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The Fox Theatre located in Atlanta, GA is a magnificent and historical landmark that provides many more things than entertainment. The famous theater is part of Atlanta since 1929, and has grown to become an important element of Atlanta’s culture. From its stunning design to its stunning shows Here are some reasons to make an effort to go to The Fox Theatre located in Atlanta:

The Fox Theatre located in Atlanta, GA is a magnificent and historical landmark that provides many more things than entertainment. The famous theater is part of Atlanta since 1929, and has grown to become an important element of Atlanta’s culture. From its stunning design to its stunning shows Here are some reasons to make an effort to go to The Fox Theatre located in Atlanta:

Amazing Architecture: Enter the luxurious lobby and be transported to the era of luxury and glamor. The elaborate decor and stunning chandeliers create a stunning atmosphere that will make you stunned.

Unique Shows Every day there’s something new and exciting going on at the Fox From classic films to Broadway musical’s comedy shows, symphonies, comedy shows and much more.

Historical Significance Historic Significance: Historic Significance: Fox Theatre is one of the most historic film palaces in America and has been declared a National Historic Landmark. It’s certainly worth visiting!

Unique Event Space for Events It doesn’t matter if it’s an intimate wedding or a lavish gala. The Fox Theatre is an ideal venue to host unforgettable events.

Rich History: Discover the fascinating history of this theater by taking guided tours or documentaries that are available at the venue.

Fun Attractions and Activities Enjoy a day exploring the surrounding area , with its distinct shops, restaurants and art galleries and all within walking distance from the theater!

Fantastic location Fox Theatre is conveniently located right in the middle of downtown Atlanta It is easy to get there and back.

Why Fox Theatre Is The Best

Fox Theatre situated in Atlanta, GA is a historic landmark and is among the most popular local attractions for numerous reasons. It was built in 1929. The theater has been renovated to its former splendor and grandeur, giving visitors an exceptional location for entertainment and entertainment. The theater offers a variety of live theater performances, concerts, films and other special occasions all through the year. The Fox provides top entertainment choices with a gorgeous setting; it also plays the venue for numerous festivals like Atlanta Film Festival, Music Midtown and the Atlanta Film Festival and Music Midtown.

The historical building is thought to be among Atlanta’s greatest architectural gems, with its beautiful Spanish courtyard that provides a stunning way to enter the theater. Inside, guests can participate in guided tours that allow visitors to understand the story and the architecture of the structure while taking in its breathtaking beauty. The theater is decorated using exquisitely elaborately crafted plaster, hand-painted murals as well as a selection of luxurious furniture.

In addition to enjoying entertainment in this gorgeous location and enjoying the beautiful setting, they can also enjoy some of the best and memorable eating experiences available within Atlanta in The Fox Theatre Cafe. The cafe offers exquisite food in a setting which combines modernity with traditional elegance for an unforgettable experience. As if that weren’t enough then The Fox Theatre Ticket Office allows customers to buy tickets for future events through local vendors or have assistance from friendly staff members.


The Fox Theatre located in Atlanta, GA is a magnificent venue that has an atmosphere unlike any elsewhere. Built in 1929 , it was originally an entertainment palace, and designed to replicate the style like an Egyptian Palace The Fox boasts a staggering seating capacity of 5,000, along with two large lobby areas and a variety of spaces for guests. Its elaborate structure, intricate details and vivid colors, the Fox was the backdrop for numerous famous actors and entertainers throughout the decades.

The main auditorium has state-of-the art audio technologies, such as Dolby Surround 7.1 sound systems, projection screens as well as 4K Barco projectors, HDTVs with digital cinema servers, LED walls, and more. The theater also offers several seating options, including box seats, side wings and balcony seating that can enhance the enjoyment of the theater for all patrons.

The venue also plays host to various events spaces, including for example, the Egyptian Ballroom & Lounge, Marquee Club and Vincent’s Lobby Bar & Restaurant as well as Grand Foyer & Portico for small gatherings or parties. The Fox Theatre caters for any event with an array of delectable meals. For those who want to add a touch of class to their event There are limousines with red carpets services to choose from.

Additionally, the Fox offers two gift shops that are filled with exclusive souvenirs and memorabilia which are a reflection of the theater’s rich past. It also offers a complimentary tour of the theater which gives visitors a comprehensive tour of its stunning architectural design and rich background that can be enjoyed every day during the normal hours of operation.

It is a must-see. Fox Theatre is an unforgettable experience which visitors from all over the world must make use of while visiting Atlanta. There is something for all ages, whether you’re searching for an intimate evening out or an extravagant celebration featuring celebrities appearing. With its grandness and unique ambience it’s clear the reason why this location stands out from other entertainment venues in Atlanta.


