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Payne Campground in Atlanta Georgia is the perfect place for an enjoyable outdoor escape!┬áJust a few minutes from Atlanta’s downtown area

Payne Campground in Atlanta Georgia is the perfect place for an enjoyable outdoor escape! Just a few minutes from Atlanta’s downtown area, Payne Campground offers visitors an unhurried and peaceful atmosphere to get away from the bustle and hustle of urban life. It is a campground with many amenities that make it a perfect camping spot. From its vast campsites to its numerous activities there are many reasons to consider why Payne Campground should be on the bucket lists of every camper.

In the beginning, Payne Campground is home to some of the finest camping sites in Georgia. With more than 500 campsites available There’s something for all ages, regardless of whether you’re searching for basic sites or RV hookups. Each site is equipped with fire pits with picnic tables, as well as access to a bathroom with hot showers. The campground also has an on-site shop for anything last-minute items or snacks and an activity center for gatherings.

The second, Payne Campground is surrounded by some of the most stunning sights in Georgia. From its mountaintop views to the lakeside trails, visitors will find plenty of opportunities to soak pleasure in the beauty of the region. If you’re searching for more adventurous things to do during your time in Payne Campground, Payne Campground has plenty to offer. Trails for hiking, fishing spots as well as bike rental are accessible right there!

Then, Payne Campground provides visitors with the opportunity to interact with nature and one another. Campfires are a favorite option to enjoy evenings at the camp and there’s a more ideal spot for stargazing than from the top of the hill overlooks. With lots of activities outdoors, Payne Campground is the ideal spot for an all-family camping adventure or for a weekend getaway!

Payne Campground in Atlanta Georgia provides an experience for all ages, making it ideal for those who wish to escape urban life and enjoy the beauty that nature offers. From its expansive campsites and facilities for recreation to its breathtaking views and convenient connection to downtown Atlanta, Payne Campground should be on everyone’s list this summer. Get your tent set and go for a trip to Payne Campground- you won’t be disappointed!

Why Payne Campground Is The Best

Payne Campground in Atlanta, Georgia is a perfect camping spot for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. This well-maintained campground provides many campgrounds and activities that make it the ideal place to stay for a weekend or even a longer time. Its location is close to Atlanta’s downtown Atlanta, Payne Campground provides guests with easy access to Atlanta’s numerous attractions.

In the Payne Campground, guests can pick between campsites for tents or RVs according to their preferences. Each site is equipped with complete hookups and is equipped with picnic tables as well as fire pits for cooking s’mores in the evening. The grounds also offer bathrooms and laundry facilities in the entire area. To make it more enjoyable you can participate in organized events like movies and nature walks.

The campground is close to many places to visit in Atlanta. Visitors can make day trips to Georgia Aquarium, Six Flags Over Georgia, and Stone Mountain Park. There are numerous choices for eating and shopping in nearby restaurants and malls. Payne Campground offers easy access to the many attractions that make Atlanta fantastic.

At the Payne Campground, guests enjoy an unwinding camping experience that includes an array of activities on-site and off. Its convenient location is close to central Atlanta, Payne Campground is the ideal location for people who wish at exploring the area while taking in the splendor of nature. The variety of facilities, campsites, and activities makes it the ideal option for every camping trip.


Payne Campground in Atlanta, Georgia has a range of amenities for guests. The campground has large RV sites that have full hook-up options and camping areas for tents. Each site is furnished with fire rings as well as tables for picnickers to have a relaxing evening with a campfire. There’s also a big swimming pool that is open throughout the year for swimming and an outdoor playground for youngsters and plenty of room to run around and play. Additionally, Payne Campground provides basic facilities like restrooms, showers and laundry facilities, and Ice machines.

The campground is located at the border of Stone Mountain Park which makes it easy to get access to all of the park’s amenities like hiking trails as well as golf courses. The visitors can also take advantage of the camp’s close proximity to the city of Atlanta. There are numerous kinds of cultural events and activities to take part in within the city, along with food and shopping choices.

Payne Campground also offers a variety of recreation facilities for guests. The campground is home to two huge fishing ponds, which are filled with catfish, bass, bluegill, and crappie which allows anglers to spend time in the water. The campground also has two basketball courts as well as two volleyball courts made of sand for those who want to remain active during their camping.

