Sweetwater Creek Campsites

Sweetwater Campsites at Creek situated in Atlanta GA is the perfect location for your next camping trip. Its tranquil setting is where guests

Sweetwater Campsites at Creek situated in Atlanta GA is the perfect location for your next camping trip. Its tranquil setting is where guests can indulge in a wide range of outdoor activities like fishing, kayaking, and hiking. The campsite is spacious and equipped with modern amenities like electricity, RV hookups with full hookup services, and free Wi-Fi. There are many recreational options to choose from like basketball courts, pools, and playgrounds. Apart from these wonderful facilities, Sweetwater Creek Campsites offers various activities specifically designed for various age groups , making this location ideal for families or retreats with a group.

In terms of scenic beauty and scenery, the Sweetwater Creek Campsites are unbeatable. The camp site is surrounded by breathtaking panoramas from the Chattahoochee River, making for stunning views at any time of the time of the day. The close-by Sweetwater State Park is a perfect spot to enjoy an easy stroll or take a vigorous bicycle ride. There is also the opportunity to visit ancient Indian mounds as well as Civil War relics found throughout the park. 

If you’re seeking adventure, make your way to the Sweetwater Creek Campsites to enjoy any of their many watersports like tubing, canoeing and paddle boarding. The area has some of the most exciting rapids in Georgia which makes it the perfect spot for experienced kayakers and rafters alike. If you prefer to remain closer to shore There are numerous fishing spots ready to be explored.

If all that wasn’t enough Sweetwater Creek Campsites has stunning sunsets and starry nights. Its tranquil atmosphere with stunning views and a wide range of options for recreation, Sweetwater Creek Campsites in Atlanta GA is the perfect location for camp-out getaway. Visit today to make lasting memories with friends and family!

Why Sweetwater Creek Campsites is the Best

Sweetwater Creek Campsites, located in Atlanta GA is a premier camping spot for people who want to get away from the bustle and noise of urban life. The camp offers privacy and peace, which allows campers to take in the natural beauty of nature at its finest. Campers are able to engage in activities like paddling, hiking, or canoeing on the stunning Sweetwater Creek Reservoir, or fishing from any of the numerous docks or piers that are scattered across the entire site. In addition, there are a number of trails and parks nearby that provide more opportunities for recreation like bird watching and biking.

The campgrounds are maintained with all the amenities you need including ice and firewood at no cost. Each campsite is equipped with an outdoor table, a fire pit, as well as electricity and water access. There are also numerous bathrooms spread throughout the campground, so campers will always have an ideal location to meet their requirements. Another advantage is Sweetwater Creek Campsites’ closeness in Atlanta GA; it’s only 20 minutes away from downtown, which makes it simple for campers to leave to explore the city should they wish to. There are plenty of restaurants as well as museums, attractions, and entertainment venues nearby which will offer hours of entertainment for those seeking for some urban adventures during their visit.


Sweetwater Creek Campsites located in Atlanta GA offers a wide array of facilities for campers to take advantage of. They have 50 large grassy campsites, with electrical hookups, fire rings and tables for picnics. There are two bath houses that have hot showers and flush toilets that ensure a comfortable camping experience. The campground has access to the most popular places to fish in the region and also two miles of trails that meander through various habitats like hardwood forests, wetlands and streams. 

Visitors can go on boat rides along Sweetwater Creek or explore the ancient sites in the vicinity. Other activities at the campground include horseshoes, volleyball, badminton courts, as well as playgrounds along with game areas. The campsite also has an amphitheater, which hosts regular programs for the evening along with special events such as movies outdoors. The staff at the campground are welcoming and knowledgeable. They can offer assistance in arranging fishing permits or guided tours, as well as other services. Sweetwater Campsites in Atlanta is a great spot to go camping on your holiday in the Atlanta region!


Sweetwater Creek Campsites located in Atlanta GA is a campground situated in the middle of Georgia’s capital, Atlanta. The camp is located on the bank of Sweetwater Creek, providing visitors with stunning views of the landscape of rolling hills, lush forests and lush pastures that are found in the area of Georgia. The campgrounds located at Sweetwater Creek are surrounded by large trees and natural vegetation providing ample shade for camping during the hot summer months. 

The creek that is nearby provides an enchanting soundtrack to your camping trip and offers numerous possibilities for hunting and exploring the natural world. Along with its stunning surroundings, there’s many things to do around Sweetwater Campsite. Nature trails meander through the forest and lead to stunning landscape views and to various wildlife including bald eagles, wild turkeys and deer. There are two big lakes in the campground, which provide boat rentals as well as swimming opportunities for people looking for an aquatic adventure.

