different time periods in the past, from colonial settlements to Civil Rights Movement landmarks to modern architecture. In addition to static displays, the museum also hosts special events throughout the year like costume parties, lectures, art shows and live music performances which bring history alive in exciting new ways.

Besides informative displays and engaging events, the Atlanta History Center also offers many educational programs for all ages. These include “History Detectives” courses, which allow students to explore primary and secondary sources in order to uncover local history. The museum also offers summer camps that help kids discover the stories of their city through hands-on activities and field trips.

The Atlanta History Center is a must-see destination for anyone interested in learning about the unique history of Atlanta and the state of Georgia. From interactive exhibits to engaging events, this museum provides an unforgettable experience that will stay with visitors long after they’ve left. It truly is one of the best museums in town!  ​


The Atlanta History Center is located in the heart of Buckhead, one of Atlanta’s most vibrant and historic neighborhoods. The center offers visitors a wide variety of fascinating historical experiences. Housed within its 33 acres are two museums, one historic house museum, a research library, multiple historic gardens and grounds, large event spaces, an interactive children’s gallery, a café and retail store.

The two fascinating museums at the center include the Atlanta History Museum and the Margaret Mitchell House & Museum. The Atlanta History Museum houses an extensive collection highlighting over 35 centuries of regional history. Through engaging exhibits showcasing artifacts from around the world, it allows visitors to explore topics such as civil rights history, music history, sports legends and more. Meanwhile, the Margaret Mitchell House & Museum preserves and interprets the life of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Margaret Mitchell, famous for her novel Gone with the Wind. It features interactive exhibits, historical artifacts and more that tell her story.

The center also has an impressive research library featuring over 21 million pieces of archival material, including photographs, books and manuscripts. The library is open to both scholars and members of the public interested in learning more about Atlanta’s rich history.

In addition to its museums and libraries, the Atlanta History Center also boasts many beautiful gardens and grounds filled with native wildflowers, trees, shrubs and other forms of vegetation. These areas provide visitors a peaceful escape from city life as they walk along the winding pathways and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

The center also offers an interactive children’s gallery, which invites children to explore history through hands-on activities, while its café serves up delicious food and drinks. It also has multiple event spaces that are perfect for weddings, corporate events, private parties and more. Finally, the retail store at the Atlanta History Center is packed with books, maps, jewelry and other souvenirs.

Overall, the Atlanta History Center is a must-see destination for anyone interested in learning about Atlanta’s history or simply seeking some peaceful respite from city life. With its museums, libraries, gardens and grounds it truly provides visitors with a unique insight into this vibrant city’s past.


The Atlanta History Center is a 33-acre history museum and research center located in the heart of Buckhead, Atlanta. The facility features a variety of fascinating exhibits, educational programs, and special events to ensure everyone can learn about the rich culture and heritage of this area. It includes the Swan House mansion, one of the city’s most iconic historic homes; an extensive exhibition gallery with more than 6,000 artifacts; A research library with over 130,000 volumes and 2 million archival photographs; 22 acres of gardens that feature native plants from Appalachia to Africa as well as specialty gardens such as a vegetable garden; An interactive children’s gallery which lets visitors explore ancient cultures or take part in activities like pottery or weaving; And a history center theater which offers screenings of classic films, lectures, live performances and more. The facility also hosts a variety of outdoor activities such as hayrides and nature trails. Visitors can purchase tickets to partake in many of the fun activities offered throughout the year. With so much to explore and experience, Atlanta History Center is sure to provide an enjoyable visit for all!


The Atlanta History Center in Atlanta, GA is a renowned museum that displays the rich history of this great city. It features permanent and rotating exhibits that explore Georgia’s past through artifacts, interactive exhibits, and large-scale dioramas. The permanent collection includes the iconic Cyclorama painting depicting the Battle of Atlanta during the Civil War, as well as various artifacts from Native American cultures. Additionally, you can explore an immersive exhibit on the civil rights movement in Georgia from 1950 – 1975.

Another popular exhibit is “Shaping Traditions: Folk Arts in a Changing South” which explores traditional folk art practices such as quilting and blacksmithing. There are also two interactive galleries for younger visitors to learn about Georgia’s history through hands-on activities. The Center also features a variety of changing exhibits, such as the recent “Atlanta Streets Alive!” exhibit which celebrated the city’s vibrant street culture and explored the impact artists have had on urban life.