The personnel of Payne Campground is dedicated to making sure that guests have a pleasant experience. They’re always willing to answer any issues or questions that may arise during your stay. From helping you plan your activities around Stone Mountain Park to offering suggestions on the most popular fishing locations The team of Payne Campground is always ready to help.

With its easy access along with the variety of facilities and services and welcoming service staff Payne Campground in Atlanta Georgia is the ideal spot for those who love camping across the world. No matter if you are seeking an enjoyable vacation or an active trip within Stone Mountain Park, this campsite offers something for all.


Payne Campground in Atlanta Georgia is an incredibly beautiful spot located in the midst of lush forests and rolling hills. As they approach the campground, guests are greeted by lush greenery and a peaceful environment that makes them feel refreshed and relaxed. The campground has a wide variety of wildlife, including deer with white tails, Raccoons, squirrels, and many other animals. People can be found enjoying bird watching or watching the natural world around them at their campsite.

The lake is small and situated in the Payne Campground is one of its most popular attractions. It is a great spot for kayaking or fishing The lake provides visitors with breathtaking views of the area. Other options are swimming around in clean waters, or taking a leisurely stroll along the shoreline of the lake. On a peaceful evening, guests can enjoy the spectacular sunset view Payne Campground has to offer.

The campground also has many camping facilities including individual barbecue grills, fire pits, and tables for picnics. Visitors can use bathrooms and showers that have hot water as well as electric campsites for RVers. The nearby shop has everything for everything you need for your outdoor activities such as food, bait Ice, firewood, and much more. If you’re in search of entertainment after dark there’s an amphitheater, where live shows are often held during summer evenings.

From its distinctive scenery to the abundance of animals, Payne Campground in Atlanta Georgia will surely provide peace and a rewarding experience. With plenty of things to take part in, it’s the ideal spot to get away from the bustle and hustle of your daily routine. If you’re seeking an enjoyable camping experience or a relaxing getaway in the outdoors, Payne Campground is sure to offer something for all.


Payne Campground in Atlanta, Georgia is a great place to stay for those who are looking for an affordable and relaxing outdoor experience. It is located just minutes away from Atlanta’s downtown Atlanta and conveniently located close to major highways and interstates Payne Campground offers visitors modern facilities at a reasonable price. It has campsites with full hookups that include electricity, water, and sewer and a variety of cabins that are comfortable and clean. Each site has fire rings and picnic tables ideal for grilling or relaxing by the fire in the evening.

The cost to stay in Payne Campground varies depending on the type of campsite you select and the length of time you’ll be staying. Sites with full hookups run between $30-$45 per night. Cabins rent for between $45 and 60 per night. Tent sites are that are available for only twenty dollars per evening. There are also long-term rates available, providing discounts to those who stay for at least a week.

Visitors to Payne Campground will also find lots of things to do that will keep them entertained on-site. The campground has an outdoor pool as well as a playground that is perfect for children as well as an area for horseshoes and a volleyball court, too. If you want to get out and explore the area there are trails close by that offer stunning views of the city of Atlanta and the nature reserves surrounding it.

Payne Campground in Atlanta, Georgia provides guests with an affordable getaway with all the amenities of a home. With camping sites that range between $20 and $60 per night, guests are able to pick the ideal location for their outdoor adventures. No matter if you’re planning to stay for the weekend or for a longer period, Payne Campground has something for every person. Visit and experience the experience for yourself!

Things To Consider

Payne Campground in Atlanta, Georgia is an ideal location for outdoor enthusiasts who want to explore the city and its environs. With miles of trails for hiking as well as fishing spots and close-by places of interest, Payne Campground offers something for all. Before camping at this picturesque spot, there are points to be considered by campers.

In the first place, travelers should be aware of the fact that the conditions in Atlanta can be unpredictable. The summer months are humid and hot temperatures can rise to the mid-90s many times. The winter months are cold with occasionally falling snow. It is crucial to be dressed warm and have rain gear in the event of bad weather.

The second, Payne Campground has several amenities for guests to use throughout their time there. Two bathhouses are available that have showers as well as laundry facilities. In addition, there’s a general store in which campers can buy groceries and other supplies they require when camping. There are barbecues and fire pits for making meals and roasting marshmallows.

