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Emory Decatur Hospital in Atlanta GA is well-known for the high quality of its medical services, modern facilities, and top-of-the-line medical specialists. As a Level-1 Trauma Center, this hospital offers complete medical care for various serious ailments ranging from traumatic injury to cancer

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Emory Decatur Hospital in Atlanta GA is well-known for the high quality of its medical services, modern facilities, and top-of-the-line medical specialists. As a Level-1 Trauma Center, this hospital offers complete medical care for various serious ailments ranging from traumatic injury to cancer. The hospital has several special facilities that are designed to provide customized care and treatment for patients, such as the Emergency Department staffed by experienced doctors 24 hours a day, as well as a modern Cardiac Care Unit with the most advanced cardiac imaging technology.

In terms of medical professionals, Emory Decatur Hospital in Atlanta GA employs only the top specialists who have vast experience in their respective specialties. From neurologists to endocrinologists each doctor is committed to providing individualized care and attention to every patient. The Hospital is also home to a large network of primary care doctors and specialists that provide various services, including immunizations, physical examinations, preventive care and other.

One of the most distinctive characteristics about Emory Decatur Hospital in Atlanta GA is its dedication to provide high-quality medical care at a reasonable cost. The hospital provides a wide variety of payment options including budget-friendly payment plans and discounts for patients who are eligible for these plans. They also offer financial assistance programs that assist patients in paying for medical costs if they’re in a position to pay the bill by themselves.

In the end, Emory Decatur Hospital in Atlanta GA is renowned for its dedication to provide the most satisfying patient experience. From the warm and welcoming staff to the relaxing and comfortable setting Emory Decatur Hospital is determined to ensure that patients are comfortable and relaxed. The hospital also has numerous amenities that ensure that your stay is more pleasant including free Wi-Fi throughout the hospital and a cafeteria that serves tasty meals, as well as an on-site fitness center for people who want to remain active during recuperation.


Emory Decatur Hospital in Atlanta, GA has been a prominent source of medical services for generations. Established in 1939, it was the initial hospital constructed inside DeKalb County and provided excellent healthcare for the communities surrounding it.

The hospital’s first major upgrade occurred in the year 1955 when a brand new four-story wing opened which expanded the size of the hospital by over 50. The new wing included operating rooms and delivery rooms as well as an exclusive recovery unit which helped make the hospital better equipped to offer superior care to patients.

In the year 1970, Emory Decatur underwent another major remodel, and plans were made to construct a completely new hospital facility completely from the ground up. The new facility was completed in 1978, and it featured contemporary features like a helipad, MRI suite in addition to the most comprehensive care for patients.

The hospital grew through the 1990s and 1980s with the addition of new facilities like the Women’s Center, pediatric unit and modern cardiac care. As of 2009, the hospital had completed its largest expansion however, when it was able to open an entirely new structure called “The Tower.” This expansion included private rooms for patients as well as state-of-the-art medical technology which permitted for rapid diagnosis and treatments of all types.

In the present, Emory Decatur is one of Atlanta’s most prestigious hospitals, providing top-quality medical care in a contemporary setting. With its commitment to provide high-quality care for every patient that they are treating, Emory Decatur is a an integral part for Atlanta’s Atlanta neighborhood and is expected to continue to be as such for many years to come.


Emory Decatur Hospital in Atlanta, GA offers a comprehensive array of medical services that are designed to meet the requirements of its patients. With more than 400 beds, it’s one of the biggest hospitals in Georgia and offers a wide variety of special care for children and adults alike. The hospital is outfitted with cutting-edge therapeutic and diagnostic facilities, including the latest imaging technologies like CT scans as well as MRIs as well as surgery rooms that feature the most recent in laparoscopic and endovascular techniques, cardiovascular services, including open-heart surgery options, and a large cancer center.

The hospital also offers a variety of facilities for patients, such as private rooms within the main building, as well as access to satellite facilities for specific treatment. Outpatient services are provided within the Decatur Outpatient Center, which provides treatment and diagnosis for many ailments. The hospital also offers emergency assistance 24 hours a day with their Emergency Department, featuring a large medical team of emergency physicians and nurses who assist in the treatment of children and adult patients who require urgent medical attention.

Along with the Emory University School Of Medicine Emory Decatur Hospital remains dedicated to providing high-quality care to patients within the Atlanta region. Emory Decatur Hospital has won awards by HealthGrades, U.S. News & World Report, Press Ganey as well as other organizations from the industry for outstanding patient satisfaction and other measures like the rate of success in surgery as well as mortality rates, complication rates , and readmission rates. With more than 300 physicians from over 60 different specialties in the hospital, Emory Decatur Hospital strives to become the health service of preference for patients in the Atlanta community.

Patient Focus

Emory Decatur Hospital in Atlanta GA has earned consistently excellent ratings from its patients. In the year 2020, the facility was rated above average in the measures of satisfaction for patients as compared to similar hospitals within the region. The rate of satisfaction for patients for Emory Decatur Hospital is 93 percent, more than many nearby medical centers.

Most people who receive care in the Emory Decatur Hospital report positive results and experiences. Patients are impressed by the quick and efficient treatment provided by the nurses, doctors as well as other personnel. They also have reported that this hospital has been described as modern and clean with top of the line technologies for diagnosing and treating. Medical professionals also give precise guidelines for the follow-up following the discharge.