The Atlanta History Center is home to an outdoor museum village that includes historic homes from different eras and regions of Georgia, as well as a working farm, representing 19th century rural life in the state. Finally, there is also a research library filled with manuscripts, books, photographs and other artifacts related to Atlanta’s history. All in all, this center offers something for everyone who wants to explore Georgia’s rich past. Whether you’re looking for a glimpse into the Civil War or an interactive activity for the kids, Atlanta History Center is definitely one of the best historical attractions in the city.


The Atlanta History Center in Atlanta, GA is staffed by a knowledgeable and dedicated group of professionals. The center employs curators, archivists, educators, librarians, research historians, preservation specialists, production coordinators and interpreters with expertise in the history of the city and region. Curators develop exhibitions from the collections of the Atlanta History Center and other regional institutions; archivists organize and preserve primary documents such as letters, photographs and manuscripts; education staff offer on-site programs such as guided tours to school groups; librarians provide access to books and periodicals related to local history; research historians investigate questions regarding individuals or events that may have had an impact on the area’s past; preservation specialists help ensure that artifacts in the collections are preserved for future generations; production coordinators create videos, podcasts and websites to promote the work of the Atlanta History Center; and interpreters provide engaging programming that brings history to life. Additionally, volunteer docents help bring history alive for visitors of all ages by leading tours and facilitating activities throughout the center. All the staff members at the Atlanta History Center share a commitment to presenting an accurate picture of Atlanta’s past through their research, collections, programs and exhibitions.

The facility is also home to two gift shops (Museum Store & Museum Garden Shop), a cafe (Turner Café), a research library (Kenan Research Center) as well as two historic houses (Swan House & Smith Family Farm).


The Atlanta History Center in Atlanta, GA is a great place to learn about the city’s past. Visitors of all ages can gain knowledge about the history and culture of the area through a variety of educational programs, exhibitions, and resources.

One of the most popular educational benefits offered at the center is its permanent exhibit titled “Atlanta Stories.” This interactive exhibition highlights some of the most important people, events, and moments in Atlanta’s history. It includes artifacts, photographs, videos, audio recordings, maps and more that tell stories from various time periods ranging from before European settlement to today.

The center also offers guided tours led by knowledgeable staff members throughout the year. These tours focus on different topics such as civil rights, antebellum architecture, the role of business in the city’s growth and development, and more. The center also hosts special programs like author talks, lectures, film screenings, and educational seminars to help visitors gain a deeper understanding of Atlanta’s history.

In addition to its permanent exhibition and guided tours, the Atlanta History Center offers a variety of educational activities for kids of all ages. Through art projects, storytelling, scavenger hunts, book clubs and other interactive activities children can learn about the city’s past while having fun.

The center also houses two research libraries—the Kenan Research Center and McElreath Hall—that offer access to primary source documents related to Atlanta’s history. These collections include newspapers, writings and records from local historical organizations, oral histories, photographs, manuscripts, maps and more. These resources are available to the public for research purposes as well as educational activities.

The Atlanta History Center offers many educational benefits that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. From its permanent exhibition to guided tours and research libraries, it serves as a great place to learn about the city’s past and culture. Whether you’re looking for fun activities or engaging learning opportunities, the Atlanta History Center has something for everyone!


The Atlanta History Center in Atlanta, GA offers a number of activities and exhibits that range from educational to entertaining. Admission for adults is $16.50, seniors (ages 65+) are $14.50, children (ages 4-12) are $11.50 and students with a valid ID are $13. Parking is free onsite and additional discounts may be available for AAA members or those who purchased tickets online in advance. The museum also offers a variety of special events throughout the year at an additional cost, such as discounted rates for groups or ticket packages which include multiple attractions like the Cyclorama & Civil War Museum and Swan House tours. Additionally, visitors can purchase annual memberships which provide unlimited access to all attractions and special events year-round, as well as discounts on store purchases and tickets for special events.

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“The Atlanta History Center is a great place to learn about the city’s past.” -A. Price

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“This is a great place to bring your family to learn about the city’s history.” -J. Smith

“The Atlanta History Center is a great resource for anyone interested in learning about the city’s past.” -D. Jones

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