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Ponce City Market

Ponce City Market in Atlanta, Georgia is an iconic place for visitors and locals alike. It is located at Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward

Ponce City Market in Atlanta, Georgia is an iconic place for visitors and locals alike. It is located at Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward, PCM is a unique shopping, eating as well as entertainment experience that cannot be found elsewhere. With more than 100 retail outlets and restaurants to pick from and a myriad of family-friendly activities, Ponce City Market has something for all ages.

If you’re seeking to shop till they’re stuffed, Ponce City Market has everything. From high-end brands like Williams Sonoma and Lululemon to local favorites such as Sublime Doughnuts and Three Taverns Brewery There’s something for everyone. Additionally The Old Fourth Ward location provides an easy connection into downtown Atlanta attractions like Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coca-Cola and Georgia Aquarium.

If you’re an eater, Ponce City Market has many incredible eateries to pick from. Get delicious food at nationally-acclaimed restaurants like Bocado Burger Bar, King of Pops, The Mercury, and The Mercury, or discover distinctive flavors at local favorites such as Yalla as well as Waffle Palace. There’s something for every taste and tastes, from vegan alternatives to traditional Southern classics.

The best part is that Ponce City Market offers plenty of family-friendly activities which are ideal for all ages. The kids will be delighted by playing at the Skyline Park rooftop amusement park with bumper cars as well as mini golf, while adults can take a break inside The Central Food Hall or catch an action-packed movie in the 3-D theater. Ponce City Market also offers various local events throughout the year, such as weekly farmers’ markets and weekly live music shows and even a Christmas market.

Why Ponce City Market is the Best

Ponce City Market in Atlanta, GA is the best local attraction for numerous reasons. It is located in the middle of Atlanta’s downtown, Ponce City Market provides a unique shopping experience, with more than 100 stores and restaurants that sell local goods from Georgia-based merchants. The market also has things to do like breathtaking views of Atlanta from the Skyline Park’s Ferris wheels and a miniature Golf course old-fashioned arcade as well as many outdoor areas for you to relax.

The market is filled with delicious culinary options that span from street food to fine dining options. With a primary focus on providing fresh and local products, Ponce City Market has something for everyone’s taste. Alongside their delicious meals, the market holds a variety of activities including live music, to art exhibits.

The area that surrounds Ponce City Market offers plenty of possibilities for recreation and fun. Its Historic Fourth Ward Park is just a few minutes away and offers many miles of trails with playgrounds, large green spaces that give an ideal opportunity to soak in all the sounds and sights of Atlanta. The nearby BeltLine bike trails provide cyclists with an easy method to explore Atlanta while enjoying the art that is displayed on its way. Furthermore, a range of galleries, museums and other attractions are accessible on foot or by bike too.


Ponce City Market in Atlanta, GA is an exciting and bustling market offering an array of distinctive amenities. The market offers a diverse assortment of shops, restaurants as well as entertainment options within its historical walls. The property has been carefully restored and upgraded to give visitors the most memorable shopping experience.

The outdoor portion of Ponce City Market includes the Skyline Park – a gorgeous rooftop area for recreation and offers thrilling activities such as mini-golf, carnival games, slides, swings and other fun! Then there’s The Central Food Hall which showcases some of the most popular local restaurants in town, with food options that range between Mexican and Mediterranean. You can also discover trendy boutiques such as Frye Boots, Draper Jamesand Warby Parker.

The venue also provides incredible live music experiences, with performances that take place indoors as well as outside. It has also hosted concerts by popular artists like The Black Keys, Alabama Shakes and OutKast among other artists. Ponce City Market also serves some of the most delicious cocktail options in city life in the Skyline Park Bar or The RoofTop Terrace & Bar.


The primary draw of Ponce City Market is its lively atmosphere that is full of life and energy. The visitors can walk through long, winding streets of well-lit boutiques selling unique products ranging from clothing to art. You’ll also see numerous food stalls that serve tasty meals and snacks all over the globe. Outside places to sit invite guests to sit and relax, meet new friends and watch people.

In the evening, Ponce City Market truly is alive with live music performances as well as theatrical performances and many more. There’s an amusement park on the roof that features the five-story Ferris wheel that offers breathtaking views of the city of Atlanta. Overall, Ponce City Market offers an enjoyable experience for anyone of all ages to visit and take pleasure in. Ponce City Market is a must-visit place for those who visit Atlanta. With its unique shopping experience, various eateries, exciting entertainment options, and stunning views of Atlanta’s skyline, it’s easy to understand why the market has become a popular destination for visitors and locals alike.