In addition to offering positive patient experience, Emory Decatur Hospital is also renowned for its outstanding medical care and its successful results. The medical professionals at Emory Decatur Hospital employ innovative methods and technologies to ensure that patients recover quickly and efficiently. The hospital features state-of-the art operating rooms that have the finest equipment, allowing surgeons to carry out delicate surgeries with precise. Additionally, many of the hospitals’ intensive care units have an excellent success rate when it comes to dealing with serious illnesses.


Emory Decatur Hospital in Atlanta, GA is staffed by many experts who are highly skilled and committed. The medical staff includes board-certified physicians with expertise in specialties such as internal medicine, family practice, obstetrics/gynecology, pediatrics, emergency medicine and many other subspecialties. The nursing staff is composed of licensed nurses (RNs) as well as registered practical nurses (LPNs) and certified nurse assistants (CNAs).

Caregivers comprise physical therapists, respiratory occupational therapists, occupational therapists as well as speech and language pathologists. Emory Decatur Hospital’s staff of support consists of unit secretaries as well as patient service representatives. They are Health information specialists certified by the AHIT that keep the hospital’s operations functioning smoothly.

In addition, the hospital has an expert team of program directors, who are accountable for strategic planning as well as quality assurance, among other things. Everyone at Emory Decatur Hospital is committed to providing outstanding healthcare to patients with the highest levels of safety, professionalism, compassion and respect.

It is well-known for its dedication to continuous educational and training opportunities to keep personnel up-to-date on latest developments in healthcare and medicine technology. The hospital’s research team works closely with the faculty of Emory University School of Medicine to conduct cutting-edge research which results in improved treatment that is offered to patients.

Commute From Downtown Atlanta GA

The journey between Downtown Atlanta to Emory Decatur Hospital is fairly simple. The most efficient route to Downtown Atlanta is to take I-75 South or I-85 South for approximately 6 miles, until you reach the exit 248 for Shallowford Rd. Take a left onto Shallowford Rd and continue for 1 mile before turning left on North Decatur Road. Take North Decatur Road for 4 miles before turning to the right on Church Street, then make an immediate left to Clifton Road. Take the Clifton route for 1 mile, and the hospital will be to your left at the intersection of Clifton Road and Haygood Drive.

To take more scenic routes you can also choose to travel I-20 East toward Conyers/Covington, and then Exit 62 for Wesley Chapel Rd. Make a left on Wesley Chapel Road and follow it for 4 miles. Then turn right into North Decatur Road. Take North Decatur Road for 2 miles before turning right to Church Street, then left on Clifton Road. Take Clifton road for 1 mile, and the hospital will be to your left, at the intersection of Clifton Road and Haygood Drive.

If you’d rather take public transportation, the MARTA bus system offers service for Emory Decatur Hospital from Downtown Atlanta. 12 North Decatur/Emory Shuttle is offered at 15 min intervals during peak hour hours (7am until 10am, and 3pm-7pm) as well as every thirty minutes during the hours of. Buses depart from Five Points Station and take about 30 minutes to get to Emory Decatur Hospital.

Nearby Neighborhoods

The neighborhood around Emory Decatur Hospital in Atlanta, GA is a vibrant and diverse community offering numerous exciting possibilities for visitors and residents alike. These neighborhoods include Druid Hills, Avondale Estates, Kirkwood, Oakhurst and Candler Park are all close to the hospital and have access to a variety of amenities.

Druid Hills is characterized by its landscaped hills, lush green spaces and beautiful homes, winding streets and numerous eateries and boutiques. Emory University is located there, as is its main campus and also the famous Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). Residents also have access to Piedmont Park where they can engage in outdoor activities like cycling or hiking.

Avondale Estates is a diverse neighborhood that has a distinct blend of modern and old. It offers a wide range of homes that range between Craftsman bungalows, to contemporary homes. Residents can take advantage of the numerous restaurants that are located in the area and also shop on Avondale Square Marketplace. Avondale Square Marketplace.

Kirkwood is famous for its lively arts scene and lively nightlife. The area is home to several cafes and galleries that make it the ideal location for people who want to discover culture and inspiration. Furthermore, Kirkwood also boasts great public transportation options like MARTA trains and buses that make travel to and from town a breeze.

Oakhurst is among the most beautiful neighborhoods in Atlanta with its tree-lined streets as well as historic homes. The neighborhood offers a range of local restaurants, stores and art galleries, as well-being convenient access to parks nearby or outdoor sports.

And lastly, Candler Park is another well-known neighborhood near Emory Decatur Hospital. The vibrant neighborhood is full of green spaces, with numerous parks and areas for recreation that make it perfect for families who want to be outside. Additionally, the neighborhood is also home to a wide array of restaurants, shops and galleries, which make exploring the area an even more enjoyable experience.

What People Are Saying

“I had a great experience at Emory Decatur Hospital. The staff was very friendly and helpful, and the care I received was excellent. I would definitely recommend this hospital to anyone in need of medical care.” -A Satisfied Patient

“My husband was a patient at Emory Decatur Hospital for several days, and we were very impressed with the level of care he received. Everyone from the doctors and nurses to the janitorial staff was professional and caring. We would definitely recommend this hospital to others.” -The Johnson Family

“We have been extremely pleased with the care our son has received at Emory Decatur Hospital. The staff has been wonderful, and we have always felt that he is in good hands. We would highly recommend this hospital to anyone.” -The Smith Family

Located at: 2701 N Decatur Rd, Decatur, GA 30033

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