Three, Payne Campground is located close to numerous attractions which are ideal for excursions during an outdoor camping excursion. Within a couple of miles from the campground, you will find numerous state parks, nature centers, and historic sites that you can explore. If you’re seeking something to do close to the city, Atlanta has an array of museums, shopping districts, and theaters.

It is also important to keep in mind the fact that Payne Campground is a public space. In this regard, campers must learn about the rules and guidelines of the campground prior to their visit. This includes adhering to the fire safety guidelines in all respects and respecting the privacy of other campers and limiting the volume of noise to a minimum following 10 after 10.

If you are camping in the Payne Campground in Atlanta, Georgia It is essential to be ready for unexpected weather conditions and make the most of the nearby attractions. There are numerous facilities available for guests to take advantage of and there are rules to be adhered to when visiting the campground. With a little planning, guests are sure to have a fun and secure camp experience at Payne Campground.

Things To Do

Payne Campground in Atlanta, Georgia is an ideal spot for families to spend time with their children. It offers a wide range of activities, making it the perfect place for bonding time. It offers a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities, such as swimming, camping, hiking, fishing, and boating. The park offers a variety of trails that wind through the forest or kayak across any of the lakes in the Payne Campground.

The campground also offers a variety of activities for youngsters, such as play areas and picnic spots. Children can spend endless hours of fun playing in the playgrounds while their parent’s lounge around on picnic tables in the vicinity. There are courts for volleyball and basketball where kids can engage in team sports with their family or with their friends. If you’re in the area during summer, don’t miss out on a dip in any of the lakes.

For those who like quieter pursuits, Payne Campground also offers many birdwatching opportunities. Visitors can wander the numerous trails and search for species of birds like herons, ducks, and seagulls who are a part of the park. Keepers the Creek Nature Center is located in Payne Campground where visitors can find out more about local wildlife species that are native to Georgia.

In the evening, guests can enjoy a campfire to cook marshmallows while watching the stars in one of the dark spots near Atlanta. As an additional bonus, you can book a stay in one of the campsites or cabins that offer amenities like fireplaces, electricity as well as Wi-Fi for those who want to remain connected. Payne Campground is a great location to visit with your children where the entire family can have fun in the great outdoors.


Payne Campground Park in Atlanta Georgia is a wonderful place for individuals to relax along with their pets. From trails for hiking that are pet-friendly to an area for off-leash play, The park is full of activities that will keep pet owners as well as their pets engaged. The park’s visitors can enjoy numerous amenities that the park provides like an outdoor picnic area as well as restrooms, playgrounds, and water fountains.

The most frequent activity that is popular at Payne Campground Park is hiking along dog trails. They have trails marked as easy or moderately challenging, which means pet owners can pick trails that correspond to their level of experience and physical capacity. Leashes are required while walking the trails however, there is an off-leash zone within the park. The area is enclosed and provides a safe space for animals to play around and play off-leash.

Along with trails and an off-leash zone, Payne Campground Park also offers many other facilities for pet owners as well as their four-legged companions. A picnic pavilion is also available for guests to have lunch or snacks together with their pets while enjoying the beautiful panoramas of Lake Starnes. Playgrounds can be found all over the park, providing lots of activities for kids and adults alike. Bathrooms and water fountains are a source of comfort during your visit which allows visitors to keep hydrated during walks or playing with their pets.

Payne Campground Park in Atlanta Georgia is a wonderful place for individuals to relax along with their pets. It has a variety of amenities such as the picnic pavilion with restrooms, playgrounds, restrooms as well as water fountains this park has plenty for all ages to enjoy. Visitors can enjoy the trails for dogs and the off-leash areas all year long in the park. With so many things to do, Payne Campground Park is an ideal spot for pet owners as well as their four-legged companions searching for outdoor fun.

What People are Saying

“We have stayed at Payne Campground several times and have always enjoyed it. The staff is friendly and the campground is always clean.” -Theresa M.

“My family has been going to Payne Campground for years and we love it! The staff is super friendly and the campground is always well-maintained.” -Matt H.

“Payne Campground is our go-to spot whenever we’re in Atlanta. The staff is great, the campground is always clean, and the amenities are top-notch.” -Johnathan W.

Located at: 2495 Kellogg Creek Rd, Acworth, GA 30102

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