Things to do

Ponce City Market in Atlanta GA is an ideal area for children to explore and enjoy themselves. With more than two million square feet of area there are lots of things for kids to take part in. From the old Food hall, to arcades and the food court. This bustling market has something for every person. Here are a few of the most popular things to do during the Ponce City Market with kids:

1. Visit the food Court – The food court at Ponce City Market is among its most well-known places to visit. It is awash with local vendors selling dishes from all over the world This is a dream for foodies old and young. The kids will be enthralled by the diverse tastes and trying new foods!

2. Enjoy a ride on the Skyline Ride – This iconic sky ride gives breathtaking views of Atlanta from the air. Visitors can enjoy an up-close perspective of Atlanta and the surrounding areas, including Ponce City Market and its surroundings. It’s an amazing adventure for all the family members!

3. Have fun at the arcade The Arcade – Younger kids are sure to play with their hearts’ delight in the arcade. Playing classic games like air hockey and pinball along with modern-day favorites such as Dance Dance Revolution, this is an area that is sure to keep kids entertained for many hours!

4. Find Souvenirs to Take Home – Following all the activities that are fun, spend some time shopping at one of Ponce City Market’s numerous boutiques and shops. Children can pick up special souvenirs and gifts that will keep a memory of their trip.

5. Enjoy a stroll in Historic Fourth Ward Park – After a long day at the market, you can take a relaxing stroll through the nearby Historic Fourth Ward Park. This park is 17 acres of scenic paths, lakes and even a playground! It’s the perfect place to unwind and take in some fresh air.

Whatever age your children are, there’s something for all ages to enjoy at Ponce City Market in Atlanta GA! With its distinctive shopping, food courts attractions, and fun activities, it’s bound to be an enjoyable day for everyone in the family. So , come and discover this vibrant market and make lasting moments with loved ones!


For a typical visit, which includes eating, shopping or taking a stroll around the market it is free of cost necessary. If you’re seeking for something more special such as going to one of the special occasions or participating in any of the interactive experiences offered by a few vendors, admission costs are applicable. Also, some specialties such as food tours might be charged additional fees for the experience. If you’re planning to live in the Ponce City Market then rental prices start at $1,500 for one-bedroom apartments all the way to $4,000 for two bedrooms. Prices vary based on the layout of the apartment and the facilities offered.

In terms of dining options in the area of dining, there are more than 20 dining options in the Ponce City Market ranging from fast casual options to award-winning fine-dining establishments. Prices vary from about $5 up to around $50 per head, based on the location you decide to eat and the kind of food you want to take in. In the end, Ponce City Market provides Atlanta tourists with an unforgettable experience that’s not expensive. If you’re seeking something different from the typical tourist spot, then PCM is definitely worth your time!

Things to Consider

Before you go to Ponce City Market in Atlanta, GA, there are few things to be aware of. The first thing to do is to plan your trip ahead of time. Be sure to review the hours of operation prior to planning any trip. With over 40 stores and eateries on the premises It is essential to know what you’d like to see before you arrive. So, you don’t be left out of everything!

Another aspect to think about is transportation. The most convenient method of getting to the city center is via car, however, when you’re considering taking public transportation or cycling into the city, be sure you’re familiar with the route prior to your departure. Also, make sure to carry lots of cash or credit cards since some merchants don’t take credit cards. In addition, many of the places and shops in the Ponce City Market have specific age restrictions, so make certain to be aware ahead of time if there are any events that are prohibited because of your age.

Consider what you’ll wear when you visit Ponce City Market. It’s a bustling place and packed every day. So, dress for safety and comfort. This means you should wear comfortable shoes and clothes that don’t hinder your mobility. Also, you should carry a lightweight coat or sweater in the event that weather changes unexpectedly to wet or cold.

What People Are Saying

“Ponce City Market is one of the coolest places in Atlanta GA. It has a really great vibe and there are so many great shops and restaurants. The people who work there are also super nice and helpful.” -A. Duke

“I love Ponce City Market! It’s such a great place to shop and eat. The staff is always so friendly and helpful.” -J. Smith

“Ponce City Market is my favorite place to go in Atlanta GA. It has everything I need and more. I can’t wait to go back!” -K. Jones

“Ponce City Market is an amazing place! I absolutely love it. The staff is super friendly and helpful, the shops are great, and the food is delicious. I can’t wait to go back!” -L. Nguyen

Located at: 675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

Monday 10AM–9PM
Tuesday 10AM–9PM
Wednesday 10AM–9PM
Thursday 10AM–9PM
Friday 10AM–9PM
Saturday 10AM–9PM
Sunday 11AM–8PM

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