The campgrounds in Sweetwater Creek range from primitive campsites for tents to RV hookups that have electricity and water. Whatever kind of camping you like, Sweetwater Creek provides an unforgettable experience in the beautiful outdoors! If you’re seeking for an unwinding weekend getaway or an adventure in the outdoors, Sweetwater Creek Campsites in Atlanta GA is the perfect place to go!


Sweetwater Creek Campsites located in Atlanta GA offers a variety of camping options for groups and families. The campground is divided into two parts that have different facilities and charges. The first part is called Primitive. It offers basic amenities like bathrooms, water, showers, picnic tables, and fire rings. Tent sites cost between $19 and $25 per night, while primitive cabins cost $60 per night, plus tax.

The second is Full Hookup that includes all the features as Primitive, but provides RV campsites with electricity as well as sewer and water hookups. In addition, this section has larger cabins that can hold up to six people simultaneously. Tent campsites range from $35 to $45 per night, while RV sites are priced between $50 and $60 per night. Cabins begin at $90 and can increase to $120 based upon the dimensions and quantity of people staying there. All charges include sales tax.

Sweetwater Creek Campsites is open between mid-March and October, with reservations being made for both non-peak and peak times. There is a minimum two-night stay, unless stated otherwise Reservation requests are required to be made prior to. Discounts are offered for groups of eight or more guests and military members and senior citizens (55+), AAA members and Good Sam Club members.

Things to Consider

If you are planning to camp at The Sweetwater Creek campgrounds located within Atlanta GA, there are some important things to keep in mind. The campground has various campsites for trailers, tents, and RVs. Each site has an electrical hookup, water spigot as well as a fire ring. The campsites range from open areas to wooded meadows. Depending on the site you select you could be able to enjoy more privacy or more picturesque views. Certain sites offer grills for cooking outside throughout your time.

The campground also has the basics like bathrooms equipped with bathrooms, washing facilities as well as dump sites for emptying the RV tanks. The store in the campground offers food items as well as firewood, ice and food for auction, which will help you while camping. The campground is third, and has many trails that you can discover during your time there, including Sweetwater Creek State Park and Red Top Mountain State Park. The biking, hiking, or horseback trails offer an array of outdoor activities for those who love to be outdoors.

Finally, based on the kind of experience you’re seeking for The campground offers a variety of possibilities for activities such as canoeing, fishing, or swimming on the nearby lake. It is also possible to rent an inflatable boat to sail to the water or join in events organized by the park such as themed weekends or live performances.

Things to Do

For children who are the youngest in families, Sweetwater Creek State Park has a Junior Ranger Program that lets children visit the area and to learn about the wonders of nature that it offers. The program is filled with activities and games like birdwatching, scavenger hunts, interactive nature talks and much more. The program even has an animal show in which children can learn about various creatures that inhabit the park!

If your children prefer outdoor pursuits there are plenty of choices offered on Sweetwater Creek. Families can hike miles of trails on foot or via bicycle and enjoy stunning panoramas of the region. There’s also a play area that is equipped with a range of slides, swings as well as climbing platforms for youngsters to enjoy.

Whatever it is that you and your family love doing together, Sweetwater Creek Campsites Park in Atlanta GA has something to give each member of your family! With numerous trails and creeks, as well as ziplines, playgrounds and other outdoor pursuits, there’s plenty to keep all the family entertained while taking in the stunning views of the park.


At the Sweetwater Creek Campsites Park within Atlanta GA, pet owners are able to enjoy a range of activities with their furry companions. A few of the sought-after activities is to walk around on one of the trails that meander through the park’s forest. Dogs are awed by sniffing and exploring the natural surroundings when they join their owner on these walks. The moderately difficult Red Trail is especially recommended for those who are looking for something more than a stimulating experience.

The lake is another fantastic place to go for a walk with your pet and offers plenty of ways to cool down during the summer heat and go fishing! Boats aren’t permitted however swimming or wading is fine subject to prior approval by park staff. For those who are looking for something more active, the park offers a variety of disc golf courses. Dogs are permitted at these disc golf courses, as provided they’re on leash and under owner’s supervision in all instances.

What People are Saying

“The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful, the campsites were clean and well-kept, and the location was simply beautiful. We had a wonderful time and will definitely be back!” – Sarah C.

“Absolutely beautiful campground! The sites are spacious and well-maintained, and the staff is super friendly. We had a great time and will definitely be back!” – Joe S.

“Such a beautiful campground! The sites are well-kept and spacious, and the staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. We had a wonderful time and will definitely be back!” – Jessica B.

Located at: 1551-1599 Mt Vernon Rd, Lithia Springs, GA 30122

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