The Fox Theatre located in Atlanta, GA is a breathtakingly beautiful venue that gives guests an experience unlike any other. Its exterior theater is a stunning mix with Spanish as well as Moroccan architectural styles that is highlighted by its distinctive dome-shaped roof, as well as its ornate towers. When visitors walk into the main lobby area, they will be met by its magnificent arched ceilings, hand-painted paintings and lush carpets which help give a feeling of luxury class.

While within, one can enjoy the stunning view from the seats in the orchestra section that includes rows of stadium style filled with red velvet seats, as well as intricate carvings that add to the over 100 years worth of historical significance. The walls above are a selection of historical posters featuring iconic musicals, plays and films that have been shown in the theater.

The stage is an absolute delight with its huge gold curtains, intricately painted proscenium arch, as well as stunning chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The stage is surrounded by an artistic sky-sky backdrop of clouds and stars, providing a calming experience for the audience. The audience is surrounded by luxurious drapery, velvety fabrics as well as wood paneling along with intricate lighting, which gives the room a luxurious look.

Things To Do

Fox Theatre located in Atlanta, GA is a great place to take the children for a fun-filled day. There are plenty of plays, movies or musicals there’s plenty of opportunities for kids to enjoy the theater.

First, the theater has numerous fun activities for youngsters, such as costume-making in costumes from their favorite movie or TV show and participating in stage shows. There are also art and craft stations that allow children to create the props themselves and d├ęcor for future performances. If you’re looking for an adventure, Fox Theatre offers scavenger hunts in the theater that let them explore various areas of the building while looking for clues.

There are a variety of interesting things to do in the theater that are ideal for anyone of any age. The theater’s history offers tours that let visitors explore the backstage area and find out about its fascinating past. Children can also enjoy watching 3D films at the Fox Theatre’s modern IMAX theater, or taking a look at the massive screen for interactive games.

In addition, there’s plenty of entertainment to enjoy outside the theater, as well! The Fox Theatre regularly hosts family-friendly events like musicals, comedy shows and trivia nights where all can enjoy. Outside, the Fox Theatre is a lively area with shops, restaurants and entertainment options that are guaranteed to please kids and adults alike.

Whatever things your kids enjoy there’s bound to be something to do at Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA. From thrilling shows that are interactive to fun events, this theater will create an unforgettable day with your family.


The Fox Theatre located in Atlanta, Georgia is a famous and adored landmark. It was first constructed in 1929 as a film building in the name of William Fox of the Fox Film Corporation. It is now an entertainment center for musicals, theater and dance performances, comedy shows and much more. Ticket prices for shows in The Fox Theatre vary depending on the performance and the seating capacity.

Typically, tickets are priced between $35 to $125 for various shows. VIP packages are also available. People can buy special tickets that come with benefits and amenities like earlier entry to the show and being one of the first to enter and access to a VIP lounge that serves refreshments and snacks in the intermission, and after-show meet-and-greet opportunities with the performers.

Furthermore, the Fox Theatre also provides members a variety of packages, which include discounts on tickets, access to exclusive events for members and tickets on sale for specific shows. For more details on ticket prices at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, go to their website or call them directly.

Things To Consider

When planning your excursion at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta GA it is essential to take into consideration certain essential aspects. In the first place, tickets must be booked in advance. Prices for tickets vary based on what day as well as the time of the year. For instance, prices could rise during weekends or holidays. Also, it is important to be on the lookout for events that might require additional charges or alternative tickets.

Be sure to visit the theater’s website for details about seating maps and accessibility options accessible. It is important to note that the Fox Theatre is accessible for wheelchairs with lifts at both entrances and ramps that are located across the main floor. Visitors should be aware of any rules concerning noise levels and cell phone usage as these are subject to change depending on the type of show.

Also, you should go to the website of the Fox Theatre for information on parking. There are a variety of garages nearby and lots that provide reasonable rates and valet service that are available for specific performances. In addition, transport options such as MARTA or Lyft are available for those who don’t want to drive. In either case, you should plan ahead and allow you plenty of time to find parking before the show begins.

If you follow these guidelines and conduct some research prior to the time, you will be able to have a great time when you visit The Fox Theatre in Atlanta GA! Prepare yourself to experience incredible performances and exceptional customer service!

What People Are Saying

“The theater is a beautiful place to see a movie. The staff is professional and the prices are reasonable.” – J.D.

“This place is amazing! The staff was super friendly and the theater was very clean.” – K.M.

“Fox Theatre is my new favorite place to see a movie! The theater is gorgeous and the staff is so friendly.” – A.B.

“I absolutely loved my experience at Fox Theatre! The staff was super friendly and the theater was so clean.” – K.C.

“This was my first time visiting Fox Theatre and I absolutely loved it! The staff was super friendly and the theater was very clean.” – M.W.

“This theater is a must-see! The staff was incredibly friendly and the theater was so clean.” – K.D.

“I had an amazing experience at Fox Theatre! The staff was super friendly and the theater was very clean.” – C.F.

Located at: 660 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

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